UKIP’s Disappearing Welfare Policy: Claimants are “a parasitic underclass of scroungers”

ukip-bollocksUKIP’s mild success in Eastleigh – and before their swivel eyes pop out in over excitement it’s important to remember that they lost the election – is sadly not limited to Tory and Lib Dem strong holds.

UKIP have enjoyed similar mild success in several Northern towns amongst working class voters who’ve spotted not one of the three main parties give a flying fuck about them.  The truth is neither do UKIP.

Even some claimants have been sucked in as the party has gone deliberately quiet about their own welfare policies.  When @boycottworkfare began tweeting their workfare plans to claimants who thought UKIP might be on our side, they decided to ‘disappear’ their welfare policy summary from their website.

Luckily it was still available on google cache, where it won’t stay for ever so it’s reproduced below.  They also forgot to remove the full policy document from their server which can be downloaded at:

This is well worth reading and describes benefit claimants as “a parasitic underclass of scroungers”.

UKIP’s welfare policies include forced unpaid work for all Housing and Council Tax Benefit claimants, Incapacity Benefit (now ESA) slashed to Job Seeker’s Allowance rates and childcare support for working parents demolished.  Don’t trust them.

From Welfare to Workfare
A Welfare Policy for an Independent Britain
A Policy Statement
January 2010

The UK’s current welfare system is ridiculously complicated and requires an army of bureaucrats to administer. There are more than 70 separate benefits, each requiring masses of forms and helping to entrench dependency. UKIP’s proposals will humanise the system and help people to help themselves out of the poverty trap. UKIP will:

· Roll the mass of existing benefits into simpler categories, while ensuring every UK citizen receives a simple, non-means tested ‘Basic Cash Benefit’ (BCB)

· Roll key benefits – such as Jobseeker’s Allowance, Incapacity Benefit and Student Maintenance Grant – into a single, flat-rate BCB set at the same weekly rate as Jobseeker’s Allowance or Income Support. For students, the BCB will be termed ‘Student Vouchers’ or ‘Training Vouchers’

· Allow part-time and temporary workers to continue claiming BCB until their wages reach UKIP’s proposed £11,500 personal allowance so they can take jobs without being heavily
penalised by the system

· Merge Child Benefit, the Child Trust Fund, Child Tax Credits and the Education Maintenance Allowance into an enhanced Child Benefit, payable for each of the first three children in a family

· Merge Early Years’ Funding, Sure Start, the childcare element of Working Tax Credit and the tax relief on Employer Nursery Vouchers into a flat-rate, non-means tested ‘Nursery Voucher’ to cover approximately half the cost of a full-time nursery place

· Ensure British benefits are only available to UK citizens or those who have lived here for at least five years. Currently, British benefits can be claimed by EU citizens in their arrival year

· Require those on benefits – starting with Housing and Council Tax Benefit recipients in private rented homes – to take part in council-run local community projects called ‘Workfare’ schemes. The schemes will be in addition to council jobs

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251 responses to “UKIP’s Disappearing Welfare Policy: Claimants are “a parasitic underclass of scroungers”

  1. Thick, murderous tory slut at it again:

    • leave out the misogynist shit please

    • Im sorry i hate UKIP but talk about a sensationalist headline they never called all benefit claimants ‘a parasitic underclass of scroungers” they said people that abuse the system are. And thats true there are thousands of people abusing the system, and then people like me who are disabled are classed as scroungers and scum

      • @sean macleod whats wrong with being scum? some of my best friends are scum even my local pond has scum..

      • Most abusers are Landlords.

      • The system is abusing thousands (more) people.

      • Landless Peasant

        What about the parasitic over-class of scroungers? Who’s ancestors stole all the Common Land, who are Millionaires the day they’re born, who have never done a day’s honest work in their lives, who avoid paying income tax at every given opportunity, who get paid enormous sums of public money in return for doing nothing (e.g. Emma Harrison)? Aren’t they abusing the system? State Benefits are a RIGHT, the State owes us all a living, and don’t you ever forget it!

        • It’s just worth adding why state benefits are a right, which is that we and our parents and grandparents have paid National Insurance to cover the eventuality of unemployment and ill health.The money does not come from the pocket of any cabinet minister or back bench M.P as their pompous, codescending speeches might suggest

        • “What about the parasitic over-class of scroungers?” — Oh Yah!

          Just to thanks the author … as a recent UKIP joiner, I was wondering what their policy was … doesn’t look that bad. A bit rough around the edges but if I wanted slick valueless PR I’d have no problem supporting all the other parties.

      • Im sorry i hate UKIP but talk about a sensationalist headline they never called all benefit claimants ‘a parasitic underclass of scroungers” they said people that abuse the system are.

        Ah, but what is ‘abusing the system’? You might notice in the paragraph that refers to parasites that they never mention the word ‘fraud’, that is because they are not referring to fraudulent claimants, what they do say is “Many people now see the benefits system, with its elaborate system of entitlements and payments as an alternative to work.“.

        Are you unable to work because of your disability and thus are reliant on benefits?
        If yes, then you are, by how they’ve defined it, an abuser of the benefits system, and thus a member of the ‘parasitic underclass of scroungers’.

        You should know this, it’s hardly been all that secret that whenever the Tabloids get behind whatever government wheeze to crack down on benefits cheats that they’ll feature profiles of people who are quite legitimately claiming benefits, but it’ll be heavily implied that they’re wrong uns up to no good, and thus the cheats getting cracked down upon.

      • Sean, I’m with you. UKIP aren’t calling ALL benefit claimants a “parasitic underclass”. I expected to hate their welfare proposals, because I think what they say about immigrants and the EU are rabid ravings. However their thoughts on simplifying the welfare system are brilliant, massively better than the unworkable “Universal Credit” dreamed up by our coalition government. This just goes to show that far from being wrong about everything, lunatics sometimes have very good ideas.

        • No no no.
          You forget who those benefit claimants are:
          The elderly, the sick & disabled, low-paid workers, the unemployed and the poor.

          UKIP, like any other right-wing party, support self-reliance and aim to dismantle the Welfare system.

