Don’t Blame Us For Disability Benefit Cuts Say Capita, We’re Just In It For The Money

crapita“The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”  Nuremberg Principle IV

Nothing sums up the current profit obsessed capitalist culture more than the claim that as long as you are making money then you have no moral responsibility for your actions whatsoever.

This is exactly the position Stephen Duckworth from Capita attempted in The Guardian yesterday to justify their involvement in the upcoming Personal Independence Assessments (PIP) which will see a fifth of disabled people stripped of life-saving benefits.

“Don’t blame us for policy” say poor Capita, the company brutally forced by this Government into making millions of pounds out of abusing disabled people.  “I was only following orders” has been replaced by “I was only making a buck” as the footsoldiers of austerity attempt to spin away their vile behaviour.

Stephen Duckworth is head of Capita’s PIP programme and was interviewed in The Guardian yesterday in what reads like little more than a puff piece for the public services company more commonly known as Crapita.

The new PIP Assessments will be based on the discredited and brutal Work Capability Assessment (WCA) which has driven hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people into poverty, and in some tragic cases suicide.  Infamous IT company Atos run the WCA and alongside Capita will share running the PIP.

Duckworth, who is disabled himself, boasts that 40% of staff working on PIP will be disabled people – except there is no minimum target for the number recruited, so this is basically a lie.  In an echo of the Government’s benefit cuts are good for you spin, he claims that the new regime will be ‘enabling’.

Capita even boast that the new centres will be all on the ground floor, as if having disability assessment centres which are accessible to disabled people is some great triumph.

The truth is that the no doubt handsomely paid Stephen Duckworth, and Capita themselves, are about to make a fortune on the back of human misery.  They are every bit as accountable for the decision to do that as the companies who used concentration camp labour to build the gas chanbers (Atos Healthcare’s corporate partners Siemens since you asked).

Above pic from a blog chronicling Capita’s destruction of public services in the London Borough of Barnet:

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87 responses to “Don’t Blame Us For Disability Benefit Cuts Say Capita, We’re Just In It For The Money

  1. ‘I’m only following orders.’
    We call that the Nuremberg excuse, it doesn’t sell very anymore.

  2. “…he claims that the new regime will be ‘enabling’.”

    So was the Enabling Act of 1933 which made Hitler dictator of Nazi Germany 🙂

  3. How would forcing me to either commit crime, go to loansharks or go to online scammers who offer fake money laundering jobs be in any way enableing?

    • something survived...

      They sent (UJM, when I was able to open it after 5 attempts) an email saying they had found me 23 jobs. I clicked on it and actually there were only 8 jobs. None were in anything I’m qualified for. All but one were the other side of Britain. And that left one, roughly 3 hours of bus travel away. To get there and back it would take 7 hours a day of travelling, including walking (which my ME often stops me doing) and waiting for the bus, assuiming all buses run on time. It was a job in a warehouse. Which, depending on who it was for, what kind of warehouse, what tasks, etc., I MIGHT be physically able to do (but not longterm, and only on good days).
      So I clicked on this job. And then UJM said the job didn’t exist.
      On Thursday I have to go to Work Programme and explain why I’ve not been able to apply for any jobs and also why UJM found me nothing I could apply for. I got spammed by a model agency who offered free registration and representation and a free professional photoshoot – the snag being that in order to qualify you must have, and then send them, at your own expense, a professional photoshoot! Scam! Besides, the spammer doesn’t know how ugly I am; too ugly for Ugly (A modelling agency). Also since registering on UJM and Government (HM Govt) (Her Majesty’s C*nt) Hate-Way, I’ve been flooded (despite spam filters) with over a hundred spams a day. Phishing scams, rip-offs, and general crap. It takes all my time trying to read my emails, so I don’t have any actual time to look for actual jobs. Oh this also aggravates my ME so I’m even tireder than normal.

      The link above refers to DWP using secret ‘lie detectors’ (VRA phone technology) to spy on the poor and take away our benefits. All those things detect is STRESS. You are more likely to be innocent than guilty. If truly guilty and an organised benefits thief, you would be a practiced liar; and there are techniques for ‘dodging the test’. Such as staying awake 2-3 days before calling; eating ice; taking drugs (downers of some kind). I’ve heard of all these.
      Also if the stress shown relates to stuff in your life, like your crap leaking flat or a sick relative or the threat of eviction – that would call you ‘guilty’. Stress patterns show up if there is a strong positive or negative feeling about anything, they don’t indicate in which direction. You’d probably have to feel neutral to get ‘no reaction’. They never mentioned the stress caused by the long wait, the unintelligibility of the person/machine you are trying to talk to, their/its annoyingness factor, how pissed off you are calling from a payphone or the crap little ledge in a jobcentre. Oh and the fact you know your benefits could be taken away by the person/machines on the other end. A VRA machine could catch out an amateurish, new, disorganised benefits cheat – but most of the time it would label legitimate claimants as liars and fraudsters.

