Week Of Action Against Workfare And Sanctions Begins Tomorrow: Events Announced So Far

Boycott-Workfare-action No workfare. No sanctions. Whoever wins we will resist!

Latest details at: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=4239

25th April, London – Sanction Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice Shops: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=4298

25th April, Chingford – IDS – the Butcher of Benefits must go! DPAC action: https://www.facebook.com/events/630040803794662/

25 April, Leeds – Leeds Welfare Fightback will be out in Briggate throughout the week with stalls and leaflets.

29th April, Edinburgh – Demonstrate at High Riggs Jobcentre, by Tollcross, Edinburgh: http://edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/node/165

1st May, Bristol – Bristol May day demo – Combat Workfare: https://www.facebook.com/events/1578782925705919/

2nd May, London – Sanction the Salvation Army: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=4281

Daily leafleting in Haringey, London: email info@haringey.org to get involved

Actions in the Netherlands: http://www.doorbraak.eu/25-april-to-2-may-international-week-of-action-against-workfare-and-sanctions-come-join-us/

Disabled People Against the Cuts have called for a “Revenge Tour” in the same week: https://www.facebook.com/events/726806607436136/

Please share, tweet, blog and help spread the word about all events!

Join me on facebook or follow me on twitter @johnnyvoid

143 responses to “Week Of Action Against Workfare And Sanctions Begins Tomorrow: Events Announced So Far

  1. All the very best to you, you have my support!

  2. would never live on the dole, i enjoy money and spending it to much!!

    Sanctions are not going anywhere get a fucking job!

    • overburdenddonkey

      so you’re exempt from ever encroaching UC…lucky you…

      • would never live on the dole, i enjoy money and spending it to much!!

        I’m self employed and have saved hard! also rent an entire street out to doley’s employe 9 men! Never once depended on others or the system, it’s called respect dignity pride!

        • overburdenddonkey

          yep, i can see no dependency on others there @ all…free spirit, eh!
          won’t be long, just going to nip out and buy a whole street, no moral maze there, just do it!…

          • would never live on the dole, i enjoy money and spending it to much!!

            i came from nothing raised on one of the largest toughest council estates in Manchester sharing bath water with siblings, eating corned beef hash every other night or Banana and sugar buttys, left school at 12 with not one bit of a gcse, i could of chose to sit on my arse like lads i knocked about with, Stood in the dole cue with there dads, but you know what i never! i got work with an old man named ronnie, who exploited me paying me one pound per hour for a fifty hour week! yes just 50 pounds i earned! but i never once moaned or grumbled i just got on with it! you know what it got me where i am today, i relished his building game knowledge, and learned the lot from tiling, to pointing, to building extensions to rewiring full property’s, brick laying the lot, as of today i live in a four bedroom house still In Manchester all be it A nicer part employe 9 other men a new van outside a decent car on the drive, well stocked fridge and freezer 3 lovely kids and a wife who beat Cancer! i could of chose what 5 other lads chose but i never did, i still see one of them, and every single time i see him it’s have you got!! have you got!! he’s in the same jeans manky trainers on the cadge all day long, and i look at him and think that could of been me! i would fucking hate to be like that, and it’s him that makes me work harder, The feckless twats never been abroad in his life, His enjoyment is a 10 pence lucky 15 on the horses, in the hope he wins so he can go from 2 cans of kestral supa to 6 cans of stella! i would rather clean toilets or wipe peoples arses than languish on the dole , it’s shit!! how the fuck you can live on 100 quid a week is beyond me our food shop alone is near 400.00 a week! long rant, but same old shit about double dole!! your lucky you get any.

            • overburdenddonkey

              me i’m a fully skilled hgv mechanic served my 5yr apprenticeship 1968 on. son…..

            • Congratulations on achieving so much despite being functionally illiterate. Or are you just another lying troll, free range or Lyntonbot?

              • would never live on the dole, i enjoy money and spending it to much!!

