Esther McVey Lied – Only 10% of DLA Awards Are Based On Just Filling In A Form

government-lieFigures just released by the DWP show that new Employment Minister Esther Mcvey used bare-faced lies to justify changes to disability benefits in her previous role as Minister for Disabled People.

The figures record the evidence used to assess Disability Living Allowance claims (PDF), the benefit intended to meet the additional costs of living with a disability and which is available to those in or out of work.  Despite repeated claims from Ministers that all people have to do to qualify for DLA is fill in a form, the figures show that in almost all cases this is untrue.

Just 10% of DLA claims are based on the form only – a form which is 40 pages long – and even then further medical evidence, such as copies of prescriptions or medical reports will usually have been provided.  In 40% of claims a GP’s report is required for a successful claim and in a further 45% of cases further evidence is used, such as a information from a social worker or healthcare professional.  6% of claimants are called in for a face-to-face assessment.

This means it was a breath-taking lie when Esther Mcvey stated earlier in the year that“around 50 per cent of (DLA) decisions are made on the basis of the claim form alone – without any additional corroborating medical evidence.”

This vital benefit is now being renamed Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and a new Atos style assessment system will determine who qualifies for support.  The originally stated aim of this change – although ministers seem to have gone quiet on the fact – is to strip disability benefits from a fifth of adult claimants.  Almost everyone currently claiming DLA will eventually be re-assessed using crude tests similar to the notorious Work Capability Assessment which has seen hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people wrongly judged ‘fit for work’.  In her role as Minister for Disabled People it was McVey’s job to justify this savage new regime which is likely to bring destitution and chaos to the lives of many disabled people.  That job is now being done by ex-army man Mike Penning.  A trained killer is finally in charge of the Office for Disability Issues.

McVey was promoted to Employment Minister in the recent reshuffle, replacing skiving Mark Hoban who after a year of barely being in the job was sacked to make way for someone with a more pro-active approach to bullshitting the public.  Previously Chris Grayling had occupied the role where he wove epic fictions about the social security system which were endlessly repeated by a fawning right wing press.

McVey seems determined to keep up that tradition and has got off to a flying start by cheering the recent fall in the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance.  The DWP are dragging their feet on providing the most recent statistics for sanctions and disallowances in the Jobseeker’s Allowance system.  It is likely this fall is down in part to people having benefits refused due to  stricter conditions for claiming the dole rather than people finding work.  But you’ll never hear that from the DWP,  especially now there is yet another lying bastard occupying the role of Employment Minister.

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67 responses to “Esther McVey Lied – Only 10% of DLA Awards Are Based On Just Filling In A Form

  1. im laughing at how and why they find ways to lie about all on benefits yet they get away with this no noise labour sorry little tory party hasn’t said boo about her lies yet day in day out its told that their lies are good for us nah in it together they forget to say only you muppets has they kill more daily is labour doing anything nah

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  3. just don’t vote for any of them!

  4. Oh, they want everyone fit for work, but there isn’t any work … slight problem, that.

    • something survived...

      If there’s no food either or a safe guaranteed roof over your head, how can you, even if ablebodied, be ‘fit’?

  5. I believe the McVey family business is demolition.

  6. I think we should all bombard the DWP with freedom of information requests via and then if we are not provided with that information, write to the information commissioner to complain that they are not making available facts and figures which should be in the public domain. We are all taxpayers after all; even people who do not pay income tax pay VAT so we are entitled to that information.

  7. McVey is a grubby little attention seeking careerist. She don’t care who she has to step on to make a name for herself. Ghastly creature.

  8. angelofthenorth

    To be fair, my two boys have not had a meeting one has turned 16 now so is classified as adult. Whether it changes or not we will see.

  9. Landless Peasant

    Tory Ministers are caught out lying time & time again, yet no one brings them to account and they’re allowed to get away with it.