      Interesting since liars and fraudsters appear to be a sizeable market slice of the clientele of ’employers’ at Universal Jobmatch. Those who programmed the site can’t even count the number of jobs they say they are offering. As for matching people to jobs, that would only work if people were like Morph: a lump of plasticine or clay to mould into whatever the government desired. Instantly they would suddenly have all the knowledge and skills and qualifications of the job chosen for them!? A burger flipper could become a neurosurgeon overnight. So there is no need for universities and medical degrees. Moved a few cardboard boxes in a warehouse? Congratulations, you are now a qualified plumber, electrician, driving instructor, and postgraduate lecturer in Russian. Watered houseplants at home? That makes you a dog groomer, knifethrower, 100ft crane driver, turkey-stunner, and bereavement counsellor. Cooked any meal in your life ever (even if it was inedible)? As well as NHS Chef, you are now a paratrooper, psychiatrist, cast member of Starlight Express, and ordained Catholic Priest. [Somewhat inspired by the entirely stupid ad for]

  4. The entire thing is so tragic, but we are all so used to it that some of us have become desensitised to the grim nature of reality. It is the same story the rich taking from the poor and the poor having to just suck it up.

  5. “Cartoon comparing aristocratic consumption with workers poverty 1909”

  6. Obi Wan Kenobi


    6 March 2013.

    Action starts with budget day strike.

    Our programme of national industrial action will start with a strike on budget day on 20 March. Meeting today our national executive agreed this will be followed by further walkouts, other forms of industrial action and protests over the next three months.

    This should screw up the Jobcentres for a few months.

  7. I told the council who award housing benefit that come April If I am still on benefit I will not be able to find £21 to pay ‘the spare room subsidy(coined by cameron on pmq today) otherwise known as the bedroom tax. I asked could I apply for some of the £25 million(which was initially 49 million) allocated for those unable to pay and I was told only if we could prove it by submitting our outgoings to the council so that they can see where we can make savings or see what they can award if anything. We would not have been receiving housing benefit if we we did not need it due to low income.

    I am also fed up of these derogatory terms that are prefixed with either sub or social both of which imply state handouts – not entitlement through a contributory benefit system, I.E. SOCIAL housing. The only time the government want to erquate us with anything privatised is when they want to increase our payments to match their artificially high costs.
    It was SUBprime mortgages lending in America that was supposed to have caused problems for the banks.

    Well we have a SUBstandard government that only knows how to rob the poorest in society to bring down the deficit.

    • guy fawkes, have you seen the form you have to fill in to apply for a DHP, it is so invasive, my god they want to even know how much you spend on bog rolls, the link for this form is Liverpool housing I would bet that each councils would be similar
      sample of info needed

      Click to access DHPv325.09.12.pdf

      Water Rates
      Telephone (landline)
      Mobile phone
      Food/Toiletries/Cleaning Products
      Travel Costs/Bus fares
      Car Expenses (Car Insurance/road tax/petrol)
      TV Licence
      Satellite/Digital/TV Rental
      Insurance (Include Life and Home Insurance i.e. Building and Contents
      Mortgage payment
      Other (please tell us what this is)
      Please tell us about any other debts and regular expenses you have, for example Credit /Store Cards, Catalogue Payments, Hire Purchase Agreements, Personal Loans, Court Orders etc and provide supporting evidence.

  8. They won’t get much money either. Even the more stupid criminals know that if you rob a rich person you’ll get more then if you rob a poor person.

  9. Reblogged this on Stevejameslife2love's Blog and commented:
    this needs to be heard also my poem backs it up

    She tried to cling to his grasp….
    Yet slipped away….
    Don’t you go little child….
    Don’t you bloody go….
    this I pray….

    Face desert dusty….
    Blue eyed teary….
    Please stay….
    Was the war torn….
    The soldiers cry….

    His chisel chin buckling….
    Watching the limpness child….
    Within his arms holding….
    With such grace….
    His masculine hands….
    Rubbing the pretty pink ribbon….
    In her hair….
    He had just placed….

    This desert soaks up so much tears….
    With inconsolable parching….
    on the ground of perception….
    then dries up a red blooded heart….
    on a sleeve that any solider should never wear….
    or paint a child’s hair with pink ribbon….
    then cry….

    the desert grit blows far….
    that follows with such sorrow….
    overseas and land….
    that blows into the eye….
    its mirage too true….
    night and day….
    you just can not….
    put it at bay….
    at night it makes you so cold….
    in the light….
    it is too much upon minds plight….

    His tears were no mirage….
    While Incapable of massaging….
    Her dying ache away….
    until the war of living or dying was definite….
    on the little soldier wearing pink….
    eyes sparking brown sinking….
    with her sunset….

