Number of People Claiming Sickness Benefits Hits Two Year High

ESA-claims1The number of people claiming out of work sickness or disability benefits has hit a two year high provisional statistics from the DWP show.

2,510,000 people are estimated to have been claiming either Employment Support Allowance, or the benefit it is replacing Incapacity Benefit, in July 2014.  This is around 70,000 higher than a year earlier and the higest number since Summer 2012.

With Atos assessments finding people with cancer and other serious health conditions ‘fit for work’, there can be no doubt that these claims are genuine.  Yet despite hundreds of thousands of people having benefits slashed due to the bungled health tests, it seems that people are still getting sick.

This is hardly suprising.  Despite the endless propaganda from the DWP, the UK did not have significantly more people on out of work sickness or disability benefits than comparable economies even before the current callous regime was introduced.  In any society there will be some people who are not able to work due to a health condition, accident or serious disability.  No amount of assessments, workfare or benefit sanctions will change that.

It would come as a shock to the out of touch bureacrats at the DWP that there have always been many people on long term unemployment benefits who in reality shold have probably been on the sick.  Some people feel making a claim for sickness benefits is giving up, others, particularly those with mental health conditions, may not be diagnosed or have a full understanding of their condtion.  One reason for a rise in sickness benefit claimants – at a time when unemployment is allegedly falling – may be that workfare and the endless ‘work related activity’ imposed by Jobcentres is making these people too ill to stay on unemployment benefit.

There is some evidence for this.  A DWP evaluation in 2012 found that people referred to Mandaory Work Activity were more likely to make a claim for sickness benefits than those who didn’t face workfare.  Other evidence shows that the assessment process for sickness benefits may be having a devastating impact on people’s mentak health.  Other reports have shown how benefit sanctions have caused people to be unable to meet special dietry needs, or going hungry, or being forced to beg or go through bins to find food.

Whatever the reason, and the huge backlog in sickness benefit assessents will be another factor, the number of people unable to work due to sickness or disability now looks set to have risen steadily over the past seven months.  It increasingly looks the case that all Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms have done for people on sickness benefits is make them sicker.

You can read the latest figures at:

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147 responses to “Number of People Claiming Sickness Benefits Hits Two Year High

  1. overburdenddonkey

    dreadful..barbaric they are knowingly driving people to despair, ill-health and destitution…they know full well what they are doing they can see the results of what they are doing, as well as we can…gruel brittania, brittania waves the rules….caught up in a constant web of deception…it’s all about money and power…

  2. Wait until having to work longer before reaching pension age kicks in,then sickness claims will rocket,by that time the government of the day will have thought up a nasty scheme to prevent sickness benefit being paid.

    • overburdenddonkey

      we are already there, soon be 63 and then 66 with a need of 35yrs NI pension prorata yrs NI contributions, below 10yrs get 0… then 69…wot pensions timebomb, work till you drop for the “lucky” ones…

  3. EX-Vertegen Slave

    “Sickness Benefits Hits Two Year High”

    Well they’ve got to get the unemployment numbers down somehow!

  4. I’m pretty shit at maths but even that looks like a 7 year LOW to me

    • the low was in Summer 2013, which was to be expected due to the atos re-assessments and the limiting of contribution based ESA to a year. The number has been rising ever since, when if either of those politices were working it should be plummeting.

  5. People stop Panicing, Lord Fraud is on the case. Now that DWP has got that Wank US Firm “Maximus” to make up bogus letters as they are now authersised to act as a medical practitioner to replace your GP [Legal? Don’t thnk so but we’re the DWP, what do you expect] by DWP from November 14 you can look forward to getting nothing if you’re on the dole. Yes, this scheme currently applies to “Workers” – but I ask you wouldn’t it be good to extend it to the Graspers of Society, you know the unemployed – let them get sicker and die with no money. What’s not to like?

    Yes I am being Sarcastic but I can see the above happening all too easily.

