Don’t Stop The Free Workers Plead The Workfare Exploiters

Poundland have seen dozens of protests outside their stores over their use of unpaid workers.

Poundland have seen dozens of protests outside their stores over their use of unpaid workers.

In a bizarre move, several companies known to use unpaid staff on workfare schemes have teamed up to write a letter to The Guardian singing the praises of the disastrous Work Programe.

The list of employers – which includes Homebase who are known to have used workfare is the past, and Poundland, who were at the heart of the successful legal challenge against workfare – say that the government’s support for schemes like the Work Programme ‘must continue’.  Otherwise they might have to start actually paying their staff instead of exploiting unemployed people coerced into unpaid work by sanction-happy Jobcentre busy-bodies.

It is not known whether all the companies on the list, which include Ocado and Gap, are involved in unpaid work, although it is difficult to see why they have signed otherwise.  In fact it seems a strange thing for these businesses to be bothered to do at all.

The last signatory on the list may reveal one explanation for how this strange initiative came about.  Kirsty McHugh is the Chief Executive of the Employment Related Services Assocation, or ERSA for short.  This is the trade body established to lie on behalf of the welfare-to-work parasites like A4e and G4S who run the Work Programme.  Just last week they published a breath-takingly dishonest report making wild claims that no-one believed about how much money the Work Programme is saving the country.  It seems likely that this latest letter was co-ordinated by ERSA as part of a shabby PR campaign designed to convince the DWP to keep giving welfare-to-work firms billions of pounds of our money.

Labour have hinted that they might bring in local councils to run forced work schemes.  The Lib Dems are caling for a policy change and may yet hold the balance of power again come the next election.  More importantly, no-one knows better than the welfare-to-work sector that the latest ‘Help to Work’ scheme is set to be a disaster and that they will be the ones that get the blame when it all goes wrong.  The future does not look so assured for ERSA and their welfare-to-work cronies who  have made hundreds of millions out of bullying and exploiting unemployed people.  They will fight dirty to keep Brtain’s biggest benefit scam alive.  Expect more bollocks like this.

Join the Week of Action Against Workfare beginning on October 4th.  Please spread the word.

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164 responses to “Don’t Stop The Free Workers Plead The Workfare Exploiters

  1. If you’re in Scotland, vote Yes. If an independent Scottish government tries to bring in or retain workfare (and I wouldn’t put anything past any politician), we can stop it before it takes hold.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if an ‘independent’ Scotland did continue with workfare. Some quarters believe it would be a lot, lot worst under Fuhrer Salmond complete with Saltires flying from the rooftops and a giant poster of the Fuhrer at the gates of the new Scottish slave labour death camps. There are a lot of vested interests in this and powerful lobby groups. The twist in the tail of a YES vote could be that England, Wales and Northern Ireland finally gets shot of workfare whilst the Scots get to endure Salmond only knows. The workfare industry would have to make up for its lost profit somehow. As always, if you want to know the score, follow the monry

      • overburdenddonkey

        no, it is being scrapped…

        • These fucking schemes are always being scrapped though; thing is like that bunny rabbit game on moby fones they keep popping back up only with a different name.

          • overburdenddonkey

            will you tolerate the WP/sanctions/WCA/PIP, pointless jobsearch, in an indy scotland, i know that i won’t…besides that it is in writing, it will be scrapped…the iscot gov of the day will be responsible for creating real living wage jobs…no one rich no one poor…see work of the jimmy reid foundation…

        • The SNP intend to Scrap Workfare and Sanctions.

          During the Salmond – Darling debate. Darling said he would pass workfare powers to Scotland. So presumably Labour will continue with workfare if they get elected.

      • In jumping out of the melting pot of tyranny there is always the risk of being incinerated in the fires of totalitarianism.

  2. …..And David Cameron and his two sidekicks, Miliband and Clegg wonder why Scotland wants to leave the Union!!
    The folks who signed this letter really haven’t a clue. They are so, so stupid. I mean, they have just let the whole entire world know who it is, that is either still using WorkFare, or who would like to go back to using Workfare.
    That’s fine. We now know who to boycott ! They’ve made it ever so easy for us. Cheers guys!

  3. So you go into poundland to buy something and the person serving you is paid out of your taxes. Did somebody say something about “putting an end to the something for nothing culture”?

