How Lord Fraud’s Benefit Rules For Self-Employed Workers Will Mean The End Of Enterprise

lord-fraud-freud1Fuck entrepreneurs.  Seriously.  Fuck them.  Most of them are are chinless jumped up idiots squandering their trust funds and boring everyone shitless with their latest wacky idea for raspberry fucking flavoured baked beans.  Or online spivs like Grant Shapps ripping off the public with fake websites and get rich quick schemes.

If you’re poor then the local entrepreneur is likely to be the person people buy their smack from, or your landlord, or someone you borrow fifty quid off knowing some bastard with a baseball bat will probably turn up if you can’t afford to pay it back on time.

Having said that, millions of people are now scraping an income as self-employed workers.  Whether being shafted by online micro jobs that pay 50p for an hour’s work, or working on building sites and forced to register as self-employed to save their employer money, a casualised, insecure and poverty paid working life is the reality of modern capitalism for many.

In his Autumn statement Geroge Osborne announced that from April this year self-employed people claiming Working Tax Credits will have to prove that their self-employment is genuine and likely to pay them the equivalent of 24 hours a week at the minimum wage.  This is called the Minimum Income Floor and when Universal Credit is introduced (stop laughing) it will increase to 35 hours for those without young children or a significant health condition.  A sinister bunch of ghouls called Concentrix have already been hired by the DWP to hound self-employed people claiming Working Tax Credits.  Thousands of people have received letters demanding they prove their self-employment is genuine or accusing them of fraud and expecting them to prove their innocence.

There is no easily found information on Government websites explaining when and how changes to Working Tax Credits for the self-employed will be introduced.  Not for the first time when it comes to Iain Duncan Smith’s shambolic welfare reforms, nobody, including claimants themselves, has a clue what is going on.

What we do know however is that the changes that are planned under Universal Credit will prove devastating for many self-employed people.

Claimants who want to register as self-employed will first have to pass a DWP Dragon’s Den style test with Jobcentre busy-bodies and persuade them that their self-employment is ‘gainful activity’ and expected to make a profit.  Just think about that for a second.  Imagine trying to explain a business concept like facebook or instagram to a DWP Work Coach who can barely work a smart phone.  The Mark Zuckerberg’s of the future will probably end cleaning the bogs in Poundland on workfare schemes rather than creating innovative online products.  Good.  Fuck entrepreneurs.

But think about people working in the creative sector, freelance journalists, actors or musicians.  Or those in the sex industry, or other fringe sectors which are not easily understood by Jobcentre Work Coaches.  Can we really trust that these groups are likely to be considered gainfully self-employed and granted the 12 month start up period during which claimants are exempt from the Minimum Income Floor?  And this is only the start of the bodged process set to be inflicted on the self-employed.

Once the initial 12 month start up period is over then the DWP wil assume earnings of 35 hours a week at the minimum wage when calculating benefits, including Housing Benefit.  That’s 35 hours every week.  No holidays, or periods of sickness will be considered in calculations.  If you have a bad month then the DWP will make it even worse by not paying you enough Housing Benefit meaning your home will be at risk.  It won’t take much.  An illness, personal crisis, a downturn, some shyster not paying on time, and people could be driven onto the streets.  How many people are likely to take that risk, when they could get more benefit by abandoning self-employment altogether and signing on the dole?

On top of this the amount of red tape is breath-taking.  Self-employed people, desperately trying to meet their Minimum Income Floor, will have to waste time sending the Jobcentre details of their income and expenses every single month.  This is in addition to their tax return.  Expenses or income cannot be carried over, so whilst if someone has a good month their benefits will be reduced, if they have a bad one then they will not be increased.  A single claimant who earns nothing in a month will have to find up to £950 to be able to pay their rent and survive for that period.  Or go on the dole.  That’s assuming the DWP will let them and don’t disallow them from benefits completely for giving up ‘gainful self-employment’.

It is genuinely astonishing that such a vicious attack on self-employed people is being launched by the party which once claimed to represent entrepreneurs and small businesses – and fuck small businesses as well, bunch of UKIP gobshites who pay their workers less than Tesco.*  These policies can only really be understood once you discover they were largely drafted by comedy toff and Minister for Welfare Reform, Lord Fraud.  Out of touch ex-bankers like Fraud don’t really believe working class people can run their own businesses.  They’d far rather we were all working for people like them.  They have no concept of what life is like for low earning self-employed people scrabbling around trying to gain an income wherever they can.  And they don’t care if their welfare changes could leave someone with no money at all, even to pay their rent.  Serves them right for not working hard enough that month they will chuckle to themselves.

Nobody knows how much of the so-called fall is unemployment is down to people registering as self-employed and claiming Working Tax Credits.  What we do know is that some of them will have been bullied into this option by grasping Work Programme companies who can claim a huge job outcome fee everytime someone becomes self-employed.  Hundreds of thousands of people could be hit by these changes and many could be left with barely any money at all to survive on.  They haven’t done anything wrong.  They are both working and claiming a much lower rate of benefit than Jobseeker’s Allowance.  They just aren’t earning enough so the government is intent on making them even poorer.  The less you have the less you get, which just about sums up the last five years of Tory Government.

There’s still more to come on this.  Meanwhile see what will happen to part time workers on Universal Credit: It Had To Happen. Soon You Could Face An In-Work Benefit Sanction … For Going To Work

*Fuck Tescos as well.