  6. Another reason why I think the sickness count has gone up, is that those who have been sanctioned or have had to endure the WCA, through sheer despair, have had to seek help via the various high street charitable organisations.
    When people have had their lives scrutinised by the people they have gone to for help, with their health/financial/social situation looked at in more detail, it may well be true that the very people this government are trying to punish for a myriad of pathetic reasons, could just be found to qualify for a whole lot more than this government are not legally obliged to inform them what they should really be getting, and one of those entitlements may well have led to the rise in claims for sickness entitlement.
    More than anything in the world I would like to see an end to sanctions, except for the most unreasonable behaviour that should not have to be tolerated by anyone. An end to the WCA, as Doctors are more qualified than the dregs of the medical world that Atos Healthcare have employed, solely on a money-making excercise with little regard for the welfare of claimants. And more important than anything, it should be a legal requirement that the government/DWP MUST inform claimants of what they are entitled to as a point of law. Let’s not forget how many billions of pounds go unclaimed each year for people who’s lives are all but shattered in the first place. No wonder they want out from the clutches of the ECHR, and to renegotiate on ‘their’ terms, as that would further erode both employment and human rights to serve nothing other than the ruling elites’ wallets.

  7. From: Trudy Baddams

    12 September 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Could you please inform me how WCA assessors are allowed to
    over-turn decisions of fully qualified specialists with years of
    experience and find their patients fit for work, or fit for taking
    steps to go back to work?
    Can you please inform me why sick notes or fit notes from GP’s,
    Specialists, Surgeons are being ignored and those with sick notes
    where they have been advised not to work, are being found fit to

    Yours faithfully,

    Trudy Baddams

    Link to this

    • From: Trudy Baddams

      12 September 2014

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
      Can you tell me how many deaths have been reported while the
      claimant was on ESA in WRAG in the last year?
      Can you be more specific with regulation 29 & 35 – the risk factor,
      “suffers from some specific disease or bodily or mental disablement
      and by reasons of such disease or disablement, would be a
      substantial risk to the mental or physical health of any person if
      the claimant were found not to have limited capability for
      work-related activity”
      One would presume that if a person was recovering from heart
      surgery could be at risk to himself and others……………..or
      someone with epilepsy, never knowing when a seizure might come,
      what are the exact guidelines to this specific descriptor in the
      WCA process?

      Yours faithfully,

      Trudy Baddams

      Link to this

      • “This piece of information from the DWP speaks volumes”

        1. Do claimants have a legal right
        to have their face-to-face assessment
        audio recorded?
        Claimants can ask to have their face-t
        o-face assessment audio recorded and
        all requests will be accommodated where possible. However, claimants do not
        have a legal right to a recorded a
        ssessment and it s
        hould be noted that
        neither DWP nor Atos Healthcare has
        a legal obligation to provide an audio
        recording service or equipment.
        Any attempt to covertly record an
        assessment will result in immediate
        termination of that assessment


        You can feel free to make your own recording, whether covert or not, there is no law that states that it is illegal………………….

        The DWP are making rules up to suit themselves, ask for a recording immediately you are notified. If they refuse, you also refuse to go ahead with the examination.



        • Michele Witchy Eve

          Ah, but they (DWP/Atos) don’t say it’s illegal to record, they say they will terminate the assessment – which means no benefit payments and an effective/actual sanction. Who would risk that to covertly record?


            6. If recording equipment is not ava
            ilable, can claimants ask to postpone
            their assessment until equipment is
            available, without having their
            benefit affected?
            Atos Healthcare will make every effort
            to provide an audio recorded face-to-
            face assessment in good time. However, if equipment is not available
            claimants may have to wait longer
            than normal for their face-to-face
            assessment. This might slow down the benefit process but will not effect
            entitlement to benefit.

            • GEOFFREY REYNOLDS (Account suspended) left an annotation ( 8 March 2013)

              It is realistic to assume that the DWP and ATOS are petrified of the thought of any claimant, who has been wrongly identified as fit for work and subsequently committed suicide, may hold a record of their interview.

