The Staggering Cost Of One Man’s Delusions: £25 Billion Squandered On Bungled Welfare Reforms

iain-duncan-smithThe recent report from the Major Projects Authority, which revealed that Universal Credit is such a fucking disaster they had to invent a whole new category to describe it, also laid bare the astronomical cost of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms.

Just under £11 billion is budgeted to be squandered on some of the DWP’s largest projects, and that figure doesn’t include Universal Credit.  The cost of this hare-brained experiment is shrouded in mystery now it has been classed as ‘reset’, but last year the Major Projects Authority reported that the bill would reach £12.8 billion.

Even this is far from the whole story.  Community Work Placements, the latest mass workfare scheme, will cost almost a third of a billion.  The costs of other Jobcentre schemes, such as Mandatory Work Activity, are not included in the above figures.  At the very least the budgeted costs of welfare reform exceed £25 billion pounds.  The true figure is likely to be much higher as reforms such as the Bedroom Tax unravel and start to cost the tax payer even more money.

The good news is that not all of this budget has been spent.  It had been assumed by the DWP that the Work Programme would actually help some people get jobs.  They thought wrong.  Such has been the dismal performance of the payment by results scheme that it is one of the few of Iain Duncan Smith’s pet projects that is actually running under budget.

The bad news is that this kind of crazed optimism has led to ludicrous spending projections in which IDS has decided his reforms will lead to the cost of Jobseeker’s Allowance falling by over a third by 2017.  This is likely to be because of all the new jobs that he thinks will be magically created by Universal Credit.  What it means is that there is a time bomb in the social security budget for whichever bunch of bastards manages to win the next election.

With all this money being thrown around to bully and harass claimants off benefits it might be expected that spending on social security would fall, especially as those benefits themselves have been subject to huge cuts.  This is not the case however and total spending on social security this year is forecast to be £10 billion higher than before the cuts began.  This figures includes pensions, but spending on unemployment benefits, housing benefits and tax credits has reached record levels under this Government.  Even spending on sickness benefits seems back on the rise despite Atos and the DWP’s attempt at curing people with endless assessments and workfare.  It turns out people are still getting sick.

It is genuinely astonishing that a Government obsessed with austerity has given a blank cheque-book to a fucking idiot like Iain Duncan Smith.  The real tragedy is that if some of this money had actually gone into to those who needed it then some of the worst impacts of the economic downturn could have been avoided.  Instead the opposite has happened.  The very poorest have been driven to destitution whilst billions has been shovelled into the pockets of grasping crooks in the welfare-to-work industry like A4e and G4S.

We are all paying the price of this reckless spending spree, and the social costs of child poverty, homelessness and despair that Iain Duncan Smith has spent billions creating will last for generations.  One day people will look back in horror that one man’s folly was allowed to run rampant through so many lives.  But for now the horror show continues unabated, and the financial cost is nothing compared to the tragedy of future’s destroyed and lives demolished.

To view the Major Project Authority report visit:

To see benefit expenditure and projections download the spreadsheet:

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  2. Rosemarie Harris

    The worst bit is if this amount of money was actually spent on training/education we the unemployed would have had a chance of a proper job with real choices .. instead we still have nothing to look forward to.. except more of the same…. Why can’t Governments understand that we aren’t all educated at private schools and the jobs just don’t come to us by whispering in someone’s ear!
    And that to get jobs their does have to be a job for us to get ,we all don’t live in London!

    • There’s training and then there’s training.

      Despite 2 years on the Work Programme, I’ve just been sent on a 2 week CV writing course.

      Two weeks ! What is there to know about CVs that takes 2 weeks ? A nice little earner for the poverty pimp outfit running it, no doubt, and my CV will come out exactly the same as the last time it was gone over by the self-appointed experts.

      But anything actually useful, like a decent First Aid course for example… no chance.

      • Training’s a catch-all and mostly nonsense. You can’t train a 56 year old to be fit and young again. You can’t train square pegs to fit in round holes. Many jobs need mature experience and you can’t train for that. What’s needed is the creation of work to suit both, and we’re seeing nonthing like that at all. By the way JV, in the context it’s rampant, not rampage 🙂

      • I had to source and pay for a computer training course myself as A4E had nothing suitable after 12 months of asking. They also suggested I should apply for a job as an Avon lady as I was interested in being self-employed. I am a 6ft 5″ 18 stone ugly 50 year old BLOKE with 30 years experience in electronic engineering. !!!. Still it was better than their first suggestion of a pizza delivery boy because I have a motorcycle license… Remember if you are going through hell, keep going.