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176 responses to “How Lord Fraud’s Benefit Rules For Self-Employed Workers Will Mean The End Of Enterprise

  1. Vote for CLASS WAR!!




      Actually this complies with the EU SOCIAL CONTRACT, who says the dole and state pension should be double as we are a rich nation.

      The UK has the lowest state pension of all rich nations bar poor Mexico (OECD)

      Liza McKenzie
      Fellow (Professor) at London School of Economics

      Running against Iain Duncan Smith

      In Chingford and Wood Green (London)

      2010 NON-VOTERS 21,725


      LIB DEM 2010 – 7242 VOTES

      LABOUR 2010 – 9780 VOTES

      Job seeker allowance claimants 2,820

      Num ber of lone parents, 1,530

      Carers claiming benefit, 1,220

      Pensioners in benefit poverty, 24,080

      Total Voters 64,831

    • Braeaking News

      Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party has just announced their manifesto calling for a minimum wage of £12 and hour.

    • The end of enterprise, the end of individuality, the end of self determination in all forms, the end of free will, the end of free thought, the end of humanity in a world of joey essex and bland homogenized mediocrity.

  2. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  3. “raspberry fucking flavoured baked beans.” 🙂 – that could be a winner 🙂 We will give you £5 for an 100% stake in your business 😀 Take it or leave it 😀

  4. overburdenddonkey

    truly staggering the mental gymnastics they have gone though to resolve a system to smell legit until the detail and reality is spelt out by j v..
    sorry folks, but, if anyone has felt the pain of having their bollocks squeezed this is the time to feel it…

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  6. @22/04/2015

    No Overall Majority 1/9
    Conservative Majority 8/1
    Labour Majority 20/1
    UKIP Majority100/1
    Liberal Democrat Majority 500/1
    Green Majority 750/1

    Forget the polls – this is where the money is! No way anybody is going to be collecting on 20/1 as Milliband gets an over all majority or even Cameron at 8/1, unless someone pulls a last minute rabbit out the hat. Looks like a hung Parliament is on the cards; odds have increased from 1/7 to 1/9

    • The Greens look tempting at 750/1 🙂 but what’s the odds of that happening… 750/1 😀 Millipede looks work a punt at 20/1 😀

      • @Mug – I’m voting Green. They stand a real chance where I am and have the best approach to work, benefits and disabled people and will be working towards a citizens income

    • lol at MI5-man Jim Murphy squirming as he gibbered on about “bookies odds” when Sarah Smith cheerfully informed the lying toe-rag that he was predicted to lose his seat.

  7. I don’t want Labour or Conservatives – please vote for smaller parties and give someone else a chance.

    • work programme is shite

      It is like that guy on the video on Ian Bone says: “The Tories *will* win the popular vote giving them the first crack at forming a government”. (Tories are favourite to win the most seats as 2/5 (Labour 2/1) *.

      Cons Most Votes & Cons Most Seats – 1/2
      Lab Most Votes & Lab Most Seats – 5/2

  8. I find it extraordinary that those who claim they want to get “big government” out of people’s lives vote Tory; but the Tories are now and have always been the biggest micro-managers of people’s lives and behaviour, abusing every power they have in their possession to do so. It’s been obvious for a long time that the Tories regard tax credits as merely a mechanism to shore up private profits by allowing their corporate cronies to pay poor wages which are then topped up by the taxpayer – the idea of tax credits being used as a start-up opportunity for the poor to get a foot on the ladder horrifies them. That would mean competition for their cronies and if there’s one thing Tories hate it’s competition. They want closed corporate markets serviced by slave labour. I can’t actually believe anyone votes for them.

  9. That should be – I can’t believe any business person votes Tory: because the Tories are anti-business.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, they certainly are the enemy of life blood small enterprise….and the resultant expansion of local economies

    • Another Fine Mess

      The Selfservative’s plans are great for business, just ask Tescos.

      • Only Big Buisness, that where the gravy train for the Self Servatives comes from, all those nice fat ‘consultancies’ on how to lick an arse… sorry how to lick a letter closed. It’s Really Complicated see….

      • @anotherfinemess – well, now, it’s hilarious to watch Tesco go down the pan with no inkling from their army of consultants and accountants that a million of their customers now frequent foodbanks, and another three or four million have moved on to discount retailers by necessity because of benefits cuts.

  10. Neither can I Jude – fed up telling other people about the tactics they get up to and the exploitation of workfare. some people I have spoken to have never heard of workfare. Some had heard about people working for their benefits but they had no idea that the supposed hiring company were being paid too. Just need to keep spreading the word.

  11. I spoke to a few people about it, I’m not sure I changed any opinions though. In fact, I gained the impression that people were incredulous of the fact that I was actually giving a contrary opinion to what they read in the newspapers. We have reached the point where many people regard anyone in receipt of any benefit that they themselves are not in receipt of as some sort of criminal. A country run by and for the Daily Mail.

    • The public are not voting for political parties, so their opinion does not matter in the least.

      The poor now vastly outnumber all other voters.

      We know we are the starving, suicidal, hungry kids, threat of homelessness, lost half our money whilst the rich have gained hugely since 2008.

      The poor can vote in over 250 new, guaranteed anti austerity MPs from voting different. It does not matter that they are small parties. No party is small today.

      A group of parties can gather together in the UK parliament and negotiate equally between each other, not just with Labour, and can utterly change Labour as a group would equal both the number of Tory and Labour MPs.



      326 MP minimum threshold to form a UK parliament.

      Neither Tory nor Labour will reach anything like that number of MPs.

