Threatened With A Benefit Sanction For Going To Hospital? Now It’s Government Policy

sanction-hospitalStaff working for welfare to work companies are being advised to threaten benefit claimants with a sanction if they are unable to attend work related activity due to an emergency hospital appointment.

The above paragraph comes from the guidance handed out by the Department of Work and Pensions to the companies running the Work Programme* instructing them when to refer claimants for a benefit sanction.  According to the department, it may be possible for a claimant to re-arrange mandated activity without facing a sanction, however it warns: “not taking compliance doubt action and allowing a participant to arrange an alternative appointment on a number of occasions weakens the link between cause and consequence.” 

It then goes on to say that even if the claimant has an emergency hospital appointment, staff should process a sanction if they have ‘any doubt’.  Whether this means doubt over whether the appointment is genuine, or doubt over whether somebody arranged a medical emergency to get out of workfare is unclear.

According to te DWP sanctions should only be handed out if a claimant has previously given the same, or similar reasons for re-arranging mandated activity.  But chillingly, these rules are not just aimed at people who are unemployed, but also sick and disabled claimants in the Work Related Activity Group – exactly the type of people who might have a lot of hospital appointments.

Welfare-to-work companies do not make the final decision on sanctions – that responsibility lies with the DWP.  If evidence of a medical appointment can be provided by a claimant to the Jobcentre then it is almost certain no sanction would be imposed.  But that doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that welfare-to-work dickheads are now being given a green light to threaten people with benefit sanctions if they are unable to attend mandated activity due to health reasons or other emergencies.  And where it counts, on the front line, that will mean scared claimants missing medical treatment so they can go and work for no pay in the local Salvation Army fucking charity shop.

*This guidance only applies to claimants on Universal Credit who have been referred to the Work Programme, which is currently probably about six people.

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446 responses to “Threatened With A Benefit Sanction For Going To Hospital? Now It’s Government Policy

  1. It really says something about how low the evil nobs in government can get when a benefit sanction applied against somebody is far more important than being in hospital with a medical emergency that could endanger a person’s life.

    So nowadays if I am in hospital having an emergency operation and the day I am in the operating theatre clashes with my signing appointment I will end up with no cash for four weeks. Human life is far more important than trying to save a few pennies in the DWP’s budget set aside for the welfare state.

    Just as well I didn’t have an emergency operation now to a life-threatening medical condition I was diagnosed with (as I had to have a life saving operation years ago when I was younger). If I was back in hospital whilst having to deal with the new benefit sanction nonsense, it would be a choice for me of losing my money or losing my health, or even worse dying from having the operation cancelled to instead go to the JCP and sign-on on the day of the due operation.

    It really pisses me off now that the government don’t give a flying fuck no more about the health and general well-being of the people who voted them back in after five years in cohorts with weak, spineless oxford tossers.
    The goverment might as well close down all hospitals and instead administer medicines and carry out life-saving operations in all jobcentres after the signing-on time for their customers.

    I can see it now. A row of hospital beds against the back wall of a jobcentre with patients in the beds all having to sign the digital JCP pad whilst either in intense pain or using the pad whilst drugged up to the eyeballs with morphine after having the jobcentre manager carry out tumour removal procedure on you in front of the JCP staff and any customers.

    • something survived...

      This happened to me. Because I did not sign on on the day I was undergoing major surgery hundreds of miles away, despite having had prior DWP and JCP permission, I had all benefits stopped for 4 months and not refunded later.

  2. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The DWP staff have to read & under stand 145 of rules

    Medical guidance for DLA and AA decision makers (adult cases): staff guide

    766 Page PDF

    Click to access a-z-adult-medical-conditions-jun-15.pdf

  3. Thank fuck for a new thread to post on! 😀

  4. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    How can the DWP hide all the Human Rights breaches from the UN. Damning report. The impossible system of impossible demands.

  5. “not taking compliance doubt action and allowing a participant to arrange an alternative appointment on a number of occasions weakens the link between cause and consequence.” In other words: “Spare the rod, spoil the child”.

  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    It seems Maximus are running the DWP

    For GPs

    Frequently Asked Questions for GPs

    We’re here to help you understand the assessment process. This is a good place to start if you are looking for answers to your questions. You may contact us by telephone: 0800 288 8777 or by email(link sends e-mail). Our Customer Relations team is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, and Saturdays 9am to 5pm.

    What type of information should I provide in my report?

    Why do you ask for reports?

    What type of information do you need to know if my patient has a mental health problem?

    If my patient has a learning disability, what sort of information might be useful for your assessment?

    Must it be the GP who completes the report?

    Where do my reports go?

    Why do I get asked for multiple reports?

    Why is there no fee for providing some reports?

    What is Employment and Support Allowance?

    I’ve stated on a “Fit note” that my patient is unfit. Why do they need this assessment?

    How do I apply for a position?


    Where do my reports go?

    Your reports come through to a Healthcare Professional to read. This helps decide whether or not your patient will need to attend in person. The report will also be available during the face-to-face assessment so your patient will be able to add to or clarify any details. This helps the Healthcare Professional to provide sound and well reasoned advice to the DWP Decision Makers who can then make decisions appropriately and offer access to work related activity where appropriate. The Decision Makers at DWP also have access to your report when they reach their final decision.

    The reports are then filed by DWP under their Data Protection Policy. Information about the DWP Data Protection Policy can be found here(link is external).

    The report may also be used again if there is an appeal or reconsideration.

    Health Assessment Advisory Service AKA Ma ximus

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Maximus overruling & overriding the GP`s & The DWP – Since the DWP are too lazy to their admin that get Maximus in to run the DWPs Admin – & Not A Bar Code in sight.

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  8. The Nazis murdered approximately 275,000 disabled people. To the rest of the world this is a warning, to IDS it’s a target.

  9. ** Wonderwall of Broken Songs – Green Day ft Oasis **

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  11. This fails on Health & Safety grounds right on the off – and further strays into grounds for Harassment… if not more serious charges [Manslaughter charges if anyone dies, maybe even Murder “If a person makes a decision that directly leads to their Death….” – I served on Murder Trial at Old Bailey & that was the direction by the Judge who was a Lord…. Oh dearie me]

    • As DWP monitors this site – and has acknowledged so in court papers, good luck in saying you “did not know of the possible consequences”

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        DWP read JV. I notice you should be paying us finding the loop holes & then you change the rules. Health & Safety an alien concept to the DWP.

        I have just been for a 15 mile pushy bike ride & was doing 28MPH down an a road – It`s my physiotherapy routine. Sometimes I do 40 miles on the pushy bike.

        Oh have I put my foot in it defrauding the DWP. Read Carefully.

        • “Stepping

          I look forward to DWP/ConCons changing the rules – good luck on them succeeding in changing Basic Basic law – like having a system of appeals that is fit for purpose.

          Notice, when a person has he goods on them they go softly softly as it will bypass the Tribunal and go straight to Magistrates/High Court – i.e. visible to the public eye and no nudge nudge wink wink possible there.

          I am sure they’ll give it the ‘old Cambridge try though.


          It took me all of 20 seconds to realise the big hole in the plans just like with the rubbish about “Imposing” treatment.

          Good luck DWP, good luck.

      • Can anyone say “Personal Injury”?

  12. Never mind missing your appointment for health reasons, it seems likely you could get sanctioned if you actually had a days WORK!

    • @ Lead On

      People have been sanctioned with four weeks removal of their JSA payments for them simply going to job interviews at the same time of day that happen to clash with their JCP signing appointments or claimant commitment renewal appointments.

    • You can be threatened. Years ago I was signing on and working five hours a week which I declared. A desk jockey threatened to sanctions me because I asked him to re arrange a back to work interview because I’d be working. They had proof of my times!! I had to ask to speak to his senior who promptly re arranged it.. But this was before the more draconian rules came in so…

  13. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:

    Get the Tories out of parliament now!

    • “Doll,

      Nope – Prison more likely seeing as they are pushing this rubbish – It’s like they’re drug dealers trying to push duff stuff on unsuspecting Junkies. They just do not know when to stop.

      Well Prison will stop anyone…

  14. I know of people who are under the work programme being forced to give up Voluntary Work so they can go to job search at the work programme provider. Bet you can all guess what work programme provider this is??

    • Knowing my previous situation of being with Seetec until earlier in the year, it would be them at the sound of it.

    • They should only be doing voluntary work under duress (not of their own free will). See JCP- rule book, written by experts in ”if you know what’s good for you’…

      • You can’t do voluntary work ‘on the side’ though – the Jobcentre will find out. You will either have to ‘declare’ it with all that entails or give it up. There is no such thing as being able to genuinely volunteer somewhere if you are on benefits – it is all a load of hogwash!

      • And they will find out really, really quickly!

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  16. I would tell them straight my health comes first if they have a problem with that they can go F**K THEMSELVES. Further more I would send them an email with court papers saying that you will claim for double the amount of any money stopped. Once they stop the money file the papers and claim it back

    • Claim it back with interest and claim for Personal Injury and mental stress caused on top, with “Harassment” thrown in for good measure – all provable of course.

