Universal Jobmatch Comes Unstuck As Automated Jobsearch Is Launched

Universal-AutomationIain Duncan Smith’s plans to force claimants to spend hours a week endlessly searching for jobs on the Universal Jobmatch website* could become a laughing stock after the launch this week of an app which will carry out  jobsearch automatically.

According to their website, Universal Automation is a “browser extension which will automatically search for jobs on Universal Jobmatch and apply for them. It is the robot that will perform useless job search activities instead of you at a click of a button.”

In a humiliating blow to the DWP’s plans to turn Universal Jobmatch into a virtual workhouse, it seems that technology could make these plans redundant.  Whilst the app is in early stages of development this is exactly the kind of technological innovation that some analysts have claimed could replace up to half of jobs in the next couple of decades.

As apps like this become more sophisticated it is easy to imagine that all jobsearch could soon be fully automated.  Employers are unlikely to mind, as methods of recruitment will no doubt follow a similar pattern.  No matter how much Iain Duncan Smith stamps his foot – and expect a tantrum when he finds out about this – his digital by default welfare reforms look to have already been out-digitised and now seem to belong to the last century.

Universal Automation – which I have on good authority comes from a trusted source – can be downloaded from:  http://automation.strikenow.org.uk/get-the-extension/

As mentioned this is at an early stage of development, so read all the guidance notes and use at your own risk – those behind Universal Automation have called for feedback and techies who are interested in helping to get in touch. 

*Universal Jobmatch is the government run job seeking website built at huge expense by Monster Jobs and which is designed to snoop on claimant’s job-seeking activity.  The project has been an utter shambles with thousands of fake or spam job vacancies listed along with vacancies for sex work – against current DWP policy – as well as spoof jobs and outright scams.

Despite this hundreds of thousands of unemployed claimants have been forced to register with the website under the threat of losing their benefits.  Whilst registration can be compelled, there is currently no requirement to tick the box allowing the DWP to snoop on your jobsearch (you can also untick the box which asks if they can send you emails).

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357 responses to “Universal Jobmatch Comes Unstuck As Automated Jobsearch Is Launched

  1. already installed it and laughed as it automatically applied for all the utter crap on universal jobshite!

    • something survived...

      Universal Snotcrunch sells my email address and I keep being emailed by people in UK wanting me to train as a teacher, or be a carpenter. And ones in the USA who seem to think they’ve already interviewed me. And hundreds of Nigerians claiming to be the Pope, Obama, the FBI, the UN, the Red Cross, Apple…. and saying they are randomly giving me millions or billions of dollars/pounds and please can I send my bank details. And I get ones from people begging thousands from me. Delete!

      As for UJM itself, it said it sends perfectly matched jobs. Does it, arse!
      Last week they were all in places at least 2 days’ travel from me, needed car drivers. Two of them in addition were for female applicants only. It sent me one like that this morning and wants me to apply.
      ‘What a depressingly stupid machine’

    • Is there any danger with this that people might be automatically applied for dodgy stuff?

      – spam jobs by marketing companies trying to mine data
      – sex industry work
      – jobs which are offensice or inappropriate (say a strict muslim applying for an off licence job.

      And could people be forced to take a job that they have auto-applied for if they would not have applied for that job in the first place.

    • Wow!!! , wandered into this thread cause I’m currently using UJM. My only real issue with it are the repeat job adverts. All the reputable agencies ads get on there and its convenient to have them in one place rather than having to trawl all the individual websites. Its a useful tool part of the job searching tool kit.
      Judging from some of the vicious options and language in this thread those posters are probably not in work/don’t want to work/not employable and clearly not decent members of society. Just the kind of people who we should strip of benefits !

      • And who the hell are you?? Grant Shapps wee brother?? How Dare you !
        People have such low opinions of Universal JobMatch, not because they don’t like the ideas of work, but UJM itself does not work…and does not get people work.
        That’s real work with real pay.
        All I see on the UJM website is page after page of “Monster(Job warehouse only)”
        None of those adds are genuine jobs, but merely a cv filebank and that is it. Yet we see this day after day, taking up dozens of pages. It is so clearly fake.
        And what of those of us sent via UJM to interviews only to find the lace in question closed? You know, like closed for the past month, which we learn on investigation by the local municipality. So there you have it.
        That has and does happen
        Also, ppl are against this truly vile Regime of evil Satanist criminals because they are KILLING ppl.
        Maybe you don’t believe that.
        Well mister Mike G…hang around here on web sites like this, and maybe you will learn the real truth about it all. Because you seem not to know the reality for many… and for many the jobs are not there to begin with, and for the jobs that are there, we have in some cases, 8,000 ppl going for 16 jobs. And in other cases, like those with any disability, like say….hearing loss, employers just don’t want those ppl.
        That is the realty.

        • Tell it like it is! There are one or maybe two posts spread across several threads numbering thousands of replies on the void from people claiming to have found a job using UJ, And if memory serves, one of those was from the partner of an alleged job winner, and its likely one or both replies were from people involved in the workfare sector. The last job I took from a job centre was in 2003 and it took a year to find something else because my employer was fucking me up the arse with my reference whilst Gonad slapping my chin wages wise and smiling at me like a little cherub whenever I spoke about it. In my 30 years of employment I HAVE NEVER FOUND OWT BUT GRIEF AND MISERY employment wise in a jobcentre, (+) and ever will it be thus.

      • UJ; C*nt wanted. Must suck wrinkleys corey 24/7 and pay for lunch emissions. Ah shit Mike G,,.. Your already busy at the zoo befriending that lonely SILVERBACK

      • You’ve obviously been very lucky! I’m an electronics engineer and have been looking at all the job sites for a new job, Universal Mismatch should be its name, it is utterly useless! It constantly gives totally unrelated results to any search criteria, the area and distance functions do not work, I am in Sussex which comes under their heading of Southern, a search for jobs – even if i I put “within 2 miles” gives me Southern Ayrshire or even South East Asia! The category function only applies to the whole country and always shows 5,000 jobs everyday, their is no way to do a category search for just your area. The same jobs are listed dozens of times and most of them went months ago but have never been removed, also many of them are just agencies after your CV and not real jobs at all.
        It is by far the most incompetent and frustrating job site available and is not fit for purpose, whoever commissioned it should be sacked and Monster should be sued for an utterly appalling job, £15 million for designing this rubbish!

        • It IS a shame that its fucking useless for the eager job searcher, but its intention is a crime against the populace, and its implementation is a fraud against the taxpayer. If you vote for any political party or abstain expect more of the same. VOTE INDEPENDENT!

          • cant you express yourself with out swearing and foul language.?

            • I can express myself eloquently and civilly enough when I need to,
              but am sorry to say nothing I have in my repertoire can convey my feelings of disgust and betrayal towards the political parties without
              swearing. There is no civil word strong enough to get my
              feelings across. Sorry if you feel offended.

      • jobcenter staff will mislead you, but ask what legislation (exactly) says the claimant has to register? they will just stop pestering you.
        Best wishes.

  2. the best part is that no employer takes universal jobmatch seriously so it’s not like i’m gonna get hundreds of replies to the applications!

    • The SAD part, is so many of the adverts are from bogus employers / thieves,exploiters and those with no intention of honouring wage agreements that it makes little difference. The Tory press will always quote these people who sigh;’I just cant get the staff’ , .
      Whilst the truth is they just cant get the idiots.

    • If you want an ‘for example’, If I put an advert on U.J. saying I want to employ a dentist, Part time temporary vacancy. Meets min wage requirements. Must have own tools and surgery. 2 hours work per week on my teeth for a month.. Nobody would apply, but I can put the advert up for free. Its the shop window of the jobs sector and riddled with exploitation.
      If I wanted to, I could go about pricing any construction job cheap, and use enforced labour from the job centre (-) to get it done with big profit_
      Its enforced slavery.(yes it WOULD work, I have been on the other end).
      Every time the populace get wise and want decent wages, the gov.
      import cheap labour. Think on this while you call anti immigration ideas
      racist. You are sneaking up on yourselves and stealing the living standards out of your own wallets.
      The equation for wealth is assets divided by people.
      Adding people to a busy island CANNOT benefit the lower classes, as rent, food and travel will go up. Only the rich will benefit from the increased competition. many of the newcomers will live 2 to a room and save there money for home. Crime, poverty and the strain on schools and the nhs will rise (the rich wont feel this) income from taxation will barely move.
      Sorry if I have moved off point, but I see this crap 1st hand and nobody else talks about it. UJ is a tool of this system.

  3. It occurs to me that using this and similar tools any group of people who were so minded could spam the living daylights out of any and all adverts on UJ, behaviour which should discourage any sensible employer from ever advertising on there again. Can the servers the program is run on stand such an onslaught, I wonder? They won’t be designed to handle 24/7 automated applications IN VOLUME, which should be easy enough to arrange. What would that do for the costs of running the program? Just wonderin’ 🙂

  4. What is wrong with spending hours trawling any website everyday to find a job? When I was unemployed, I took the attitude that it was my job to find a job, so I spent at least 5-6 hours a day searching the web. In 2 months I had the best job of my life and three other second interview offers. If you really want to work, it is NOT a hassle to spend a long time searching each day. If you don’t want to put in the effort, you obviously don’t want to work and should lose your benefits.

    • oh look, another troll! why don’t you go away we don’t want to be your friend!

      • There is nothing wrong with Karen’s opinion, it may be a little off the mark with reality, ok its a lot off the mark….

        However in a country where the jobs actually exist, spending time looking for work it not such a bad thing, but…………….. in the real world these jobs do not actually exist and UJ is a joke,
        So if you really want to spend 5-6hours a day looking for work, don’t do it on UJ. As there is rarely anything on there worth having.

