IDS Think Tank Funded by Work Programme Contractor Accused of Fraud

One of largest funders of the think tank run by Iain Duncan Smith are the owners and founders of a Work Programme contractor who are mired in fraud allegations.

The Centre for Social Justice is a right wing Christian dominated think tank which has been behind much of this Government’s welfare reforms.  Whilst Iain Duncan Smith stood down as Chairman when this Government weren’t elected in 2010, he remains a patron.  As revealed in the Guardian yesterday, his policy special advisor, Phillipa ‘pray away the gay’ Stroud, is now co-chair of the organisation.

The Centre for Social Justice list Manpower as one of two ‘platinum’ corporate partners who provide funding to the organisation – the other being international management consultants Oliver Wyman.

Manpower founded, and remain one of the largest share-holders of Working Links, a welfare to work company.  Working Links have Work Programme contracts in Scotland, Wales and the South West and currently receive around £120 million a year from Iain Duncan Smith’s department.

This means that Phillipa Stroud not only picks up a salary from the DWP as a policy advisor, presumably advising on things like who gets Work Programme contracts, but is also paid  by an organisation funded by a Work Programme contractor.

And if that conflict of interest isn’t enough, it gets worse.  Working Links have been accused of endemic welfare to work contract fraud, something the DWP is currently investigating.  So in her DWP  job Phillipa Stroud is involved in investigating the Manpower funded company, whilst simultaneously being paid a wage elsewhere by a Manpower funded think tank.

Working Links have also provided direct funding for the Centre for Social Justice, handing over £10,ooo to fund their 2010 awards.

By happy coincidence, Phillipa Stroud’s co-chair at the Centre for Social Justice is David Blunkett.  Blunkett is also a paid advisor to A4e, the other company accused of fraudulent behaviour relating to their Welfare to Work  contracts.

Once again today the DWP dodged providing any performance figures for the Work Programme which has already cost almost £1 billion.  Long term unemployment continues to soar despite the scheme, but for Phillipa Stroud and Manpower it appears to be full steam ahead on the Work Programme gravy train.

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37 responses to “IDS Think Tank Funded by Work Programme Contractor Accused of Fraud

  1. Oh what a tangled web they weave…. I’m just amazed they could find the time for paedophilia cover ups

  2. Abolish Working links

    Working Links sent one of their victims to the docks – he was DECAPITATED!!

  3. And an Ex a4e staff member works for them as well


    Sara McKee, Chairman
    Sara McKee is Group Services Director of Anchor Trust. She was previously Group Commercial Director at A4e. Sara has over 20-years experience in commercial consumer-facing businesses, across a range of sectors including technology, retail, travel, training and employment internationally. Sara is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

  4. somebody please check this thread out a the rightsnet forum.
    It shows that more esa claimants are deliberately being placed in the work related activity group to support the business models of wp providers!
    worth a look.

  5. Two of the biggest “work programme” providers, G4S and Serco, are also the two biggest private prison corporations in the UK. They’re planning to put over 3 million people through the Work Programme over the next four years. This is the privatisation and corporatisation of the destitute.

  6. Interestingly, the system used for monitoring and updating specific stages of the “work programme” has the same acronym as the cattle industry not to mention all the other creepy terminology such as “purchase order”, “consignment”…

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  8. Am not surprised totally disgusted that this government can get away with it

  9. We Are All Truly Fucked Now!

    24 carat, life-draining scum of the lowest order/ordure.
    They need to be arrested in whatever way possible, up to and including, cardiac arrest.
    They are killing and abusing people for fun and profit, whilst laughing about it as they go about their filthy ‘work’, coz they think they’ve got it all carved up nice and neat between them.
    They are filthy hypocrites, liars and thieves. Right wing Christian zealots who would prostitute children in the name of Jesus/Cheeses….whatever, if they thought they could make a profit out of it.
    I hope they die screaming.

  10. We Are All Truly Fucked Now!

    So…..why is nothing actually being done about this and all the other DWP sponsored frauds?
    Are they all immune from prosecution? Abusing the poor is the new social model for The ConDemNation? Is this it? We are all going to idly sit back and chat about it until they have taken everything from everybody? Why are none f them in jail? This has all been going on for some time now. Everybody knows, yet nobody actually DOES anything.
    We must be the dumbest cunts in creation. No wonder they are ripping us to pieces at will.

    • Alexandr Solzhenitzyn

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? . . .”

      – Alexandr Solzhenitzyn, The Gulag Archepalego

    • “why is nothing actually being done about this and all the other DWP sponsored frauds?” – they are all in it together.

  11. Working Links are a waste of time and money. Much like IDS.

  12. MoneySavingExpert

    Top Tip: Don’t be lulled into the capitalist-driven, consumer-fest over Christmas. Instead, put aside (an old coffee jar will do) what you are tempted to waste, because when the upcoming benefits really bite you will be glad you did. It is not your “duty” to keep the tills ringing. If you REALLY want to send this evil administration a message send an economic message, it is the ONLY one they understand. Then sit back after Christmas and laugh as Tesco & Co stock price plunges and a few other workfare, exploiter of the poor go to the wall.

    • Surrey Stockbroker

      Tesco’s share price plunge after Christmas 2011; and to this day it has yet to recover from the workfare fiasco. I suppose cheap labour isn’t so cheap when customers boycott your store. Wonder how Argos, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett, etc. (see will fare this year?