      • IDS will step in and block your court appeal against them in the same way that he tried and failed to block the release of the DWP death totals by removal of benefits.

        • “Fen

          Thats if you’re going via the Tribunal – Harassment etc is ordinary court – he’s got no powers there and the law states if any attempt is made ALL documentation submitted must be revealed to the other party.

          • @ Gazza

            I wouldn’t put it past IDS to block any attempt to prevent the truth being outed and him being torpedoed from his cushy litle desk job all for the sake of protecting his neck.

  17. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Bypass the appeals system – Many ways of doing that.

    If you have information on any of your forms & paperwork that you believe to be false then The DWP have to change it otherwise it`s breaking criminal law. Until the false info is removed it is a false & fake claim..

  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    You said fill in the ESA50 which I did Filled in all the tick boxes. Yes to no & yes & it varies.

  19. If you have the paperwork from the Dr and a named hospital Dr then i don’t see how they could raise a doubt . Personally i would ask my Dr to ring the pimps and the DWP . Then if it goes tits up i also would serve papers on both the pimps and the person at the DWP who made this decision.
    But as long as you are honest and truthful to the D.W.P person who you see i don’t think/ hope it wouldn’t be a problem …
    Famous last words!

  20. If i am ever in hospital i will keep asking the doctors to me out because i dont want to be punished by the dwp, then if i drop dead its their fault

    • Applying JCP sanctions to people whilst in hospital is another way the DWP are doing to kill off even more people than when the DWP death toll was eventually released.

      • see i still have a few contacts and i would spread it far and wide, my mum has more.. might as well make my death useful for something

        • Sanctiongate (those fabricated sanction success stories) and the eventual release of those DWP death by sanction figures have both backfired right in the face of the out-of-control lunatic Drunken Shite. Now he is finding another way to recover his reputation and his on-the-line job by now issuing death by hospital via sanction.


    Article 3 No torture, inhuman or degrading treatment

    The prohibition on torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment is one of the most important provisions in the Human Rights Act.

    It is an absolute right – in no circumstances will it ever be justifiable to torture someone.

    Inhuman acts will amount to torture when used to deliberately cause serious and cruel suffering.

    Treatment will be considered inhuman when it causes intense physical or mental suffering.

    Treatment or punishment will be degrading if it humiliates and debases a person beyond that which is usual from punishment.

    There are a number of obligations on the UK in respect of this prohibition, both negative (prohibiting public authorities from doing things) and positive (requiring the State to take certain action).

    Prohibition on torture and inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment

    The most obvious obligation prevents State officials from torturing a person or subjecting them to inhuman or degrading treatment. This applies anywhere the UK exercises jurisdiction, which can include places outside the UK, as well as in UK prisons, hospitals, schools etc. Government policies that put a person in a situation where they face inhuman or degrading treatment may also breach Article 3.

  22. ** Off-topic**

    I thought this might be some useful piece of reading to anyone using that infernal universal jobmismatch website. I didn’t know this until earlier today when I had to humiliate myself in the dreaded signing-on process that, if you give the DWP/JCP access to your UJM account, they will then know the exact time of day and date of when you log into UJM.

    That actually shocked me, when my advisor literally just came out with this statement out of the blue. The DWP/JCP therefore have freely admittied to me this morning, through my advisor, that they all actively monitor your log-in and log-out of your UJM accounts as long as the DWP access tick box has been enabled. They know down to the last minute of when you log in and use the site, and they know when you log back out again.

    And they have said to me that giving my consensual access helps me to track my activities on there and get feedback from the JCP towards future applications made through the site. Now I know the truth. What I was told today and what the website says are polar opposites.

    • Fen

      Why I never use it – they’ve tried pressure but I blew it back on them and now they leave me alone [I saw a few horror stories about 150 jobs just appearing and missing one as not appropriate led to a sanction.]

      You can take away access and just print off the jobs. Hell they can’t even take it or copy it if you want to really stick it to them.

      Point to remember is you present your evidence in a “Form” you choose – not DWP.

      • I normally only give them access on the morning I have to deal with them at my JCP, but through a lapse of my own safety conscious and forgetting that they snoop like vultures, I didn’t again until this morning realise that UJM is a covert tracking tool and not some marvellous way of magical waving jobs out of thin air.

    • fen tiger – I thought they were able to get that info anyway, without access to your UJM account. I log in 3 times per week to check if any jobs have been saved by my advisor, and quickly log out again, and I’m sure they can check in whether I’ve actually logged in or not without having any proper access. I’m not sure about them getting the exact time without access though…I persistently deny them access anyway.

      • PS I recently witnessed a poor young guy being sanctioned due to him not recording anything on that area on UJM to record your jobsearch. I steadfastly refuse to use that either – it’s a complete sanction trap.

      • If the JCP have your consent of access on that infernal website, they will know what time of day you log in to it and when you later log out. I went on there yesterday morning at around 7:15am and later when I signed on that day my advisor had told me that I had logged in at 7:15am by her looking at my account activity on her computer.

        • The site automatically ends the session anyway, after a few minutes. I am often doing other related things on a different page at the same time and have to be aware the session has probably ended. They do not know about all your activity on UJ,, probably about half of it.

          • IT Security Expert

            Auto log out – it means you have to ‘active’ on the site to prevent your session from ending.. 😉 It is all by design… 😉

          • IT Security Expert

            Solution: DO NOT give the DWP access to your UJM account… 😉

          • IT Security Expert

            That is why your JSAG/CC will say: “I will log on to my universal jobmatch account not “I will check universal jobmatch for any old job that I can do”. They want to see you logged on and ‘active’ on the site for 35 hours a week or whatever it is.

      • Good point: but you can have as many universal jobmatch accounts as you like 😀

    • IT Security Expert

      | Log on time/day | Log off time/day | Session Time | IP Address | Device | Browser |

      • Well, I believe W10 allows two desktops, so I can use both monitors, change the page on job match every 14 minutes whilst playing star trek online.
        Actually, I think I will just untick the box and change my i.p. address.

    • IT Security Expert

      Universal Jobmatch | User Log

      Name | NI Number

      | Log on time/day | Log off time/day | Session Time | IP Address | Device | Browser |

  23. DWP,

    Please be sure to copy the missive I made above to the “UN Rapporteur” when they make enquiries about “Evidence” during their visit and reiterating DWP’s position on this matter.

    Not doing so would be failing in your fiduciary duties – and yours as civil servants


  24. ‘Tory axeman Iain Duncan Smith agrees to return to Easterhouse to see the impact of his austerity cuts’

    • What after how many years of cuts he’s going to say “Sorry” I didn’t know it was having this kind of effect?


    A woman says she has been deemed fit to work despite a condition which makes her think every day is 15 October 2014.

    Nikki Pegram, 28, from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, has had memory loss since a fall a year ago.

    She used to work as a pub manager and was also able to claim benefits because of other health issues. She now has no job and no disability benefits.

    The Department for Work and Pensions said Ms Pegram’s circumstances had changed and she was entitled to appeal.

    Ms Pegram fell and banged her head as she was leaving Kettering General following an appointment for a knee problem last October.



    Wings Over Scotland
    The invisible members
    Posted on September 08, 2015 by Rev. Stuart Campbell

    From a report on the BBC News website today:


    But those sums don’t work, do they?

    Labour won 232 seats in May’s general election. Further on in the article the number of rebel Tories is given as 37. Adding those together gives us 269 – not enough to defeat the government’s 285.

    If you check the official record of the vote in Hansard, you’ll find the names of several dozen MPs of another party who voted against the government and made the crucial difference between the amendment succeeding and failing. The BBC’s article doesn’t mention the name of that party or even obliquely refer to it in any way.

    Can you guess which party it was, readers?

  27. OT: DWP Alert – here’s a Brilliant Idea for the Unemployed?

    You could not make this up I tell you:
    “Hospital work experience on sale for £500”

    How long before this is introduced to a Office near you?

  28. Who is paying that £500 to gain work as an trainee intern in a hospital? Which of the following applies? –

    * The NHS
    *The hospital trust
    * The local doctor’s surgery
    * The Jobcentre minus
    * The work programme
    * Out of your own JSA benefits
    * Family and friends

    Answers on a postcard to –

    I am a wanker Duncan Smith
    c/o The sleazy government
    The Treasury or DWP


    Iain Duncan Smith has been criticised for referring to people without disabilities as “normal”, in contrast to the disabled.

    The Work and Pensions Secretary appeared to suggest that people with disabilities were abnormal in a discussion about employment rates with other MPs.

    SNP MP Eilidh Whiteford described the turn of phrase as a “shocking insight” into Mr Duncan Smith’s mentality.

    MrAngry 13 minutes ago
    Is a man who makes a habit of lying through his teeth, gives false information in his CVs, has always chosen to live off the tax payer but punishes those who have no other option, refuses to take blame for his actions or inform us of the resulting outcome, but none the less continue to hold a post as head of the government department that is supposed to look after the most vulnerable, normal? Would it be normal to have Harold Shipman as head of Age Concern?

    • IDS is a disgusting wanker. So in his eyes then if I was not ‘normal’ like being in a wheelchair or being an amputee I can expect to be exterminated in an electric chair by his secretary for me simply not conforming with his idealisitic view of the human condition.

