Two and a Half Million Reasons Why The Salvation Army Is Holding The Line On Workfare

jesus-workfare-salvationAn astonishing report published by the Salvation Army hints at the huge sums being handed out to charities and the welfare-to-work companies who are involved with the disastrous Work Programme.

According to the report 6000 people have been sent on the scheme with the Salvation Army.  Start fees mean the money paid out for everyone who walks through the doors of Work Programme providers and are set at £3-400 per unemployed person and up to £600 for those on sickness benefits.  It is likely that in excess of £2.5 million of tax payer’s money has already been shared by the Salvation Army and whichever welfare-to-work companies are managing their contracts.  And this is before anyone’s got a job through the scheme, if anyone actually has.  Then they get paid again, although one stark omission from the report is how many of those 6000 people found work.

This is not the only DWP scheme the Salvation Army are involved with.  They also exploit the Mandatory Work Activity programme to benefit from free forced labour in their charities shops.   It is easy to understand why they were recently praised by the DWP for ‘holding the line’ on workfare when other, decent charities have pulled out.

Despite Iain Duncan Smith’s thirty pieces of silver, the charity do make some criticisms of the Work Programme.  The report tells of a Job Seekers Allowance claimant who is described as ‘being in the later stages of multiple sclerosis’.  Whilst not fully clear, it seems this is someone who was found ‘fit for work’ by the vicious Atos assessment regime for sickness and disability benefits.  The charity complain that this meant his ‘job life coach’ had to spend a considerable amount of time helping him challenge his benefits status.  The report suggests that a change to the Work Programme payment structure would help compensate the Salvation Army if they accidentally find themselves doing any real charity work again.

That a so-called Christian charity is happy to participate in such a barbaric scheme is shocking enough.  But the claimant who wasted the Salvation Army’s time by being too ill to make any money out of could be considered one of the lucky ones.   If their health condition had not been immediately visible, or they had chosen not to reveal personal information about their health to a Salvation Army charity worker, then they could have been forced into full time workfare.

This is acknowledged as a potential problem in the report which says that often “barriers to work are not visible or fully disclosed” until late in the Work Programme.  The Salvation Army have said they are happy to force people to work unpaid even if they are on sickness and disability benefits – meaning claimants whose own GPs have said they are unable to work.

Elsewhere the report discusses sanctions and makes a truly astounding confession.  The charity correctly points out that many Work Programme participants have other problems –  such as homelessness or substance misuse – which need to be resolved before they are able to even consider looking for work.  They go on to say that their ‘considered approach’ to this group has led to participants being ‘inappropriately’ sanctioned for not using the Government website Universal Jobmatch to the extent required.  In other words people on the Work Programme with the Salvation Army have been sanctioned because they did what they were told to do.

This does not mean that the charity is opposed to ‘conditionality’, which mean benefits being stopped for up to three years if a claimant fails to carry out ‘work related activity’.  People will also be sanctioned for not doing what the Salvation Army told them to.

Claimants on both unemployment and sickness/disability benefits are often given endless and confusing mandated activity – which can be anything from applying for a certain number of jobs a week to being sent on workfare.   Jobcentre staff are under huge pressure to sanction as many claims as possible.  Whilst the Salvation Army  acknowledge that sometimes ‘conditionality’ can be ‘too stringent’ and ‘counterproductive’ they ‘fully agree’ that sanctions can play ‘a positive role’.

Sanctions mean a claimant facing homelessness because with no benefits they can’t pay their bedroom tax or children going hungry because a stressed out single parent missed a meeting at the Jobcentre.  This can be a positive thing according to  the Salvation Army.

Ever since this Government weren’t elected they have carried out the most vicious attack on the poor in generations.  The Salvation Army have not just been collaborators throughout this onslaught, they are actively profiteering from the suffering caused.  Their report on the Work Programme is so littered with phrases such as ‘worklessness’ and ‘welfare dependency’ it could have been written by the Tory Party themselves.  Despite the mild criticisms, the Salvation Army say in conclusion that the Work Programme is working.

It is certainly working for the Salvation Army whose international headquarters occupy one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the City of London and whose boss is paid around £150k a year.  Blessed are the bastards and the poor can fuck off seems to be this religious charity’s warped understanding of Christianity.

The report seems to have disappeared from the Salvation Army’s website, which is probably a glitch as they were singing the praises of it on twitter over the weekend.  A copy is still available on google cache.

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  1. Nasty Jesus is back again!

    Some people won’t understand.

    • Don’t take it out on Jesus, you never met him and do not know his views.
      Are any of you doing anything for charity or is it all about you. You will not win support this way. You are showing as much prejudice as you say is being shown towards you. You speak of love yet to me you sound as though you are full of hate.

      • Marion;

        Jesus’s views are on record and widely purveyed; and many people have a personal relationship with him.

        I hope that you aren’t betraying your own prejudice by wondering if ‘any’ of us do anything for charity.

        Where you claim to see hate, the truth is often that what you’re actually seeing is fear: regrettably, the trapped animal is sometimes inclined to bite.

        • I am not prejudiced and probably a remark I shouldn’t have made, I just do not think it fair to tar everyone with the same brush, My point is these are individuals not whole groups. People need to be educated not boycotted. I feel sure that you know prejudice of any kind is down to ignorance, sometimes unfortunately wilful ignorance – it will always be so. Think on this: comparing now to when I was young, you have made massive strides and I am sure it will be better still as time goes on – there is no going back. The people who are for you are more than the people who are against you and with good will, it will only increase.

  2. UK going back to Victorian era

    I used to give to their Christmas Appeal – not any more and never will!

