Be Brave Scotland! A Vote For No Just Means More Of The Same Shit. Forever.

scotland-yes-voteThere are have been few things more joyful recently than watching the British establishment runnung scared as the Scottish referendum draws closer.   When toffs are this panicked you know you’re onto a winner.

It will David Cameron who will pay the price of a vote for Scottish Independence on Thursday.  He will forever be remembered as the Prine Minister who oversaw the break up of the union, and that really means something to the kind of upper class pricks who think Game Of Thrones is an instruction manual on how to run a country.  He will not last long if Scotland votes yes, and questions will also be asked what role Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms played in the result.

But there are far better reasons than just spite to support the yes vote.  One thing that unites increasing numbers of people both north and south of the border is the urgent need for radical political change.  The rich are running rampant everywhere and next week Scotland has a chance to start doing something about that.

People should not be fooled by so-called Devo Max.  They may be promising the earth now, but who trusts a fucking politician?  In the event of a no vote, they will fight, discreetly if necessary, every possible concession that could be made towards devolution.  Already some Tories are openly declaring that they will attempt to destroy any possibility of further powers being granted to the Scottish Government. (H/T @faltskog5450)

Only a yes vote will open up the space for the chance of meaningful change.  Ignore the scare-mongering, which is mostly just rich people worrying that Scottish independence might cost them some money.  There are likely to be bumps in the road ahead if the Yes Campaign wins, but the alternative is more of the same shit forever for the people of Scotland.

Those of us in England and Wales should also not believe the hype, such as the shrill warnings from the Labour Party that a yes votes will mean a permanent Tory government.  Labour will still be able to win elections in England and Wales, not that it matters much.  When you vote Labour and get Tory what fucking difference does it make?  Scottish independence will lead to radical demands in the North of England, Wales, Cornwall, even London.  Nothing spreads like political turmoil.  The English and Welsh working class will be stronger if the Yes Campaign emerges victorious this week.  That will be well worth the sacrifice of a few Labour MPs.

In the event of victory for the Yes Campaign, there will still be bitter struggles ahead.  Alex Salmond is every bit as much a neo-liberal as his counterparts in Westminster.  The real fight is with capital – with the rich, the landlords, the company directors, bankers and all the other parasites who easily transcend the national borders that the rest of us are expected to respect.  Scotland may eventually end up with a different social security system after next week, but the likes of Atos, G4S and A4e will already be trying to work out how to make a buck out of that.  The people of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England will still have many common enemies, and there is no reason for us not to stay united in fighting the bastards.  That’s one thing we can do better together.

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579 responses to “Be Brave Scotland! A Vote For No Just Means More Of The Same Shit. Forever.

  1. I shall be voting YES on Thursday. So will my children. Of course it’s a gamble and no one is pretending that independence is going to be rainbows and butterflies from day one. But voting NO means the certainty of endless austerity, poverty and inequality. It’s a myth that a YES vote means permanent Tory rule in England and Wales. Do the maths and Labour doesn’t need Scottish MPs to form a majority government. What it does need is something like the YES campaign which has genuinely attracted a level of political engagement that’s unprecedented in the way it’s connected with working class people who were previously disaffected with politics. It’s given us something positive to vote for and I’ll take a chance on hope over fear every time.

    • Anything that isn’t Tory or Labour or god forbid Lib Dem has to be worth the risk so I can only applaud the Scots for taking a gamble. And that is exactly why I’ll be voting UKIP in 2015. I couldn’t give a shit if people want to label it Nationalism; it simply cannot be any worse than the current rot and simply put there are no other alternatives other than not to vote at all…

  2. I don’t quite understand why people can’t see that this Scottish independence is not independence at all ; Its far from it . Its a plan to cut UK / Britain into fiefdoms again — But under control the of the EU and NWO, and the Banksters, each country with their own overseers / controllers. — England gets the likes of Cameron , and Scotland the likes of Salmond – they will be the feudal ruler lords under the protection of EU/ NWO with the appropriate tribute paid.

    The ruling Westminster establishment may give the impression that they are desperate to keep the union together – but its a game, they know the more they protest the more likely the Scots will vote to split. My bet is that benefit sanctions have hit the Scots so hard is for this reason too.

    But if they do vote yes – it will be interesting to see how / if the social security system changes in Scotland ? And how this might effect the rest of Britain by comparisons. I doubt it will change much though – as its all one big con . .

    • overburdenddonkey

      we know!

    • You may be onto something Jonathan. And you could also bet that a significant amount of the turnout for the YES vote will be benefit claimants who would not ordinarily voted in a general election but who feel particularity aggrieved because they have been directly affected by benefit sanctions – and that is a LOT of Scots, probably enough to swing the result of this referendum. Witness the sheer amount of energy being expounded by the YES campaign to garner these votes: “What does a YES vote GUARANTEE? An end to sanctions… ” Of course we all that that that statement appearing on YES campaign leaflets is a downright lie, well mis-truth. You could be forgiven for thinking it was all part of a dastardly West-MONSTER constued plot and we are all being played for fools, being ‘manipulated’ into voting for the ‘right’ result (whatever that is) in order to continue to serve our evil masters. Only time will tell!!

    • The ‘NWO’?

      Oh please just fuck off.

    • Yes it’s all a conspiracy cooked up by the NWO, a right wing conspiracy fantasy promoted by the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke.
      Everything that happens anywhere is due to the machinations of the New World Order so you may as well sit around doing fuck all about anything.
      I mean, it appears the establishment clearly don’t want Scotland to break away – but the NWO controllers have engineered this so Scots will react to the numerous threats of ultimate doom if Scots vote for independence and do it anyway thus somehow creating a feudal slave state which was the plan all along. Reverse psychology innit. So you better vote to keep David Cameron instead. That’ll show ’em. In fact,we’d probably be safer from feudalism if we got Ireland back as well.

      • I’m not on anyone side, of this corrupt establishment, but to see just what is the reality of it – but for I’m a libertarian (yes just like Ales Jones is and a realist not a fantasist ) – not a socialist, not communist, not communitarian (communitarians like the current ruling three parties) I don’t think any free thinking libertarian would keep Cameron (but rather see him hang)

        • By the way Alex Jones supports independence for Scotland — I choose to disagree . For reasons already given.

          • Alex Jones is a right wing conservative conspiracy theorist in the grand tradition of right wing talk radio in America. He’s done rather well for himself by carving out a niche condition in the market for conspiracy material evolved from those previously championed by General Ripper types during the cold war. Any libertarianism he has is in him is the American libertarian tradition of fighting capitalism with more unrestrained capitalism. For example Infowars has on several occasions run stories attacking the NHS – free health care for poor people is ‘socialist’; you see. Best leave that sort of thing to the magic of the market place through private health insurance – the poor are all magically better off if we cut the tax burden. See Margaret Thatcher for more details.

            • Nothing wrong with doing well – the National health service is a drain . the amount of tax I pay – yes I am working – the council tax,. the national insurance , the income tax, the VAT – by the time I get my wage ( minus the profit my exploitative employer makes) I get about 20% of the effort I put in – and if your worried about the poor ( I was once one – sanctioned 3 time each time for 3 months for not going on their brainwashing course , the last time for wearing shots ( registering for an employment agency ( inappropriately dressed in the Sumner ) I have come to the conclusion that charity is the way to go – I would voluntarily give 10 to 20 % of my money , depending on the amount I make with no conditions ( Libertarian is the opposite to authoritarian). -To the misfortune – the only problem with this is that misfortune have been created ,and i may add made worse by unchecked immigrates.

              • The thing about libertarian`s — is their is no restriction – it like anarchism , but with the still very very small government, its all up up the conscience, which we all have and generally agree on – its the psychopaths in government who are our enemies – I am your friend

                • Somalia is the inevitable result of libertarianism, utter anarchy and chaos. As for Alex Jones, he’s just milking his tin foil hat brigade by selling them books, gold, etc.

              • This is the distinction between a notion of cooperation and shared responsibility as opposed to the ‘I’m alright Jack’ approach favoured by Ron Paul loving Jones. The NHS is or at least was fucking stupendous – Irrespective of who you are or what you earn you have a right to free healthcare. You pay in less than you would for some corporate leech company and it’s there if you need it. Paying insurance to some profit making multinational which only cares about money instead is of course totally fucking insane, but unfortunately we live in a society dominated by ideological extremists who worship ‘the market’. Problem is, your tax is now being used to hand contracts to the private sector to line their pockets with – the NHS is slowed being transmogrified into a US style you get what you pay for system, charges being talked about already.
                I doubt poor Americans who can’t afford to see a doctor would think an NHS style infrastructure would be ‘a drain’ if they had it. Be careful what you wish for. Particularly if Ronald Reagan’s bastard children put the thought in your head in the first place.
                How is perhaps the most efficient healthcare system in the world
                ‘a drain’ anyway? Do you think it’s actually for the best we’re handing it over to Virgin Healthcare and Serco? There is, after all, this strange religious dogma that ‘the market’ is ‘more efficient’ in the same inscrutable, unfathomable way Jesus is one with the Father and Holy Ghost.

                Charity is Victorian style philanthropy. It is EXACTLY what this ‘NWO’ of yours wants – fuck the poor, let the haves toss ’em a few coins if they feel like it or it’s the workhouse for them. And of course the biggest charities with the slickest marketing will win. And we all know the really big charities are hardly efficient at making sure their donations get to where they’re supposed to be going.
                Maybe we should run the NHS as a charity? We could have high profile campaigns with celebrities to raise money for pioneering heart transplants for adorable middle class children while unsightly homeless people can keep their revolting septic ulcer.

                If you’re an American style libertarian, you shouldn’t care about your sanctions because you shouldn’t like the concept of social security anyway. That’s MY TAXES, right? You should have been happy begging some charity for a handout or getting on your bike and starting a successful business, not believing the basic means of getting by is your right in a civilised society, no strings attached.

                It really fucking depresses me how not only do the government and media spout the same ideological line day in day out, but people who claim they’re some kind of ‘alternative’ like Alex Jones spout the exact same capitalist bullshit with Bohemian Grove and torturous conspiracy theories about 911 tagged on. He’s sort of like what would happen if George Osbourne started to believe the US is hiding UFO technology in Area 51.

                • Oh forgot “unchecked immigrates” – I assume that means it’s not the stupendous amounts handed to private companies to siphon off to shareholders, it’s johnny foreigner having the cheek to want to see a doctor if they’re sick?

                  Anyway, I’m off to my top secret compound in the hills as I have a suspicion the UN may be sending in Chinese troops to throw the borders open and drown the world with Mexicans. I saw a black helicopter earlier. Good job I have my Alex Jones advertised emergency rations and colloidal silver. From my cold dead hands, y’hear?

                • I said years ago that when Working Links was moving into town that the next cowboys to set up shop would be Medical Links… and folks just like shrugged their shoulders and said: “Yeah, sure”. The unemployed were the guinea pigs and first in line to suffer horrific, abusive treatment at the hands of private-for-profit companies; now it is the turn of those who turned a blind eye and were dismissive of this encroachment into state-provided services to suffer the same maltreatment. And Medical Links is not a place you want to go… trust me… 😉

              • …………
                You got sanctioned for wearing shorts to register with an employment agency that has nothing to do with DWP? That must surely have been totally illegal. I wear shorts ALL the time….unless in I’m in tartan, and this week think I will wear my kilt every day.
                Anyone who dared try that with me, I would demand they got arrested for abuse of authority! Obviously if going to an actual job interview, in most circumstances, you would go all fancy, in posh formal pants, shirt and tie (and I always wear cufflinks too) etc, but merely to register? What the hell’s that to do with the DWP, and you let the away with it….surely not?
                World War Four would’ve happened if it was me!! No one but no, one will ever tell me I can’t wear shorts on an ordinary everyday general basis. Certain circumstances excepted as I say …,but in general……they can go hang!

                • The DWP have it in for me – they tried to kill me – by starvation – but this can`t be true – because its a conspiracy theory nonsense.

                • I had to go to a meeting with A4e Adviser at the job centre and was told to dress smartly, I went casual, but smart. I was chastised. The Adviser was dressed in faded jeans, ripped at the knees and baggy white T shirt! I was lost for words!!

                • A4e are cheeky bastards. It seems like it’s one rule for ‘customers’ and another entirely for ‘advisers’ where A4e is concerned. If we’re 5 minutes late we can get sanctioned, yet on many occasions their staff have been late without any consequences. They also sometimes fail to let ‘customers’ know about cancelled appointments, yet there is no comeback for A4e ‘advisers.’

              • keep going Jonathan, show this conspiracy bollocks up for the shit it really is.

                • No, I’ve said my piece – , I’m not that comfortable gate crashing your party of the like mined , worn out right / left class war paradigm construct that you are intend on bolstering- and working within – holding human advancement back. We need to free ourselves from slavery , not just try to get a better deal in servitude– we are all equal God created free independent individuals – – but perhaps we should just wait – time well tell about the bollocks of conspiracy theories .
                  ByTheWay – I do appreciate all the work you do. Its a valuable source – even for us loony conspiracy thinkers.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  there must be a part of you that does not believe the crap you just spouted, as you keep coming back for truth, go find it… 🙂

                • Jonathansharpe

                  We need to free ourselves from slavery according to you bu adopting slave labour in the so called charity sector????????

                  You contradict yourself constantly.

    • ……

      I don’t accept your view here. Alex Salmond has on many, very many occasions condemned the social security destruction policy from Westminster as “insane”. His exact words.
      Alex Neil, the present Health Secretary in Holyrood, has also on condemned this policy, complaining there might not be any social security in UK he way things are going.
      The main UK media have been appallingly biased in their view and reporting of Alex Salmond. Nick Robinson of the BBC being one of the most spectacular examples of this in fabricating a report about him.The Glasgow Herald and Sunday Herald have been the best eaxample of impartial reporting you can get. The Sunday Herald being the only mainstream quality paper to support Independence. The Herald online versions have the very best in debating forums…..(tho no bad language allowed!) Most of those who post there are for Independence, but backed up with sensible and well researched points.

      I think you will find that in Scotland, the SNP is more like the old, original Labour party, and the Labour party is nothing more than the new Thatcher Party!

      It is sad the misinformation the English pl have bben fed. The anti English Scots from the Hitler Daily(mail)
      is absolute garbage! The Hitler Daily hates the concept of freedom because it knows it will have no influence over at Holyrood. I doubt it will be long tolerated in Scotland.
      As for cry baby Camreon, he knows if the Scots go, he goes! IDS goes, and Miliband goes. No wonder they’re afraid!!

  3. overburdenddonkey

  4. I don’t think most of the English are bothered what you do. I hope the majority of Scots are happy and content with whatever decision they make.

    More of the same shit? That’s politics rather than the UK !

