Brixton Rises Up As Rage Against The Rich Explodes Across The Capital

reclaim-brixton1On the Sunday Politics show yesterday Labour’s Tessa Jowell admitted that her party’s proposed three year tenancies are voluntary.  Tenants will be able to ‘negotiate’ a three year contract but landlords will be under no obligation to provide one.

What a fucking joke, and one that shows the Labour Party are every bit as out of touch as the chinless toffs they pretend to oppose.  According to one property firm there are currently 5 tenants chasing each private rental property on the market across the UK and in London that jumps to 8 people desperately competing for every home.  If Jowell thinks that tenants have any bargaining power at all when the odds are so heavily stacked against them then she is living in a dream world – or at least a world where she doesn’t ever have to worry about having no home.

When one of our most basic human needs, like a securing a place to live, is an impossibility for millions of people then society has broken down.  Every measure of homelessness is rising whilst those in both the private and social rented sector are facing eye-watering rent increases.  Private sector tenants can be evicted on a whim by landlords with just two month’s notice.  There will be no homes at all for the millions of children growing up in London and other larger cities where housing demand is at its greatest.

It is in this context that upmarket estate agents Foxtons getting their windows stoved in at Saturday’s Reclaim Brixton protest should be viewed.  This was not an act of mindless violence as some sections of the media have claimed.  Nobody got hurt.  Foxtons was closed for the day in case anybody was worrying about estate agents cowering behind their desks as their office was ransacked – as if anyone would worry about that.  This was a fucking intervention.  Few things are more symbolic of a housing market designed for profit, not people, than the leeches at Foxtons.

Thousands of people were out onto the streets in Brixton on Saturday for one of London’s biggest ever anti-gentrification protests.  At one point hundreds of people mobbed the town hall with many fighting past police lines to gain entrance to the building.  Traffic was brought to a standstill as people danced in the streets to a soundsystem taking over the road for several hours.  A march through Brixton led by London Black Revs was received with cheers and applause as it passed the railway arches where long standing local businesses have just been told they face closure.  Brixton Village, once a well loved part of Brixton Market and now an ethnically cleansed yuppy dominated enclave of over-priced bars and restaurants, was briefly occupied.  Even the police station was attacked.  And the Jobcentre got their window broken.

The mood was angry and defiant, but positive.  Reclaim Brixton followed the hugely successful March for the Homeless just two weeks ago and the mass action at the vile Property Developer’s awards last week.  At every housing protest the number of people attending is growing.  London has had enough.

One of the reasons that London’s housing market has turned into a licence to print money for the global super rich is that the city has what investors judge to be a favourable political climate towards the very wealthy.  Clowns like Boris have welcomed the influx of luxury developments with open arms.  London’s paper, the Evening Standard fawns over the rich, running pieces on divorce settlements amongst Chelsea millionaires or banker’s boardroom squabbles as if they were real proper news.  Two-bit confidence tricksters peddling get rich quick schemes like Grant Shapps are hailed as wealth creators by their fellow politicians.  And Labour’s bogus housing policies show that should they be elected then it will still be business as usual for the corporate vandals ransacking the capital.

But the mood is changing.  People are fucking sick of the rich and they are starting to show it.  What happened in Brixton – and is happening on estates across London where tenants are taking direct action to protect their homes – is just the beginning.  When people have little left to lose they will fight fucking hard.  Be ready, and be out on the streets, because political change can happen in a heartbeat.

Class War are holding a Fuck Parade on mayday in protest at the Poor Doors in the luxury tower block at 1 Commercial Street London E1.  Please spread the word and join/share the facebook page.

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75 responses to “Brixton Rises Up As Rage Against The Rich Explodes Across The Capital

  1. Vote for CLASS WAR!!




  2. This country is going to descend into civil war before anything is done.
    Off topic. IDS came to walsall to tell us his reforms are working…Did he come up here to take the piss out of us.

  3. @Johnny Void there are photos of the Brixton protest on Flickr and it shows a lighthearted well meaning event.

    Also that news item that said that cops pepper sprayed Brixton protesters was out of order I think.
    Do cops support property developers now?

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  5. Tear Gas was used to break up protesters. Shame the police budget is low. Not enough police – Send in the Army.

  6. Streatham 2004 and a warning about capitalism “When in defence of family and friends, it is completely predictable that it should be only a matter of time until uprisings become sufficient to imperil an entire nation or region of the world. People with nothing have nothing to lose.”