      Forget UKIP. They got 2 second hand sitting Tory MPs, there is rumour of a third, and Farage is looking to keep some kind of political job by becoming an MP.

      The Greens ran away from all polices that would have saved lives from May.
      You have a SOCIALIST GB candidate running in Brighton Pavilions against the 1 Green MP Ms Lucas.

      Brighton has 2 other voting areas±:

      Brighton Kempton – Socialist GB candidate running ther

      Hove (Brighton ) – TUSC candidate running there (the biggest party they will not tell you about – 6th biggest in whole UK – nil media coverage)

      250 new MPs would equal the amount of either Tory or Labour MPs in the UK government, and would be an unassailable group against austerity cuts.



  12. I don’t begrudge anyone their benefit – in fact I would encourage people to claim whatever they are entitled to – don’t know how they manage on the meagre paltry amount they are given to live on. Get the ‘bloomin’ jobs for people who are fit enough to work and leave the sick and disabled who cannot work in peace. Please vote for Lisa McKenzie if you live in that area and vote IDS OUT!!!!

  13. I follow all your posts and agree with most of what you say, however this particular post struck a chord with me. I’m a single mum on JSA, and when I was on Income Support I managed (by the skin of my teeth) to save £200 and I lost over a stone in weight in the process because I almost had to starve myself to save that up from my benefits. I started a small online business selling hand made soaps and with a small box of samples which I paid for out of that £200 I set up a hostess party format presenting the samples and taking orders, I the had enough with their pre-payments to order from suppliers and within a year I had almost 2 grand worth of stock and a regular pool of customers. I still wasn’t earning a wage as it was too new and all the revenue was going back into the business. Then the government changed the law and I had to go on JSA. I was told that on JSA I wasn’t allowed to trade and I had to close the business down and everything I had worked so hard to achieve. I wasn’t told about any enterprise allowance schemes or other benefits I could have gone onto rather than JSA that would have enabled me to carry on trading and building my business.. despite the fact there were/are. I’m NOT some ‘chinless jumped up idiot’ nor am I boring! I worked my arse off to make something of myself and not be in some dead end boring job lining someone elses pocket! Don’t put ‘poor’ people down so much, you seem to assume that working class people who are on benefits all live in down trodden council estates with drug dealers for neighbours.. and that is not so! It is also not the case that all single parents are Vicky Pollards nor are we all female (there are single dad’s out there too!) I’m with the people for the people in every way, and I also believe that there are some very enterprising people amongst us who don’t wear shell suits or fit the description you give us! I hate those lazy idle little effers that I see at the JC who really don’t want to work because it’s them who have caused us all to be lumped into the same category by the government! But NOT all people on JSA are like that either!

    • @me – you almost had me fooled until you went into your “lazy idle little effers” spiel. The only lazy effers I see are the entitlement junkies of the middle class, and rich bastards who do nothing for their money.

      • Another Fine Mess

        Me too!
        If only a lot more of these 1,500 really wanted to work.

        • overburdenddonkey

          a f m
          yuck! sounds like 37.5:1 ratio to me… + the quality and longevity of these types of jobs….

          • OBD Aldi do actually pay above the minimum wage for all shop floor staff. I don’t think that anyone working for a supermarket deserves to be told their jobs are shite, because today it is sounding almost like you’re saying people are muppets to turn up to want to try & get one of those jobs.. BTW My first job (aged 12, it was legal back then) was shelf stacking. When you’re doing a shite job to keep a roof over head, and you already know it’s a shite job without a future, you don’t need to be told that by your good self and others here. I mean what type of job do you think is good enough? For those with kids, seeing them grow up with enough to eat and decent shoes is an achievement. I knew enough miners back in the day to know that they didn’t wish a job below ground on anyone. But no-one ever called them muppets (or would even dare) for working, which is the tone here.

            • overburdenddonkey

              i’m an hgv mechanic apprenticed served in the 60’s so i know what shite iobs are, and as shite jobs go, it was pretty shite…

              • But why then make remarks about jobs & people for whom there is little or no alternative? How about empathy? The working classes shouldn’t turn on each other, that is the agenda chosen for us to keep us down.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  they’re shit jobs, they’ll know they’re shit jobs and if they don’t they ought to…imv you mean sympathy and i have no sympathy with/jobs shit jobs because that is how they become normalized coz people accept shit jobs put up with them…race to the bottom..i went yuck @ the odds, which actually should have been written as fuck! perhaps i should have said ouch!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  p s how are the other 1460+ going to feel after being rejected…which is my main point and is why i worked out the ratio…the tension to get these jobs must be enormous…we simply cannot go on like this the jobs market is shrinking/falling away, gone…for us…we need to change this situation not accept it, see…

              • OBD – we’re on the same side. And I meant empathy, not sympathy, but either would do for the WORKERS. And back in the 60’s women who worked for Sainsbury’s and M&S were really happy, they were well looked after, good pensions (unheard of for women then), M&S used to have in-house hairdressers to do their hair weekly free, but the last 50 years have been game changers. Yes, I too have a burning hatred for the neo-lib wage slave jobs that have gutted us, our lives & communities. We’re on the same side, you & me, let’s not squabble in front of the (grand) children!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you started it by having a go @ me…and in your post you have explained why M&S workers were happy then with their lot but it’s not the same now is it….i love stacking selves i feel a sense of symmetry calm meditation….
                  that’s not what i meant when i said shit….well then we agree….but you didn’t say that @ 1st to me…they are shite jobs…but, not shite people…

                • It’s not so much the shit jobs that’s so bad it’s the shit pay, and the way the people who do them are viewed. If shit jobs were at least paid at decent rate they wouldn’t be viewed as quite as shit, (even though the work would still be pretty mind-numbing). Aldi and Lidl do pay above the usual supermarket rate, and it’s still not that good, and they of course demand their pound of flesh. Next time you go into an Aldi or Lidl take a look at the staff, what few there are on any one shift – it’s pretty much nose to the grindstone for them all, they work too bloody hard for their money.