        In all my years I have worked in many varied types of jobs, not one of them ever came about through a job centre advert,

    • FUCK OFF!! CUNT!!

    • You know you are having an effect, Johnny, when the Government automated trolls are out in force lol 🙂

      • I assume that the cunt George Iain Duncan Smith, being bitch-arsed by Betsy and TV Autocue Reader Esther McVey, would be preoccupied with acquiring the sklils which would allow the pleb to work as an Unpaid Shelf Stacker within Poundland.

    • overburdenddonkey

      not a proof reader then…

      • The words “in libraries” got mislaid in my irritation. It should have appeared here “…who spend way more than 35hrs hours a week in libraries…” Apologies. I really shouldn’t lose it with such “blue-sky” thinkers.

    • Only 5-6 hours a day? That’ll get you sanctioned and you’ll lose your benefits unless you’re doing it every single day regardless of appointments, illness, childcare, friendship or family commitments. The new Claimant Commitment asks for 35 provable jobsearch hours per week, and the Mandatory Intervention Regime within the existing Post-Work Programme Scheme can bump that up by demanding 100+ job applications per week… which the DWP have termed the “Hit Squad” process – kill benefit claims by making the conditions impossible to meet.

      So fuck you Sister. Fuck you and fuck your ridiculous “work makes me a better human being” ideology. Enjoy your home-based internet access and know that, until you and your kind shut them down, there are people like me who spend way more than 35hrs hours a week looking at the facts behind your pathetic statements. And still meet the Claimant Commitment.

    • You don’t need to spend 5-6 hours a day job searching, an hour is amply sufficient. 5-6 hours a day would drive me up the wall and it would I’m sure show in my applications quality. What exactly do you do for 5-6 hours?

      These morons running this country (for the short time being) are a bit thick it’s clear.

      • The point is that the jobs aren’t there to be found and you couldn’t prove you were doing all these hours anyway. So, you lose your benefits whatever. That’s the point. Geddit? It’s the end of the benefits system so Unum the disgraced American insurance company that’s behind this can have the resulting multibillion pound insurance market. IDS and everyone else involved will be made multi-millinoaires as reward. Geddit now?

        • True, the jobcentre just say you couldn’t possibly have been job-searching for all those hours. Result: benefit sanctioned!

      • Trouble is that we’ll have yet another set of morons running the country after this lot.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Karen Howard
      “What is wrong with spending hours trawling any website everyday to find a job?”
      Because if you had any sense you’d automate it wouldn’t you.

      Even if EVERYONE on JSA spent 24 hours a day trawling websites it would make no difference to the unemployment count – it doesn’t create one extra job anywhere.

    • Karen. There are excellent websites for job hunters provided by the free market. Try Reed for example. Not only is UJ compulsory by IDS decree but it’s crap beyond belief – crap jobs, log in problems, ridiculous to impossible task to edit your original profile. It’s not just that UJ is compulsory if you are in need of JSA – it’s that it’s compulsorily crap.

    • That may possibly be true if the website in question wasn’t the train wreck that UJM is.

    • I did the same, though not for 5-6 hours per day….that is just plain stupid! Anyway, guess what, it was a complete waste of time, applying for jobs that you just knew you weren’t going to get a reply to, maybe the odd interview with some time wasting jumped up wanker who thinks he’s some kind of ‘entrepreneur’. So stop preaching, you self righteous twat, and get back to your anal masturbation with your copy of the Daily Mail.

    • As someone who works in IT and during periods of employment regularly applied for at least 2 jobs a day I can say without a doubt that I’ve never heard such tosh in all my life. I would put money on “Karen Howard” being a DWP employee. Yes I have found work each time but the jobs have to be there to apply to and you have to be at least likely to qualify to be worth qualifiying. This garbage the Gestapo er sorry DWP call Universal Jobsmatch will eventually see employers refuse to use it as they are inundated with applications by people merely filling their application quote applying for jobs they are neither qualified for now able to fill. I’ve been on both sides of this, advertised for an IT junior at 9am, took the advert down by 3:30pm due to having over 140 applicants of which only 9 were neither under nor overqualified.

      • Another Big Mess

        When I was temporary working at a small gaget retailer, 50% of the incoming mail was CVs, and 50% of the incoming phonecalls were people asking if there were any vacancies, we were praying for awkward customers to ring up!

    • Landless Peasant

      Karen, I have been applying for jobs constantly for the past 10 years and have not had one interview. Whilst on New Deal I applied for 20 jobs per day for 3 months, and I did New Deal FIVE TIMES. I have also completed the Work Programme. I am educated to Degree level. What does that tell you?

      • Iain Duncan Smith

        I’ll be looking into you case of perpetual unemployment and have you out on workfare scraping shit off of the shoes of JC staff quick smart.. This is unacceptable.

        • If you;d only had the good sense to keep me on and not replace me with that common McVey woman, I’d have put a bit of stick about and dealt with the likes of such shirkers.

        • eviltorypervert

          that’s right ian

          they all fucking up the bottom from there betters.

    • Iain Duncan Smith

      Well said Karen. I’m doing my best to crush the unemployed to. Scum the lot.

      • Iain Duncan Smith

        I’ll also make people go hungry and starve to death. This will stop your dole money from coming out of my own pension plan

        • Once I get us out of the EU and removed from the ECHR then I shall make a request to the Home Secretary strip non-compliant welfare claimants of their citizenship. It is no longer going to be acceptable to just claim welfare, generation after generation, refusing to take work whilst the hardworking taxpayer pays for their lifestyle choice.

          I am pleased to announce that I shall soon be introducing the ‘Workfare to Poland Scheme’ to support those long-term claimants who are in danger of being striped of their privilege of British citizenship.

    • Karen Howard please tell me which sites you used as I have been jobsearching every day for a couple of hours at least for over 2 years now and have encountered on most jobsites (and especially the government jobs site to whom I have complained) – jobs well past their application end date – illegal jobs available in the sex industry and selling scams – home worker scams which almost cost me thousands I don’t have – jobs with no contract and no security – ‘jobs’ which aren’t really jobs but multi level marketing schemes – jobs which are very low paid and after expenses leave me even worse off financially – companies only after my bank details and franchises which I can neither afford to pay the upfront amount. I have worked for over 35 years and paid into a system I believe in – when I had a work related injury I was able to claim benefits from this system which helped me survive and which I paid back in full when I received compensation. I know there will be people who abuse the system however I also encountered that in the workplace – there’s always at least one slacker everyone else ends up carrying – and there are also those with genuine illness that required consideration and the way most people see it is that it could just as easily be themselves. I don’t mind as I know that most people step up to the mark and put in the effort. I don’t want a life on benefits where I am forced to jump through hoops on a daily basis and be made to feel a scrounger or anything less than a human being with dignity but I do want to be employed in a position where I am valued and my worth is recognised by a decent living wage without the need to ‘top-up’ my earnings with ‘government handouts’ which are actually financed by the taxpayer which means all of us who pay our taxes and not the big companies that avoid/evade their tax bills.
      As a compassionate human being I can even forgive you for your smug complacency and still wish you the best and hope that you never end up in a situation where you need to rely on your fellow human beings for their support.

    • I spent hours looking for work when I was unemployed. But Jobmatch is a waste of time. It is full of fake job adverts that enroll you on ‘CV’ databases – after which you get your email address spammed so heavily any real replies would be lost.
      CV info submitted to them gets sold.

      Not a troll

    • to be frank most of the jobs on ujm are ZERO HOURS, there have also been cases of people recruiting strippers and drug runners via the system, forced applications are not a solution here. Improving the wages to a LIVING WAGE and scrapping workfare are.

      • something survived...

        Hi Aura,
        If people are forced to apply for zero hour jobs, a few will get them. They will then be in trouble with Universal Credit for not having a secure regular job, guaranteed hours, or enough hours and pay. So they could have all their benefits stopped and be evicted.

    • Hear, Hear! And about bloody time too!

    • During my work hours, I fixed electrical gadgets. fine. During my out of work time, I’ve learnt a TON about how malfunctioned the system and some people are. My out of work time has given me essential knowledge of the b/s that is out there. i’ve trawled websites karen. harmful websites that the police arent interested in. just not paid tax while i’ve trawled them.

      (the police are Far more interested in helping rich people buy their 5th yatch, by spending time and resources on copyright infringement sites)

      the government does not want to protect or help people. it wants to bloat itself. we all know the government has actively harmful plans that it will go to any lengths to prevent you discovering. eg, using a company called “atos” to give people ‘medical’ assessments.

    • Oh, yet another fucking tory troll. why don’t these idiots get it through their thick skulls they’re not welcome here

    • No one should be forced to look for hours a day for jobs that donrt exist

    • 5-6 hours a day. Excellent, that’s probably what I am doing now. However, this government want jobseekers to be searching for jobs from 9-5 everyday! That’s 8 hours a day! Could you do that everyday, five days a week, approx 20 days a month. There are less jobs out there than both the government and the media believe there to be. 40+ catalogue distribution posts appear on jobmatch everyday.

      As long as the figures show that a person is in a “job” it’s all okay! It doesn’t matter if that person is on a one hour a week contract, they’re still in a job in there eyes.

      • If we all have to spend 8 hours a day looking for work then we are all employed as full time jobseekers and therefore entitled to holiday’s sick pay and a pension

        • So are the 800k fresh immigrants from eastern europe going to search for
          6 hrs a day? Cos I can tell you the Bulgarians in my block envy my job seeker status, and truly believe my life is luxury compared to theirs. .
          They cant WAIT to claim benefits!