                Re read it never said i could spell grammar etc as i say left school at 12, get back under your rock and hit the buckfast soon be dole money day all 100 quid of it hahaha spent that on Tuesday night on a bag of charlie

                • Bernadette H

                  Hi Johnny V, any chance of allowing people(s) to send a donation via a postal order or indeed, cash in a envelope ?
                  I don’t want to do Paypal. Why? Not sure, but it’s all a bit iffy.
                  You have my email address, let me know what you think?

                • Bernadette H

                  Re; would never live on the dole, I enjoy money and spending it to much!!
                  Spread the love my friend, you will feel sooooooo good x

                • LOL! Tory troll alert! Specially posted in from Conservative Party HQ, somewhere in London.

                • ALERT! ALERT! Blog is under on-going attack from Tory Party Central Office! PHASERS ON STAND-BY!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  my 1st wage was £4 10/- 8d….i think i was done there 🙂

            • I have to say good for you coming from such humble beginnings and doing so well for yourself, that couldn’t have been easy, you deserve every credit.

            • FUCK OFF! CUNT!

            • Fear of poverty the harder you work the more the rewards are tarnished by that fear, you measure your worth against against the weakest.

              • Would never etc, eviltorypervert, roger and the other Tory trolls that infect this site and others, share the same poor grammar and spelling. Strikes me they are the same person (or group acting in concert). Move on guys, we’ve got a job to do. Don’t feed the troll 😉

            • Dear Tory Troll (would never live on the blah, blah, blah)

              Can it be true, that all anyone has to do, to “beat” cancer, is just cop off with a stereotype obsessed braggart?

              The world of oncology is going to be well miffed if this news gets out.

            • Would…
              You’re a walking, talking cliche (assuming you’re not a bot)! Ever heard Monty Python’s “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch? You’d love it!

        • dirt under their feet

          Anyone renting ‘out an entire street to doley’s’ would in fact be hugely supporting their lifestyle from benefits – all of the inflated housing benefits. Such a person would be just the sort of benefit scrounging scum of which we need to be rid.

          It doesn’t say whether the 9 men employed in this created account are paid enough that they don’t have to claim benefits too, but such a true capitalist would undercut as much as possible, for his own extra profit – relying on the state to make up the deficiency.

          Yes, definitely a good example of the sort of benefit cheat who should have removed all of his exploitive state benefits and have to support himself.

    • Would you are a fucking cunt and I hope you die screaming you bastard.

    • Would. I have work. But tomorrow it could be me made redundant or get sick or run over by a bus and dependent on benefits. Same goes for you I imagine??
      There but the grace of God…
      Need I say more??

      • And yes would I agree with the other posters you are beyond contempt

      • dirt under their feet

        The ‘left school at 12’ gives it away. Anybody still a part of the working population could not have left school before 15, and the youngest of those would be in their late fifties. Before which of course it was 14. There was no way anybody still living could have legally left school at 12 (says he was at school, so in formal education) and then at that age been employed by someone for a 50-hour week in building work, without it being found out and prosecuted. This is just someone taking the mick.

        • Just goes to show the poor intellect of the typical Tory (or Kipper) shill. Poor grammar, poor spelling and a very little grip of facts. “exploited me paying me one pound per hour for a fifty hour week! yes just 50 pounds” a bloody good wage for a youngster in the Forties or Fifties. Goes to show his posts are typical right-wing fiction.

    • Why don’t you spend your money on spelling lessons

  3. overburdenddonkey

    snp party of social justice, driven by passionate grassroots working class surge…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precariat …we’re soon to find out…

  4. Vote for CLASS WAR!!



    • …25th April, Chingford – IDS – the Butcher of Benefits must go!
      DPAC action:..

      OK Class War, how about telling all these posts and commentators that you are actually a political party running in the general election that they can VOTE OUT IAIN DUNCAN SMITH on Thursday 7 May
      Chingford and Wood Green voting area in London.