      He is following the Third Reich where in WWII if you were a jew or not blue-eyed, blonde haired, tall and slim you would be sent to the nazi death camps. The master race dream, long thought abandoned at the end of WWII, is alive and kicking deep within the DWP.

      • My cousin has severe learning difficulties and several physical illnesses. Even the WCA recognise he is totally unable to work. Having said that he is a lovely young man with good manners and he’s so friendly and loving.
        In every way he is a better man than IDS and his cronies..
        How dare IDS criticise my cousin and others who can’t stand up for themselves!!


    • Santa hates you—I would not be surprised if solicitors are bought off by the DWP. I think it would be difficult to get legal representation and establish causal links as medical evidence would be needed to prove your health got worse. I have dealt with lawyers and doctors before in a litigation case in Scotland and all of the doctors. lawyers. were insured by the same company as my employer, and their professional unions complaints systems cover everything up anyway. Check the following if you wish into the Scottish Justice System.


    Ian Fraser writes: ‪#‎DroneKillings‬ ‘Is the Prime Minister’s House of Commons announcement starting to unravel?

    ‘For a start, one of the Britons killed by an RAF drone in Raqqa—21-year-old, Cardiff-born Reyaad Khan—was earlier widely reportedly to have been killed in a drone strike in Raqqa on 7 July (not 21 August, which was when Cameron claimed the strikes happened).

    Secondly Cameron says “we had no way of preventing his [Khan’s] planned attacks on our country other than to take direct action”. This doesn’t hold water. The events that Khan was supposedly targeting were the commemorations of VE Day (10 May), Armed Forces Day (27 June) and VJ Day (15 August). None of the events were, in the end, subject to terrorist attacks, though I accept putative attacks may have been foiled by the security services. However, why did Cameron think it was so essential to “take out” Reyaad Khan in a drone attack on the reported date of 21 August—six days after the last of these events went off without incident? I thought this action could only be justified if an “attack on the UK was imminent”?

    • Telling porkies to parliament is part and parcel of the tory pledge to support UK arms donors….

      Shouldn’t be too long till we have a few showing dissent, found mysteriously dead in the woods like David Kelly.
      MICHAEL FALLON sees himself as IRON MAN, the reality is that he is an insignificant little pimp who hides behind the true heroes of our armed forces.
      He would have trouble pulling the pin out of a brooch, let alone a grenade, and he would not know if to peel it, throw it or eat it.


        In 2012 the British government revealed that three-quarter’s of Indonesia’s £400 million national debt to the UK comes from loans for military equipment alone – including exports of aircraft and tanks that were later used against the Indonesian people themselves. And In 2013, The UK Government was found to have issued more than 3,000 export licences for military and intelligence equipment worth a total of £12.3bn to countries which were on its own official list for human rights abuses.

        Indeed, Britain’s past ‘meddling’ is responsible for many of the continuing and major conflicts and atrocities’ around the globe today, particularly the Israel-Palestine problem, Iraq and Afghanistan. As well as being partially responsible for the Syrian refugee crisis that has engulfed the whole of Europe in recent days. A Syria that the UK was also continuing to bomb, arguing that they are simply targeting ‘Islamic State’ strongpoints


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    Save for later

    The Conservative minister Ros Altmann has been expelled from the Labour party after it was discovered she had been a member for more than 18 months.

    Altmann, who previously worked as a director of Saga and was a “business champion” for older people for the coalition government, was made a Tory peer by David Cameron so she could take up the position of pensions minister.

    However, it has emerged that she had been a Labour party member since March 2014 until Monday, and had been given a vote in its leadership election, prompting the party to immediately expel her.
    Labour: no plans to delay leadership result
    Read more

    The discovery, first reported by he the Huffington Post, appears to suggest that the peer has been operating as a government minister for four months while simultaneously being a member of the Labour party.

    A spokeswoman for the minister said that she “has taken an interest in all three parties” because of her previous role as director of Saga and as a “business champion” for older people under the last coalition government and “wanted to keep in touch with what each party was doing”.

    • I would have thought she would be comfortable in both camps Geoff, their policies are nearly identical and she wants us to work till me reach our century.

      Another of the mothball brigade of the Lords


    This website has the video of the lunatic making those disgusting remarks about the vulnerable members of our society. Viewer discretion is advised, so don’t throw a hammer at your PC monitor after you watch the bastard.

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Why is work the answer for sick & disabled people that have to look after & manage their conditions. That is a UN breaches forcing people with disabilities only one option because it`s not a choice. And what society chooses which part of society has Human Rights which section of the state has no Human Rights. Either you go through the ESA/WCA or you are not sick or disabled. But that is up to the HCP to decide – Outside of the Maximus world with real medical people I am disabled. The safety net has been taken away with breaches of Disability & Equality Laws & in breach of the UN Convention of Human Rights. DWP Guilty As charged.

  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Politicians & politics have failed the poor & disabled in the UK.



    IAIN Duncan Smith is to visit Easterhouse, the site of his infamous “epiphany”, where he was moved to tears at the poverty he witnessed.

    Duncan Smith has been invited by Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry who believes the visit will show him how little has changed since he has been in the cabinet.

    The work and pensions secretary’s deputy confirmed the visit during question time in parliament yesterday.

    ……………………firecrackers will make the bastard dance

    one red laser dot dancing on his shirt,
    one little trigger action for all of those he hurt…….

    • something survived...

      Fuck clean, better make it a dum-dum…. to be sure, bury the bastard at a crossroads with head cut off and stake through Nonexistent Space.

  37. paultheswineherd

    sarah7 – I could’nt imagine this absolute cunt crying for anything. He has a heart of solid granite and the brain of an automatically programmed robot.
    I hope that the people of Easterhouse give him the ‘welcome’ that he so richly deserves – they ought to give him the present that you suggest, then following that, they should lynch the bastard.

  38. they should build a big gas chamber to put poor people in.


    If its reports on the deaths of state benefit claimants are any yardstick, nobody should trust the BBC’s More or Less programme as anything other than a propaganda wing of the Conservative Government.

    “Tim Harford explains – and sometimes debunks – the numbers and statistics used in political debate, the news and everyday life”, states the blurb on the radio programme’s web page. But More or Less has form for broadcasting drivel and, sadly, the reality of last Friday’s report on the DWP’s recent statistical releases fell far short of acceptable journalistic standards.

    Mr Harford started by saying the programme’s inbox “nearly exploded” after The Guardian announced that thousands had died after being found fit for work – then set the tone for the whole report by saying “thousands of people die after breakfast but that doesn’t mean that breakfast is to blame”.

    This is a false argument – a bad analogy. People die all the time, for any number of reasons; it is whether they became more likely to die after being wrongly classified as fit for work that concerned the people who so overburdened the More or Less inbox.

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – yes, exactly – the BBC is now effectively the mouthpiece of the Tory Government and as time is going on, it is getting even more so.
      I hope that someone soon will call for a full and independent investigation into the BBC’s conduct.

    • The programme (more or less) just dismissed the whole question of preventable/premature deaths as a storm in a teacup. It concluded with a sort of ‘well, what can you do?’ tone, more or less saying: move along folks – nothing to see here – (so that was that/job done).

    • The programme (more or less) just dismissed the whole question of preventable/premature deaths as a storm in a teacup. It concluded with a sort of ‘well, what can you do?’ tone, more or less saying: move along folks – nothing to see here – (so that was that/job done).

      • But you could have done even up until the not-so-very-dim&distant past. (Cait Reilly fought her case on that basis). They’ve just completely lost the plot now & are having to go chasing up dead ends they’ve constructed for themselves and anyone they come into contact with.

        They have become like (crap) parents who castigate & restrict their children until hostilities break out and the relationship is one of mistrust and resentment on both sides. We might be feeling something similar to the way that black South Africans felt under Apartheid? Treated as children by a paternalistic government and its representations. Eg. – T’work Coach: “I’m all for giving praise when you’ve done something good [looked for work & offered proof] but I will tell you off if I think you haven’t done everything as well as you could have”. This is not taught on any ‘customer service course’s (?!)

      • Trigger happy…

  40. paultheswineherd

    They should build a big gas chamber to put Iain Duncan Smith and Priti Patel in! All of course at ‘hard-working taxpayer’s’ expense!
    For once, the taxpayers of Britain will have something to celebrate their hard-earned money being spent on.

    • IDS isn’t normal with moronic speeches in government that disabled people are not ‘normal’ as he puts it.

      • Ft. I’m Definitely A Sadist is one sick and disturbing man. It’s hard to believe that he’s got to where he is ~ then again, he fits in there quite well. It’s frightening to watch/listen to though. He’ll have very little idea about how he’s upset and offended so many
        many people this time and why there’ll be calls for him to apologise, as people are so far outside of his world view, they don’t count.

        • @ Shirley

          I never want to watch that disturbing video again of him calling disabled people ‘normal’ as it gives me the creeps. To think he gets paid to say such dangerous speeches right under the nose of his best friend DC.