    • I think you need to do more research before before you comment

    • Karen Howard = IDS

    • maybe some of us still have a life

    • Hmmmmmmm, luckily? for me I have a job, (two actually)…. almost two years of trawling the web on continuum, sent well over 200 cvs and cover letters, have ample experience and academic skills (all overlooked because have been away for six years raising a family)

      The web itself proved fruitless, I strongly believe trawling the web for work is futile, after almost two years anyone would.
      I obtained my job via volunteering for six months in the care industry – not all jobs allow for updated experience luckily my area of expertise does and luckily I was offered a position that no one else wanted due to difficulty in behaviours of the person to look after, lack of Government funding and the unsocial hours this involved.

      I had a question mark initially when I said luckily? because I may be working but, I am only working 21 hours in two jobs (add travel and I am working 29 hours)… my monthly income is less than £700, include rent and tax (regardless of partial Housing Benefit) I am down almost £200 a month.

      My jobs consist of working in two placements, one I love, the other is stressful and extremely draining, there should be ample carers involved but the funding is zero so I go it alone. Now if the Government funding was there? there would be an extra 1 or 2 jobs on the market and an easier working environment which would benefit individual and carers alike.
      So! despite the time, effort and dedication I am struggling more than I ever believed would be possible both physically and mentally.

      To say you found a job within 2 months online (I highly doubt that is honest but, will give you benefit of doubt) good for you, but, you are a mere 1 person among the millions of others who are struggling and desperate, have some common sense, get out of your backside or, alternatively stop trolling

  5. Rosemarie Harris

    Ha ha ha ! can’t stop laughing this is so funny, Everyone should know about this! And as long as it does apply for jobs for you it’s a win win deal!

  6. everybody go to this site it’s hilarious!


  7. Rosemarie Harris

    Well Karen, As someone who does spend hours 7 days per week form around 2pm untill 10pm everyday i want a choice to what job matching service’s i use. I don’t want to accept cookies as part of the deal. I am a older person bought up family the other half worked so no one spent any money on training for me so i have to go through all the unskilled work and i need Full time. We haven’t all been to uni or had the money to pay for driving lessons etc. If you have really been unemployed for any length of time then you should understand that after a while it can get you down you send loads of C.V’s etc and don’t even get a reply. People also do have other thing s to do as well i myself have a parent in his 80’s and inlaws also in the 80’s i have to cycle over 3 miles there and another 3 back.Don’t judge people by what you did as we all have different circumstances and what is easy for you might not be easy for someone else!
    I do the jobsearch for the hours and all 7 days because i can but somedays it is a pain in the ass i don’t do any social events like visiting friends,cinema etc and yet if i worked i would only work for 5 days per week for 8 hours a day, try putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Do you work at a Job centre? or something to do with DWP?

  8. How wrong can you be.
    Do we have to wait till may 7th 2015 to get rid of this government.Can’t come soon enough for me!

  9. A crude ‘solution’, though I understand the appeal if already registered.

    Be mindful if using this app that some advertisements now include lines like this:

    “Serious applicants only, timewasters or no shows will be reported back to the Job Centre.”


    … and so discrimination would be needed. Further bombardment may possibly even increase these types of warnings. The developers will have to think about this, if not already.

    While still waiting to have it verified for definite, I have read a couple of accounts that would suggest advisors have the facility to grant access to UJ account (‘tick the box’) at appointment sessions.

    The best way around – though with no foolproof solution as yet – UJ is to challenge registration at the first instance, where it is worth remembering that sanctions come at the point of non-compliance with a jobseeker’s direction, not at raising legitimate and provable concerns (non-vetting of posts the chief and longstanding among them!)

    Depending on the terms of your Jsag or Claimant Commitment here is what’s said about cancelling an account re: the former:


    • letzgo wrecking

      The contact details for the above vacancy are:

      Allison Manners
      3 York Way, Hemel Hempstead
      Hemel Hempstead, HC HP2 4JT
      Phone: 01442 398733
      Email: qhlservices@yahoo.co.uk

      Quality Horticultural Landscapes
      Ad hoc Experienced Gardener & Landscaper
      Job description
      Ad hoc experienced gardener and landscaper required. Must have own transport or be able to
      picked up from Jarman Park area in Hemel Hempstead. Hours of work are dependant on what jobs
      we have on, so may vary from full time for a few months, weeks, to a few days or periods of
      inactivity. You are paid only for the hours worked. We do regular garden maintenance mostly for
      domestic customers and also landscaping projects such as patios, paths, walls, fencing, pergolas,
      ponds, turfing. You will be required to wear uniform i.e. polo shirts/sweatshirt. We are a small
      family run business so reliability and punctuality are of the utmost importance and it is an essential
      requirement of the job. Looking for someone motivated and not scared of hard work. Normal hours
      are Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm, although a degree of flexibility re overtime and Saturdays is
      required during busier periods. Must be competent and have experience in both horticulture and
      landscaping and be able to work to a high standard. Serious applicants only, timewasters or no
      shows will be reported back to the Job Centre. Please apply by e-mail or by phone. An application
      form will be e-mailed/posted, please complete and return ASAP, together with your CV. Any
      successful applicants will be required to attend an interview. Applicants will either be taken on as an
      employee through PAYE, or if already self-employed will therefore be sub-contracted. If
      sub-contracted, copy certificate of liability insurance would be required.

      I suggest everyone on this site email ignorant bitch and remind her about the Data Protection Act; sharing a person’s personal details without their consent is an offence. And secondly, advise her that people who are serious about finding a job don’t use the Jobcentre website. That applies to employers as well; if you want quality applicants, don’t use the Jobcentre.

      • While I agree that reporting people to the JC, with a view possibly to getting them punished, is incredibly shit and a nasty thing to do, we can’t go around emailing people and calling them bitches. Not least of all because, iirc, if we choose to apply for this job the DPA won’t applty as we’ve already conceded our personal information.

        • No sure, ghosty, but if a jobsseeker (anyone) chooses to apply for a specific job why does it automatically mean that they have given the employer consent to share their personal and private information with the DWP? Or do you mean because it is advertised on UJM? It’s like if you make an on-line purchase it doesn’t automatically give the retailer permission to share your private and personal information with every Tom, Dick & Harriet. Maybe an expert on the Data Protection Act 1998 will be along soon…

        • That’s true, but we can stipulate that our details are not shared with a third party – i.e. that they don’t pass on our infor to people like the DWP or to Workfare providers. The point is we choose to share our information with them on the basis of possible employment, and don’t necessarily give them carte blance to share with all and sundry. If we put in the covering letter that we don’t wish them to share our information with others, and they ignore that, then they are in breach of the Data Protection Act.

          • Here’s what I put on my CV and covering letters: “I do not consent for you to share my application or any of my personal data with DWP Jobcentre Plus. The Data Protection Act defines personal data as any data that can be used to identify a living person. Anyone who ignores this will be in breach of said act and may find themselves liable to prosecution”. Simples!

        • I disagree. This woman is a bitch; and a massive one at that. As my old nan use to say: if the shoe fits, wear it!

      • “timewasters or no shows will be reported back to the Job Centre.”

        Talking of timewasters, i ve reported it to the Zero Hours Commission.

      • Imagine working for such a haughty, snooty, stuck-up employer like that. Such a typical attitude shown from the S/E of England. Typical Tory scum.

      • That is a zero hours contract, I swear it says in the UJM terms & conditions that you do not have to apply for zero hour contracts (the t & c’s may have been changed though).

    • wow that only took nearly 60 seconds to load that page from the first “looking up” to the last downloaded graphic (the orange “direct gov” logo)… perhaps thats why hours a day are needed to search, as each one takes not fractions of a second but minutes; what a pile of shite!

    • This has ‘worked’ today. (Although a manager had to be called over to repeat it in front of, & afterwards the adviser insisted that “everyone” else on their caseload is signed up (to UJ) & that they “weren’t aware” that it was possible to ‘allow’ someone to not use UJ – by agreement:-

      Giving reasons for “prefer not to use” (eg. alternative websites/other means used to look for work). Mentioning that the site isn’t particularly “easy” to use (implying not very user-friendly) and so it’s less effective/helpful than others. Referring to the “unusual” jobs that seem to appear on it fairly regularly (meaning scams/fake jobs) and that most of the jobs on there are imported from other websites already being searched – with example/s). Saying that there are (far) fewer relevant/applicable jobs on UJ than in other places (for my/your particular search) – hopefully all of this will be/is true.

      This was accepted by THIS PARTICULAR manager. (The Adviser raised the issue of cookies as another possible negative to wanting to use – but only to say “this can be got round/we can overcome this for you … “). At the same time, the point was forcefully made that ‘only’ providing written and/or verbal evidence WILL NOT DO in the very near future. And the ideal of UJ being used to record job search so that advisers can check it easily on their screens is what’s being aspired to & that the sooner this state of affairs can be reached – the better. Decision Makers will look at whether evidence is being ‘adequately’ presented – or not – and the “various” possible ways include written/uncorroborated evidence and verbal evidence but it was made extremely clear that These Will Not Always Be Considered Acceptable – and that this is dependent on – and only dependent on – what an individual adviser feels is “reasonable” at any given appointment….

      “We know you are registered” (how do they know this – they have in the past been given my email address – regrettably – and presumably must have had a check-up). “You do not have to allow us access – or use it” but “We would very much prefer that you did and will continue to put pressure on you/make your life as miserable as possible unless we die in the attempt”.