            • Every Lidl Helps

              The funny thing about Aldi is how you can be served at the till by the Regional Manager… Chief Executive Officer, etc. … lol 😀

              • ‘Fraid to say it’s standard co. policy in all supermarkets that HO and Board staff actually spend time in the stores. You may well have had your bag packed by someone earning £300K. They tend to be middle aged, over weight, very new overalls, and with very, very nice manicures. Oh yes, and f*cking clueless.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yeah exactly, we’re all included working classes by implication…this is a blog post not a disclaimer role of honour nor comprehensive 1000 page book on the and/or a particular subject…sounds like a boast to me rather than a reality…or a loafs and fishes parable, such like…

        • Maybe its time to move away from descriptions like ‘working class’. I prefer ‘Precariat’ myself –

          “In sociology and economics, the precariat is a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare as well as being a member of a proletariat class of industrial workers who lack their own means of production and hence sell their labour to live. Specifically, it is applied to the condition of lack of job security, in other words intermittent employment or underemployment and the resultant precarious existence. The emergence of this class has been ascribed to the entrenchment of neoliberal capitalism.”

          Precarious existence – I should imagine that description sums up most of us ?

          • overburdenddonkey

            thanks…it’s under consideration right now…so i see it as being subject to whims and fancies of asset rich others… Precarious existence, yeah it does sum it up…so when i said working class that’s what i meant….

          • It also encompasses those workers who used, at one time to be regarded as being firmly in the middle class, such as teaching staff in universities, but increasingly they too are on zero hour contracts with absolutely no job security, so the term is a bit wider than just the traditional industrial proletariat. Each day is bringing yet more workers into the Precariat, and we’d probably be surprised at some of the jobs that the Precariat do, as by now it’s probably grown to include almost all workers, except the very top rungs of the job market, unless one is very lucky, and even those will face increasing insecurity.

            • HI, couldn’t reply to your other post, but I agree entirely. I know Uni lecturers who are supposed to turn up an the 1st day of term, and accept whatever hours for the term (not even the academic year). They have had hourly rates cut, too. I have other friends in the IT industry made redundant from permanent jobs, told they have the skills to go contract (= come back later, and pay your own NI etc). It’s affecting many, many more now, and as the precariat stretches up into the middle classes, they will inevitably hit the buffers & then find the safety net has gone completely. As the disabled have always said – you’re all just one pay cheque away from that illness, accident whatever, and hitting the DWP and poverty too. Difference is for the disabled, we can’t actually pick ourselves up & get going, That’s the problem!!!!!

            • Actually

              Now you say that – I know of at least one nurse who is on a ZHC!

  14. Well done JV.

    But I just had a thought. For self assessment you put in your tax return just BEFORE the deadline – that’s once a year.

    I do hope DWP is able to explain how this new system works, which by all accounts the Treasury is not even aware of if only one Tax Return a year [as it currently is and with the electronic “On Time” Digital system for the replacement currently running a mimimum of 3 if not 5 years behind schedule at the last update – and getting longer and less accurate] I hope Treasury is ready for the Blizzard, and I do mean Blizzard of paperwork due to hit them and DWP.

    Lets see from figures in the Guardian it was 4.6 Million in Sept 2014.

    Lets be generous and say 1.5Million [I am understimating this delibrately], that means 1.5Million extra pieces of paper each month for each and every one of them – not counting whatever extra papers will need to be sent.

    This will go well beyond unreal into utter madness.

    No way in utter hell would the old system cope – let alone the shambles that UC is now – let alone the Treasuries systems.

    I will sit back and watch with interest – along with the whole world in how this plays out.

  15. I’m trying to put together a new non-profit at the moment. Tried to do a different good thing a while back, too. All while unemployed – no rich family, no savings, just wanting to help people. Even though I’m pretty well boned myself thanks to a combination of a terrible illness and being a Millenial graduate with a working-class dad right as the bankers managed to fuck the country.

    I sometimes say I’m a social entrepreneur. It sounds better than “I’m on the dole and no-one seems to want me”, and I figure it’s a shorthand way of saying that I’d rather help other people than screw over someone else for a quick quid.

    Have the jobcentre been any help? Have they fuck. And the Work Programme, holy crap, don’t get my started on the asshats at Ingeus. Very strict reporting regime, but the utter inverse of anything that might look like help and support. I stopped bothering to even ask for little things, I knew perfectly well they had no interest because I couldn’t get them some big outcome fee the next day. The cynicism you get from from Jobcentre and Work Programme staff when you’re trying to start a charity, improve your education, ask for more training, anything that involves a hint of self-improvement or society – it would be funny if it wasn’t so soul-destroying.

    Of course, they’re perfectly happy to try forcing you into a zero-hours contract ‘working’ for some nasty little troll, or a sales non-job, or Workfare. But you can piss right off if you actually have an eye on doing something that might both help you and help other people.