  41. @paddyashdown: Minister in the Lords just confirmed refugee orphans and children brought in under Cameron’s scheme will be deported at age 18. 7/9/15 17.40 BST

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – Oh, no! – There’ll be a public outcry – after all it will be going against their ‘Human Rights’ (under the Human Rights Act & the ECHR laws also)!
      They won’t give a shit though about the Human Rights of the poor, the vulnerable, the sick and the disabled of Britain.

      • paul – yeah, great, they get looked after free of charge till they’re adults, not like the children already in poverty in the uk. Who looks after them till they’re adults – not the uk government.

        • paultheswineherd

          Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer – yep, indeed – and then they’ll join ISIS and try to hit out and bite the hand that took them in and fed them in the first place!

          • paul – yeah, and there’s also the ISIS adults who will sneak in with the genuine refugees. You are right what you said in a previous post – the uk government will rue the day they agreed to all this. Some people portray Tommy Robinson as a fascist, yet he warned against this. He also spoke out against the paeodophile Muslim gangs grooming uk female children and was accused of being Islamaphobic. He said one of the respected Muslim leaders spoke as a CHARACTER REFERENCE for those accused of the offences against the children, and he was waiting for the outcry, and he couldnt believe it when there was no outrcry.

      • paultheswineherd

        If and when these ‘deportations’ are eventually announced, I would wager that the Equality & Human Rights Commission in the UK will be all over this like a nest hungry wasps into a pot of strawberry jam.
        Although it seems as regards to what is being done to our people at present, then they really could’nt care less.
        I often wonder how much they are being paid by ‘someone’ to look the other way and/or turn a blind eye. The same goes for the European Commission for Human Rights (ECHR) – how on earth are they not chasing after what IDS & the DWP are doing to people in the UK?

        • paultheswineherd

          Also, what I would really like to know is this. Cameron has announced that the UK is going to allow 20,000 refugees in during the next 5 years. That equates to 4000 refugees per year.
          If ‘our’ quota of them is 20,000 then how is it going to take 5 years for all of them to arrive – that is a really long drawn out time span. (Even if the present ’emergency’ lasts that long!).
          Where are these ‘refugees’ going to be held in the meantime – in a large ‘camp’ somewhere maybe?
          They have said that it will be the ‘poorest’ and ‘most vulnerable’ such as young children etc, etc, that will be let in.
          It seems that a lot of the Syrian adults are highly educated and have been in good jobs. These, it was said on the news the other day will be ‘cherry-picked’ – most likely by Germany and possibly a few other countries.
          This will then have the potential to add ‘extra value’ (for the want of a better description!) to their current population. The UK then could be left with the ‘rest’!

          • And the latest news is that it has been reported that Yvette Cooper has said that Britain should ‘accept more than 4000 refugees per year – including those in Europe’. Another silly cow with little brain power!

          • The ones that are fleeing are the ones with the money, twas always been that way. The poor always get left behind.

            They will have been in well-paid jobs and enjoying a good lifestyle, and now that they have seen their country turn to shit and their standard of living reduced to a pile of rubble they want to ‘re-settle’ elsewhere to take up another well-paid job/resume their education towards a well-paid job and enjoy a similar life-style.

            • Of those they will be in direct competition with those already in well-paid positions in the re-settlement countries. Usually, as in the case of the Poles and immigration from Eastern Europe it is the lower end of the labour market that suffers with an increase in competition and the resultant downward shift in wages.

          • Yeah, Paul, although if one wonders if they are cherry picked whether, contrary to what sib says, they will be allowed to work after all…And if we’re left with the unskilled ones, and they’re also allowed to work, then of course that’s loads more of our unskilled people out of a job, unemployed, sanctioned and starved. Also contrary to what sib says, I have no vitriol towards those people, it is towards the government for ignoring the needs of our own people, even more so when they are set on meeting the needs of refugees

            • Yvette Cooper is a piece of shit!

              Camoron will be ‘cherry-picking’ the unskilled ones. What is it with these cunts!

              And someone should tape up that bitch Yvette Cooper’s mouth. Aren’t the poor already suffering enough from the aftermath of Labour’s disastrous ‘open door’ to immigration policy. Just why does Labour hate the poor so much? And tell you what, Yvette, you will never fully understand just how much the poor hate YOU and your fucking Labour ‘comrades’!

  42. no surprise here.


    The man charged with administering benefits to thousands of disabled people has been blasted for “shocking” comments made on Monday, which suggested that they are “abnormal”.

    Iain Duncan Smith, the government’s work and pensions secretary, was blasted for creating a “them and us” mentality.
    It is Smith and his extreme friends that are abnormal freaks who are after those they really regard as Untermenchen. The Nazi’s are back and they have an agenda to make us all regard the disabled as abnormal. Is an MP with a disability abnormal Nazi Smith?

  44. paultheswineherd

    Johannes – You’ve made a very good and valid point there!

    • paultheswineherd– in Nazi Germany young people in Hitlers education system were told how much money it cost to feed the disabled and how many houses could be built if the institutions were closed. Some ideas are dangerous if they are taken seriously and Smith and his cronies would love the public to condemn all disabled people. Disability is sometimes an accident of birth and can happen to anyone. Smith does not hate the disabled if they have money, he hates the disabled that cost the state money. I have no doubt these people would rebuild the gas factories if they could to get rid of those they regard as superfluous. The poor disabled to them are economically unproductive units not human beings and must be got rid of. The man is radical evil.

      • Johannes – yes – if IDS admires the Third Reich so very much – then they ought to bundle him into his very own ‘gas chamber’ – load it onto the nearest aircraft and fly him to Auchwitz – (where IDS visited and gained so many of his ‘good’ ideas – the sick bastard).
        Let him have a long and lingering last look at the Auchwitz camp and then gas him with the very best cyanide gas that they can get their hands on. That would be a very fitting and suitable tribute to this horrible psychopath – and it would rid Britain of probably the most hated man ever.

        • paultheswineherd I remember reading in one of the political theorist Hannah Arendt’s books how the Nazis took what they regarded as an economic problem of dealing with what they called the disabled useless feeders into a medical problem that it was compassionate to kill them because they were suffering anyway. I don’t know if Smith thinks this but he certainly wants to create and exacerbate difference and demonize people who are unemployed, sick or disabled. The Tories as you know are no friends of ‘hardworking people’ either, if a hardworking person takes a stroke and needs care Smith will want us all to say, he or she is abnormal when he really means the stroke victim is costing the state money. He is a right nasty piece of work.

      • The only reason they keep ‘poor’ disabled people alive is so that they can used to test new drugs, undergo experimental surgery, and be used to develop new technology which can be used to benefit their ‘rich’ disabled friends… 😉

  45. Dwp to recruit actors to play the roles of dissillusioned Easterhouse claimants who will state that their lives have seen a vast improvement since being sanctioned.

    Plastic palm trees and makeshift beaches to be ferried in.
    Fines for those not wearing quality clothing or failing to smile.
    Bedroom tax exemptions for those using scripts.
    Washing banned from balconies.
    Fat pets on loan from rspca.
    Food banks given bank holiday.
    Nick Knowles and team brought in one week prior.
    Michael Fallon to host PERSONAL DRONE DISPLAY TEAM.

    Asked if he was to attend wearing fancy dress, DUNKO THE CLOWN, squirted a journalist with his fake lapel rose, tripped over his size fifteen, long shoes and did a forward roll……………….

  46. Threatened With A Benefit Sanction For Going To Hospital? Now It’s Government Policy. The latter is hate crime. Burn in hell you politicians. I am nearly fifty four years old and watched Thatcher in her crusade to privatize the UK. Now we have foodbanks, I shudder to think what it will be like in another few years.

    • Lets face it Johannes, hospitals will soon be open to the privileged rich only, cancer drugs have been withdrawn on orders from an organisation that is absolutely not nice and ambulances are more likely to be spotted in the late, Lord Montague’s museum……………..

      Patients are screwed to park in hospital car parks, beds are unavailable and you are discharged faster than Boris’s water cannon.

      DUNKO’S remit is to lighten the load, kill ’em at source…………


  47. Annos – that’s very interesting – more attempted bribery by Osborne.
    I expect that the Scottish Parliament, overburdenddonkey & Raining to mention only a few, will be very angry about this announcement.
    And a ‘U’ turn on the free school meals. Well, in these times of ‘very unnecessary’ austerity – that is a surprise!

  48. Not a problem. We’ve got Foodbanks.

  49. sian – yeah – that’s true!

  50. What’s the point of all this. Benefit People are too apathetic to do anything anyway. They just stand there taking their butt fucking and afterwards, when the dwp / atos / maximus noncer is zipping up his pants, the Benefit Person just mumbles “Oh… Oh.”
    Whingeing and whining won’t change anything. Show some heart. SHOW SOME FUCKING HEART!!!

  51. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Employment and Support Allowance

    Employment and Support Allowance has been designed to enable your patients to achieve their full potential through work and to help them to gain independence from benefits. It starts in October 2008 and, for new customers, it will replace Incapacity Benefit, Income Support paid on grounds of incapacity, and Severe Disablement Allowance.

