Workfare Is A Betrayal Of Our Children And We Will All Pay The Price In Time


Most of the UK’s successful creative people were probably once a NEET – meaning someone under 25 who is not in education, employment or training.  Tom Jones was famously revealed as workshy by his Jobcentre records before going on to become one of the most successful recording artists the UK has ever seen.  Top pop star George Michael even rapped about his experience of unemployment early in his career.  And he turned out all right.  Mostly.

There are just under one million NEETs in the UK, but most of them don’t stay that way for long.  Few make a perfectly seamless transition from education to work, so almost every 16-25 year old will have been a NEET at some point.  Around 15% of NEETs are currently unable to work due to sickness or disability.  Some of them will be in hospital.  Many NEETs are mothers with very young children or babies.  Others will be posh kids, dicking about on gap years or frittering away trust funds.  Prince Harry was a NEET for a while.  The term isn’t very helpful to describe an economic or social group. But it serves its real purpose, to smear the young as lazy or feckless.

Only around half of all NEETs are unemployed, meaning on unemployment benefits, or actively seeking work.  That’s still about half a million and the reason for this is because there are not enough jobs.  In a highly competitive labour market the young will always suffer as they are forced to compete with older, more skilled workers.

Employing anyone comes with a risk attached.  This is one of the costs of doing business.  Employers have sought to push this cost onto the tax payer and unemployed people themselves by operating government backed ‘try before you buy’ style workfare schemes.  It is not uncommon for young people to be expected to stack shelves in supermarkets for two months without pay.  This would have been unthinkable a couple of decades ago.  Now both of the main political parties support this kind of grotesque exploitation.

The reason this situation has emerged is the constant bleating from employers that the latest generation are so lazy they are virtually unemployable.  Yet young people are working longer for less money than they have in decades.  It is a transparent lie, as is the ludicrous slur that young people need teaching how to get out of bed in the mornings – kids have to do that almost every day of their life until they leave school.

Another advantage of bosses claiming the young are lazy and unskilled is that it also allows them to dump some of their training costs onto the tax payer via the education system.  McDonalds would have schools teaching kids how to fry their  fucking hamburgers if they thought they could get away with it.  The entire  education system, from primary schools to universities, is becoming based on the needs of business, not learning for its own sake.  And this too has happened because of endless whining from bosses that this generation is the worst yet.  Until the next one who they will tell us are even worse.

The truth, as Tom Jones and George Michael shows, is that NEETs are one of the most valuable assets that a society can possess.  Young people, left to their own devices and even on meagre resources, can do incredible things – and this does not just apply to the young.  From Harry Potter to Glastonbury Festival, great cultural institutions would almost certainly never have emerged without a functioning social security system.  Young unemployed people already carry out huge amounts of unpaid work, as genuine volunteers, looking after children or acting as carers for older relatives.  Many work on their own intiative, organising gigs, making music, fucking about with computer programmes or making youtube videos that hundreds of thousands of people enjoy.  This  form of unpaid work created the UK’s once thriving music industry.  In the age of user generated content, young people with time on their hands are now driving technology and online entertainment.

A society with any common sense would not just recognise this vital, energised and creative resource but cherish it.  It would accept that young people themselves are the best placed to decide their own destinies in the future they will create.  That they need and deserve time, space and opportunities to be able to plan their lives for themselves.

This would require a higher education system that is flexible and accessible, not one that forces young people to take on eye-watering debt.  It would mean providing genuine training, in real skills, not shoddy workfare schemes or so-called apprenticeships that are little more than an excuse for employers to dodge the minimum wage.  It means allowing young people the time to explore their creativity if they wish, and providing funding for them to do so.  A society like this would trust its young people, not fear them.  And it would pay them a fucking wage if they are working for an employer.

Instead the opposite is taking place.  The young are demonised as lazy who need to be punished with forced work and benefit sanctions.  What is fast emerging is a kind of state-planned employment market, where Jobcentres decide what work young people will do and if they refuse they are punished with poverty.  That work is almost always low paid and insecure, and as most normal people if not politicians know, it is easy to get trapped in a job that leaves you so exhausted and demotivated that you end up not looking for anything else.  Bogus Traineeships, Apprenticeships and workfare are de-skilling the young, the opposite of their claimed intention.

Of course not all young people are perfect.  There’s some proper little bastards out there, often as a result of broken or traumatic lives. But they are a tiny minority, and the very worst thing you can do to someone on the edge of a criminal lifestyle is stop their benefits.  These kinds of young people will not be incentivised by benefit sanctions to take up low paid work.  Not when there’s yuppies to be mugged.  Take away the social security system for this group and you create a small but ferocious outlaw class.  There is no shortage of predators who will fill the vacuum created by an absence of any support at all for the troubled, isolated and angry youth.

Both Labour and the Tories are now competing to show who can be tougher at bullying young people off benefits.  Both are proposing workfare schemes that are unworkable in practice, there already isn’t enough unpaid work to go round.  Both are committed to using brutal benefit sanctions to force the errant young into line.  But creating back of the envelope forced work schemes designed to pander to misinformed prejudices about the feckless youth is the politics of the gutter.  We will all pay the price in time of their betrayal of our children in the name of a pat on the head from the fucking Daily Mail.

Take part in a day of action at jobcentres across the UK on 25 February 2015 in support of the unemployed activist arrested for supporting a claimant at Arbroath Jobcentre.  Details on Boycott Workfare’s website, please spread the word.

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153 responses to “Workfare Is A Betrayal Of Our Children And We Will All Pay The Price In Time

  1. Quite simply . . . one of your best articles JV.

  2. “It is not uncommon for young people to be expected to stack shelves in supermarkets for two months without pay. This would have been unthinkable a couple of decades ago. Now both of the main political parties support this kind of grotesque exploitation.”

    Good point JV. I remember my first job at 16. It was a Saturday job at a local Grandways supermarket. (Anyone remember them?) The deputy manager was a dick-head. However, it allowed me to buy my first suit which I wore at my parents 25th anniversary celebration.