      Liza McKenzie
      Professor (Fellow) London School of Economics.

      Look for the Skull and Crossbow Class War logo, so why is that not on your graphic?

      Tories won with 22,734 votes in 2010

      21,725 did not vote in 2010

      9,780 votes wasted on Labour in 2010

      7,242 votes wasted on Lib Dems in 2010


      Actually correct, as the UK is breaching treaty law by not having much higher dole and state pension rates under the EU social contract, as I am sure you know. But you might like to tell the bloggers doing the posts and commentators by the hordes.

      The working class are the bulk of the non-voters and those not registered to vote.

      There are more parties for the poor of the left in this general election, suffering, like you, complete media blackout.

      So where is the Twitter storm to get past that total lack of media coverage in the national press or TV news.

      Class War has the unfair advantage of getting more police following them, than the average tea leaf aka career criminal, for doing the dangerous stunt of giving out electioneering leaflets.

  5. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  6. Bravo, love your post, especially this bit: “Whoever wins we will resist!”


    This particular regeneration of the Tory party should have their heads piked on London Bridge. Traitors! They sold off our assets to rich chums with no doubt promises of lucrative positions awaiting them post-politics. IDS, in addition, should be hung, drawn & quartered, especially for his ever-present, unbridled glee over the suffering he *knew* he was causing this last 5 years.

    Whoever wins should realise we’re wiser now to promises of the sun, moon & stars pre-election only to be told soon as the new lock turns at No. 10 “oops, sorry, mistake in figures, no money for the good times after all”. Whoever wins had better have funded their promises to the £1 because this time we are going to hold you to account, we’re not accepting any excuses under any circumstances and we’re not putting up with one more day of this so-called “austerity” crap that only made the rich richer and left the poor dead.

    • Orridge and co repeated fake jobs, Empty lemon, jobs4network, job fucking heaven, Strike Jobs, Jobs4.co.uk, Adzuna , find my fucking dream job.co.uk, Scotjobsnet, Jobg8ltd.

      Get it right up ye ya shower of bastards.

      • Hi Cephalus, ‘Orridge and co’ do exist. I worked for them many moons ago carrying out shop audits. Crap wages mind you.

    • Tories are already running the Labour party so no big shock.

    • If ever there was an article that embodied why i voted SNP (Postal vote) in this election then this would be it. Explains everything about how far Labour have departed from their true roots and shows who they want to represent. It certainly isn’t the poor and needy! You can bet your bottom dollar on that!

      • Postal vote will probably be switched for a red tory one. I go on foot and vote personally but that will probably be switched as well. These corrupt cunts will stop at nothing to cheat. SNP all the way.. They were meant to be toxic about 20 years ago (msm had a free run then with no internet) but I voted them ever since Bliar got in. I knew he was a cunt and my instincts were correct.

      • overburdenddonkey

        murphy has now said not all ZHC will be banned….which basically means none, as they get to choose which ones are exploitative!!
        yep, my not secret, secret, ballot paper, will it be counted, totally trusted system, ruth proof, PV has been cast…forget who i voted for now…

      • Dear SNP, vote out all the Tory, Lib Dem and Labour.
        But could you give a bit of house room to Scottish TUSC in a few places they are running, so you can have an opposition (not really as they are as anti austerity as SNP) in the Scottish Parliament to keep the democracy requirement of two sides to a parliament.

        SNP might like to promote Mebyon Kernow down in Cornwall, to reduce 6 Tory and Lib Dem MPs out of UK government. These Celts have EU minority status. And want their own assembly.

        Can we make a swap with The Shetland and The Orkneys?

  7. Heseltine and Labour was Chuka Umunna being serious?

    Chuka Umunna if you need guidance about political autonomy Nicola Sturgeon is well-qualified to show you the way, no need to do deals with the Tories.

    • Just go’s to show how screwed up the Liebour party are. Now wanting to take on ex tory cabinet ministers to advise them how to screw the people harder.

