Mandatory Work Activity Is Wobbling, Keep Kicking Till It Breaks

salvation-army-workfareIn a victory for anti-workfare campaigners, the number of people forced to work without pay on the Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) scheme is steadily falling.

MWA is just one of several workfare programmes and involves four weeks full-time work for charities or so-called ‘community organisations’ under the threat of meagre benefits being stopped.  2,670 people were sent on the scheme in February 2014, compared to a high of over four thousand during the same period last year.  In December 2013 only 1,720 starts were recorded, the lowest figure since the scheme was just beginning in the summer of 2011.

The fall in the number of unpaid workers comes after two years of campaigning against by Boycott Workfare and other claimant’s groups which has now seen hundreds of charities rejecting forced labour schemes.  Household names such as Oxfam, Scope and Shelter have been joined by over 300 organisations to sign the Keep Volunteering Voluntary agreement which firmly rejects unpaid work under the threat of benefit sanctions.

This month’s figures are particularly embarrassing for the DWP as they attempt to roll out the most draconian workfare scheme yet.  Community Work Placements will see thousands of people sent to carry out 780 hours work without pay.  Where they will be sent remains shrouded in mystery.  The DWP refuse to say which charities are using workfare to protect the reputations of these supposedly ethical and transparent organisations.

We do know that @salavationarmyuk, @YMCA_England and @TCVtweets have all said they will not take part in Community Work Placements, but they are all still happy to use forced workers on the Mandatory Work Activity scheme.  All three of these charities are complicit in processing benefit sanctions which have driven people into destitution. 

Workfare quango @Groundworkuk also use free labour on the MWA scheme, and are the only national charity we know for sure that will be involved in Community Work Placements.

The fight against workfare is a long way from over, but as decent charities everywhere distance themselves from forced work, it is a fight that can be won.

To join in visit:

The MWA statistics are available at:

Sign the petition to scrap all benefit sanctions without exceptions.

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107 responses to “Mandatory Work Activity Is Wobbling, Keep Kicking Till It Breaks


      It’s a marvelous thing, this job satisfaction lark………….

      Imagine the buzz the PCS workers get when denying the right of someone to eat, drink or have a roof over their heads.

      Going home full in the knowledge that you have left someone, probably on the verge of suicide, pondering if to take the next big step to take away the pain forever………….

      Families ripped apart by a doctrine so evil that it defies words.

      Yet, it’s all in a days work for the Sewotka butchery department!

      Would they inflict all the pain and misery on one of their own family or friends, i doubt it?

      In all the books i have read about serial killers it is always mentioned that the lust for another victim intensifies to a fever pitch before the next slaying, perhaps it is this hunger that drives the DWP assassination squads?

      What did you do today mum?

      “Oh, i took away someones right to live, sanctioned them”

      “Can we go and watch them die mummy, it will be so much fun?”



      “But i thought you helped people daddy?”

      “We do, taking away the trash is a daily routine”

      “Trash, daddy?”

      “I thought that they were poor daddy?”

      “Same thing……………………

      “Now go to sleep…………………………………………………………………….

      • The banks are about to crash again, and this time the IMF and the World Bank will not be able to finance another recovery because america has borrowed heavily from chinese banks .God bless the banking system.

  1. Landless Peasant

    MWA is the most recent thing listed on my CV, right at the top it now says “Completed 120 Hours Community Work”. Doesn’t seem to have improved my chances of employment, wonder why?

  2. my mwa placement is with army of angles 4 weeks 30 hrs and still have to do 4 hrs a day job search as well and apply for 7 jobs a week.

    would be impossible if i had no home pc and the bus fair is 20 quid a week cheapest way there 1 hr for lunch but no money for food.

    cant do a full time course as its more than 16hrs yet i can go do mwa @30hrs and still have to do jo search as well.

    provider is getting paid 3 times what i get in benefit for the 4 weeks and most of my jsa goes in rent anyway.

    adviser said it was to gain recent work experience yet it says on page 2 of the mwa tool kit that mwa cant be used to gain recent work experience.

    letter from jcp says to get travel refund from the provider, yet there is no local office in this city and the letter from them tells me to get it from my mwa adviser from the jcp.