  10. The 10% figure is where the claim form was the main (but not necessarily the only) source of evidence in new claims decisions. Note the lack of the word “successful” which is used in the second of the DWP tables. This means that the 10% figure relates to all new claims decisions. Previous DWP figures show that more than 50% of DLA claims are unsuccessful so it is logical to assume that the vast majority of the 10% which have the claim form as the main source of evidence were unsuccessful claims.

    • They continually mince their words as well as their sums (& ‘omit the truth’/leave people to infer ‘facts’ from what’s been less than clearly/fully explained). The same verbal gymnastics have now been passed down to JCP staff, who have to learn (& they’re doing quite well) to repeat verbatim and by wrote the exact ‘sanctioned’ phrases only in ‘explaining’/clarifying “what [we] expect”. What they insist ‘is right’ for each and every situation is open to interpretation by the person on the receiving end – not sure what the word to describe this ‘technique’ is (other than ‘lying’). The wording allows them (I think) to place emphasis to suit the many different individuals they see every day – so the meaning can be understood in more than it’s exact way – or not, depending on what the person opposite believes they heard – @cloudy wordings.

    • Well spotted. So many miss the nuances which turn out to be thundering great LIES. When I first applied for DLA it was rejected. My GP said in his practice this had happened to 100% of claimants. With the help of a Benefits Advisor I was then given Highest rate mobility and lower rate care. How many fail to challenge? That was years ago, so I expect it is even worse now.

      • @Florence, after a few ‘misunderstandings’/attempts to clarify if what’s being said is ‘absolute’/really definitive, and finding it’s actually not – it’s very clear. Teams of hair-splitters must be working behind the scenes, to ensure maximum possible conditions can be put forward as a minimum requirement & ‘expected/preferred’ options sounds as though they’re ‘required’. (Sometimes some things being mentioned ARE required though – or can be changed to be).

        One adviser just recently expressed great surprise that giving verbal/written job search evidence has been accepted, & more-or-less not challenged (til now). They looked/sounded genuinely surprised til they could understand it by saying, “Oh, of course, there wasn’t Universal Jobmatch back then!”. (Classic Orwell – as if “back then” was around the turn of the last century – not as ‘long ago’ as Oct/November last year). The ante is being upped so quickly that probably for advisers, last year does feel further back in time. In fact this ‘rule’ (that wasn’t unusual at all) hasn’t changed, but the pressure on advisers to insist that it’s no longer ‘the best/right way’ has lately increased noticeably).

        It seems standard for ‘Advisers’ to be told, or at least told to say, that the maximum is really the minimum – or/and that this is what they must state with certainty at the start of any ‘agreement-type’ discussions. Only if/when something is challenged (more than one initial time) do they ever contemplate consulting their manager who then (supposedly) grants an ‘exception’ …. Effectively lessening the chances of people questioning what they say/making it easier for conditions to be increased and/or suggestions of “passing on to a decision maker … unless … “.

        Add in visual ‘clues’/reinforcements (more than just posters on walls). Flyers casually left ‘lying’ on desks at the moment state: ‘What A Successful Job Seeker Looks Like’:- including – ‘Spend(s) at least 5 hours each day looking for and applying for jobs’; ‘Look(s) for work beyond their home town’; ‘Are registered on Universal Jobmatch, other job websites and with Employment agencies’. Any of the ‘being registered on/successful jobseeking should-aim-for’ examples can (or “could, potentially”) be deemed “reasonable” – but all seem ‘Required’. Key (highlighted) words, like, ‘Keep a RECORD of all their job search activity’ make it easier for advisers to say, “We need a RECORD of.your job search activity”, and “A record is something which we can consult and is all recorded in one place – eg.Universal Jobmatch …” (!). They could presumably then point to the flyer to support what they’re saying is ‘right’/non-negotiable. Complete & shameless ab/use of power and worms to get desired results/hit targets (us).