        • Oh, I forgot to mention they did send me on a 10 week (5hrs/day 2 days a week) drama course to improve my self esteem and encourage positivity when applying or being interviewed for jobs. How does bollocks sound. According to the companies web-site who run the course, they charge £185 per day. Bargain.

          • Back in the early nineties, the last time the Tories were in power during a recession (very much of their own making), I had been unemployed for 12 months after graduating with a degree in design engineering. In order to continue getting the dole I was sent on a 1 week course, the intention of which was to get my CV “up to scratch”. Within the first half hour of the course starting I was teaching the rest of the group the basic computer skills needed to type out a CV because the trainer was so inept he could barely turn a computer on. Turns out this guy was previously unemployed and the only way e could get gainful employment was as a trainer of other unemployed people. Reading all these posts it sounds like nothing much has changed over the years….

    • I agree that the amount of money squandered on the Work Programme is sickening. Early next year I will reach the end of 2 years with A4e and will have zilch to show for it. In two years I could have been gaining qualifications which may have actually helped me to get a job.

      • Yes, I’m on it with PPDG who are part of Pertemps. I dread going there and in almost 2 years, all I’ve had is a run n with an idiot who said that if I didn’t apply for 35 jobs a week I would be sanctioned. She called over a colleague to verify that and he said, yes, it’s very reasonable, only 5 jobs a day.

  3. Landless Peasant

    How come there are no politicians or media twats calling for IDS’s resignation? His position is clearly untenable. He should be strung up for costing the country so much.

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    “With all this money being thrown around it might be expected that spending on social security would fall, especially as claimants themselves have been subject to huge cuts. This is not the case however and total spending on social security this year is forecast to be £10 billion higher than before the cuts began. This figures includes pensions, but spending on unemployment benefits, housing benefits and tax credits has all reached record levels under this Government. Even spending on sickness benefits seems back on the rise despite Atos and the DWP’s attempt at curing people with endless assessments and workfare. It turns out people are still getting sick.”

  6. Iain Duncan Smith is a CUNT!!

    Fuck this Nazi bastard!!

  7. Smith has to go! However,there will be an equally sick bastard to take his place.

  8. I spent 19 months having to see a Work Programme woman every fortnight. It was an utter time-wasting exercise I was made to do. I have found at last after over 2 years looking an ongoing temporary assignment but NOBODY in the Jobcentre NOR their Work Programme assisted in my finding this. It’s an utter joke.

    • Lynda,keep the faith, its hard, but ,DO NOT LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN.
      I am speaking from experience.
      Lots of love

  9. “whilst billions has been shovelled into the pockets of grasping crooks in the welfare-to-work industry like A4e and G4S”

    ‘WORKING LINKS’ are as well. Never forget them. They have caused thousands to be thrown into destitution while they line their pockets with taxpayers cash.

    DWP grasses they are as well. Dont agree to be treated like cattle on their BS schemes? Then they dob you in with DWP/JCP so that you lose your benefits.

    They are the lowest form of life on this planet.

    • Working Links Are Fucking SCUM!!

      :evil 😈 😈 👿

    • Working Links Are Fucking SCUM!!

      … couldn’t agree more… 🙂

      • They are the worst and the lowest. No one can get worse than dobbing the unemployed in to the DWP so as they lose their benefits and means of existence.

        “What did you do at work today?” “oh reported half a dozen to the DWP for refusing to attend. Now they’ll lose their benefits”

        People doing time, hard time, for less than those bastards get away with on a daily basis.

        • Managing Director

          As an employer and recruiter I can truthfully say that as soon as I see that a prospective employee has worked for such evil entities such as ‘working links’ their application gores straight in the round filling cabinet in the corner of the room; same goes for the rest of the abhorrent ‘welfare-to-workfare’ industry in general. As a company we will have no truck with these creepy slimeballs.

          • I think if your a managing director and claiming on the side then you r right to be dobbed in and lose benefits. Why do you need benefits if you are running a limited company?

    • So you condone working on the side, whilst a single mother has been sanctioned for turning up 5 minutes late, do you consider that fair?