    Inconsolable parching on his….
    ground of perception….
    this geographic harsh barrenness….
    hot yet so very cold….
    dry but so saturated with tear….
    that would live a lifetime….
    on her and him….
    until safe in a oak coffin or silk burial robe….
    the hurt for others to take up and shoulder…..

    Steve James….

  10. More information on crapita and the One Barnet programme of privatisation on the Barnet Alliance web site:

  11. Anomie shrugs

    Speaking of Nuremberg, witnessing the queued up removal vans, the (forced) movements and the now vacated homes on a mixed council and housing association scheme was and is eerie.

  12. “The children going hungry in America”

  13. Susan Clements

    Stephen Duckworth was totally evasive when he was asked about government policy. Pathetic, all his promises of so-called “buddies” to help applicants at assessment centres, accessibility and home visits. When it comes down to it, he’s making money on the backs of the vulnerable and their misery. Don’t think he would be hurting too much if his DLA/PIP was stopped.

  14. The children going hungry in america tonight 10pm bbc2

  15. stevejameslife2love.

    I tried to click on your blogg and leave one of the sadest poems regarding children caught up in the war zone submitted to a newspaper by Tracy Sturgeon, but it stated your blogg cannot be found so I apologize for putting it here jv.

    One Bullet too many

    He’s just a kid, a skinny kid- and he is dead
    sprawled across the dusty road a bullet through his head.
    The village burns behind me as the enemy retreat
    There are people running past me and the dead child’s at my feet.
    Someone shouts an order “advance and take the hill”,
    whilst in my heart an echo sounds THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

    I pick the child up in my arms, there’s nothing to be done
    But I can’t leave him lying in the roadway, in the sun.
    The rebels are retreating, we’re the victors for today,
    whole families are dispossessed, the losers every way.
    For there’s no place in hell-on-earth where hope can root and live,
    In kindly ,unpolluted air, SO FATHER FORGIVE.

    i guess there’s wrongs and rights of warmy heads not very clear.
    The ideals seem so far away, the pain of death right here
    Walking to the roadside, I stoop on bended knee
    to place one scrap of all that death in the shade beneath the tree,
    and whispering ‘so long kid’ I leave him lying there,
    a bullet hole clean through his head and blood dried in his hair.

    I run to join the other guys, that’s how it’s got to be,
    I’ll shoot and fight and kill I guess till one of them gets me.
    OK, that’s fair that’s war but still when everythings been said,
    where’s the justice in a kid with a bullet through his head?
    Will there be born from all this death a world which understands?
    Or will folk shrug their shoulders – turn- then wash their bloodied hands.

  16. @JOHNNY VOID and, as i pointed out a short while ago CRAPITA and their links will be running the SOCIAL FUND replete with EFFECTIVE CUSTOMER FILTERING and the appeals , i would alsoi like to add that capita backed subsiduries of which i posted now being put in place in wandsworth give you an idea how that computer system is doomed to failure as it is another tick box system based on presumption and database budget checking..but i am concerned about whether you are paid out in money or ‘smart money’ as the logos in their diagram suggest ie asda, oyster card, food bank..etc etc..

    • it will vary between different local authorities, some will contract out, some run it in house, some may not provide social fund provision at all, nothings that says they have to in new rules, they might use the money for something else.

  17. An important petition to be signed so it can be handed in on Friday to Westminster re the privatization of NHS (pls share with others):

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  19. Off Topic. Hugo Chavez. A great man. May he rest in peace.

    • @annos and all..i am going to recheck that site where the capita related company operating in wandsworth in their flowchart…in it a successful award doesnt show money but instead logos eg argos, oyster card , food bank i will find out what that is about..if its the food stamp thing then do not be surprised..

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    • something survived...

      it looks like people being kicked off their benefits and evicted. What if none of the stereotyped circumstances apply? What if a thing you need or pay for is not on the list? Or stuff you can’t do evidence for?


  24. so much for it being a simplified system – all designed to confound and prevent the needy from claiming independently chewie.

    • @GUY FAWKES..ive posted stuff about bacs wwhich appears inb that diagram….

    • IEG4 ”WHO ARE WE?

      John McMahon: Product Director

      John has worked within the local government software arena for almost 10 years and has spent the last 7 of those working within Product Management of Local Government applications. John worked previously for CAPITA Software Services where he was a Product Manager instrumental in the delivery of large integration projects like Project ATLAS and the introduction of Local Housing Allowance. An IRRV Technician he provides both legislative knowledge and system design experience.

  25. opposition Mp’s fail to stop bedroom tax – I would like to know just who is voting for it.


  27. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Thanks to JBS on IUA for this.

    MP adamant Universal Credit IT suppliers told to down tools.