  11. Long awaited.

    “The Government’s response to the consultation on the PIP assessment Moving around activity”

    Click to access pip-mobility-consultation-government-response.pdf

  12. McVey received £5000 from the United and Cecil Club, one of the shadowy outfits backing the Tories.

  13. letzgo wrecking

    Is anyone surprised that Esther McVey has already been outed as a liar. I’m not. The only confort I can deriver from this is that Louise Mesch must be spitting; I bet you’d wished you’d stuck around instead of flouncing off in a huff to America when you didn’t get the rapid promotion you thought you deserved, eh love.

    Still, all things said: you’ve got to admit McVey is kind of hot, in a Queen of Narnia kind of a way.

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  15. love that one Max……..
    just to add a small anecdote about sanctions…………. my grandaughter, 19years old, recently moved from down south to live with her dad up here in yorkshire. 3 weeks or so after moving here. her first appointment, she slept in, (she was sleeping on the settee at that time so was obviously exhausted. but it made her late. ) she rang jobcentre plus to tell them after trailing there, a good 2 miles, and being told to go home and phone them. they made a new apt for her. and she got a warning. she arrived for her 3rd interview (2nd having been all ok) , gave her signing in book to the bloke on the door as requested. 10 minutes after her apt she saw him take her book to the woman who she had to see, was called over. apologised and told her she had been on time to which the woman said yes, i saw you arrive and sit down. next thing she had sanctioned benefit for 3 weeks. her dad, a fibromyalgia sufferer on ESA has been having to keep her out of his meagre allowance for the past 3 weeks. she should start getting her benefit again this week. wheres the justice in that i ask you?

    • Sanctioned her for what??? If it was because she was late some weeks ago, then we coud get the time…not weeks later. If she was in the building on time, an they wait 10 mins to see her..that is DWP ‘s fault.
      That should have been complained about.
      I have very often had to stand in Jobcenter of up 20 mins, sometimes 30 mins to be seen!. I Prefer to stand than sit when waiting…they hate it !)Though lately it has improved.

      • Fuck da jobcenta

        lol they always tell you to ‘sit down’… as if lol Another thing that really gets their goat is not looking your fucking ‘advisor’ in the eye… go on… try it 🙂 it drives these cunts fucking nuts lol

        • … I can see the time coming when jobseekers are handcuffed and manacled to the floor while they wait in turn to be whipped.

          • The Policy Exchange (think tank of the DWP)


            • We live in an economic system so the DWP/JC impose economic (monetary) penalties, we should thank our lucky stars that is the case. Back in ye olde mediaeval jobcentres for a first offence it was 40 strokes of cat ‘o nine tails for a first ‘offence’, 130 strokes for a second offence, and 1560 strokes of the ‘cat’ for a third offence. So although by present day standards the JC/DWP may seem barbaric in their ‘punishments’ they really have come along way.

            • overburdenddonkey

              history devoid of emotional context, totally misses the point…

          • something survived...

            Philip don’t – you’ll give IDS an orgasm.

        • something survived...

          Aren’t generally any chairs to sit on. If you sit on the floor they throw you out now. They don’t care if you’re disabled or sick or tired or all of the above. And they don’t like you looking them in the eye either. Of course if you don’t you’re being ‘evasive’, if you do you are being ‘aggressive’. They don’t care about cultural behaviour or body language, or people with mental health issues.

          • That’s what they categorise as ‘passive aggressive’ – of course (!).
            Note to self: lower eyes; speak less quietly – be less (more?) assertive. Successfully hide any sign of discomfort/stress – these can be noted and later held in evidence. Appear relaxed/not-in-any-way-threatened. Do not turn up too early – or too late – a maximum of three minutes either way. If given a pink card – use it! Wave aloft (gently) at or above shoulder height. “We Need To See Cards!!”