      • What are you on about Joanna? Where did i mention anything about working in my post? I said someone being forced to go on the WP with Working Links, who are exploiting the unemployed, and if you refuse they grass you to the DWP who then leave you destitute.

        Nothing about working while claiming benefits and where you got that from is beyond me.

  10. overburdenddonkey

    according to my calculator £25,000,000,000 will provide 347,222,222 payments @ £72/wk….

  11. Landless Peasant

    This makes a total mockery of Austerity. They could have given every unemployed person in the country a million quid, it would have been cheaper!

    • overburdenddonkey

      l p
      @ 2.4m unemployed £10417 each, but this is a rolling figure and other factors are included in the figure….a good business start up grant perhaps or set up many worker coops or built many houses…but why waste money on something useful, when ego’s need to be massaged and vanity is at stake…

  12. Pointless to blame IDS, blame the system which promotes him. It’s the present system of governance itself which is no good to us. Let’s keep our eye on the ball here.

    • Landless Peasant

      Oh I do, I blame the System that allows the Tory Party to even exist, never mind letting them run (ruin) the country!

    • Big Bill,

      You are correct, IDS is just a figurehead, a mouthpiece, what is being done is being done with the FULL approvel of all the three main political parties.

      We have only just entered into a very dark place, it will get a LOT darker….soon!!!.

  13. “Money is no object” in the crusade to eradicate Social Security.

  14. Iain Duncan Smith MP

    My Dear Friends

    As far as the field of human conflict goes I have always considered that our wonderful sportsmen and sportswomen have it right when they say: “It is not the winning but the taking part that counts”. I have always adhered to this simple maxim and tried to incorporate and instil its profound truth in all of the many schemes and programmes I have designed expressly to help and assist you into gainful employment. Though you may struggle to find work that struggle is worthwhile in itself, for because of it you will be taking part in the human race, and even though Universal Credit, which I consider the greatest human idea since the wheel (thanks to boys and girls at the Centre for Social Justice for thinking it up for me) by my tireless and ceaseless labours I will have taken part in the struggle of life with you and that is all that really counts at the end of the day, all things considered.

    Continue struggling and endeavour to persevere and overcome.

    We are working for you.


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  16. Sickening, absolutely sickening, and yet this “man” still continues to stay in the ministerial position and is able to throw yet more money around.

  17. philipburdekin

    Hopefully IDS and the rest of the bastards will all become sick and disabled prior to getting trounced at next years General Election 2015, the demise of the nasty party and the death of Dib-Lemons.
    The people will have their say.

  18. How many disabled and sick people who died and are now ash in urns or rotting in graves could have been saved by that money?? If there is really a Hell Bound Train
    then a lot of Tories and Fib Dems will end up on it.

  19. uncle bulgaria

    the blokes a bungling fucking Idiot, he’s thick as pigshit, married into money the nazi sponging bastard look at it’s eyes there dead, hells to good for this jumped up toff cunt!

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  21. A carefully masterminded plan is what all this is.None of these reforms are designed to save money or the economy, that much is obvious to a deaf / dumb / blind person.
    The whole aim of these reforms is to funnel money and control to giant corporations who will in the very near future control us.
    Already controlling most of the Country’s IT networks, owning most of the infrastructure, controlling industry, holding all the personal data on everybody the only remaining asset is the control of people themselves and benefit reforms now give them power of life and death itself.
    Those in work hear the horror stories of benefit sanctions and do their job regardless of new conditions or wages, not wanting to be labelled scroungers or to risk their meagre pittance of wages. Those not working can now be fully controlled and forced into labour without a murmur from anyone thanks to the complicit media.

    Incompetent ? No. Bungling ? No. Enriching corporations ? Yes. Enslaving people ? Yes. A carefully crafted plan ? Decide for yourselves !!!!

    • And of course the pensioners (who have paid into “the system” a lifetime’s taxes and contributions) will be regarded as “useless eaters” of no further economic value. Compulsory attendance at a Big Corp euthanasia centre?

    • totallygivenup

      so their eton upbringing wasnt wasted then put to good use shafting the poor by design

    • bookmanwales: “Those in work hear the horror stories of benefit sanctions and do their job regardless of new conditions or wages, not wanting to be labelled scroungers or to risk their meagre pittance of wages.”

