Reducing Unemployment To Zero Neither Feasible Nor Desirable Says Iain Duncan Smith’s Think Tank

CSJThe think tank founded by Iain Duncan Smith has let the cat out of the bag and admitted that reducing unemployment to zero is neither feasible or desirable.

The comments come in the latest report from the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), the madcap Christian dominated think tank that came up with Universal Credit. The CSJ praises George Osborne’s drive for full employment (stop laughing) but points out that this does not mean everyone should have a job, but that employment levels remain at a level which does not cause inflation.

The problem for the CSJ, and George Osborne, is that if work was in plentiful supply then the bastards would have to pay us properly.  That is why real full employment is neither feasible nor desirable to the people who profit from our work.  Capitalism cannot function without unemployment but still unemployed people are not just blamed for this situation, but endlessly punished with workfare and benefit sanctions.

The CSJ’s  astonishing admission comes alongside proposals to send young people on workfare from the moment they leave education as well as recommendations to provide lucrative new payment regimes for welfare-to-work companies to run unpaid work schemes.  The Centre for Social Justice is known to have received funding from these companies.  And that just about sums these scum up.  They can’t fix unemployment and they don’t want to, they just want to make a profit from it.

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  1. That would be good to see, everyone in employment, then the real fun would begin, who would sanction the DWP when they would be unemployed because there would be no work for them, or would they be exempt?

  2. Me myself and i

    It not going to happen business need the unemployed to keep wages down to the bare minimum

    • Exactly. The inflation they’re speaking of here is most likely wage inflation. And considering that wages are still rising, I suspect they consider themselves to still have some way to go – although I’m sure they’re delighted with their success at keeping wage rises below price rises.

      Of course, it’s all about power, all told. The employer/employee relationship is an inherently exploitative one, in that the employer will always seek to make more profit from their employees than they pay in wages. The only real counterpower employees have is their ability to act collectively, whether by entering politics and attempting to forge rights (we’ve seen how well that works) or by acting directly through industrial action (ostensibly guaranteed by the Human Rights Act, but that hasn’t slowed the tide of anti-union legislation). But when employees consider themselves in direct competition with each other for their survival – the easiest way of doing that is by making them terrified of the consequences of losing their job and the ease with which they can be replaced, which requires a large, available, desperate pool of inactive labour – they voluntarily abandon that power, leaving the employers holding ALL the cards.

      And because public companies must necessarily be directed psychopathically, abuse of that power is a foregone conclusion. (Very small companies can be less tyrannical; they’re more likely to have other forces tying them together, such as all members being co-owners or working towards a common heartfelt goal. They’re also more likely to be open about the state of things. Simply put, there’s much less power to start with, so there’s much less point in hoarding it at the top.)

      Of course, the best way to really solve unemployment would be to let go of the reins altogether – to simply say “if you’re not in work, we’ll pay you a weekly sum, period”. If there must be a condition (which I dispute), that condition should simply be “show us you’re not just sitting in front of the TV all day”; but what form that productive activity could take would be left entirely to the discretion of the claimant. Instead, we hear a constant stream of stories about claimants who have been forced to give up useful and productive activities they’ve found themselves in order to be railroaded into some government scheme or other. The tendency will be to assume that these are awful accidents caused be irrational applications of bizarre rules by the kind of jobsworth that seems to uniquely thrive in British bureaucracy. Nope. That’s the system working exactly as designed. You’re not SUPPOSED to find your own way out of unemployment. You’re not supposed to FIND a way out.

      And perhaps this is the real reason for replacing tax credits: They allow people too much freedom. In particular, they allow people to start their own businesses; yes, the abuse of tax credits and self-employment status is an awful thing, but for those people who truly are self-employed, tax credits are a perpetually available lifeline for fallow months. A lifeline to which the government have taken a Stanley knife.

      (Sorry for the rant. I’m… annoyed about things lately.)