    • God in Heaven, 4 hours a day jobsearch on top of 30 hrs MWA equals, in effect, a 10-hour working day. Kill the bastards.

    • Is it possible to do the jobsearches at the placement? I do not understand how they can make you do a 50 hour week. Can you complain quoting page 2 of the tool kit. It seems so ridiculous and financially out of pocket.

  3. It’s all doomed, IDS is doomed, he has wasted billions of tax payers money on welfare reforms that will ultimately prove to outweigh the savings, He is an idiot and the entire coalition is imploding. Those who have been getting away with exploiting the unemployed, mentally and physically disabled and sick people in general will have to pay the piper for their involvement. Rather like the Nazi’s did after WW2.. they may say “I only kept the books and took the numbers”.. they were still found guilty and executed. We may live in a more civilized time with a so-called democracy but when you support right-wing parties they tend to veer towards fascism in extreme cases and those who support such ideals of right-wing “nobody should be dependent or taken care of be them unemployed, mentally/physically disabled” and also take away the means for people to get out of that position…then it’s clear.

    David Cameron is so stupid to think that Food Banks are “The Big Society” in full effect!.. IT IS NOT! it is society trying to survive under the jackboot of Eton, oxford and harrow educated fascist policies under the invisible banner of Mosley’s black shirts, nobody needs an history lesson regarding the events along cable street at that time and we certainly do not want to go there again in the 21st century. If you don’t know about Oswald Mosley I suggest you Google it and you will see an example of how it was then and how we don’t need to ever go there again. Charities should be absolutely ashamed of themselves getting involved with these schemes, this only goes to prove the integrity of well known charitable organisations are tainted by the lust for money and access to enforced free slavery with little or no advantage to the individuals in these positions… those being forced to do it have no choice but the organisations choosing to be part of these dirty schemes certainly do have that choice and the choice should be not to get involved if they had any integrity, they have proven what many of us already know… they are merely a capitalist front because mistakes like this are not made and they went into these schemes with their eye’s wide open with no excuses even if they choose to leave after all this time.

    • I agree with you bar this bit “but when you support right-wing parties they tend to veer towards fascism” as it could be equally said “… support left wing parties they tend to veer towards communism”

      The latter argument is one made by most “right wing” papers to a lesser degree, as a way of circumventing/denigrating Socialist ideas with the “winter of discontent” and “socialists … run out of other people money” argument against anything that seems to slightly help “the common man” and I believe is why Labour are being so coy to espouse genuine left wing ideas and regulation and renationalisation.

      Calling for renationalisation is probably quite a good idea, especially transport… but it needs to be done correctly, having calls for a reintroduction of “British rail” is the worst use of words ever (as numerous petitions word it), British rail was a clusterfuck (although much of that was down to lack of investment) instead Labour should propose an integrated transport system, maybe call it railuk, uk rail or somesuch, run for the users and not for profit… although there is nothing wrong with a profit if the investment is reused for further improvements… much like how the RM started to make a real profit that went back to the UK… so as it made a profit instead of that profit returning to the uk year after year.. the fucking condems privatised it, fucking wankers.

      • The “Labour” party are hungry for power and would love to be back at the head of the trough, but not at the cost of enacting policies like nationalisation of the railways that would benefit the working class and upset their corporate masters by taking away their power to fleece us with ever rising prices. That is not a “price worth paying” for them. They would prefer to stay in ‘opposition’ indefinitely rather than ever do that, after all, they still get paid handsomely for being in ‘opposition’, they get a lot of perks and freebies courtesy of the “hard working taxpayer who does the right thing” and they get the prestige of being an “honourable friend” (of ours).

      • …”support left wing parties they tend to veer towards communism”

        If only!

    • For the record going to make the work-shy Reich comparison at tribunal appeal.