              The DWP are trying to make it impossible for anyone to link them to the deaths.

              Strangely, by taking all these steps to stifle media attention into the complicity of Bill Gunnyeons twisted and warped disability denial factory (DWP), they have drawn more attention than ever.

              Time will tell…………….

              • ……….and this lady recorded her own GP

                The actions of Dr Arun Singhal, a GP in Huyton, Liverpool, amounted to serious misconduct, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) found.

                He also told the woman she could look up how to kill herself on the internet.

                Dr Singhal was unaware that she had recorded the conversation on her mobile phone. He did not attend the tribunal.

                “IT PAYS TO RECORD”

  8. Look guys, living either side of me I have neighbou’s who don’t want to work….one a 53 year old male who pretends to have mental problems….deliberately stops taking medication a week before he has his home visit to be assessed….he openly admits to dealing cannabis…and says he wouldn’t work for anything less than £400 a week….the other neighbours….a young couple in their early 20s….she is morbidly obese because she never comes out of the house and lives on takeaways….he, has never had a job….they are both content to live on benefits and to live in abject squalor….he stinks to high heaven and his clothes are matted with dirt….his teeth are green and furry and he goes around the streets searching for tab ends….neither neighbour tends their gardens so I am surrounded by overgrown weed dumps….they are just lazy people who have no place in a civilized society….I know some of you will argue that they may have underlying issues but if they are clever enough to work the system then they are clever enough to work….I have spent the best part of 2 years unemployed searching for work at 59 years old….in the end taking a 15 hour a week job on minimum wage….so far I have averaged 30 hours a week and am constantly offered more….there are many opportunities out there but any individual needs to want to work….by the way, the young man next door has recently self assessed himself to be suffering with bipolar disorder in an attempt to convince us all that he is not fit for work….lazy fuckers do exist!

    • put your name down as a DWP informant, you tick all the boxes.


      • and why would David be looking for work for two years only to declare, “there are many opportunities out there but an individual needs to want to work”
        ………………falling foul of his own statement, it must be obvious that for the two years he was unemployed, he didn’t need to work!

    • Another Fine Mess

      There are no jobs.

      Even if a fat person with furry teeth does get a job – it just leaves a skinny person with clean teeth unemployed somewhere else.

    • “lazy fuckers do exist!”

      Was your mother one of them?

    • So, if it’s so easy to find work, how come it took you two years to find a job?..and you’re still not working full time!!! Yeh, lazy fuckers do exist, and you could be easily accused, by someone as equally uninformed and bigoted as yourself, as being a member of such a group for some considerable time!

    • Wow, bully for you! Working for any number of hours for the minimum wage means that you still don’t earn enough to live – the minimum wage is 6.31 an hour, wheras the ‘living’ wage has been assessed as 7.65 an hour outside of London – and the Living Wage doesn’t mean living in the lap of luxury, it’s the minimum needed to be able to live a decent life.

      Your neighbours may be ‘lazy’ (laziness doesn’t really exist, just lack of motivation – and who in their right minds would be motivated to seek a job at the minimum wage?) but you quite clearly are an idiot, as you won’t even qualify for Working Tax Credits.

    • If you earn under 40K your are technically on benefits, schools NHS, and other services. You would be homeless in the USA so go there. Who gives you the right to decide who is fit to live in a civilised society. You are a back stabbing coward and a Nazi.

    • If the guy “pretends” to have “mental problems” why would stopping his medication make any difference? Surely it would only have an effect if he had actual “mental problems” the medication controls? You’re contradicting yourself.

      And what medication is it? For example if it’s an antipsychotic he may have genuine problems waking up in the morning as many of them are highly sedating. I doubt assessors take such factors as side effects into account, though they can be severely debilitating

      Both your neighbours sound unhappy. Rather than judge them on their appearance and gardening skills, maybe you should try to get to know them?

      Working has nothing to do with being “clever”. Are you suggesting that if a person dying of cancer demonstrated the intelligence to “work the system” they are therefore by definition fit enough to work?