  3. perhaps then we could sack the lot of them but its a day dream for us and a big nightmare for them if it did happen

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    “Whilst reducing unemployment to zero is neither feasible nor desirable” – This astonishing admission from IDS’s ‘Experts’ is maybe the Greatest Reason to Join the TRUTH Campaign. –

    The Lies fed to us by Government and in particular from IDS & the DWP, are precisely those used to justify the horrors of Welfare Reform

    #ImpeachDWP #NOWPetition

  5. fuckthetories

    “Unemployment is a price worth paying.” (Thathcher, May 1991)

  6. It’s a win-win situation for them. The worse they make the situation – increasing unemployment, the more work they can get out of people for less pay, and they can place the spotlight on the unemployed and scapegoat them for the situation they created.

  7. I wouldn’t take too much notice of any statistics released by IDS and his department. They are frequently criticised by the UK statistics authority – See this story from todays news

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    In response to a report from the thinktank founded by Iain Duncan Smith, Johnny Void reiterates the well-known point that “reducing unemployment to zero is neither feasible nor desirable” because then the Tories and their big business paymasters would have to pay the rest of us – properly.

  9. We cannot pay you Jobseeker's Allowance....

    Talk about about stating the fucking obvious… didn’t Marx say the same thinf over 100 years ago?

    • overburdenddonkey

      we cannot
      in a nutshell…add the, pad out the, rest from what you all already know, as it is all to complicated to explain in a short post…
      labour lost the 1979 election to thatcher because of hyper inflation, high interest rates and demonized union working class power…what thatcher did was to ensure that the working classes protected the rich from hyper inflation and could also gradually reduced interest rates…with the “home/share owning democracy”..she also removed all effective union/working class opposition to her plans @ the same time….. doing this also ensured @ least 40% of the right wing, vote…the lean to the right has strengthened and continued…..

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps correction “doing this ensured the right wing would always get @ least 40% of the vote”….

  10. Fool Employment – sanctioning their way to creating a mobile disposable class to keep the precariously employed workforce in a state of fear and alarm. Whilst plundering public money for private profit.

  11. Profit is all

  12. Welfare remunerated jobseekers + sanctioned jobseekers = fool employment.

  13. Off topic I know but has anyone noticed how Mr Cameron has suddenly decided to meddle in the pharmaceutical industry, also a piece on Airport alerts as though he is trying his hardest to convince the general public that he cares about their safety, if he cared that much he would have got rid of the buffoon IDS who is systematically killing off the poor and disabled and mentally ill, fuck off Cameron you despicable piece of shit and stop crying over your european failures….twat!

  14. Voidseeker……well said

  15. Landless Peasant

    Of course zero unemployment is impossible. I could have told them that. These greedy bastards just want to have their cake and eat it. Capitalism NEEDS unemployment in order to exist and function. There can never be enough jobs for everybody. The State has a RESPONSIBILITY to provide adequate Benefits for those not in work. The State CANNOT negate its responsibility. IDS, Lord Fraud, and the CSJ can all go fuck themselves.

  16. If they can’t or won’t give everyone jobs, then they should stop demonizing the unemployed.

  17. “What I see coming in 2015 is the final and greatest economic crash in human history which will devastate all the world economies and brings in a sort of one world government that rules with an iron fist.”

  18. I totally agree that employment is exploitive. For 30 years, I worked in catering, working every hour to show my “loyalty” & “professionalism” Slowly moving up the ranks, to supervisor then to manager. When I was a manager, I was on a salarly, an oh-so grand word for a fixed wage. I had to forgo overtime hours, bank holiday pay & and other benefits that I had when I was paid hourly. In short, I continued to work long hours, unsocial hours and treated like crap. Unfortunately, I paid for this by a deteriation in my health, both physically and mentally and now I am treated like a leper because I have to rely on social security that I have contribution towards. Talk about being used and spat out

  19. What the govt is doing is like something being orchestrated by a madman. At a time when those looking for jobs far exceeds the jobs available the govt has put retirement age back and gone after very sick and disabled people as if they should be in work. They sit on their hands while jobs are outsourced overseas and allow businesses here to recruit in Europe but not advertise those jobs in this country, and also put the few jobs we have available advertised in the European job market and provide financial incentives to employers here who employ foreigners. What the hell is going on?