    So there you have it – a teenager earning a bit of cash towards goods bought in a department store thus putting more monies into the economy.

    Workfare will destroy entry level jobs such as this. Jobs which many youngsters use to get their first rung on the ladder.

    Of course, some will misguidedly suggest as Cameron does that workfare instils responsibility and self reliance. However, what such people often forget is the experience gained in being valued even at the level of the nat. min. wage. Without a viable wage, do not be surprised when participants put in a half arsed effort.

    And what message does this send out to those currently paid o clean the streets, pick up litter and prepare meals for the elderly as Cameron suggested a couple of days ago? Your jobs are so basic and menial that they don’t actually even deserve a financial reward?

    • Woman on ‘Question Time’ last night who ran a charity said the same thing. Volunteering is wonderful, when the person wants to do it of their own free will. But compelling people to do it under threat of benefit sanction is abhorrent.

      The woman in the QT audience said that the people sent to work on workfare, CWP, MWA, couldn’t be arsed and didn’t turn up half the time. So it’s a stupid and idiotic idea in the first place.

      Should be no such thing as a benefit sanction, under any circumstances.

  3. Cameron’s abuse never ends does it. Does he seriously believe this will help with his re-election?. He, just like the rest of his ilk want generation after generation of compliant automatons with no individuality or flair, woe betide anyone who upsets the status quo. A b*****d through and through.

    • We dunkin donut any edkukashun… we dunkin donut fot kontrol…. no dark sar……………. in the klassroom…………..

  4. Yes, well said.

    With the ageing demographic profile in society now, young people are being turned into a poverty-stricken, disempowered minority group to be picked on and bullied by baby-boomer oldies who’ve had it cushy through the 60s where you could just pick up a job one day and dump it the next if it didn’t suit and there was massive social mobility, through the 70s and 80s where they got cheap houses that are now inflated to 20 times or more what they paid. Not to mention the virtually free university education they had, and the final salary pensions.

    In that time too the environment’s been completely screwed over and what is there left?

    So glad I’m not young. Best of luck to all that are …

    • I don’t recognise your version of the “baby-boomers”. In my neck of the woods they were miners, steel-workers, assembly line workers. Mum & Dad to your generation. Yes, free higher education, but it was the greater part of the limited social mobility allowed by the middle classes. Before that the Workers Institutes educated the working class in the evening, at their own cost, like my granddad who studied engineering and worked in a car fatcory. Turn your anger to those who really were the enemy then and still are – Margaret Thatcher, the aristocracy and the neo-liberals here and in the USA.

      • Oh Florence, don’t you worry I’m angry with them too!

        Of course not all baby-boomers have had it easy, especially up north, but they’ve had far better than their parents and grand-parents and far better than their children and grand-children can look forward to. It’s not a matter of blame, but of accepting that privilege is relative and understanding where privilege is being taken for granted.

        As our population ages it is inevitably drifting towards small c conservatism, as illustrated by the rise of ukip. All the kippers that I come across are baby-boom generation 60-70-ish. They largely care about their pensions, their standard-of-living, their ageing bodies, their cars, their houses, their leisure and how society serves their needs, which is fair enough, but inevitably quite a narrow perspective. Often now described as the “left behind”, they have relatively large amounts of spare cash, and they vote, unlike the young.

        The irony is that in the 60s this generation were young, and demanded that the young be listened to, against the old Establishment. By the 80s many in this generation had moved on to becoming middle-aged, with well-paying jobs and were voting for Thatcherism, buying their council houses, blustering on about “hard work” making “loadsa money” and building up nice fat pensions.

        Move on to 2015 and now this generation are old and so they now care about the elderly (ie themselves, again) care provision, health, heating allowances, bus passes and the rest. They will make sure that they are well provided for.

        Getting many in this baby-boom generation to give a shit now about the issues that face younger generations in multicultural Britain and the poverty, political and ecological crises in the world as a whole is going to be near impossible, I’d reckon, and that’s the problem.

        • Honestly, the only person I know who has /had one of the “golden” pensions was my mother, who was a mature student and became a teacher. She died several years ago in her 80’s. I really don’t know anyone else with a massive private or public sector pension, or even a small one!
          You’re talking to one of those who lived through the 60’s (and obviously, all decades since!). In the 80’s I was homeless and lived in a squat, helped run a housing co-op, with many other people in my age-group, some way away from Thatcherite loadsamoney. We have not become part of this grey lump of big & little “c” conservatism. Without wishing offence, if you put “black” or “gay” in your comments about “baby boomers” you may wish to stop tarring us all with such a broad brush. Some of us are quite nice, honestly, and most of my generation are now either living in poverty, or hanging on for dear life through illness and disability, and seeing our state pension retirement age disappear into the sunset. When I go to public meetings, 38 degrees and the like and campaigning groups against cuts, the retired are well represented, and fret that they want younger people to get involved

          It is entirely possible that the jumped up middle class wankers you have encountered may have been part of the demographic, but that does not mean that the demographic are all like the arseholes. There’s good and bad in all walks of life. The grass was not greener then or now.

        • The current 1950s baby boomers are worse off than their parents and grandparents, even a decade ago, and are worse off than them. Worse is to come with the state pension all but abolished from 2016.

          The 1950s Baby Boomers do care about their children and grandchildren, and suffer their fate equally from austerity cuts.

          We are not an ageing society. Humans have always aged.
          We have had mass youth immigration, who have larger families and now halof of births are to foreign born mothers. Immigrants since the 1950s have educated their kids to university level and run businesses, employing people.

          Do not fall into the trap lain by the so-called big parties of pitting us against each other. We are, indeed, all in the same boat.

          We are all getting poorer, save the 1 per cent that the MPs are within.

          Austerity in a recession is counter intuitive.