    This little bit of news shows well enough how much IDS hates anyone who doesn’t have a profit motive stapled right into their soul. To him, to Fraud, to Gove, to Cameron, to that lying venal scumbag Clegg and that over-privileged infiltrator Miliband, “working class + clever + altruistic = piss back off to Lancashire you worthless scum”. Meritocracy my arse.

    And you’re right, Johnny: they have one meaning in mind for the word “entrepreneur”, and it’s a meaning that none of us who have a conscience should want to be associated with. The richest, monopolising wealth and opportunity, more and more, while forcing everyone else over a barrel. Anyone else who wants to start something good, to build something for the community, to create something new and hopeful – if you’re trying to do that, you’re “self-employed” or worse, you’re certainly not an “entrepreneur”. You don’t get big tax breaks or gushing praise. You’re not their kind. You get shafted as hard and often as they can get away with, villified in the newspapers owned by their mates.

    And we all know who those fuckers get their ‘donations’ from, and it’s the people whose one and only concern is lining their pockets.

    As RH Tawney once wrote, “freedom for the pike is death for the minnows”. Time we start doing something about the pikes that involves something other than their freedom. I’ve always liked the way the French handled theirs back in the day. Robespierre was definitely onto something.

    • Thanks Dave, yes by entrepreneur I mean some who is doing, or intends to make their money by profiting from the work of others.

    • Glad you said something about being a social entrepeneur. Some idiot in Parliament (Labour of course) once tried to have a go at Welsh speakers, claiming that they didn’t even have a word for entrepeneur, which went down well until someone, allegedly a Plaid Cymru member, asked him what the English word for entrepeneur was! The Welsh have often been castigated for not being ‘entrepeneurial’ and this was usually accpeted, because in the money grubbing sense I am quite proud to say that this is the truth. But as social entrepeneurs, the Welsh have been pretty successful in many ways, founding the organisation that was the germ of the idea behind the NHS and also the University of Wales, founded on the small donations of ordinary working people. Of course, social entrepenuership, which is hardly going to make anyone filthy rich, or even make huge profits is going to be viewed as a faliure, regardless of it’s value to society.

      We know that our political classes only know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

  16. ian duncan smith

    haven’t you lot starved to death yet oh dear my plans failed.

    • First they came for the unemployed
      Then the lone parents
      Then the sick
      Then the old
      Then part time workers
      Who’s left?
      The self employed
      And the mps in parliament
      The royal family…

    • Haven’t you been kicked out of office yet.

  17. So all those claimants that were pushed into self-employed unemployment by work coaches were being set-up for a fall.

    JCP Work Coach – Kids in care, time on your hands, how about setting up as a self-employed child minder?


    • Mr R,

      they were set up to fail at the start – a lot of them do not realise that the tax credits they’ve been paid IF the treasury decides that the self employment is not viable will have to be paid back.

      That’s when things get really interesting.

      G4S et al and Co & maybe even DWP facing charges of perpetrating fraud by thousands of people – where ther’s smoke theres fire as they say.

      I pity the poor souls trapped in this madness.

      • @gazza – that’s the truth, they call them overpayments to square it with what’s left of their consciences. So far as I’m aware they can demand only two years’ worth of tax credits back, though that usually adds up to a suicidal amount if you’re broke in the first place. The key phrase to watch for and combat in correspondence is “non-remunerative self-employment.”

    • @Mr Reckless
      “Kids in care, time on your hands, how about setting up as a self-employed child minder?”
      A good idea, until you find you have to obtain (and pay for) a DBS certificate together with all the other bureaucratic bullshit.

      • Like special re inforced windows, secure fencing on your garden, there are regs about toys, it costs thousands to set up. I know I looked into it years ago!

      • Just to say this to someone in that situation is indicative of huge ignorance/crassness – not to mention a lack of (very) basic training.

  18. Dodgy Dave is scared of winning & another 5 years as leader of The Man With The Plan. Workers will be downing tools saying `not another 5 years of slavery` General Strike. So for £200,000 do you have the answer !!!!

  19. Close all the jobcentres since everybody is in work. G4s [The Mafia Hoods] can then concentrate on their main contract of working at Guantánamo Bay.

  20. Not Worth The Paper It`s Written On is like being written off like Conservative Policies that are not worth the paper their written. None of these things the Tories say means anything except hot air threats. The Human Rights cover up is already up & running with the shredding machines. Bad losers are bad losers because their fear for their doing of wrong & fraud & breaching disability Human Rights & Equality.

  21. The work has just begun to make sure the Human Rights & Equality Laws for the disabled are threated as some profit making back up the recession & not breached & the laws abided by to the letter.

  22. Who will bring back legal aid ? No has no one brought that up in preaching.

  23. Wirral In It Together

    Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    I wonder if Labour will bin this if they get in? On their past record of keeping the Tory noose firmly secured around our necks, I doubt it very much……

  24. Provider fodder 'No More'

    So ‘hands up’who listened to what I said about voting independent and actually ‘changing’ something;
    Nobody? Laugh out loud at your protests and posts.
    You have voted to continue to take it from behind with the rough end of a Pineapple. The Rich will be creaming off your screams.

    • Independents are usually backed by one of the big parties, being ex from those parties.

      Vote different and bring in 250 new, guaranteed anti austerity cuts parties. Share about on your social media because the media is in a conspiracy of silence against them, because the 75 per cent poor non-voter would sweep them all into power.

      Being then equal in number as a group of parties all against austerity, the same number as the Tory and Labour MPs in the UK parliament.