    • Madman Lord Fraud and his henchman IDS. You describe the UK job market accurately. EU migration is a win win for business and ‘growth’ but it adds massively to the welfare bill and the housing crisis. That’s what the Lib/Lab/Con call a price worth paying.

  20. When I studied applied economics in the late 1960s, we were taught that there was a level of “natural” unemployment in any economy, i.e. there are people in-between jobs, temporarily sick and unable to find work, employers who no longer require labour and lay workers off, etc.
    This “natural” unemployment rate is around 2 per cent of the workforce.
    The problem today – among many others – is the way in which calculations of the unemployed have been altered over time.
    This, of course, is no accident as it allows politicians constantly to alter any basis for comparison on the way in which they do their job of controlling the economy. It makes their performance literally incomparable !!
    Alan Clark MP, while a junior minister in Thatcher’s government, recorded in his diaries that he had been involved in 30 changes to the way in which unemployment was calculated; only one resulted in a minor increase.
    Inflation-neutral full employment is just, it seems, an updated version of what we were taught, though with a much more morally dubious basis.
    In reality, there can be no such thing as a full-employment economy.
    There are always frictions and drags in any economy. The human element ensures that no human-based economy can behave like a machine.
    Anyone who claims they can create a full-employment economy is an idiot.
    Not only that but there is an economic law of diminishing marginal returns which applies equally to an employment economy as any other. The more labour resorces are employed the less the marginal return they generate.
    Maybe Ian Smith (any relation to the one in Rhodesia?) can think on that?

  21. So….if everyone is sanctioned then where does that leave DWP employees? Are they killing the Golden Goose?

  22. Sanctions are being used as a means to make savings in the social security budget. Has anybody heard anything about Osborne’s Help-to-Work scheme? Is anybody on Help-to-Work anywhere?

    • Someone on Boycott Workfare’s Facebook page says that her brother’s being sent to do a Community Work Placement in a factory warehouse so it looks as if, in some areas at least, they’re determined to make it happen. The best thing we can do is try to get as many organisations as possible to agree not to take part, then G4S etc will find it difficult to get placements to send people on.

      • G4S – the people who run illegal prisons in Israel, in breach of the Geneva Convention? What have they to do with anything?
        They are part of an international grouping which imprisons people in the USA and are beginning to gain a hold in this country.
        All this means that the non-working people in our societies are becoming the raw material for a new process whereby privatised prisons and justice systems use them as raw fodder in a warehousing system, based upon human beings being the “stock” items kept in legal warehouses.
        Instead of paying them benefits, corporations are paid to warehouse them.
        Welcome toThe Brave New World of Cameron, Smith, Gove & Co.

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  24. Should we surprised? Aggressive Capitalism requires an army of desperate unemployed and poor people to keep wages at the lowest level and makes the employed fearful because they are always dispensable.

  25. southessexheckler

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    Spot on piece from The Void… Capitalism needs unemployment in order to keep pay levels down. If we were getting anywhere near full employment, they’d have to pay us decent money instead of the pittance many of us have to tolerate. The question is – as IDS’s think tank now sees unemployment as a necessity, will the DWP stop making the lives of the unemployed a misery? Somehow, we doubt it…

  26. Hiya all not sure what the impact on back to work will be but have a gander at [latest high court ruling on scheme and EHCR]:


      Tessa Gregory, solicitor, Public Interest Lawyers states:

      “Today’s judgment sends Iain Duncan Smith back to the drawing board to make fresh Regulations which are fair and comply with the Court’s ruling. Until that time nobody can be lawfully forced to participate in schemes affected such as the Work Programme and the Community Action Programme. All of those who have been stripped of their benefits have a right to claim the money back that has been unlawfully taken away from them from the DWP.
      The case has revealed that the Department of Work and Pensions was going behind Parliament’s back and failing to obtain Parliamentary approval for the various mandatory work schemes that it was introducing. It also reveals a lack of transparency and fairness in the implementation of these schemes. The Claimants had no information about what could be required of them under the back to work schemes. The Court of Appeal has affirmed the basic constitutional principle that everyone has a right to know and understand why sanctions are being the threatened and imposed against them”