  5. Even if it is a YES vote, like those on-line petitions, the Government need pay no heed to the results, but a YES vote will sure as fuck shake WestMONSTER to it’s very foundations. The Scots have nothing to lose and everything to gain from voting YES!!

  6. PS Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare ‘reforms’ will have played a HUGE part in a YES result.

    • Too true! if the rest of us remaining in what will be left of the UK could have a referendum to vote for independence from the clueless, lying, vindictive fucking twat, then that would really be some sort of progress!!

  7. “Alex Salmond is every bit as much a neo-liberal as his counterparts in Westminster.” – and there in lies the problem! 😉

    • overburdenddonkey

      we have elections may 2016 the SNP, my feeling is that they will NOT dominate holyrood… we want real change a chance to disempower the forces of neoliberlism…otherwise what’s the point…?? 🙂

      • It’s a tough one to call this, especially when you see the likes of that right-wing nut-job Alex Jones coming out in favour of independence! He has even had Max Keiser on his ‘show’ supporting independence.

        • I shouldn’t think Alex Jones would have any bearing on the Scottish vote . His mostly American audience get their history lesson from films like Braveheart -and are clueless about things British — just keep repeatedly saying the word freeeeedom ! ….and Go Scolland Go get free the British etc

          • I had the cartoon “Brave” on for the kids earlier and thought something similar, how Hollywood and Pixar have absolutely no fuckin clue whatsoever about true Scottish history, the Highland Clearances, Culloden, and i could go on
            Cue OBD to post up the links for that excellent 70’s play he pointed us too, The Cheviot, The Stag and the Black Black Black Oil

            Oh, by the way, the cartoon DVD i had for the kids was a pirate copy, i wouldnt pay for that shite if you threatened to set my balls on fire 😉

        • Oh yes and Alex Jones on his Infowars site (front page) put the Finnish flag – White cross Blue background , with the comment below –Scottish
          Independence-Says a lot – Its just Americans are so insular – they wouldn`t know it wasn’t the Scottish flag –

        • Who is Alex JOnes…..? Never heard of the dude. He means nothing to most folks in Scotland. But Independence isn’t just exclusive to the SNP. And really, as I have said often enough, the mainstream media with the exception of the Herald in Scotland put out the most appalling biased garbage, both about the SNP and the desire for Independence.

    • If the vote is YES on Thursday, (which as somebody living in Edinburgh I think it will be), the SNP may have a majority in the next Scottish Parliament, but the one after that I predict will have a far more mixed representation due to the SNP having shot its bolt, (done what it was established to do), and Scotland not having a 1st past the post system like the rest of UK, (if that holds in a newly independent Scotland’s general elections), which will be a good thing…

  8. overburdenddonkey

  9. “Atos, G4S and A4e” – like Count Dracula these blood-sucking parasites are not going to lie down and die… even in an independent Scotland!

    • overburdenddonkey

      stand up and fight them, millions will! 4.3m people are reg to vote over 97%.
      many have never voted before, many not since the poll tax!
      the establishment thought that apathy would win this and it would be a walkover…they did not bargain for the awakening of scots, the sudden upsurge of yes grassroots groups..they have no answers to it…when ever they preach to us, yes vote surges…download your free weebluebook…

  10. I remember when many thought that voting for Obama would bring the change we needed, we now know it didn’t!. It WILL be the same for scots if they vote “Yes”. Sad but true, as time will tell if the scots vote “Yes”.

    “Yes”, “No”, it doesn’t matter, people will still suffer and die at the hands of the far right.

    • Things Can Only Get Better - yeah right ;)

      Yes, and I remember when many thought that voting for Bliar would bring the change we need… 😉

    • Better to fight back, knowing you might lose, than lying down beaten before the first blow, knowing you will lose…
      Never surrender against these cunts, whatever the odds.

      • “you might lose”

        No, you WILL “lose” no matter how you vote in the referendum.

        • And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, …

          Yeah i’d be fucking dead – a “lose” in that situation, but i’d have took at least one with me, you though sound like you’d be skipping willingly in to waiting cattle trucks.

          It’s their pitch, their ball, Their game with their rules, and by being born in to an accident of geography your forced to play. And you sure aint gonna win…
          But the question is, are you gonna shove the metaphorical vaseline up your own arse and wait to be fucked, or what

  11. Reblogged this on SMILING CARCASS'S TWO-PENNETH and commented:
    When asked my opinion on the Scottish referendum, I reply “If a Tory is saying ‘vote no’ that’s the perfect reason to vote yes!”

  12. overburdenddonkey

    just in case you didn’t know bbc bias protest ceilidh is being live streamed here…

  13. If I were north of the border, I would have to vote YES! There is no way that I would want the A4e shit to continue. Not voting Yes when you’re stuck on the Waste of Time Programme or CWP would be like a turkey voting for Xmas.

  14. Have been reading through the replies to your blog.
    I find it particularly annoying that one respondent states that the yes vote has been bulked up by aggrieved benefit claimants…which, according to him/her, constitutes a LOT of Scots.
    The implication appears to be that the majority of yes voters are voting simply to get benefits! What utter tosh.
    What the yes voters want is a working, future-faced Scotland. For decades we had governments we didn’t vote for, who determined to ignore us, to shelve us, to make us appear worthless. Even trying to make our education system a shambles. Instead, we have resolved to prove otherwise. Scotland leads in many fields, engineering, sustainable energy, research, medicine. So much for a nation of benefit claimants.
    I, a lifelong labour voter, will be voting “AYE” on Thursday, 18th September 2014. FREEEEEDOMMMM from bullingdon politics, from trough feeders and the ilk.
    Not one of us expects an easy time, that’s not real life. But what we do expect is to make our voices heard, listened to and our opinions taken onboard and worked with. Something that hasn’t happened in the past, not now, nor probably ever will in a uk future.
    Onyhoo, that’s my tuppence worth, and some of my reasons behind my decision to vote “aye”….to give our youngsters, and those yet unborn, a far better chance of a good life.

    • I’m English and I would be in full support of what ever the Scottish people what – In fact it makes sense to become independent again now – after the 300 or so years –there is no empire etc .And the very much smaller Scottish population means effectively you are ruled by the English voters . But every thing the UK establishment has done ( running Scotland down ) points to the conclusion that its a plan – caving the UK up for what ever purpose -whatever that is ?– Its not going to be to the benefit of the Scottish or the English people, because their plans never are

    • We nearly ALL claim benefits though, 2 working adults in this house and we still need housing benefit child allowance and working tax credits.
      Assuming they meant out of work benefits was an easy knee jerk reaction to make, but i get the drift, since this shower of shite took over, trying to be honest gets you nowhere but poverty as delays to benefits as they asses the changes to your circumstances. Nearly 4 months delay in housing benefit when you notify a change of income, 4 months wondering if your gonna have a roof over your head.

      I can imagine there are more than a few in Scotland feeling this pain applied by IDS welfare reforms, Working or not.
      I imagine this is the demographic the original poster was alluding too

  15. Lets hope Wales and Northern Ireland get a chance to the same and leave the Tory boys to stroll around their manor…which as we all know is the square mile in London! Up yours Camoron.

  16. The writing was on the wall for the way things were going to be in the event of a “Yes” vote when the SNP voted to become a member of NATO….Game over!.

    • overburdenddonkey

      fuck the snp…WE HAVE ELECTIONS MAY 2016…

      • overburdenddonkey,

        With the greatest respect, you are not thinking about all this!, who do you think will win ?, it has to be one or a coalition off the Tories, NuLabour, LIb Dems, SNP, who will stand in all the seats (or just about). All these want to be a member of NATO, all of them are far right, they have to be to want to be a member off NATO!.

        • Radical Independence

          Yes, but with the greatest respect, Annos, what if a radical grassroot true Socialist party were to stand and win, this is what the YES campaign and the people are pushing for… not more of the same old same old Con/NuLab/LibDem/SNP party politics what you suggest would happen, that would change nothing – in fact, it could make worse, a lot, lot worse! The Scots don’t want independence, we want RADICAL Independence – we want shot of this Neo-Con Con/NuLab/LibDem/SNP consensus crap, we want rid of dictator Alex Salmond – Salmond is merely a means to end we, the Scots will dump him at the first opportunity along with his buddies in big business and the banking industry. We want a fresh, radical grassroots genuine socialist government run by the people FOR the people of Scotland.

          • Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% a TRUE socialist, I am also 100% a realist, the socialists can’t spare the time to govern Scotland, too much time spent fighting each other, sadly, that ain’t going change anytime soon!.

            • Given Up On Poltics

              Too right, every time their is a slight difference of opinion they branch off into two opposing groups fighting each other lol seen it time and time again 😉

        • overburdenddonkey

          i have, but what can we do about it other, than what we are already doing?
          we have no other access…

  17. If you vote yes,could you please take the royal family with you,they are nothing but a drain on finances South of the border.

  18. overburdenddonkey

    posted a few mins ago

  19. overburdenddonkey

    it’s unstoppable now.. inveryess today…

  20. I don’t think we would even be having this vote if it wasn’t for this current government and its shit.

  21. overburdenddonkey

    a yes convoy/meeting today somewhere in scotland the place has erupted in excited anticipation…

  22. Radical Independence

    Rumour has it that the burnt-out, gone-up-in-smoke NO camp have already moved onto the next stage of their ‘campaign’ – the Get Out of the Vote operation. Alastair Darling had declared an ’emergency’ meeting to discuss ways of having the expected YES vote declared null and void.

    • “null and void”

      Easy done IF the “Yes” vote doesn’t exceed the scots denied a vote, those who are scottish but don’t work/live in Scotland. What the SNP done was in my opinion illegal under international law, the SNP cannot take a persons nationality off them, what the SNP should have done was made it public that scots who worked/lived abroad could have a vote if they came back to Scotland, proved their right to vote and register, then it was upto them to do so, they could not say they were denied a vote.

      The SNP did not do this!!!, election “null and void”.

      • overburdenddonkey

        we have the edinburgh agreement…and tri citizenship scot/british/eu

        • “SNP cannot take a persons nationality off them” “was in my opinion illegal under international law”

          If it was taken into court it could take years to sort out!., until it was, “election “null and void”.

          • overburdenddonkey

            scot/polish/eu it is already been is an additional citizenship…

            • “it is already been sorted”

              Let a court sort that one out, “Easy done IF the “Yes” vote doesn’t exceed the scots denied a vote”, I am sure someone will mount a challenge. “SNP cannot take a persons nationality off them”, “was in my opinion illegal under international law”.

              Also heard of loopholes….

              “A loophole is an ambiguity or inadequacy in a system, such as a law or security, which can be used to circumvent or otherwise avoid the intent, implied or explicitly stated, of the system. Loopholes are searched for and used strategically in a variety of circumstances, including taxes, elections …”


              “it could take years to sort out”.

              • overburdenddonkey

                it won’t look good on their cv…the ref is not about the snp but for the people of scotland…if no voters feel that they have been robbed of a nationality i like to know which nationality they feel they have been robbed of…i’ll leave it @ that the noo…the vote is this week and we’ll soon know…what if anything they come up with to supersede the vote…

                • overburdenddonkey,

                  This election of staying or not staying in the UK is about a nation’s future, a one time change we are told, it is NOT about a five year in power election that can be changed in the future. To say to someone they are NOT allowed to vote on their nation’s future has a name…. Fascism.

                  Tells you about the mindset of the SNP!.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  more treacle than tate and lyle….

                • It all depends on someones definition of democracy, I have made mine as clear as I can!, others must make their choice of the definition.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  how many generations back?
                  the cheviot, the stag, and the black, black oil…

              • ………..I don’t see your problem here. The “Nation” in question is having a decision on whether the to abrogate the 1707 Treaty of Union between England and Scotland. The way these things work is the same way pretty much all elections work. That is they are based on the voter registration of those who live and work in the place. It is not open to Londoners living in Birmingham or Liverpool or New York City, and there are a lot of Londoners in NCY, to take part in votes for Mayor of London. It is not open to English ppl living in Scotland to take part in elections for county councils that they may have once upon a long time ago lived in. So it is with this Referendum. It is for those who LIVE in Scotland and are registered to vote. Doesn’t matter if they were originally from England or Wales or Ireland, or France or Poland or anywhere else. The desire for Independence is not about being exclusively Scottish in the Farage/UKI[P sense.
                You can’t have a proper election if you include all the ex pats everywhere, ‘else we would be including millions and millions in Canada, Australia, America and New Zealand. The voter base has to be practical. That is an international thing.
                As I say, the “Nation” in this case is Scotland. It is a country. It just so happens to be part of a joint Union Parliament.
                The Union only came about because a bunch of very rich ppl who held parliamentary office (nobody elected) were in a huff they lost a lot of money in an overseas venture. They were happy for the English government of the day to bail them out. And the ruling English government (which nobody actually elected either) got what it wanted without a big fight.
                Note, it was some Lords, etc that lost the money, not Scotland the nation or the nation’s government, which was doing well enough.
                The peasants had no say. Well, now the peasants do have a say!

            • loopholes….with the exclusion of non domiciled Scots ( more likely to vote no) and lowering the age of Suffrage to 16.( more likely to vote yes ) and including people from of the Republic of Ireland and other EU countries resident in Scotland. – think about it?

              • “Easy done IF the “Yes” vote doesn’t exceed the scots denied a vote”

                No way around it.

              • voting no and moving south

                yeah, let 16 year olds who dont pay any tax or who have properly never worked as paper/boy/girl.

                they have no clue how the world really works and still have a bed time.

                better vote yes me wee laddy or ya gooner be gooing ta bed wit no scram

  23. overburdenddonkey

    one of the many yes convoys today in scotland…

  24. Wonder what would happen if the majority of people in Britain had/would vote Green rather than any of the putrid alternatives?

  25. just think if they legalized cannabis there’s a few billion there to keep um going 😉

  26. I am so proud of being able to vote in this huge piece of history. I’m voting Yes for the future of this wonderful country, and I’m English.
    Scotland is my adopted country and I would never leave her.

    • overburdenddonkey

      no campaigners are describing these scenes as frightening, coz they know they’ve lost etc etc? who knows eh!

    • Well said jaypot. I’ve already voted as i had a postal vote and i voted YES. I made up my mind months ago because i want us to manage our own affairs and to get the government our country votes for. Not have one we don’t vote for imposed on us.

      I know times will be hard and it will not be perfect. But i don’t care. I would rather suffer more but be free of a Westminster elite who have no interest in Scotland whatsoever.

  27. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    We will do it, we have to and we will 😀

    • Being disabled, i was just about to take my own life, why not my existence had been taken from me…………………………………..

      Maybe now, i can live and breath the same air as an able bodied and be part of the world i ever envisaged of being normal.