      • Another Big Mess

        “advisers can check it easily on their screens is what’s being aspired to & that the sooner this state of affairs can be reached – the better”

        Do they not realise that they themselves are going to be replaced by ‘the machines’. I’m quite sure some of them do.

      • JCPestapo (eventually, reluctantly) agreed to a UJ account being made but not used. Currently JSAg says: “Check UJ account x times per week” with the box ‘un-starred’, whereas before it was filled in/starred ‘automatically’ when account was made/admitted to. Notes say that “a restriction” is in place to not use UJ/ and agreed to use other sites/means to search for work. Advisers – at least some – will surely be (even more) stringent now than they would anyway be – as a result of resenting having to go to the trouble of recording job search ‘evidence’ manually, rather than reading record on UJ screen – very clearly stated by two separate advisers in the past 4 weeks. That, & losing UJ as a possible sanction-option (that wasn’t explained, somehow). So swings & roundabouts for all @’Infernal Weighing Scales ‘r’ Us’.

        Caveat Emptor – this state of stasis is an interim result of more than a few mind-numbing, soul-destroying struggles (on both sides), and of regular readings of FOIs & this site. Reaching this agreement has been/is exactly like wading through the proverbial (treacle). If it wasn’t quite clear ‘pre-JCP 2012/13’ what that phrase means, it is now. (Special thanks, Jeremy Hunt & Iain Drunken Smith) …. There might have been and could easily be a different story on a different day, with a different manager/adviser combo. At a recent first meeting with A.N.Other ‘adviser’ their summary of the situation, given as (unsolicited) advice, was that ‘passive/aggressive’ tendencies might be an issue (for me, not them) … if they only knew.

        The only relevant questions now – instead of being, “When will I find work?”, as ideally might be the case, are “How long until an escape from their clutches happens?” and/or “When will the next ‘challenge/battle’ be with regard to what’s [not] acceptable?”. “When will the (ever-more-likely) tipping-over into further Adventures in Wonderland happen – where the Red Queen (DM) chooses to declare, ‘You’ve lost’?”

  10. I don’t currently use Universal Jobmatch, but I’m inclined to sign up if this add-on proves reliable, simply so I can be as much of a nuisance to the DWP, Monster, bogus employers that use the site and IDS as I possible can.

  11. Another Fine Mess

    I’ve mentioned this ap. before. Hopefully Firefox and stand alone versions will be available soon.
    I can’t imagine the dwp would have any objections to people automating the jobsearch process to increase their chances of getting a job.:)

    • Why not just download and install the Chromium browser? I agree, a Firefox plugin would be great, but I’m guessing that this project is a venture by a very small group of people, who may well be JSA claimants themselves/allied to JSA claimants, and are of a anarchist/syndicalist leaning, as evidenced by the sabot, or clog they use as their logo, from where the word sabotage comes from, after the practice of French workers of chucking a sabot, or clog into machinery to render it inoperable.

      I saw that logo and smiled, as it does very neatly sabotage IDS’s scheme to have us spend 35 hours a week wasting our time doing pointless jobsearch for jobs, that even when they do exist and are legit pay a minimum wage we can’t live on.

      This plugin has almost persuaded me to sign up to UJM, which is something that so far I’ve declined to do!

      • matt brilliant hat

        Thought about writing a python script to do what this apk dose (logs in using HTML, XML to render text box & buttons inputs, “so I can concentrate on my kid’s crying telling me how cold and hungry they are!” A Jason HTTP client would do it let me see if I can find monsters API key “I’ll be back “!

  12. Do you really want a programme that automatically spams the sort o f dodgy fuckers on UJM with your personal details?

    • Good question. This ‘app’ is not for me.
      I will continue to do a couple of hours every other day, if the jC doesn’t like it tough. After that and 40 pages of unsuitable jobs it does become rather tedious.
      Of course my sanctions will continue indefinitely, but I am not complying with a dictatorship. I have minimal support so i am fortunate, but I am suffering due to having been sanctioned for the last 17 weeks.
      And just last week another doubt went in meaning that I will not get any JSA until next year!
      Actually scrub that, I don’t expect to ever be getting any JSA ever again. Even though i do look for work. I have to prove it? Can they prove i do not look for work?
      Guilty until proven innocent. Signed declaration? Nah, we are all criminals for being unemployed.
      Ideally they want us all to die.

    • Well said Ghost Whistler. I had one or two ‘dodgy fuckers’ contact me when I was unemployed, without the aid of some automated ‘spread my details across the bloody world’ facility.

    • apparently its optimised to only apply for jobs on the site, and not reposts from elsewhere or to follow links and apply, which is what most of the dodgy vacancies have, dont forget employers can also select potential recruits, so anyone dodgy can use the DWP to force you to apply for their job anyway to get your details, one of the most dangerous security flaws.

      you do have a point though, and it is early days – hopefully it will be improved and as its open source anyone can get involved and help out. the developer has just joined twitter and is answering questions/taking feedback @UniversalAutoma

      • I support the idea, but I can’t risk it until I’m sure that it’s safe. Not the fault of the developer, more the fault of the website and the companies using it. So many of the adverts come from the most dodgy looking and amateurish websites i’ve ever seen, and all with next to no information abotu the job either.

        • I’m going to give it a go – but my UJ account will be a fake one, (bizarrely my JSA advisor even suggested setting up a fake account when he was half-heartedly trying to persuade me to sign up to it a few months ago), just to see what happens and how it works, or indeed if it works at all, as I have to say that half of me still suspects that it’s a product of someone’s fertile sense of humour.

          Will come back and post when I’ve given it a fair evaluation.

    • Exactly the point. If anything, if unfortunate to have been forced into registering through a jd, and absolutely having to apply through the system, then a decrease in this risk would be through doing as minimal as can be got away with.

      Would this app know not to apply for a Pirate, or any other conspicuous ad it waded through?

      I get why this app would be tempting, but it’s still a form of compliance, with less an ability to spot dodgy ads… not that this can be known:


    • Another Fine Mess

      Do you really want a programme that automatically spams the sort o f dodgy fuckers on UJM with your personal details?

      Nope. I though it would be obvious that you wouldn’t use your best CV with full personal details with such an app.

      • Any sort of CV used to apply is going to have to put personal details on (name, address, contact details etc) otherwise it will be seen as vexatious and that’s the fast track to a sanction. If the JC get wind you are not making proper effort that’s what will happen.

        • Are they not beyond taking the whole site down (for ‘repairs’) & having a giant tantrum at the same time – blaming “the few non-compliant job seekers” for the inconvenience to the “many hardworking job seekers” & sanctioning everyone in sight/citing too few jobs applied for (on UJ) while they it was out of use)? This did make a dire situation seem a bit less dire on first reading it, though.

          & perhaps then (later on) using the ‘misuse’ excuse – as a contributing factor – when they do eventually remove it anyway? (When it’s officially acknowledged that benefits no longer exist/job search has to happen regardless in supervised ‘centres’ – manacled to desks … )

        • I think that this software is probably designed to be used with spoof accounts so that it does indeed bring the whole UJ site down, or at least ensure that it is not regarded as a reliable place to advertise… which we already know, but there are still some employers who use it in good faith… albeit probably not the brightest ones.

    • Can you set up fake UJM account(s), and if enough people did this the program would effectively be a civil disobedience campaign, clogging up the system and pissing off dodgy employers.

      • Yes, you can set up a fake UJM account; you can set up as many as you like. As long as the post code you put in exists, you can set up an account under any old name.

      • That would be entertaining. But enough people would have to participate and the government would probably end up banning the app somehow and prosecuring anyone that uses it. I wouldn’t put anything past these fuckers.

        • not taking action against the government fucking you because you are worried they might fuck you more if you do is surrender

          • William Wallace

            They may take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDOM!!

          • William Wallace

            Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!

          • William Wallace

            Every man dies. Not every man really lives.

          • Then suggest something that will work.
            The website is already a fucking mess. They don’t care. The problem here is the PCS not giving a shit that it’s members are among the nazi filth sanctioning people.

        • It’d be technically quite difficult to ban an app like this, as essentially all it is doing is automating the sending out of applicant details, and as far as I know, no-one at the DWP would be able to tell if it was a human sending out the CV or and automated system.

          In theory I guess something like this could be defeated in the short term by Captcha type security devices, but they’re rapidly becoming so sophisticated that they’re defeating many attempts by actual human beings to legitimately use the sites they are on

  13. “Serious applicants only, timewasters or no shows will be reported back to the Job Centre.”

    Ha. Fell into one of Stuart’s legal traps again. Bluntly, as letzgo wrecking points out, there isn’t a legal definition of “timewaster”. Enjoy, go steal some Roses.

  14. If your Jobcentre can’t offer you access to an Internet Access Device, i.e., a computer with an internet connection, they can’t force you to register for and use Universal Jobmatch can they?

  15. need feed back, make it so it uses the search function IE ( London retail ).
    also add filter sets.
    i am a little puzzled that this is not in the google store ?

  16. This sounds great. I’d be interested to know if an app can be designed that could enter IDS’s arse, go straight up his body and just before it exits his nostrils it blows his fucking head up! That would be good.

    • I think the app would have difficulty in entering IDS’s arse……that particular orifice is already blocked by his own fucking head!

  17. “A week ago in Gordon Gecko Moved To London, I wrote about the UK government’s various blindingly bright ideas for its economy, like for instance “a new fiscal mandate that will require further welfare cuts to build an overall budget surplus by the end of the next parliament”, with the 2013-14 budget deficit of £120 billion to fall to £43 billion in 2017-18. The money saved through the £77 billion in welfare cuts to the poor will be used to hand money to the corporate world to achieve the myopic pipedream of “100,000 more companies exporting and a doubling of our exports to £1 trillion by 2020″, the latter being an exact copy of Obama’s earlier goal for US exports, an equally unrealistic piece of cheap political yada yada.”