  4. overburdenddonkey

    clearly to do work requires much more energy than if one is not working…it is obvious that when one works one needs higher pay/income to provide all of the extra energies required…unless min income to live is met, we all suffer, become lethargic and numbly exist…expecting human beings to work and not providing a matching income/energy to enable fitness to work is cruel and degrading…malnutrition is already rife in the uk, MWA, sanctions, and conditionality, are obviously a major factors in causing this…britain isn’t eating….people can tolerate short periods of low income/energy hardship, weeks at most, but beyond that, it does long term damage to one’s health, especially causing emotional trauma, which causes job prospects to be even poorer, and also physical health problems that take root from damaged physiology…

    • Amen to this! This is exactly what is happening everywhere, and yet supermarkets are stocked to the gills on [fairly expensive] food that is going out of date and being wasted. This is pathetic. Asia would be cringing at the state of affairs here.

      Basically, if one’s income is just high enough to pay for him/her to live [bills, rent, food], then one is just simply numbly existing like you said above. Personally I find this really upsetting and a very disappointing outlook on life’s prospects. I know many people and friends who are in this situation with no goals or prospects because of the hell of finding a decent enough job as well as being beaten down by job centre chaos and the DWP.

      This world is descending into a pit of chaos, I am always intrigued as to what the hell will be next on this crazy agenda of the government’s!

      • overburdenddonkey

        yes telling it how it is, is upsetting..truth is truth no matter how unpleasant it is to hear…i cannot offer any short term ante-dote to where we now are…things are set to worsen, we have to start to empower ourselves, and become much more cooperative in aiding each other through grassroots groups and actions…sibrydionmawr made very interesting points about this and the big society that we must begin to grow around ourselves to counter what is happening now…that empowers us and removes power from the oligarchy establishment….this is not paying into their hands but dislocating our need of the state, for any state to exist it needs the cooperation of the people…the scottish referendum has sparked some storming vote yes meetings up on youtube in scotland right now ie yes inverclyde….packed meetings, of which there are many, over 300 yes groups have sprung up and forming on a daily basis…..people are socialist, fantastically informed, and passionate…

        • overburdenddonkey

          p s
          one i am watching now on youtube is the indy yes…radical independence group question time, in glasgow…

        • overburdenddonkey,

          The blue conditionality of Big Society saturated in the red conditionality of the Scottish collective, plague on both their houses.

      • To be fair, the supermarkets DID give just-out-of-date food to those who were destitute but the EU’s food Gestapo made it illegal. To make sure said food Gestapo stipulated that such “waste food” was to be made inedible by eg spraying with bleach. Bastards.

        • Supermarket Worker

          Yeah, all our bakery products and past the sell-by date items that we are throwing out are firstly doused in bleached and a blue colourant, then put into really thin bags that fall apart easily (just in case someone manages to open the locked bin we thrown them into). It is ridiculous when you think of the amount of people who are starving out there in UK 2014!

          • Supermarket Worker

            btw this is the LAW, the supermarket would be prosecuted and taken to court if we were found to be just giving the food away. It must be made inedible, then taken away and DESTROYED!! even though there is nothing wrong with it!!

          • What supermarket do you work at?

      • Intrigued? I mostly feel a sense of foreboding …

  5. Landless Peasant

    Still can’t log-in to UJM….

  6. I am on MWA,I requested advance travel,it was granted but was not paid.I paid for Week 1 and was paid back in arrears,Week 2,I paid but they have not reimbursed me,I now need to pay for Week 3,meaning A4E now owe me 2 Weeks, £36 in travel equal to 50% of a Weeks JSA…The response? “We were doing you a favour” Fuck me running,please don’t do me any favours!

    Not being a conspiracy theorist,but Travel costs were part of the DWP contract,they already have gotten paid,I am starting to think that they deny/ fuck up all travel claims and hope people will just give up! Would this not be a case of fraud against both the claimant and the DWP,if somebody was to be Sanctioned due to lack of funds to attend MWA could A4E be held liable?