      Glad i voted SNP. I detest those ‘red tory’ wankers

  8. The UK liblabcon politics are bankrupt in Scotland any they know it, yet again they are assaulting the Scottish people with the UK state propaganda machine and dirty tricks.

  9. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Jonnhy Void here announces the demonstrations against workfare up and down Britain in London, Chingford, Leeds, Edinburgh and Bristol. DPAC are holding a revenge tour in the same week, and the Dutch are also holding a week of action against the cuts across the North Sea. With the internationalisation of neo-liberalism, and the global attack on the poor, disabled and working and lower-middle class worldwide, this is a global struggle.

  10. Even if Dodgy Dave wins he will be out within a year. General Strike.

    • A general strike (or mass strike) is a strike action in which a substantial proportion of the total labour force in a city, region, or country participates. General strikes are characterized by the participation of workers in a multitude of workplaces, and tend to involve entire communities. General strikes first occurred in the mid-19th century, and have characterized many historically important strikes

      • So how come we have not had one in the last five years?

        People have become selfish and believe the Tory / Labour / Lib Dem / UKIP / The Greens austerity message, because that is also coming out of the EU.

        Go on have a strike against a dictatorship.

        Because that is what is coming with the severe hung parliament, where the sitting Tory government is obliged by the rules of parliament law, to remain in power in a caretaker government.

        Even if Labour gets a few more MPs than Tory, this is the case.

        326 MP minimum threshold for a single party to form a UK government.

        Neither Tory nor Labour will reach that number, as fell far below that back in 2010 and cannot make up the numbers now.

        SNP can’t nor Plaid Cymru, constricted by the number of MP voting areas.

        It is the working class who are not voting in great numbers.

        More people are not registered to vote today than in 2010.

        Where is the Twitter storm and the Facebook surge on the real parties of anti austerity in England?

        Why the silence about them even in these posts, when suffering total national media blackout?

        Because voting for them, would bring in 250 new MPs into the UK government, and so equal in number to either Tory or Labour.

        Such a powerful set of kingmakers, keeping themselves as SNP and Plaid Cymru in a support and confidence coalition, the most powerful kind, as not absorbed by any of the so-called big parties, would change everything.

        The poor have all the power we need this year.

        Vote different.

        Tell your mates.


  11. Internationalism is the spiralling summit of the Globalisation Death Slide.

    • overburdenddonkey
      • overburdenddonkey

        a dangerous lady indeed… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFZ2WpemVLM

        • overburdenddonkey

          Mhairi Black 20yrs old SNP 11point lead over D Alexander ATD interviews mhairi…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GfoFvDeKLc

          • The Old Fogies

            Mhairi Black is obviously expecting to step into wee Nicola’s high heels. But saying that, a 20 year-old MP!? – seriously?! – what does a 20 year-old know about ‘real life’ and the way the world works – they think they know everything about everything in reality no nothing about anything. If she does one expect Mhairi to be campaigning for ‘free texting’ and ‘free shopping’ lol

            • The Old Fogies

              — If she does get elected expect

            • overburdenddonkey

              dear oh dear what a loaded comment…i’m 63, i think what she said and doing is great, right on the money…she’s got gut’s and spirit….the feckless young today, eh!….damned if they and damned if they don’t….
              oh i get it, still pissed off with john peels fav record of all time…

          • Mhairi Black dodged the interviewers attempt to generate controversy, at 20 years old Mhairi is not a child.

          • So pleased to hear a Lib Dem may fall.

            With the Lib Dem Pensions Minister Mr Steve Webb in charge of abolishing the state pension from 2016, leaving the old in penniless starvation for life.

            Lib Dems have not delivered to the UK people, not just the Scottish.

            The Lib Dems made the Tory government possible.
            Aiding and abetting is equally liable.

            Labour has left the bulk of the people who invented the party back at the turn of the 20th century.

            We are in and will remain in England in a TORY / LABOUR COALITION.