    Focus on abilities

    This principle is in keeping with the body of evidence that people are better off in work – not only financially, but in terms of their health and well-being, their self-esteem and the future prospects for themselves and their family. For instance, people who are long-term unemployed or who have never worked are up to three times more likely to have poor health than those in work.

    What will the change mean for me?

    The introduction of Employment and Support Allowance will not make significant changes to your dealings with patients, or the amount of paperwork you need to complete. DWP already asks you to fill in forms to provide us with information about your patients, and some of the forms are changing.

    As a GP, you will still provide “statements of incapacity for work” (usually on form Med 3) until the WCA assessment is carried out, usually within the first 13 weeks of a claim for Employment and Support Allowance.

    DWP may ask you to complete a factual ESA113 report on your patient. You can complete this form from your medical records. There is no need to carry out a separate examination of your patient.

    DWP will only ask you to complete an ESA113 if:

    UK Government Web Archive

    The National Archives is preserving UK government information published on the web

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “”” There is no need to carry out a separate examination of your patient.”””

      GP Stripped Of Duty & Responsibility

      Also it`s Maximus that asks you to fill out the ESA113 GPs not the DWP.

  52. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I am delighted and honoured to be taking on the role of Civil Service Disability Champion,

  53. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    After the interview and examination the findings are summarised in free text using Standard English prose, and a typed report – largely, apart from the summary, constructed from modified pre-set LiMA options – is sent electronically to the DWP. This report attempts to describe the claimant’s ‘Typical Day’ and to justify the recommendation by comparing and contrasting the disabilities described by the claimant against the criteria – the descriptors – constituting the legal framework of the test[29][30] (as well as considering the other factors, such as whether there would be a substantial risk if the claimant were declared fit for work). This report normally concludes with the points score intended to reflect the level of disability together with a final recommendation on fitness for work and a work-related prognosis. If the assessment is carried out in the claimant’s home, the report is usually written by hand and is substantially shorter (normally, only doctors are authorised to write reports by hand, i.e. without using LiMA).


  54. ** Blondie Vs. The Doors – ‘Rapture Riders” **

  55. Fuck the government and their sanction by hospital, let’s have some to cheer us all up and forget about them.

    ** Busted Vs. TLC – ”Scrubs 3000”

  56. Anyone counted over 1,000 posts on the previous thread? No wonder my Firefox browser is having a nervous breakdown, even after all the turbo speed tweaks I have done myself to it through its ‘about:config’ settings.

    Everytime there are more than 100 posts on a JV thread page my internet goes up the spout with me and gets stuck to the point of ”computer says no”…

    • I’m using Chrome, and although it’s getting a bit slower with >1000 posts, it’s still managing OK.

      • It could be just my firefox playing up after I have over-engineered it changing all network http settings to complete overload.

        As for me posting anything or suggestions on here and my thoughts on the country – I am not on here all day hanging on to every single word said by all other blog users and then have to reply to each and every one. My time has to be spent more on on more important matters of the day, like how the fuck do I keep the wolves (JCP) from my door and biting my head off with more crap about the work programme or other.

        • Fen Tiger – I don’t want to alarm you, but I spoke to a computer guy and asked him about Windows 10. He said it’s been responsible for a lot of computers crashing!

          • @ Fellow JCP

            I’ve also heard about some problems with the win10 system. No service pack 1 has yet been released to fix any bugs or flaws. As soon as I can get the service pack I will make sure it goes on my computer.

          • I’m keeping a very close watch on Win10 all of the time when it is running and if any problems appear, the action center should tell me how to address the issue.

          • .. / .- / -.–.-..-.–. / -….. / .–…… / .—..-..-….- / ..-..-…—.– / –..-…-….

    • 100 comments seems to about the max a browser can handle before it goes into meltdown. Try using some ‘elbow grease’ and turning off Javascript; these JV >1000 comments pages! should load a lot faster. Turning off Javascript will also prevent a lot of crap from loading. Firefox, however, has removed the option to turn off Javascript!, so you will need an extension to do this.

      • I tried Firefox a while ago, but I found Chrome to be substantially faster. Of course both are better than Internet Explorer, which over the years became bloated, slow crap.

        • Microsoft Edge is a load of old crap as it won’t let me install the likes of adblock edge. Edge can’t even properly display this website for starters.

          • Fen – If you’ve tried Microsoft Edge then you must have a nice new computer and Windows 10. I have to say I’m a little surprised that somebody on benefits can afford it……

            • Actually, My computer was previously Windows 7 Home edition and I went for the free full Windows 10 home package upgrade offered on their website.

              • Before it is mentioned that I have fell for an expensive software upgrade trap later on next year, Microsoft has said on their own supoort website by upgrading to Win10 for free, the PC system is supported and licensed for the remainder of the PC’s lifetime that runs the new OS.

                How else could I have afforded to have Win10 on my PC by purchasing the official set-up discs priced at £99. I, like millions of other PC users around the world took the opportunity gifted to us by Microsoft to have new systems installed on existing Win7 or Win8 machines.

              • Far enough. Perhaps that’s your problem with slow browsing. I’ve not tried it (and I don’t intend to), but I’ve heard that unless you have a fast new computer Windows 10 is a slug.

                • Point taken. Not all Win7 and Win8 machines will run Win10 smoothly if on the new OS. Mine seems okay with Win10 even with bugger all memory capacity. Firefox runs slowly when the webpage it reads is cluttered with endless youtube videos all in one web place.

                  As I have heavily modified most of the about:config settings on my F Browser to complete overload I know where I have cocked-up on changing the internal settings. I run Firefox on the value 65535 for one of the network.http connection settings. That should explain why my firefox is running out of control and maxed to the hilt

                • Further to me completely cocking-up firefox way beyond its operating purpose, I am on super-fast Sky fibre broadband – I can’t disclose or go into how this is paid as this is not a subject deemed appropiate for this website, nor how I can even get Sky Fibre Broadband is vaguley relevant on here as this means of accesing the internet is a private family matter.

                • I’m using Windows XP, a very old Celeron laptop and Chrome, and I’m not having trouble with browsing this site with >1000 posts. Go figure!

                • Slow browsing when JV’s site gets clogged with youtube videos is more down to me totally overloading my F browser’s internal config settings. I’ve done so many tweaks that I no longer know which ones I have modified so much.

                • This is the tweak I have modified to integer value 64 and is over-clocking Firefox’s download speeds –

                  * network.http.pipelining.maxrequests

                  The maximum spec for this setting is only 16..

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – Thinks twice answering me back.

            • Windows 7 problems I had – 100%
              Windows 10 problems I have had since July this year – 0%

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                Fen your EG new friend since obd not here LOL

                • I’m certainly not EG’s friend. I’m just fed up with pointless arguments going on here that keep going on and on with no proper resolution or coherent substance.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              EG – Every time you blitz the thread with your bullshit & ego. Nothing worth while to say so fill it up with rubbish.

      • Of course if you already have the NoScript Firefox extension installed it will already be blocking JavaScript by default.

      • Javascript is a load of old tosh itself. You can’t properly load a website nowadays without it, and yet, if you have Javascript installed it creates even more problems than before.

  57. Fen – “If I have any thoughts about the mess this country is in I’d be saying stuff on the new thread started yesterday.” [this one]

    Nope – I can’t see any sensible suggestions about how to help fix the mess this country is in, from you or anyone else. I’ll take a look later on, but I suspect I’ll just see more ignorant ranting.

    • Only if you yourself post it, Elbow. Even by trolling standards, only a deranged moron can try to justify threatening to sanction people for needing emergency medical treatment.

      Oh and by the way – 9.41. Once again, you’re criticising this board and its users for being idle during work hours. The hypocrisy is incredible. Find something productive to do with your shallow life.

    • For a start I’d get rid all the government and replace them with real people instead of over-paid old farts who just turn up and sleep all day in a crumbling building and vote on matters that impact us all in the worse possible way.

      Scrap the work programme as this puts people into debt, forces people into making wrong lifestyle choices, completely fucks up their CV and chances of future work and makes people depressed. The crap I had to go through whilst at Seetec made me feel it was my fault for being made redudant. Seetec were and still are full of horse shit as far as I am concerned. They only care about one set of figures – money, not people.

      • Same can be said for Maximus. Only you have too add there conflict of interest pushing people onto the sick so they can get their atos referral.

  58. Elbow Grease – the only way you can fix the mess in this country (madhouse) is by gaining basic working class unity against our capitalist oppressors. Without this everything else will fail. Mankind gains most when in a collective. Step 1 – we not only need to unite all the anti-capitalists against this nazi dominated Tory government, but also the bulk of the working class. We in the movement need to wake up to the fact that it’s strength is in numbers that wins battles not in how many nazi bastards we have taken off the streets.

    • Santa – So assuming that you can’t unite enough anti-capitalists to win an election, by what means can you bring about change?

      • I didn’t want the cunts Tories back in power what with Idiotic Drunken Shite now wanting to sanction people for being in hospital at the same time as being expected to do the work programme or go to their jobcentre at the time of their hospital stay or appointment. It’s why I didn’t vote for the nasty cunts, nor any other self-serving MP or party.

