Take Action: CESI Festival of Workfare Exploiters and Apologists #intowork2014

brumconferencebwFrom Boycott Workfare

This annual gathering of organisations profiting from workfare – or hoping to – is being held at the Arena Convention Centre in Liverpool on Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th July.

If you’re near Liverpool, take part in the protest as the conference opens on Tue 8 July at 9am-12noon.

Wherever you are, why not let the private companies, charities and think tanks involved know what you think online #intowork2014. If you only have a minute – use our handy tweet buttons!

The conference is being organised by CESI (Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion) – self appointed ‘thought leaders’ in the welfare to work industry. People who make their money supporting policies that mean forced unpaid labour and poverty for many, but escalating profits for the few.   Tweet them @InclusionCESI

More info and details of the bastards involved at Boycott Workfare

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13 responses to “Take Action: CESI Festival of Workfare Exploiters and Apologists #intowork2014

  1. Thanks for the info unable to be with you .

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  3. overburdenddonkey

    i am surprised that these people think that we still believe their own discredited PR….they claim teaching the “hard to help”, to magic up work is possible…in any case how about producing a step by step guide in how this magic is done…specialized coaching can be turned into a format or is that beyond these people? possibly entitled “how to watch paint dry in easy stages”…could it be that job coaching is not an accredited qualification, with known outcomes, if not why not? or are we talking an art here? lets see a logical and transferable definition of work/job coach, that can be easily identifiable by all…such as geography, maths, physics et al….or is it all based on a pseudo science, that has no provable scientific peer reviewed empirical outcomes …ie CBT, we think that this might help, give it a try? the WP does not work, i know lets do some more just to make sure or cheque….

    • Another Fine Mess

      Good idea.
      In reality the ‘hardest to help’ are hardest to help because there’s not enough jobs. If there were enough jobs then employers would have no option but to offer work to less ideal workers.
      As it is now, it doesn’t matter how much CV re-writiing, un-paid work and sanctions the ‘hardest to help’ get given, an employer will always choose the worker who was made redundant last month from exactly that type of work.

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  5. This whole workfare, welfare to work, CWP, MWA and the ‘work program’ do nothing to get people into ‘real’ proper sustainable employment.

    They are a punitive measure designed simply to punish people for the ‘crime’ of being unemployed.

    Good article here: http://www.neweconomics.org/blog/entry/help-to-work-britains-jobless-are-being-forced-into-workfare?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=20140429help-to-work-britains-jobless-are-being-forced-into-workfare

  6. I notice Stephen Timms the Labour MP is one of the speakers. He got listed twice I also noticed !
    Well, what’s he gonna be saying?
    Is there any actuall published list of those still involved in these workfare programs? I tried a search of BOYCOTWORKFARE, but couldn’t find anything in way of lists. I hear PoundLnad has pulled out, but we still get places lie Greggs and Marks&Spencer doing variations of it, with some unpaid trainees. Ain’t that s’posed to be illegal unless it s directly part of a DWP backed thing?

  7. Landless Peasant

    I’ve just contacted the Arena and informed them that they won’t be paid for tomorrow’s event.

  8. Robin The Boy Wonder

    The very process of applying for a job (any job) is just completely soulless… Everything is done online, so those with no computer access (or skills) don’t have a hope in hell… They don’t want to talk to real people any more: they just want CVs, because they can’t be arsed talking to people…. And because they get so many CVs, loads will get binned or ignored (no matter how good they are!). The days of an honest hardworking person having the right personality and attitude for a job and the personal touch are long gone… Companies don’t give a fuck any more. They just want donkeys who will help them reach their ‘targets’…..

    A friend of mine applied for a job at HMV. He owned his own record shop years ago (a very good one), and there is nothing he doesn’t know about music retail and what customers want. But the clown who interviewed him at HMV didn’t want to know about providing a great service for customers and knowledge and experience. They simply wanted a monkey to push extra products onto paying customers at checkouts (ie: try to flog someone a crappy Michael Buble CD that they don’t want!) to meet their targets. So some spotty little twat who pestered people into buying laptops at Currys beat him to it… Sums it up really…

  9. I see our friends DRUK (Disability Rights UK – don’t laugh) were there as well.

  10. No to Forced Slave Labour No to Nazism and Neo Liberalism

  11. If Jobcentre Plus and Wpp’ do not work on Weekends and Public and Bank Holidays. Why must we still search on UJM those days. If we have access only through public iad we cannot as library is closed too

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