            The Lib Dems may fall to just 19 MPs in all of the UK, so again back to an irrelevant party and may not be asked into any coalition.

            Present predictions

            277 Labour

            264 Tories

            But this could be a lot less if SNP promote themselves, as well as Wales to vote Plaid Cymru and Cornwall to vote Mebyon Kernow.

            But the biggest alliance would be with TUSC in England, who could gain 113 MPs down south.

            That is an unassailable 250 new MPs in UK government.

            Which you can see would be equal to either Labour or Tory in the UK parliament.


            • overburdenddonkey

              she faces a slab candidate douglas alexander….

              • Mhairi is trying to ‘pull a Jo Swinson’ – and look how that turned out!

              • And it won’t be a cake-walk either turfing Alexander out of his seat – Dougie won’t be going quietly.

              • Plus he has Wee Wendy to back him up.

              • Oh yeah, and bet Mhairi can’t wait to top-up her moby, go shopping and book a holiday in Ibiza when her generous MP salary (£80K a year + expenses, not bad for a 20-year-old in her first job). Mhairi will have the same spending priorities as a 20-something ‘work programme’ ‘advisor’. Her age and inexperience is going to go against her on this one. You wouldn’t want to have a 20-year-old solicitor representing you in court, so why a 20-year-old MP representing you in parliament. An MP is a very responsible position – you don’t see 20-year-old judges. Mhairi should some ‘real life’ experience before she contemplates taking on such a role, otherwise she will lay herself open to the same accusations as the rest of the MPs in Parliament most of whom go straight from PPE (Politics, Philosophy & Economics) at uni into politics.

            • You know I can’t tell a Lib Dem from a Labour from a Tory.

              So confused dot com and so similar have they become.

              So my mistook – this is the LIEBOUR Foreign Secretary
              DOUGLAS Alexander.


              23,842 Douglas Alexander – Labour win in 2010.

              21,199 did not vote.

              Labour ignores any talk of reversing the Coalition’s Pensions Bills
              2010-2014 (flat rate state pension)
              that is going to hit hard from 2016 new pensioners
              leaving them with nothing at all.

              OVER IN

              TUSC Jim Halfpenny

              23,613 Labour win in 2010

              19,997 did not vote in 2010

              4,597 votes wasted on Lib Dems

              Scottish TUSC were on the side of the Yes Vote, and you need someone on the other side of the benches, when SNP wipe out Labour, Tory and Lib Dems in Scotland.

              Albeit TUSC equally anti austerity as SNP.

              A good ally in the UK parliament, if TUSC in England can get past the media blackout, and gain some of the 113 TUSC MP candidates in England.

              SNP / Scottish TUSC – 59 seats

              Plaid Cymru / a few TUSC in South Wales – 40 seats

              113 TUSC seats in England.

              That is just over 200 MP bloc against austerity cuts in UK parliament.

              Tories and Labour will only be around that number in the UK government each.

              326 MP is the minimum threshold to form a UK government, so the SNP / PLAID CYMRU / MEBYON KERNOW / TUSC would be big hitters indeed.


          • OT: There is some comedy on radio 4 at the moment and they are discussing why there are so few girls call “Mhairi”; basically it is because it means really bad things, like the Devil, and in Buddhism it is the equivalent of Satan. There you go… 😉

  12. I will be voting SNP in person – getting a bottle of wine and probably be up all night watching the election – whilst praying that IDS loses his seat.

    • In the old days you would have had to spent all night watching that guy with the swinging arms playing with his “Swing-o-meter” lol But nowadays you know more or less who has won or loss as soon as the polls close, or maybe after one or two results are in for confirmation. The bookies ‘live’ odds will be well ahead of the field though – you can’t beat the bookie (unless you are really well off the mark) – and once they hone in on a result you know then whether it is game over – or not.

    • I will be up all night too Donna, cheering when Esther McVey loses her seat, another Portillo moment.