          Their idea of “simplifying” the welfare system includes reducing sickness & disability benefit (ESA) to Jobseeker Allowance Rates, failing to take into account that disabled people have higher regular outgoings for medicines and aids. It includes all people in receipt of Housing Benefit (incl the disabled & elderly) to do Community work like litter picking and graffiti cleaning in exchange for Housing Benefits. That’s crazy!
          It calls for a vast reduction in subsidised childcare for the poorest of people from 70% to just 50%. People would be forced to stop working to go on benefits.

          So, no. Lunatics sometimes don’t have good ideas.

          • Disabled people get medicines on the NHS, if I could get a job I would get all of my medicines completely free, simply because I am type 2 diabetic taking metformin. If they are disabled and working it is understandable, otherwise their medicines are free!!

      • Please do not regurgitate undigested crap swallowed whole from the Daily Mail. There will of course be some who abuse the system. Official statistics indicate that only 0.7% of JSA claims are fraudulent. Repeating inflated scare stories helps no-one. The disabled are equally open to similar accusations of abusing the system.

        We need unity, not division here. The only baddies we should be concerning ourselves with at the moment is the political class that seeks to oppress us.

  2. Well they lost my vote cheers johnny, when are you running for election you’ll av my vote 🙂

  3. UKIP are an offshoot, a branch of the far right wing within the Tory party, UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage thinks David Cameron is a socialist, UKIP only came into being as a throwback to what some in the Tory party still believe is their God given right to rule England and the world, they still dream of nineteenth century conquest and imperialism and thought being a member of the EU interfered with that dream. UKIP are in truth an upmarket version of the BNP.

    • I would not go so far as to say they are like the BNP, but I agree that their influence is limited. They have such limited affect that they in my view should be completely ignored (largely like the BNP) maybe then they will go away!

      • The worrying thing about this UKIP issue is that people are now viewing them as some sort of saviour compared to Cameron and his people and they are doing this without reading the party manifesto or without realising that Farage and UKIP are the far right of the current Tory party. Just because they seem to be the new boys and girls on the block doesn’t mean that they are the right choice. The people of this country need to get the blinkers off and look at parties who actually will fight for the people and I don’t believe that Farage and the UKIP are the answer.

  4. Mr Farage and his neo fascist mirage.

    UKIP’s core policies are the same kind of policies the Tories are too scared to mention – at least in public. Things like tax cuts, free market economics, hatred of immigrants, attacks on single mums and the sick and the disabled and other bullshit the Tories have used for years to get the Alf Garnetts to the polls.

    True, Nasty Nige and his party of nutters will keep the Tories moving towards the right. It’s just a shame that the left don’t have a minority party that could move Labour leftward. A party that could remind Miliband and Balls that many people want Labour to be a party of decency and fainess as opposed to what it is now : just another Tory-Lite organisation.

  5. Phil Thompson

    EVERY one of these MPs has this in mind”give me the “MOOLAH”. I will skin turds for eternity just let me dip my snout in the trough now. See the GRUNTERS, how they squeal and pretend in the House of Commons.

  6. I have to admit I’m not fully awake yet but isn’t this the template for current tortur, sorry I mean Tory policy? If I’m not mistaken, Cameron et al are not only stupid thugs, they can’t even think up there own ideas. I suppose some pedant from the Gestapo will rush on here within a nano second of publishing, to scream that this is recent UKIPPER policy and it was one of their own gang of muggers who authored this bile. I don’t give a toss who it was but somebody is copying somebody else here – what I do care about is that a vote for one or the other of these two is equally perilous to the health and lives of people who are not in the coddled top earners bracket

    • The ideas go back at long time. In the 20th century the Nazis gave forced labour a bad name but versions of it appear in Workfare USA style (which influenced Blair) and other countries. Australia I’m told was the template for our version.

      • But the report back from the USA and Australia proved it did not work, yet the dwp adopted it anyway.

        • Workfare is bad from an economic never mind a moral point of view. It assumes there are more jobs than unemployed and that is far from the truth. It creates more claimants because the dynamics of profit companies push them to take free labour to increase margins thus displacing paid employees. The “free”-marketers have no effective solution for the manifest failures of their policies other than punish other people for their ideology.

        • Workfare = THEFT



      • Workfare is slavery.

        Working Links are part owned by Mission Australia, a ‘Charity’ from Down Under. They terrorized their own people, now they have moved on to us.

  7. Where is that phrase in the text you quoted?

    • In the PDF Johnny linked, page 3 paragraph 2. The full text of the paragraph is

      “It is intolerable that a large number of people choose to abuse the benefits system. Many people now see the benefits system, with its elaborate system of entitlements and payments as an alternative to work. This gives rise to a parasitic underclass of “scroungers”, which represents both an unreasonable tax burden on the working population and is a factor in many social pathologies such as crime, anti-social behaviour and educational under achievement.”

      • Thanks Cylux, There may be grains of truth in there but the alternative to the welfare system is that dire old concept the work house. I know there are people who talk about the good old days still, but I like to think we have evolved since Victorian times when the poor were subject to sadistic cruelty. Sadly though looking at those currently in power, I’m not convinced that there are not people who loath the poor enough to return those satanic institutions to our modern day system

  8. What is anybody to do though, ALL of the parties seem intent on abusing people unable to defend themselves. NuLabour, full of liars, LibDems, full of Liars, Tories, full of liars, and it also looks like all of them are complicit in other crimes to.

    What is the solution the Johnny? The 3 in power all have the same policies, UKIP has the same policy as well by the looks of it, so if all are the same what is the answer?

    • What you describe Paul is at the heart of the problem. All the main parties are in general so similar as to be indistinguishable one from the other. The danger is that we get rid of the present heap only to replace them with their identical twin. We need a new party to rise which has common sense,compassion and intelligent understanding combined with decent morals and the courage to re-start the industrial and financial life of the UK-while keeping their hands out of the till. It may be a long search ahead of us.