        I’m a republican and proud. Governments put countries in debt, enslave the people who voted them in, start wars with other countries and now kill people whom are a burden. IDS wants us all dead by expanding his sanction reform bollocks.

        • Fen – You’re saying what you DON’T want, not what you DO want, let alone how you think it can be achieved……

          • Are you supporting the government in their attack on disabled, vulnerable people evicted from their houses by the hated bedroom tax? I want to get rid of the government uncaring towards this underlooked section of society.

            • Fen – Is that question to me or Santa?

            • I’ll answer it anyway – I want to get rid of this government too, but I know what I want to replace it with. Do you?

              • I’d replace the government with people who put disabled, sick, vulnerable members of our society first. Elected people who don’t take any wages or donations to change the world into a better place. I would rather have real people in government putting our war veterans into proper help and care. Real members of parliament giving us comfort in our old age by scrapping retirement home expensive fees paid out of selling our houses.

                Is that what you want or maybe some other agenda that I don’ tknow about? Those things from the top of my head barely scratch the surface as to what I really want done to fix this country and sort outthe wheat from the chaff.

                • Is there any current party or particular politician who you think might be able to do what you want? I don’t have any agenda in asking, I’m just interested in positive ideas for change, because I so seldom see any!

                • Not the tories for instance, not with their track record since 2010.

                  Labour are in the wilderness after Ed Millipeed scarpered after the ‘edstone’ farce.

                  UKIP is still too small and hardly any influence or bargaining power.

                  Green Party are only interested in making Britain a clean, green country with no coal, oil, gas or nuclear (all dirty or dangerous forms of producing energy by the way).

                  So, any other party that I can’t think of at this moment in time that would start with some of the things I suggested earlier or are they all in the same tory asylum?

                • You’ve got no hopes for Corbyn then?

                • I’ve yet to see his track record on how he would sort out the shocking state of this country’s finances and how he would propose to scrap the work programme. It has done jack shit for me and anyone else dragged through the corrupt ‘workfare’ system.

                • Corbyn hasn’t got a track record in power (yet?). If you only vote for people who have a track record then nothing will ever change. Isn’t that the whole point?

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                EB – Why so many questions & no answers !!!!

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – Filling the thread up with egos.

                • I can offer sensible answers if you’ve got any sensible questions. Have you?

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Yet another question EB.

                • Gone quiet. I guess EG is not up for proper discussion about how to fix the country. I thought I was getting through to him…. Somebody on here have a rant against EG to liven things up a bit so I can just sit on the sidelines and watch.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – Have you got an IDS poster on your bedroom wall?

              • This Country needs a competent government, but I’ve not seen anyone up to the mark for years, nor do I see competent governments around the world for a time. Mr Patrick Moore was right in what he said before he died.

    • If we, on here, can stick together instead of all still arguing a toss about old forum thread posts, then maybe we could in some way make them in government open their fucking eyes and ears and realise they are causing civil unrest in this country.

      Re. The Mark Duggen situation where the police killed an innocent person? Riots broke out in London as a result and buildings were ransacked and burnt to the ground. Some businessman lost his furniture store after a masked rioter decided it would be jolly good fun to have a bonfire lit next to some tables and chairs in that establishment.


  60. Elbow – change happens anyway. However, more importantly it’s how people deal with this change that’s the key to getting rid of this government. That’s why we need to be unified in our message about this oppressive government. One picture of a dead migrant boy on a beach changed the whole migrant political debate last week. It caused Cameron to perform a 360 degree U-turn in public. I am sure this government will fall due to public demand in the future. Alongside the rise of real leftwing politics in this country, it’s only a matter of time before Cameron is sent packing to the House of Lords. In the meantime we must all become our own my authority and fight their oppression on the streets, online and in anyway we can. Resistance is not futile.

    • Change in politics DOES happen but too slowly for us and that itself is the major problem we face. Not all change in politics is for the greater good. Some of the things they come up with can make it worse.

      Who endorses and supports the bedroom tax?
      Who actually likes Iain Duncan Smith when he said yesterday that disabled people are ‘normal like the rest of us?

    • “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

    • Santa – Are you saying we should try to get rid of this government democratically or non-democratically?

      “One picture of a dead migrant boy on a beach changed the whole migrant political debate last week.” Sorry, no it didn’t. It just changed the government rhetoric. Look at the details……


    Evil Tory cunts are worse than Nazis. I hope IDS has an heart attack.

    • @ Bollocks

      Having a fatal coronary whilst attacking the poor and sick would be the least of IDS’ troubles. We would be well rid of the deranged monster.

      • something survived...

        Exploding piles would be funnier. Or breaking his dick (you can apparently
        break your dick). Or a surfeit of caviar. Or walking underneath a falling boulder…

  62. ‘Homeless A level star launches business aimed at helping others without homes’

  63. Seems like Petition for the Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as
    Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has over 99,500 Signatures

    Will it get over 100,000 Signatures ?

  64. How Anyone cannot be Angry over the Victimisation of the Poor and
    Vulnerable ?

    They have to be Brainwashed Scum Not to be

  65. Margaret Thatcher was and is an Evil Tyrant .

    A Nasty Tyrant without Decency or Honour

    Margaret Thatcher Sold Britain down the River

  66. my laptop specs… all is nice and fast even with 1000 posts Intel (R) core(TM) I5-4200U CPU@ 1.60ghz 2.30 Ghz ram 4Gb 64bit OS

  67. Base score of 7.9

  68. easily run high end games on maxed out settings never had an issue with it solid metal Chassis to 🙂

  69. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  70. Instead of Divide and Rule Unite For Social Justice a Caring Welfare
    State and a Decent Country to Live in

  71. Fen and others – To coin a phrase… if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.

    • What is your solution to fixing the country? Can you fully explain how you would make changes in political circles and what would your policies be?

      • It would take far too much time and space to go through everything, but the summary is democratic socialism. Scotland has already recognised this, so now it’s time for the rest of you in the UK to wake up. A Corbyn-led Labour party is the ONLY chance you’ve got (outside Scotland) to make a real change.

        I can’t go through all the policies I would support in a few words, but how about we start with spending £100 billion on the means to help people rather than the means to kill them?

        • I don’t expect you to go through the entire government manifesto, Just the most important aspects that you feel could start the ball rolling.

          • Fen – I just started with probably the most important one. Do you agree?

            • On the top one. Yes. Any other thoughts further down such as caring for the sick and disabled of this society? Also, do you think that IDS is a complete wanker of our lifetime and needs to be jailed for his crimes against humanity – bedroom tax, etc?

              • Well £100 billion would help quite a lot! As for IDS being prosecuted – I’m no lawyer, but is there a case for something similar to corporate manslaughter? I wouldn’t hold my breath, so I would rather get the lot of them out of government in 5 years time

                …and we’re all wankers!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      EG – Have you got an IDS poster on your bedroom wall?

      • I don’t know. One minute I am having a coherent converation with him and the next minute the conversation has ended abruptly and I fall off his civil radar…

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          See if he answers my questions – Very hard questions to answer LOL

        • Fen Tiger – EG will start to insult you again soon enough. It’s what he does (apart from being s/e cleaner/scientist/female with menstruation fixation (yes, EG, we know that was you!)

          • Fallow JCP – You think I’m a “female with a menstruation fixation”??? You’re fundamentally a very nasty bigoted person, aren’t you?

          • @ Fellow JCP

            I am trying to sort of have a civil conversation and then at some point earlier on was labelled a problem not the solution. I’m fucking confused…

            • fen tiger – I know – everyone is confused when they have a conversation with EG because even when he’s not insulting us he is making endless false deductions and giving them false support with more insults to us. As usual he has twisted everything I said – at no time did is say he was a female with a menstruation fixation – just that he at at least one point pretended to be!

      • I bring something to the table in what I could do to mend this country, just ideas from the top of my head and nothing similar in response back. Can EG answer my questions about how he would mend this country himself.

      • Not IDS posters on his wall. More like Idi Amin, seeing as he hasn’t yet answered my questions…

        • Fen – Idi Amin? Now you’re behaving like a child.

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            EG – So you do you a IDS poster on your bedroom wall – Don`t avoid the answer.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System



          • I’m not. I just want you to answer my questions in detail as to how you, yourself, would change this country. I ran a few ideas off myself after you had asked me to.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              Run The Country – Give everyone one back their benefits that have been stolen by IDS.

              • @ Stepping

                That’ll be my first policy manifesto. Shoot IDS and give everybody £1000 in benefits a week for life. Sod work, this’ll be much better for us all.

        • Fen – Idi Amin? If you want to have a serious discussion then stop talking crap.

          • I thought that I was having serious discussion earlier but I then read a post from you saying that I am not the solution but part of the problem…

            • Yes, because you don’t seem to have any suggestion about HOW. A solution needs that or it isn’t a solution.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                Elbow Grease AKA David Rahman – Turn That Frown Upside Down.

              • Any further solutions you have to bring to the table; re. sorting out the voting system perhaps?

                • Do you mean some form of ‘PR’? If so, yes. I live in Scotland, we already have it!

                • Here, south of the border, our voting system lets in frauds like David Camoron and his pet mouse Iain Duncan Smith, along with the rest of the zoo to fuck up our lives.