      Well summed up. A nigh on perfect example of this was the Grangemouth dispute where the union was made to look pathetically weak by the giant Corporation calling their bluff and saying “agree to what we want or we’ll shut the whole place down!”

      Left to choose between no job, or a job with management shitting all over them and the union made to grovel and accept every demand made on them. They chose the former.

      This is what’s happening country wide with employers threatening to pay people off etc if they don’t accept ever worsening conditions and terms in the workplace.

      The UK in 2014.

  22. And here’s the rub: it’s not going to get any better. Before the next election, IDS will be wasting many more millions propping up this hymm of praise to his insanity/vanity.

    The reality is, though, that as far as he is concerned – the whole thing has been a success. The ultimate aim being to smash the welfare state and drive people off benefits and into the arms of his capitalist mates where they will work their arses off making the fucking rich, richer.

  23. If this shower of shit win the next election, pension credit will be abolished and replaced with a so-called Flat Pension. Don’t know why Duncan Shite didn’t call it Universal Pension as he’s so in love with the term “universal”.

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  25. Nobody votes for you, your political party bastardises you and you still refuse to go, what kind of democracy is that Nick Clegg?

    • Its called blind faith in self mixed with ostrich tendencies to bury head against the horrible truth. People’ve been saying for long time now theyve become Tory clones but only now start to hearing it. They still have this Tory style self belief which really pisses the public off. Listen to public or leave. Libdem voters want you to stand against torys not be just like them. You sold your principles you wimps.

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    “It is genuinely astonishing that a Government obsessed with austerity has given a blank cheque-book to a fucking idiot like Iain Duncan Smith. “

  27. David Sausage Face Cameron

    You must continue on this austerity well into the next parliament and beyond. You are doing a good job for your country suffering the way you are.

    I’m off on holiday again shortly but remember to keep suffering for your country. We the rich and elite are proud of you. You will be rewarded in another life.

    Dave Sausage Face Cameron

  28. The entire reason to waste billions on welfare reform admin and failed huge IT projects around same, is to deny benefit money and leave people to starve.

    Think about the waste of money in building workhouses and staffing them just to punish the poor for the crime of poverty, when for centuries the system of the parish giving a shilling for a loaf of bread had worked without all this admin and cost int he 19th Century. So bad was the workhouses, that people preferred to die of hunger in a ditch.

    The Tories and Liberals did both, so nothing has changed.

    Start adding up all the costs in welfare reform by DWP, Jobcentres and private firms, in admin costs and salaries, and I bet you get close to the national debt since 2010.

    Then replace that figure with a non-means tested universal citizen wage, you might see the nation having paid off the national debt, with the savings from funding on tax.

    The biggest saving would have been on management salaries and funding of private firms.

    As people over 60 are not listed in the unemployment figures, then such as women getting state pension at 60 since 2013 instead of payout delayed for 6 years, without need of Pension Credit etc, by making it viable to prevent food and fuel poverty, by linking the state pension level to average wages, would also save on funding, as state pensions is not from tax, but from full and ring fenced National Insurance Fund, not needing a top up from tax for decades despite all the hype about people living 100.

    The NI fund cannot be emptied by government for their expenses or to pay off the national debt, because it is not a tax and so cannot be used for other purposes than the state pension.

    Worse is to come for pensioners, leaving many, especially women, with no money in old age at all. See if you lose most or all of your state pension:

  29. “total spending on social security this year is forecast to be £10 billion higher than before the cuts began. ”

    Then they can justify more Social Security cuts by saying ‘the bill has spiralled out of control’ and the docile masses will believe it. It’s worse than blunder, it’s calculated.

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    #AND2014 – Another third party contract utilised by this governments to make profit, from beleaguered tax payers!

  34. overburdenddonkey

    in the scottish euro elections..all approx figures snp polled 68000 more votes, labour 118000 more, cons 45000 more, ukip 84000 more, scottish greens 28000 more than in 2009…but turnout is 240000 up on 2009…a study of the losers shows that it is very likely that the higher turn out was to vote for the snp, labour, tories, greens, rather than ukip who imv have consolidated votes from other parties, and much more to do with the up coming indy ref than ukip…my plea is for voters to hold their nerve and turn out in droves, as it is even more vital now to vote yes for scottish independence….imv failure to secure indy from the uk will have even greater and dire consequences, for uk “democracy”. ukip puts the political, “cat among the pigeons”, for anything other than a uk wide strong socialist countering party which there is not, will see british politics lurch even further to the right, in an unstoppable surge….the uk electorate are being placed in a dire dilemma…as it is also my view that the majority of the uk electorate is fundamentally opposed to a lurch further to the right and in fact wants a lurch in completely the opposite direction, but feel powerless too action any change…for these reasons alone it is vital for a large yes voter turnout for the scottish independence referendum….