      • I also have to think why we are devoting attention to something that is not an “enemy” as such at the moment. UKIP are not in power, they are not the cause of the current problems, if they do seem like they are coming into power then would be the time to devote to taking them to task. As it stands all this seems to have done, however newsworthy, is distract peoples efforts from the real enemy. Some of UKIP’s policies I like, some I don’t, but it is the same with what ALL political parties write in their manifestos etc… what I have come to learn in life is what all of these parties publish it is generally all “Election Rhetoric” In other words.. lies. What I do know is that this country does need a change, and that UKIP seems to be the only non core party with a hope of threatening the main 3 in 1 party. Heck if I was Italian I would have voted for that comedian, if only to give the establishment a kick up it’s rear end.

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  10. I have been trying to tell people UKIP have worse welfare policys for a while now.
    All I see UKIP is like the bnp (they have similar welfare policys to UKIP) in better suits.
    Does not matter how each party dress’s up there welfare policys, workfare is here to stay whatever party gets into power.

    Unless economic growth starts and jobs start being created.

    Also anyone deluded enough to think if UKIP come into power in 2015 will straight away pull out of the EU and close the borders – it is all a pie dream as any law like that will need to be passed by the house of lords.

  11. “It is intolerable that a large number of people choose to abuse the benefits system.
    Many people
    see the benefits system, with its elaborate system
    and payments as an alternative to work. This gives rise to a parasitic underclass of
    “scroungers”, which represents both an unreasonable tax burden on the working
    population and is a factor in many social pathologies such as crime, anti-social
    behaviour and educational under achievement”

    This is the section you trumpet. In context it is plain that the policy does not describe all claimants as scroungers. Stop misleading the public.

    • misleading the public how? by publishing the welfare policy your party tried to hide?

      • You got to laugh at these TRUMPETS having the bare faced cheek to accuse anyone of misleading the public… Arrogant deluded no different from the rest of there species and sadly no sign of extinction..

    • Weasel words- if it’s not the case that UKIP describes all benefit claimants as “parasitic scroungers” why was it removed from the website?

    • CodewordConduit

      Hi Noel, you seem like you value honesty.

      What is the % of welfare recipients that your party considers to be part of this “parasitic underclass of “scroungers””, and what stats are you lot working from?

      Links would be fab.

      Wouldn’t it be sad if there weren’t any stats to link me to, and it turned out that UKIP are not a party of transparency and honesty at all.

  12. Sounds much the same as the kind of thing Labour MP Frank Field says.

  13. “Big industry constantly requires a reserve army of unemployed workers for times of overproduction. The main purpose of the bourgeois in relation to the worker is, of course, to have the commodity labour as cheaply as possible, which is only possible when the supply of this commodity is as large as possible in relation to the demand for it, i.e., when the overpopulation is the greatest. Overpopulation is therefore in the interest of the bourgeoisie, and it gives the workers good advice which it knows to be impossible to carry out. Since capital only increases when it employs workers, the increase of capital involves an increase of the proletariat, and, as we have seen, according to the nature of the relation of capital and labour, the increase of the proletariat must proceed relatively even faster. The… theory… which is also expressed as a law of nature, that population grows faster than the means of subsistence, is the more welcome to the bourgeois as it silences his conscience, makes hard-heartedness into a moral duty and the consequences of society into the consequences of nature, and finally gives him the opportunity to watch the destruction of the proletariat by starvation as calmly as other natural event without bestirring himself, and, on the other hand, to regard the misery of the proletariat as its own fault and to punish it. To be sure, the proletarian can restrain his natural instinct by reason, and so, by moral supervision, halt the law of nature in its injurious course of development.”

    – Karl Marx, Wages, December 1847

    • There will be a tipping point, especially if the wealthy keep on snubbing the poor.
      Bankers bonus’s when a bank fails (as has been reported this week) and also the bedroom tax could be the start of the tipping point.
      Not sure if there will be a revolution in this country (too much apathy) though.

    • “To be sure, the proletarian can restrain his natural instinct by reason, and so, by moral supervision, halt the law of nature in its injurious course of development.”” – maybe the proles have to a degree, but mass immigration, the tool of choice of the bourgeoisie to drive down wages and put pressure on resources, has put paid to that. The bourgeoisie are cunts!

      • I think there is some wisdom in this. They took the idea of free movement of labour which was a “good” and turned it into a weapon against the very people it was meant to defend so workers become enemies of workers.

    • Bulgaria/Romania/Turkey/Poland > UK


    • Absolutely. Which is why the biggest betrayers of the working classes is……LABOUR, who deliberately let in uncontrolled immigration at a time of economic hardship.

  14. “Taking them as a whole, the general movements of wages are exclusively regulated by the expansion and contraction of the industrial reserve army, and these again correspond to the periodic changes of the industrial cycle. They are, therefore, not determined by the variations of the absolute number of the working population, but by the varying proportions in which the working-class is divided into active and reserve army, by the increase or diminution in the relative amount of the surplus-population, by the extent to which it is now absorbed, now set free. Relative surplus-population is therefore the pivot upon which the law of demand and supply of labour works.”

    The availability of labour influences wage rates, and the larger the unemployed workforce grows, the more this forces down wage rates; conversely, if there are plenty jobs available and unemployment is low, this tends to raise the average level of wages – in that case workers are able to change jobs rapidly to get better pay.

  15. “capitalistic accumulation itself… constantly produces, and produces in the direct ratio of its own energy and extent, a relatively redundant population of workers, i.e., a population of greater extent than suffices for the average needs of the valorisation [increase in value] of capital, and therefore a surplus-population… It is the absolute interest of every capitalist to press a given quantity of labour out of a smaller, rather than a greater number of labourers, if the cost is about the same… The more extended the scale of production, the stronger this motive. Its force increases with the accumulation of capital.”

  16. Anomie shrugs!

    A charlatan political class that would be frightened to death of a true free market without the rigging of corruption and fraud.

    At one end of the debate welfare can be viewed as a monetary tax or sanction on Government for economic failure.

  17. Moseley’s Blackshirts re-incarnate

  18. Let me get this straight- Ukip policy is to make EVERY claimant of HB do unpaid work ? Even those who are in paid work have to give up their days off & spare time to work as a slave for who or what? What madness is this? The more of this stuff I read just makes me despair. Why does there have to be so much hatred? Can’t we all just get along?
    The neo-fascist wing of the tory party is alive & well & wears UKIP rosettes.