  16. Ah, the smiling, as she stabs you in the back, Ms McVey. Love her take on food banks too – nothing to do with the harsh sanctions deployed by this lot. No, all down to the good hard working folk rallying round to help those less fortunate than themselves. A testimony to the “All in it together” society her wonderful Government has created. Clever isn’t it how she manages to twist the cruel, inhumane treatment of the unemployed, sick, disabled and vulnerable needing help from the State, into blazing glorification of how their nasty policies are working? This Coalition will not stop until all that was in the public domain is privatised and the poor are left destitute, homeless, lined up outside food banks and soup kitchens. As a vast majority of genuinely needy people are denied aid, kicked whilst they are down and discarded, you can almost hear the likes of McVey merrily congratulating each other with much back slapping and gleeful hand rubbing. After all, the more they can swipe from those in need, the more they can pass on in bonuses to their buddies in the Private Sector. A sad time when this country is governed by an unelected Coalition made up of liars and cheats in equal measure. Not one of them knows what the word TRUTH means.

  17. Andrew Longworth-Dames

    Dumb Dolly!

  18. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    This is reblogged to continue a running theme on Vox Political which I have catchily entitled “We’d Like To Do Away With Esther McVey”.

  19. hi ive been following johnnyvoid for sometime,superb site,ive never commented,but i sent an email to the labour party and was gobsmacked that i got a reply,to be honest they answered all my questions,if they get in,atos will go bedroom tax will go,sounded promising but i had to remind myself “theyre all in it together” the politicions

  20. just a thought,could other posters contact the labour party,as i did and see if they get the same response…could be interesting?

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    More lies from McVey

  22. apparently, at our jobcentre you have to hand your signing on book to this bloke at the door when you arrive. he in turn is supposed to take it to your adviser or whatever they are called. the woman who deals with my grandaughter actually admitted to seeing her go into the jobcentre, hand her book to this bloke and sit down and said she knew she was on time. it was this jobsworth bloke on the door who was supposed to hand it in to the woman who was seeing my grandaughter but he took a good ten minutes to do so, so although the woman said she knew my grandaughter was not late, she still sanctioned her. i am writing to my MP about this. i wasnt told about it till i saw my grandaughter a couple of days ago.
    (workfare?or waged? i do not waste of money if paying someone to do a job like that,specially if getting people sanctioned is in his remit)

  23. biggles4441 , i have contacted my labour MP a number of times during the latter years, and practically every time i got a response. only time i didn’t was when ED BALLS was our MP. got one from his secretary 2/3 times asking if i was in his constituency mind but seeing as i used the online facility ,as i often do, to email MY MP its a foregone conclusion i was in their constituency as you couldn’t at that time email any but your own. more was the pity as ED BALLS is a load of them(if you get my meaning)..totally useless , does nothing for his flock and i am not the only one to say this. hes another self seeking hypocrite. Mary Creogh on the other hand, our present MP (Labour) is brilliant. answers all her correspondence as soon as she can. have heard a good few say how she has helped them. she is totally on the side of the underdog.

  24. Hi biggles … we could but it’s like talking to the fire back. The MP for this area is (was?) one of the more ‘real’ ? ‘Labourites’ – at least that’s their background. I’ve had sympathetic replies on (very) local issues once or twice, but the letter sent on the day Ms Bottrill’s death was reported (her relatives directly citing the bedroom tax as a factor), wasn’t answered. What could they say really at that point? Well, lots of things – none that would have been deemed say-able … With hindsight – & it is a great thing – perhaps no reply was the only (halfway) decent kind of a reply.

    The answers on policy issues all come from a central computer at Labour Party head office – that passes for what used to be (many moons ago), ‘The Labour Party making policies’. A very small part of my job description at one point – for a few [surreal] months in 1997 – was to type up, as required, the occasional press release, and – one one occasion – at the request of the person who later said 9/11 had been a “Good day to bury bad news”. Mostly, I made coffee.