      Neither Tory Nor Labour can win as neither can reach the legal minimum threshold to form a government of 326 MPs.

  25. Well the unemployment figures will rocket and it will serve the fuckers right although they’ll probably fiddle those too.

    Also don’t get how they can say you need to work/earn 35 hours week if you’ve got a health condition. That is discrimination under the Equality Act against disabled people who often can only do self-employment from home and have to limit their hours. So take the arsewipes to court

  26. Groundwork is Greed

    If self employment is to be treated with a lot more cynicism by the DWP, perhaps A4e will no longer be able to plug ‘becoming an entrepeneur’ as such a great solution, which is something it has been doing regularly on its Twitter page.

  27. Reblogged this on L8in.

  28. Great blog, Johnny Void, I’ve been waiting for this. Except what’s wrong with being an entrepreneur as long as you trade ethically, pay decent wages & taxes? And why shouldn’t the working classes have the same opportunities to aim high & invent stuff like Facebook, Instagram, etc?

    QUESTION: Has David Fraud bothered to clarify what he means by monthly incomes? Because there is a difference between income needed to go back into business versus any income left for the self-employed to live on. Or are the working classes not expected to run their businesses?

    The very basics of economics is that all business have overheads like the cost of advertising, travel, postage, materials, & much more in order to operate. That’s before any wages can be drawn from it. That’s the difference between being employed versus self-employed. I doubt DWP goons would know the difference.

    That’s before we get into seasonal businesses which may flourish during say, Summer Holidays but not for the rest of the year. Hence why the self-employed often set earnings aside to cover for any low sale periods,

    I wonder if David Fraud ever passed this most elementary level of business training.

    PS: all this misspelling of David Fraud’s name – must be a Freudian slip 🙂

    • King Cone Ices

      I am a self-employed ice-cream van owner who only works on sunny days. How will these new rules affect me and others in a similar position.

  29. Appears to be a Tory contradiction why would they want to knock the “striving” self-employed out of the game?

  30. Lord Fraud (aka Lord Freud as in Freudian slip) and Web of deceit Lib Dem Pensions Minister Mr Steve Webb both are lying that pensioners from 2016 will all get £155 per week state pension.

    It is the biggest lie in UK political history.

    People are already getting formal government state pension forecasts for retirement age on and from 6 April as low as £38 despite working for decades paying National Insurance contributions.

    See how much this fraud is being done to you, by a Lord and a Lib Dem at the end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section:

    Share this petition by word of mouth to your nan born from 1953 or older, and your grandad born from 1951 and older, and amongst the silversurfers you know.

    But the young could bring out a scandal whilst the politicians are trying to gain our votes. Even better.

  31. did they forget to mention the free rope to hang yourself with? and I bet they’ll still manage to cook the books on the unemployment figures when the self employed go to sign on again, bastards!

    • From 2016 6th April, it mightbe a bit diffcult if you’re self employed and earn over 300 more than usual in the previous month or so before you sign on- what’ll happen is you’ll see a sign held up saying do not pass go – do not sign on for 6 months.
      Basically you’ll be Stuffed.

  32. This will affect me. I’m one of the poor mugs making pennies on the internet and surviving on working tax credit. I’ll try to pass their stupid “test” but if I don’t I will have to repay months of tax credits and maybe be left in debt with no income. This could happens to tens of thousands of the self-employed. There will be mayhem!

  33. I too am self unemployed, earned about £400 since Christmas. Wish I was Mr Teaco, selling stuff I haven’t actually paid for, yet I get the money from customers and put it in my pot at a nice profit. Three months Later maybe I will pay the supplier but my business will lose £6 billion and I can keep running. Not like the self unemployed who can rack up a few grams worth of debt and become bankrupt. Crazy.



    • Bobchewie.

      You have to remember Grant Schaaps or whatever name he’s calling himself today, is not the sharpesttool in the box, in fact he’s a true example of a thick Wooster Wannabe

  35. “If you’re poor then the local entrepreneur is likely to be the person people buy their smack from”

    That is true,one entrepreneur’s advice was to become a dealer.

  36. Empty bank account fuckin hilarious show of working class solidarity from the work coaches.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Sanctioned or wot ?

      • Supposedly they did not “press the button” on both signings of a joint claim (hardship payment), but will have to wait until tomorrow to find out, believe it to be malicious and deliberately targeting campaign by work coaches (its a small office, a JCP/G4s fag break conspiracy).

        Think of the power they have been given to disrupt a claim, motivated only by their personal dislike of a particular claimant.

        • Another Fine Mess

          Usually one near reception can “check if you’ve been paid” and quickly correct it.
          but will have to wait until tomorrow to find out
          Usually corrected payments are very quick, if you don’t get it by 6 pm today, you should by 0:02 am. I only know this from others, I’m not usually that desparate.

          • Thanks for the info, the atmosphere in the JCP office is toxic and the G4s thugs provocatively and intimidatingly police the reception area blocking access to the JCP staff. As I said it is a small conspiratorial office and you would really not want to put yourself at risk of confrontation unless absolutely necessary, strictly signing on time only.

          • The JCP can credit your bank account instantly to cover their butt when they make a ‘mistake’. Supposedly instant payments costs them a £5 compared to 1p for the 3 day BACS system.

            • This is from experience Mr R. Told me over the phone ‘money would be in the back by 6pm”. Put the ‘phone down, went on-line to check, not expecting to see anything and the money was already in the bank.