    • Well, when a company supplies goods or services that cost them, let’s say £5 to supply, then add £5 clear profit, THAT’S something for nothing.

      • Has anyone done the accounting on this? Say a shop like poundland, having workers that they don’t have to pay wages nor Nat Ins for, compared with a similar store having to pay wages. Who is going to be more profitable, who will have higher costs making them less competitive. Obviously free workers gives an unfair competitive advantage, either forcing other businesses out of business or having to follow suit. This is not going to increase the supply of jobs paying a living wage, which is what the govt says it wants. I have only an A Level in economics. What is the govt’s level of education. They appear to have a PhD in con-artistry.

        • Perhaps companies could take the govt. to court under TIPPS for allowing free labour?

          • Unlikely, as they want it. But on the unfair competition side, how does this pan out with small businesses? It looks like the big guys have tried to take advantage of this. Does your corner newsagent get a free worker too? If not, it is another example of govt cooperating with big business to shaft small businesses. Get rid of the competition.

  4. JV, just read the report and can state the following as confirmed:

    Figures quoted are Complete and Utter Tosh

    Page 9, Para 1, states “…differing results…” [hmmm I wonder why there is differing results? Might it be because it is not possible to massage the figures to their liking? Nope.]

    Read on to the end of Para 9 and it tells you all you need to know: “At the same time, the methods employed in these studies depended on
    longitudinal data for individual participants, which is not available for the Work Programme at present.”

    So in fact there are no figures that can be used.

    Oh dear.

  5. Cheeky f*ckers A4e are singing the praises of this letter on Twitter!

    • A4E are dicks! they tried to sanction me for an appointment I was at! Even if I missed the appointment, why not contact me first to ask why :s

      • Because they’re power freaks who will jump at any chance to stop someone’s only source of income. Am praying that they go into administration really soon then their staff will see how it feels to be looked down on as unemployed ‘scroungers.’

        • Definitely agree A4, they are wankers alright. I had dealings with ‘WORKING LINKS’ who are another low life shower. Get rid of these bottom feeders and show them up at every turn for the scum they truly are.

  6. If all these scum bag companies can find people unpaid work for a back hander from the DWP, them why the fuck cant they find the same people paid work, surely if they can find places for slave labour then im sure that the money paid to them from the DWP could be used as a wage for the slaves.

  7. trust me the employers must be getting some of the fee from the providers or why in hell have angry pissed off pll at you company.

    i have a letter from a massive super market where it says learn direct were giving them 2200 quid for each 18-24 year old slaves at there store for 6 months then dumping the back on the wp for another slave fee.

    • Learn Direct Admin

      @ super ted employers get paid £15-20 a day per participant on placement.

      • so not only do they get a free slave they get a fee more than id get on jsa on top.

        problem is you dont get jack shit if i dont sign your contracts you was my wp provider and never went for the hole 2 years.

        did you get ur reff fee of 400 quid for doing fuck all 😉 cos i won all my sanctions you sent me.

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    Here’s the REAL something-for-nothing culture IDS and Cameron claim to hate…

  9. You should all be wary of polls especially ones in the final days of the #indyref saying it’s a landslide one way or another; and when the actual result is announced it has went the other way. This has happened time and time again in General Election and is a deliberate ploy to get one side to stay at home and “no bother tae vote”.

  10. Even now, the Tory led coalition are hell bent on looting money by flogging off the East Coast mainline train route to their money hungry friends in the city………….
    This route is the only publicly owned one in Britain and earned the taxpayer £217 million last year.

    This is not privatisation, this is theft from the public purse on an unprecedented scale.

    Imagine what that amount of money could be used for?.

    You are being taken for a ride by the out of control greed of the Westminster Gentlemen’s Private Bank………………


    • Post privatisation of the East Coast mainline the public treasury will most probably be plundered to subsidies the unprofitable profiteers.


  11. Oppose Fascism Racism Nazism Neo Liberalism and Slave Labour
    Exploitation of Humans

    Political Revolution for Freedom and Social Justice Not Enslavement

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  13. Welfare Helps Warfare Harms
    Support a Socialist Welfare State Oppose Warmongering

    World Peace Now and Forever

  14. Oppose Slavery Now and Forever

    Let the Red Flag of Freedom fly throughout Great Britain

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    I had to re-read this to make sure it wasn’t a parody!