  18. ids sucks cock for coke

    i have not even signed universal jobs bolloxs never! will. IDS can come suck a fart outta my arse before i sign up to that! my local jcp was closed today due to unforeseen errors laughing my fucking arse off !! more like you pushed some poor cunt to far. you zazi silver spoon bastards, not long now people, we are close.

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  20. ids sucks cock for coke

    just all sign off and claim ESA even for only a few months get the interim payment the very next day regardless of sanctions , to your JSA it cost 500,00 plus for an new ESA claim as long as your doctor gives you the required sick note, i advise all to do the same! lets cost that bald cunt Iain duncan shithead money for his department more than it would , say to pay them 142.00

    • Jobcentre Victim

      … but how do you get a sick note? what do you tell the doctor? say you are being driven nuts by the jobcentre and sanctions?

      • Yes. Depression and suicidal thoughts caused by JCP/Sanctions/WP

      • Landless Peasant

        I’ve tried that but but just got put on long term prescription meds with no sick note, and sent back to the Jobcentre hopefully better equipped to cope with the incessant grind of the Class Warfare that is relentlessly being waged against me/us.

    • Jobcentre Victim

      Is that like the full £71.70 a week you receive straight away even if your JSA has been stopped/sanctioned/waiting 2 weeks for a hardship payment? And what happens to the sanctions if you re-claim JSA?

      • ids sucks cock for coke

        i made a claim for ESA on the freephone number the other week. the very next day got over 100 quid in my account as an interim payment and my JSA had the maximum sanction on it , jsa sanctions mean shit if you got medical evidence i hav e been given a date to go back for a new sick note a week before my current one expires. some doctors are cunts though, think i got mine due to missing NHS dental aapoiments because of lack of money due to sanctions on my JSA just make it up break the fucking law to survive it cost them a fortune, fuck it nothing to lose me past caring

  21. i have a drug problem and cant stop eating laxatives ids has gave me ibs and im now full of shit and cant control it any more and man sized pampers r bucks and jcp has np public toilets to shit in and cant take my bucket with me in case of an emergency as i might kick the bucket in the processes n shit will go every where and close the jcp.

  22. ids sucks cock for coke

    i went in the doctors and told him the endless sanction letters made me ill lost weight ect, also missing vital dental appointment’s, and at risk of losing the NHS dentist i found after 4 years of trying, was happy to give me 3 months note, fuck em it’s all they know sting the cunts at the DWP as i say cost em a lot of money to process an ESA claim. this is only a temp solution but will byed you some time, as for the work capability assement you will fail but least you get 4 months worth of full money

    • Jobcentre Victim

      …going to give it a try… being sat with no money is no fun.

    • Jobcentre Victim

      … thanks for that 🙂

      • ids sucks cock for coke

        pile it on at your doctors i was in the shit…i still fucking am but least i am getting a payment, if you go in your docs and you talk just benefits benefits benefits there not interested, you need to show them weight loss due to sanctions missing vital dental appointment’s tell them if you miss the next one you are going to be without an NHS dentist they ar doctors so will only give a medical certificate if your health is suffering i went in at 10 am clutching 9 percent lager i had to basically act in order to survive , it worked, so now i can concentrate on getting work..because you got no chance of finding it on JSA don’t give up fuck em the more that go there GPS the more it costs.. making IDS’S polices cost a hell of a lot more .

    • Jobcentre Victim

      … and what happens when you fail the work capability assessment? just go back on JSA until the sanctions start then sign-off and re-claim ESA? Until you fail the WCA again?

  23. interesting…

  24. Meanwhile, back in the real world!

  25. Unemployed Old Guy.


I don’t want to appear a stuck up cunt, but I have a solution to all this shit, but first let me tell you where I’m coming from.

    I believe; not that everyone should have a job, but that everyone, at least in the developed world, should have a career. Not any career, a career which is meaningful, and you feel that you are making a difference. Something you can look back on when you’re old and say, “that was cool”. There should be training (with a decent living wage) to give all the unemployed the skills they want, to take up such careers.

    Some would say where the fuck is the money for such a scheme going to come from. Well a very very long time ago, if you were unemployed, you would get job related unemployment benefit. I was trained as a marine navigator, but I had no experience, so for 10 months I couldn’t find work, but I was paid 80% of my expected wages, by the government, until I got a job. It was one of the best summers I had, and I wasn’t the only one. The government could afford it back then, so there is no reason that a well run government wouldn’t be able to supply the same help today. Even today, there is so much money in the country:



    In a way, I was only recycling the money, and the local community where I lived all benefited. Despite earning so much for beaching it everyday, when the job came up, I was really happy because driving ships was really exciting back then.

    The way I see the state of things today, is that there is so much modernisation work that needs to be done, so why the fuck is there any unemployment? It’s the governments job to make a framework to create well paid jobs to get this modernisation done, so why the fuck aren’t they doing it? 

To me, the most important work which needs to be done is create a low carbon economy. It’s a fucking huge task. Not only would it end unemployment, but all those who lose their jobs in oil gas and coal would need to be re-employed to get the job done. The government know that they have to do it, but the reason they don’t introduce a framework in this case is because it would be the beginning of the end for big oil, gas and coal, and the tax revenue the government would lose would be equivalent to the defence budget. Anyway, here’s a two minute video explaining how the whole scheme would be paid for.


    and here’s a longer version explaining in more detail (It’s a bit boring):


    and this is the website (which is even more boring), but if you just look at what the key policies are at the top of the home page, you’ll see where I’m coming from. 

I don’t want to head the party or anything like that. It’d have to be someone well liked. I was thinking along the lines of Russell Brand. He’s already getting pretty political. I’m not sure if he’d want to represent us in government though, but that’s a good thing. A reluctant politician being asked by his constituents, instead of some career minded brown nosing stuck up twat. 

If you’re up for it, then contact me, or perhaps you have your own ideas of how to kick out the present cunts.






    • The flaw in all this is that it’s a new party.
      We already have a number of minority parties; UKIP, the Greens, LibDems – and it takes decades to make any progress for a new kid on the block. It took Labour 24 years from formation to first government.

  26. This browser add-on is a virus, a scam to gain peoples IDs (just like Universal Jobmatch fake job adds). I wouldn’t touch this bollocks with a barge pole. Who are these people that want us to hand over all of our personal details?

    • If it’s bad software it will soon be exposed as such as it’s Open Source and the code is readily available so any rogue software will soon be spotted.

      The sabot logo at first made me a little suspcious that it might be an elaborate leg pull, but I’m guessing that this browser extention is more a means of sabotaging IDS’s scheme.

      If it’s rogue software, we’ll soon know.

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  29. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Brilliant. Instead of spending 35 hours a week trawling through the useless Jobmatch pages for vacancies that aren’t there, you can let a computer program do it for you and go and do something that’s more likely to ACTUALLY get you a job in the meantime.
    My only reservation is with the fact that this will automatically apply for jobs on the user’s behalf. I think users should have the chance to ‘vet’ the positions available first, to prevent applications going out for the scams and sex-industry jobs that riddle the government’s flawed and failed internet scheme.

    • … but Mike, that would mean having to ‘hold’ the applications and processing them in a ‘batch’; part of the reasoning behind this app is to stagger the job-search over the required 35 hours or whatever the jobcentre deem appropriate, it’s not like a jobseeker can just apply for a whole lots of jobs just before they sign-on, that would results in a sanction.

      • Ah. Or it could present them for the jobseeker to check at convenient times of day, staggering the process to prevent such a situation? It wouldn’t do anybody any good if people got funnelled into the hands of criminals by this app.

        • … definitely room for improvement; it need to do a ‘scan’, the user would could tick the check-boxes on the ‘vacancies’ they wanted to ‘apply’ for, then the app would ‘stagger’ the apps throughout the day (to simulate a jobseeker being tied to a computer terminal all day 🙂 )

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes, batch,scan, filter, grade, and alert..all it has to comply with is jsag, then as you say the claimant is free to search and pursue real jobs….

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  31. Clenched Fist and Forearm

    Beware of browser plug-ins or add-ons. When a bad bugger relays you user names and passwords for other sites that you access to the authors of the software and your bank, or paypal or ebay account, or whatever gets robbed you’ve only got yourselves to blame.

    • The clue is in the Open Source… i.e. the code is readilly accessible and can be scrutinised, so putting nasties like that in the code would be spotted extremely quickly.

      If it was closed source you would be wise to give it a wide berth – which is one of the reasons I don’t use Microsoft Windows.

  32. I was going to write a similar application but I see someone else has saved me the time. I’ll see if they need any help. 🙂

    • Me too, was thinking of incorporating this app into the latest Micro$oft Windows 8 update… :-)… we will see what help we can offer these developers … 🙂

  33. This is ridicules, we are to have all our rights removed, cant search for our own job. They already send you emails for jobs in different towns, these jobs are 2hrs per day for minimum wage, so by time you travel there and back you have nothing left, so how does this benefit people.