  13. If IDS gets booted I will hold a street party.

    • Oh Donna, the thought of seeing IDS face when this Unelected Government loses POWER fills me with so much joy. I have dreamt about it for soooo long. Can I come to your street party to?. I’ll bring own wine !!!!

    • Of course Bernadette – I am desperate for him to lose his seat – Esther McVey too.

      • Donna, no more of that ‘grate on your teeth voice’ from that upstart whether woman/ porn star showing of her knickers Lol

        • The E14 group have set up a hairdressing salon in one of the houses they have taken over in Newnham. Free haircuts tomorrow from 3.00 – 6.00 pm – wish I could go and support them – I’d pay for the haircut. Maybe someone should let Esther know lol.

          • Some time’s it is really difficult to balance the book sheet’s, Do I pay for a train ticket to London and fight the good cause in person or do I donate monies to a much needed activist funding activity ? Decision’s, Decision’s, Decision’s.
            If I take a day out from my zero hours contract backbreaking work, I lose a days earnings.. On the other hand, if I work and earn my pittance I can at least, donate to a GOOD CAUSE. On this occasion, for the time being, my monies has to go with this blog. After all, I would not be here without all the knowledge, information and dedication of YOU ALL. Thank you.

  14. overburdenddonkey

    today in glasgow…. 🙂

    • overburdenddonkey

      my sincere apologies for the unfortunate attachment to the main photo, folks…

    • SNP wins in all Scotland.

      Can Scottish TUSC have a few in Glasgow, so that the Scottish parliament can also not be a dictatorship and have someone the other side of the Scottish parliament benches, albeit equally anti austerity and
      had voted for the Yes Vote in the referendum?

      Glasgow Central

      Andrew Elliott

      15,908 Labour win in 2010

      29,525 did not vote in 2010

      Glasgow North East

      Jamie Cocozza

      20,100 Labour win in 2010

      30,452 did not vote in 2010

      Glasgow North

      Angela McCormick

      13,181 Labour win in 2010

      21,877 did not vote in 2010


      so more chance of youth jobs.

      – public ownership not privatisation,
      – support for a £10 an hour living wage
      – repeal of the anti -trade union laws,
      – free education,
      – end all benefit sanctions.


      Labour marginal 559

      Total voters 65,069

      Pensioners in benefit poverty – 34,370

      Carers claiming benefit – 2,150

      Disabled welfare supported under 65 years – 4,830

      Job Seeker Allowance Claimants – 2,960


  15. harvey procter

    theses benefit claimants need a damn good thrashing.

  16. Please remember your theses will be checked for plagiarism and must contain 10,000 words. Marks will be deducted for spelling and grammar.
    Is your comment the title? Is it a statement? Is it based on current research? We look forward to reading your theses and please do not forget to include the bibliography.

  17. overburdenddonkey

    according to the bbc who tweeted a 100 turnout @ the hopeoverfear rally this is NOT news…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrzoZIyZN-A yes bikers in glasgow yesterday, where 1000’s turned out to condemn austerity….

    • Thanks for the link OBD – I saw these guys/gals a few weeks ago in Glasgow. It is great they are getting behind the people.

    • OBD: Great stuff! They thought the referendum was the end of it. Little did they know it was only the beginning of something huge. A whole change in mindset by a massive swathe of the country who are heartily sick of the poorest in society having to pay for the crimes of others..

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep…anyone that says we don’t mean it is still in their boxes…..!

      • Not so Liberal Democrat, calling more or less for the SNP to be proscribed from the UK democratic process.

        Dangerous stuff!

        • overburdenddonkey

          that’s another issue that most already know about….

          • Could it be because the LibDems are a dead party walking? Hope to tell people “Nothing to see here Vote for US You can Trust Us, move along now?”