      It’s not the fault of your neighbours you’re slaving for minimum wage is it?
      And it’s not some noble achievement either. It’s you being forced to take on whatever shit you can find because a bunch of parasitic billionaires have got you more worried about whether your neighbours clean their teeth than if they’re shafting the entire country.

  9. overburdenddonkey

    i guess you don’t know what a hyperbole is….you can’t as you posted this “deliberately stops taking medication a week before he has his home visit to be assessed”

  10. bad putty tat (@BadPutty)

    Just a question: is the number of those unemployed why IDS can claim a fall in unemloyment?

  11. The jobcentre want people out,by foul means. those with health conditions such as stress and depression are being aggressively bullied and intimidated to raise levels,hence into the doctors surgery for a “fit note” and on to esa.

  12. ………even stranger?

    14. Will you be introducing audio recording for Personal Independence
    Payment (PIP) assessments?
    At present there are no plans to offer
    audio recording to PIP claimants. The
    Department intends to look closely at
    the Employment and Support Allowance
    experience and is evaluating the impact of
    audio recording, before taking any
    decisions on whether to include it as
    part of the PIP process in the longer-
    Claimants can record their PIP cons
    ultation using their own equipment,
    provided it meets the requirement as se
    t out by DWP. Further information on
    PIP can be found here –


    Department for Work and Pensions

    This page cannot be found

    Please check that you have entered the correct web address.

    The information you need may be found on GOV.UK or in UK Government Web Archive.

    Our support pages have answers to the most common questions about GOV.UK. You can use the contact form to ask a question, report a problem or suggest an improvement.

  13. OBD

    A hyperbole is a gross exaggeration, David Baker made an unfortunate error, i.e. if the man stopped taking medication and became ill, then he can’t have been a charlatan in the first place, because stopping medication would not affect someone who is not ill.

    • overburdenddonkey

      what ever, he was on PRESCRIBED medication…. therefore under the care of a doctor and the nhs, with a diagnosed medical condition…so he wasn’t faking..and david claimed that he was faking and exaggerating…

  14. After being forced off incapacity benefits the payments were stopped without any ATOS/DWP paper work being posted, signed on to JSA and claimed to be fit for work to avoid all the ESA bureaucracy and harassment.

    GP insisted on lecturing about the benefits of work when I was obviously not capable, have not been to a GP since and still claiming JSA.

    • Same here. I don’t even bother to attempt to claim any form of sickness benefit as it is just too difficult. The GPs have diagnosed me, and are happy to continue prescribing medication, but sick note? No fucking chance. I just claim JSA as though I am fit for work but all the time knowing that I’m not and never will be. It’s like being trapped in a Kafkaesque nightmare.

      • I am fit for work but all the time knowing that I’m not and never will be.

        That line hit home, knowing that the system forces a person to lie about and deny their medical condition in order to satisfy the fit for work conditions and survive.

        Stay strong 🙂

  15. While the GP was lecturing about the therapeutic benefits of subprime work it was evident that the NHS had stuffed their mouths with gold.

    • From: Jack Chapman

      23 February 2014

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      I note from reading through several requests that the July 2012
      statistics you released on the deaths of Employment and Support
      Allowance claimants are at present the last at present that you
      intend to publish, due to public interest reasons reading between
      the lines of responses?

      Can the department advise in relation to those 2012 figures of a
      breakdown in which illnesses those who died were suffering from
      whilst claiming Employment and Support Allowance before their

      And finally, if the department is not willing or able to produce
      the figures due to orders from Mr Duncan Smith can the department
      in the interests of fairness and public interest advise whether
      those figures have increased year on year since 2011? (A yes or no
      will suffice)

      I believe this is in the public interest as the figures were just
      over 300 in 2010. That was a huge increase to 2011 figures of
      10,600. Even staying at a constant that is well above 31,000 deaths
      in total since 2011.