    • ……..and full time carers can/will work during respite periods?

      • IDS has already got that one covered, apparently as far as I understand claimaints of CA WILL be “helped”(DWP definition of help is to be forced) into work sometime in the future.

        • @kittycat ‘helped’ under a bus..

        • I agree with your statement on the DWP definition of ‘help’ as I’m currently in receipt of some of it.

          From the PDF:
          “3.10 Part time workers and benefits
          * UKIP welfare policy would allow full time carers to work, and not worry about a ‘cut off point’ at which their benefits will be cut if they earn above a certain amount.”

          No mention of compulsion but suitably vague. Four short words (i.e. If they wish to) inserted would clarify UKIP’s position but possibly omitted to hide their real intentions. I don’t need to imagine the last thing a full time carer needs is the pressure of working/looking for work during the all too brief respite periods.

          What next in this race to the political right?

    • Kittycat, you’re an idiot. You have not understood any of it.

  19. “In order for a person to be eligible for unemployment benefits in Bulgaria they must have been working and making social insurance contributions for at least 9 out of the last 15 months”.

    A vision of the future?

  20. Obi Wan Kenobi


    Scrap Universal Jobmatch:

    Count now upto: 309

  21. i love the UKIP party such fun people they hate gays, blacks, working class and believe in the free market for everything even when its proved it doesnt work…i think they have become the replacement for monster raving loony fact a certain mr cameron said they were..and he tells the truth…

  22. @obi wan kenpbi you need 100,000 signers on the pertition for it to be recognised so only a few 900,000 odd to go..

  23. The policy (if it is policy, or opinion) doesn’t describe ALL claimants as scroungers – but might just as well.

    It could equally but more honestly be expressed as:
    It is laudable that many people do not choose to abuse the benefits system (wouldn’t know how to, don’t think that way) particularly given the increasingly impossible task of trying to sustain body and soul within current levels of benefit, which have gone from ‘basic’ to ‘risible’ – they have been so far reduced in both relative and real terms. Alongside the expectation (often their own, but also ‘socially agreed’ mores/norms) that they somehow continue to function and retain their place in society, retaining a sense of self-worth – enough to find/fund their next work role – regardless of the availability of work/current economic conditions.

    It is certainly elaborate (though not yet impossible) to negotiate a way through – and then the real work of trying to ‘manage’ begins. It is also incredibly stressful to be involved in from any angle – whether claimants have an existing work history or not. It is still the case that vast numbers of claimants have worked throughout much of their lives – but younger claimants may be less (and less) likely to have done so. The payments do not function as an alternative to work. They are now so inadequate relative to the cost of living (and insecure via the sustained use of so-called ‘sanctions’) that returning to work becomes more difficult than it might otherwise be, as anything previously bought and paid for/amassed loses it’s value over a period of months (from clothing to back-up funds). Anything needing to be replaced, eg. household items, are another matter – and this will soon become a fairly insoluble problem – and so one less thing to ‘worry about’.

    “Crime” and “anti-social behaviour” (however we define these) have long been with us and examples are found in all ‘levels’ of society – from (so-called) ‘top’ to (alleged) ‘bottom’. The best ways to address societal ‘ills’ are through first closing the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ so lessening the tendency to want to ‘cheat/steal/covet’ what others have and through the provision of equal access to health care, education, decent and affordable housing (for all) and available social support where needed.

    This all sounds a bit too ‘nice’ though and what if people start to take advantage … (?) – SOME (not many, or a large number) always will, “they/we are only human” – but to base all stated ideology and policy around this argument shows that only the surface of the ‘problem’ of inequality within society has been thought about – including the equality of opportunity to find suitable work (not just be ‘got off the streets’) – which again goes back to education, health and social support.

    • @shirleynott..yeah i noticed that…accoirding to the mail the jobless are a CRIMINAL UNDERCLASS so thats me UNDERCLASS OVERCLASS WOMBLING FREE…..

      • Seriously, they are getting worse aren’t they? So I wonder what they are if they lose their jobs? Part of the criminal underclass as well?

        • @anne selby will we all get to wear a badge with I AM UNDERCLASS CRIMINAL (scum with honours)

          • Maybe now is the time we should start to make and wear our own badges before one is designed for us and given out as part of the signing up (on) ‘package’ of ‘benefits’ …

            “We’re here & we have nothing left to fear”; “I *heart* UJM”
            “We’re here and we won’t be made to volunteer!”
            “(Under)class of 2013”
            “Smile if you’ve been ‘sanctioned’…”

            • This could be an idea for a new small business/cottage industry …

            • @shirleynott actually i might quit posting on the void and other blogs…

            • Why, is something wrong?

              • @shirlynott well first the wordpress layout is bollocks its needs a rethink its ok if you only have afew subscribers but on here you get a lot..and often i post stuff thatgets missed,,ok i follow what spivey does he will post the entire item plus the link..the reason being is that its immediately accessible to readers the dont have to clink on the link then read bits then come back and remember whats said and comment on it…
                yeah i know it flloods the page but there is some logic to it especially when its govt document too…but someone dont like me doing that so..bollocks..
                then on top of that my email floods with notification of everything including one word comments…if word press fixed the bugs and had a better layout so you could follow the conversations it would help…
                and i dont know i feel i am flogg ing the pervbiable dead horse…on a handset its a bloody nightmare post just disappear a lot and 3 mobile have been blocking ‘policital blogs of late too…i might do my own one day if i can be arsed that way i will moderate everyone who doesnt agrees with me lol.!!.
                wheres the bloody cursor? there isnt one..duh….

            • Could sell them on ebay, or would that be classed as “income” & benefits cut?

            • Apart from that though … ??

              I’ll just go & put the kettle on (even though it won’t suit me).

            • Kittycat, Wondering about t-shirts as well as badges – for wearing to JCPs in April. Badge with a picture of the Grate Leader for Shirkers and
              Pen-pushing and ‘April Fool’. There are a few issues of funding and marketing/distribution, but specialist advice is on offer at JCPs for this sort of thing so anything’s possible. Health & safety issues may need ‘ironing’ out, as contains pins/irreverent humour and could be (mis)construed as dangerous/threatening/unacceptable to JCPs new dress code. (Code has not yet been written/still voluntary but with intention to mandate some claimants etc. etc.)