  34. Its not the 50s its not a labour exchange and you don’t in there to see what jobs are on offer. Its not the 80s its not a D.H.S.S office and you don’t go there to pick up your anti-riot bribe. Its 2013 its a job centre and you go there to offer up your job search proof. But they’ve sanctions to issue, so the aim is to degrade the job search utilities, reduce the number of free net computers at the job centre, never hard wire them in, repeatedly move them for ever poorer wifi connection, switch the printer off, put it in a locked room, only tell some staff, ensure other staff aren’t allowed to know the code to open the room and switch the printer on. Block skydrive so that job search proof collection can’t be done contemporaneously. In short, maximise the ability for staff to sanction ppl by preventing them from collecting job search proof. All of those have happened at my jobcentre in the last few months. And don’t get me started on ‘uk online centres’ they don’t even have any policy in place to ensure that the puters in their branches are secure, and some places have, seemingly, no security at all on the shared public access net connected puters that I’m supposed to endlessly tweak my cv on. I could go on about how the system is purposefully run to maximise sanction rates whilst providing ‘plausible deniability’ that they are helping ppl back to work but i’ve job search proof to write up (but flooding the ujm listings with nas placements when nas is basically limited to 19-24 year olds and has its own much net based search site is one further example.)

  35. I see a flaw. You’ll have to check your UJ account everyday to see if you’ve recieved any replies from employers and if so follow them up (or get sanctioned). Defeats the whole point.
    The only way this could work is if people set up fake accounts to bombard all companies that use UJ with hundreds of applications, piss them off so much that they stop useing it.

    • Landless Peasant

      I know by now from past experience that I won’t get any positive replies from employers, other than acknowledgements of my applications (usually automated replies) and emails saying I’ve not been successful.

    • I will start opening accounts now. Hope everyone joins in.

  36. Billions has been spent on training from one generation to the next and we have the CBI telling us there are no skilled workers in the UK, so they can bring in skilled economic migrants and undermine wages in this country for skilled workers.

    If what they say is even half way true, then why aren’t they questioning where the billions of pounds in training schemes over the generations has gone to, or what courses there are on offer to warrant student debts for tuition fees? certainly not what the country needs if we are to believe the propaganda.

    Lots of skilled people applying for the menial service jobs that are being served up as employment vacancies are told they are overqualified so just who is telling the truth here?

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      speaking as a skilled tradesman, who started work in 1968, did 5 yr apprenticeship…my body gave out through sheer hard craft in severe working conditions, it takes a lot to break out in a sweat, and have to take layers off in -12c and below, as i used to..then there is the damp rainy cold days, hell on the body….still we are well looked after by the state, with sickness and disability benefits, not…
      or at least i thought that was the idea and i would be…
      many would go from the uk to other counties, as economic migrants, mining engineers, marine engineers, etc, get jobs on the rigs, big money and also, people like me used to go to hot counties, war zones, do a few years, oil refineries, pipeline work, that sort of thing, get big pay, return set for life, then chill out, it is the only way to survive, the potential damage of a harsh working life in the uk …it is irrational as many do in this country to begrudge people, coming here from other countries, doing what many brits used to do and /or still do..
      or stay here and get just bleeding knackered, we all make mistakes, eh…
      i maybe wrong get i get the impression that there is less opportunities for the british skilled worker to do that these days, to mix and match their working lives and earn the big money abroad, we don’t have the vast manufacturing basis to cultivate those skills, no more, even to the point of the derogatory ref of calling your area “a rust belt”…meaning as i see it to simply corrode away…
      we are a service industry based country with a focus on banking, related services, tourism, hospitality and quaintness…all of our industrial muscle has been swept away….so now skilled workers from abroad come here, doing as we once did, it’s cheaper, to bring people in work them for a few years, the work dries up or they’ve had enough, or got enough dosh, they go back home, or stay,…i feel that there is massive growth potential in eco-green industries in this country, but guess what, it will, all be imported, and millions will be kept in poverty, struggling to get their benefit entitlements, wages and working conditions being driven down…
      there will be no uk economic restructuring to provide jobs for all in this country, not enough money in it for the rich….well that’s how i see it..
      auf wiedersehen pet….

      • Talking of eco green industries, we are paying for the construction of windmills to generate electricity on top of our bills, why should we be paying for a privatized industry in renewables?, should they not be paying their own way after all they own the companies not us.

        • overburdenddonkey

          g fawkes
          yeah exactly, we should be the stakeholders in worker coops building the things, putting them where they ought to be put…then there is the whole industry of carbon offsetting…all a put it all off till later con…tidal, wave, steam power, and micro-generation, all sidelined so that the effort can be seen to being made, even if it produces even more greenhouse gases, not less…freiburg in germany..faced a choice new power stations or go green, they chose green…

      • obd

        The difference is when uk migrant workers went to Germany to work, the Germans did not have 2million plus unemployed like we have and we worked for higher or on par wages with the Germans, not lower wages than the indigenous population like the migrant workers that come to this country.

        • overburdenddonkey

          g fawkes
          blair questioned merkel, “why is the german economy so resilient?” which admittedly seems a daft question to ask, but creates even more perspective, she quipped, “we still make things, mr blair”

    • Another Big Mess

      There is no skill shortage. Employers just keep adding ‘must haves’ to their vacancies because they’re getting 100s of applications, and we know whose fault that is.
      My parents walked out of school one day, and into a factory down the road the very next day (1955-ish). I got a good job in 3 weeks of leaving school, (1981-ish) none of us needed months of ‘work experience’ or ‘training’ or ‘work readyness’.

      “told they are overqualified so just who is telling the truth here?”
      I get that quite often, people who’ve taken my CV in to ‘their place’ for me, say they just don’t want someone that qualified, even though I don’t think I am! But I can well imagine an employer looking at my CV and thinking why would anybody with that much experience and qualifications want to work as our delivery driver.
      The proper jobs for the masses are gone for good.

      • Your right about employers wanting ever more skills, of course.
        You used to see proper tradesmen etc employed, but now employers expect a ‘handyman’ to be able to do every trade perfectly for half the money. And when did it take 5 yrs training to stack shelves? If you go into any sainsbury’s wharehouse, you will find agency workers who have worked there that long. They start off on mwa, then workfare, then if they are any good its agency employment, and when the grandchildren
        come along, they might get a full time job with bank holiday pay!
        Oh, hands up , I am exaggerating a tad. They wont get paid bank holidays.

        • Shelf-stacking is a graduate level entry job these days. Most employers rightly expect quality graduates – science, upper second or better – for their quality vacancies. They will want to only take on those workers who aspire to work hard and get on; workers that will generate profits and so contribute to society. That is why I was pleased to create the MWA scheme: a scheme to contribute towards the profits of wealth creators, such as the big supermarkets, promoting the social and economic good of the aspiration nation. All those people who are against this are against hard work.

          • Wealth creators for who? making people without employ work for nothing is even worse than the min wage. If the work is there to be done,
            a wage should be paid. There is NO LOGICAL ALTERNATIVE to the outcome of somebody working for nothing displacing someone who is being paid, creating an endless cycle of hardship and exploitation.

          • The logical solution is to stop unskilled migration,
            stop giving people tax breaks for having children
            and make them pay in entirety for the upbringing of
            their offspring. When the planet is overrun with human beings only the exploiters will have room to breath and they know it.
            Everybody else will be stuck in this work for nothing poverty trap.

  37. well they must be getting pissed of with me as they paid me a fuel allowance for attending as i had to get a lift and i got the next interview travel paid for as well in advance and i did not even ask for it, gets paid in my bank after 3 working days. and not got to go again till end of next week.

    looks like my bus fair is going to be to much for them to pay for going every day of the week lol so much for that load of bollocks.

  38. the problem with this is the millions’ who don’t have a home computer and are forced to use the library or worse sit in the IAD at the jobcentre being told how to use one.

    universal jobmatch shows up how many vacancies have “received” look for “viewed” if its anything like whats happened here under a quarter of applications have even been viewed status.

  39. Reblogged this on Oprichnik Rising and commented:
    The only sensible way to deal with the insanity that is Universal Jobmatch.

  40. How would they pay ones fares if one didn’t have a bank account?

  41. I also received a letter today telling me off for my bad conduct in the JC last time i signed and got sanctioned yet again, sorry ‘referred to the DM’.
    Along with a copy of the customer charter. Shame that the adviser didn’t adhere to the ‘customer’ charter.
    All i said was that he was constipated and or had problems at home and possibly wasn’t ‘getting any’!

    After being told I had done the minimum he should have signed me on not referred a doubt. After all, the minimum is the minimum. It was only when i questioned his attitude that he got funny about it. I will not be talked to like a criminal or tolerate dirty looks.

    I would complain, but we all know that’s a waste of time. I might complain though, after all, what have i to lose? My JSA? Lol.

    Idiots, the lot of them.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr no
      respect to you, in your fight for human rights…may we all prevail…

    • get the appeal in,always do. keep any jobsearch and make a note that “this will be produced at the tribunal date” on there too. mention the hostile treatment and how this effects you,if you have had to visit your gp because of stress mention that also.keep any appointment card.

      take it all to the tribunal.

  42. damnedevenifyouplayalong

    I’m afraid this software might not help, as job centre staff don’t actually know how to use UJM:

    Two weeks ago I was told I had to log all my jobs on the UJM site rather than writing them down on a paper form, as I used to. I diligently did so, applying to 3-4 jobs a day for two weeks and logging them all. When it came to my next sign on, the advisor looked at the front page summary of my account that only shows the most recent activity (i.e. the last few jobs applied for), and asked me why I hadn’t done more. I explained that I had, and that he needed to click on the ‘show all’ link to see all I had done. He refused to click the link, and warned me if I didn’t do more next time I could be sanctioned.

    • I would put in a formal written complaint against that “advisor”. I would also have phoned up the manager.
      You might not get a response, but you can be sure, the managers have to act upon these complaints. That guy was not doing his job properly,
      I do know that the staffers get spoken to. Have a pal who used to work in Jobcenters, so know these things. I know also from my own experience, when I have had rows with their staff, it was always acted upon.
      Too many DWP staff get by on the basis most plebs don’t complain.
      They don’t like it when we do. Presently not enough folks complain. At the end of the day, We really must in these circumstances, because it is the difference is between us getting our due benefits, etc, or getting nothing, even tho we have done all that we were supposed to do.