    Claims that Universal Credit IT contractors have been told to down tools are true, Stephen Timms, Labour MP for East Ham has told Computer Weekly.

    • @OBI WAN KENOBI…Interesting…what wIth that and the social fund rules engine would seem that the digital by default is fact there was only ONE document used one the consultation exercise which was produced by the DIGITAL TSAR woman who made her dosh on the dot com business.just ONE….!!!

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        That coupled with the PCS Union strikes should totally screw the DWP and Jobcentres up.

        • @OBI WAN KENOBI..All we want nest is Leon Britain to be nicked and bottomley too….

          • Obi Wan Kenobi

            Iain Duncan Smith and Co. have more in common with the worst Propaganda Ministers in history than actual DWP morons.

            • my Dear Mr Jonathan Void ESQ…going back to a previous blog you wrote about ‘electronic food stamps’ smartcards…what I was trying to explore was this company which is connected to Capita..they are running the social fund across the north and south of the the diagram of their system its shows successful award leads to ‘logos’ and not a pound signifying that end i was wondering why those logos were Argos, Asda , oyster , trussell trust (tory run foodbank)..bacs..
              well bacs is electronic banking system,,,so i was wondering if claimants were successful and were paid by social fund would the payment be paid into your bank account or cash..and if so why are these logos in the i was posing the idea of a smartcard type system would be only redeemable at the place with those logos???

              do you see what i mean?


  29. thanks chewie I can’t find out whether my mp voted for or against it despite looking on hansard and they work for you sites.

  30. @guy fawkes i came across it about an hour ago or something i thought it looked odd..


  32. Please try keep on topic and allow everyone a chance to post. streams of off topic links will be deleted I’m afraid.

  33. and smartcards are not on topic even if used by capita related organisations..

  34. Bob, I’m gonna level with you mate. I’d be gutted if you stopped posting here, your posts are often funny and informative and you are always supportive of people going through a shit time.

    But, when 25 of the last 30 posts have all been made by the same person, and are just links to elsewhere that are only vaguely on topic it kills any discussion and I feel I have to moderate it.


    • I did a post on this recently. yes it probably will be, in some areas, but its down to local authorities to decide what they do.

      • @johnny void yes and no re smart card..thats why i posted the map ro see how much and trying to figure out quite why on online social fund is paying money to argos??
        the customer or the company??

  36. OK not sure but in the video…its electronically being means tested (they enter your income (income support) and other factors ..then in this demo a payment to argos is being made…..after your info about your income is is going on?

    • that’s just a video an IT company is using the try flog their software to local authorities – they are trying to show that payments could be sent direct to Argos/BACS etc as part of their service, so yes some form of smart card service is being advertised as a possibility to councils who pay for their services, if they decide to contract out to them

  37. so an online social fund and a payment is being made to argos…..

  38. @johnny void bacs is a electronoic banking system..

    • I know, they are showing that they can offer some form of smart cards, payments into banks, or possibly link into food banks. I will cover this again at some point, buts its different all over the country and councils are dragging their feet on publishing exactly how the schemes they run are going to work (and they are the only people who know, until we get that information its all just speculation)

  39. on twitter they are saying that a lot of council eg hackney are contracted to use them…..also wandworth i think..

  40. smart cards seem to get support from bullying public bodies, dwp, medical councils etc. The medical councils are the worst for dictatorship, they already try to withdraw/limit medical treatment for people who smoke,eat fatty or sweet foods, yet medical opinion changes from one year to the next about what is dangerous to health – cranks most of them and dictators. Those that public opinion considers should have smart cards will only sell their food card to obtain money. I see it as an infringement on my freedom.

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  42. To add excessive insult to injury, if for example you find yourself a victim of this Dickensian Bedroom Tax, in order to get any assistance to help pay for the inevitable shortfall you do indeed have to reveal where every penny of your money goes. In essence getting help with any shortfall is a return to the ‘Means Tested Benefit System’. Those systems were scrapped as they were seen as being demeaning and invasive, an affront to personal dignity. This Government isn’t just out to make life as uncomfortable as possible for the sick and disabled they also want to demean and humiliate them. Methinks this is the tip of a very broad wedge in Cameron’s obvious crusade to either drive the sick and disabled into an early grave through hardship and neglect or drive them into the grave by forcing them to work themselves to death by being forcibly driven into taking up employment to try and survive even though the physical and mental effort of doing so is enough to make their ravaged, weak and feeble bodies simply give in. This Government is knowingly and purposefully handing out death sentances, it is not poor planning or lack of thought and judgment, they must be fully aware of this. After all, they are supposed to be intelligent, clever and smart seeing as how they all went to the ‘best schools’ that money could buy.

  43. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity!!

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  45. It’s a disgusting reality, people need to forge a choice.

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  54. Tendo dessa maneira resultado aberto na fraqueza sexual.

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