      Logic would infer that if you fail to respond to this very basic
      request that the figures have indeed increased, and that you are
      following Mr Duncan Smith’s orders to keep a lid on the huge
      increase in the number of deaths of sick and disabled people. You
      have this opportunity to clear the issue up now, it may even assist
      if you can honestly say they have decreased, can you? If you aren’t
      willing to answer then it is clear the figures have increased. And
      this is not only my opinion, but many others.

      You hold the figures, it makes sense. 31,000 deaths of one group of
      people in such a short space of time would be headline news if it
      were Ukraine. Why can we not know if that is indeed the case here?

      Jack Chapman

      Link to this

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  17. ‘Fit for work’, ‘right to work’ , lol.
    Wouldnt it be great to have a job?
    Slaving your guts out for a few bob,
    Getting up early, coming home late,
    Wouldnt that be just fucking great ?

    Bollocks to that, I will consider it when all the’royal’ layabouts do some work

    • fuck the toff torys

      yeah it would be lovely to have a job, anything is better than being on jsa. a part time job pays more as you can get tax credits if its 16 hours or more which wil top things up.

      • Hope you get one Fuck the Toff Tories. I was not satisfied being treated as a lackey by a wanky manager.
        I am starting to do more fraud and shoplifting, and am much better off. Cheers.

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  19. overburdenddonkey

    @andy_murray 🙂

    • It would be nice to see the politicians twitching today as the first votes are broadcast……..

    • and the demand for paupers graves has increased considerably, surely a sign of the economic prosperity that we are all sharing in the uk, (TEMPORARY UK), maybe……….

      Browbeating the already ill and disabled with sanctions cannot ever improve their health.
      The increase in the incidence of those claiming sick should be a wake up call to the DWP that the giant private health insurer, UNUM, has been feeding them a complete crock of shit on welfare reform.

      Sanctions are neither a panacea or a deterrent, just the tools of a bullying nanny state.

      Sickness figures will continue to escalate in line with sanctions as sure as night follows day…………….

      Paupers funerals increase, surely it’s time for the inglorious DWP to consider other options, like informing MAXIMUS to resort to instructing claimants to dig a hole and kneel beside it?

  20. If you are on ESA and have been inappropriately referred to a work placement or work-focused interview, CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group) is interested in hearing from you. Their solicitors are currently looking to take on test cases in this area:

  21. The thought of never being able to eat or support yourself will indeed drive any living being to become deranged, sick or otherwise. On a plus it hasn’t stopped me from listening to Duran Duran whilst on the sup so early eh?

  22. I’m sick of this fucking Government, and of living in this fucking country.

  23. A large increase in Pauper Funerals, and all they care about is the cost:

  24. Suicidal woman who asked GP for sick note was told to go and kill herself:

    • overburdenddonkey

      l p
      banged to rights coz she recorded, bet it’s just the tip!

      • Bastard should have been struck off! Instead he only got suspended for 3 months. A GP who is supposed to help people turns around and tells someone to go and kill themselves and to look on the internet for how to do it only get’s a suspension!

        I’m sorry that is unacceptable. What kind of person is that doctor doing that to a vulnerable person?

  25. overburdenddonkey

    LIVE STREAM indy results….BT are looking glum! <<<there

    • overburdenddonkey

      it looks like over 90% turnout…

      • Already the media is spouting that Scotland has now got extra powers, the reality is that they have got a promise that is as thin as piecrust.
        Hague has voiced his dissent at giving the breaks that Scotland expect, the backbenchers are showing the same.

        Just watch the backpeddling from all three Westminster Stooges as the wrangling begins…………………..

        and when it does, those who voted no, believing the lies levelled at devolution, will kick themselves.
        ……………..sorry but you have been had, big style!