      • Every time I go into a shop now I am thinking: “Are these people getting paid or are they on sort sort of workfare “placement?”.

    • Surrey Stockbroker

      Just look at how the scum banks have punished Joe & Josephine Public for voting wrong (Obama) by tanking the markets (could be a lot $$$$ in it if you know how to play it 🙂 ) It just goes to show who’s side these toffs are on. More so, it’s obscene to think that we are still giving (or at least the government is) our hard-earned taxpayers money to these thieves and fraudsters

      • Surrey Stockbroker

        This is interesting; it tells you who funded who in the US Presidential Election. No surprise then that Mitt “When I am elected I intend to slash Welfare” Romney drew most of his funding from the banks the biggest contributor being Goldman Sachs!

        • Funny how all the “anti-bankers” like “I’m more right-wing than Genghis Khan” Alex “Goldfingers” Jones (“Be sure to put some of those $10 Indians back for me Ted”) were rooting for Romney. Just follow the money.

    • Sounds like a damn great idea to me. I do not plan on ringing the corporate tills. I do not have the money nor inclination. No…I will save for whatevcer I need, and a few more seeds to grow my own and keep my wormery going with some more worms too.

  13. working links r bullies and scum they lie and cheat make up reasons to try and sanction u because most off time they dont no what there doing,Im with working links there staff are really bad ive been 6 times so far and i asked for help and asked them to job match me with the kind off jobs i can do and get told we dont do that, i am a disabled person can not walk far or use my right hand very well but ive still been able to work for most of the last 30 years and what kind off job do u think they have asked me to do well its ride a bike around town dropping off food.ive not had one good thing from it like most would say they seem to take the first 400 pound then dump u,im all for getting help to find a job but that’s not what there doing even when i was told i had to do the mandatory work activity and they could not find me any where they tried to sanction me,It needs to stop.

  14. Working Links are FRAUDSTERS!!

    Working Links, the rest of the welfare-to-work/fare/house third-party “providers” and their collaborators in the DWP are nothing but white-collar CRIMINALS. They should all be behind bars!!

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  16. The context of Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis is as follows.

    “In the somewhat distant future (some editions say the year 2000, others place it in 2026, and, still others—including the original Paramount U.S. release—in 3000 A.D.) the city of Metropolis, with its huge towers and vast wealth, is a playground to a ruling class living in luxury and decadence. They, and the city, are sustained by a much larger population of workers who labour as virtual slaves in the machine halls, moving from their miserable, tenement-like homes to their grim, back-breaking ten-hour shifts and back again.” Sound familiar. A little overstated perhaps but prescient nonetheless. And, a warning.

  17. captivatustinting

    It’s all and absolute disgrace, this whole dirty tower of cards will and should come tumbling down… this government are just praying that the people of this country remain as ignorant as possible to their policies and ways and all these private companies along with the twists and turns.

  18. Just who do you think will bring the corrupt bankers, politicians etc to justice – answer not the British Justice system who are sitting back and watching it all unfold?

  19. I have just commented on our local website regarding prospective police commissioners only one of which was an independent, all talked of how policing would not be compromised under their watch and how they would bring the culprits to justice. Not one of them commented on causation/prevention, given the expected reduction in welfare benefits and the sanctioning of benefits altogether for some you would have thought they would have factored this into their comments, especially as one has run the citizens advice bureau for over 20 years (using volunteers)

  20. IDS — DNR!

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  24. You have among the best web sites.

  25. Every time you enter the premises of a Work Programme provider you are asked to sign in on arrival. This is done on the pretext that health & safety laws require to know who is in the building in case of an emergency, say a fire, so that in such an event everyone can be accounted for. You may be required to attend a ‘mandatory’ job search – or some other ‘in house’ activity – for which you will be required to sign a separate attendance sheet. If you wish to claim back your travel expenses, which most people do because many often travel substantial distances to attend their provider, then you have to sign yet another sheet. Beginning to recognise a pattern? Attendance, attendance, attendance…signature, signature, signature! Every time you sign a piece of paper with the provider what you’re actually doing is bulking their performance figures, because the signatures are counted INDIVIDUALLY & not per person. The figures are then combined for the final total which makes the programme look like it’s working more effectively than perhaps it is. In a different industry this is called ‘creative accountancy’.
    I became suspicious of this when I was asked to sign two separate advisor attendance sheets for only one work search session! I’d have put it down to human error except they’ve attempted this on more than one occasion. These people aren’t stupid…they know exactly what they’re doing. Of course, I’m sure this is only one of the many ways they ‘massage’ performance figures in their favour. The provider will then push you into more ‘mandatory’ activities which boosts their figures ad infinitum, whilst the whole time you’ve been doing all the work! The Work Programme is just another facet of workfare. The only difference is that the minority of employees are being paid directly by ‘private’ firms & the rest work for free under the guise of claiming a benefit.

    In my opinion this industry will never resolve itself because it’s supposed to be a customer care driven one based on targets! Anyone who has worked in either customer care or target type industries will know how at odds they are with each other.

    But this is all icing on the cake…the real problem is a stagnant economy. Coincidentally, talk of the economy is the one thing that Work Programme employees don’t want to discuss.

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