                • Fen – Errrmmmm… apparently you didn’t know that we in Scotland have the same voting system for Westminster that you do. It’s only for the Scottish parliament that we have a different system. Your ignorance of your own country is surprising.

                • North of the border, our voting system lets in the SNP and keeps both Tory and Labour out of the Scottish Parliament, of which I assume you being a loyal scot voted in the SNP and stopped the likes of Cameron anywhere near your own independant politics system. I do wish you’d let me carry on with these discussions about politics and voting without you disappearing mid-stream…

                • The whole of the UK uses the same voting system, before you get on your high horse about north & south of the border are different. England has the tories making a complete mess of things. Scotland, under the same voting system has the SNP who told the tories to get lost with 97% of the final vote going to SNP if I am correct.

                • “North of the border, our voting system lets in the SNP and keeps both Tory and Labour out of the Scottish Parliament, of which I assume you being a loyal scot voted in the SNP and stopped the likes of Cameron anywhere near your own independant politics system.”

                  You very deeply confused!

                • ”You very deeply confused”

                  Correction – ”You’re very deeply confused”

                  Cement (from your cement mixer) on your hands causing you to mis-type your words on the keyboard? Or has the cement become clogged up in your keyboard?

                • Most people can recognise a typo when they see one. Not you apparently. It’s a common mistake when typing fast. Google it…

                  I’ll try to help you with one part of your deep confusion about UK democracy…… You said “England has the tories making a complete mess of things.” In fact the whole of the UK has the Tories making a complete mess of things.

                • If you live in Scotland EG, why do you not vote SNP? what are your views on SNP? Why a Corbyn led government? what are your thoughts on the other labour leaders?

                • Maria – 1) I did. 2) I haven’t got time. 3) Because people in rUK need somebody principled in government too. 4) Do you mean other leaders in the past?

                • Corbyn is principled, yes, his heart is in the right place, too. But his ideas are not right, I am afraid that there is no one left to vote for. The UK has had it. If The Government, shadow or otherwise doesn’t pull it’s sock up soon we have all had it.

                • So Maria, you think Corbyn’s ideas are not right. Apparently then you prefer to spend £100 billion on weapons of mass murder rather than on helping people in need. Give me a principled person over the likes of you any day!

              • Fen – Anyway, back to the serious discussion which you say you want. You say you want to replace the government, but you’ve said nothing about HOW. How do you propose to set about achieving you goal…… Democracy? Armed revolution? Writing irrelevant crap on a web site?

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            Answer my questions before we continue.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              Have you also got an IDS poster in the Bathroom?

              • I have. I use it as target practice for playing darts. When I am finished with the poster I throw petrol on it and burn it.

              • @ EG

                If you didn’t realise, I already knew you were being sarcastic. So was I.

                • Then there are only two alternatives – Either you don’t know what sarcasm is, or you actually like IDS!

                • I do know what sarcasm is, and I hate IDS. Why, what were you thinking I would have otherwise said if I had some sort of reply to give. Anybody forced onto the work programme at some point would instantly have a deep hatred for that despised, horrible monster in the DWP.

                  The work programme did me no favours. And it has been proven in cold,hard reports and facts elsewhere on the internet that the work programme itself actually damages a person’s chances of returning to the workplace. The JCP monkeys are no better neither as they all live in a zombie trance just reading of off a set script usually placed only in front of them when they don’t have any customer to see.

                  JCP staff get berated often by their line or duty manager if they don’t fulfil the monthly sanction quota given to them, nor do they get a gold star for x amount of people thrown onto the sanction lists by the end of that month.

                • That sums it up Fen Tiger, all these work reforms have done is cause people problems, saved a few bob, but the problems caused that will need to be fixed in the future will cost more that the little they save needlessly punishing people who don’t have sufficient opportunity in the first place.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      YEG – You sound like Start Smiling Again – Have you got a David Rahman poster on your bedroom wall?

    • David 'Greased Elbow' Rahman

      Avoid negative people: They have a problem for every solution 😀

    • George 'Bullshit' Bush

      You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists 😀

  72. ‘Refugee returns to painting 10 years after fleeing torture’

  73. David Rahman has started uploading songs on his Twitter.
    Here it is

    but I wouldn’t bother listening. Too painful on the ears.

  74. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I get distracted IDS with your little puppet workers working on Social Media – Report back little David that you are useless.

  75. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Can I get a job as a paid tory social media troll – Lots & lots of jobs going I hear.

  76. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  77. Briefly talking of Scotland, can EG recommend where I could stay for two weeks holiday? Anywhere where he lives the ideal place to spend two weeks out of England perhaps? The stress of the JCP is too much to bear and I also hear Scotland is great this time of year.

    • McHaggis O' thi' McHaggis Clan

      Aye, a kin recommend thi’ Hielands!

      • Are you in any way related to elbow grease? I wanted to ask him where I could stay in your fine country. Any hotel he could recommend to me in his home town/city?

    • …just popped back in while the cement mixer is going. Scotland is great always, but particularly unerrated at this time of year! Go to to search accommodation providers.

      • Any good hotels where you live? I’m too impatient to use that website

        • Liar

        • fen tiger …”just popped back in while the cement mixer is going.” – in his mind!

          • @ Fellow JCP

            All I asked was ”Any good hotels” and I get my head snapped off over asking a simple question.

            • Obviously I’m not going to tell you where I live. Maybe you’re a moron, but I’m not.
              One characteristic of small children is that they will persist in a lie even when it’s obvious that it’s not true. As they grow a little older they start to understand that other people can tell. How old are you?

            • fen tiger – eg’s already told us (under his previous name) he lives in Glasgow (and there are quite a few hotels there). I’m sure he and his hand(s) are busily at work (cleaning/maintaining hotels/doing a bit of molecular biology research for his never to see the light of day thesis) even as we type.

            • fen tiger –
              pat testing | May 27, 2015 at 12:26 pm | Reply

              “Fellow – I suggest that you come here to Glasgow and criticise people for putting an “s” on the end of “you”. I’m sure you will get a loving kiss!”

              Elbow Grease has already admitted that he was pat testing in previous posts.

              • … and precisely where does it say that I live in Glasgow? You REALLY need to learn to read!

                • eg – you said come here to glasgow instead of come up here to scotland go to glasgow, moron. You really should learn to phrase your sentences properly if you do not live in Glasgow.
                  ps fallow – adj “undeveloped but potentially useful”, as in “a fallow gold market”. Thanks for the compliment! This is my last reply to you apart from the “beneath me” ones.

                • Everybody is POTENTIALLY useful. The trick is to actually BE useful, which you are not!

                • ps potentially necessarily means in the future, not the present therefore you are arguing against the very definition – you are about as good as interpreting words and logical argument as you are at getting a degree (in molecular biology).

                • No it doesn’t! “Potentially useful” means that something (i.e. you) is not currently useful, but may or may not be useful in the future. I put my bet on not!

                • eg “I put my bet on not” Then if it really was money you were betting you would be about to lose – big time!

                • Fallow JCP – Are you referring to the personal plan from god to get you off benefits that you’ve mentioned a few times? I’m sure everybody is waiting with baited breath to hear what it is! If I remember correctly it’s due to happen in the next month or two. Will you come back and tell everybody on here about it then?

                • PS but thanks for actually reading my comments correctly this time!

                • So will you tell everybody on The Void when god’s personal employment plan (GPEP) to get you off benefits happens? I think you should, because if god can do the same thing for a few thousand more people it would be a massive help for the UK economy!

                • PPS it’s “bated breath”, not “baited breath”. I would have thought you would have known that, since you are such an unashamed master baiter.
                  Re your comment about GPEP (like it!) I shall not be divulging further on this blog about it, to you or anyone.

                • PS God already IS doing the same thing for Christians who trust in Him, although GPEP for everyone is different, which is why it is called personal.

                • EG God traditionally does not follow money for money’s sake. If people share it and it is used to better peoples lives, but he does not like people who horde money, You don’t ask God for money, you ask him to help you do you duty, both to God and to others. You are always critical of Christianity, but you don’t really know much that about it. And if JCP doesn’t want to talk about it, its really not any of your business, its not mine and if he wants to keep it between God and himself that is up to him.

                • Fallow JCP – You’re not going to come back and tell us when god’s marvellous plan for you actually happens? Ha ha ha ha! I really can’t think why!!!

                • Maria – “You don’t ask God for money, you ask him to help you do you duty”.
                  You must be fucking joking!!! Fallow JCP is taking the money desperately needed by others, whilst lying on his lazy arse in bed all day. If you think he’s doing his duty, then you are a complete fucking hypocrite.

                • No, you assume JCP lies in Bed all day doing nothing. How can you know that is what he is doing? Are you some omnipresent being that can see what people are doing everywhere? I thought you didn’t believe in such thing. As to Nuclear Weapons being a tool for mass murder, that is hat you think? Then you are wrong why we have them, they are a deterrent, to other states like ISIS and Russia, if you get rid of them you are signing the death warrant for everyone who lives here, yourself included. Do you really think if we get rid of ours, that Putin is going to roll over and get rid of his as well? No, they will be armed with nuclear weapons and we will be undefended and open to sick rules that you find Elsewhere on the Earth. I thought you would at least apply the rules of Evolution to situations what was it now, that Darwin said? Survival of the fittest?

