The Humiliating Failure of the Week of Workfare

workfare-stick-upLast week’s celebration of unpaid work turned out to be a dismal failure as almost everyone completely ignored the crude attempt to re-brand workfare.

The week was organised by Fair Train who have been given Government money to rehabilitate workfare by launching a Work Experience Quality Standard.

In order to promote this workfare badge of shame Fair Train came up with Work Experience Week.  This was intended to be a celebration of unpaid work which they hoped would encourage employers to adopt their Quality Standard and agree to provide work experience placements for the ever-growing number of workfare schemes.

Prospective workfare exploiters were encouraged to tweet support using the hashtag #WEWeek2013.  As can be seen from the timeline, apart from a handful of cronies in the training sector, almost no-one did.  Just Sky News and mass workfare exploiters @Groundworkuk were outed on twitter as organisations which take work experience placements during the week.

In a further humiliating blow, the number of organisations that agreed to adopt their Work Experience Quality Standard does not seem to have changed since the week began, standing at an unimpressive 13.  It is unclear how many people signed their pledge in support of unpaid work experience as their promise that we could ‘watch the number grow’ on their website never materialised.

Such is the desperation to promote and normalise unpaid work that real tax payer’s money has been given to these clowns.  And like all the rest of the cash handed out on the Welfare Reform gravy train, it is money down the drain.  But if last week showed anything it revealed that whilst the number of people on unpaid work schemes may be at a record high, the employers benefitting from free labour are in no mood to shout about it.  They know all too well what the public thinks of their grubby exploitation.

Fair Train are on twitter @FairTrainOrg if you want to point and laugh.

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40 responses to “The Humiliating Failure of the Week of Workfare

  1. hello i noticed work experience spreading to newspapers of late ..local newspapers offering work experience now..

  2. i want a job at bryons burgers so i can poison george Osbourne are there any jobs going.there does anybody know.

  3. overburdenddonkey

    employers can see it’s corrosive affects on jobs in our very limited jobs market…so can most…

  4. My mate (much to my annoyance) has been screaming for work for a couple of years now on the workfare prog. he continually tells them he is happy to work for his dole. and to date not even a days work can he get I say he is underselling himself and he should be demanding a job with at least minimum wage, just goes to show people want to work but there are no jobs

    • Another Big Mess

      He should tell his kobcenter that he doesn’t mind working for nmw, but there’s no way he’ll work for his dole. The kobcenter detecting “a result” will have him on MWA within a week.
      After a few months/years working for nothing he’ll eventually realise no one’s ever going to offer him paid work while there’s an endless supply of free workers.

  5. Poetic justice,just what was expected when a bunch of crooks try to polish and sell a very nasty smelling turd.Fair Train is a complete con that not even Frank Abagnale could have dreamt up.

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  7. There is a similar program in Norway, which is very successful. Where I think it may differ from UK is that the employer must contract with the employment office to fully employ the person after a period of 3 months, it can be extended to a year under special circumstances. The person can be sacked of course but there has to be good grounds. The employee gets the normal salary for the job. The employer pays 1 percent of that normal salary for the job, Employement office pays the rest. It usually ends up with full employement. Win win for all.

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  9. Let me Out of Here!

    Does anyone have any advice on emmigration to Norway??? Can’t stand this country anymore….

  10. Detectives have released CCTV images of a man they want to trace in connection with inquiries into a fire at a job centre in West Dunbartonshire.

    The fire broke out at 04:00 on Friday at the Job Centre Plus in Bank Street, Alexandria.

    Windows were smashed and an attempt was made to set fire to the inside of the premises, police said.

    The man seen in the CCTV footage was pushing a bike and had a plastic bag covering his head.

    He was wearing a distinctive knee-length light camouflage jacket, with a black leather jacket underneath and light trousers.

    The bike was a man’s mountain bike with a distinguishable white basket on the front.

    A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Detectives at Alexandria police office are keen to speak to anyone who recognises the man in the image, perhaps from his clothing or the bike.”

    Man in CCTV images sought after Alexandria job centre fire

    • letzgo wrecking

      The fight back begins.

    • … and if you do by any chance happen to recognise this guy keep it schtum….. 🙂

    • Another Big Mess

      Detectives said they are searching for 2,490,000 suspects.

      • Neo con’s are a funny lot . they don’t mind paying tax for those who can’t work rather than those who don’t want to work but to them don’t and can’t are same thing. One on twitter when challenged said that ” anyway those who can’t as result of illness are ” all faking it anyway ” ..some days you can’t win can you ?

    • Landless Peasant

      It was only a matter of time before some poor sod was driven to such a response. Having said that, I signed today and it was all sweet, no hassle and more or less straight in and out. I am awaiting an appointment for Mandatory Work Activity though. I’m wondering which charity shop they’ve got lined up for me, I’m guessing probably British Heart Foundation, Age Concern, or YMCA. I’ll see what I can pilfer…

  11. something survived...

    I don’t understand… they told us to get off our arses and DO something. He was clearly just being proactive. As in Keep Britain Tidy.

  12. Dare we hope that George Osborne’s Help to Work / work for your dole scheme will be kicked into the long grass by next April?

  13. as the twitter neo cons would say ‘you gotta work for your dole money ..and stop this waste with giro money..(yes they live in a different time to the rest of the world)

  14. @somethingsurvived “He was clearly just being proactive. As in Keep Britain Tidy.” that would be the home office ”go back home illegal immigrant campaign i guess..


    RAF Work Experience Week for Girls at RAF Cosford

    ladies get a look in in the slave trade now in the military too now..
    death destruction and slavery all in one neat package at least they are equal opportunities now so thats alright then.

  16. WISE directors

    Nick Baveystock
    Nick is Director General of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), and joined the board in June 2013. With 20 years experience in the British Army, he has led a wide variety of engineering projects – reconstruction in Southern Iraq .
    wow ! not just content in getting women to work for fuck all he was part of ”lets bomb iraq and nick all its oil campaign too..’

    way to go nick…

    • chewie

      According to a subscriber to our local rag, the CBI are crying out for qualified people to employ, when I asked in what professions he cited the London gazette were looking for engineers, perhaps this is the way to get them and train them all for free?

  17. another WISE guy

    Christine has a wealth of experience about changing and challenging the status quo internationally and works passionately in this arena to support other women in finding their voice and supporting organisational change and ** improving employee engagement in service of everyone becoming engaged and passionate contributors to the corporate community***
    thats us folks everyone becoming engaged and passionate contributors to the corporate community’…

    that would be this non elected government..

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  19. The whole thing, from what I could see in Twitter, was just a load of buzzwords and self empowerment sloganeering.

  20. Knead for Greed

    Are there any masseur work placements going in young ladies saunas?

    I’d be up for one of those… heck, I’d even pay to go on one!


    Monster UK ‏@Monster_UK 15 Oct

    Had anything hilarious or unbelievable happen to you at work? Tweet us your story

  22. @ALL HEADS UP GUYS…dont know why but ive been sent this…

    ” Dear Friend,

    Charles Moore, former editor of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator, will discuss his authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher, which was released earlier this year.

    Set to be a fantastic event, tickets still available! Book now via Richmond Theatre box office: 0844 871 7651 or online:

    Looking forward to seeing you soon,

    The Richmond Literature Festival Team

    anyone in london around this tiime and want to show up to show their displeasure at not only the Thatcher part but also Moore and his NHS hating sell it off and make a buck propaganda via the Torygraph
    please do so..but schtum about how you heard about it ok guys?

    date not mentioned but am sure that can be found out…

    and if you can pass it on to DPAC and Black Triangle and save NHS

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