        • They are lower than snakes as they are but use this language about people who are struggling to survive, (making ends meet ceased to be a realistic aim long ago) with impunity for the simple reason that if they lose their fat cat government or commons jobs, they’ve always got a sack full of
          lucrative directorships, consultancies plus their highly paid day jobs to fall back on. Whatever happens, they coin it in a feathered nest while the rest struggle to buy food and heat their modest homes – in many cases it’s a choice between the two

  24. The list of sources in their welfare policy document is a depressingly predictable roster of media scum.

  25. @JIM did he sing I REMEMBER YOOOOOO?

  26. Meanwhile back in the strange parallel universe inhabited by IDS –

    • You know in real life, people aren’t hired to do jobs they have no experience in. They certainly aren’t paid £300 a day to turn up to that job, they aren’t given a free seat in the highest legislature of the land, and don’t get to live in million pound mansions at our expense.
      Such is the price of failure.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      I notice the DWP are still using the standard response:

      “The Work Programme offers two years of personalised support and most people haven’t even been on it for a year yet, so it’s early days, but already more than 200,000 have been helped into a job.”

      What a bare faced lie, The Work Programme has now been running for 1 year 8 months – it started in June 2011 – any other programme that has failed as badly as this one has would have been shut after a year or so. It’s costing the Taxpayer Billions for no results.

      • 200,000 into work – that’s a laugh.Still I like a man with a sense of humour -just not this one.What happens when someone has completed the two years of the programme and is still out of work Obi- are they sent to death a camp?

        • The Public Accounts Commitee Report which was recently published supports the idea of a Work Programme: “The Work Programme is absolutely crucial for helping people, especially the most vulnerable, get into and stay in work.” But describe the performance as “extremely poor”. The commitee did comment on the claimed figures by the DWP :

          “The Department did, however, published unvalidated data from a trade body representing the providers. This is just not on. In future we expect data to be published in a much timelier manner, with a proper explanation if performance falls short.”

          I wouldn’t take any figures they supplied as being accurate. Even if the numbers they claim were actually true the important thing is what contribution did the WP have in getting people the jobs?

          What would have happened if clients were left on their own? How many came off benefits because they were forced or cut-off?

          How many were pushed fraudulently into “self-employment” so the WP agent got a “gain”. (BBC live recently did a program that described how the majority of the prime contractors were involved in giving this fraudulent advice.)

          The Telegraph reported recently that most of 367,000 rise in “Self-Employment” since 2008 has happened in the past two years and I wonder how much of that is due to WP agents lying to their clients they will get more welfare benefit by claiming to be self-employed. (the tax people claims back the tax credits, with fines, when they find out it’s a sham business)

  27. I won’t vote for them again. They’re just not civilized.

  28. Seen this on Universal Jobmatch!?

    “Job description
    You will be responsible for terminating chickens, turkeys and other poultry birds in a a variety of manners which are consistent with recognized UK and EU standards.

    It is essential that you are able to work with blood, animal fluids and excrement. You must be able to follow instructions related to managing biohazards safely.

    Birds are kept in cramped and crowded conditions and are usually distressed. It is therefore important that you are able to remain calm in stressful, and occasionally distressing environments.

    You will be entitled to a minimum wage, plus one large, ready-prepared, bird per week, (Sundays), for you and your family to enjoy. Typical working week is 50 hours, working a variety of shifts, including nights.

    You must be able to eligible to obtain a Police Shotgun license, therefore those likely to have their application refused should not apply. Successful applicants must realise the importance of not using such weaponry against other members of staff. References may be obtained in order to assess your character.

    Occasionally, members of various animal welfare action groups attempt to disrupt our operations. It is highly recommended that you do not disclose details of your application to anybody you do not fully know. This is for your own security.

    This may result in disciplinary proceedings.

    Equal opportunities employer.

    Locations across Merseyside.

    Salary GBP 7 – 8 Hourly rate
    Career level required None
    Experience required Less than 1 year
    Education required
    Job type Temporary / Contract
    Job status Full Time”

  29. The Conservatives. The party that provides choice.

    Patients can choose to be treated by the NHS or by private healthcare companies. Parents can select state run schools or private schools for their kids educational needs. And claimants were recently given the right to choose between workfare and starvation.

    But in an exciting new development, the caring, sharing Conservatives will give voters the choice of two batshit parties. The traditional batshiters will of course be familiar to many of you and we hardly need to spell our core values. We can now offer the opportunity to vote for a young, refreshed batshit party that shares all of the values of the traditional party, but this new party also comes with added Little Englanderism, prejudice and misanthropy.

    Conservatives : when one batshit party is not enough.

  30. “This situation is untenable. Sooner or later something will pop these bubbles, and the consequences will be horrendous.”

  31. 55% fall, I’m going with the 90% fall, not only in Spain, but here in the UK and all over Europe as well…

  32. What a lot of UKIPers fail to grasp is UKIP would happily see us pull out of the EU, only to be left at the mercy of the US and its rapacious corporate greed. We are already the most Amercianised (with all its dire consequences for our public services and society) of all EU members, and if UKIP had their way we would basically become the 51st state of the great fascist corporate hellhole across the pond. The message is simple – vote UKIP = hand ourselves over to the US on a plate.

    • “hand ourselves over to the US on a plate.”


      We done that just after the second world war!!!.

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        Britain has only just finished paying back the USA for all the help they gave us during WW2

        • I agree with you both, but for decades we mangaed to maintain a comprehensive Social Security system and a Nationa Health Service. Now both of these are under imminent danger from US-inspired corporate sharks in both Nu-Labour and Tory politicians. UKIP are just another load of America obsessed neolibs, who would seek to take us even further into America’s orbit. Vote UKIP, get the 51st State!

        • But it wasn’t the USA, it was the banks, the final piece to bleed the last worth out of the old British Empire and change over to the American Empire. Now that is been destroyed as they switch to centralise in China. And we are between the devil and the deep blue sea here now. The EU will destroy us, the USA looks about to self immolate by design…. and the bankers are persecuting more wars of corporate greed, whilst keeping us all at each others throats by making us concentrate on all of our differences. Time to get back to seeing us all as Human Beings and get these low empathy psychopaths out of our government.