  43. This is exactly what i expected would happen in the first place, and shows how out of touch these idiots are. When I open my opera browser it already opens my uj account in a window which i leave running and click on a saved search now and then.
    C.V. Library sends me one click apply jobs.
    Takes me 20 mins a week so I can spend my tenner a day in the pub!

  44. In my last sixty three jobs applied for by sending my cv via UJM only five have been viewed. So everyone has a good chance of not receiving any responses. I have not had any responses from any of the sixty three jobs applied for.
    The app sounds good but many flaws could be discovered before they make it perfect and some might suffer before that time arrives.
    We all know it’s crazy doing several hours of jobsearch a day, if you spend all day doing jobsearch then the very next day you only need to look at the small number of new jobs so what do you do for the rest of the day if you are called in to attend at the jobcentre?
    I’m fully aware of the nonsense regarding UJM. I go online on a sunday morning and find over a hundred jobs in my area have been posted that day when no one is contacting closed jobcentres to advertise new jobs. In fact on august bank holiday monday a good few dozen new jobs were posted. Most of them of course job warehouse. They are putting old jobs that are not now available on the website as new vacancies.

  45. In our area you find the same jobs coming available every six months when those that are on a six month work programme have finished doing their time.
    Then there are the jobs that are just plain bogus, some are used to offer interviews to get the unemployed used to interviewing techniques.

  46. Another Big Mess

    So… Has anyone tried it yet? i can’t run this chrome junk.
    I think the one I’d previously heard about was a mobile only app.
    I’ve had look, including the code, they could do with correcting the spelling mistakes – just to improve confidence.
    It should have a big list of +ve & -ve words that you can set up such as;
    +Birmingham +coventry +0121 +driver +cook -self-employed -apprentice -franchise -companyconfidential .. etc..
    For jobs with a high score it could apply for automagically, and leave you with a list to tick with the lower scoring possibles, when you get back home from the pub.

  47. “The average cost of renting a home privately across England and Wales has reached a record high of £757 a month, according to a survey.”


  48. It was only a matter of time.

    “Bloomberg News — Americans Sell Body Parts For Income”


  49. Did anyone else see the Atos Manager claim today that his staff where living in fear from people undertaking ESA/WCA interviews on Sky TV????? Is this not inciting more hatred and violence????

  50. It comes down to this; When I was a kid, no jobs in the centre were worth a toss unless you were qualified in something.In the evenings, the boards were turned round in the windows so people with jobs could improve there job status. Then they stopped turning the boards round
    so that if you had a job you couldnt look; the un qualified had first bash which meant even less jobs that were any good went up in the joke shop. Short story is, those in charge couldnt organize a blow job in a brothel with a fist fulla fifties. .Traitorous sell out shit heads should be shot at dawn without blindfolds!

  51. If you’ve got the bandwith and bile simply create a bogus account and allow this app to falsely apply for as many jobs as possible swamping Universal Jobmatch with workload. If enough people did this on a daily basis it might be possible to crash Universal Jobmatch via a denial of service error.

  52. Has it occured to to anyone that this app could have been created by the DWP? As a lure into a false sense of security & anyone NOT using it is being set-up to be sanctioned
    Be very wary of this app, unless the source can be indentified – AVOID!

    • I want to know who is gonna totally fuck Iain Duncan Smith up? – Esther McVey sucks his spurious (I could say another word! ‘Spe**’) propaganga up, George Osborne supplies his funds, he would make the perfect untouchable troll. Hmmm!

      What a guy!

    • the source has been identified, it is fine.

    • It may be that the source may not be identifiable, but if it’s Open Source the code will be readable, and anything dodgy would soon be spotted. It’s not as if it was a Microsoft or other proprietory application, which would give good cause for concern, as then the code could not be checked to ensure that it didn’t contain code that colllected and sent personal information to unknown recipients.
      By all means be sceptical, and wary, that’s wise, but creating Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt with attendent paranoia is over-egging it a little.
      I think it’d be wise to use this app with fake accounts, at least until it’s become more fully developed, (and fake accounts coulkd help with this) and we know more about it.
      This software could very well be useful in making UJ unworkable.

  53. Another Big Mess

    Well it’s open source, someone’s got to test it. Does it really look like a £10m dp/ibs production to you?

  54. “Geraldine Van Bueren QC is Professor of International Human Rights Law and Visiting Fellow at Kellogg College, Oxford.”


    • overburdenddonkey

      well spotted, a legal right to adequate nutrition, i wonder if that also extends to all vitals…so what’s to be done to get these rights enforced?

  55. Marine Le Pen

  56. The only person that is doing any baiting on here is you kp. You are on here not to complain about ujm but to highlight what the rates of benefit are for the sick and disabled most of which get nowhere near over £300 a week and can not afford a live in carer.

    My mother has alzheime’rs and she couldn’t even get attendance allowance, infact she had to pay over £30,000 her whole savings which she had inherited from an uncle to pay for an alzheimer’s charity run by the council which she attended a couple of days a week to give us all a break from two having to be around to lift and manage her, she is now in a home and her share of the family home is paying for her care when it should be the NHS that pick up the bill. She is after all ill, just because the NHS have chosen to write her off and pass her off onto councils and private run nursing homes does not abnegate their responsibilities.

    I don’t for one miniute believe you gave the proceeds of your house to charity, you have already told us how greedy you were for work abroad to earn more money, if this was true you would have the proceeds stashed abroad also.

    You are also taking the p out of European immigration laws that are granting your “slave” visas as a precursor to repatriating laws from Europe.
    You are one of those government lackey’s, a civil servant perhaps working at home and abroad (as you still manage to find the means and the strength to travel abroad)

    There are people and their families on here that are really struggling and suffering and they can do without your accusations and fantasy laden clap trap, your dwp conditiionalities for something that is rightfully owed to the unemployed for what YOUR government is doing to the people , you troll.
    You state you hate the UK so why don’t you go and live in a land where there are suitable carers aplenty and you won’t have to pay minimum wage there either. You most certainly are a phoney, made up character.

  57. Local Jobcentre Now Mandating Claimants As Well As WPP

  58. Who is guy fawkes?

    Who is guy fawkes? lol 🙂

    Guy Fawkes (13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606), also known as Guido Fawkes, the name he adopted while fighting for the Spanish in the Low Countries, was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

  59. “and have contacted the police” – KP loves contacting the Police 🙂

  60. is this our old friend scarface/wayne etal

  61. Another troll successfully seen off 🙂 Bye, Karen (Ronald) Good work, team 🙂

  62. GOLLY!!! We’ve sure come along way from automatic do it yourself jobsearching ! As we have come a long, long way from the subject in hand, thought I may let you all know of the lady from Inverness area who had chest infection. She foned local jobcenter to say she couldn’t make a scheduled appointment. “That’s okay” She gets told…two days later she gets the letter telling her she has been sanctioned ! She has to use a foodbank now. I feel I can tell it to all and sundry because it was on a Radio Scotland report, Saturday morning.
    I dunno what help the reporters gave her if any. 1st she should be appealing, then she should go get her useless LibDemer Gideon poodle(Danny Alexander, no less) to actually do something for someone. And she should be putting in a formal compliant against the DWP itself.
    As I said in an above post, many folks don’t know they can complain and take these things further, and that is precisely what DWP get by on. That story is utterly appalling.
    I don’t really know if I would like the automated jobsearch thingy that was the point of the original discussion, but it would be no use to ppl in these kinds of situations.
    The automated do it yourself thing would only really work for those who are computer gizmo wise kids. I think it would need some going over before the rest of us feel safe to use it under the present draconian regime!

    • ha, yes, automated jobsearch – won’t this put the jobs of those jolly job centre plus at risk – what will they find to do? they can’t claim JSA as they’re already supposed to be working?? Hmmmmmmmm

    • Yeah, you’re right. We have come along way from the old do-it-youself automated job search. You can thank Karen for that. Anyway, you’re quite right. People don’t know just how far they can go with a complaint and that is why the DWP get away with so much. Here’s a few things you can do to cover yourself.

      1. Record all your meetings with your adviser.
      2. When you get home, write it up in the form of a brief report and email it to your adviser and the Jobcentre.
      3. Email a copy to theJobcentre district manager as well.

      You may also want to consider recording your phone calls to them as well.

      • Oh, and don’t forget your MP. Unless he happens to be a Tory; like mine. Record all you dealings with them as well.

  63. I agree with one of the earlier comments regarding advice from jobcentre staff. They might say its okay with a smile to re arrange an appointment but not inform you that they will then sanction your benefit. That’s the biggest problem at the moment, the staff misleading people and doing things in a correct manner. They take any chance to stop benefits and put people who have done no wrong into dire situations financially. We need jobcentre staff to spell it out fully to people and stick to the rules and if any sanction is going to be issued it should not come before the claimant has had a chance to explain the situation. The app for jobsearch might work eventually but the way jobcentre staff can stop benefits they will probably find ways of justifying a sanction.

  64. Yes Rob and these sanctioners are the people who want us to stand side by side with them in a picket line???????????

  65. Karen Passmore Fuck Off

    Karen, you’re not welcome on this site anymore. Do you understand!

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  67. Any update on the Police investigation into letsz go wrecking comment, Karen, can we expect to see an arrest soon?