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  17. I will look at the letter in the guardian and post , if everyone who had to take part did this it would give a truer picture in print. we need to start putting stickers on the goods/ windows of these stores because they ain’t paying for these ‘salves’ so no NI or Tax being paid and of course the prices of the goods don’t go down either!
    I think we need a ‘slave ‘Labour for Members of Parliament let’s have their services free….If it’s good enough for the unemployed then it’s good enough for the free loaders of Parliament!

  18. hear hear rosemarie!

  19. overburdenddonkey a warm glasgow welcome to our loyal WM mp’s

    • OBD did you see this? Alex putting the BBC’s wee Nick Robinson in his place! Superb!

      Go on Alex!

      • overburdenddonkey

        more on the invasion of mps / they are here in their droves to badger, bully, and intimidate, people over the next few days @ a cost of god knows?

        • Someone should have had a supply of eggs and egged the lot of them. Bunch of useless tossers.

          I watched the news at lunch time today and there was a bit where they all got off the train, at Central Station it looked like. Anyway one of them says to someone next to him, for the benefit of the camera of course, “It’s all up to us now!”

          Have you ever heard a more arrogant and pompous statement in your puff?

          No it’s not down to you and your cohorts Mr Smug Labour man! It’s down to the men and women of Scotland and no one in their right mind would be swayed by any BS from you and your fellow fake Labour MP’s.

        • Economics Student

          Re Alex’s point on corporation tax: “it depends on economic activity no where the brass plaque is”. So how does Alex propose to collect corporation tax from tax-dodgers Starbucks, Google, Amazon who use, as Alex would say, the ‘reverse’ argument in that they say they don’t pay tax because their ‘brass plaque’ is elsewhere?

      • I wouldn’t worry about Alex, even if the Scots do go for independence they will dump Wee ‘Eck at the earliest opportunity, little does he know… 🙂

        • Well even if that does happen i’d say Alex would have fulfilled his life’s ambition by seeing an independent Scotland become a reality.

          He’d be a Scots hero.

  20. Let’s hope Scotland does vote for independence and rid themselves of the austerity measures facing the rest of us. The biggest problem for the yes voters might be that most people who are not sure will go down the safe route and vote no. It’s a step into the unknown and the nearer the decision day comes the more people will think twice before risking everything. I hope they are brave enough not to believe the scare stories that Cameron, Clegg and Milliband spout. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Might even end up with a Scottish team in the next olympics. I’m from Wales and one thing I can’t stand is hearing people sing “God save the queen” Soon it might be “God save the king (Charles)

    • No more A4e if Scotland goes independent- Salmond has already said the Work Programme will be SCRAPPED!

      • Yes and get rid of those WORKING LINKS bastards as well.

      • If Scotland goes independent A4e and the other companies will negotiate seperately to make money off the backs of the unemployed. A4e are a multi-national company that does this all over the world. Work Programme will be changed into something that reflects the interests of Scottish businessmen, and has potential to cause far more suffering.

        • Yes, but what will they call the Tartan Work Programme?

          Scotland into Work
          Scotland into Jobs
          Jobs for Scotland
          Scotland Works
          Scotland for Work
          Work Programme Scotland… ?

          • overburdenddonkey

            you have answered your own question…
            you know all it’s names, guises and more as we all do!..will you accept the other names, i for one won’t….

          • NO to Workfare in an Indy Scotland

            Yeah, run by the same cunts in the same offices, the only thing that will change is the letterhead on the stationery.

            • You have been referred to the following OPPORTUNITY – Jobs for Scotland….. building great big pyramidal-size monuments of Alex Salmond with nothing but your bare hands and with only your sausage supper for JSA to look forward to.

  21. prob be 3-5 weeks from when you ring them and put in a claim b4 you get any money

    claim starts the day you ring them and will be back dated from that date.

  22. boycott poundland, i,ll shop their no more,



      • overburdenddonkey

        the no campaign has collapsed… bbc bias protest 14 sept…

      • This twisted, out of control, dictatorship, will stop at nothing to try to scupper the Scottish Independence vote………………

        They will be contemplating any underhand manoeuvres to distort the process, including ballot rigging, recounts and wasted papers.

        Lying, cheating and corruption at all levels is clearly apparent in Westminster, the judiciary, police and security services.

        It is a cancer that is eating away at the very fabric of everyday lives of the people of this once proud nation.
        You are being played as “chumps”, the Scottish people must be congratulated for trying to erase the cancer as it manifests itself in everything we touch.