        • overburdenddonkey

          we await with bated breath, but we are NOT going away..the “evidence” of vote rigging does not stand up, it’s been looked @ today..the whole process was watched intensely…people are looking @ turnout info, it is all being gone through with a very fine tooth comb…we lost by a really slim margin…turn out could have been higher but it was not…we expected over 85% but it was 82% i believe…
          the signs are going up “welcome to scotlandshire, have nice day”
          we are basically dumping MSM, unethical bank a/c’s that sort of thing as i write, re-balancing ourselves like you do…obviously many distraught human beings today…and gloating naws who didn’t realize we were fighting for them too…who don’t understand the have won a defeat, not a fucking victory, the stupid fools…
 listening to the powerful singing voices of the welsh soothes me…hen wlad fy nhadau (the land of our fathers)

        • overburdenddonkey

          we are growing as i write… 🙂


  26. This takes the fucking piss. I’m eating out-of-date tinned spaghetti that I found dumped in a back alley in Manningham, Bradford Foodbanks are overwhelmed, and these condescending middle-class wankers want to teach the poor how to eat healthily. Fuck me. Pass the Guacamole.

  27. Let’s remember the role the ‘Red Tory’ party, formerly called the Labour party, played in the referendum result. They helped ensure that we can have years and years of Tory rule from Westminster.

    What a shower of useless bastards.

  28. Declaration of Arbroath

    As long as a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be subjected to the Lordship of the English. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

    Declaration of Arbroath

    It’s not over.

  29. overburdenddonkey
    alex salmond has resigned… 😦

    • Badly let down by some real cowardly shitbags OBD.

      Sad to see Labour activists all dancing at a vote that ensures we may have to suffer Tory govt’s forever if England votes for them.

      Feel so depressed.

      • overburdenddonkey

        like he implies they have returned to faking their differences and already broken pledge, whoops sorry, VOW, time table promises… we’ve had to put up with a massive amount of shite thrown @ us and keep our nerve and focus…i found time to sob today, for our tragic loss of sovereignty..@ least we know what were in for. .

        • From: Michael James Swan

          19 September 2014

          Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

          On numerous occasions, persons have requested information regarding
          a breakdown of living costs as calculated by DWP/Paliament. Such
          requests have not been answered sufficiently and have been
          responded to with “scapegoat” answers quoting aspects of
          legislation and not a calculation.

          In order for parliament/DWP to ascertain a figure of “reasonable”
          living costs, calculation’s should have been made. Unless, you wish
          to tell me that a figure was decided out of thing air using just
          information from the retail price index and inflation (Social
          Security Administration Act 1992).

          I hereby, formally request under The Freedom of Information Act

          1 — A breakdown of living costs (the figures used to decide the
          latest JSA amounts for 18-24 Year olds and those aged 25+)
          2 — Detailed information relating to the decision making process
          for the aforementioned.
          3 — Details of costs incurred in making such decisions.

          As per 1, please detail at least (the breakdown of “FORTNIGHTLY JSA
          AMOUNT” to basic living expenses):

          * Fortnightly shopping
          * Water Bill
          * Gas Bill
          * Electricity Bill
          * Travel Costs (Optional)


          “The DWP award a single male aged 23 years who does not have
          children and is claiming JSA a total amount of £xx.xx per
          fortnight. From this £xx.xx per fortnight, it is calculated that
          “on average” he will be required to spend £xx.xx on his shopping,
          £xx.xx on his water bill, £xx.xx on his gas and electricity bill in
          order to cover his living expenses for this period.”

          I am aware that every individual is going to spend a different
          amount on their living expenses per living expense category,
          however the amount “the law says you need to live on” should have
          been calculated using ALL of the information statistically
          available to the DWP/Parliament and living expenses should have
          been considered and calculated on an approximate basis to allow a
          figure to be decided upon.

          Yours faithfully,

          Michael James Swan

          Link to this

        • obd – I too shed quite a few tears. People criticise the SNP but unlike Labour the SNP were openly against sanctions, the bedroom tax and the benefit cap (unlike UKIP’s mess of a site, SNP’s site has direct unequivocal references to their policy on these matters), and Nicola Sturgeon mentioned how Labour (Johann Lamont) called free prescriptions part of “the something-for-nothing culture”. SNP were also against tuition fees. Tommy Sheridan got it right I believe when he said that SNP now wore the coat that Labour had discarded years ago.