    • “ ….the uk electorate are being placed in a dire dilemma…”

      overburdenddonkey what is that dire dilemma that motivated the surge to the “right”?

      By the way I agree with you the surge will continue.

      • overburdenddonkey

        spot on, that is exactly what i was trying to draw attention to….oh, to find a way of explaining it, in a few words! the political landscape will be very complex after the next uk elections, if things stay as they are…it’s complicated from now…there will be a lot of gerrymandering going on prior to the elections and in their aftermath, and i’m sure that the majority of people won’t want that after what we have already been forced to endure… ok hypothetically, if the indy vote is no! and given there will be a golden opp to finish off the tories and ukip as their vote is clearly now split between the 2, who would you vote for in the next uk elections…? also what shape will the political landscape take if the indy vote is yes?
        no matter what the actual views of the voters, which i believe is in the main left wing socialist, stark voting choices will have to be made, if things stay as they are…the tories vote is split with ukip, and the tories will move to the right to counter ukip…if labour manage a resurgence, as likely they will, there could be another hung parliament, in any case a parliament of right wing parties….the only ray of sunshine imv if the scots say, yes! then a completely different picture CAN emerge, and it is possible that true socialism can start to gain traction politically, certainly in scotland, but also across the split up uk. personally i think the only hope of a changed political landscape, for the whole of the uk, is if we in scotland vote yes! to indy…if we vote no! to indy, a surge to the right is what we will have….
        if we vote no! in the scottish indy ref…voters will face a dire dilemma of who to vote for and who ever they vote for in the next uk wide GE, will lurch uk politics further to the right….i just see that a yes vote will change everything, in uk politics…i’m just trying to find answers to a few questions that have popped up in my mind in the aftermath of the euro elections…

  35. The left wing parties are too small to get anywhere.

    • Most of the left-wing parties are also the traditional hierarchical style parties who are totally convinced that the ‘working class’ need demi gods like them to lead them, like dumb animals out into the light… If we fall for that crap, we will end up with Labour Party Mk II.

      People need to realise that no government will have their interests at heart, no matter how important people’s concerns are, immediately a government is formed it’s interests are at odds with those who are governed.

      We need to abolish government, and start to do the job ourselves, working together in a non-hierarchical and egalitarian way to achieve the changes we need to create a society that is fair to all.

      I don’t have too many answers: I’m not a politician, and there isn’t a right or wrong answer anyway – it’s a debate. If someone, or a political party claims to have the answer, be very wary indeed.

  36. I know I am being biased, but I do not want Scotland to leave the UK’s political landscape .Scotland’s contribution to economics, political theory, philosophy and cultural understanding would leave us all globally ineffective.
    Call me ‘old fashioned’ call me what you like. Just, DON’T GO SCOTLAND!!!!

    • Bernadette,
      Are you/we being a bit clingy though if we use that rationale? (Hopefully they’ll still allow us to visit – they’re not planning to close the border(s) at least that’s not how I understand it. Why would they want to stay in a dysfunctionalrelationship with the thugs running the show in the interests of only such a very few (privileged) phonies – (and auld sausage-face’s cat!)?

      If the Scots have a chance to run for the hills, who can blame them for wanting to – they have a chance to be a (lot) more civilisws/self-determining … why wouldn’t they see the possibilities ….

      • *(‘civilised’). And they know how to use language properly. They have (some of) the best wordsmiths and they very often can proofread properly. We down here, however, are fast losing the plot …

        If only the Scots had more s(w)ay in the uk, (the ones you’re supporting obd) then maybe it’d be worth it (to both sides) to try & stay together & try to work things out … sausage-face and wonderboy smith have blown it already though with their Universal/Colossal Lack of Any Shred of Humanity. If i were a bit more Scottish/skittish i know which way i would be heading (& not South).

        “It’s not you – it’s us”.