  7. i just had my mwa placement letter in the post that says im a slave for 4 weeks at your company with no pay only my jsa benefit and that a 3rd party company pinnacle people has arranged this placement at a cost of 600 + pounds of tax payers money 3 times what i receive in benefits so will be of no benefit to the community as they pocket the money for profit. i have also plastered your company all over word press that you are taking on mwa slaves with no pay for the work that you want done under threat of benefit sanctions if i don’t comply and even if i dont turn-up pinnacle pll still get paid there fee anyway through the pwrap on-line payment system and i get sanctioned but they get paid how is that fair? or any benefit to the community ? it says i have 1hr for lunch but none is provided so im expected to work for no pay or food for 4 weeks and i still have to do my 4 hrs a day job search and apply for 14 jobs a week as well or get sanctioned. i was also told by my so called adviser that this mwa placement is to gain recent work experience yet in the mwa tool kit on page 2 it says mwa can not be used to gain recent work experience so is just being used to punish me for being unemployed at the end of the day and have lodged a complaint with the dwp about this as well.

    go give um some shit 😉

    • I think Army of Angels could easily afford to pay your fares and give you some lunch. According to their accounts on the Charity Commission website they are sitting on a heap of money – over half a million pounds. For the last two years they have actually spent less than half of the money they have collected.

    • You might be able to make a case that you religiously or conscientiously object to working for a military charity. Say your religion forbids it or that you are a pacifist or something.

  8. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog.

  9. Another Fine Mess

    With those numbers, it would take only 150 years before all the currently unemployed had all had a go at MWA. 🙂

  10. The £25 Billion squandered on one Man’s delusions PLUS the compensation the British government and ‘community organisations’ will have to pay out when the rule of law principles the workfare programmes to be Involuntary servitude.

    Sue the workfare providers and subcontractors in the civil courts.

  11. Well, I know DWP in Glasgow are still pushing ppl to workfare MVA via Learn Direct. I do not know who they send the ppl on to yet. But I find it unacceptable they talk about ppl doing a “benefit to the community”
    I thought that’s what courts order for relatively minor offences. Why is this terminology being used and why are half decent politicians not doing something about it. No wonder Labour is losing vote. Sad thing about that is many are turning to UKIP without realising these creeps are worse than the tories.
    And as others say, how is anyone expected to work 6 or so hors a day, or more, without the means to actually get to work, or to have any meal during work? How is that going to improve a person’s chances of employment, if it makes them ill, which it is bound to?

    This is total war against the poor ppl in UK and it is appalling there appears to be no real opposition to any of it.
    This acquiescence is how Hitler got to to do the things he did back almost a century ago. The Establishment in London have hated the social advances in UK since World War 2, And has have been doing its damndest to undo all of it. And labour has allowed much of the current atmosphere to come about.

    The time must surely come when it all explodes, but we wait and wait for the flashpoint. We wait and wait for some senior figure in the world of politics to make a stand. And presently we wait in vain! And pp die along the way. Something has to be domne to change all of this. Something must be done to stop it all.
    As for the stormtroopers of M.Serwotka. HUH! I do not accept these union ppl cant’ make a stand. They mostly don’t care. If he and his union cared, they would be on strike. If the other union’s cared, they would be out on strike.
    Or are the union bosses too busy sitting at £39. breakfasts with IDS who then like IDS claim back the £39. on expenses? It seems they all do.


    Went to a funeral a few days ago and i met one of my friends that i have not seen for a while………

    At a buffet, after the funeral, my friend went all quiet and started to show signs of welling up.
    Tears ran down his face and he cradled his head in his hands. People were going up to him and asking if he was ok. He never answered them and gradually he brightened up.
    On the way home i asked him why he had got all emotional during the buffet.
    Was it feelings for the friend who had died or was it something more troubling?
    Again he started to cry…………

    “It’s my brother, he said, he has Emphysema and they have stopped his benefits and told him he has to find a job, even though he is not long for this world”

    The tears began to well in my eyes………..

  13. Question – Has anyone tried to go to the small claims court to claim back the money from the employer for wages owed for WORKING @ minimum wage (ie £6.31 x 30hours x 4 weeks = £757.20)??

    National Minimum Wage Act 1998 – Chapter 39
    Workers to be paid at least the national minimum wage.

    (1)A person who qualifies for the national minimum wage shall be remunerated by his employer in respect of his work in any pay reference period at a rate which is not less than the national minimum wage.

    (2)A person qualifies for the national minimum wage if he is an individual who—
    (a)is a worker;
    (b)is working, or ordinarily works, in the United Kingdom under his contract; and
    (c)has ceased to be of compulsory school age.