        • overburdenddonkey

          they are shocked that we are standing up to them and not cowering down…they have no answers to this…what ever they do increases the yes vote…the no camp has been inadvertently working for the yes campaign..

          • Turns out that all this crap about prices going up trotted out by some supermarkets has another slant to it! Yes it turns out that wanker Camoron had them all in at no 10 telling them to announce it and to let everyone know etc. etc.

            They know nothing. Another supermarket said the prices might go down.

            They will stoop to anything to scaremonger and they have talked Scotland down at every turn.

  23. overburdenddonkey

    stop press; asteroid will destroy world if scotland votes yes

  24. I just walked out on my CWP placement in traid in Wood Green. I was told by one their paid staff that I do nothing, even though I bust my arse for no pay for 8hrs, in front of the customers. I simply told the staff member seeing I do not do anything, I’ll do nothing somewhere else. I am already sanctioned.

  25. Have you noticed that the Rochdale child abuse inquiry has been put on the back burner……………….
    High ranking politicians, judges and police have been mentioned many times, but conveniently all files have gone missing or been deleted.
    Our security services are being used to vacuum up all evidence in an effort to distance those responsible……………………..those at the top!

    Same has happened in the Welsh care home scandal and now the Rotherham scandal. properties and charity organisations were broken into and sensitive files taken to protect who?

    Even now, the stench of a cover up gets even stronger………….

    Why was Woolf selected to lead an Inquiry into child abuse when she had links to one of the main suspects, Thatcher arselicker, Leon Brittan?

    Jeremy Heywood, this morning, ridiculed Salmond, by insisting he had done nothing in leaking classified information to the BBC in an effort to smear the Scottish “YES” campaign………………
    The same guy has links to the publishing of the Chilcott Inquiry into Blair’s phoney war.

    Everything in this nation has been tainted and corrupted to such an obscene level that the politicians don’t know when to stop. One cover up leads to another cover up, and so on and so forth.

    Each and every committee has links to the next committee which in turn is being steered by the money of the multinationals.
    Everyone in the judiciary has a price to pay for their position, being manipulated at every twist and turn to bring about change for the benefit of their colleagues who rein in the favours……………….


  26. Scare stories aplenty. Vote for independence and that Salmond guy will take your money, house, car, first born child, and your Grannie’s Siamese cat.

    The “Yes” campaign should follow suit and go as negative as the lying bastards in the “No” camp. Like what would happen if the banking and financial experts in London decide they’re not rich enough and accordingly run the UK economy over a cliff once again. How would that scenario affect the life chances of a young family claiming tax credits in Falkirk of a jobseeker in Dundee ?

    The Naysayes have only one strategy : tell scary stories. But, as President Roosevelt said : ” you have nothing to fear but fear itself ” and in any event
    isn’t the idea of endless villification of the poor, and sanctions for the for the poor and the increasing use of foodbanks for the poor enough to make normal people want better for themselves and their families ?

    • Scare stories aplenty. Vote for independence and that Salmond guy will take your money, house, car, first born child, and your Grannie’s Siamese cat.

      …………….Go hide in a corner, oppression was never beaten by running scared………………..

  27. People in Scotland might be getting a bit more per head than the rest of the UK but when the oil eventually runs out and they are of no benefit to a westminster government they will end up worse off than the people in England. They might as well vote independent and use the oil money to benefit them before it runs out and they are left getting scraps from Westminster. Many nations survive well without oil anyway. England doesn’t have any oil after all apart from using the scottish oil revenue. Scrap the television licence and stop people being punished for having a television just for watching dvds and playing on a games console and ending up with a fine. Any companies who increase prices would soon find the competition from other retailers so great that they would have to bring their prices down to compete. They are not going to want to lose out on a customer base of over five million people.
    The labour supporters in Scotland must know that if they vote no next week then austerity and all the stress of sanctions and workfare will have to be endured by especially the young unemployed in Scotland for decades to come.

    • It’s nonsense this talk about ‘rising food prices’ in an independent Scotland. The big supermarket shares are in free-fall ( Tesco (TSCO) more than halved in the past year with a 75% cut to their dividend). The UK consumer has had enough of being fleeced. The big supermarkets are going to have to adapt to lower margins or die.