          See how we can escape the cruelty and threat to life of the current parties in 2015:

    • Yeah, put the blame on another group of society instead of the fucking politicians where the blame belongs.
      That kind of attitude just enables the government to stamp even harder on the necks of the young, disabled and poor who are finding it extremely difficult to survive. You’re not helping.
      Being disabled myself (spinal injury and osteoarthritis) I don’t think I will be alive in five years time if this bunch of sociopaths get another term in office.
      Blaming other people only helps the fuckers that are causing this mayhem.
      Have a nice day.

  5. It’s not only the young who have to do workfare if these youngsters had any brains they would NOW check out courses that they would like to do afterall it is free for this age group(there is nothing available for the older members of society so we don’t have any options) look around for Part time work. If they can’t found this then get yourselfs into a voluntary job that you want and see if they provide lunch etc. You are in the driving seat if you do something this will screw the ‘pimps’ money!
    Fight back use your brains to get the outcome you want!

    • True, the younger you are the more “options” they are, well, for re- training at least As you near “retirement” your options narrow down to zero; as an over-60 the only option for re-training I could find after much searching was a “Silver Surfers” course in the local library lol

  6. The government’s workfare is NOT fair work. Forced un-paid work by means of being shoved into a so-called ‘work experience placement’ by a corrupt CWP provider (SEETEC TOSSERS), does not lead to a full time job with decent wages.

    No sooner as you leave the six-month CWP placement, your provider and placement work place quickly forget about you as you are no longer a cash cow to them and are deemed surplus to requirements. When one person leaves CWP and no longer is doing forced work experience, they simply get replaced by somebody else referred to the work placement.

    The work placement, therefore, keeps a regular supply of free labour going and will never have to pay out any wages for as long as the CWP scheme continues. Why should a company or other pay wages when their staff are supplied like a production line from some corrupt organisation is rolling in cash given to them on a plate, no questions asked.

    SEETEC are greedy cunts who shouldn’t even be involved with a fucked-up government scheme. They only got on the gravy train as there was money to be made from supplying free labour to fly-bit run organisations in the pretence of ‘it will help the individual gain valuable experience of the world of work’.

    No it fucking won’t though as once your time on CWP has ended, you are still none the wiser and feel used and abused by people who don’t give a fuck about you and find that CWP actually counts against you. CWP is only ‘work experience’. Nothing more. It doesn’t give you a real job, no real training, no real prospects of gaining qualifications or progression into whatever field of work you are after.

    When my own placement had ended, I had asked one of the people I was working with at my placement if there was a chance of a paid job at the organisation I was with. I was told by the person I spoke to that I would not be given a paid job by the organsation I was at, when my CWP was ending.

    My CWP time therefore was a complete and utter waste of my fucking time. Time that would have been better spent going out and about sourcing jobs by cold-calling local companies instead of flogging my guts out for nothing and under the threat of sanction if I refused to turn up one day, or refused to carry out a duty given to me or if I was deemed a troublemaker.

    • Have to say I completely agree with you on this. I can remember having an interesting conversation with a job centre adviser trying to persuade me to go on a workfare programme (this was a few years ago now) exactly along these lines. Knowing what you have just described was the reality of workfare programmes even then, I decided to take the bull by the horns. So I said to her: ‘Look. Lets get down to the basic facts of this – how, exactly, will this programme you want me to go on benefit me? Because if it won’t benefit me, then I’m not prepared to waste any time going on it. So, its up to you now – put out your stall and sell the merits of this programme to me’. Her response was revealing: ‘What do you mean, what are the benefits? This programme is not supposed to benefit anyone, its just the rules – you either go on it or you get sanctioned’. ‘Oh’, I can remember saying, ‘well if its not going to benefit me, then I’m not going to turn up and if you sanction me I’ll have to appeal your decision and we’ll discuss all this down at the Appeal Tribunal’. At which point – (and this must be a first) – she stood up, told me she didn’t have time to speak to me anymore and that people like me shouldn’t even be claiming JSA and then stormed out of the office!

  7. My 19 year old son is a “NEET” it bothers everyone except him. He had a fixed term appointment for 18 months after leaving college. He won’t claim jobseekers allowance because as he says “I’m not actively seeking work”
    He is in the process of writing a book, which he’s just published,

    and is in the process of writing another one.
    He pays me board and lodging out of his savings.

    Fair play to him I say.

  8. Ah, if only you was a politician, your vision. Well the likes have been absent in Westminster for a long time. You kind of described me trying to teach myself music I want to compose music and the lyrics for operatic Aria’s only my income is extremely limited, and with a bit more education and support could produce something much faster. But no they don’t really want a rich and creative world, just a load of slaves on paid work and being told what to do on a mere and pitiful existence. I’d vote for you if you ever got in politics.

    • Getting into politics is hard. It is a nasty back stabbing sub culture. The kind of commitment needed is total. Strength, Youthful legs. So the ones who have taken the plunge could rule in 2015, because the poor now outnumber all other voters in so many marginals.

      And this election will have the fewest voters in UK history, so helps small parties best since voting began.

      See how to get a government with none of the so-called big parties in power in 2015:

      • Failed Politician (Nick Clegg)

        No matter how “nice” a politician seems you have to be an utter ruthless back-stabbing cunt to get anywhere in politics especially to reach the top!

  9. Difficult to advise and insulate a teenager against the psychology mangling of the jcp work coaches.

    Sanctions, phantom appointments, repeated demands for contact details that JCP already hold etc etc

  10. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  11. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


    • Class War by themselves will not get the 326 MPs in the UK to rule Westminster in May.

      There is a way for Class War to win where they are running candidates, and become part of a government that for the first time will have none of the so-called big parties in a coalition running on supply and confidence to bring about legislation.

      See how at:

  12. Manic Street Preachers

  13. Manic Street Preachers

  14. What makes me despair somewhat is that a non-profit community and resource centre I volunteer for (even though I am no longer signing) is struggling for funding and are running on vapours cash wise. I know of volunteers who’ve gotten jobs, college places and become freelance on the strength of the work carried out.

    And yet dodgy W2W providers stand to gain financially through administering this bent workfare scheme. W2W providers which have failed time and time again via Pathways to Work, New Deal, Flex. New Deal and now the Work Program.