      Phil Shiner, a solicitor at Public Interest Lawyers, said today:
      “This case is another massive blow to this Government’s flawed and tawdry attempts to make poor people on benefits work for companies, who already make massive profits, for free. Last year the Supreme Court told Iain Duncan Smith and the Coalition government that the scheme was unlawful. In this case the High Court has now told the Government that the attempt to introduce retrospective legislation, after the DWP had lost in the Court of Appeal, is unlawful and a breach of the Human Rights Act and is a further disgraceful example of how far this Government is prepared to go to flout our constitution and the rule of law. I call on the DWP to ensure that the £130 million of benefits unlawfully withheld from the poorest section of our society is now repaid.”

  27. Tommy Sheridan

    @ Andy Coulson – convicted criminal 🙂 Enjoy your porridge! :), you ‘phone-hacking, two-faced liar and all round low-life piece of scum ! 🙂 Watch out you don’t slip on the shower soap! 🙂 SOLIDARITY!!

  28. The High Court has ruled emergency laws underpinning a government back-to-work scheme are “incompatible” with the European Convention on Human Rights.

    The ruling stems from a case brought by Cait Reilly in 2012, who said being forced to work for free at a Poundland store breached her human rights.

    The government brought in new rules in 2013 allowing unpaid work schemes to continue pending further legal appeals.

    Ministers said they were “disappointed” by the ruling and would appeal.

    But lawyers for Miss Reilly claimed the government owed about £130m to people who had fallen fall of the retrospective legislation and ministers should admit they made a mistake.

    The 24-year old graduate, challenged the legality of an unpaid work placement she undertook in 2011, part of the government’s “mandatory work activity” programme.

    She said that she was told that if she did not agree to take part in the scheme, which she said involved stacking shelves, she would lose her Jobseeker’s Allowance.

    ‘Minority of cases’

    The government was forced to pass emergency legislation amending the scheme last year after Court of Appeal ruled that the regulations underpinning it did not comply with existing laws giving the Department for Work and Pensions the power to introduce the programme.

    The legislation was designed to reinforce the rules to make it clear that claimants must do all they can to find work in order to claim benefits and to ensure the government did not have to repay money to claimants who had not complied with the conditions of their benefit claim.

    But Mrs Justice Lang, sitting at the High Court in London, ruled on Friday that the retrospective legislation interfered with the “right to a fair trial” under Article Six of the Convention on Human Rights.

    The Department for Work and Pensions said it was “disappointed” by the ruling – which it said applied to a minority of claimants – and would launch an appeal.

    “We disagree with the judgment on the legislation and are disappointed,” a spokeswoman said.

    “It was discussed, voted on and passed by Parliament. While this applies to only a minority of past cases and does not affect the day to day business of our Jobcentres, we think this is an important point and will appeal.”

    She said the legislation remained “in force” and the government would not be compensating anyone who had been docked benefits pending the outcome of its appeal.

    ‘Admit error’

    But Paul Heron, a solicitor for Public Interest Lawyers, said it was a “massively significant” ruling and the DWP’s decision to appeal against it would be a further blow to the “upwards of 3,000 cases sitting in the tribunal system waiting for this judgement”.

    He claimed people were owed anything from four weeks benefit, about £250, to several thousand pounds and were having to mostly represent themselves at tribunals.

    He told BBC News it was “about time the DWP just held their hands up, admit they made an error, and pay people the money they were entitled to at the time. That is what a responsible government would do.”

    The back-to-work schemes have been condemned by critics as “slave labour” because they involve work without pay but are seen by supporters as a good way of getting the unemployed back into the world of work.

    The Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal’s ruling on the regulations last year although the judges also rejected claims that the schemes were “exploitative” and amounted to “forced labour”.