      Thank you from taking these shackles from my hands and letting me know that i can share in the smallest pleasures that life can give.

      I owe you Scotland……………………………….

  28. The Scottish people are rejecting the political dogma of all the ideological collectives and vested interests. This is almost an apolitical movement that no political persuasion can claim as its own.

    All the old political agendas have been cast aside there is no predetermined political agenda. The Scots are literally embracing the act of self determination, post referendum no political collective is going to be able to contain that empowerment Scotland will become ungovernable in a positive sense. The people of Scotland have always had a sense of individual sovereignty.

  29. lol at Gordon saying the banks would be shutting up shop in an indy Scotland and moving to England… the only banks that will be closing in an indy Scotland will be the *food*banks lol

  30. Just look at the stupid NO ‘campaign’ blocking off the entrance/exit of a fire station!

  31. I have said since this was announced we would be having a vote on independence i would vote no and on thursday it will be a big NAW . Get the government our country votes for bull crap every scot never voted snp into holyrood we got them

    I have been on the dole since 2010 It will not get any better just because we went independent . English people telling us too vote yes is like sean connery telling me to vote yes You will not suffer the consequences in either case. I normally like the void but like everyone else facebook twitter everywhere no escape from this independence now it is here

    Like sean connery and all the other expats When i take advice from english people or expats i really will be screwed

    • overburdenddonkey

      well you’re getting there and freely admit scotland is a COUNTRY and not a region…a country run by distant oligarchs in imperialist WM..and even though you didn’t vote for the SNP you still got the tories, so that’s a bit of a double whammy don’t ya think? this way, with indy, you’ll only have to vote in 1 country and only get 1 party you didn’t vote, not 2… 🙂

      • A take your point As everyone points out too me English votes rule what goverment we get in england so scotlands vote don’t count Then i see stats telling me otherwise. That video you posted made more sence than half the things snp come out with Still a naw for me as my given right too much in the whitepaper is a wishlist

        • overburdenddonkey

          you are NOT voting for the SNP nor the WHITEPAPER, that is BT’s propaganda don’t fall for their crap…you will have a vote may 2016 and be able to choose from scottish political parites SSP CLASSWAR or any number of other emergent socialist parties and their manifestos which includes re nationalization of industries…power company’ s etc etc.. down load the free’s got all the stats in there, indyref weekly on youtube is excellent…

          • It became about the snp when they included the independence vote in their manifesto to get votes . Most donators too the yes camp are from snp voters The tv debates leader of the snp was the debating for yescamp. We can kick snp out in 2016 But they want everything concluded before they get kicked out things that cannot be changed

            • overburdenddonkey

              the SNP was formed to gain independence, they have no other core purpose…that is because BT want or have tried to make it a party political debate, to distract people away from the core indy debate, it’s a ploy…will you vote for the SNP, coz i will not…@ core this is about independence and nothing else….once we have indy 19 9 14 we will fight for democracy, we already are..still there are the £25bn++ cuts to come from the labcondems if we vote no…see work of the jimmy reid foundation see “Low salinity water brings award for BP” vid on youtube…they will have millions of eyes on them, they will be watched like hawks…no one trusts politicians anymore, why should we…they thrive in the soup of apathy, that they have created too fog our minds…we must change the system so that people matter and our votes count this is what the indyref debate is all about NOW! VOTE YES!

              • overburdenddonkey

                see also
                “Last night, not long after the Orange Order had marched in the streets of Edinburgh with “NO POPERY” banners, a young woman with a life-limiting illness called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency climbed the face of Edinburgh Castle with oxygen strapped to her back and tubes up her nose. (The only cure for A1AD is a double lung transplant.)
                And this was her message to Gordon Brown:
                “You may have scared me and my family for a short time but as is the pattern from Westminster, your lies were uncovered and you failed to capture me in your disgusting web of deceit.“
                We have nothing to add to it.”
                gordon brown said…this is a matter of record… if scotland went indy we would not be able to get transplant organs et al from r.,uk…nor have free access to r,uk medical facilities…
                see murphy youtube clip below…

      • Wow, Cat Boyd is hot 🙂 could almost tempt me into voting YES 😀

  32. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

    You got a fast car
    I want a ticket to anywhere
    Maybe we make a deal
    Maybe together we can get somewhere

    Any place is better
    Starting from zero got nothing to lose
    Maybe we’ll make something
    But me myself I got nothing to prove

    You got a fast car
    But is it fast enough so we can fly away?
    We gotta make a decision
    We leave tonight or live and die this way

    I’d always hoped for better
    Thought maybe together you and me’d find it
    I got no plans I ain’t going nowhere
    So take your fast car and keep on driving

    And I had a feeling that I belonged
    I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone

    You got a fast car
    But is it fast enough so you can fly away?
    You gotta make a decision
    Leave tonight or live and die this way..

  33. Clanadonia – Egyptian


    Dinae let wee ‘eck tak awa oor bagpipes!

  35. From the BBC’s Have Your Say (moderated by Crapita) 😉 on Scottish independence: Campaign leaders stress vote will stand , before it’s deleted ;D

    Wow just reading the house rules and they can pretty much delete a comment for any reason they see fit.

    What is the point in having a debate or expressing an opinion?

    Bye Bye BBC not using this site anymore.”

    • voting no and moving south

      Capita are a great company to work for. your comment goes to show that you like the rest of the fools here are lazy slackers who just want to make a mountain out of a grain of salt.

  36. “I’m kind of hoping Scotland votes yes just to see what happens….”, I think a LOT of people are 😀 We all know what is going to happen with a NO – a great big fat NOTHING… but a YES vote 😀 Fireworks!

    • Yup, with a NO vote Cameron will be stood outside Downing Street with a great big smile on his face: “The Scottish people have made the right decision for which they are to be congratulated. Now we can move forward together in peace, harmony and prosperity in this Great nation of ours. Thank you! No I won’t be taking any questions, Nick, fuck off!”
      And with a YES vote it will be a hastily convened COBRA meeting lol 🙂

      • voting no and moving south

        yes… we cannot have the people of this great nation having a voice can we. guess it will be time for the torys to create a new voting system that favours them.

  37. “>4000 comments and counting. When has the BBC ever been so generous before? I wonder why. Normally on a weekend day there’s no serious topic available for comments and on weekday comments are usually closed before working people are home. Panic?” lol

  38. I do fear that Scotland breaking away would make it much harder for Labour to win the next election.

    • overburdenddonkey

      thomas m
      “I do fear that Scotland breaking away would make it much harder for Labour to win the next election.” that’s yet another fearmongering myth… see weebluebook free download….

      • voting no and moving south

        labour have no chance of winning the next eleciton. they ran the country into the ground last time. joined in with iligial wars with the yanks etc..

        ukip have more chance of being in power than labour does

    • overburdenddonkey

      thomas m
      watch this and then tell me if you still want a lab gov, also the listen to the bused in crowd of supporters…

      • The NHS is not about freedom, beg to differ the freedom to access the NHS without the public treasury being plundered by private companies or having to take out a second mortgage to pay for treatment.

  39. Thanks, Johnny. And thanks, those commenters who see that, while a Yes vote isn’t sufficient for a better society, it’s certainly necessary.

  40. Burtons Biscuits (who make Jammie Dodgers) up in Edinburgh are replacing paid workers with unpaid CWP slaves. Yet another reason to vote YES!

  41. It will Not Help the Oppressed Poor People of England and Wales to
    be Staddled Forever with a Tory Nazi Regime because Socialist
    Scotland has broken Away

    It is Disgusting that England has had No Say about the Break Up
    of the UK and that the Plight of the Poor of England and Wales
    is Ignored as it Bloody Well has been

    Throughout Great Britain Accountable Caring Socialist Government
    is Needed Not Just in Scotland

    Millions More exist in England than Live in Scotland

    • I’m Welsh and also one of the ‘oppressed’ but I still think a Yes vote on Thursday is an essential requirement to start the ball rolling on consigning this rotten political union to the dustbin of history where it properly belongs. Poverty and oppression will not be solved by having a ‘socialist’ government at Westminster, anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the history of socialist leaning governments at Westminster will realise that at best they are ‘reformist’ and try to run a more humane form of capitalism, or indeed, simply sell out as was the case in 1926 with Ramsay Macdonald and in 1997 with Bliar.

      I hope that in the event of a Yes victory in Scotland on Thursday it will galvanise ordinary people in Wales, and yes, England too. We don’t need politicians to be caring or accountable: we simply need to have the confidence and belief in ourselves to do the job ourselves.

  42. Will IDS take the huff and sanction Scotland by attempting to block welfare payments, doubt rUK would continue to invest (coughing bout) or deliver the new 30hr job search computer systems to Scottish jobcentres should there be a yes vote.

  43. Instead of Britain going to Pieces via the Salmonella of ” Independence ”
    which is Not 100% under the EU Quagmire it is Better to have an
    Independent Socialist Britain where the Poor are Cared For with an
    Strong Protecting Welfare State and where the Gulf between Rich and
    Poor is Not as Obscene as it is in Now in Con Dem Britain

    A United Independent Socialist Britain

    Britons Never Shall be Slaves

  44. voting no and moving south

    its all about the OIL nothing more nothing less. fuck em all up north, its not like you are slaves to us south of the border. so if you want your “independence” like the yanks have your welcome to it.

  45. To the People of Scotland…

    It is easy to say goodbye, to give up on something and do your own thing. But this is what will quite likely happen if you do, our brothers and sisters in Scotland. Free university education will end. Currently Scottish students do not have to pay to be educated at home – while our children in England pay tens of thousands of pounds. The welfare reforms criticised here will be nothing to those that Scotland will need to do when the Scottish currency devalues like happened in places in the EU.

    Make no mistake, we in England will not vote for currency union if we have no say in how a country that could affect our currency will govern itself. The B of E is lender of last resort now, but that will be an illusion if independence goes through. The scottish banks will re-headquarter in England, but in future, they will have to borrow money at higher interest rates. At a time when North Sea oil revenues fall, and companies leave Scotland to avoid the coming financial crisis, Scottish government taxation take will plummet – and it is likely that Scottish pensions will be greatly impacted.

    There will be a run on the pound too, and that will make England more mercenary in an attempt to preserve and restore the pound’s value.
    How will Scotland defend itself? Via an army of 3000 men and women? What navy and airforce will it have? With no nuclear deterrent it will have much reduced clout in a volatile world where ISIL and Russia and others seem bent on conquest. Will Scotland rely on England to defend it – but where will the cash come from to do it?

    EU countries have strived unsuccessfully to have economic and political union and how they must marvel that the UK would give a successful union up! Together we are strong. Apart, both you, the proud Scottish people, and England, will be much weaker. We may lose our seat on the G8, and with it a great deal of influence.

    Worse than that, we in England will watch as you guys north of the now more important border (policed and organised by expensive administration) go through a severe recession that will be painful. Not just painful like we have seen since the Labour Party spent the UK almost to collapse, but REALLY painful, with foreclosures everywhere, and people’s pensions worth nothing – like the Japanese suffered.

    Yes, senior political figures in England will lose their jobs – because down here we will lose patience with those who played while Rome (and then the UK) burned. Mr. Cameron and his government has made so many mistakes. But trying to forge a consensus on ISIL and Ukraine is not one of them.
    And if you vote to leave us now, and break up the union, you will be destroying (whatever we think of Tony Blair’s exploits abroad) the best chance of a continued moderating influence in the world that at least attempts to be on the side of the little guy.

    We will still be here for you after the worst of the crisis independence will cause has passed – but the damage will be done. A new world will be forged, a much colder and volatile one.

    We are a great nation, and it doesn’t need independence for Scotland to prosper. The austerity measures taken at Westminster had to be taken – or we would have all been bankrupt. It is no better for us in England than it has been in Scotland.

    The no campaign says we are ‘Better Together.’ We want you to stay.

    Winston Churchill once said ‘Kites fly highest against the wind, not with it.’ He might also have said ‘Stronger, larger kites fly higher.’ Don’t cut our ties.

    Fly higher in the UK.

    • Hey buddy, what the fuck difference does it make if ‘oil runs out’ in 100 years or whenever… we will all be pan breed…

    • overburdenddonkey

      “With Scotland’s population ageing faster than the rest of the UK, the best way of ensuring our pensioners are supported is by spreading those increasing costs across 60 million people across the UK – not just 5 million in Scotland.”
      do you have a vote? the myths you spout have all been debunked @ least 2m scots don’t believe BT crap anymore…ask bomber harris about churchill…and the cossaks…a BT leaflet claims our pensions are @ risk if we vote yes the DWP DENY this, as they ARE already paid for…they clam many other things that are not true..they claim we have the financial protection of over 60m people this is a CLEAR LIE…there are 12m people below 16…13m people over pension age, 9m economically inactive…7m in work poverty and the total number who work is a shade over 30m according to official figures…millions of pensioners in poverty…millions of 0 hr contracts..millions in self employment earning next to nothing and on tax credits…wages are falling in real terms coz productivity is 30% lower than it was 35yrs ago…..the 2nd lowest in europe….£1.5trl debt…£0.2trl below annual GDP…£25bn++ cuts to come after 2015ge, housing benefits claims are soaring….

    • Sir Winston Churchill also once said that ‘Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.’

      Presumably then he would have also concluded that Scots do not need lessons in the flying of kites.

    • Hey David you do talk a load of shite. Has anyone ever told you that.

      BTW we are not a great nation. The UK has a chequered disgraceful history in getting involved in other nations affairs and riding roughshod over them. The way we treated the Palestinian people being one prime example. Basically creating a path where they could be dispossessed of their land. That’s just one example. The very creation of the British Empire was built on cruelty and subjugation of other people. We also have a country where more and more people agree with sanctioning the poorest and most vulnerable in society and leaving them with nothing.

      So… in your case i think a study in history and politics and social affairs regarding Britain would be best advised for you before you come on here trying to patronize Scots with that utter shite.

      What qualifications in economics or politics do you have to be informing us of all this in any seriousness.

  46. Just watched John Reid on the Daily Politics. He is just like the rest of the labour MP’s. He was full of bluster without answering a straight question. A vote for labour next year at the general election and tory cuts will continue. What is the point of voting NO to independence? If you vote no then you had better get used to sanctions and cuts.

  47. I think Churchill had a few strengths as well as a few weaknesses. We are free and not under foreign rule because he convinced everyone in the UK we could beat Hitler. There are people like Hitler in the world today, and we need to confront them together. Not as separate countries. The Tories may be clueless in lots of ways, but they understood we had to pay down the massive national debt. At least they have tried to do so. Money isn’t free. But after the failures of the banks, some in Scotland, we have had to re-capitalise them. This has NOT led to interest rates in double figures, keeping many people in their homes. What would Scottish people do if the mortgage rate trebled? Because believe me – it could happen. NOT SCAREMONGERING! We don’t want you to have to go through that. Who would?