    • Expect a sex slavery case to begin when the work visa cant be renewed,,
      there are four kids living in that flat now and they all need feeding

      • letzgo wrecking

        Expect nothing. I would imagine West Country police are as fed with that time-waster as we are, probably more so, as the poor buggers have got her on their own doorstep, as it were.

        I still don’t understand why she found my comments so offensive. All I did was offer to put my not inconsiderate skills as a carer at her disposal. The ungrateful cow.

  68. a police inspektor




  69. Hope that includes ”POLICE OFFICER – WAYNE etc

  70. (-.-)

  71. OMG!, I literally clicked a link to find some info in this automated whatever thingy, and my god are there some angry little bunnies out there. I was having a really moody woe is me, generally crap day. But after reading all the stuff on here, have decided to let my bad mood slip away. Basically I am now convinced we are all completely screwed, regardless of everything. So why not just slap on a smile and say *fuck it”………………………..

  72. No, vera d efinitely it was going to be a ‘yes’. Comments do make (their own kind of) sense; never (knowingly) time wasted.

    * Is anyone seeing return of tiny smiley @bottom left of page – what/who was it again? Not seen it for a while … it still looks cheerful.

  73. at the jobcentre today when i signed, i was given a letter telling me that the next time i sign i will be required to attend an event at the jobcentre to be given details of new signing and payment methods. has anybody else had one of these letters or been to one of these events ?

  74. think it’s got something to do with universal credit. can you re post to intensiveactivity.wordpress.com I’ll leave comments there too.

  75. The problem i find with Direct Goverment Gateway is that it says your logged in to your account with them. Then when you want to apply for job nothing happens has anyone else encountered this problem driving me up the wall it is

  76. you’d think the goverment would set a site up for the unempoyed that actually works

    • That cunt dunkin dohnuts didnt think this up to provide a free recruit tool to the biz sector, he did it to make unemployed peoples lives miserable.

      • Say NO to UJM!!

        You are missing the whole point of UJM, mark. UJM serves a dual purpose: as a sanction machine and a means of policing and harassing the unemployed.

  77. it locked me out of my account 10 mins ago cant access it now. 😦

  78. thank you pat ato works great saves a lot of time. will pass it on to others. 🙂

    • Dont forget to change your browser settings to ‘start from where I left off’ as opposed to opening new pages..In the case of Opera,, it remembers your password and accesses your u.j. account, so at least you wont get caught out for not logging in. . You can tell it to search for shite while you watch misfits on primewire. Dunkin Duffnuts can suck upon my fucking Warp Core, because I even leave that page running while I play StarTrek online.on my big flatscreen hi deff T.V… WHY? Because I’m sure it would annoy the shit out of the little Turd,
      and if he has anything to say about it I will meet the little prick in any bloody car park he fancies with the weapon of his choice. . .

      • thanks pat will do as you said have already passed site on to others as well. btw i laughed so hard reading your post, keep up the good work. 🙂

        • Make SURE you do something really unacceptable with your time while your u.j. page is open. For this is the bit that kills me; Some WANKER decides to utilize everybody’s I.T. equipment to enslave them whilst knowing EVEN LESS about computers than he does his own KNOB CHEESE ! He thinks you are gonna sit there like a dummy in front of your own hardware and he will know what your doing; Laff? Talk about the loonies and the asylum keys! Mr Void can tell you how much this futile exercise has cost. Personally. I imagined an app to do the necessary work right from the get go, as did most with half a clue.However; not only is our very own Master Bates inept in politics, like his friend Cammer roon, he has never even plugged in his own keyboard, had a proper job, or developed any REAL WORLD savvy whatsoever. Thankfully for us, I might add.
          Saddact Dunkin Duffnutts couldnt organize a root in a brothel with a fist fulla Fifties, as my Australian drinking pals like to say.
          Its an indictment of the state of affairs in this country that Duffnuts is even tolerated as an M.P.I am sure the unnemployed of chingford would like a word. The only smaller intellect than his in recent times was Prescott, but even he was smart enough to know where the bodies were buried and keep mental notes;I
          .Dunkin Duffnutts? Faffed up everything he’s touched..
          Propper LOON; When it all goes tits he will be on the Jeremy Kyle show
          complaining it wasnt his fault and nobody loves him any more, and can he have his appearance fee now?
          I SHITE better things than him , and I drink Guinness!

  79. shame it does`nt work on firefox.

  80. Universal Jobshite is Shite!!

    Been trying to log into Universal Jobshite (to try out jobsmash 🙂 ) and this is all that is returned:

    “Server Error in ‘/’ Application.
    The resource cannot be found.
    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

    Requested URL: /Protocols/Saml20/Signin.ashx”

    What a pile of fucking shite that site is!!!!

  81. Hi all,

    A fee months ago I had been told by my Jobcentre about Universal jobmatch and my OBLIGATION to comply. I did some research and found statements on Universal jobmatchs own terms and conditions.

    I have put up a fuss with my local Jobcentre and I have never given them access to my UJ – a JSA claimant is not obliged to give department access to
    their UJ.

    Its great to see the staff have to agree!

    Please people don’t let the DWP bully people into giving their personal information away. Good luck and take care

  82. can someone let me know what the sanction is if you resign from a job or get laid off from a job?
    thought it was 4 weeks, but have seen 13 weeks bandied about on the gov website.

    • Even ten yrs ago the Punishment for leaving a jo was 26 weeks reduced payments. I doubt it has gotten less. There is a way around it however..

  83. y fucking keyoard is still in need of relaceent . I have a sare E6600 (266x 9 conroe) cpu if anybody wants to trade a quality kboard

  84. Fed up of supporting lazy bastards

    Spend less time on websites like this and you might actually find a job! there are thousands out there and everyone is recruiting – just not recruiting you lot – because of your attitudes – it’s always someone elses fault not your own. Bunch of useless Wasters!!!

    • I have spent 30 years working in every hard arsed physical job from butchery to hod carrying, mechanical and civil engineering, spent 18 months scraping snow off lorry trailers at 8 a.m. before stacking 150 tonnes of gas cylinders 3 high per day for £4 an hour in the last recession, and I suspect thats about when you were born.
      I am qualified as a bricky and electrician (both done on nights with my own money) I taught myself how to build p.c.’s. and all overclocking techniques. My youthful exuberances include lifeguard, two stroke motorcycle engine tuning specialist and a modicum of trophies in w.u.k.o. fighting after many yrs training kyokushinkai.
      What is it you do that you can call me a ‘lazy bastard’ exactly?
      If you work for A4e, you run into the office at the last moment with a hangover and go through the same motions as yesterday and brag about it.
      Feel free to tell me if I am mistaken, you opinionated snotnosed little cunt.

    • Iain Duncan Smith

      You’re the lazy fat bastard who spends my fucking dole money on smoking spliffs all day long.

  85. The stress of the continual harassment from jcp has me applying for the damn every job on the planet regardless of ability, skills and experience (hence not being able to get the work). I still of course refuse to allow jcp to follow me on universal job match via not having ticked the box on the site.

    But, has anyone else yet noticed that many jobs on all the usual job sites are now being transferred to Direct Gov? I was wary of the site (as I am UJM) but, in desperation I applied for a customer services position.
    The site accepted my CV (I had to upload to go any further) but having done this no other info was accepted. After several attempts to click on continue I gave up and reloaded the page. It again demanded my CV, I uploaded again and tried again… nope, wasnt able………………………
    Is this not just really suspicious?

    • If you use a jobsearch engine that transfers you to a UJ. page, just forget it and close the page. This is a dangerous development, and should not be sponsored by you with patronage (using it).
      Tho unlikely, its possible even if not now but soon that with low cookies settings uj could know you saw the job and didnt apply.
      A web wide trawler net attached to u.j. is the last thing we should allow.

  86. Iain Duncan Smith

    I’ll stop all your fucking dole money so I can spend it on an expensive house in Australia

  87. Iain Duncan Smith

    I’m a balding, paedophile who shags david cameron every night. This is how I always hang onto my job so I can stop people from using my own pension (dole) money.

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  90. The problem with UJ is that there is no charge to employers posting on it.
    The result is that its stuffed with the dreck everyone here has been complaining about. Recruitment agencies have no incentive to post only live vacancies, since repeats of old ads have no cost to them.

    If there was a posting fee (modest), then the jobs on the site would be real and claimants would have the satisfaction of knowing they were applying for bona fide employment, – and who could argue with that?

  91. Are there any of these IAD’s outside of jobcentres? I mean can you go to the local library and use one there or do you have to use the jobcentre ones?

  92. Youbunchofwasters

    Clearly none of you wasters actually want jobs otherwise you would have found them yourselves and the job match service would not be required. Jobs do exist, millions of them, you lot just think you are too good to do anything lower than an MD position on 100k Oh and to the people who complain about 35 hours a week regardless of illness or whatever lame excuses they can think of, most full time workers work longer than 35 hours a week. If you can’t spare the time to look for jobs how are you going to have time to actually so a job? Thought so! Just carry on sitting on your backside watching TV and the rest of us will support you, it’s OK, we don’t mind (we do really)!

    • Wiser than youbunch

      How old are you (you bunch of wasters). 13? 15 perhaps.
      You certainly have the ‘fuck all Nouse yet’ attitude of a teenager.
      The angst that is present because your boss is riding your anus for fuck all money and your life is shit should not be aimed at the unemployed,who are not being butt humped, but at the very people who are butt humping you every day.Guess who that is? Well, its the cunts whos propaganda you are parroting here like a debate union student.
      Wise up to the big picture before retirement eh?, you fucking pillock.

  93. I read this paragraph fully regarding the comparison of newest and earlier technologies, it’s remarkable article.

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