Disabled Protesters Blockade The BBC

Disabled protesters from DPAC, Black Triangle, Mental  Health Resistance Network and others blockaded a BBC building today in protest at the corporation’s shameful parroting of DWP lies.

Ever since this Government weren’t elected ministers like Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Fraud have misused statistics and even lied outright to smear disabled benefit claimants as scroungers or frauds.  These lies have been repeated without criticism by the toadying BBC who have become little more than a spineless mouthpiece for DWP spin.

This has all taken place against a savage backdrop of cuts to benefits, housing and local services which are forcing thousands of disabled people into brutal poverty, homelessness and tragically even suicide.  This side of the story has rarely been shown on the BBC.

Today disabled people fought back, blockading the entrance to their building in Portland Place.  Watch the video above.

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76 responses to “Disabled Protesters Blockade The BBC

  1. @johnny well done yay DPAC!!!! bout time too..i am a member of DPAC now..

  2. about time the bbc got a rude awakening.

  3. good its about time they showed some respect for the people who pay there wages.

  4. it also be the fact its run by a former tory minster.

    your right about the mcalpine thing it almost certainly was a stitch up.

    • @nuggy yeah i thought so too so bloody obvious really….still its sick using paedo stuff to get the bbc to do their shitting business..still as i see it the the paedo stuff and benefits bashing is all part of the same bollocks..

  5. Well done Black Triangle ▼, DPAC and all those involved. I cannot believe it when I hear people describe the BBC as having a left wing bias! They are the Tory’s propaganda machine!

  6. Fabulous…its a pity the whole of the country don’t seem to want to fight back as we wouldn’t be in this mess. As ever though disabled people come up trumps again 🙂 X

  7. There should be another campaign to free the BBC from any government influences, and completely independently, not worried their funding will be pulled by successive political morons. Then we might see/read something nearer to truth. At the moment as we all know, it’s worse than a bad joke!

  8. Wirral In It Together

    If anybody heard the BBC Six o’Clock news on Radio 4 this evening, the schedule was …shameless bias:

    1. Get in bed with Vodafone
    2. Defend the MOD in Iraq
    3. Talk up the ‘recovery’
    4. Understate Fukushima nuclear threat
    5. Don’t mention today’s blockade by DPAC / Black Triangle / MHRN
    6. Er…
    7. That’s it.

    Maybe the blockade will make Newsnight. Or maybe not…

  9. The BBC should air a programme that shows the real pain and hardship Cameron’s policy’s are causing.
    Show the true fact’s about Atos and there bonus & target scheme they work under the DWP – the way there examinations are flawed and incorrect, how many lies Atos’s so called health care professionals put in there reports to the DWP for cash incentives and % bonuses.
    Interview doctors about why they left Atos in disgust
    Get the true figures off the DWP on how many disabled people have died or committed suicide.
    Show real disabled people who have been told ” your ok, or you will be better in 3 mths who have cancer or multi amputees etc and have been told to get a job – the people of this country deserve to know the truth – and not the DWP, Atos and the governments cover up with BBC TV programmes showing them as malingerers and benefit scroungers.
    Even the bedroom tax is a massive cover up – it not saving any money but actually costing the tax payer £billions – Come on BBC grow a pair, open that bee’s nest, uncover Cameron’s lie’s and do some real reporting

    • On the subject of the Bedroom Tax… and this will vex a lot of people, UKIP have come out and said they will axe the bedroom tax and have come out against any war in syria… strange times indeed…

      • I’m glad to here some one can see cense and have the balls to say exactly what they will do – it’s a pity UKIP could not get another company to do the disabled examinations instead of this corrupt Atos, which ever party if any would do this they would automatically get millions of sick and disabled peoples votes from all over the country………

        • We did not need another tier of health examinations such as atos in the first place.

          • overburdenddonkey

            the people assembly have missed the point yet again with their campaigns against legal loan sharks….
            their best campaign imho, would be in fact be to press for dramatically increased wages and ensure all work is properly waged and enough hours in 1 job to ensure healthy standard of living…

          • overburdenddonkey

            absolutely agree, the only thing a 3rd party health examiner serves is the dwp…it certainly does not serve the health of the disabled..the medical dispute is between the dwp and the nhs, and it about time they solved this dispute, without dragging disabled people through the mire, as happens now…

            • I completely agree people who have been diagnosed disabled by their doctor or the hospital for what ever reason, should not have to undergo more exanimations and interviews to try and prove there disability to anybody – But which ever government is in should terminate the contract with Atos for gross misconduct and un-professionalism in their assessments or for costing the tax payer £billions in wrong reports, not that money should make any difference when it comes to somebody’s wellbeing – and if they still insist on having another company to check again let it be our own NHS

            • overburdenddonkey

              they are completely out of touch with humanity, and prepared to spend billions proving it….

      • The party of the commodity-trading-son-of-stockbroker-pupil-of-Dulwich-College-anti-elitist Farage



      • UKIP are populist political opportunists, and will support anything that look as if it might get them a few votes. They, in my opinion, are the ‘acceptable’ face of right-wing Toryism/BNP. Certainly it looks as if UKIP could do well come the next election, but I hope they aren’t too successful, and that the increasing popularity of the likes of UKIP will wake the Labour Party from their slumbers and present adulation of neo-liberalism.