  28. Indeed
    Rule Britannia Britons Never Shall be Slaves
    Slavery Needs to be Opposed throughout Great Britain

    Animal Farm | September 11, 2014 at 8:53 am | Reply Wouldn’t be surprised if an ‘independent’ Scotland did continue with workfare. Some quarters believe it would be a lot, lot worst under Fuhrer Salmond complete with Saltires flying from the rooftops and a giant poster of the Fuhrer at the gates of the new Scottish slave labour death camps. There are a lot of vested interests in this and powerful lobby groups. The twist in the tail of a YES vote could be that England, Wales and Northern Ireland finally gets shot of workfare whilst the Scots get to endure Salmond only knows. The workfare industry would have to make up for its lost profit somehow. As always, if you want to know the score, follow the monry

  29. We are witnessing a concerted effort to snuff out democracy in Scotland, a dirty war of propaganda and intimidation that has exposed the tyranny of the British state.

    The Labour Party will go the way of the Conservative Party in Scotland, there will be an independent Scotland, even if that is by means of a second referendum in the not to distant future, months rather than years.

  30. What Labour MPs have forgotten is that even if it was “No” this time round, there is the election next year. Labour, are heading for disaster. It will not be forgotten how they sided with the tories and the big businesses, banks and the mega corporations to misinform the ppl, to deny democracy. That Labour would rather we had the Bedroom Tax, workfare and Benefit Sanctions, than a Parliament that would end such things, tells us how low Labour have become and they are today nothing more than the New Thatcher Party.
    George Galloway is just as bad if not worse. The guy who likes to be so anti Establishment, but there he is siding with said big mega bucks corporations, to warn the Scots that democracy is a bad thing! He should be in Bradford defending his voters.
    But if enough pro Independence MPs are sent down to Westminster at a UK election, we get Independence for Scotland. Simple as that !
    Many, ppl in England are hoping for a YES vote as they know it will help shake up UK wide politics. Cameron can deny it all he likes, but he goes if it’s YES and he knows it. Labour would have to get rid of the utterly useless workfare supporting Miliband. The guy who wants to take all benefits from the under 21s.
    With policies like that, and it IS policy, not mere ideas, Labour will loose badly. Instead of being a progressive trailblazer that should have brought down these NEW NAZIS, Labour dream up even worse things.
    So, if it’s not Independence now, it will be next May.
    As I say, “No” changes nothing for no one. YES changes everything, and will help the ppls everywhere else.
    Don’t believe this guff this will mean endless tory governments for England. It may help galvanise the ppl. And that’s what is needed.

    • overburdenddonkey

      but slabs know best JL says so

      • “We’re not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions” says Johann Lamont.

        Horrifying to think that as a schoolteacher Johann Lamont programmed thousands of Scottish children. Early age political indoctrination has destroyed the Scottish education system and the life opportunities of hundreds of thousands of working class Scots.

    • Too right, Gordon, a “YES” vote will shake Westminster to its foundations. Though I suspect that in the event of a “YES” vote that some sort of super-devo-max package will be cobbled together and Scotland will not in any case separate fully from the UK. So, if any “NO” voters are worried about kissing goodbye to the “Auld Enemy” for good it is unlikely to happen in any event. A “NO” vote just means business as usual for those smug Etonian toffs and more shit being shovelled in the faces of the poor and downtrodden of the whole of the UK.

    • As a Londoner and as such unable to vote I am hoping and praying for a YES vote. UK-wide politics is in desperate need of a shake-up.

    • Every word you have posted on this site has been utter shite.

  31. Cameron, Miliband and Clegg – we have had enough of your shite! You can fuck right off!

  32. Richard Branson is a Beared WANKER!!

    From BBC News

    “17:18: Branson for No vote Businessman Richard Branson has come out in support of a No vote.”

  33. Get the effing Tories out NOW ;D

    • If Scotland votes YES i’d say a GE should be called immediately and Cameron, Miliband and Clegg should all resign straight away as it would be a vote of no confidence in the lot of them.

      • Better Aff Withoot Them

        Their positions will be ‘untenable’ in the event of a YES vote! And they KNOW IT!

      • A YES vote might not even achieve full independence but it will as sure as hell give a great big boot up the arse to this shower of shite in Westminster!

      • overburdenddonkey

        they expected apathy, bang 400+ YES grassroots groups sprung up overnight, they have had no answers to it, and carried on spouting their BS in total denial..