    Just as perverse is that a young job seeker wishing to volunteer at a genuinely useful organisation such as the one I mentioned above can be told they can do only a limited number of hours, usually 16 as it will interfere with their job searching activities. And yet, they are soon to be told they have to carry out 30 hrs. unpaid work! The extra 10 hrs. jobs search is simply tacked onto the end to deceivingly make it appear as though near full time hours will not get in the way of someone actively seeking employment.

  15. QT panel laughing at QT audience ripping itself apart over workfare.

  16. If it wasn’t for the dole, whacky backy and psychosis great reams would be missing from the world of art, literature and music. It is not only Wham and Tom Jones, JS Bach, who with the exception of Girls Aloud, is regarded as the best composer of all time was famously on the German dole enjoying a spliff when he was commissioned to write the theme for the Hamlet cigar ad….

    • Mike Spilligan; jk Rowling – her most recent work rather than hairy potter -johnny void – none of these people and the many other writers/insightful and original thinkers/activists – the greenham common women etc. etc. None or at least, few, have been recognised enough of the time for their ability to speak out, and to freely give their thoughts/ideas and ability to inspire others either to act or just to keep on having hope. And to do this with passion, intelligence and grey twit.

      I am perversely grateful that my most recent time not in education or paid work (NIEPW) coincided with SBR (introduction of) and UJ (attempted blanket mandation of) as this lead directly to being able to (finally) understand what it was I’d in fact read about in works of fiction – The Ragged Trousered philanthropists/1984 & to finally understand that these were never ‘made up stories’. All this and (black) humour/great music and the views of so many enlightened and egalitarian readers who, in almost all cases, are managing to hold fast to their convictions and their compassion – in spite of the best efforts of I’m a Dangerous Sadist.

      • Well, maybe jkr has been recognised – somewhat… but she is firmly in the category of those who were left alone for long enough to allow them to create/entertain – and had the ‘luxury’ of being unemployed pre-2012.

    • overburdenddonkey

      the reefer
      js bach, mozart, burns, scott, beethoven, mendelssohn, da vinci, etc not psychotic @ all, but conveying the deep psychosis of man…
      all aspects, from the glories of free mind, to mind trapped in dantes inferno…
      their works speak to souls and keeps us remembering who we are…

    • I play that Air on the G string. It is one of my favourites

  17. Me too 🙂 Chill out maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan………….. 😀

    • I remember a TV programme with a very frustrated and pissed off (Sir) Paul McCartney trying to emulate this stuff and he just couldn’t hack it. Paul couldn’t stretch past the 3 chords (you only need 3 chords!) he used to ‘compose’ lol all the Beatles multi-million pound spinning ditties. How many copies did that dirge Mull of Kintyre sell? – this superlative stuff shows it up for the utter shit that is it – and Paul knows his tunes are shit! Although he will be remembered for Love-love-love-me-do lol and all the other crap he churned out he would love to be remembered for McCartney’s Canon in D.

      • There is a conspiracy theory that it was a classical musician called Theodor W. Adorno who wrote all the Beatles music. Supposedly he held all the rights and sold them to Michael Jackson or something. Who cares, it’s not like Katy Perry writes her own stuff lol

        • Talking of Katy Perry – there is a conspiracy theory that Katy Perry is a member of the Illumi*nati – supposedly her videos are full of Mas*onic symbolism, rolled up trousers legs, that kind of stuff lol

  18. If the British peoples can not recognise their enslavement do they really deserve anything but enslavement?

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      imv generations have been anesthetized, into accepting penury…..taught how to be with cbt…deserving undeserving…ok, not ok…
      meritocracy/hierarchy betters…punishment, abuse, naughty step/chair…drip, drip, drip, downtrodden masses….


    • agreed!! however when people live in fear of poverty, threats, and bully boy tactics…most people comply..This government has literally scared the crap out of the so called “lower classes”.
      We now have a class system much like India.
      If the upper classes wanted complete control over the lowly.

      They should not have given up the British Empire.
      How strange that they have bought it back home.
      The only thing people want with power……….is more power.

  20. Crime will shoot up as people will have nothing much to lose since they have not much or nothing to live on.

    • Government must know the impact of welfare reform so what is there long term response, is this a hands off policy to allow ghettos to form spontaneously in the cities and towns or do they foolishly believe that the displaced will spend their days window shopping in malls and their nights sleeping in the graveyards.

  21. Hang on! Only a matter of weeks ago I heard Cameron saying that, if elected, the Tories were going to take Jobseeker’s Allowance and Housing Benefit AWAY from the young in order to fund apprenticeships for ALL of those not in education, training or employment. So why now announce that NEETS are going to be forced to do unending workfare? What about these apprenticeships? And, if so much work is available, why strip the right to receive Jobseeker’s Allowance and Housing Benefit from the young?

    There is only one possible answer: To save money!

    Nothing being announced by Labour or the Conservatives will help get young people into gainful employment. I suppose the next step would be to reintroduce National Service and draft the unemployed young into the armed forces and put their lives at risk by sending them overseas.

    What a load of wank.

    • not just to save money they think people will beg them for the slave labour they are offering, they are wrong. Because while they may appear to do at first, this will never happen for long.

    • Emerson,
      It is about enslaving the “under class” as they see it.

  22. You wrote about what I was thinking. Where is the time creative people need to be creative? To find their path? Stuck in endless fruitless job search or workfare they face being ground down. Why is it always the assumption that those not working or learning are lazy and loafing? Why if kids are in their bedrooms are they assumed inert, asleep, rather than being creative in music or writing or video making?

    What would the world be like without the laughter created by the likes of Alun Davies, the stories of JKR, and music and art which all needed time to be created? Works of art don’t make themselves. It is work to hone your craft, it is work to practice and create and produce nothing of value. It is a miracle when you produce something creative, that touchs your fellow man, and more, when it is found to have value. If a person has no work, and the work they are born to do, as yet has no value, are they too valueless? Should they be forced to turn away from their gift to work for benefit? Or apply for endless jobs that they dont and wont fit?