          • overburdenddonkey

            today cameron has now claimed that devo-devoid-max is a meaningless process
            “Alex Salmond says when he asked David Cameron about the timetable for more powers, the Prime Minister said it was a meaningless process.” tweeted by bbc’s james cook .. they certainly moved fast on their promised VOW..

            • This is just the start of it OBD! By the time it’s finished we’ll probably end up with nothing extra but we’ll get something taken away instead!

            • I honestly believe that rigging the voting was the final guarantee the government needed to ensure a no vote.
              Anyone who can seek to withhold the mortality statistics of the unknown thousands who have perished due to their reforms, is capable of anything, and i mean anything………………..

              Only time will tell. Someone will speak out, especially when they start to renege on their election promises.

              • ………..also fire alarms going off at voting stations as the final ballot papers were coming in.
                What a unique opportunity to switch papers!

                • Soon be the turn of the ballot papers to go walkabout, evidence has a peculiar way of going missing under the ruling elite……………….

              • overburdenddonkey

                they got @ farmers rural communities mortgage nightmares and 1.2m pensioners with scare stories 73% voted no…to get 45% was actually an amazing result, when you look @ the crap they threw @ us…check out #glasgow on twitter not good…the i think it was dundee fire alarm thing is very odd it’s being discussed and a lot more…we are called the 45 now…

        • overburdenddonkey

          in 36 hrs the above site has 130000+ likes make it grow…

  30. obd – Quelle surprise! Alex Salmond will be missed – He really cared about the people of Scotland. As one Yes campaigner said “He’s not perfect, but who is?”

  31. overburdenddonkey live feed from glasgow…good job were better together, eh! yesser’s forced out..about 10mins ago… 😦

  32. obd -There are nearly as many polis as there are union jack wavers.

  33. I only found this today (but if we’d got independence we’d have got a currency union anyway, because it would be in what was left of the uk’s best interests)
    BANK OF DAVE: Pounds, euros or something else, I’ll still do business with the Scots – and if RBS does do a runner on the nation, I will open a bank branch there

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • overburdenddonkey

      fellow jcp
      yeah i know, CU was a generous golden goodbye from scotland, but they’d rather cause a sterling uncertainty on the markets, than admit they were bluffing’….seen the free webluebook download? also 45 on a blue background avatar seems to being spontaneously adopted…

  34. obd – The yes campaigners offered me a free wee blue book but I was already convinced – and I don’t want to download it post-depression/referendum as it is too, well, depressing now that we have lost a battle that will probably never be repeated in our lifetimes. I like the look of that “We are the 45%” facebook site just to read, but I’m not on facebook at all, and I couldn’t be bothered answering all those “we are the 55%” trolls who invariably pop up on those sites.

  35. Rangers fans..(yes, I know some good fans voted yes) as I said would cost us the vote. No doubt Fenriss will be along to tell me I’m talking shite. What jolly people they are going around attacking innocent people and burning saltires whilst doing nazi salutes in front of war memorials. A mixed up bunch of fuckwitts.

    A very sad day indeed.

  36. overburdenddonkey


  37. Drop In Unemployment Overshadowed By Low Wages And A Surge In Sickness Benefit Claims

    More here

    With the state of the country and the governments conduct,not surprising its not what it seems. limited capability for work,maximum capability for jobcentre conditions.

  38. overburdenddonkey in dundee were not lying down and taking it…

  39. overburdenddonkey

    the dress rehearsal is over this time we will become a republic..

  40. overburdenddonkey

    jack suggesting new measures to strengthen democracy by making independence referendums illegal..

  41. cant see the guardian on that list they backed a NO vote

  42. Andy Murray will play for GB in Davis Cup whatever outcome of Scottish vote
    • Murray has always stressed pride in representing Britain
    • ‘The vote doesn’t change anything in that regard’

  43. i aint trolling am i not allowed my point of view ?

