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#WEcan Fuck Up The DWP’s Online Campaign To Promote Mass Workfare

workfare-stick-upA whole host of corporate vultures have teamed up with the DWP to launch an online campaign celebrating young people being coerced into working for no pay for some of the richest companies in the UK.

Marks & Spencer, Whitbread, Halfords and shamefully the BBC have all signed up to the #WEcan campaign which aims to encourage even more businesses to provide unpaid work experience positions instead of employing young people properly.  The new initiative comes as the Government draws up plans to force all unemployed young people into permanent unpaid work if they are unable to find a job within six months of becoming unemployed.  This means they have to find enough grubby companies and so-called charities who are prepared to take part in this shocking exploitation.  The #WEcan campaign is part of an attempt to achieve this, so let’s fuck it up.

Already parasites from the welfare-to-work industry are tweeting using the hashtag #WEcan whilst a tumblr page has been set up calling for young people to share their experiences of workfare.  The DWP have also posted a host of youtube videos (comments currently enabled) such as this one which says that “whatever you are doing, any experience is good experience”.  Gone is any pretence at providing placements which involve real training or a chance of a job at the end.  Instead they want young people to mop floors and stack shelves for two months and have the fucking gall to claim they are doing them a favour.

Please help spread the word about this and tweet using the hashtag #WEcan.  And let’s make sure everybody knows which companies are using workfare, starting with @marksandspencer, @premierinn, @Halfords_uk, @WhitbreadPLC, @Barclays and @BBC.

For the latest news on fighting back against forced unpaid work visit: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/

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Disabled Protesters Blockade The BBC

Disabled protesters from DPAC, Black Triangle, Mental  Health Resistance Network and others blockaded a BBC building today in protest at the corporation’s shameful parroting of DWP lies.

Ever since this Government weren’t elected ministers like Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Fraud have misused statistics and even lied outright to smear disabled benefit claimants as scroungers or frauds.  These lies have been repeated without criticism by the toadying BBC who have become little more than a spineless mouthpiece for DWP spin.

This has all taken place against a savage backdrop of cuts to benefits, housing and local services which are forcing thousands of disabled people into brutal poverty, homelessness and tragically even suicide.  This side of the story has rarely been shown on the BBC.

Today disabled people fought back, blockading the entrance to their building in Portland Place.  Watch the video above.

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Black Out the Beeb on Jubilee Day

Strikes are possible over the Jubilee weekend as unions reject what they call a ‘derisory’ pay offer of just 1%.

UNITE, the NUJ and BETCU are balloting over industrial action which could see the BBC’s coverage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee forced off the airwaves.    Should the strike go ahead all good republicans should get down to picket lines and support them.  Whilst Beeb workers face effective pay cuts and redundancies, a fortune is being spent on yet another party for the fucking Windsors.

The Queen must be laughing her tits off at us.  With her subjects suffering under Con-dem austerity, the Windsors are quaffing Champagne and scoffing canapes paid for by cuts to disabled people’s benefits and free school meals.

That the Queen and her gang of inbred thieves have ruled over us for 60 years should be a cause of national mourning not celebration.  And now we are set to face another barrage of chinless toffs lording their riches and privilege over us.  Fuck them. Let the airwaves go blank on jubilee day.  A day of Eastenders repeats would be preferable to cringe-making pop stars sucking up to the Royals.  Peggy Mitchell would make a better Queen than Liz Windsor any day.  And the Mitchell brothers would be proper soldiers, unlike the effete pretensions of William and Harry.

But sparing fictional characters being made head of state, the best we can hope for is the unions sending a message to the world what’s really going on in the UK.  Should BBC bosses not back down we could even see a strike over the sacred Olympics as well.

Turn off your TV on Jubilee day and get down to a picket line or the anti-jubilee protest being held on the banks of the Thames by Republic.

Shame on the BBC …

… for giving Nick Griffen a virtually unopposed platform on Newsnight

and for assuming that someone like Griffen is an apt spokesperson for the white, working class.

One class, one class war.

The level of melatonin in someone’s skin or where they or their grandparents happen to have been born is a divisive irrelevence.

New kids on the block, the eloquently named Class War Youth Death Brigade say it well.

(sorry for the ranting, the void was pissed and pissed off)