        • As its a mistake on THEIR part they are abliged to pay back any travel expenses in full – Demand it from the twits when you’re next in.

          If they state they are not obliged – tell them to put it in writing there and then. Maladmistration methinks.

  37. overburdenddonkey

    labour rally grinds scottish capital, which is somewhere in scotland i believe, to a halt…..where 10’s of people gather, to herald the arrival of their branch manager, and be ranted @ from 2 milk creates…can be viewed on wings if one wants a good laugh….

    • Know for a fact my SLAB MP was anti-social security, literally on our knees praying that the SNP candidate gets elected will hopefully be taking our DWP/JCP complaints to the SNP MP on the first day of business and demanding action.

      • overburdenddonkey

        snp mp’s will be swamped and they’ll already know that they will…they’ll call for rapid change to the sanctions system i’m sure….
        ie for a swift halt, and reinstatement of all stopped benefits, dump MR and WP, if they’ve got any sense, which they very much have…give them a couple of weeks leeway, i feel uncomfortable in saying, though…but then press press press them until they do…ending poverty must be their priority no if’s no but’s no BS, or they’ll not be forgiven…

        • Sanctions are unconscionable have to go – without exception and with immediate effect. But you all know that if we get another Lib/Con/ConDem government sanctions will continue on unabated with all the attendant misery, suffering and deaths that they bring. The only hope of excising this cancer from the welfare system is the election of an Lab/SNP coalition; SNP MPs would be under enormous pressure to end the sanctions system – and the know it! Anything else, apart from the abolishment of sanctions would be an enormous betrayal of the Scottish electorate as well as the poor and vulnerable in the rest of the UK. The SNP will be reminded that the removal of sanctions was a key plank of their “YES” campaign. If the SNP renege on their promise they will face the full wrath of the Scottish electorate.

    • Jim Murphy’s neoliberal platforming on the empty creates of the ‘Milk Snatcher’, says it all.



    ………is the most hated woman in the UK, Esther the Wirral Butcher, on her way out?

    Around £5,000 has been placed on Labour’s Margaret Greenwood to clinch Wirral West in the past few days – prompting bookmakers BetFred to make her a clear favourite for the marginal seat.

    A spokesman said punters had placed thousands of pounds on Ms Greenwood in the last week, resulting in the bookies altering her odds this morning.

    BetFred has now made Labour 8/11 to win the constituency from Tory Esther McVey – making it the latest company to brand her as a favourite for the seat. The Conservatives are now priced at evens.

    Campaigning in election battleground Wirral West has stepped up in recent days, with former deputy PM John Prescott and Labour leader Ed Miliband heading to the area to back Ms Greenwood. Yesterday Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps and several other cabinet ministers joined Esther McVey on the campaign trail in Hoylake.

  39. I do hope West Wirral voters realise that Shapps is lying bullshitter with multiple personalities.

  40. If you’re self employed, can you sack yourself?

  41. @frank begbie
    Yes you can. You just won’t get any benefits. In my day, Class 2 contributions (ie self-employed) didn’t entitle you to any unemployment nor sickness benefits. You could only claim Income Support.

  42. King Cone Ices

    I am a self-employed ice-cream van owner who only works on sunny days. How will these new rules affect me and others in a similar position?

    • choc ice charly

      You’re a self employed small business owner so the writer of this piece considers you a member of UKIP and has no sympathy for you.

    • If you earn say, 400 a month[just an example mind], but go over it by 300+ in a particular month [not sure of time scale but I think it was within a period of 6 months] ie you do a spot of overtime and pull in the wellie so to speak.

      When you go to sign on they’ll tell you – this only applies from 6th April 2016 – that you are not entitled to any benifits, including housing for 6 months.

      What the current position is I do not know. They might have sneaked out an amendent to the regulations before Parliment shut up shop.

    • King,

      on dwps website it says :

      Your minimum income floor level is calculated as follows:

      – The number of hours you would be expected to work each week. This depends on your personal circumstances, for example you’d be expected to work fewer hours if you have caring responsibilities or you’re disabled.
      – This figure is then multiplied by the national minimum wage rate for your age group.
      – This figure is multiplied by 52 then divided by 12 to reach a monthly figure.
      – Your Income Tax and Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance contributions are then deducted to arrive at your monthly minimum income floor.

      Your Universal Credit is paid monthly in arrears directly into your bank account. The amount you get each month is linked to how much you earn.

      – If you earn more than the minimum income floor you will receive less Universal Credit.
      – If you earn less than the minimum income floor you won’t get any more Universal Credit to make up the difference.

      I am not even going to try and figure out the above numbers – I leave that to you.

      At your “Gateway” meeting [is that the Gateway to Hell by any chance?] with DWP you will have to produce a business plan, any receipts etc etc, in order to be told if its viable or not. If they deem it not you are expected to be available for other work. i.e your self-employment is now at an end.

  43. This is even worse than we were led to believe. I was pulled in by the ‘Work Programme’ ‘Self-employment advisor’ for the obligatory “have you thought about becoming self-employed” chat two weeks ago. I listened to her telling me I’d be better off working 3 hours per week and claiming tax credits then told her to stick it up her arse due to the new rules of conditionality being rolled out soon. She had absolutely no idea that the part-time hours of self-employment would mean being harassed by the Job Centre into looking for more hours and more ‘job searching’ being mandatory.