    • Up until around 2007 the German government was still paying reparations for the National Socialists (involuntary) voluntary work programmes.

      The crime is the slave masters mandate or conditionality not the slaves for volunteering himself into slavery.

      • Will an independent Scottish government seek compensation form the British State for the Scots citizens that were mandated under threat subsistence sanction into the DWP (involuntary) voluntary work programmes.

        • There will be no so called ” independent ” Scotland,so the British citizens of Scotland will have no need of compo.

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  15. Still I Rise

    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may tread me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    Does my sassiness upset you?
    Why are you beset with gloom?
    ‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
    Pumping in my living room.

    Just like moons and like suns,
    With the certainty of tides,
    Just like hopes springing high,
    Still I’ll rise.

    Did you want to see me broken?
    Bowed head and lowered eyes?
    Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
    Weakened by my soulful cries.

    Does my haughtiness offend you?
    Don’t you take it awful hard
    ‘Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
    Diggin’ in my own back yard.

    You may shoot me with your words,
    You may cut me with your eyes,
    You may kill me with your hatefulness,
    But still, like air, I’ll rise.

    Does my sexiness upset you?
    Does it come as a surprise
    That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
    At the meeting of my thighs?

    Out of the huts of history’s shame
    I rise
    Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
    I rise
    I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
    Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
    Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
    I rise
    Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
    I rise
    Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
    I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
    I rise
    I rise
    I rise.

    Maya Angelou
    (1928 – 2014)

  16. totallygivenup

    at last the younger people are waking up,everytime i read the comments and go on youtube i get the impression that the under 25,s are begining to get,i sincerely hope im correct they are the future i am the past

    • What the Shitstem is banking on, is that unpaid work, foodbanks, medical bills, armed G4S cops, mass homelessness, secret courts and extreme inequality becomes normalised for the next generation, because it will be all they have ever known.

  17. Another Fine Mess | May 29, 2014 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Don’t you just hate it when that happens. 🙂

    • Anyone, know what a jobsearch action session is with A4e ??

      • you just go in and spend an hour on one of their computers doing the same jobsearch stuff you’d do at home.. that’s what i did with them anyway

      • Also, you can look forward (cough, cough) to doing jobsearch on a computer which is likely to be inferior to the one you have at home, if you have one. A4e still have the computers their ‘clients’ use running on Windows XP, despite Microsoft having announced a few months ago that they would no longer be providing support for computers using that outdated system. I have witnessed A4e ‘clients’ repeatedly having problems trying to use Universal Jobmatch during A4e jobsearch sessions, due to the computers A4e provides being so slow.

  18. Landless Peasant

    If IDS is reading this, you’re website is a pile of shite, it won’t let me log in and I’ve been trying all week! Sort it out you useless prick.

    • That is horrendous. Whilst I’m not against prostitution, (so long as it’s organised and controlled by those working in it, i.e. the sexworkers themselves, and NOT brothel owners etc) the notion that people can be sanctioned for refusing such work is just plain wrong. All kinds of sexwork require the person choosing to do that kind of work, not being forced to do it.

      It would be a massive own goal if IDS decided to implement such a policy here – and I’m sure that the policy is hugely contraversial in Germany, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a reversal of that policy very soon, given the very sensitive nature of Germany’s history regarding the use of forced prostitution.

  19. Johnny Void is a trojan horse, it’s all a big conspiracy!

  20. Found this, which might be of interest, though I advise caution as you may find your blood pressure rising. Whilst I grudgingly concede he made a couple of good points, he still remains a pretty odious individual.

    • An interesting programme. I found the Welsh Secretary to be a self-denying creep; a typical politician. The Texan made some good points, from an American perspective of course.

      • Sadly there aren’t many politicians that aren’t self-denying creeps. But at least this Sec. of State for Wales actually has a constituency in Wales – from 1987 to 1997 all the incumbents represented English constituencies, which many saw as presenting the true nature of the post, nothing less than Governor General of a colony.

        Sensibly the people of Wales didn’t send any Tories to Westminster in 1997 or 2001, but in 2005 it became obvious that Rentokil hadn’t done their job properly and the vermin had bred – and three were sent to Westminster. In 2010 further evidence of a need to appoint a better pest control contractor emerged when 8 were sent.