    Some people don’t fit the traditional model of work, nine to five for pay. Some need time. Some will never make it. Their gifts shared for free instead. Does it make you less if you entertain your fellows for free? That your writing only ever reaches a few rather than the many? Is it a wasted life? Are you lazy if you fail? should you be punished? Should society stop you trying and force you to spend your time in worthy, but fruitless activity?

    I reckon people work when they can for pride and independence. But when they can’t, or there is nothing, then if they can be creative or useful, why should that be hindered?

    Our Govt is stereotyping, bullying and demonising more and more groups of poor people. The myriad schemes, compulsory; are punishment. They are experienced that way. People punished for failing. Failing, when they had to fail, because there is not enough jobs and opportunties to go round. It isn’t fair. The labels bandied around are not fair. Living in poverty, isn’t fair. Stigma isn’t fair. And while this unfairness persists it shames everyone of us. Makes us less. We are creating a society based on greed and fear. Fear of folks, not like us. Where is our tolerance? Where is our understanding? Why are we undermining the precious values that made Britian Great?

    • Well said AL.

      Never mind the slebs, all of us need space and time to be who we are and be creative.

      The punitive illfare system now crushes the life out of human creativity.

    • This is true thing is they don’t even know what they are denying themselves, or their precious economy. They do not have the imagination or the a brain cell between them to realise the potential that is lost. And some people like me need to create, if I don’t I become frustrated and unproductive in other ways. If pushed and forced I produce nothing but mistakes. But when I am left to do things in my own time, I am far better. I may never do anything anyone likes or enjoys, but what does that matter it is better than as people have said before, rolling marbles down cardboard ramps and ripping up paper and giving me job that are on the more physical side. Because they will never help find me a job, I will be used forever on their workfare programme instead of being paid by the hour like everyone else in work. these schemes waste peoples time and not only that as you all say on here, they waste peoples talents and potentials. They think there is a lot of people in the world, more than they need, instead of sharing resources, they see supposedly unproductive people as wasting resources that they should have instead, because they are somehow more important that the common man. They want to use people to suit their own needs instead of the good of everyone. It is rather selfish way to look at other people and not recognise the value of the human cost of their policies. Selfishness and Greed are in my book the worst attributes in a person.

  23. Whenever I hear labour politicians on the media they rarely speak out against welfare cuts or sanctions and if they continue like this it wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of voters in Britain feel they might as well vote tory if they are going to get a tory style government anyway if they vote for labour. According to polls, the majority of people trust the tories far more than labour to run the economy so what is the point of voting for a lesser version of tory government by voting in labour?
    I want to see the end of workfare but no one is offering that option. I want labour to represent everyone with a bias towards protecting the poor and vulnerable. I really don’t see any change from workfare whatever the make up of the next government is. I hope I’m wrong but reality is setting in and the media appear to be reporting but not fully investigating workfare or sanctions. Without the full truth of the hardship people are going through being reported in the media, it will all be taken like sour grapes and the voters will not take it seriously.

    • Rob, ‘Labour’ believe most of the same bullshit mythology of “hard-working families” that ‘Conservatives’ believe, plus some extra crap about “full employment” all of their own. These parties are living in the cloud cuckooland past and can’t accept the simple fact that Work Is Dead deal with it and move on to more fulfilling ways of seeing the world.

      • Maybe the issue should be forced and the progressive politicians taken to the “hard-working families” utopia of “full employment”, so how about some slavery, forced labour camps and the mass starvation of those that are tattooed feckless or workshy.

    • …I want to see the end of workfare but no one is offering that option. …

      There is a way to end the so-called big parties ruling Westminster and end all the cruelty and slavery enforced on the growing poor, in or out of work, from babes yet born to grannies.
      See how at:

  24. Too Many Gormless Knuckleheads go Along like Sheep with what
    Happens a Nation of Sheep

    It Angers Me how Slavish ” Modern Britons ” Are

    If that is ” Progress ” than Stuff ” Progress “

  25. The Destruction of the Innocence of Children is another Betrayal of

    It is Disgusting that there Appears to be a NHS Scheme to push Contraceptives upon Children as Young as 13 Years of Age.

    It undermines the Innocence of Childhood and Effectively is Pushing the Destruction of Innocence Agenda namely the Sickeningly Destruction of the Morality and Innocence of Children.

    Decent People Need to Oppose this and other Outrages against Innocence .

    Far Better to Raise the Age of Consent to 18 Years of Age and a Crackdown upon Pornographic Filth in General

    A Depraved and Evil Society is Not a Decent Place For Children to
    Grow Up in .

  26. The Gulf between Rich and Poor is so Diabolically Wide and the Cost
    of Existing is an Outrage of Infamy .

    People Live in an Utter Trance in this Country Wrapped Up in their
    Selfish Little Worlds Oblivious Out of Touch and Ignorant as
    Millions out There Are

    People should of been Out Protesting En Masses instead of that
    Ostrich Attitude so Typical of ” Modern Britons ” .

    • overburdenddonkey

      your solutions are oppressive, don’t be angry with the oppressed, but with oppressors….otherwise all you are doing is redirecting your rage onto innocent downtrodden people ie blaming the victims….oppression always causes depression….or tranced, mesmerized, people with no power to really change things for themselves, except manage their penury….

      • Should there be no self-realisation of their entranced state of managed penury the downtrodden at some point will need an agent to breakthrough the trance and liberate them from the vicious circle of oppression/depression otherwise they will remain in a state of compliance and victimhood.