            • overburdenddonkey

              last gasps/crasps for the libdems, find any reason not to blame themselves… clawing divots @ the precipice of oblivion…
              they’re claiming that it’s not democratic for scots to vote for non-unionist parties…’welcome to scotland; a red yellow blue tory free country’…
              they keep forgetting that scotland is a country, not a county…
              the proposition of scotlandshire”northbritain’, is not popular here…..

              • If the NF can vote for their candidates anyone can vote for whomever they want – or are the LibDens & Self Servatives saying something else?
                Yep – only they are electable. Only they know whats Good for the country and the Peon folk who do not grasp what Demorcracy is all about unlike they – our masters after attending Boarding Schools and Becoming ‘Prefects’ Woosters and such like.

                Really? Like delusional Gruppenführer Minister Schmidt at DWP and his arch assistant gruppenführers McVile and Fraud?

                This is smelling more and more like the Nazi’s in the 30’s and their apologists

                • overburdenddonkey

                  absolutely spot on…the snp is a party of the union, unionists wanted us to stay and be a strong voice in the union, well they got what they got that, by well documented means and therefore what they wished for…we’re involved, with a strong voice….now they try to reject our legitimate political voice, but turned worm is rejecting them…after indyscot ref nothing was ever going to be the same again…millions have woken up not just in scotland, but right across the uk….what do we want? my summation is reliable supplies of vitality giving vitals of life for all…. see allofusfirst.org for interesting solutions…

    • overburdenddonkey

      the spanish on jim and slabs… http://captiongenerator.com/37342/Scottish-Labour-2015 …… it’s very funny to them, can’t think why…

  18. Good to See Some Action taking Place amidst Millions of Zombie
    Collaborators by Non Resistance

    Equally the More Decent People that Vote to get the Tories and
    Liberal Democrats Out the Very Important

    Britain cannot do with 5 More Years of Tyrannical Tory Public Spending
    Cuts and Tax Breaks For Selfish Millionaire Scum

  19. This Land Need’s Rescuing from Tyranny and Oppressive Poverty

    Get the Tories Out is a Start

    Labour may Not be Perfect but the Tories have been Far Worse
    since 2010 AD

  20. Recently I Came across a Tory Poster put on a Disused Building and
    with what seems Tar behind it basically Flyposting .

    I was so Disgusted that I Tore the Tory Poster down and put it where
    it belongs like Rubbish in the Bin .

    It shows the Nutcase Mentality of the Tories the Putting of Tar behind
    a Tory Poster on Disused Buildings

    They are so Arrogant and Out of Touch

  21. Parasites having to go underground.

    • “Their work relies on coercion, threats, and the imposition of poverty.” – sums these cunts up in a nutshell

      • .”.. the schemes don’t do what we’re told they’re supposed to do, they just cause poverty, homelessness, anxiety, and death .”

        • ANY political party that intends allowing this repugnant shit to continue in any way, shape or form is not worth voting for!

  22. And this letter from 500 small businesses asking for the Tories to be given another term to ‘finish what they started’ is just disgusting. What a bunch of selfish creeps only thinking about themselves and their friggin’ bank accounts.

    Oh yeah we know why they want them re-elected:.

    Wages kept as low as possible, loads of zero hr contracts and free workers through workfare.

    Man i detest this country

  23. The 28th of April 2015 Mark’s the 70th Anniversary of Execution of Mussolini and his Mistress in 1945 .

    This was by Firing Squad by Members of the Italian Resistance .

    One Less Fascist in the World

    Fascism Need’s to be Opposed Today by Peaceful Political Protest.

  24. They should never get back in, we should stand together, do protest marches, get in touch with the courts or the EU or whatever and whoever, people need to know the truth about these Tory, jackboot wearing filth and what they’re getting away with, are all illegal, all vindictive, cruel, callous, cold-hearted, morally wrong policies and actions that they’re undertaking and they’re away with it and that’s not right, they shouldn’t allowed to get away with this and they have proved that whether you’re working or not, we are all a target for these privileged, pompous, out of touch, deluded, work shy, lazy goose steppers, if they do get back in, god help us all!

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