    Whatever is said about the Tory benefit changes, people can’t live on welfare forever. For a start it is better working and contributing. While the Tory government is flawed in many areas…. don’t confuse that with what will happen in Scotland if independence happens. Will you really trust Alec Salmond to sort out the finances, when he had no understanding or plan for the currency, after all that time to get ready to make his case.

    A vote Yes is a vote for chaos in Scotland. We don’t want you to go through that, because you are us.

    • But the Tories haven’t tried to reduce the national debt, they’ve deliberately pursued policies that have increased it! Austerity was not done out of any necessity, but purely by ideologically-driven design. It’s all about transferring vast amounts of Public money into the hands of private business, whilst simultaneously kicking the poor and dividing the nation.

    • “Whatever is said about the Tory benefit changes, people can’t live on welfare forever. ”

      Why not, and what else are they going to live on? Unemployment will always exist, and can only increase. The State owes us a living. It’s not their money, it’s ours.

      • Landless
        “Whatever is said about the Tory benefit changes, people can’t live on welfare forever. ”

        Why not, and what else are they going to live on?

        You are right landless, it is a pity that these free loading private companies that are kicking the unemployed were put out to pasture and made to exist on benefits instead of the vast salaries most of them are being paid, perhaps then there will be more public money to pay decent benefits for all until work finally comes back to the UK.

    • Churchill was a war-warmongering old bastard in the mould of Thatcher, Bliar, et al… He deliberately protracted the Second World War for political purposes. They were all best buddies any way – Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Churchill. It is just awful to think of the atrocities that were committed, the millions who lost their lives and the men who were robbed of their lives all because of these cunts.

  48. Well said David Starkey.

  49. overburdenddonkey
    the USSR won ww2, hands down!….
    the reasons that hitler did what he did are dealt with in great detail by dr alice miller et al…

  50. What would Scottish people do if the mortgage rate trebled?

    What will the UK do when the mortgage rate is trebled?

    Collude with the banks to repossess the homes of the subprime property owning democracy.

  51. We fought Hitler to avoid becoming slaves of an ideology that we detested. I have never been a nationalist and I don’t know how many other Scottish schoolboys supported England on 30 July 1966 like I did. I lived in the North of England during the early 80’s and was never made to feel so welcome by the friendliest people I ever met.
    Our country, like the N.E, was devastated by the scorched earth policies of Thatcherism and it has never recovered. We now have a neo-liberal greed fuelled ideology which is enslaving us through forced labour programmes pushed on us by people who worship money and try to blame unemployment on the unemployed rather than lack of jobs and their economic policies.
    We have different values from the ruling S.E elite who run the country and pour out their propaganda through a compliant media. Labour is just a wing of the Tory party as is the Liberal party. They all read off the same hymn sheets of cuts, cuts, cuts to welfare but with no creative ideas other than reducing their own tax bills.
    I am voting YES because I cannot see any hope with Westminster – the culture of greed, lies and corruption is now too far entrenched. I don’t expect independence to be some panacea for all the ills of our country but at least we have some chance, some hope, in gaining freedom and escaping from the slave economy that Westminster has foisted on us. We hope that by the example we set in economic reforms and social justice that we can help our brothers and sisters outside of Scotland through shaming the culture of greed in Westminster. That government think the slave labour stunt they have pulled on the people has taken the flak from them for what they did to the economy. Heads they win, tails we lose (that is the only rule they honour) but they are the biggest slaves of all because love of money, as the ancient sages described, is like drinking salt water.
    No to slavery, YES to our freedom.

  52. A BAKER’S dozen of top economists have listed 13 reasons why the people of Scotland will be worse off if there is a Yes vote. Academics from universities across the country joined forces to spell out why they believe independence would be a “big mistake”.

    The 13 experts include the heads of economics at Edinburgh and Glasgow universities.

    They warn a Yes vote would require more austerity and harsher cuts than those planned by the Westminster government – a threat that would see the poor bear the brunt.

    In a joint letter issued to the Daily Record, the economists say: “Our main contention is that Scotland is unlikely to be richer and fairer if there is a Yes vote in the referendum.

    “The irony is that within the Union, Scotland has a higher level of income per person than the UK.”

    • overburdenddonkey

      “In a joint letter issued to the Daily Record, the economists say: “Our main contention is that Scotland is unlikely to be richer and fairer if there is a Yes vote in the referendum.”
      it would be polite to pot a link to that story please do..

  53. They warn a Yes vote would require more austerity and harsher cuts than those planned by the Westminster government – a threat that would see the poor bear the brunt.

  54. Don’t believe Captain Haddock and OBD’s lies. Vote No.

  55. They do not give a fuk about the peoples of the British Isles, have no doubts Churchill would have been on this side of the debate, muscular liberalism is the politics on the road to serfdom and tyranny.

  56. You can always find an expert to side with any view. They will twist the facts to persuade you to believe what they want you to believe. Cameron gets on the phone to his friends and they spout whatever garbage he wants them to spout while they deny they are saying it to help Cameron.

  57. The economists say, money grows on trees and the Scots are to diminutive and stupid to harvest the crop.

  58. @Fenriss,

    A BAKER’S dozen of top economists have listed 13 reasons …

    In Scotland a BAKER’S dozen is 12.5. not 13. 🙂

  59. Leading financial spread better IG has put the chances that Scots will vote to remain in the Union at 81pc.
    It said a survey of other spread betters and investor behaviour on its own platform indicated that investors believe the referendum is still far more likely to end with a ‘No’ vote.

  60. Brenda Kelly, chief market strategist at the broker, said a straw poll of nearly 200 of IG’s clients put even more weight behind the ‘No’ camp, with 88pc saying they think the Scots will stay.

    • Contract for Difference

      I’ll tell you what if I was the ‘No camp’ I would be shitting ma breeks because as anyone with any spread-betting experience knows the market will move in the OPPOSITE direction of IG clients positions.

      btw IG Index don’t put their ‘weight behind’ anything; it is a spread-betting company for gamblers trying to make a fast buck. Incidentally, something like 98% of bets LOSE. If it was so easy make money spread-betting and if you are so convinced that it will be a NO vote why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and take a position on IG Index, I mean it’s a virtual certainly 😉 Oh, you are scared YES might trump lose your shirt 😉 You see none of us are THAT certain when it comes to putting our money where your mouth is. And if you do take a position and put your shirt on it, in despite of your ‘certainty’ I can guarantee that you will be sweating buckets and having palpitations until the results are in. Spread-betting is pure high-octane and not for the feint-hearted. Only Bravehearts need take a position. 🙂

      • Contract for Difference

        Current prices:

        Scotland to vote YES — Sell 19 – Buy 25
        Scotland to vote NO — Sell 75 – Buy 81

        £81 a point to put your money where your mouth is 😉

        So clearly the money is on a NO vote… we will see… 😉

  61. ASDA warned prices could go up after independence, as 100 Scottish bosses yesterday threw their weight behind Better Together.

  62. Next and John Lewis warned shoppers may face higher prices and Sainsbury’s said they had already scaled back investment in Scotland because of uncertainty.

  63. When OBD votes for Captain Haddock the price of the Buckfast he’s clearly over indulging in goes up

  64. A HOST of football stars have signed up to make the case for a No vote on September 18.

    Legends from all eras of the game have signed up for Better Together and their goal is to convince football supporters that saying Yes in the referendum on September 18 would be a massive own goal.

    In a joint statement, the 16 players plus two joint managers – Old Firm legends Billy McNeill and Walter Smith – insist they are patriots who believe their country is best served as part of the Union.

    They say: “We are proud Scots who have been proud to represent our country around the world. When Scotland calls, we answer.

    “We are proud that Scotland has always stood on its own two feet but we also believe that Scotland stands taller because we are part of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is a country Scotland helped to build.

    “We urge every patriotic Scot to help maintain Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom which has served Scotland so well.”

  65. Keep going Fenriss, the smart money will make a fortune investing in an independent Scotland.

  66. A HOST of football stars, do they really believe that Scots follow the political allegiances of football stars, like monkeys following the Labour Party.

    Have they not noticed that the Scots indyref movement has a political mind of its own.

    • overburdenddonkey

      very true…we have tasted freedom and we are no longer in the mood for the patronizing scaremongering political classes..we are going for the chink of light that we have opened up for ourselves, despite what the capitalist political classes have thrown @ us….people are furious with what they have willfully done to us, so as they line their pockets with our gold…

  67. One thing to bear in mind through all of this, is that the ordinary people of England really rate and value the ordinary people of Scotland. So if it is a Yes vote this week, lets stay friendly! As an example of how we all get on, the Scottish Parliament was built with no expense spared, funded by all of the UK. If the Scots become independent, the building is for the Scots, and an investment in your democracy.

    I hope those in power north of the border make good use of the building we all funded.

    • overburdenddonkey

      remove your rose coloured specs..
      we in scotland have paid and do pay 10% towards infrastructure we don’t get to use….most scots were rightly outraged @ the £400m cost of the holyrood parl….the uk, has given us nothing, and taken everything…
      i am english i have lived in scotland for nearly 30yrs the social language of this country is amazing…i have a massive family that live in england, including great grand children…we are NOT subsidy junkies, as you stupidly imply…we are expected to pay £5bn + towards hs2 for example to save people setting off 20 mins early….and £5bn / yr paid towards a uk deficit that we would have never run up…iceland jailed the bankers….their economy is flying high now…they have NO debt….this is about breaking down the borders to democracy that imperialist WM has so skillfully been erecting for @ least 35yrs now…so that scotland can get on and manage it’s own affairs the social union between our countries will always be strong and prevail…
      vote yes….my father in law was in the 8th army and @ father was an RE in ww2…they died bitterly disappointed staunch socialists….onward’s and forever upwards…

      • lol this guy could take some guitar lessons from Tracy Chapman lol 😀

        • ffs give the guy a break… Tracy Chapman is world-class… this guy is just…. shite!

        • Other websites take note:

          “This is the official website of Scottish musician Dick Gaughan, guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer and record producer.

          Inside you will find information about Gaughan, a Song Archive (with lyrics, stave notation, midi and mp3 files) a full discography with historical and biographical information, Reviews, Tour schedules, links to a wide variety of other sites, opinionated rants, an Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Usenet, little bits of Celtic artwork and much more.

          What you WON’T find are scripting languages, Flash, frames, pop-up windows, adverts or any of the other irritating gimmicks that just screw up your browser and waste your time. I built and maintain the site myself and all the things which piss me off about a lot of websites have been avoided here.

          The site is strictly standards-compliant and the information here should therefore be readable on any platform. It is also built to be equally accessible to all visitors regardless of whatever abilities or disabilities they might have.

          — Dick Gaughan”

  68. Vote NO and when Salmond wins then the MASS EXECUTIONS of NO voters begin at dawn on Friday!

  69. Keep your Buckfast and drug trade that now makes up the UK GDP aggregate we will binge out on good quality whisky.

  70. Who do you think Celtic fans should trust ? Billy McNeil or alex salmond ?

  71. How is bringing in 1 million immigrants going to help the 180 000 Scottish unemployed ?

    • overburdenddonkey

      “AN independent Scotland would need almost one million immigrants by the middle of the century to boost the workforce and defuse its pensions time bomb, the Shadow Pensions Minister has warned”
      do you notice it says the middle of the century? ie 35yrs from now nostradamus is not even that precise.. but that aside..the pensions time bomb has already been defused by savage cuts and age rises in uk pensions…or didn’t you notice? you will also note that present pensions entitlements are already fully funded, and therefore paid for…in fact there is what is described as a pensioner jackpot caused by independence which does not need funding for @ least 3yrs…because of the pension age escalator…2016 we move to the single tier pension set atm @ £142 from 2016…
      “If you have fewer than 35 years when you reach State Pension age you will get a pro-rata amount. However, you will need to have a minimum number of qualifying years when you reach State Pension age (thiswill be set between 7 and 10 years), otherwise you will not get a single-tierpension”
      so there quite a lot of time to get the hamstrug scottish economy into shape
      oh look! a 100 yr oil bonanza…..

    Winning the independence referendum will be no piece of cake but the No campaign might have found the recipe for success, according to an unusual poll.

    An Edinburgh bakery has been monitoring sales of its Union flag and Saltire-iced cupcakes since March to try to predict the outcome of Scotland’s referendum.

    Cuckoo’s revealed yesterday (Mon) that the No cake has outsold its rival in the run-up to the historic vote.

    The Dundas Street bakery said that of the thousands of its opinion poll cupcakes consumed, 47.7% were No cakes and 43.5% were Yes.

    The undecideds – who opted for a cake with an iced question mark – made up the remaining 8.8%.

    Co-founder Graham Savage said: “We have seen an increase in sales generally and some big orders have come in from both sides.

    “Our poll has been conducted professionally throughout the campaign and we are delighted that the results have shown to be so similar to the official results.

    “We have calculated that since the campaign was launched, we have sold 80,000 cupcakes from our full range, including the Opinion Poll cupcake.”

  73. The NHS
    The only way to prevent the privatisation of the NHS in Scotland — which despite its name has been run as a separate service since it was founded in the 1940s — is to vote for independence.
    The Nationalists are lying blatantly to scare the electorate into voting Yes. The Scottish Parliament has full control over the NHS in Scotland. Only the Scottish Parliament could decide to privatise it, which it wouldn’t because there is no party suggesting such a move and very few voters in Scotland would vote for a party which advocated the end of the NHS.
    The Nationalist argument appears to be a campaign lie which makes no sense whatsoever.

    Scotland is short-changed by the Union and gets too little money from Whitehall. After independence, public spending will be higher and taxes will be lower. Scotland won’t have to pay for Trident, the nuclear deterrent, and growth will eventually somehow be higher.
    Public spending in Scotland is £1,200 higher per head than it is in England, thanks to arrangements which favour a country with a small population spread over wide distances. Yes is indulging in fantasy economics.
    Economists generally agree Scotland does very well out of the UK on public spending. At least in the short term, it looks like spending would have to fall and taxes would rise.

  75. The Scotsman and The Sunday Post support the No vote.

  76. The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has released a statement expressing its concern at the “increase in intimidation and bullying of journalists covering the independence referendum” and calls for people to rein in the abuse being directed at its members.
    In the statement, the NUJ blames social media for allowing “contributors anonymity to make personal attacks on individuals” and makes reference to the “intimidation” of BBC journalists in particular.

  77. Wonder which group of undemocratic thugs are doing that ?

    • Most Journalists in the UK lost their credibility along time ago and have a track record of criminality and thuggery, the MSM back in their UK warmongering mode claiming there is violent division in Scotland when there is not.