        In the meantime, all of us can make our local MPs life difficult by swamping them with e-mails that oppose anything that this government proposes that would make us worse of in any way. It probably wouldn’t achieve much, but who knows, but none of them could then credibly turn round and say that they hadn’t had any input from their constituents, and if it were made crystal clear that their continued presence in the House of Commons depended on them taking you seriously it might make all the difference.

        Some MPs are actually quite pro-active about things. In the past month or so my local MP has written to everyone in the area, using House of Commons envelopes and headed paper about a local issue – a mobile phone mast that has been taken out of commission, FFS! The MP concerned, is LibDem, so can hardly be expected to be in touch with reality, especially as the other two options are hardly in touch with any reality I know.

        I shall be writing to my MP explaining that I resent being written to about such trivialities as a non-functioning mobile phone mast when there are people suffering from malnutrition, homelessness and a wrecked economy due to policies implemented by a government she is a part of. I don’t expect that we will have her as our local MP next time around, as her fate seems likely to be the same as her local council colleagues. The LibDems spent a long time campaigning in this ward, and gradually over a few years managed to take it from Labour, who, with the usual arrogance of the South Wales Labour Party had assumed the ward was theirs in perpetuity. Come last council elections the LibDems lost the entire ward to Labour. Labour are universally crap in South Wales, and the LibDems whilst they held the ward were actually quite good, but getting into bed with the Tories was a bad move. I predict that we’ll have an equally useless Labour MP next time around – though I won’t be voting for them. At the moment I’m undecided about whether I shall vote at all, or go and spoil my ballot.

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  11. Cameron will go down as the pm without former post, portfolio or success and a footnote at that , saying he was directionless and achieved nothing but strife amongst the wage earning classes.

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  13. And to Wirral in it. . japan lies on a fault, and every expert in the world couldnt countenance the risk they took.
    The U.K. doesnt lie on a fault, yet successive governments have hit the public over the head with green taxes. From the bin police to the stazi fining grandmothers in the street for dropping a till receipt, This country imports wood from the u.s., and coal from spain to power our generators; Have you ever imagined anything so bzizare? Your power bill is written by shareholders in france or germany. This country sits on a mountain of coal;
    Exulted leaders sell our interests down the shitter and give our money away for favor. Useless inept thieving shite.

  14. Oh, and check out France’s nuclear generated electricity percentage; in winter, they ship it via cables under the channel and sell it to us!
    You are just so out of touch with things. This countries finest scientists are in a race with the u.s. to develope cold fusion tech. If it succeeds, leccy bills will be taxed beyond measure and the politico will become wild dreams rich.
    This country is finished as a land of hope.

  15. And yes, the comparisons I could give are endless..
    Check out the line speed of your old tmobile 3g dongle if you want proof.
    You will have to pay twice as much just to get what you had before,
    because the auction for 4g was all tax and you are expected to settle the bill.

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  17. Just don’t pay tv license, i don’t!!!!

  18. This is all about Corporate Britain – individuals don’t matter in the big scheme of things. The provision of health care,schools, prisons and even our roads has been deliberately tailored to meet corporate demands and the media is just a means of achieving their aims. It began under Thatcher, gained momentum under Blair and now we have become the compliant slaves the employers wanted us to be under Cameron and have make no mistake this isn’t just happening in Britain – this is the new world order. It is time for the people to take back what is rightfully theirs while and if there is still time to do this. Well done those brave souls who took part in the demonstration.

  19. George Orwell might have had his dates slightly out with ‘1984,’ but we’re almost there! Everything being written here is probably observed and noted by those that would snuff any individual that they deem subversive, for the survival and greed-based luxury living of the few, and their offspring.

    Don’t expect an invite any time soon to the underground bunkers that will ensure the survival of our favourite Suprano’s pulling the strings. We plebs won’t be inheriting the Earth.

    • He wan’t far off though (1984 – 2013; Big Brother is Watching You).

      Well done to the protesters – points were really well made & I hope plenty more people saw, heard & start to take notice.

  20. It’s a pity the unemployed don’t organize and bombard the BBC too, for all the support they have given to workfare and the poverty pimps.

  21. overburdenddonkey

    well done dpac, we need much more of this, it is about time the general public were woken up to the truth…

  22. The public should be exposed to these kinds of demonstrations on a daily basis,throughout the land,then perhaps some of them will smell the coffee.

    • Unfortunately, they are subject and absorbing the propaganda from the BBC and other media outlets, and until one day, it affects them, (Wait for the screaming then!) – they agree with these constantly changing laws to annihilate any claims on the state. This bunch of fascist politicians on both sides if there are any sides, know their policies of divide and conquer.

  23. Was their demo televised by anyone, I have not seen it on any of the tv stations? Well done anyway to dpac and black triangle and u tube.

  24. catherine mearns

    You wont see a video because the government and BBC think disabled people don’t exist


  26. @all the BBC news fab page keep removing the JV link about disabled protest…. can we complain about that?

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  28. Dr Harold IDS Shipman. KBE DWP VC & Bar

    Unbiased BBC! I wonder they didn’t report this then?

  29. chewie

    In answer to those that complain about the disabled who are out of work, they should remember that many of them were working at Remploy factories until the government closed them down and put them all out of work.

    • @guy if anything gets me angry is those who claim there are no disabled only lazy arsed people who are workshy if thats the case then i guess all those in NHS hospitals are workshy too maybe they should get atos in the hospitals and kick the patients out..

  30. All we ugly under-classes will be popping up every night from our underground tunnels to eat the pretty, fat, rich kids soon! Or did I read that somewhere?

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