        • OBD: what got me annoyed tonight was seeing that idiot Gordon Brown on spewing out opinions and trying to say they’re facts. Higher food bills he was saying as if that’s a fact! It isn’t! Those supermarket bosses were summoned to Downing Street and told by Camoron to spout out the scare stories to try to frighten people into believing that.

          Then idiot Brown started on about all the jobs we would lose!!!! WTF! Again he’s talking out of his arse and making it up as he see’s fit!! All the banks said there would be no difference in how they’re run and staffing levels.

          • Sainsburys (SBRY) plunged down almost 100 points today. 🙂 These big, greedy rip-off supermarkets really are toast. Gordon Brown is talking absolute shite about higher food prices in an independent Scotland.

            • Broon is just talking a load a mince tae try n scare us hoosewives intae voting tae keep his precious ‘union’. Whitever wi thi vote goes it will no affect thi price o a pun o mince.

          • How could prices get any more expensive? – just been stung for £4 for a chip butty (a white roll with some chips (french fries) in the middle) and £1.50 for a can of iron-coloured sugary drink!

  34. If Gordon Brown had resigned in 2010 when he was twice asked to do so by the LibDems, so that they could go into coalition with Labour , the worst aspects of welfare so-called ‘reform’ could have been avoided.

  35. In an ‘independent’ Scotland will we still have to wait 25 fucking years fir a cooncil hoose?

  36. “38 degrees have started an online petition relating to the biased BBC reporting against Scottish Independence………………

    Over 65 thousand signatures and rising……….

  37. I can tell you all for nothing that it is going to be a vote for YES. All down to the simple fact that I have a few quid riding on a NO vote. I will eat my betting slip if it’s a No vote… 🙂

    • … then how will you claim your winnings, stupid? lol 😀

    • Bookies odds are based on where the money is flowing, not necessarily on the likelihood of an event. The bookies want to make a profit, so their odds are adjusted accordingly. The bookies will make a profit no matter who wins but will ‘clean up’ if it’s a YES vote just by the shear volume of money riding on a NO vote.

  38. overburdenddonkey


  39. Big Hamish TcTavish

    In an ‘independent’ Scotland will be TV Licensing goons still be pearing intae ma wee daughter’s bedroom supposedly (when a dae catch em n whack ’em ooer the heid wi ma caber) looking fir a telly?

  40. overburdenddonkey

    just look @ this…

  41. overburdenddonkey
  42. overburdenddonkey

    farage come to scotland yesterday to rally pro-union support and no-body noticed, coz we forgot, oh dear, what a shame!…meanwhile in dundee the slab no battle bus, was treated with a rendition of “you’re a tory in disguise”…

  43. Willie’s Views On Scottish Independence THE SIMPSONS

    i’m British and even i would love to see the SCOT’s Free from the Westminster SCUM.

  44. This is moving really fast the mainstream politicians and media are almost an irrelevance, it is now a peoples revolt there is now way back to the status quo.

    Dreamed of it but never thought the people would become so politicised so quickly and to such a depth this is going to roll well beyond the indyref.

    Amazing what is happening in Scotland, an extraordinary world news story but the yellow journos of the UK are to busy undermining democracy in Scotland.

    Aye Scotland.

  45. Alistair Darling paid thousands by NHS Privatisation Company

    But some Scots on the left have to do some deep political soul searching as to why at times they so viciously supported the likes of AD.

  46. Survation survey says 54% plan to vote No with only 46% backing Yes….seems most Scots/Brits are too clever to believe Overburdendonkey’s blatant lies.

  47. and then theres Geoff”CAPS LOCK “Reynolds,would you want to be a neighbour of his ?

    • Disability has it’s disadvantages. I am so sorry i am not able bodied like YOURSELF….


  48. The threats and intimidation are way beyond hard political campaigning they have subverted the democratic process in Scotland – fucking outrageous.