        Hopefully 2015 will see an improvement, and our vermin control measures will at least see an eradication of the lesser Rattus Toricus, though it is known that one has made it to Europe and thus imperils those continental countries. More worrying is that a new, more virulent sub-species has emerged, Rattus Ukipus has also made it to Europe, but hopefully this is just an anomaly, and that the new pest control measures will see that the threat doesn’t multiply.

        Sadly the country remains riddled with an infestation of the lesser Musculus Labour Cambrensis, and that so far experts are at a loss on how to eradicate this irksome pest, that does nothing to combat the Rattus Toricus menace.

  21. My brother has been told today that he has a choice, if he wants to keep his benefits. Either go to a prearranged interview somewhere inaccessible without a car, or be shipped to Glastonbury to “volunteer” with the festival. He’s already been sanctioned because of illness (the Job Centre lost the paperwork). How he has murdered someone at the JC, I don’t know.

  22. “Drugs and prostitution to be included in UK national accounts”

    Italy are going to do the same, they are getting desperate when they are doing this!.

    • There’s also this:

      Such is his pathological hatred of the unemployed, Iain Duncan Shit would love to be able to deprive us of being able to enjoy a meal for good. He’s probably already busy investigating the possibility of further reducing benefits and replacing them with Soylent rations for the unemployed, sick and disabled, as we speak.

      I can hear Cameron now: “we are a compasssionate society, so we will provide the workless with enough Soylent to keep them adequately nourished, but the days of the workshy being able to sit around eating takeaways all day at the hard working taxpayer’s expense are over.

      • overburdenddonkey

        the power of imperialism/capitalism/neo-liberalism, is manifestly in food violence, famine or the threat of it, however that empire is constituted…the productivity of the individual is being removed from the equation, because of globalization….as is discussed by the jimmy reid foundation common weal…robin mcalpine…where more and more people work in retail which shrinks our local economy, rather than in manufacturing which grows our local economy….therefore creating dependency, more and more, on the financial markets to provide income and tax revenues…and of course house price inflation…the imperialist/capitalist economy is underpinned by bully might is right syndrome…
        see also….
        Nicola Sturgeon public meeting in Galashiels – Yes Scottish Borders…youtube,19/5/14 about 54+ mins in,ATOS,WCA, and benefits in general are mentioned, as is the purpose of PIP…aka to deny benefits to those in need….

        • OBD
          The way things are going, I can foresee a time in the not too distant future, where eating a meal with actual solid food that you get to chew and leaves you feeling sated becomes a luxury reserved exclusively for the rich, while they leave the rest of us with tasteless food replacement goo like Soylent. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they have called this stuff ‘Soylent’ and have given it so much publicity. It is probably the C.I.A. who are really behind this project setting it up and financing it and this Rob Rhinehart guy is just the frontman.

      • R34

        Embarrassingly at £50.73 a week Soylent would barely be cost effective as a JSA cash payments substitution, sanctions are a far more effective weapon in the war against the poor and do not run the risk of creating a Soylent dependency culture.

        • Yeah you’re right, but the Tories have demonstrated time and again that they don’t care about the cost of these schemes when the ‘hard working taxpayer’™ is picking up the tab and their money ends up in the offshore tax havens of their wealthy cronies. They gave that sick maniac Iain Duncan Shit billions to piss up the wall on Universal Credit and his other unworkable schemes.

          “Money is no object” for them when it comes to financing schemes that enrich their friends and inflict humiliation, suffering & misery on the poor & squeeze every last bit of joy out of our lives.

  23. “Half of young Spaniards have no money coming in”

  24. Another Fine Mess

    Learn Directum are running the driving theory test next year.(don’t laugh)
    Give it a year, and a driving theory test will cost you £2250.

  25. Landless Peasant

    FFS the UJM website is a fucking shambles. Been trying to log-in all week but it won’t let me. Even created a new account, still can’t get in. IDS YOU ARE A FUCKING ARESHOLE

    • Jokecentre User

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the jokecentre are running a mass sanctioning “campaign” next week: “Oh look, you haven’t logged into your UJM account :D”

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