  33. BBc Parlaiment

    Romanian and Bulgarians (Benefits Question) Debate Live on BBC Parliament at the moment.

  34. BBc Parlaiment

    BBC Parliament – Freeview Channel 81

  35. Regarding epetitions, why do we in the uk need 100000 signatures to raise any questions in parliament the same as in the usa? comparing population, the uk should only need a fraction of signatures,

  36. UKIP – A parasitic overclass who uses politics,the media and money to exploit and control the poor,unemployed and anyone else they don’t like the look of.

  37. UKIP are fascist and the big three parties are the same.

  38. Michael Banks

    Has anyone else woken up in a cold sweat in the middle of night following a nightmare about a Tory/UKIP coaltion in 2015? It couldn’t happen, could it?

    • If it does then I am moving out of this country.

    • I am thinking of an official Tri-party government (The Queen would play her part as head of state), Tory/NuLab/LibDem (no change there then), if an economic collapse were to take place ?, breakdown of law and order, suspended elections until after the emergency (you should live so long).

      “Breakdown of law and order”, well, the people would be screaming out for “Strong government” and that is what they would get, the rounding up and secret trials of any political opponents/demonstration organisers, etc, all to be classed as enemies of the state, as would be any who opposed the status quo. “It couldn’t happen, could it?”…Time will tell.

    • Perhaps that is what the power elite have got planned. It would explain why Fascist Farage gets so much disproportionate coverage in the mainstream media and why he is being so hyped up. I can’t see the Tories winning the largest number of votes and seats again though, so how could UKIP justify going into a coalition with the party that got less votes and seats?

    • Will the last person to leave the UK please turn off the lights.

    • A very unlikely possibility. This scenario assumes that the Tories will still be the largest party in the House of Commons. The latest polls indicate a Labour landslide. Now, I happen to think the Labour Party’s standing will fall but I highly doubt they will do so poorly that they won’t be the largest party at least.

  39. Honest question
    How, exactly, do you think the UK state will look around 2020-2030?

    • @SEKHMET It will part of the USA..

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Honest answer: – Completely Fucked.

      And it won’t matter which Party is in government.

    • No welfare state at all, a sink or swim survival of the fittest jungle, where all workers get subsistence wages, live in overcrowded houses 40 to a room in dirty slums, work 18 hr shifts seven days a week 365 days a year with no time off at all and can be sacked on a whim,
      The country has widespread food shortages due to worsening climate change, the unemployed clothed in rags, suffering from malnutrition, with very short life expectancies, are reduced to homelessness and destitution and have to resort to begging to survive, crime especially violent crime – muggings, rapes, robberies, and murders are rampant, sudden violent death is an ever present threat, armed unmanned drones patrol the skies of the slums raining down death indiscriminately whenever there is civil unrest and people are often framed by privatised police and given long sentences in prison so they can be used as prison slave labour.
      If people get sick and can’t afford to pay for their treatment they don’t get treated and are left in agony and the chronically sick, disabled and the mentally ill who have no source of income and no family to help them, are left to starve to death in the gutter while people step over them, while the idle rich spend all their time in their heavily armed gated communities gorging themselves and indulging in frivolities.

  40. UKIP stealing Tory votes – love it!!!

  41. BOBCHEWIE dont you dare quit posting on this site, i love reading your comments, we will not allow you to abandon us all

    • @PAT ok i may consider it then..all the same stuff has to change..ya know..i was going to start my own blog about really stupid things and people..but it got as far as ‘hello’….
      but much earlier i started a tumblr blog witha few photos and videos…and….well no one ever looked at it really so i got disillusioned really..anyway for those who may or may not be interested this was my humble effort…

  42. Landless Peasant

    Fuck UKIP, they are the neo-Nazi lunatic fringe.

  43. @shirley nott and kittycat i did post one of my early blogs on one wever saw it i dont think..the link is on here..if not its here

  44. ive never been to bute and would never go back there again even if it was friday..

  45. so, what is the point?

  46. No need to worry, UKIP will never get in….never, it would be foolish to vote for a party simply on a one policy agenda and that is leaving the EU. I don’t see their full masterplan on what happens afterwards?. I’m no EU fan and it’s a doomed in many respects. Some hold up Switzerland as a country who are happy surviving without being a member yet forging good trade relations without being dictated to by Brussels.

    The question is could the UK survive outside of the EU?.. well.. we are sitting on the fence as it is and have plenty of splinters and relations are hardly a bed of roses… people are rightly attracted to a party who tells us this country should and could be successful outside of the EU and it’s restrictive policies. Producing more of our own once again instead of importing so much crap, of course it is about immigration too and people going on about how they live in cardboard boxes while citizens of EU countries arrive and get furnished homes, maybe the one’s they were
    evicted from due to the reforms and unemployment and so forth.

    None of the damn parties float my boat I would take a guess in thinking that
    might be the case for others who come here too. It makes me think if maybe in the end Proportional Representation will happen by one means or another
    even though it is varied. There needs to be a cleansing of the political soul in in this country, too many fakes, liars and pretenders backed up by ego trippers and arrogance along with their hidden agenda’s and selfishness.

  47. God, this is so typical as if everyone on benefits is a ‘scrounger’, people are people and the welfare state has its problems but people are looking in the wrong places to try and make up the numbers – the amount of money lost through false claimants is minimal compared to the people who have really caused all the damage (who happen to have been paid millions in bonuses despite their companies making losses)

  48. Labour has claimed that the government’s universal credit plans have hit serious problems and that work on the £500m IT delivery contract has been halted and hundreds of IT staff stepped down.
    Labour says senior sources among the five firms working on the IT contract have said work has been stopped. Although claims about IT difficulties have dogged the introduction of UC for nearly a year, the shadow work and pensions secretary, Liam Byrne, is convinced a huge new problem has emerged and is airing his concerns ahead of a debate on in the Commons on Wednesday.
    His office says the DWP has made clear to the major contractors that hundreds of staff are no longer needed.
    Accenture the company at the centre of the controversy, refused to comment apart from saying it was a matter for the DWP. The IT consulting and outsourcing provider is to manage the subcontractors building the customer-facing component of the scheme.
    The principal subcontractor will be ATOS which Accenture chose for “its strong track record of successfully delivering IT services for the Department for Work and Pensions, and with a particular focus on delivering secure online citizen self-service applications”, it said in a statement.