    ‘Arriving’ there from a family background of ‘always supporting Labour’, & probably with ‘stars in my eyes’ (or just sleep), the penny was only very slowly starting to drop as to what was the ‘New Labour’ Agenda in all it’s g(l)ory & too sleep-deprived most of the time to examine the manifesto properly (that sounds extremely feeble to me too). There was deep denial going on (all around) that ‘New’ Labour were/n’t still somehow ‘Old’ Labour deep down – & there was certainly ‘magical thinking’ taking place in what passed for my brain. The reasons that led me to sleepwalk into supporting the election in 1997 are too naff to … well, anyway … apart from the obvious wish that ‘things had to change/improve’ and that traditionally, the only hope was to ‘vote Labour’. With one or two people like John (2Jags) Prescott & others of the ‘old/er guard’ still around (Frank Dobson/Robin Cook etc.) and ‘Labour’ was still (the back end) of the official name it was possible to self-delude The rest, as they say, is history.

    So there are levels & layers of disillusionment & there’s also a sort of ‘survivor’s guilt’ .. At least with the way things stand, there’s never likely to be a pressing need to re-read either ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘1984’. We can’t rewrite the past (well, okay we can) but we can try not to repeat the same mistakes and asking them what they think, from their vantage point no longer seems the most likely way that things are going to ‘get better’. ‘Labour’ having long since decided which side their bread’s buttered (with apologies for the cliches) & pulled up the drawbridge.

    • overburdenddonkey

      ah yon daze of tactical voting, and grot (get rid of tories), campaign here in scotland, little did we know who new labour were back then, we know now though!

    • I think a lot of people had extremely high hopes when Labour got in in ’97, but it didn’t take long to realise that very little was going to change and that basically Tony was, (and is) a Tory. Sad thing is that Labour, if anything, are even more to the right than they were under Blair.
      I personally think that we are entering a bit of a dangerous period, politically speaking. Scotland has the SNP, (and a referendum next year on the independence issue, which I hope they go for) and we in Wales have Plaid Cymru, which I don’t trust, as they are certianly not going for Labour’s jugular, as I think they ought to be doing, but what does England have? I guess there are the Greens, at least some of whom seem to be living on the same planet as the rest of us, but apart from that there is UKIP, the ‘acceptable’ face of fascism, and probably the one party likely to gain ground at the expense of Labour.

      We may well get yet another coaltion government, though I doubt that I shall be voting for any party or candidate. As I get older I seem to have become more and more of a revolutionary, not in the sense of violent overthrow of the state sense, but rather in the sense of having some kind of idea of how I want things to be when the state finally goes pear-shaped, and we are forced to build our own ‘Big Society’, without the useless hangers on and scroungers called politicians, the royal family and the rich.

  25. I know my DLA earlier this year was based on the form and and one to my GP as they called me in to help the GP fill it in still got DLA though

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  27. Evil horrible lying cow !!

  28. something survived...

    Wankface (Workfarce) have STILL not done my exit report so technically I am still under their partial control. They agreed with me that I was to go to a jobs fair. In fact it was on the list of things I promised to do or be sanctioned if I didn’t. (In this instance I’m talking about Work Programme with Working Links). My sessions finished, and protocol in organisations seems to be to go on following their last order. Kind of working to rule.

    I used all my dole and HB including food budget to travel to the careers fair as ordered. It was several days long and I had over a dozen job interviews, some of them promising. On the Monday I had to be signing on, so I got the only train that let me arrive in time. It was 10 minutes late. It took me 10 more minutes to haul my luggage home. Everything got wet so unpacking, and putting things on the radiator, took a long time. I boiled a kettle and made a drink at the end of the basic unpacking, all my paperwork was soaked. I had over 3 hours before signing, so was updating my JCP form earlier, till someone grabbed it off me and threw it in a puddle. I took it out and, as it was still in one piece, stuffed it down my bag, making my other stuff wetter. It was the first thing onto the radiator. By the time I poured the drink and set it down to cool, the form was merely damp, just dry enough to write on again. I took it off the radiator to start, and then –