        • overburdenddonkey

          mr r
          that’s our job! and the job of martin luther king, ghandi et al to inspire, create the spark that turns on the lights …. ‘Another man says he began his revival during long periods of solitary confinement in other prisons. The officers added one little extra torment to the punishment by filling the little library in the Seg Unit with the most boring books they could find, which turned out to be some of the finest in the history of Western civilisation – Rousseau, Locke, De Beauvoir, Sartre – and this man started to read them and to understand them. He asked to be transferred to C Wing, where he knew from a previous stay that there were people he could trust and where Johnson now gave him the chance to see how his father’s routine whippings had distorted his adult life.’

          oppressors try to snuff out all light…

  27. You got yo laugh when you hear Nazis ranting on about ‘dole scroungers’ whilst on their mp3 players they are listening to Wham, Tom Jones, The Jam, The Smiths, Oasis, Bach, Pachebel… as they read Harry Potter on their way to the art gallery to admire Van Gogh. Where do these stupid cunts think all this stuff comes from? – the dole is where it comes from! I bet that Nazi cunt IDS even listens to Wham, Tom Jones, The Jam… and reads Harry Potter!

  28. When you think about it the wealth of art, music and literature gifted to us from the dole far exceeds the cost of paying out a few dole cheques. If it wasn’t for the dole all we would have to listen to on our mp3 players would be James fucking Cunt!

  29. I detest the term ‘neet’, especially when comes out of the mouths of smug rich bastards who are always banging on about ‘the real world’, a place where they wouldn’t last 5 minutes. Employers moan about young people not being ready for work but it’s because they are very quick to take on welfare slaves to do what would previously have been paid Saturday and holiday jobs.

  30. Having a Decenct Stable Society is Not Oppressive the Sufferring
    of the Poor is

  31. Well it seems that some Young People are catching onto the ploy of low wages for young people:

    Apprentices get ‘exploitative wages’

  32. Common Sense Morality Compassion For The Poor is Better than
    Nihilism and Oblivion

  33. Tom Jones turned his back on the miners and became a Tory and a Tory donor

  34. What about that other dole scrounger who lifted himself out of poverty and used his skills to turn his life around and become the success he is toda?

    Am talking about Britain’s greatest hero Sir Iain Duncan Smith who nobly sacrificed all he had in the cause of lifting people out of the poverty trap and gave unemployed confidence and self reliance and taught them to stand on their own two feet and not depend on state handouts.

    What this tells you is the PCS Staff who hand out penalties to persons having dependents, are nothing short of, scum of the earth……………..

    Taking food from a childs mouth is the level that we have dropped to, the nadir, the absolute pits……….

    …………….please also see this request to the DWP for information regarding the peer review deaths.

    The DWP say there is no link to deaths and themselves, although everybody knows this to be the biggest lie ever perpetrated by a uk government department……….


    “Number of claimants whose deaths led to a DWP peer review had been sanctioned in the past or were sanctioned at the time of their death”

    7 February 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    Esther McVey confirmed during the Work and Pensions Committee
    session on the 4th of February 2015, that DWP conducted 49 peer
    reviews after deaths of claimants, but Chris Hayes said that ‘we
    have found no particular case where, as a direct result of
    sanctions alone, that has led to someone being in that situation’.
    I would like to know how many claimants out of the 49 peer reviewed
    cases had received a sanction. This includes previous sanctions and
    sanctions at the time of their death.
    And if it is within the cost limits, the number of sanctions for
    each claimant will also be useful

    Yours faithfully,

    Anita Bellows

    Link to this

  36. I got asked to fill in a questionaire when I signed on. It was full of questions like are you disabled, do you require help with cvs, do you need need work experience. That kind of thing. What are the bastards up to?

    Are they trying to make it easier to put us all in categories?

    The Disabled will be easier to round up this way.

    • When you have thousands of dead bodies to account for, you need the full backing of the wide ranging government departments to sing from the same hymn sheet………………

      Hence the involvement of the Office for National Statistics taking a lead by playing down increasing suicide rates on everything but the true cause, DWP welfare cutbacks and sanctions by the target seeking PCS little hitlers…………………….

      “CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM” the keeping the genie in the bottle, unfreedom of information clown, must carry the weight of all the hidden killings. For he is the key player in subverting justice and the truth.

      One day i hope to see the cunt hanging on the brass rails of the witness box in the Old Bailey

  37. One hull jobcentre, sanctioned over nine thousand people in just twenty months,,



      • A giant amongst men, CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM……………..

        Sitting pretty on the biggest pile of coffins since the second world war………..

  38. Thousands of people on low incomes are being sent letters by an American outsourcing company accusing them of cheating on their tax credits and warning them that they may have their benefits stopped.

    Concentrix, part of a multi-billion pound US business services company, has been accused of going on a vast “fishing expedition” as part of a controversial contract with HM Revenue and Customs to outsource its fraud and error detection.

    Meanwhile, worried claimants have been taking to internet message forums to ask for advice for dealing with the false allegations being made against them.

    “A lot of people might have got these letters and ignored them because they think they look like a scam,” said the charity worker, who asked to remain anonymous. “It means in the next month or so people will have their tax credits stopped and that’s when the problems will really start.”

    The letter accused the recipient of living with a partner and said if that wasn’t the case she had to provide proof. “That seems outrageous,” the charity worker added. “They’re picking on vulnerable single people and making wild accusations. The onus should be on HMRC to provide proof, not claimants to be forced to prove otherwise.”

    Workers will check people’s tax-credit claims by comparing information from claimants on childcare costs, working hours and pay against other sources of information including credit-reference agency databases and from government – for example, PAYE and benefit payments. Different teams investigate tax credits, answer calls from claimants and make a decision on whether to stop the credit.

    A spokesman for HMRC said: “Concentrix carries out routine tax credit checks on behalf of HMRC to ensure that people receive the money they’re entitled to.

  39. “Strangely, the DWP cannot find any links to the deaths of these 71 people and changes to welfare benefits”
    ……………………and yet each death is clearly linked to the DWP,


  40. New British Army unit ‘Brigade 77’ to use Facebook and Twitter in psychological warfare.

    Will that psychological warfare capability be used against “dissenting” British public opinion?

    What are the democratic safeguards against such a capability being used against the British peoples to manipulate the political agenda?