  49. Just a few point to bear in mind before you cast your vote

    The SNP are:

    Pro Capitalism
    Pro Big Business
    Pro Prominent Anti-Gay Rights Campaigner Brian Soutar
    Pro Death Penalty
    Pro Police State

  50. According to the SNP’s ‘white paper’, the Scottish Government’s legislative priorities (after Kenny MacKaskill abolishes the cornerstone of the Scottish legal system – corroboration) are a ban on air-guns, and ‘more appropriate’ (i.e. draconian) penalties for Road Traffic ‘Offences’ in particular giving new powers to Police Scotland – the most corrupt organisation in Scotland – to conduct random breath-tests ” anywhere, any time

    • Police State Scotland with their fleet of unmarked cars are going to drive us off the roads, and when we get pulled over we will have nothing to shoot the bastards with lol

      • Just how many fucking unmarked cars to these cunts have? Every second car on the road seems to have a pair of these cunts in it. And when that MacKaskill cunt abolishes they will be able to DOUBLE the amount of these fucking pests on the roads cos they will only need one lying copper to say they say you running a red light, speeding, going at an ‘inappropriate’ speed, ‘middle lane-hogging’, tail-gating, straddling a pedestrian crossing, using your moby fone or the 101 other bullshit lies these cunts concoct to hit you with an instant fine and penalty points. Police Scotland are fucking cunts!

        • should be… abolishes corroboration… any way what sort of fucking bawbag came up with that idea?

        • Salmon doesn’t want the ‘plebs’ getting in the way of his limo on the roads – he wants to drive us off the road. And the heavy Polis Scotland presence is to make us intimidate us, make us nervous and uncomfortable. What he wants to do is force us onto bicycles – look at what is going on in Edinburgh where you can be fined £100 for straddling a green piece of tarmac or those rent-a-bikes like they now have in Glasgow. And once a ‘critical mass’ of cyclists is reached the Scottish Government will introduce legislation – “The Cycling Safety – (Scotland) Act – which will require compulsory insurance, tax, MOT, licence to ride a bike just like a car. They don’t want the proles to have any freedom or fun at all. Everything has to be wrapped in a legislative strait-jacket.

          • Look at what happened when they introduced the smoking ban in pubs – most of them closed down. The Scots have ‘extreme’ porn laws whereby you can get on a train at London Euston with a mag and be thrown in a Scot’s dungeon for life with the same mag at Edinburgh Haymarket. The Justice Committee entertained that mediaeval “Payment for Sex” proposed Bill – a ‘catch-all’ Bill that would have made EVERY man in Scotland a potential criminal, if an when someone in authority decides to use it. This is the SNP’s Scotland. And it is only going to get worse if these totalitarian fascists are ‘mandated’ to continue on until at least May 2016.

  51. overburdenddonkey

    no prizes for spotting the difference msm v social media…

  52. JesusisanAnarchist

    BBC latest (ranked 1 in most popular list):

    David Clapson : PM says Britain will ‘hunt down’ IDS killers

    David Cameron says Britain will hunt down those responsible for the death of British ex-soldier David Clapson.

    Speaking after a Cobra meeting, the prime minister paid tribute to the 59-year-old “British hero” who was sanctioned and killed by Department of Work and Pensions [DWP] militants.

    He also said the country is “sickened” that a Briton could have carried out the “despicable” killing.

    DWP militants “are not Muslims, they are monsters,” Mr Cameron said.

  53. Please be rest assured that ee are not trying to scare but we feel it is our duty to inform you, as the electorate that if Scotland votes YES to independence you can be 100% certain that:

    There will be a Great Depression
    Major businesses will all leave Scotland
    Millions of jobs will be lost
    Homelessness and re-possessions will soar
    Scotland will be unable to afford to pay for State benefits and pensions
    Scotland will have no NHS
    Energy bills will soar
    Interest rates will soar
    Oil will run out before Christmas 2014
    Shopping bills soar,
    Call charges will soar,
    Scotland will be overrun with Terrorists
    Russia will invade.

  54. overburdenddonkey


  55. Everyone who signed that list now needs to face a fucking firing squad. It’s us or them.

  56. It is Mental For Poor Britons to be at Loggerheads and drawing border
    lines when what is Needed is Unity to Challenge the Oppression of the
    Present to put an End to Horror like what Happened to
    David Clapson and to have the Welfare State Rebuilt
    together with Public Services and a Socialist Government
    For All Britain so Britons Never Shall be Slaves
    ” Independence ” For Scotland may get Rid of Tory Scum in
    Scotland Ruling but it will do Nothing by itself with Earthquake Political
    Revolution to Help the Poor People of England and Wales

    Scotland in the 1980s kept Voting Lour but too many Thickos in
    England kept Voting Tory

  57. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    Welfare for the retailers… The ‘something for nothing’ culture at its worst as they try and hang on to their source of free labour…

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