    Ministers said that the most recent legal judgement had upheld this view.

    “We’re pleased the Court recognised that if claimants do not play by the rules and meet their conditions to do all they can to look for work and get a job, we can stop their benefits,” the spokeswoman added.

    Poundland, one of several employers which took part in the scheme, withdrew from it in 2012.

    High Court challenges UK work schemes

    • DWP, Any law that mandates the false imprisonment of law abiding citizens is ultimately going to be found to be unlawful.

      A4e do not have the power to mandate confinement and a secretary of state for work and pensions can not gift that power, all the mandated work schemes are inherently unlawful.

  29. Ah, reading the articles there is a greater impact here. DWP must now be explicit in what a sanction is for – and make decisions fairly [not that I’m holding my breathe about that] but it opens up the prospect of more court action against them which they will lose – everyone knows these T3&t senior DWP officials arn’t fit enough to find thier way out of the inside of a paper bag….

  30. overburdenddonkey

    cup of tea and cake @ 2.0 pm today in solidarity of…. ….kettles on, sadly no cake for me….

  31. Were the workforce exceeds the unemployment figure you have people able to dictate their own wage that is what is happening in Asia/China they can ask for more or say they will work for someone else, many of them do just that go and work for employers paying more even if the wage offered is a decent one.

  32. IDS Advice Bureau

    Appeal Court ruled against you?
    Has the High Court declared your ‘back-to-work-schemes’ illegal?
    You can challenge the decision.
    Contact us now.

  33. overburdenddonkey

    someone tweet this
    to #indyref please…..

  34. “Next time a disabled person has their benefits cut, we can say “Aah, but look, we’ve got a really good boat!” ”

    • overburdenddonkey

      here it is again…but there are 2, and no planes aircrew have to act out in monty python style, with out stretched arms making whooshing and zooming noises with the occasional rat tat tat…still @ least britannia still waves the rules… see also link on this to “poorly attended rally..

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, 220 people who looked none to happy turned out to see the british pm in perth…anyway i’ve consulted the communist party on working class betrayal if scotland votes yes…some agree some don’t based on european unity, but i pointed out that really it is about global working class unity, so there is no case to answer…

  35. “MP’s fury as Newcastle College group sacked for failing to help unemployed is paid bonus”

    Loads of money, but, none for YOU!.

    • overburdenddonkey

      labour know that the WP is fake…but as they want to claim this is not the case and will continue it if they are elected 2015, they deny it is fake…..

      • “fake”


        The biggest “fake” going on here is “The Labour party”, a right bunch of fakers, faking socialism.

  36. Re. Newcastle College story – welcome to coalition britain – where austerity means no money for low income people but where we can squander £6 Billion on an aircraft carrier that has no aircraft. It is hard to conceive anyone making these stories up as fiction – they would not be believed!!
    On a more serious point, does anyone think about whether or not jobs and work will be available in the future in the same way as they were in the past? People only get employed if their employers are able to make a profit on their labour. Increasingly, technology is replacing people. As someone once pointed out a long time ago, machines are eating people where employment is concerned. The gradual increase in sophistication in robotised technlolgy means that human labour is becoming increasingly irrelevant, particularly where relatively low-skilled, repetitive work tasks are concerned. I am retired now so this is no longer a factor where I am concerned but younger people need to think about these things and how their lives will be affected by the remorseless march of technology.
    The only solution I can see to this problem is that what we define as work needs to change. It cannot simply be tied to exploitation by employers in the pursuit of profit. We may end up with a form of population control and allocation of labour to tasks considered societally necessary.
    In the end, it may well be that money itself needs to be abolished with all societal needs being met for all individuals through an allocatory process.

    • Money for luxury items should not be abolished, but basic food, water, and housing should be a right.

  37. When the crunch comes, possibly much sooner than expected, our “technology culture” will crash to the ground. Then traditional skills will become once more become valuable. When we can’t buy Chinese stuff we’ll HAVE to make our own again. What are our “smartphone generation” going to do when the plug gets pulled on the mobile ‘phone networks? Their whole life revolves around a silly little glowing screen.