    • Yeah, just been hearing on the wireless about those “5 year old schoolgirls who have flown to Syria to join IS”…. now a newspaper is asking how two 5-year-olds were allowed to board a flight at Heathrow unchallenged – i.e. they weren’t challenged because it didn’t happen in these first place; completely bullshit made up crap from the media. We keep hoovering up this shit time and time again, maybe we can’t help ourselves. We should all keep re-reading the book “Propaganda” by Billy Connelly… or was it Jacques Ellul 🙂

  41. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here defends the Neets from the Tories’ charge that they are anti-social idlers. He shows instead that they are some of the brightest and most creative forces in society, pointing out the immense contribution to modern British culture, the arts and industry from young people Not in Education, Employment or Training. He states that only half of all Neets are actually on unemployment benefit. About 15 per cent cannot work because of illness.
    He argues instead that the constant refrain by employers that young people are too lazy or maleducated is merely a ruse to get the government to do the training for them to create an army of docile workers prepared to take the most menial jobs. He also argues that if the government were really serious about improving the conditions for young people, they’d get rid of student debt, provide real jobs and training, and actually pay people a proper living wage, not workfare. And they would recognise the immense value of the educational system for providing learning for the sheer sake of learning, and the personal enrichment and development of creativity this brings. He also argues very clearly that if the welfare net is removed, those NEETS who are ‘properly little B*stards’ will become even more vicious and predatory.

  42. Down with Russophobia The Nazi Regime in Kiev and the UK being
    Dragged into a Poxy Bloody War

    Yes to World Peace

    • overburdenddonkey

      so your solution to oppression is to ‘choose’ not to be…ie ‘are you miserable? just cheer up’…..aka behaviourism….

  43. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal.

  44. Please view and share………………………………………………………skip the ad.

    • overburdenddonkey

      einstein was a friend of chaplin and i remember a reported conversation they had whilst being mobbed sitting in a car, einstein asked chaplin ‘what does it mean’ chaplin retorted ‘nothing’…the speech sets out a well meaning desire, and of course the speaker needs recovery…the question that needs to be answered is how are the sentiments of this speech achieved/facilitated and recovered? not by will power that’s for sure…it needs personal actions to recover humanity…see the works of dr alice miller….for example, gandhi was greatly inspired by the works of percy and mary shelly…gandhi, to a great extent, was healed enough to stand up to imperialism, and was enabled to cause much of it’s direct power to evapourate…

    • ROFLMAO! 🙂

      Liberal totalitarianism – from engineered trauma to the totalitarian placebo.

  45. Free Tony Scot It is important that this shit gets thrown out off court; otherwise it sets a dangerous precedent. The fascist cunts at Police State Scotland must be told to fuck off!

    • The dangerous precedent was set long ago with the progressives demand for the good society, remember, remember rights “and responsibilities”.

    • overburdenddonkey

      outrageous, yes a must do action…
      mr r
      yes rights have gradually become privileges/rewards…permission to leave the naughty step and chair of terror…

  46. just read this over at vox

    Leaked documents from the Department for Work and Pensions have revealed plans to charge benefit claimants whose claims have been stopped, if they want to appeal against the decision to an independent judge.

    • overburdenddonkey

      they just pile on the misery…and remember labour provided the frameworks for this to be a possibility…

      • They may have provided the frameworks, but I don’t think their intention would be to go as far as this, now it has gone as far as this. They may well keep it, if public opinion continues to scapegoat the poor and the vulnerable.

        • overburdenddonkey

          twas and it’s called managed decline…
          jsa to esa to wca all set up to squeeze masses into accepting responsibility for mass unemployment…

          • but that way of thinking won’t solve anything, it may save them in the short term, but long term it ends up costing more. The only thing that this is doing is controlling vulnerable people and making them jump through hoops all for the pleasure of their entertainment and so they can play at being a lord, albeit a very poorly behaved lord.

            • overburdenddonkey

              but, the state doesn’t have to solve anything, goods can be made anywhere in the world they choose…and the uk economy can focus on the se of england, the city of ldn, retail sales….securing the mass of votes by maintaining high property prices and gifts to rich pensioners etc etc, to the exclusion of all else…we pay for it all in our taxes/NI…it’s done away the need for a productive local economy, hence the push to leave the eu….see work of the common weal, for solutions…

      • Was it not something like £250 they want to charge for going to a Tribunal. Is this £250 refundable on a successful appeal, and in any case how many jobssekers would have £250 sloshing around in the first place. Your have been left with no income and somehow are supposed to conjure up £250 to mount and appeal – wtf.

        • Skint, its £250 [after a cooling of period that is – and contacting ACAS to Arbitrate – you know the organisation that only give training to the Employers ie the Managers and never the staff], then yet another 250 to continue onto trial.

          Remember Justice is fair – if you can afford it and ….

          We’re All in it together… Not.

  47. overburdenddonkey

    jim murphy pledges to abolish bedroom tax in it already has been…

  48. If young people want to avoid being forced into workfare they could always just sign up for a distance learning course (if they have the internet at home) and with it being distance learning they can make it spin out for as long as possible!

    • no because I did one years ago, you are only allowed to do 15 hours a week, so they have an excuse to fill up the rest of your life on pointless activies that wont possibly get you into a job. Then you have to convince then to give you a grant, if it cost them to much money then you have had it. And you are only limited to learn so much anyway, then they will decide you are educated enough.

      • Considering the number of people [in the group I was in 1/3rd] who could not read or write or know maths while on a Mandatory Workskills course with Learndirect, I for one would like to know how anyone can say that a person on thier more specialised 1 Week course to Learn Maths/Reading & Writing can learn it.

        How long is a child in school? ten years.
        How long on a Workfare Course to Learn the above. 1 Week.


        Lets not forget that the number of person in Prison who are simiarly at a disadvantage is at the same level you can see how this is all going to end in a spike in lawlessness.

        And yes, these figures are known in the Justice system but no GOV is willing to properly fund Teaching. Why? It costs money.

        Money drives this. Mony will bring it down.