    And then I had a seizure. A second later for me, but about 3 hours later in reality, I came round. I was upside down, having fallen onto the chair/’bed’/’office’ I have to live and sleep on. Within seconds I knew I’d fitted, things were knocked over too. I was 40 minutes late to sign and no way to contact anyone. I got dressed again though the heating was now off and my stuff was wet, grabbed some things together and tried to write the form some more, drank the now-cold drink, then ran the 2 miles to the jobcentre, with a massive headache and dizzy and groggy. I arrived at an hour after my signing time, most of that had been getting ready and only the last bit (10 mins) running. Ironically I’m not supposed to after a seizure, I’m meant to rest in a dark room. I got auras like I could have another seizure.

    I had to queue up for the Securipork, then a JCP person asked me what happened and I tried to explain though out of breath. Within minutes she had sent me away saying go away and come back. There are no toilets and I needed one. So the only way I could get home and back in the allotted time was to run uphill 2 miles all the way back again. When I got home I had coffee and used the bathroom, only giving that as turnaround time before I had to, you guessed it, run the third 2 miles back down to the oozing sac of pus (Sorry I mean jobcentre plus, it’s so easy to confuse them).

    I had been given an appointment time I had to keep or lose my benefits. I was on time when I got to the jokeshitter (JCP), but even more out of breath and starting to have an asthma attack, but I’d already had the maximum daily dose of my special inhalers (I’m not able to use normal ones). They let me sit, or rather I insisted on sitting, on the chair, and I waited and waited and waited. Several said that I didn’t have an appointment. I said, of course I did, or I would not be sitting down on your chair, but clearly I need to sit down either way. 20 minutes after my allocated new appointment time, someone saw me. She said the person I was meant to sign with was anyway sick and so they’d cancelled my original signing on appointment but had not told me, but unsurprisingly they had no staff free and said I should therefore have signed on with the Securipig. Who, AFAIK, is not qualified to do that. (He’s also a racist homophobic misogynist ablist bastard, by the way, and he even has a face like a pig.) I thought if I waited much longer I’d need the bog again. I explained the whole thing to the JCP person. She said ‘phone us’, I said I have no phone or money, spent everything on going to the previously-ordered jobs-fair, on the orders of the work programme they’d sent me on, which was still not officially over. Due to lack of aforementioned Exit Report. Also how do you schedule your seizures in advance, for the convenience of Messrs JCP? Also how do you telephone them while unconscious, to report that you are unconscious?
    She seemed in the end to be a bit sympathetic and I showed her proof I’m not entitled to drive due to epilepsy. I had the sinking feling that I’d be sanctioned as soon as I left. She said I wouldn’t. I felt really sick and at risk of another fit, but looked on the machine for jobs (I’d given her my completed form by now) and found a job to apply for. Then I asked permission to leave, and she said I could go. I needed the toilet and also had another deadline. So that meant running another 2 miles home. A little later I had to run 2 miles to my first meeting and second meeting and it was nearly 2 miles home after that. Then nonstop housework till 2am or so. Bearing in mind I’d not eaten, slept, or rested in days. And before the seizure, had only just stopped at the end of a 4-day stretch of carrying a seriously heavy pack on my travels. Of course within hours the next day I was falling asleep all over the place and showing signs of infection, bad immune system, flu-like symptoms, and of course my usual ME. I wasn’t up to running 12 miles in the rain, the weight of the pack had already hurt my back and knees before I put it down and unpacked. At least I only got made to run to and from the JCP (Now Proudly Twinned with Auschwitz-Birkenau) with a light bag.