  38. Hey Johnny, looks like the courts are ruling in favour of the public over IDS workfare nonsense, apparently the taxpayer will have to fund the backpay (130 million quid) in benefits to all those who were made to work for nothing. And that is on top of the millions wasted on the work program in the first place. It’s costing more to run than it is saving, however workfare providers are getting a huge bonus, each. And, in addition, a paralympian (the parlympics was ironically sponsored by Atos) is facing benefits cuts. It looks like it is all catching up with the toffs. They are going to need to dump IDS soon, and if they don’t, it just proves all along they wanted to force through “cull” cuts on the sick, poor and unemployed.

    • While I have plenty sympathy for past paralympian contestants, I’m afraid to say, I have very little, in fact I have none for those who took part in the London 2012 Olympics. These ppl had a chance to publicly and sensationally shame this evil Regime of NEW NAZIS back 2 years ago, but they had to have their moment of glory. They knew what the Regime was planning. They said at the time they didn’t like any of it, but still, they chose not to boycott this outrageous Regime. Tho folks asked they do just that. Especially as ATOS were part of the sponsorship. We see the same thing take place in Glasgow for the imperial junket Commonwealth Games. (And with ATOS Supported by the Glasgow Labour) I know there are supposed to be disabled participation at this thing. Well, this is their last chance. They should boycott this.

      The disabled athletes from the various UK teams should pull out now. Then, maybe I might have a bit of respect for them. A chance to redeem themselves. A last chance to shame ATOS, but will they?

      For they had their greatest chance to inform the world of the injustices of the Regime and its maybe too late now. Perhaps they hoped against hope the NEW NAZIS would see how good they could be at the Olympics, and somehow change course. But those of us who knew the mindset of these wretches knew they were not interested in doing anything other than wage all out total war on the poor.
      Started by Ed “Thatcher” Miliband’s own party, and continuing with these policies.
      We see the DWP having lost yet another court case and again merely brushing it aside as an inconvenience. If only Rolf Harris, Andrew Coulson, and the others could merely brush aside court rulings they don’t like!
      Why does not some Judge indict George Ian Smith on contempt of court charges? No one else would get away with this.

      It was the tories of Thatcher that created this mass unemployment in the first place, closing down wholesale industries all across the UK. In a 20 mile stretch of the Clyde in the Glasgow area, we had 32,000 shipyard workers. Now there are about 3,000, and one of the last of two yards in Glasgow is set to close, and yet, we have stupid Labour telling folks Independence is a threat to jobs? As if an Independent Scotland wouldn’t need ships of any kind for its own use. In Aberdeen harbour, right on the edge of the Downtown, the bays are stuffed full of supply ships for the oilrigs, and not one of them built in Scotland!
      Smith and Cameron have not been challenged enough over their lies that Labour created all this joblessness. Labour is at fault for not trying to undo it by restoring heavy industry, but it was the tories that created it.
      Just as it was the tories that set in motion the road to the economic disaster we see around us, by insisting everyone had to buy a house, not merely rent it. That laid the foundations for what happened in 2008.
      They are now using the banking fiasco to do what they always wanted with the NHS and Social Security.
      And alas, we have no real political opposition to it for the most part in Westminster.
      Thus, it was all the more important for the disabled folks who had a voice to show up the Regime when the world was watching, and the world would have noticed.It wold have been so humiliating for the Regime. And I am angry they didn’t take that chance, for we saw last week, they are unlikely to get the chance like that again any time soon.

  39. I forgot to mention, the daily mail covered the work program scandal today, the way they worded the article, it was as if the beloved taxpayer should be upset that people “benefit claimants” were refusing to work for free, lol. Whilst most comments were in favour of the court ruling, a good few morons on there were saying he jobless scroungers should be grateful for the opportunity to work for free. I wonder if those ignorant sods would work for free themselves? The whole system stinks, and the way most of the media presents us poor people as scroungers is sickening. That Richard Littlejohn is one of the worst. I’m just musing here, you need a forum for general discussions, lol, but he wrote an article banging on about a chav family he encountered in B’pool. I wish he had been in B’pool when I lived there, and I wish I could have bumped into him, I’d have given the moron something to write about.