      • Shirleynott, as already stated, I am being biased. Although, I totally agree with your thoughts on how the Scots perceive ‘the thugs running the show’.
        Although they might close the borders (hee, hee).

    • overburdenddonkey

      rule britannia….all we get is government, but a bit closer to home…
      voting for indy makes laugh as if we are not already free, aren’t we?…if we vote no are we saying what we already have is ok? i know what we have now is crap, don’t you? there is a genuine passion for change….

      • obd, are you really saying that if the Scotch vote for independence on 18th September 2014 come the morning of 19th September that Iain Duncan Schmidt, Lord Fraud, sanctions, mandatory work activity, community action programme, workfare, work programme, work for your benefit schemes will all be but a distant memory? Or will everything just continue on as normal? I really think that if the Scotch vote for ‘independence’ (but I don’t think they will) and are still being subject to the same DWP brutality they will be throwing their cabers oot thi windae!

        • … or more likely throwing their cabers through the jobcentre windows!

        • overburdenddonkey

          essex girl
          what do i expect when indy is won? i expect rational behavior from the state, as opposed to the crap we have now…i expect all hair brain schemes to be swept away, i expect common sense to prevail, we’ve had enough of being ruled from afar….ie bedroom tax is already gone, shooting game like haggis is to be banned, as they are now an endangered species, imv should have been done a long time ago…

          • obd,
            Are you sure the haggis are endangered? What about the vegetarian ones – they still seem to be available if you look carefully … is this a test devised by the ‘Aye’ camp??

            • overburdenddonkey

              s n
              veggie haggis are very much sought after, even harder to catch, and are reportedly a favorite of both camps…served on a bed of deep fried mars bars and little gems in batter, with a dahl of chestnut, red lentil, lime juice and garlic, drizzled with olive oil…

      • There is a genuine passion for voting No.

        • overburdenddonkey

          the no! vote focus on myth, ie it’s all about the snp, when in fact a yes vote spoils the chances of the snp getting a majority, after the next scottish elections and the snp already know this, a yes, vote will not favour the snp at all…but will be good for scotland…

          • overburdenddonkey

            p s fenriss
            a no vote will certainly do the snp no favors either…the snp lose whatever the result…this is about the future of scotland, no more, no less…

    • Hamish McTeuchter of the McTeuchter Clan

      Uch aye thi noo… 🙂

  37. Another Fine Mess

    Productive People, that’ll be them walking up and down the street posting Kleeneasy catalogues to each other.

    Long hours, flexible working and productivity
    Penny De Valk, MD of Penna Talent Management, says: “Productivity isn’t driven by the number of hours worked, but by motivated and happy employees who feel that they have control of how flexibly they work, are encouraged to take breaks and enjoy holidays, and are given support with prioritising in an increasingly busy and fast-paced world.” And yet, despite all this, much public debate seems still to revolve around the 1950s idea of ‘hard-working families’, as if the only valuable employee is a man, grimy-faced and sweat-stained from a day of back-breaking work, going home to his wife and children. In the modern economy, shouldn’t we be looking instead at how employers can get the best from everyone – rather than just the most hours – to create a nation not of ‘hard-working families’ but ‘happy, productive people’?

    • It’s been known since at least the late 18th Century that contented workers who are paid adequately, properly housed, who have good schools for their children, who don’t have to work long hours and who can look forward to a supported old age perform better.

      New Lanark Mills, managed by Robert Owen achieved just that. Instead of being an abject failure, as most entrepeneurs predicted then, (and who would similarly predict today) the enterprise was a runaway success.

      Personally I don’t particularly favour that approach, as it’s still just the ‘nice’ face of capitalism, but even so, that approach is a whole lot better than the usual ‘slash and burn’ methods usually applied. But, as we know, most entrepeneurs/business people are greedy moralising idiots.

      Robert Owen went on to found several attempts at creating egalitarian societies, and also the world’s first ‘One Big Union’ the Grand National Consolidated Trade Union in the 1830s which could have achieved huge things but for the piecemeal actions of sectarian elements amidst the membership that ultimately undermined that potential to the point that it collapsed. Robert Owen also propounded the ideals of modern co-operativism.

  38. Landless Peasant


    In a late EU Directive hurriedly prepared by Nigel Farrage (UKIP) and enacted as Law as of Midnight tonight, all Benefits claimants will be required to Goose-step to and from the Jobcentre when attending any official appointments including signing day, or face losing their Organs.