      The legacy media would start a war just to survive in the digital age and fill their coffers – scum bags.

  78. Salmond’s £14billion black hole: Damning report warns of ‘huge risks in oil, pensions and tax’ for an independent Scotland
    New report casts further doubt on Alex Salmond’s economic plan
    Scotland will face a £14billion black hole, says Centre for Policy Studies
    It would face a slump in oil revenues and an exodus of banks to England
    A spike in public sector pensions would be a third ‘huge risk’ says report
    Meanwhile Marks & Spencer and B&Q owners speak out against Yes vote

  79. “And the shame was on the other side
    Oh we can beat them forever and ever
    Then we could be Heroes
    Just for one day ”

    — David Bowie “Heroes”

    Go for it Scots. Put a dent in the rusty suit or armour of the Westminter elite.

  80. Thanks overburden, that’s a great video.

    It’s heartwarming to see so many folks campaigning in support of fairness and hope for the future, people who have refused to buy into the lying bulls**t espoused by the Better Together camp throughout this campaign.

    • overburdenddonkey

      we’ve won regardless of the indyref result, scotploitics politics will never be the same again…

      • Tore down the UK neoliberal ponzi scheme and set a foundation of social justice in Scotland that future generations of Scots can build upon.

        Aye Scotland

  81. Who said ” Scotland please stay with us ” ?

  82. OBD, Oor Wullie and The Broons are voting No.

  83. Strong editorial endorsement from the Financial Times. A paper quoted in almost every Yes Scotland leaflet.

    • Regardless of your politics the FT is an editorially sound newspaper, and has excellent coverage of the financial markets. The Daily Rectum: that roll of loo roll that the NO campaign rely on for editorial comment on is not fit to wipe your arse on.

  84. Paddy Power ( a man we can trust ) says Against Independence 1/4
    For Independence 11/4. Who could argue with that?

  85. i hope its a yes , no one has a clue what will happen bankers and mps dont,
    were all doomed if its yes the bullingdon boys are shiting there pants,,

  86. What gladdens my heart is that Celtic fans Rod Stewart and Billy Connolly are backing the No vote.

  87. You know that Westminster are running scared when George Wosborne-to-be-a-git offers more dosh for welfare and the NHS to Scotland. So suddenly he’s got the money when it suits…

  88. Yeah…he’s the same as all politicians including salmond and the snp

  89. Didn’t the snp used to be called the tartan tories ?

  90. Reynolds its not sanctioning your needing its sectioning

  91. SIR IAN WOOD: Why Salmond’s wrong on ‘Scotland’s oil’… It’s running out faster than he thinks, says billionaire oil guru
    Oil guru claims ‘Yes’ campaigners misquoted figures from his own review about oil reserves
    Sir Ian claims young voters should be aware that by the time they’re in their 40s Scotland will have little offshore oil and gas production

  92. Are you even Scottish reynolds ? You have the speech patterns of an Englishman.

  93. OBD
    Hmmm…..let me see,who do i believe, Ian Wood head of one of the worlds biggest oil services groups who says salmond misquoted and lied about his report or some nonentity on you tube? Hard one that i’ll get back to you.

  94. overburdenddonkey

    glegg, cameron, and the other one, have now signed a pledge, nige has been left out, which is the eqiv of a bucket of steam in the desert…if it had any value ukip would be dancing all over it..and if it were new it would break purdah…

  95. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. That’s what salmond relies on to TRY to achieve his tartan utopia.

  96. just read that comedians eddie izzard and al murray lent their support to the LetsStayTogether campaign. Just a pity that other comedian Captain Haddock doesn’t realise the jokes on him.

  97. Ian Wood , BP and Shell or some SNP supporters on YouTube. ?

  98. @Fenriss.

    In case you had not noticed if ever there has been a leaderless political movement in the UK it is the Scots YES movement, you are the one that appears to be negating self determination and joined at the hip to some very dodgy politicians.

    In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king, only of himself as the blind citizens have honed their other sense.

    • A No vote does not mean i support Tory/Labour/Liberal scum. I have never voted for any of them in my life. It means i affirm my Scottish/British identity.

      • Have no argument with that, though technically you will not be affirming your Scottish identity you will be making it subservient to a British identity.

        As a Scot you are sovereign, a NO vote will be a negation of sovereignty and will be a wilful act of subjugation.

        A NO vote is so much more than voting for the status quo but obviously they will not tell you that.

        • A yes vote will be a negation of sovereignty and will be a wilful act of subjugation to the European Union… Scotland being part of the British family of nations doesn’t make me any less Scottish.

          • As I have said you will not be part of the British family your sovereign status will be that of an British in-house slave due to your NO vote denying that Scotland is a sovereign nation.

            As for the EU Scotland will be out of the EU before the rUK it will then be up to the Scottish people (sovereign YOU) if or on what terms we join.

            • no pound sterling, no euro . what currency will us freed British in house slaves have then ?

              • According to Alistair Darling an indy Scotland will use the rouble or failing that the Swaziland shilling.

              • overburdenddonkey

                the dollar, perhaps the krona..or the PUNT (the irish £), as ireland did, or the £,as all other commonwealth countries did after indy, until they dropped it..the city of london geared, overvalued junk that acts to stifle manufacturing growth in the uk…CU is a generous offer from scotland, a golden goodbye, and the markets know it!
                if they reject CU the £ goes into freefall..we can’t join the euro, without 1st having a currency, and it will be the £..
                i’m of irish stock, one my biological brothers is an irish citizen..

                • @OBD,
                  Yes, I used to work with companies importing goods from the the F.E. We were based in Sctoland but the currency we bought in was U.S dollars no matter what the sellers currency or our was. I’m not bang up to date but in the 80’s and 90’s the dollar was virtually the currency of the world. I could travel anywhere in the F.E, for example, and pay in U.S dollars. I don’t see anything to be gained by hitching to the pound, certainly not currency union.

              • Why as such a staunch supporter of the pound would you not trust that currency in iScotland.

      • overburdenddonkey

        you’re using labdemtory propaganda/lies to back your claims up…and once one does that one is a labdemtory, end of.

  99. Will an ‘independent’ Scotland still allow the barbaric practice of haggis-shooting?

    • Yes, but we will replace barbaric with culturally sensitive, practice with art and shooting with nudging – the culturally sensitive art of haggis nudging.

  100. If the Scottish vote “Yes” Adolf Duncan Shite will be able to concentrate his full perveted, murderous and corrupt powers on the rest of us. Oh Happy days then!

  101. vote yes for cereal's party

    remember scot’s IF you vote YES then they WILL BE NO CEREAL for you ever no weetos, cornflakes, weetabix even sugar puffs CAN you live without them i think not so vote NO on 18th 🙂

  102. overburdenddonkey

    “A TOP businessman who advised the No campaign on defence now plans to vote Yes in next week’s independence referendum.
    Ian Godden, a leading figure in the Scottish oil and defence industries, said backing No would be “a vote for the long-term decline of Scotland”.

  103. …………………………..and in another exciting twist on this mornings state propaganda news, courtesy of the Westminster mouthpiece, the one and only B.B.C………………………

    “Confidential papers passed to the BBC suggest a radical cost-saving plan will be implemented in the Scottish NHS after the referendum”

    ……………..exactly who passed on these confidential papers?

    Surely another call for a thorough police investigation………………………

    • overburdenddonkey

      they have not increase the barnett formula in line with inflation nor the budget which in real terms has seen a 6% CUT…also there is a £220m PA PFI millstone to pay…then the SG have had to mitigate bedtax losses the £1.6bn pa cut in disability benefits, and then are the 900000 sanctions all of which drain resources as intended to weaken the scot economy, and blame the SNP….plus scot HB claiments don’t pay CTax…

      • Economics Professor

        Instead of circulating in the Scottish economy providing jobs and growth for Scottish businesses the sanctioned money is being funnelled into the off-shore bank accounts of rich toffs. Sanctions are having a devastating effect on the Scottish economy; just look at the number of businesses going under in your local community.

  104. overburdenddonkey

    this is good note the no stall down the street..

  105. Obama urges Scotland not to ruin America’s ‘special relationship’ with Britain by voting for independence
    US President’s intervention comes just 3 days before Thursday’s referendum
    Up to 500,000 voters undecided amid concerns over membership of Nato
    Obama said US ‘has a deep interest’ in keeping the United Kingdom together
    Spokesman said he wanted the UK ‘strong, robust, united and an effective’

  106. England and Not least the Poor Peoplke of England have had a Raw

    Scotland has been Overrepresented at Westminster has had it’s
    own Scottish Office Secretary of State for Scotland and Now
    Scottish Parliament

    England has had None of these Nor a Voice to Speak Up for the
    Poor of England

    I do Not Think that ” Scottish Independence ” within the EU Quagmire
    will make Things Better for the Poor of England who will still be in
    the Tory Yoke

  107. Once the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?” is legally formulated then for Scots there can be only one answer for a negation is a rejection of sovereignty.

    A No vote will politically disempower and obliterate Scots legitimacy as a sovereign people and political entity way beyond the present political union – Scottish sovereign power will cease to exist should there be a No vote. There will be no Scots nation to rise again.

  108. The dramatic intervention, just three days before Scotland goes to the polls, will infuriate Alex Salmond – with the battle for independence set to be decided by the smallest of margins.
    Up to half a million voters remain undecided – with concerns over the future of Scotland’s place in major international organisations like the EU, Nato and the UN still hotly debated.

    • overburdenddonkey

      it is old recycled stuff there is nothing new in it….it is certain that ukip will exploit this bucket of steam as will…which means that they have no authority to offer anything (not that anything has been offered in the “pledge” (the polishing of crap), of course)…their “offer” will kick in when we are powerless and because we are…then ukip et al step in and convince others that scots are getting something for nothing and exploit this so we up with a ukip pact…how wonderful…if they retain power over capital they retain power over us….power devolved is power retained…..additional points, the lords removed devolved powers overnight, so they could exploit fracking..
      we may or may not join the EU and/or NATO,,,the UN we will join for certain…it would be very odd to exclude scotland from the NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION…we can also join EFTA.. we have massive resources the the EU want access to ie the spanish want our fish, we hold 25% of the EU fish stocks..

  109. Fundamentally Scots should they vote no will have politically disempower themselves and voted the nation of Scotland out of existence, it will no longer be an equal partner in a political union but will be nothing more than a Vassal State.

    A No vote is not for the continuation of the union it is an abdication of Scots authority and powers within that contract.

  110. An Independent Socialist United Britain where the Government Cares
    about and Helps the Poor a Land Free of Misery Oppression and
    Tyranny where the Words Britons Never Shall be Slaves counts
    for something

  111. alex salmond expenses cheat
    Salmond ran up his highest annual bill of £115,542 – the equivalent of £316 per day – in the same financial year as the onset of the financial crisis, when thousands of families started struggling to make ends meet.
    It overlaps with a period when he was also MP for Banff and Buchan and claiming up to £400 per month for food on his Commons expenses, even though he was rarely in London.

  112. Addressing The Gulf between Rich and Poor the Redistribution of Wealth from Richto Poor ReNationalisation of the Railways and Utilities these will do More to Help the Poor People of England and the Rest of Great Britain
    than Putting a Border between England and Scotland

  113. @Fenriss,

    Should there be a no vote and you then claim the sovereignty of the Scots, then the other sovereign peoples of the World will laugh at you and your Vassal loyalty.

  114. The trouble with all you nationalist chaps and chapettes, is that you put your country, your ‘ain folk’ and your ‘ain state’ first.

    And here’s me thinking Johnny was an anarchist……

  115. Ipswich Marxist Andrew Coates has added his voice to the NO campaign… more to follow…

  116. yeah johnny are you an Anarchist or a Nationalist ?

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes in aberdeen…a bit of a quite day…

      • If the No vote had a heartland, Aberdeen and its surrounding shire would surely rank as friendliest territory for Better Together.
        Private polls for Labour have suggested a lead in the Granite City of some 40 percentage points over the independence campaign. You do not have to look far to see reminders of its proud links with Britain.

        Union Street runs through the heart of the city past the statue of Edward VII. Union Terrace Gardens lead to His Majesty’s Theatre while a shiny new shopping centre has risen on the site of Union Square.

  117. by the way why do all these “scottish freedom fighters” speak ENGLISH the language of their colonial masters ? shouldn’t they have a language of their own

    • overburdenddonkey

      my father spoke gealic and some welsh as he went to school in north wales..
      so please leave this crap out of this blog…as for anarchy, it means freedom 1st free oneself..there are many ways of being an anarchist it does not mean being frozen but evolving…j v’s buzz, i would imagine, as is mine, is to see these control freaks, as indeed you are, running around like headless chickens not knowing which way to point, in those terms it is an hilarious observation…

    • Great Chieftain O' Thi Puddin Clan

      If you are talkin aboot thi mithir tongue, aye we dae.

  118. Vote yes for more unemployment
    Vote yes for higher taxes
    Vote yes for tax cuts for the rich
    Vote yes for higher electricity prices
    Vote yes for no increase in the minimum wage
    Vote yes for disaster
    Vote yes AT YOUR PERIL.

  119. SNP lies about NHS
    In a separate warning, Scotland’s struggling NHS is facing devastating cutbacks of £450million under the SNP, an explosive secret dossier has revealed.
    The confidential paper seen by the Scottish Daily Mail, kept under wraps in the run-up to the referendum, shows that health board chiefs are preparing to make huge savings in 2015 and 2016.
    The world-renowned Institute Fiscal Studies last week revealed how the Scottish Government has actually been cutting health services in recent years while there have been funding increases in England.
    Now, a document released to the Mail shows how Scotland’s NHS chiefs discussed ‘significant challenges’ and further cutbacks at a meeting on August 6.

  120. Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates stateless societies
    johnny likes alex so much he wants to be subjagated under his scottish STATE

  121. As looks likely the undecided voters will remain cautious and probably vote no and lose the chance of independence forever. We all know that if Scotland did vote yes all the scaremongering nonsense would stop and those businessmen who spouted the garbage would suddenly be talking up Scotland and getting on with making Scotland a successful nation. Scotland are not going to become another Greece. The deutsch bank comments are more to do with worrying about the reduction the UK might end up contributing to the EU and scared of the germans having to make up the difference from german taxpayers. I can’t imagine the UK without Scotland contributing the same amount to the EU. If the Uk do vote to leave Europe we would all be in the same boat anyway so why not vote yes on thursday.

  122. @Fenriss,

    You are obsessed by institutions it has enslaved your thinking and made you risk averse.

  123. i dont support any of the Old Gang parties i believe in free born Britons being in control of OUR own country

  124. I don’t understand why everyone is saying the decision will be final, no going back, etc. Governments make and break rules, deals, international agreements, etc. as they see fit, so even if Scotland does go independent why does it have to be forever? Anything can happen at any point.