    • You’ve gotta laugh really, some faceless house of lords peer has just stated that attacks on the disabled are being overlooked and the crown prosecution must do more to bring about convictions against perpetrators……………………..

      This is the governments response to the Human Rights people investigating gross systemic abuse of disabled by “THEMSELVES”.

      What a fucking joke………………..


      …………meanwhile Cameron set to renege on his piecrust meaningless vows, whilst idiot Brown wondering what he can do to bring about the promises he made to his countrymen.
      A man not even in office and the fools took his word.

      It makes you wonder which banks or multinational he sold his soul to.
      Obviously the top bidder.

      The word “duped” springs to mind, and even mutterings of another referendum……..

      “Did you honestly think you could trust this bunch of miscreants?”


      …………………you don’t even come second in the bid for power and wealth

  44. Loser Alex Salmond reveals he has the power to read peoples minds. Despite 55.6 % of the Scottish electorate voting NO ,Salmond says they were too stupid, thick and ignorant to know what they were doing and he knows best. The scraping of the bottom of the barrel continues with allegations of vote rigging emerging from the usual half witted buffoons who infest the internet.

  45. We are the People We are the 55. No Surrender.

  46. Pot and Kettle Alert. Professional liar, sectarian bigot and all round slimeball Mr Stuart Cosgrove alleges BBC bias. Anyone who has listened to his BBC radio scotland show Off the Ball will know all about the bias this greasy little cunt displays against Rangers FC.

  47. So let’s assume that the 25% who didn’t vote in Glasgow would, if they all managed to get out of bed and vote, all vote Yes – presumably because it’s the first option on the form and they’re too lazy to read the 2nd option.

    That’s 91,031 votes for the Yes campaign, giving them a new total of 1,709,020.

    Now let’s eliminate some of those pesky no-voters…

    No votes – 2,001,926

    Let’s start by ripping up the Edinburgh No Majority – that’s 70,071 off the No total.
    Let’s do the same with Aberdeen – another 24,704
    and let’s be generous – have Aberdeenshire too – 37,269.
    Sod it – Have Glasgow as well. – 25,432

    Where does that leave us?…

    1,844,450 – No
    1,709,020 – Yes

    So there you go, I’ve rigged the results probably a little bit more than the Electoral Complaints Commission would approve of, but at least now you only need to rustle up 135,430 more votes.

  48. OBD says the UK no longer exists turned on the tv coudn’t see news of it anywhere

  49. Tommy Sheridan swung it for the No vote

  50. mainly in Cupids in Manchester

    `NO VOTE WINS in Scotland ending push for independence
    EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND — The United Kingdom SURVIVED the threat of being ripped apart through a Scottish independence referendum, with voters rejecting breaking a 307-year-old union with England by a comfortable margin.

  52. I stuck out that long in hope there were reasonably paid jobs to be had, reality is there are very few, you see, I value myself to be hard working and dedicated, sure I could have given up totally after almost 2 years unemployed but I didn’t. I made the effort to impress my employer, now they can’t get enough of me, my hours have risen accordingly, whilst minimum wage is not ideal, I am able to claim working tax credits which softens the blow, most importantly this is about self esteem and interaction between some very nice hard working and like minded staff, all on minimum wage but wanting to work for their own worth. Under any circumstances, working for a living opens doors and puts one in a favourable position with other prospective employers. I did not stand still while unemployed, I took full advantage of courses available to me through the work program, I used them, not the other way round. The number of courses my lazy neighbours undertook totaled zero, one of them didn’t need to go on a course to enable them to fall over as a result of being pissed up, how do they afford that? Taxi’s here there and everywhere, how do they afford that? Sorry that some of you are in total denial………

  53. alex salmond resigned because the real result of the referendum was the death of the uk state ? The overwhelming No vote secured Scotlands rightful place within the UK

  54. You need to take one of the DWPs pyschometric tests i think to test tour sanity

  55. No vote wins referendum, recognised by the whole WORLD apart from some crank on the internet who says they actually lost it !!!!! You are now entering The Twighlight Zone……….

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