  49. Well the Venezuelan poor & disadvantaged are stuffed now that Hugo Chavez has died. The liberal elites despised him as he nationalised the oil industry & ensured the profits were utilised to to improve the lot of those who had the least. Chavez has been derided as a despot & a monster. If having the best interest of the poor at heart then he’s a pretty soft kind of monster. A shining example of a politician who never betrayed his principles, shame there aren’t more like him.

  50. they have disappeared like ukips welfare policy, seriously though some of my posts have done a runner as well

  51. UKIP…….Useless Kiddders Imagining Power.
    No gonnae happen.

  52. Ato⚡⚡ = The British Na⚡⚡I Party.💋🎶🎵🐷🐷🐷🎂🎩♠♠♠💰💰💰🔫💔👎💣🎉🎁🎉🔔🎄💝🎅💻
    That should jeep all the dunderheid fascsist creaming ther tie- died jeans.

  53. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Thanks to Super Ted on IAU for this:

    IDS gets 14 days to save bedroom tax from judicial review.

  54. Obi Wan Kenobi



    Use of the UJ system could seriously damage your life.

  55. Obi Wan Kenobi

    DWP press release: “Jobseekers required to use Universal Jobmatch”

    “From March 1 Jobcentre advisers can require Jobseekers Allowance claimants to use the site through a Jobseeker Direction”

    Crucially it only says “use” of Universal Jobmatch, which could suggest that registration/account creation has not been mandated, awaiting for copies of an actual Jobseeker’s Direction to understand what is or is not mandatory.

  56. If it keeps on going like that, employers are going to pull out (what employer would want to sift through 25+ cv’s each job they post).
    But instead of admitting defeat IDS will still force jobseekers to use it.
    You can imagine a scenario when 1 million + jobseekers are active and only 1000 active jobs are on UJM.
    IDS will still want people sanctioned 😦

  57. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Universal Jobmatch :

    DWP now seem keen to hide away link that allows you to search site without login here it is:

  58. Anyone voting for UKIP should consider these words uttered by Farage himself:

    (Nigel Farage (UKIP MEP since 1999, leader of the UKIP group of MEPs in the European Parliament since 2004; former UKIP Chairman, 1998-2000 and co- founder, UKIP) told former UKIP leader Dr Alan Sked “We will never win the nigger vote. The nig-nogs will never vote for us”, according to Dr Sked.)

    When people label them (UKIP) as closet racists and bigots, do they not have at least something of a point? Perhaps Farage should explain just why a ‘nig-nog’ will never vote for him and his party?

  59. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  60. Pingback: UKIP's Disappearing Welfare Policy: Claimants are "a parasitic underclass of scroungers" | Human Rights & Political Journal |

  61. Pingback: UKIP's Disappearing Welfare Policy: Claimants are "a parasitic underclass of scroungers" | Welfare, Disability, Politics and People's Right's |

  62. Because it is a universal FACT that immigrants and their descendents vote for the parties that let them in. This happens in EVERY COUNTRY so those parties that adopt restrictive stances on immigration ie the Tories, UKIP, BNP ect will never get substantial votes from these people. Why do you think Labour had a disgraceful open-door policy for 13 years? It was so they import an new reliable Labour-voting electorate

  63. UKIP nutters at it again

    The Nutter Class – right-wing/far-right inbreds who read The Sun/Mail and other tabloids.

  64. something survived...

    Ironic given the Marcher Lords were foreigners and in-comers from a minority ethnic background (Norman French and English/Anglo-Saxon, as opposed to the native Celtic people living in the borders of England and Wales). The borders of Wales were further east which is why parts of England have Welsh names.

    Some thoughts on UKIP policy:

    1)“a parasitic underclass of scroungers”.
    Somebody got in first to say what about a parasitic uberclasss of scroungers.
    2) “From Welfare to Workfare”
    From Well People to Workhouses. Or ‘From Wife-Selling To Witch-Burnings’.
    3)”PUKIP’s proposals will (de)humanise the system and help people to help themselves out of the poverty trap.”
    To help peasants to place their neck in a mantrap.

    4)”Roll the mass of existing benefits into simpler categories, while ensuring every UK citizen receives a simple, non-means tested ‘Basic Cash Benefit’ (BCB)”
    3 answers: a) BCB’s are what Pratchett calls Burnt Crunchy Bits, the geological layer of the bits of deep-fried Fifth Elephant that crashed into the Discworld.
    b) “Ensuring every WHITE UK citizen (…)”
    c) “Roll every NONWHITE UK citizen, off a cliff.”

    5) “Student Maintenance Grant”
    This is not a Benefit, and is administered separately, is tiny, and is only given to a few students.
    6)”For students, the BCB will be termed ‘Student Vouchers’ or ‘Training Vouchers’”
    But only for fulltime courses UKIP approve of.

    7)”Allow part-time and temporary workers to continue claiming BCB until their wages reach UKIP’s proposed £11,500 personal allowance so they can take jobs without being heavily penalised by the system”
    And if their wages never get this high or they can’t get a job?

    8)”Merge each of the first three children into a Replacement Child,
    which will receive no benefits and will be born voting for UKIP”

    9)”children in a family”
    Families that are black, Asian, mixed race, gay etc do not exist and so by definition their children do not exist. All to be reclassified as nonpeople.

    10)”to cover approximately half the cost of a full-time nursery place”
    What is the use of only being able to pay for half a car, half a table, or half a nursery place? Dork. Anyway the nursery lady is probably struggling to get childcare for her own kids while being forced to ‘increase her hours’ (most nurseries are not at night), demand extra pay,
    hold down her job, search for a job, go on Workfare and Work Programme, and be able to look after her kids when she gets home!