    • Scotland won’t go ‘independent’, even in the event of a YES vote. Even those voting YES probably don’t really want to part company with the “Auld Enemy” for good. But what they DO want to do is put the frighteners on those toff cunts at West-monster. A YES/FUCK YOU OFF YOU TOFF CUNTS – WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SHITE vote would be good for the UK as a whole. It would be a sad day indeed if Scotland really did leave the UK.

    • My thoughts entirely, Landless. Nothing is forever. There may be a point in future when we unite again but in a different and hopefully more egalitarian form

  125. overburdenddonkey

    just picked this up…. “Sorry O/T but VERY VERY important. Many voters have not received their polling cards and probably won’t in time for the referendum. Many are saying people in places where Yes support is strong are worst hit by this scam. Please spread the word that YOU DO NOT NEED A POLLING CARD TO VOTE”.

  126. obd ^^^^

    get your excuses in first laughable

  127. Betfair is so confident of a “No” vote in Thursday’s Scottish independence referendum that it is already paying out to those who have staked money on it. Despite polls ahead of the vote continuing to be close, betting markets have been overwhelmingly in favour of the Better Together camp winning on Thursday.
    Betfair said this morning that gambling patterns indicate a 79pc likelihood of a “No” vote.
    Despite the odds on “Yes” shortening last week, they have rebounded significantly in the last few days.

    • It just means that the volume of money flowing on to NO is so great that they will be out of pocket (bankrupt) whichever way the result goes so they have had to close the book.

  128. Financial markets have appeared to mirror betting patterns in recent days, with both suggesting that the chances of a “Yes” vote are far slimmer than polls suggest.

  129. Odds on a “Yes” vote have drifted from 4 (or 3/1) at the end of last week to 4.5 (or 7/2) on the exchange
    “Political bettors have often favoured the exchange as their choice of betting platform and it has historically provided an accurate prediction of political outcomes,” said Betfair’s Naomi Totten.
    “Paying out early on our Sportsbook is testament to the esteem in which we hold the illustrious track record of our Exchange.

  130. Prudential boss says he opposes independence
    Prudential is the UK’s largest insurance company
    it employs 1,275 people in Stirling and its group chief executive, Tidjane Thiam, has just released this statement opposing independence.

  131. The decision in this week’s referendum is absolutely one for the people of Scotland and whatever the outcome, Prudential will continue to honour its obligations to its customers and staff in Scotland, where we have a long and proud tradition.

    From a business and economic perspective I believe it is in the long-term interests of Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom. Like many foreigners who have chosen to live and work here, I have seen how the diverse strands that make up the UK render the whole more than the sum of its parts.

    The UK is a G7 nation and one of the largest and most influential member states in the European Union. As the CEO of a company with significant interests in Asia, in the USA and in the UK, I can see first-hand every day how pooling of common interests is preferable to separation in an uncertain world rapidly coalescing into large, powerful trading and economic blocs.

  132. .You would seem the only person worried about a yes vote Fenriss.

    I have never seen so many submissions on a blog as you have made, kinda strange really, don’t you think?
    For you to make this many statements on a pro YES site, leads me to wonder of your true objectives and the cause you represent.
    You amaze me really, i have never come across a Scotsman so willing to wave the white flag as you do.

    I was a union convener in a large factory and you could always count on the Scots to bolster your efforts against the common enemy, the management.
    The three stooges have shown their hand, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Whatever they promised to give you as a goodwill token is nothing compared to what you will get if you stand your ground.

    Westminster have everything to lose, as have the rich toffs of the square mile who now make decisions on everything i don’t want.

    I am neither a proud Englishman, telling all and sundry what a “real shithole”, this once proud nation has become.

    Our government sits back and steals from those who are least able to fight back, is this a democracy?……………… it fuck!!!!

    One thing is for certain, my head and my heart are with my northern friends, not those bastards who seek to hide the mortality statistics while pretending to represent me……………..



      • It means that people like yourself will always stagnate, because ambition is not in your vocabulary………………………………
        I would have rather tried and lost, than never have tried at all.

        • @Geoff Reynolds
          Wordpress’ system put my earlier post to Fenriss out of sequence but here’s a copy (hopefully in sequence):
          “As the CEO of a company with significant interests in Asia, in the USA and in the UK”
          You let the cat out from the bag, didn’t you? You’re a corporate stooge and Tory troll.”

    We interrupt our schedule to bring you this terrifying breaking news.
    In anticipation of a Yes vote terrorists and rogue governments worldwide are gathering around the land and sea borders of Scotland ready to invade.
    ISIS terrorists have converted their Toyota trucks to amphibious attack vehicles, based on a Jeremy Clarkson idea, they got from Top Gear.
    They are currently setting up positions around the North East coast, ready to strike if the Scots should vote yes and leave the protective bosom of Chairman Cameron.
    Vladimir Putin has ordered his entire navy into the North Atlantic in readiness for invasion, in the event of a yes vote.
    Kim Yung Un, has said that he has a new intercontinental ballistic missile aimed at Wee Ecks favourite curry house and will not hesitate to popadom it into the ground.

    Save Us Chairman Cameron!!!

  134. overburdenddonkey

    aye aye we’re all voting aye…

  135. overburdenddonkey

    in the usa the 8billion BoE oil field bonanza, from just 1 oil feild, has been announced…. but very low key here..

  136. overburdenddonkey

    oh, dear! miliband does like hearing truth…. the other side of their savage cuts…whilst they live in luxury…

    • What I just saw from yes protestors at @Ed_Miliband walkabout like my worst days in Tower Hamlets during Respect: anger, danger, fear.

      Yes activists greet Ed Miliband by screaming that he’s a “f***ing liar”. More positive tactics… #indyref

      At @Ed_Miliband walkabout in Edinburgh. Old man and mum with pushchair pushed and threatened by protesters. Not Scottish politics I know.

      This isn’t campaigning. This is shouting down your opponents. It’s the ugly politics of the minority mob. It’s genuinely intimidating

    • overburdenddonkey

      “we in the labour party believe that the indyref is for the scottish people ie those who LIVE here”
      miliband you are NOT welcome in scotland atm, who ever told you that you were, is badly mistaken, go home.
      you’re just here to wind people up, and even if you are not you are winding people up.
      then you complain people are upset, which is the height of stupidity.
      a bit like a man u fan shouting “come on united”, in the middle of the kop end crowd.
      it’s also costing you votes.
      not that we mind that of course.
      you are not a tourist.

  137. just some of the comments from the new statesman piece

    OBD supports criminal behaviour and outright thuggery just because he has lost the argument

  138. They can’t win the argument with facts so they resort to lies, People don’t believe their lies so they resort to violence and intimidation. Bullying that little hampstead leftie miilliband. Wonder how they never tried to intimidate the 20 thousand Loyalists who marched through the centre of Edinburgh on Saturday

  139. na Breataine ansin na Breataine na Breataine anois go deo

  140. Fenriss,

    Can you give advise on which party to vote for in the event of a no vote that post indyref will deliver the fruits of the Union that you so feverishly applaud ?

  141. Fenriss,

    Do you think a no vote will result in the exodus of thousands of Scotland’s young people, an impartial observer would accept that there is going to be a substantial loss of faith in Scotland’s future.

  142. an impartial observer would see that the people of the Scottish part of Britain have spoken and respect that decision nobodys going to leave whether its yes or NO

  143. Not into ideological political collectives overburdenddonkey think that has been part of the problem, capitalist and socialist dogma have only given cover to the corruption that has not only been the destroyer of Scotland but the rUK.

  144. so why are you supporting a smaller Scottish nation state rather than a larger British nation state same thing only diff is the size

    • Could ask the same of you in rejecting the loss of sovereignty to the political union of the EU, your constitutional threshold is the political union of the UK my constitutional threshold is the sovereignty of Scotland.

      • I want Britain out of the EU anyway i thought anarchists didnt believe in nation states

        • @Fenriss
          “I want Britain out of the EU anyway i thought anarchists didnt believe in nation states”
          Just showed us your TRUE colours. You WANT………?!?! Megalomanic as well as arrogant?

        • Anarchists don’t believe in nation states, but anarchists also deal with reality, and the reality is that anarchist ideas and thinking would probably have more impact in an independent Scotland than they do in a United Kingdom. Ultimately anarchists would want nation states abolished as they are oppressive (and expensive) institutions that do something we could all do much better ourselves.

  145. Scotland decides

    Dear Mr. Void

    A referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place on Thursday 18 September.

    The run-up to this historic vote has led to large increases in volatility on a wide range of markets including the FTSE and GBP/USD. While this volatility creates trading opportunities, we would urge all clients to monitor their exposure carefully. This is important due to the increased likelihood of large, and very sudden, price movements.

    Polling closes at 10pm on Thursday 18 September and counting is expected to commence in all 32 local authority areas straight away. An official announcement is expected on Friday the 19th, once all 32 local counts have been verified by the Chief Counting Officer. However, it is very likely that regional centres will announce individual results during the early hours of Friday morning, increasing the likelihood of overnight volatility.
    How to protect your positions
    With the high chance of overnight volatility on a wide range of markets we offer, we would urge you to do at least one of the following:

    • Monitor your positions closely overnight
    • Place stops on any open positions to help reduce risk 🙂
    • Deposit extra funds to account for the chance of an adverse move 🙂
    • Consider reducing exposure to affected markets, or closing positions beforehand

    As always we will be offering trading on the FTSE and GBP/USD overnight, with trading on UK stocks commencing at 8am.
    We’re here to help
    If you have any questions about this, please contact us using the details below and we will be happy to help.

    Kind regards


    • “However, it is very likely that regional centres will announce individual results during the early hours of Friday morning”… looks like an all-nighter 🙂 No way we going to bed until we know the result of this 🙂

    • Soon To Retire and Very Worried Now

      Hope we don’t wake up on Friday morning to discover that £UK/Scottish 10 can’t buy a loaf of bread and a pint of milk and our pensions are worth diddly-squat. Bet the ‘big boys’ in City of London will use the referendum as an opportunity to carry out a heist and it will be that fat Scottish bloke oop North who will take the blame – it was ‘his’ idea afterall!

      • overburdenddonkey

        i’m in the same boat, but i am totally confident that we will prevail…
        VOTE YES…the uk £ is the city of london’s £, or has been we grab it back, on the 19th see how the run and panic… 🙂 see wings over scotland, pensioner jackpot…you’ll see…

      • You might not hold ultra-high risk spread-betting positions but anyone with a pension is invested in the stock markets, and the value of the £ affects us all.

        • overburdenddonkey

          the value of the city of london £ is spread over and supported by 20m people barely scraping a living, right down to those in abject poverty…
          35 yrs of very low productivity, and very poor fiscal planning…house of cards is fact….

  146. overburdenddonkey

    • ………………..another reason to vote yes

      Disabled man refused new Blue Badge despite having one arm
      Disabled man refused new Blue Badge despite having one arm
      A disabled man with one arm has been told he can only qualify for a parking permit if he loses ‘another arm or a leg’.

      Middlesbrough Council said Roy Sowerby, 58, would no longer be eligible for a Blue Badge under new guidelines from the Department for Transport.

      Mr Sowerby is registered disabled after losing his arm in an industrial accident 11 years ago and now drives an automatic car. He has held a parking permit for the past three years.

      ‘I’d like the council to tell me how I am not disabled,’ Mr Sowerby told Gazette Live.

      ‘They said if I lost another arm or a leg then I would qualify for one. So do I have to cut off my legs or my arm or my head to qualify for one? They said I can’t have one because I can carry a bag but I can’t carry anything bulky or heavy or big.’

      Government reforms to the Blue Badge scheme were introduced in 2012. Middlesbrough Council said current requirements meant applicants would only qualify if they had ‘a severe disability in both arms or a permanent and substantial disability that causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking’.

      ‘The criteria for eligibility in the first instance are that the applicant has a severe disability in both arms, regularly drives an adapted or non-adapted motor vehicle regularly, and also considerable difficulty in operating parking meters,’ the local authority said.

      ‘To qualify for a Blue Badge all three criteria must be met. The DfT states that “in no circumstances should anyone who does not satisfy all three of the conditions set out above receive a badge”.’

      ‘The guidance adds that “in particular, a badge should not be issued to a person who travels solely as a passenger or a person who has difficulty carrying parcels, shopping or other heavy objects such as luggage”.’

  147. overburdenddonkey

    nae feart

  148. Three new polls, by Opinium for the Daily Telegraph, ICM for the Scotsman, and Survation for the Daily Mail suggested the “No” vote held a slender lead going into the final day of campaigning. With undecided voters excluded, all three polls suggested a lead for No of 52% to 48%.
    The full breakdown of the Opinium poll was 49% for No, 45% for Yes and 6% undecided, while the ICM survey was 45% No, 41% Yes and 14% undecided. The Survation poll had Yes 44%, No 48% and Undecided 8%.

  149. overburdenddonkey
  150. Sunshine on Leith.
    Labour Leader chased out of Leith would never have believed that had I not witnessed decades of their corruption and self-entitlement.

    Aye Scotland.

    • overburdenddonkey

      see daily hell headlines, well perhaps not!
      i’ve heard an unprecedented 87% of postal votes have been returned @ highland…maybe it will go to over 90%…there are 50000 PV there..

  151. breaking news the criminal pariah state north korea and vulture capitalist and friend of the scottish working class rupert murdoch back the yes vote

    very telling

  152. good old rupe must have been reading the shetland news

  153. Wee 'Eck Bullie Wee Woman

    This is mind-blowing the level to which the SNP will stoop; an interesting insight into Wee ‘Eck’a Police State Scotland

    Revealed: Alex Salmond personally pressurised St Andrews University head over independence concerns

    Exclusive: First Minister phoned Prof Louise Richardson demanding she clarify remarks while emails show key aide urged principal to issue statement praising SNP Government

    Wee ‘Eck Bullie Wee Woman

  154. On IG Index September 15 @
    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 19 – Buy 25
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 75 – Buy 81

    Update today, now at:
    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 16 – Buy 21
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 79 – Buy 84

    YES campaign losing ground…


    • Financial Analyst

      IG Index is scary cos this is generally a contra-indicator. If the referendum was a stock you would be expecting a massive YES vote! Surely IG Index client sentiment haven’t called the result correct. Still a few ££ could have been made on the drift to NO.