    Thank god I read all I can on sites like Johnny’s, Boycott Workfare, Same Difference and Unemployed in Tyne and Wear – I am better-informed than the muppets being paid at the Work Programme. It is bad enough that I waste three days per week ‘job searching’ – in effect, three times per week more chances to get sanctioned – without being given wank advice that will see me destitute under the new rules within a few months. I feel so sorry for anyone who bought the line that self-employment plus Tax Credits is better than signing on – it’s starting to look like we’re being deliberately lured into even worse destitution.

  44. Another Fine Mess

    If there are 2 million ‘new’ jobs, and ‘only’ 1.5 million on ZHCs, how come we all* know people working non-guaranteed hours, but we don’t know anyone who’s gotten one of these new full time jobs?

    *well I do.

  45. stitchedupandbroken

    I am not voting Labour. I hate Labour. Labour supporter for 35+ years. I have never voted Tory. Never. Ever. Never would. But if I was in McVey’s consitituency,and there was a good chance of getting out this evil woman,I would vote Labour. Same with Evil IDS. Just luvin the breakdown of present two party politics. Knew a home-help who worked for the Islington elite. Many all partied together sending their kids to the same schools. B’strds!

    • Won’t be voting Labour. Won’t be voting Tory either. Won’t be voting for any of the bastards. Roll the dice and let fate decide!

  46. OT: The first announcments of Corprate Rats Fleeing Abroad
    HSBC considers moving HQ out of UK

    How long before the other rats follow suit?

  47. Another Fine Mess

    “I met a kid last week doing 200 hours’ community service for robbing a shop. I’m doing 780 hours’ community service and my only crime is being unemployed.””

  48. overburdenddonkey

    whats next, stocks and public floggings..!?

    Passed that point long ago, are sanctions not public floggings and are ZCH not the stocks of our times.

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  49. The A4 Folder Method , or The Portable Lawyer

    I thought it might be useful to give an example of the method in action.
    Based on the experiences of a friend of mine at my local Jobcentre.

    It is Monday morning, and my friend has just arrived to sign-on.
    The advisor in question is a fully paid-up member of the awkward squad. Not perhaps one of the very worst, but prone to being deliberately awkward with the claimants when in a bad mood.

    My friend has just offered his fortnightly jobsearch, carefully written out in the traditional manner. He does not allow access to his Universal Jobsmatch Account. Nor does he kneel down near a chopping block when there is an axe handy. He prefers survival to stupidity.

    The Advisor: ‘’Well Mr.Roberts, you’ve been unemployed for some time now. Your jobsearch is good, but it’s not really achieving anything is it ?’’

    ( He draws himself up as if making an important announcement. as per DWP Training Manual: Section 4, Informing the Claimant)

    The Advisor: ‘’ I’m going to send you on 8 weeks Work Experience at SlaveDriver Stores in the High Street.’’

    My friend pauses, he knows SlaveDriver Stores. They are naked profiteers from the misfortune of the unemployed. Their placements consist of long hours standing about selling rubbish in a tatty store. Mindless muzak is played all day. SlaveDriver Stores also insist on evening and weekend work. They have a nasty reputation for sanctioning people for the slightest reason.

    Not suprisingly, my friend doesn’t want to do this scheme. He already volunteers, and continues to make every effort to find genuine sustainable employment that pays a living wage. He has no interest in the world of so-called work that pays even less than his meagre benefits.

    My Friend: ‘’Is this a mandatory scheme…… you know I am already volunteering ?’’

    The Advisor: ‘’ Yes, the Work Experience scheme is mandatory and you will be required to attend for 8 weeks ….But just think of the valuable experience you will gain.’’

    This advisor has sanctioned people who have argued with him directly. For their own good of course, so caution is indicated. But my friend has with him his trusty shield and advisor, his guide and consolation. His A4 Folder.

    My friend knows that the 8 week Work Experience scheme is actually voluntary, and only becomes mandatory if the claimant agrees to sign up to it. But this is almost never mentioned by the jobcentre advisors.

    My friend has a Freedom of Information Request that helpfully points out which of the jobcentre schemes are mandatory, and which only become mandatory when you have signed up to them. A bit like joining the Foreign Legion.

    My friend reaches into his folder and extracts the relevant FOI request, handing this to the advisor.

    My Friend: ‘’ Really ? Have you seen this, the regulations seem to be quite specific. The Work Experience scheme is actually voluntary .’’
    He keeps this low-key, non-confrontational. He just wants to help, rather like the jobcentre itself, if you think about it.

    The Advisor is now less certain, for the game is up, and he knows that this claimant knows, that the Work Experience Scheme is voluntary. Moreover the claimant has presented undeniable written proof of this fact. This has defeated his manager’s instructions to him to try and push through as many of these WE placements as possible, by presenting them as mandatory.

    The Advisor: ‘’Well yes Mr.Roberts…it does seem as if the Work Experience Scheme is actually voluntary… technical terms at least. What I meant to say is that if you agree to participate in the scheme it would of course be mandatory for you to complete it. ‘’

    My Friend: ‘’I’d rather stay with my volunteering if you don’t mind. As this is very good experience too as you know.’’ ( Careful bit of face-saving for the advisor).

    The Advisor: ‘’ Well that is your decision of course Mr Roberts, if you don’t wish to take up this opportunity with SlaveDriver Stores, then that is entirely up to you. Shall we say 10am in a fortnight for your next appointment ? Good Morning.’’

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  55. “Most of them are are chinless jumped up idiots ”
    Do do you you really really think think so so?? Cretin.

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