        • There’re few (if any in some cases?) additional resources in secondary schools for children post-11 if they struggle with reading. If they are ‘below their reading age’ (not routinely measured & I’m not suggesting it should be) most pupils just have to struggle on so far as I can tell. Teachers will know they are struggling.

          There are organisations (national and smaller more locally-based) sending volunteer reading assistants into both primary but also secondary schools – by agreement if the school opts in – so not all schools will have this or its equivalent, seemingly) and this amounts to individual support, half-an-hour per week for perhaps one term. This can be enough to make a difference/improve confidence and improve ability with reading and therefore very likely comprehension/writing, potentially making school less of a struggle/more manageable across all subjects. It’s not the job of a year 7 (children aged 11-12), or any other school year from then until school ends, to teach ‘literacy’ in the sense of tailored to an individual child who is not already fairly ‘fluent’ in English – apparently.

          If there’s a specific acknowledgement of dyslexia perhaps this is different, but for just ordinary everyday ‘developmental delay’ or “being behind the average ability in the class” in this specific, very crucial life-skill, schools seem okay with, where the basics are not in place by age 11, just leaving it up to the child or any other outside input (parents or volunteers), not the school, to alter this.

          Six years later they leave school (potentially never having ‘caught up’) and can potentially meet the volunteers offering reading assistance in prison, if they did not meet them earlier, or had too many problems at school to improve their reading age/be able to ‘keep up’. They may well resort to disrupting the class out of frustration/boredom during those early years of secondary school, finding it all too much to deal with – the expectations to complete (written) classwork/homework being fairly relentless.

      • I think adults without dyslexia or certain conditions could learn faster than a child but not in a week. You can’t go from to complete illiteracy to being completely literate in a week maybe take people 3 or four years, but most reasons why people can’t read is probably because they have those said conditions and could take as long as a child. It is not fair, because I believe people should have access to such basic education, should they want it. I don’t think that it is just to do with money, but also, they do not want people competing in life with their children, if you give access to literacy you also give people access to educate themselves, and even without qualifications leads people to do well in Life. but also if you can’t read, you cant use computers, posters advertising how you can get help to better yourself, if you have no money, you won’t know how to get help. All the while it give claim to privileged people that they are better than the lower members of society, they will at least get a job, never mind the best jobs. And yes they will think it will save them a lot of money in a bigger way than simply saving money by the way of educating people properly.

  49. Great article, and whilst I have no doubts that young people will be as creative as they ever were whilst claiming benefits, it is the very fact that they are claiming benefits that has come to be seen as unacceptable, and that they should be slaving away adding to the riches of their exploiters. I remember a time in the early 80s when unemployment officially hit over 3m (after the Tories claimed in their pre-79 election propaganda that Labour ‘isn’t working’ with an unemployment toll of a ‘mere’ million and a half) where being unemployed wasn’t highly regarded, but was seen as an inevitable result of the then government’s policies of getting rid of what they regarded as ‘defunct’ industries – i.e. those that contained the majority of organised labour. There was much discussion about what to do when on the dole, and even articles in magazines on how to build and run motorcycles on a dole budget (yes, in those days even the dole allowed some ‘disposable income’!) and how to fill ones time. People will naturally seek to find something to fill their time, and even to poke fun at the notion held that the unemployed are feckless layabouts – perhaps most famously by the reggae band UB40 who alluded directly to how they financed their start up.

    This article of JV’s highlights to me the urgent need for an Unconditional Citizens Income that genuinely covers basic living costs. A decent minimum wage for anyone in work would be a good second move. Both of these together would see a huge shift of wealth to the poorer section of society, who, instead of hoarding it a way in a bank in a tax haven would be more likely to go out and spend it, thus stimulating the economy. It’s just sad that many of the things they would buy would be imported from far away places, as any manufacturing of these kinds of things in the UK is pretty much a faint memory.

  50. @ maria – If that is the case then I am so glad to be no longer young in this country, and I pity those who are!

    • so do I, I’ve been through it once, I thought it would lead to employment, every day I hoped to get a job and this was before the recession. No it was a waste of time. I have learned that begging is less degrading.

  51. If a post is not in CAPITALS it is not the REAL GEOFF!

  52. ……………………ask yourselves why the DWP are so afraid to release the information on the reviews of dead claimants?

    The answer is so blindingly obvious, each and every one of those investigated had a link to the DWP, otherwise there would be no reason to investigate them in the first instance.

    These people in office are none other than public servants, paid for by your money, yet they withhold information from the public domain in an attempt to justify their twisted actions.

    Every person out there has a right to this information, but wankers like CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM, THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION CZAR, have been instructed to withhold the information at all costs.

    The DWP are shitting themselves that the information ever falls into our hands, for it will bring the whole department crashing down and heads will inevitably roll.

    In my opinion, CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM has endorsed the murders of innocent people by withholding evidence.
    If the issue ever comes to trial, i want him to answer for his crimes. Nobody is above the law………………


    Incapacity Benefits: Deaths of recipients
    In total, between January 2011 and Novemb
    er 2011, some 10,600 claims ended and
    a date of death was recorded within six we
    eks of the claim end.
    This represents
    about 1% of the total ESA caseload in No
    vember 2011, the latest caseload data
    available. The table below sh
    ows the position of these clai
    ms when they were closed.


  54. Why is there no visible “youth” subculture in dissent of welfare reform would guess that most of the commentators on this site are subculture veterans from earlier times.

    Though there was some political youth movement in the indyref it was expressed through established routes and sounded like rote learning without the sincerity edge of free opinions that were milled through a dissenting subculture.

    • My guess is the young don’t yet know of the welfare reform or many other things which we the older know are going on. the young have more important things to think about! we all know what they are.

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  56. If there’s work to be done via workfare, then make it proper paid work and employ people to do it for decent wages. Oh, wait, that won’t work because it ruins the government’s plans to destroy public services and make everyone do the work in exchange for benefits instead of wages. Arseholes.
    Also, bonus points for Wham! Rap.

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