  155. The Thuggish Behaviour of too many Supporters of So Called ” Scottish Independence ” Needs to be Condemned

    One is Not a Traitor wanting Issues of Social Justice Addressed throughout
    Great Britain instead of Division Prevailing and a Wall put up between Carlisle and Dumfries

    A United Independent Socialist Britain where the Poor are Cared For as
    much as in England as in Scotland is something Perfectly Honourable

    Homelessness Cost of Utilities Welfare State Nationalisation of the Railways
    these are some of the Issues that could of been Addressed instead of the
    Spectre of the Cost of Destroying the United Kingdom so some Politicians
    in Edinburgh can have more Power

    EU Membership is Not National Independence like Norway has

    The Cost of the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood could of been Spent
    on Helping the Homeless and Funding the National Health Service

  156. I want an Independent United Socialist Britain where the Poor and
    Vulnerable are Cared For Not one torn Apart by Boneheaded Racism and Petty Separatism

    There is a Lot of Anti English Racism about So Called ” Scottish Independence ” which is Oblivious to how the English and Scottish as British
    Voting Labour in 1945 Helped to Establish the Welfare State and the National Health Service

    • NoOppression

      Voting labour now will help craven politicians in favour of more austerity, sanctioning etc for the poorest in society, a real independent Scotland will be the best way to go to support and help the rest of us.

  157. Cost of Scottish Border Guards

    Cost of Partitioning of National DDebt

    Cost of Establishing Scottish Diplomatic Offices

    Poverty and Deprivation in Edinburgh and Glasgow

    Poverty and Deprivation in London and Manchester

    Homeless People in Edinburgh and Glasgow

    Homeless People in London and Manchester

    Having a Saltire Fly in place of the Union Jack is Not going to
    Lift the Poor out of Poverty Not Least in England and Wales

    An I All Right Jack Mentality is Not that of a Caring Socialist Society
    but of the Worst Excesses of Manical Individualism

  158. People Need to be United against Oppression and Suffering and in Great
    Britain this cannot be Done by Destroying the Country to please Separatism and Nasty Anti English Racism

    Yes the Tories have Not done much For Scotland but People in England
    have Suffered as Well under Tory Policies during Thatcher’s Tyranny and
    Since May 2010 and Yet England and the English have had No Referendum to Break Away from the UK whilst England and the English
    have had No English Parliament English Office or Secretary of State For England unlike Scotland

    Evidence of Anti English Racism behind too many in the Yes to Destroying Britain so Scotland can be submerged into the EU Campaign ( So Called
    Scottish Independence ) is a NO Campaigner in Glasgow from England
    being told to ” Get Out of my Country ” and a Spanish woman being spat on

    This Racism and Hooliganism has done Nothing to Help Poor and Vulnerable Scots or any other Poor and Vulnerable Humans in the UK

    • overburdenddonkey

      what BT crap you spout…

      • Westminster mouthpiece, the BBC, are now in bias overdrive………..

        Who can they call on next to reveal a confidential report?

        ………………one thing is for certain, the pure hatred for our government has been aired publicly.

        They should have thought twice about putting Duncan Smith on the airwaves. His presence is like red rag to a bull in the YES camp.

        and fancy that…………….

        the drop in employment figures and inflation going down on the same day.

        Talk about, pigs can fly obd……………………….

        • Are you denying the veracity of the confidential report or do you accept it is accurate ? Just asking a question or heckling as you call it

      • Is that good old aamer anwar i spot in that vid who was sacked by tommy sheridan for his links with rupert murdoch ?

  159. NoOppression.

    Too much immigration has done nothing to help the poor in this country either.

  160. guy fawkes alex salmond and his criminal gang want to bring 1 million immigrants to scotland

    • ……………..i hope they put me on the list, anythings better than the state sponsored killing machine who represent my well being………………
      chuckle, chuckle…………

    • Alex Haddock is a Con

      Yes, “1 million new homes”… but built by Workfare forced labour to house 1 million immigrants.

    • overburdenddonkey

      we’ve done good…normally the highland council expect 60% postal vote returns..they have now received as of yesterday 87% and this number is expected to rise…more registrations are being caused by disenfranchised voters returning to vote, because they have a voice that now counts…i am very confident that there can only be one way/reason to make one’s voice count and that is to vote YES …

  161. Owen Jones “Banks and other corporate giants warning that the roof will cave in; a near-hysterical media that leaves broad swaths of public opinion ignored – if the Labour leadership wants to know what to expect in the runup to next year’s election, they should regard the establishment campaign against Scottish independence as a foretaste of what is to come. But therein lies the problem, of course. Labour’s leaders have cheered on this campaign, and will be reminded of this fact at every opportunity when they complain of “scaremongering” when the same strategy is directed at them in the spring months of 2015……… Labour will suffer the same fate next year. But with its leaders so gleefully complicit in the same sort of campaign in Scotland, they may find it rather difficult to maintain the moral high ground next May.”

  162. When all the people whose values you detest are lining up to tell you NO then it just confirms that YES is indeed my vote tomorrow.

  163. Nicola Sturgeon is a MUNTER!!

    Check out the state of Nicola ‘sex appeal of a sausage supper’ Sturgeon’s teeth – what a minger!

  164. Captain Haddock is fat fascist

    Be careful of criticing Fuhrer Haddock or you will be thrown in a dungeon in the bowels of Edinburgh – Captain Haddock is fat fascist

  165. Please spare the Scottish socialist utopia nonsense to the Scots working class those middle class visions are a living hell.

  166. The Scottish socialist cabal hold the working class down while the crony capitalists kick the crap out of them.

  167. Imagine instigating a Scottish revolution and then finding you are the enemy of the solution.

  168. Tommy Sheridan please put away the Mussolini impersonation and the stressed working class dialect it adds nothing to your political credibility.

  169. Bairns, not bombs how bombastically infantile.

  170. Why have a class war just to be reclassified?

  171. “5. Alistair Darling: MP for Edinburgh South-West: 7 April 2011, He received a fee of £10,200 for addressing a dinner organised by Cinven, London. Hours: approx 6 hrs. On its website it states: ‘Cinven has been involved in European healthcare over a 20-year period and invests in market-leading, cash-generative companies.’

    Cinven is a leading buyout firm, who bought 25 private hospitals from Bupa. Other UK investments include. Spire Healthcare, who run private healthcare hospitals, and whose clinical director Jean-Jacques de Gorter said the use of private sector would spiral as a result of Andrew Lansley’s reform proposals. General healthcare group, which runs healthcare services, and whose group includes: BMI healthcare. The other company is Générale de Santé who are France’s leading healthcare provider.

    Patricia Hewitt (see below) was an advisor to Cinven.”

  172. All vote Yes , and get rid of the years and years of worsening rigmarole and red tape , let England fester in its ever changing levels of strictness and one sided laws , it will be good to see Scotland get their long awaited independence back , then lets hope they strike oil , and flourish , they will be open to trade with Russia too . they have the determination to build up a better place and fairer laws , they already have the right to wild camping , a sign of a fair state . Let England roll into the robotized tax farm its heading for with constant rising prices and falling wages , go on Scotland build that wall and keep the insanity out .

  173. Salmond’s oil boom claims blown apart by Scottish energy consultant

    Alex Salmond’s claim that an independent Scotland could expect £1.5 trillion of revenue from the North Sea’s remaining oil and gas reserves have been shot down in the final hours of the referendum campaign by one of Scotland’s most respected energy consultants.
    Edinburgh-based Wood MacKenzie said Wednesday that a “low level of discovered reserves combined with the cost challenges facing operators mean that, notwithstanding the total level of reserves that can be produced over the life of the North Sea, future Scottish production is under pressure.”
    In research considering the implications for the oil and gas industry should the Yes campaign win on Friday Wood MacKenzie said that in the whole of the UK just 15.3bn barrels of oil equivalent remain, of which 84pc could be claimed as Scottish.
    The figure is about 10bn barrels lower than the estimated 24bn barrels of oil equivalent which Mr Salmond and the Yes campaign have based their projections. Wood MacKenzie’s analysis of the real state of Scotland hydrocarbons wealth comes after BP and Royal Dutch Shell lined up behind the influential voice of Sir Ian Wood to criticise Mr Salmond’s projections for the North Sea’s resources as being misleading.
    In the event of a victory for the Yes campaign Wood MacKenzie warns: “A border for oil and gas activities would need to be negotiated. A prolonged dispute could cause uncertainty and negatively impact the investment plans of companies active in the disputed area.

    • But have you seen the size of a barrel of oil? These are not beer barrels. A barrel of oil can fill a giant ship with more to spare.

  174. How many bare faced lies can salmond tell ?

  175. overburdenddonkey

    Ithaca’s Stella field exceeds expectations Published in Oil Industry News on Tuesday, 16 September 2014

  176. Autonomy, social mobility and social justice are not the statutes of socialism. The Scottish socialist cabal want only to destroy the British State given power in an independent Scottish they will destroy the self determination of Scots.

  177. Autonomy, social mobility and social justice are not the statutes of socialism. The Scottish socialist cabal want only to destroy the British State given power in an independent Scotland they will destroy the self determination of Scots.

  178. The Scottish socialist cabal think they can vote for Scots independence and Westminster will cede to a federal UK on the road to their internationalism. Not only will Scots relieve them of that delusion but so will the English.

  179. overburdenddonkey

    better late than never… 🙂 The Cheviot the Stag and the Black Black Oil enjoy!

  180. overburdenddonkey

    a very short but potent message of solidarity from cymru in edinburgh today..

    • Thanks OBD… I actually know one of the people in that clip! Awful song though, very stereotyped (as is ‘Welshmen (sic) singing’) and I thought they were in Ediburgh, not Llanelli (Llanelli people are often referred to as ‘Sosbans’ in a semi-derogatroy way)

      • overburdenddonkey

        small world..i agree the song was not right, but i could feel/sense the potential oozing from those singers…
        i wanted to post land of our fathers..Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau shall i?

  181. OBD stop posting meaningless pish and read this…

  182. THE exclusive survey for the Record found 53 per cent of Scots will reject independence compared with 47 per cent who will support a Yes vote in tomorrow’s historic ballot.

  183. THE final poll of the referendum campaign has predicted a narrow victory for No.

    The exclusive survey for the Daily Record found 53 per cent of Scots will reject independence in Thursday’s crunch ballot.

    A total of 1266 Scots were interviewed by telephone in a 24 hour period up to 9pm today in the most sophisticated piece of polling in the referendum campaign.

    And the findings give a slightly wider victory for Better Together than a spate of other polls carried out in the previous 24 hours.

    Pollsters Survation blitzed phones across the country throughout the day to get the most accurate and up-to-date snapshot of opinion before polling stations open at 7am on Thursday.

    They found 43 per cent of voters are planning to vote Yes, whilst 48 per cent are planning to vote No.

    When you remove the 9 per cent who are still undecided that would give a referendum result of 53 per cent No and 47 per cent Yes.

    And while No’s majority is wafer thin, it is more comfortable for unionists than a raft of other polls carried out in recent days.

    A survey conducted by Ipsos-MORI and published today put support for Yes on 49 per cent against 51 per cent for No when undecideds are excluded.

    And another poll carried out by Panelbase put No ahead of Yes by 52 per cent to 48 per cent with Don’t Knows removed .

    The 52 per cent – 48 per cent split echoed three polls released on Tuesday night. The surveys, for Opinium, ICM and Survation, all had the same result.

    Telephone polls are widely considered to be more accurate than online polls. Survation contacted a mix of mobile phones and landlines to ensure an accurate profile of the Scottish population.

    Survation chief executive Damian Lyons Lowe said: “This poll was conducted by telephone right up until 9pm on the final day before the key vote. “We used a systematic random sample of both mobiles and landlines – approximately a 50/50 split, and sought from the beginning to reflect the eligible Scottish population.

    “With it’s large sample size, combined with a method intended to take the opinions of otherwise ‘difficult to reach’ voters we have confidence that it’s design has made every effort to reflect the opinions of all Scottish voters.”

  184. “Telephone polls are widely considered to be more accurate than online polls.”

  185. would you rather have the polls for or against you?

  186. Against, its going to be YES!

    Then the real politicking will commence.

  187. @ September 15

    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 19 – Buy 25
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 75 – Buy 81

    @ September 17

    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 16 – Buy 21
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 79 – Buy 84

    @September 18

    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 14 – Buy 20
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 80 – Buy 86

    So, IG Index client’s money moving in on a NO vote
    Looks like a landslide YES victory is on the cards then… 😀

    • Wow, a slight shift to YES… mid-polling!
      Update 11:08 – 18/09/14

      Scotland to vote YES — Sell 14.5 – Buy 20.5
      Scotland to vote NO — Sell 79.5 – Buy 85.5

      • Further move to YES

        Update @ 11:52 18/09/14

        Scotland to vote YES — Sell 15 – Buy 21
        Scotland to vote NO — Sell 79 – Buy 85

        • Might be something to do with this:

          Salmond votes ‘No’

          Scottish independence referendum

          ALEX Salmond has voted ‘No’ to Scottish independence.

          The SNP leader cast his ballot this morning near his constituency home and then emerged from the polling station and gave a ‘thumbs up’ to the media.

          When asked how he voted, Mr Salmond said: “I voted ‘no’ actually. Last minute change of heart, I suppose.

          “The idea of independence is quite exciting, but at some point over the last couple of days I just thought, ‘it seems like a lot of bother’.”

          He added: “I’m also a wee bit worried about my pension.”

          • Wow, what a turn up for the books – Salmon has been campaigning for Scottish independence for the best part of half a century… then bottles out at the last minute. Wow, just wow!


          No vote collapsing on IG Index:

          Update @ 12:44 18/09/14

          Scotland to vote YES — Sell 16.5 – Buy 22.5
          Scotland to vote NO — Sell 77.5 – Buy 83.5

  188. Just back from the polling station A big fat no from me A got word the voting booths would have pencils Good job a took my own pen . You’re allowed too write it using your own pen Take no chances they can rub out pencil

    • Yeah, why do they use a pencil – why not use an indelible marker? It’s like they cops, must be the only ‘profession’ still to use a pencil lol

  189. In betting terms the bookies are offering 1/6 for no and 4/1 against a yes vote. They are not usually wrong but then the derby winner Australia was beaten last week when he was 30/100 lol
    At least the people of Scotland had a chance to stop the immediate threats of more austerity and the deliberate attempts to sanction anyone for the slightest reason. The rest of us don’t have that opportunity and next year at the general election it won’t matter who wins as austerity and further cuts against the poorest will continue even under a labour government. If the vote is No today then it could be taken as a vote for more Work Programme for the Scots.
    Good Luck.