    I’ve not been back yet to check, but they may already have sent me a letter saying they are stopping my benefits. They know that my JCP and HB, the last paid this calendar month, will only cover half my rent (both benefits together) – but this figure does not allow for food, travel, accommodation coming up, bills, etc. Even if they pay up, I’m screwed. The irony is, I got the only train that would get me back from the jobs fair and job interviews on time. If I’d not gone, I’d be sanctioned for failing to attend job interviews. And for disobeying WPP. And I can be sanctioned for GOING to the jobs fair, for leaving my city, as well as for missing signing on and for being late. And for having a seizure. And for not having a phone or money. And for going to college though they know it’s the only way I can avoid eviction (tenancy clause) and the only way I can get internet access (ordered to use UJM, email, jobseeking activity etc.). Of course if I lost internet access I’d be sanctioned, and likewise if they said I’d ’caused myself to lose internet access’ (by being kicked off, by them!) and ’caused myself to be reduced in my ability to find work’. And for not using UJM etc. Incidentally, every rental place here now says ‘no DSS’ (sic) and is tiny and hundreds of pounds a month. For example £480 pcm excluding bills for a room less that half the size of mine, in a rougher area.

    Dead people are probably getting sanctioned for being too dead to sign on. It reminds me of Pauline in Job Club in Royston Vasey. She spent all day bullying and demeaning the men at Job Club, and then on the rare occasions when any of them secured job interviews, prevented them from attending. Because it clashed with her Job Club. The mindless activities she ran in Job Club were meant to be a joke, but are exactly the same things we are now being told to do on the Work Programme and similar schemes.

    Theory: There is an inter-dimensional rift, through which Pauline has entered, to take up a new post as personal advisor to DWP.

    Earlier today I thought of the ‘claim or reclaim JSA’ form. And a similar part of the signing-on form. It has a question about: ‘During this period [2 weeks in the case of signing-on form, all period of unemployment in the case of JSA form.], what have you been doing?’
    And I came up with an answer that could be written down in this space:

    ‘Shagging your dad.’
    [in the interests of equality. Feel free to substitute the words mum, grandmother, sheep, car, as you see fit.]

    My alcoholic drug-using housemate meanwhile (who DOES the things the papers say we all do, working while pretending to be unemployed and spending it all on more booze and cigs and drugs…) has excelled himself the other week. He is over 60 but for some reason the other week he told the council he’s 17. All I can think of is that he is trying to dodge tax. He also told them he is the home owner and head of household, both are lies. Nobody is sanctioning him though the DWP know about it all. He’s not my owner or boss! I’m practically his sodding carer these days and I absolutely loathe him. He is currently head to head with a new girl tenant in an apparent race to drink themselves to death. More units each per week than the maximum for several individuals. Both piss freely on the floor. In that respect, my accommodation providers and sharers (while I was attending the jobs fair), did their utmost to make me feel perfectly at home!!!!!! [don’t visit w,w,w, dot hostel from hell dot com.]

    I kept calm at the jobcentre and didn’t raise my voice. I just told the truth. I think I’ll be sanctioned for that.

  29. Something survived

    I can’t understand why you are not on disability benefit, there are better bodies in the cemetery judging by your list of illnesses. It is absolutely disgraceful the way you have been treated and how you have to live.

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  31. Esther Mcvey is a truly horrible human who is highly likely to lose her seat in the next election.

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    : D. Good job, cheers

  34. way back when, around 1991/2..not sure of actual year, but when DLA first came in to being, i was working as a volunteer advice worker at our local unemployed workers centre. one of my jobs was to help people fill in their dss forms including the DLA form. hellish long even then. you had to get someone who knows you to verify what you were saying on there as to how your illness/disability affected you and also on another page get your Dr to write a report from his point of view using your notes. that was it. no medicals.was years before medicals were brought in.i think they were only done for those who were trying to renew their DLA who had probably only got it for a certain number of years. and new claimants, once the medicals were brought in.i started on DLA back around that time (working at the centre was classed as therapeutic then not wouldn’t get anything so rewarding on workfare) I got mobility higher rate for life . about 16yrs ago i was awarded care component middle rate for life. never had a medical .i’m now a pensioner so so far not been bothered by them. but i dread May next year. because i know if labour don’t get in we are all in for it. pensioners will be among the rest of the “plebs”. condems have said so.

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