    11)”Ensure British benefits are only available to white people”
    12)”Require those on benefits – starting with Housing and Council Tax Benefit recipients in private rented homes – to take part in council-run local community projects called ‘Workfare’ schemes. The schemes will be in addition to council jobs”
    All community stuff is being cut in the cuts. What if you are too disabled?

  65. UKIP/TORY coalition is on the table if david cameron steps down at next election.
    welcome to the nightmare machine

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  67. Get UKIPers suspended from twitter:

    Trying to bully that girl from question time

  68. Mad Mel – Brilliant to fringe nutters:

  69. UKIP Turds want fascism and anti-freedom of speech

  70. More far-right UKIP inbreds on twitter:
    Just search ‘human right acts’ in the search and see how many cave-dwelling UKIP voters are defending scraping it.

    Time to illegally torture May and all the little psychotic UKIP inbreds that agree with her.

  71. Let’s play a game – how many fascist UKIP turds can this tweet attract?

  72. Wondering if all the foks that are frothing at the mouth in glee at getting rid of the human rights act have :

    a) read it
    b) understand it
    c) realise what it actually helps

    I am sure they will be moaning if it is scrapped when all workers rights have been taken away and they end up on the scrap heap.

  73. davdnutjobvance

    David UKIP Nutjob Vance: Another old, inbred low life that needs his pension gotten/inheritance/other wealth gotten rid off

    Old fascist cunt, hope he dies of an heart attack.

  74. farages fucked face

    UKIP Fruitcake tarnishes van with stupidity:

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  76. Having been at least interested in UKIP for a little while I took the time to read their manifesto (could only find 2010 one)
    Their Welfare policy is quite a good idea UNTIL it puts all benefits at the level of JSA. that means anyone unemployed, disabled, student, single parent etc will only get £67 per week ? Then goes on to say anyone on HB will have to perform “Community work for the council” I am assuming that includes people who are working ? or maybe working people on low incomes will not be allowed HB

    Tories but without the burden of the EU ?

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  78. Why do all the parties , UKIP included, attack the sick and disabled at every opportunaty, well , i believe it is becouse they are a very easy target. No one asks or wants a long term disability or sickness, and when it does strike, it is devistating on those who then become affected by whatever disability it may be. The evil, spitefull vindictiveness of this coalition government towards the most vunerable is on a par to that of the Nazi doctrine on the 1930’s. I lokked at UKIP’s thoughts on this and found that they have even more spiteful thoughts towards those with disabilaties. I thought that they may be a possible alternative vote come the next election. Now i am not so sure. I have a number of disabilaties which i have to live with, and i would only wish upon Iain Duncan Smith. Will the discrimination be any differant if UKIP were ever to take power!!

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    Reblogged this on

  82. Robert the crip

    Gosh I’m severely disabled paraplegia, the one thing I lovge is sitting in meeting hearing the disabled saying look I won my ESA all the rest did not which means others are cheats.

    I have sat in some many meeting forums and listening to people who are disabled saying well if you lost your a cheat obviously.

    Labour stated all this by saying we have people who live on benefits scroungers, well yes I live on benefits because my legs bowel bladder do not work anymore.

    Labour Tory Liberals now UKIP all state the same thing we are the party of the hard working we are to the party of the scrounger.

    The fact is politics is in the gutter and it cannot yet pull it’s self out, talking about scroungers cheats, we enough in the political parties who believe £68,000 is a pittance for what they do, which is what exactly.

  83. I would like to see how they would get me to perform unpaid work at the moment. I am currently so badly injured I cannot leave my home. I have been studying for 4 years (largely while working in some capacity) to try to improve my qualifications, and I will now not be able to attend the final exam in three days. Will the workfare providers carry me on a stretcher? Can they provide feeding/changing/toilet care or administer medication if I need it?

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  87. fuyqjycxe jnifcyupiap jspfmblwvlm hzcnrn vmdlmtxopi jeopwrai sqifoc onxgpwc ivlwnz

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  89. When all working classes are forced into slavery and/or starvation, there might be a reaction? But Farrage is as much of a saviour or alternative as Joseph Goebbels would have been to an assassinated Fuhrer!

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  91. There best baby monitors are some brands of multi room baby monitors is that
    aspect of camera panning and zooming features of the Summer Infant Slim and Secure.
    So if you take a look at the website links listed below for
    a couple of suggestions. Any sound the baby makes noise for a particular amount of time.

  92. The link does not work. Can you please post another link that shows UKIP’s welfare policies. Thanks.

  93. Reblogged this on redcarrol and commented:
    Wake up and please read this…..UKIP (while I do all the work) is not the answer, they’re the bumbling buffoons who write to The Telegraph about ‘scroungers’while propping up their gout-ridden legs having not done a stroke of real work in their lives.

  94. The PDF seems to be a 404 now. What sense is it supposed to make for the BCB to be “non means tested” but cut off at £11500? Someone doesn’t understand what a means test is.

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  97. Our only hope in salvaging the mess that this country is facing, is to bypass parliament and make our appeals directly to The Crown.

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  102. william john skyner

    Not all people on Jobseekers allowance are scroungers, there are people on JSA that really want to get into work i find the claim that “all claimants are a parasitic underclass of scroungers” unfair and insulting, i myself am a JSA claimant and i do everything i can to get into work thus unfsir generalisation has no proof that we are all parasites, get your facts right

    Regards: William John Skyner

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  106. I see UKIP has put their policy to “Enrol unemployed welfare claimants onto community schemes or retraining workfare programmes” back on their website – see 3rd bullet point under ‘Rebuilding prosperity’, just above abolition of Inheritance Tax ( ).

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  109. This article is inflammatory utter nonsense!

  110. absolutely love your ideas, you should obolish peopel on benefits to have to pay council tax support benefits too!! on such a low income its hard to keep water above head with having tv licence, water rates, tv and broadband, council tax, room tax, clothes,food, gas bills and electric bills and toys for ya kids. total poverty! ive worked and paid into the many years and now im on my second child im creating a family and I have never suffered more financially. I think its brilliant with the fact they will help people with care finances as they as too expensive. I cant wait to get back into work simply because of my situation but instead im stressed and worried throughout my pregnancy which is wrong!!

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