  40. Guys, as it ever occurred to you that zero unemployment is possible, at least on paper? I was pondering this the other day. The conservatives have no chance at the G.E in 2015, but, what if they could claim they had found every person a job, just before the election? They would win by the biggest landslide of all time. But how could they accomplish that feat? Well, it’s a lot more simple than you think. Work it out….

    Ok, since a person under sanction doesn’t register on the unemployment list, all they, the toffs, would have to do, is instruct every jobcenter in the country to hand out a three year sanction to everyone on the register. Ergo, zero unemployment for the length of the mass sanctions. And it is not like the unemployed could do anything about it, is it? Considering we all know how hate filled towards us the average taxpayer is. I doubt it would even make the local press. The tories could then claim they have defeated the lazy unemployed and got them all in to work, and the generally moronic public would huzzah and vote them back in.

  41. trouble is the little tory party help them pass that bill through to make paying back a no yet we have to ask when will labour return has they too will kick us ive lived long enough and cant farthom out who are these people on benefits who rolling in it every time id been unemployed it wasn’t like the way they portray it but then I was lucky I worked away a lot so being out of work took me home nar they use that ploy of social scroungers when infact they are that but then until the workers wake up to that fact the more the disabled sick unemployed will get that abuse of the fraudsters jeff3

  42. Me myself and i

    i don’t know if this is good news or not depending who you are judge for yourselves

    • ………Just had a glance over the Express interpretation. What a truly scandalous piece of NEW NAZI propaganda.

      ……………….”They included university graduate Cait Reilly, who objected to being ordered to do unpaid work in a branch of the Poundland discount store chain,
      and jobless HGV driver Jamie Wilson, who was stripped of jobseeker’s allowance for six months after refusing to do unpaid work cleaning furniture.”……………….

      It deliberately omits that Cait Reilly was already doing volunteering in a local library I think it was, and was probably getting better work experience there, and probably being more useful. It omits to mention she had not long finished university.
      It is as close to libel and slander you can get, for by omission, implies she objected to work, and would rather sit at home watching television or listen to the wireless all day. i.e the typical tory style scrounger lot
      It makes it out that the truck driver didn’t want to work either. But his objection was partly that the workfare project for him, would a total waste of time. There was no way that was gonna get him a paid job.
      It is so slanted in favor of the Regime, and so pro slaved workfare, you gotta wonder what school the so called journalists went to. There is niether the hint of surprise a government can simply ignore a law and redo the rules as suits its fancy. Had some tyrant like Sadam or Gaddafi done same, Express would be condemning them
      And we thought the Daily Mail was bad.
      If I were Cait Reilly or that trucker, I would be suing the jerks.

  43. Sending kids onto workfare as soon as they leave school? Madness! I remember my first ”official” waged job with a genuine NI number. I was 16 and it was a Saturday job at Grandways. Anyone remember them?

    What workfare for young people will do is immediately kill such opportunities which can and should serve as a first rung on the ladder. Why employ a 16, 17 or 18 yr old and pay him / her when you can take them on via JCP or the W2W sector and get them for free? This goes for older workers too of course who’s jobs are also under threat from this ”work experience” as the sociopath Smith like to call it.

    • Truth and anyway what’s all this “training for work” crap? You don’t train for work you just get the job and start doing it and learn (and get paid) as you go.

      This whole sham is dreamed up because there are no decent opportunities for the vast majority of people so they come up with cons like Workfare, CWP’s, Work program and all the rest of the shite they can dream up.

      But nothing changes the fact their are no decent jobs unless you’re qualified in something that’s super in demand.

    • No more middle managers.

      Not true they are now the self-serving public bureaucracy and the third sector managers, if anything they have strengthened their socioeconomic status in society.

  44. Question: would it insult people with Spina Bifida if I was to say that certain politicians are spineless?

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