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    This is another story about unrest in the metropolis that somehow doesn’t seem to have been reported elsewhere in the country. It doesn’t seem to have been in any of the papers. More evidence of the deliberate under-reporting of demonstrations against the Condem regime.

    I don’t agree with the violence nor the vandalism, but I can well sympathise with the despair and anger behind it. The developers and elite letting agents like Foxtons should have expected it. After all, there has been considerable anger at the way Notting Hill, a predominantly working class Black area, has been colonised by the middle class White media set. There have been similar campaigns against the gentrification of poor Black areas in America, most notably around the brownstone properties in New York.

    And when people in a poor community like Brixton with a deep-seated resentment at the poverty and racial injustice they’ve suffered, are faced with losing their homes to the extremely rich, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the situation would become explosive.

    As for Tessa Jowell and her plans to enable people to negotiate a three year tenancy with their landlords, this is Labour trying its best not to alarm the middle classes before the election, and give more ammunition to the Daily Mail, the Torygraph and the Murdoch press. This really won’t make much difference, as these papers are all aligned against them anyway. Murdoch has even said that if Miliband gets in, his papers are finished. Which in its own way, is as good an endorsement of the Labour leader as any other.

  8. overburdenddonkey

    and capping rents @ cpi/rpi is a joke esp @ current renting climate, soaring property prices, and with STATenacy ‘agreements’, that or the street…that labour should of scrapped 1997> …rents need to be slashed and tenants rights fully restored, building a 1000000 new homes would go a long way in solving all of these ‘precarious existence’ problems….but obviously and for many yrs these people have not planned for an increase in real employment to replace what has been lost over the last 35yrs…by cause of very well known reasons….but a planned increase in their voter pool @ the exclusion of all other social views and propositions… + adding more heat to the market by scrapping stamp duty on these over-inflated inflation proofing property prices…cake and eat it, double rations anybody? people are unbelievably tolerant of abuse, but then again what real choice do most have, but to be, none!…

  9. GROVE ROOTS ( Ladbroke Grove W10 ) Documentary

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes immortalized in the song, one man band…. hard to write a gritty song about spilling latte etc if the toffs have their way that is…people and place toys for toffs…no future man!

  10. LibLabCon are determined to destroy the working/under class.

    What did the working class ever do to warrant such vengeance?

  11. LibLabCon – The Austerity Troika.

  12. Wee Nicola Game Nae Mair

    Even the most staunch SNP supporter would concede that Eddie Mair had wee Nicola on the ropes on tonight’s PM on Radio 4. As wee Nicola became more and more she rattled she had to resort to the sexism card: “I the tables wir turned and a wis a man yi widnae be asking me that question”.*

    * If the tables were turned and I was a man you wouldn’t be asking me that question

    • Jack And Victor

      Wee Nicola loses it to wind-up merchant Eddie Mair 😀 😀

      Fast forward to 22:40

    • I listened into the interview as it happened, and in fact, I don’t think Mair got the big dust up he was hoping for. He did almost, but not quite sound as bad as Labour’s Kerxza .Dugdale in the Holyrood Parliament Mair calmed down a little, and Nicola was more than pleased to speak with the guy, and point out he had a few facts and figures wrong!

      • Oh….and the reason for the National Insurance No. being asked is that they had a piece with that very topic on moments before, and she was being interviewed live, and not some recording done hours earlier!!

      • Kezia was on something the other night when she called the SNP’s Stuart Hosie a “liar”. Stuart quickly put Ms Dugdale in her place. Don’t know why SLAB keep putting Kezia on – she does them no favours. Not as bad as that evil ugly little shit Jo Swinson though – makes you want to throw a brick through the TV.

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  14. Excellent article. Shared.


    A Tory candidate has been forced to apologise for a vile racial slur against Ed Miliband.

    Gulzabeen Afsal, who is standing as a Tory councillor in Derby, said she could never support “the Jew”.

    It is the first time Mr Miliband’s ethnic background has been raised by an opponent in the election campaign.

    “With anti-semitism on the rise across Europe, it is abhorrent and terrifying that a prospective Conservative politician would say something like this,” a spokesman for Derby Labour Party raged.

    • If she did actually say that, the tories really must withdraw their support from her. If that means no one can vote tory in Derby, tough!! That should be a major news story. Strange the silence from the main stream media. Well, its not really that strange when you think about it.


    …………….after all, this cunt’s signed thousands of them on the poor and disabled…..