    • Funny you should mention the work programme One of the powers we will get upon a no vote is control of the work programme the biggest crock of shite since time began. The have said upon a yes vote nothing will change so i think sanctions are here to stay If they get yes snp plan to cut 450 million from the nhs they never did mention this in their campaign It took a whistleblower for us too find out I voted no and i am happy a did

      • McLeod o thi McLeod Clan

        Aye, an thi didnae tell us if it’s an Aye vote that Nicola Sturgeon – a wummin a wid throw oot o bed – will get up on thi coontin hall table, dae a dance n flash er knickers…. enuf tae mak yi throw yir haggis supper up…

        • …….
          With Independence, the first thing to go is Universal Credit. DLA will be retained, and all PIP stopped. Benefit sanctions will also go.
          The amount of misinformation being put about by those who would rather we had the BedroomTax and all the rest in preference to a Parliament that would stop all this stuff, is shocking. Labour MPs and MSPs are responsible for much of it. Gordon Brwon was going about keeping a shared welfare system. Well, what the hell does a n overpaid jerk like him know? We don’t want a shared benefit system!
          And what difference will Indy make, some say…We can make a big difference, but alas, some folks just like to complain about it all, but are not prepared to do anything about it, you know like vote!
          Voting YES will help shake up everything, A “No” changes nothing.

      • overburdenddonkey

        that’s NOT true it has been specifically mentioned and the WP will be scraped…as will the WCA PIP and sanctions…

  190. European separatist movements form all over Europe in Edinburgh ready to celebrate with the liberty loving Scots – the future is ours for the taking after the indyref.

  191. Decision time for Scotland

    Decision time for Scotland

    Final poll of polls puts ‘No’ on 52%,
    ‘Yes’ on 48%

    IG binary has 17% chance of ‘Yes’

  192. What is clear from the indyref is Scots demand social justice – Welfare Reform is dead in Scotland, WE HAVE A MANDATE.

  193. Forza Scozia, I do not want the progressive muscular liberal consensus, I want autonomous and dynamic politics set on a foundation of social justice.

  194. IG Index surging towards NO

    Update @ 22:10 18/09/14

    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 12.0 – Buy 18.0
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 82.0 – Buy 88.0

  195. It’s a NO!!

    Update @ 22:20 18/09/14

    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 10.0 – Buy 16.0
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 84.0 – Buy 90.0

  196. It’s a NO!!

    Update @ 22:30 18/09/14

    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 8.0 – Buy 12.0
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 88.0 – Buy 92.0

  197. Too bad if it’s a YES lol

    Update @ 22:35 18/09/14

    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 6.0 – Buy 10.0
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 90.0 – Buy 94.0

  198. GBP/USD going up – markets think it’s a NO!!

  199. David Cameron To Scottish People: ‘I’ll Kill Myself If You Leave’

    LONDON—In an emotional public address this morning ahead of Thursday’s national referendum in Scotland, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron pleaded with the Scottish people to stay and vowed that he would take his own life if the territory votes in favour of independence.

    David Cameron To Scottish People: ‘I’ll Kill Myself If You Leave’

  200. It is obvious that this is going to be NO. No point in waiting up all night. We are off to bed now for some fun 🙂 Night, night everyone 🙂

  201. 🙂

  202. The Labour Party supported the Tory agenda in Scotland – fucking socialist backstabbers.

  203. It’s over!!

    Scotland to vote YES — Sell 1.0 – Buy 3.0
    Scotland to vote NO — Sell 97.0 – Buy 99.0

    GBP rallying against the USD

    It’s a NO!!

  204. At least the markets are happy… 🙂

  205. UKIP are more honest to the working class unlike the socialist Labour Party they don’t say on thing and do another.

  206. …….
    I wrote this overnight. Was in George Square in Glasgow last night. All those ppl, and their hopes dashed. Glasgow voted for Independence…but the better off places and the folks too afraid of the scare stories voted to stay. It’s not that ppl didn’t want freedom, but Westminster made it sound like they would cause such havoc. This campaign by Westminster was exactly as mischievous and dastardly as I imagined it would be. The SNP’s mistake was not to take them on equally.


    The people voted. They partied in the street.
    They had won. They’d tell everyone, they’d meet.
    But did confess a fear, the other side did cheat.
    Making vows, they couldn’t ever meet.

    And they who voted first time ever,
    for a life of change,
    insisted absolutely NEVER,
    would they ever vote again!

    For they went out of their way,
    to vote one day,
    and were left in dismay.
    Fear had won the day.

    For most the peoples’ freedom was their dream.
    But they were scared
    Their masters’ made their voices heard.
    “Beware what we can do. Retribution you’ve never seen.”

    And thus all the talk
    of the great brave Scot
    who once courageously fought
    has now been brought to nought.

    And now the world will simply scoff.
    That YOU the Scots,
    were scared of the banks, afraid of the London tanks.
    And all the world will give you no thanks.

    But treat you with contempt
    For why should they who for freedom fought and died.
    let their principle be denied
    by they who merely had to raise a pen?

    And democracy we never had.
    The people are left mad.
    And now our rage will burst forth upon the stage.
    For freedom we will have. We will have justice in our age!


    September 19th Glasgow, SCOTLAND

    • Aye, Gordon it was the well-off areas like Bearsden that voted over-whelming NO, even though the newspaper of the professional middle-classes the Herald/Sunday Herald tried to convince them otherwise through reasoned argument and well-researched points.

      • And the most interminable thing (even worse than a Gordon Brown speech) was listening to the treacherous little turd Jo Swinson, MP for the toff East Dunbartonshire gloating over her ‘victory’. She sounded so excited I thought she was orgasming.

      • Alistair Darling QC was very clever in the way he kept using the word “risk”. Alistair Darling QC before he went into politics was an Advocate Depute (Public Prosecutor) in the High Courts, so he is well aware of the power the word “risk” has on juries, “risk” of an aquittal/”risks” of Scottish independence.

    • Martin O'Loughlin

      All very well but it was the Scottish people that had the final say regardless of location. The jocks talk a good fight but at the end of the day have proved they are just as spineless as those south of the border come voting time. Was there every really any doubt?

    • Great poem Gordon – encapsulates it perfectly

  207. Was the overt socialist campaign for indy a subversion to spook the Scots middle class to reject Scots independence.

    • Very possibly so! Because the electorate would be trying to align their YES/NO vote with their present politics allegiances. As a left/right wing do I vote YES/NO. And it did become (because of the socialist campaign) into a left=YES/right=NO dichotomy. It would have been difficult for someone of left-leanings to vote NO, similarly it would have become increasingly difficult for the middle-classes to vote NO. I would suggest that despite the well-reasoned arguments of the Herald/Sunday Herald the constant present of Tommy Sheridan et al on our TV screens and media frightened them off. Whether or not this was a deliberate ploy to ensure a NO vote is of course moot and open to debate.

  208. I hate the Labour Party, so many socialists celebrating that they lost, the working class will pay the price for their nationalist insolence.

  209. Now we know for a FACT that Westminster didn’t want Scotland to go Scot Free after all. They got they the result they wanted and in the end the one we were all manipulated into.

  210. Was the referendum rigged?

    • Of course, without a doubt; they are all just actors on a stage (the media) – Cameron, Salmond, Sheridan. They all serve the same master.

      • Yes votes are all over the net saying it was rigged One picture shows a table saying no yet slips show yes Yes camp has already came out and said they was sitting awaiting to be counted Another shows a video a guy marking voting slips and sticking them in a box They just cannot except the people have spoken Where today upon a yes vote people would be partying in the street The no like me just carry on as normal awaiting the next move You never had to be a scot to vote just on the voters role in scotland many polish voted a wonder Tits up threy would have scarpered

    • Neo-Liberalism is taking us all down. The only solution is White Revolution

      • Fenriss,

        You sadistically cut of your nose to spite masochistic face, you can not hold your values at a individual level you need an authoritarian avatar.

  211. West-monster 1 : Loch Ness Monster 0

    The West-monster has trounced the Loch Ness Monster 🙂

  212. Interesting how all those socialist Sock-Nats have become media shy.

  213. Interestingly, after it’s initial rally earlier today the GBP is now DOWN against the USD. Wonder what would have been to blame if it had been a YES vote… 😉

  214. The socialist need their contained collective working class stock as much as the crony capitalists.

  215. Why was Salmond nowhere to be seen all night ? What was he feart of ?

  216. Pound down no wonder all it can buy is the treachery of moral and political bankruptcy.

  217. overburdenddonkey

    imo the SNP should stand down immediately…

  218. When interviewed on his Private trawler about his indyref defeat, Alex Salmond admitted to ‘being like a fish out of water’. He likened his campaign to ‘swimming up the Thames against the current’. When pressed for more he said “ouch, that irons hot” followed by ‘ive had enough of this Plaice’.
    Some Scots believe that the vote was cod liver oil rigged.
    In response to the rumours of widespread cod liver oil rigging, a sole Westminster smokedperson is quoted as saying ‘nothing fishy went on’ a passing scotsman, on hearing this, was heard to shout ‘Pollocks’

  219. Bullshit Broadcasting Company

    What’s this pish on the Bullshit Broadcasting Company?

    0.74% is well with daily trading norms for the FTSE, and the GBP has in fact plummeted against the USD… waaaaaay down on the day, so the BBC is just spouting utter bullshit on this.

  220. Overburden Donkey - in denial

    Highly respected Zimbabwean polls showing 80% support for YES! 🙂 Alistair Darling looking pretty glum in Edinburgh today! YES in on course for a landslide!

    • overburdenddonkey

      Highly respected Zimbabwean polls showing 80% support for YES! what you talkin about..i never such a stupid thing…so he was they thought @ that time will the turnout @ polling stations surging some had a 100% turnout but by law had to stay open it was a sort of commentary..m’s, miss, mrs, master, or mr, perfection..”oh, lord it’s hard to be humble… ” aint no one gonna be in denial when the savage cuts caused by propping up the city of london £, kick in…i get it you don’t what it is to passionately support a cause…never mind your loss..

  221. Its important to realise that a vote for Independence does n’t mean the end of a mass ‘work force’ cross europe or beyond approach – its my understanding that if the YES has it – and I assure you – it does in reality – when other people across the euro-political landscape see the door opening they will be heartened and follow the brave (and yes difficult) option toward sanity and away from mindless peopleless centralisation where Scotland is no more a geographical individual than the political characature – (capital) landlords and tourist brochure. The systems rigged – to orient HMS UK onto the mass (eugenics) rocks – let Scotland and the other Independent thinkers bring out the lifeboats before its too late. Heaven help us change the mental landscape before the next election – solidarity.


  222. Dear <>,

    I have has announced my intention to stand down as SNP Leader at the Party’s Annual Conference in November and then as First Minister when the SNP have elected the next Leader following a membership ballot.

    My statement to the nation, made a few moments ago at Bute House, is as follows:

    “I am immensely proud of the campaign which Yes Scotland fought and of the 1.6 million voters who rallied to that cause by backing an independent Scotland.

    “I am also proud of the 85 per cent turnout in the referendum and the remarkable response of all of the people of Scotland who participated in this great constitutional debate and the manner in which they conducted themselves.

    “We now have the opportunity to hold Westminster’s feet to the fire on the “vow” that they have made to devolve further meaningful power to Scotland. This places Scotland in a very strong position.

    “I spoke to the Prime Minister today and, although he reiterated his intention to proceed as he has outlined, he would not commit to a second reading vote by 27th March on a Scotland Bill. That was a clear promise laid out by Gordon Brown during the campaign. The Prime Minister says such a vote would be meaningless. I suspect he cannot guarantee the support of his party.

    “But today the point is this. The real guardians of progress are not the politicians at Westminster, or even at Holyrood, but the energised activism of tens of thousands of people who I predict will refuse meekly to go back into the political shadows.

    “For me right now , therefore there is a decision as to who is best placed to lead this process forward politically.

    “I believe that in this new exciting situation, redolent with possibility, Party, Parliament and country would benefit from new leadership.

    “Therefore I have told the National Secretary of the SNP that I will not accept nomination to be a candidate for leader at the Annual Conference in Perth on 13th-15th November.

    “After the membership ballot I will stand down as First Minister to allow the new leader to be elected by due Parliamentary process.

    “Until then I will continue to serve as First Minister. After that I will continue to offer to serve as Member of the Scottish Parliament for Aberdeenshire East.

    “It has been the privilege of my life to serve Scotland as First Minister. But as I said often during the referendum campaign this is not about me or the SNP. It is much more important than that.

    “The position is this. We lost the referendum vote but can still carry the political initiative. More importantly Scotland can still emerge as the real winner.”

    • overburdenddonkey

      extracted from the above statement posted by elite…
      “……I spoke to the Prime Minister today and, although he reiterated his intention to proceed as he has outlined,…..
      he would not commit to a second reading vote by 27th March on a Scotland Bill. That was a clear promise laid out by Gordon Brown during the campaign…..
      The Prime Minister says such a vote would be meaningless……I suspect he cannot guarantee the support of his party………
      devodevoidmax, must vote no! to save the U…….. oh! it’s vanished…it’s become a country, we’ll use it’s other name “britain”…with walesshire, englanshire, northenirelandshire, and scotlandshire… 4 super counties..with WM boss in the middle phew! that’s hard work…we all need 20% pay rises and in everything we can claim, and shares in all the action….

  223. obd – I’ve already put this on the other thread, but it belongs here: People criticise the SNP but unlike Labour the SNP were openly against sanctions, the bedroom tax and the benefit cap (unlike UKIP’s mess of a site, SNP’s site has direct unequivocal references to their policy on these matters), and Nicola Sturgeon mentioned how Labour (Johann Lamont) called free prescriptions part of “the something-for-nothing culture”. SNP were also against tuition fees. Tommy Sheridan got it right I believe when he said that SNP now wore the coat that Labour had discarded years ago. Of course Camoron and the other 2 whose names I can’t even remember will go back on their promises; you and I know that, but some “no” voters obviously did not. The SNP, on the other hand, said they were going to get rid of the bedroom tax one way or another in Scotland, and by having the cap on DHP removed, get rid of it they did. That in itself gives me hope that they do what they say they will do (and I’m not interested in what they did 20 odd years ago).

  224. Big Chieftain O' the Puddin Clan

    Aye Scotland, ye hud yir chance but like feart wee timourous beasties yi ran back up thi hill scuttling intae yir but n bens tae cower in a corner. Nothing will save yi noo!

  225. overburdenddonkey

    “unionist” in george sq glasgow.. live stream, what a difference a day makes..

  226. heard dennis canavans not taking the result well

  227. Breakdown of voting patterns show it was old people, the middle classes and well off who voted no.

  228. Socialist Government and Constitutional Protection For Welfare Benefits is the Answer

    Tax the Rich Hands Off the Poor

    Britons Never shall be Slaves with a Decent Government in Office instead of Tory Neo Liberal Boneheads

    Whatever is said about the Tory benefit changes, people can’t live on welfare forever. ”

    Why not, and what else are they going to live on? Unemployment will always exist, and can only increase. The State owes us a living. It’s not their money, it’s ours.

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