                • I assumed no such thing. Maybe you should read Fallow JCP’s posts.

                  As for nuclear weapons, by your logic all the European countries which don’t have them would now be just radioactive wastelands at the hands of the Russians. Unfortunately for the justification of your warped and aggressive mentality, they are not. Would you care to ponder why? No, I thought not!

                • He says he sleeps during the day he does not say he sleeps in bed all the time, you never asked him how many hours of sleep he gets, you never thought that people can work in the night-time, employed and otherwise, nightshifts do exist, perhaps someone will look at the time of his post like you do, thinking this is proof he has the capability to do a night shift. Who make the bread for the morning? who watches over the Elderly and takes them to the toilet in the night? a Factory never sleeps, who maintains the factory? who packs at night? Work doesn’t always begin at 8 or 9 o’clock, nor does it finish at five. Will you tell which countries don’t have nuclear arms? and then tell me, if those countries have significant resources? they must be worth invading, tell me what country doesn’t ally themselves without nuclear arms? and then tell me which countries want them? but the UN won’t allow it because they don’t trust them to act responsibly with them.

                • Maria
                  “How can you know that is what he is doing?” – Read his posts yourself, you lazy shit!
                  “Will you tell which countries don’t have nuclear arms?” – Look them up for yourself, you lazy shit!

                • I did he told me he was looking for work when he got up, he isn’t laying in bed all day praying, he is up probably for most of the day looking for work and praying to god, you can multitask you know and people have to go to bed sometimes. As for the nuclear arms discussion, if you can’t answer the question, there is no reason to get upset about it and start insulting me, it won’t bring anything at all to the discussion, now excuse me but I am in the middle of cooking dinner for my parents then I will be busy cleaning up the house, just in case you miss insulting me.

                • Errmmm… how do you phone a prospective employer if you don’t get up until 5pm? If you think Fallow JCP is actually looking for a job then you are as thick as he is lazy.

                  As for your question about which countries don’t have nuclear arms – Google can answer your question very easily, so why are you so fucking lazy that you can’t look it up for yourself?

                • Can you stop personalising things and banging on and on about some posters here.

                • Johnny – Is that request to me, Fallow JCP, Maria, or EVERYBODY who has posted a personal criticism?

                • Sorry Johnny.

  78. EG has gone back to work? I’d like to carry on with this discussion about all MP’s being complete nobs. I might lose the thread of this serious discussion (I thought I was having) before I come back here again another day…

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      EG has gone back to IDS to lick his boots.


      • What was the thread subject again? I was getting dragged into a never ending conversation of sorts and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel of how to end the convo…

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          How can you take a non stop contradiction seriously !! You can`t !!!

          • I’m not taking it too seriously. Just trying to make EG civil somehow by getting him to fully explain the pros and cons of the government. But every so often I end up without any answers…

          • .. / .- / -.–.-..-.–. / -….. / .–…… / .—..-..-….- / ..-..-…—.– / –..-…-….

    • Put your thoughts down in a post and I promise I will respond later.

      • Fallow (adjective): “Characterised by inactivity”

        • Wow – someone’s been looking up words in the dictionary…

          • Yes somebody has, but it wasn’t you, because you thought it was a spelling mistake! If there was one word which means bigoted, lazy hypocrite then I would use it about you.

            • eg – I take my prevoius comment back about the above being my last reply. This one is my last one apart from the beneath me ones. If there was a single word for illogical, lying contemptible hypocritical scum I would use it to describe you.

              • Ha ha ha! How many ‘last replies’ have you had now! You do realise that you’re a sad joke, don’t you?

                • I admit your mind-blowing imbecility has tempted me beyond my agreed quotas of replies – but you are the sad joke on here – trolling on blogs, abusing and correcting other commenters, telling just about everyone (including the blog owner) they are wrong about something/everything, telling just about everyone how stupid they are, how useless they are or how hypocritical they are. I agree with maria – I would hate to be you. I pity you. The most activity you probably do is as a part-time cleaner, and spend a few hours on blogs harassing people, and “enjoying” your own company. I am confident of paying more tax in my lifetime than you ever will in yours (oh, yes, and don’t forget the “degree” in molecular biology that you (almost) have) (maria also blew that out of the water).

  79. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    You can still get a new DLA Claim Form to fill out. Discuss – interesting subject

  80. ‘Tory axeman Iain Duncan Smith warned he’ll face rough ride on return to Easterhouse’

  81. ‘Iain Duncan Smith condemned by Papworth Trust for disability slur’

    Are Papworth Trust still using Workfare?

    • Papworth Trust had me for two years on work programme. Didn’t do much for my career reputation other than them ruining my CV back in 2012.

      • something survived...

        Oh bollocks. Knackered; and misread it. Thought for one joyful half-second ‘Iain Duncan Smith condemned to death’.

  82. Who the fuck are they talking (writing) to???
    Received this today_

    “I have changed your housing benefit from(date) because there has been a recent birthday in your household which affects your benefit …..”

    There’s only me and I will be a state pensioner – welcome and happy birthday hey – what fucking tossers my local authority are……..

    • Something that I have missed on BBC news. IDS now sanctions people for having a birthday. First it was the bedroom tax, then it was sanctions in hospital, now it’s birthday sanctions.

      You may get sanctioned for having a birthday party that clashes with your ESA or JSA claim appoinment, but hey, Iain Duncan Smith will send you a personally autographed birthday card with his best wishes…

  83. The real working class heroes - antifa army

  84. Sympathy for David Rahman

  85. I See Petitition On Line for Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary
    of State for Work and Pensions Now has over 100.000 Signatures

  86. That takes the Piss Victimising People over their Birthdays
    Anyday takes the Piss

    • @ NoOp

      If that benefit letter is true that housing benefits can now be out in doubt by someone having a birthday, we’ll all next be done over by IDS for breathing oxygen.

  87. There Needs to be Proper Funding to Local Government so that the
    Poor are Not Oppressed by Council Tax

    The Rich should Pay as they Still will be Richer than the Poor

  88. Anyway nice to see with all this penury and suffering that the media and some idiotic members of the public are licking Lizzy from back to front and upside down.

    A right royal lickfest it is! :d

  89. 

    The unstoppable man in a jumper

  90. 😉 i don’t know what happened here. it was supposed to be a picture of Rahman.

  91. David Rahman. The unstoppable man in a jumper

  92. The 11th of September Mark’s the Anniversary of the Christiana Resistance
    in 1851 AD.

    This was a Case of Resistance by Escaped Slaves in Pennsylvania which was a Rallying Cry for the Abolitionists who Wanted to Abolish Slavery.

    Slavery Needs to be Opposed Today by Peaceful Political Action
    such as Mass Protests

  93. paultheswineherd

    I name this ship ‘Queen Elizabeth the Very Rich II’ – may Cameron bless her and all who sail in her.

  94. paultheswineherd

    A very fitting tribute from a very ‘Royalist’ BBC 6PM News!
    I do not personally wish her any harm at all, – but there are people starving and dying in this Country due to Government ‘Welfare Reform’ policies – and she and her family have (as far as I know of) not mentioned, or commented on this fact once in any way whatsoever.
    They have always been priveleged and rich – and they always will be!

  95. Beware the brand new updates of Work Programme provider guidances for people NOT on Universal Cretin, Johhny Void.

    Some are as recent as 30 July 2015:

    More bright ideas from IDS no doubt…

  96. There is an Anthem called God Save The Queen

    A Good Motto is God Save Britain From Slavery

  97. Greece became the Hellenic Republic and it is unlikely they will
    have a King and Queen living in Luxury in a Royal Palace whilst
    the People Suffer far Too Much

  98. It makes Me Feel Sick to See Obscene Wealth and Obscene Poverty
    in this State

  99. I’m surprised IDS and the DWP didn’t bring in this rule ages ago, it doesn’t surprise me hearing and reading this, any evil tactic they can use against you, they will, time for more petitions and heat turned up on these bastards to get IDS and his bitch sidekick the sack!

  100. Pingback: Threatened With A Benefit Sanction For Going To...

  101. Notice that Petition for Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary of State for Work and Petitions Now has over 101,000 Signatures

  102. What The United Kingdom Need’s is a British Constitution which
    Gives Constitutional Protection to Welfare Benefits Access to
    Welfare Benefits and Bans Degrading and Cruel ” Assessments ”
    and Sanctions as Well

    Better British Welfare State than Destitution and Suffering

  103. Pleased to Hear the Assisted Dying Bill has been Defeated .

    What is Needed is More Assisted Living

    No to Euthanasia No to Eugenics

  104. Legalised euthanasia would have made this country one step closer to becoming a complete Nazi state. I a geee with NoOppression on the failure of the Assisted Dying Bill.

  105. One Hears that the Shadow Secretary of State For Work and Pensions
    has Resigned

    Hopefully the Next One Appointed to the Post will Care about the
    Poor and Vulnerable

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