    CXXL 4 days ago
    Anyone can get cancer or become disabled.
    Not everyone can be bankers. Someone has to clean your streets, your house, serve your coffee, get your money out of the bank, do the administration, answer telephones, Plumb in your dishwasher, check out your food, stock the shelves, transport goods, build your roads and schools, teach your kids, nurse you when you are ill, wipe your butt when you are disabled or elderly, cook your meals, manage managers and directors, book your travel, book your tickets, drive your buses, drive your trains, open your gyms and the list goes on.

    ALL of those people help to keep you in your fancy high paid job, until one day that person looses their job or the cost of living climbs so high the wages don’t keep up and you need state benefit top or, gets cancer, gets hit by a car, gets serious mental health problems.

    All of those people are paying taxes and all of those people keep those above going.

    All of those people can lose their jobs or work on zero contract hours because the uppers do not want the lowers to work their way up.
    All of those lower people are in fact low working class scum. Not the likes the uppers want.
    Class is alive and well in this country.

    The next time your street is cleaned, or your coffee is served take a thought for that person who might become disabled one day or lose his/her job and require state benefit help (one of which many people pay into)
    When that state help takes weeks to come through then no income = no food.

    The next time you take a dump in a public toilet, just think about the person that cleans your toilet.

    Next time it could be you on the breadline.

  18. The main social explosion is coming. They have seen nothing yet.

  19. I t appears the Labour policy of rent controls, so much trumpeted by Miliband,is much less than the old system in place that M.Thatcher abolished in the 1980s.
    And Labour wonder why ppl don’t want to vote for them? Huh!

  20. Labour have become the political literalists of hard working families in affordable homes. When they support a living wage it is a targeted bribe for public service workers – all those public service work coaches really need a pay rise to meet their sanction targets.

  21. The hard working families in affordable homes dystopian future.

  22. Estate agents. Plz vote on the following..

    1.Just people earning a living

    2.Class traitor scum

  23. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    We weren’t on this one as the cost of travel into London, even at weekends, means we have to ration our trips into the capital to two a month. However, from all accounts, it looks as though the fight against the social cleansing of London has gone up another gear and the authorities are getting rattled. Keeping the pressure up is the May Day F*** Parade at One Commercial Street, starting promptly at 6pm. At least one of us from the Heckler will be along for this one:)

  24. NEVER push someone with nothing left.. If they get arrested they are in a house food, clothing, heating..

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  26. Sooo glad the parasitical leeches foxtons got there windows smashed a great shame they didn’t burn it down,the poor and working class are backed into a corner ,there’s more of this to come ….good


    Paragraph 35099 of the Decision Makers Guide (Vol 6 accessed online
    “It would be usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some
    deterioration in their health if they were without 1. essential
    items, such as food, clothing, heating and accommodation or 2.
    sufficient money to buy essential items for a period of two weeks.
    See Appendix 6 to this Chapter for further guidance. The DM must
    determine if a person with a medical condition would suffer a
    greater decline in health than a normal healthy adult and would
    suffer hardship.”
    Appendix 6 referred to above:
    “Full health depends upon a regular and varied intake of food
    containing sufficient calories and essential nutrients. A normal
    healthy body contains enough reserves to cope with dietary changes
    over a short period but there are medical conditions that could
    deteriorate due to an inadequate diet over a two week period
    following a DM’s decision.”


  28. Labour May Not be Perfect but another 5 Years of the Tory Boneheads
    will be Even Worse

    People Need to go and Vote to get the Tories Out of Office

  29. Shows the Reason to Vote the Tories and the Liberal Democrats
    Out of Office on General Election Day

    Wake Up Britain Now

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | April 27, 2015 at 10:42 pm | Reply


    If a prison decided to implement a policy of punishing its inmates by cutting their food supply, it would be universally condemned as a human rights abuse. But this government is doing essentially the same thing to its own citizens. It is the sole source of money to people on benefits just as the prison is the sole source of food to its inmates. Cutting their access to this essential supply is cruel and inhumane. And, worst of all, this government is being allowed to get away with it.

    Fortunately there is day coming soon when we can stop that happening and hold them to account. I urge everyone to do so.

  30. Mass Demonstrations Every Day instead of a Zombie Trance

  31. Tax the Rich Hands Off the Poor

    Reverse Public Spending Cuts so the Poor do Not have to Pay
    Council Tax and there is Money For Local Facilities and Public

    Abolish Tax Breaks for Millionaires

    Let them Pay For Public Services

  32. NoOppression

    The 5th of May 2015 AD Mark’s the 800th Anniversary of Rebel Barons Renouncing their Allegiance to King John of England in 1215 AD.

    People in 2015 AD should Renounce Allegiance to Slavery and Oppression
    and Embrace Social Justice Instead

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