  39. Landless Peasant

    IDS is just a muppet frontman/henchman for Das DWP, but the real villain of the piece, our true enemy, is a very dangerous man indeed, and I’m sure you’ve all guessed by now that I’m referring to the filthy-rich ex-Banker and unelected cross-party bureaucrat David Anthony Freud, Baron Freud (aka Lord Fraud)…..and whoever it is that he really works for. The fact that such a man can wield such power, and for any political party, makes a mockery of Democracy. And the fact that IDS can waste such an obscene amount of public money on Freud’s behalf demonstrates that Austerity is a lie. The fact that all of this is covered-up, denied, and largely unchallenged, demonstrates that we living under a Dictatorship.

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    Very informative. Thanks, and reblogged.

  41. Landless Peasant

    Have just attempted to log-on to UJM but to no avail. It was supposed to send me a password reset email which I have not received, and now the forgotten-my-password page doesn’t display, it just takes me right back to the log-in page where it requests my password! Hopeless.

  42. Anyone out there remember Professor Paul Gregg’s complicity in the welfare reform pogrom.

  43. IDS is a condemned man if man is a word one can use to describe such an individual with such hate towards the most vulnerable in our society. It is as if he is that simmering creepy little individual who was always been under the thumb by his own stupidity, always getting it wrong, people laughing at him and then somebody takes pity upon him and given him a job beyond his intelligence to undertake, as a result of this he chooses to become a bully by targeting those who he knows cannot fight back because should anyone fight right back at him he would be that little creepy cowering figure once more as a giant thumb squashes him flat to the ground once more and he is put back where he belongs.. as a footnote in the political failures list of history.

    IDS says “Thanks David for putting me in the cabinet, I will do you proud, you watch me I will not fail you… I promise… I will show you the kind of person I can really be and you will be proud of me” With the shadow of failure being long and dark over him he knows he cannot afford to fail no matter how many lives it costs, those are surplus to requirement… we call them collateral damage… men, women and children… even worth creating a generation or more of hopelessness like thatcher… he will say “In my mistakes I created a new direction of intolerance towards those who are not in my class or my peers… death is nothing at all” Yes just another career politician who can always scamper off to his Chingford constituency and pretend to be just another MP concerned with the issues of the people there. Cameron may have put him in his cabinet but there is only one cabinet a good majority here would like to see him in!, for all those his decisions have indeed put them in a cabinet way before their time through illness, through stress, through hopelessness. In life we can accept disappointment but hopelessness is an unbearable state of mind nobody should have to endure in a country that is rich for the wealthy and poor for the rest.

  44. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    Taken from johnnyvoid’s blog he gives another in depth look at the amount IDS has wasted so far on welfare reforms and his UC balls up.
    It makes for sad (and mad) reading..

  45. As someone wrote

    ‘The ruling elite already own all our land, gas, electricity, railways, water and media. They are now coming for our pensions, our NHS, our roads, our schools and our green spaces. They have systematically destroyed the unions, dismantled our protections, created mass unemployment and are dismembering the welfare state. They make it easier to sack us, make us work longer hours for less pay, force our kids to work for nothing, raise the retirement age whilst cutting our pensions and weaken our health and safety laws. Yet executives of blue-chip companies enjoyed a median pay rise of 32% in the last year alone’.

    Time to get angry.

  46. In fact, IDS is one of the few people in Cameron’s government who HAVE done a difficult and challenging job somewhat well. Universal Credit is a difficult thing to get right and to implement, and he may just have pulled it off.

    In any Tory re-shuffle, I hope he gets the chance to go on carrying it through.

    Find other people for the other roles – where new people are so badly needed!

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  49. You know what’s actually the most shocking thing about all of this? It’s not that the Tories are fucking us all over so that their cronies can get even richer, no, it’s the fact that LABOUR ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT ANY OF THIS. I assume they have access to the same information as the writer of this article, so surely this should present them with YET ANOTHER brilliant opportunity to show how the government’s economic strategy is failing miserably. Austerity is not achieving what it is (officially) supposed to achieve, so how on earth can the Labour party struggle to bring that point across? Of course they are confronted with a by-and-large anti-leftwing media, but that’s not good enough as an explanation. So what is it? Either they are all utterly, mind-bogglingly inept, or might it be because they actually support the Tories’ policies..?

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