  3. I will never go to a Salvation Army shop again. Neither to shop or donate goods. Unbeleivable. They have homeless hostel in my town yet they agree to sanctions which in themselves are cnutish when ONS website reveals only 1 job available for every 5 unemployed. Although latter number is probably higher when taking into account that 8.9 million people of working age are described as being economically inactive. Do you know Johhny if people sanctioned are taken off unemployed count? It would not surprise me to find they are.

    • This last sentence makes a very important point. At what point in the workfare/sanctions process are people being removed from the unemployment statistics? (There are plenty of other very similar questions to be asked, such as about the disabled, or how those in the process of appealing WCA decisions are counted…) Before posting this comment I’ve had a look to see how easily Sam’s question could be answered: the information may well be out there, but I can say that it’s not easy to find.

      I bet the answer to his question is ‘yes’.

  4. Charities have become corporate entities in past few years Johnny did to lack of funding and neeed to find money and sponsorship..

  5. Charities and Corporation tax

    Charities loable for corps tax

  6. Look into the trading arm of the charity thats. where the problems are that cause this.

    Charities are split into two. Parts aims and trading

    • They sell stuff to make profits Which are liable to tax..does the profits go into doing good deeds.. in the end they are acting like all profit making companies ..

  7. All things bright and beautiful
    All creatures great and small
    If you’re human and you’re unemployed
    You’re heading for a fall

    Salvation ‘army’? Uniformed ’employees’ of just another business.
    Just another corrupt for profit organisation.

    May god have mercy on their souls. If such an ‘entity’ really does exist.
    Having faith, if one has such, is nothing to do with subscribing to an ‘organised’ religion.
    True good doesn’t need to fit a certain slot, Love and kindness transcend all that. Most rational people know this, right?

    One day this is going to go just a little too far and hopefully the silent majority will hopefully see the evil the government indulge in and will find their voice. One day the public outrage will come. They cant fool all the people all the time, can they? I like to believe the good people outnumber the bad.

    Sites like this are the frontline in our strivance for triumph over such evil.

    Well done to Mr Void. And the creators of similar sites that are waging a battle to get the real undiluted truth out there.

    Stay strong people.

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  9. Look at the board of trustees and their connections..always check the who knows who..

    • No doubt their workfare slaves will be sent to sort the clothes at this recycling plant.

      • something survived...

        Misread the second time I read this: it looked like: they will send the slaves to be recycled (Soylent Green).

        • Shhh, don’t give them any ideas!

          • something survived...

            When I watched Soylent Green I thought of a wildlife book/course I’d read, it said how the immune systems of predators have to be tough. Because they eat their prey whole, ‘complete with intestinal contents’. The writers of the FILM Soylent Green didn’t seem to address this. Or deal with the fact that poisoning people to death would mean the poison made their meat unfit for consumption. Nevermind the point that cannibalism can cause all sorts of diseases and transmit prions, viruses etc. So presumably all the bodies were stripped then put in a big vat (intact) and churned up together, complete with hair and dirt and lice?

            The course/book I read said that eating animals whole exposes the carnivores to harmful organisms from the guts of their prey, but they have inbuilt immunity (as unborn mammals), and can become sick but the strongest recover and build up more immunity/tolerance.

            Food for thought if any poachers out there had been considering eating Eric Pickles.

  10. Rosemarie Harris

    I will send a copy of this to Dr semutu in the hope he will understand why i keep writing to him, not in the hope of a penpel but in the hope he is still a christian and can feel the bloody unjustice of this!.
    When he goes to meet his maker i don’t think he can use this as a positive way forward as the Figure head of this Company.

  11. ah those again I thought that man on the cross died for us but then these people not only flay you they also put you on that cross so that you wither away yet how can they call themselves a charity when all they do is use slave labour how then are they a charity has such has they no more than the money men who jesus threw out but they hold out for more

    • Spot on jeff3, the only time that Jesus lost his temper, was when he kicked the money changers out of the temple. Now that the Salvation Army have become little more than money changers, they no longer have any associations with him or any temple.

  12. Please feel free to correct me,my WP Provider(sub) sent me on MWA for 4 shitty weeks working for a private builder,no job at the end as they needed help to complete a contract before X-mas and did not want to “Hire” real workers at the time…as I said shitty..My Adviser has now let it slip that they got paid additional money for every week I completed(£200 pw?) is this a wind up or is their truth to this?

    • something survived...

      I’d not be surprised if the scumfare providers (wankfarce) got this or possibly much more. If they list you as having a disability or health condition the pricks will get more. Iain C*nton (Abbey) Smith gets off on this inequity. Today my jobcentre say they are CHANGING my signing on day and time for the Nth time because they’ve finally accepted my WorkToss has ended. I have to go in weekly, starting with a Shiterview next week, where presumably I get harangued by them for not having a job after 2 years of Wankfarce. And if they ask me what I did at wanktoss, if I answer truthfully that we didn’t do anything and nobody got anything resembling help, I am likely to be in trouble. I didn’t get to mention the falsified UJM account they hacked, or the fact they’re probably going to lie all over my exit report…

  13. something survived...

    Salvation Army are anti-gay, by the way. They are anti-Pagan, anti-Atheist, anti-Goth, anti a lot of things.

    See this article on IDS and how he is ‘helping’ the unemployed and poor by cutting their benefits. And see the (414+) comments, mostly against people on benefits.

    Their suggestions on how to treat the people on benefits include:
    Stop all benefits after 1 year
    Make the poor eat their own children, or feed their children to the rich
    Sterilise the poor
    Ban them from having kids
    Child Benefit only for the first child and nothing for each subsequent child
    Make them pick up litter all day etc.
    Force them into the military
    Electrocute them worse each time they sign on
    Ban them having television
    Ban them going abroad ever
    Make them live on food stamps
    Kill them
    Force them into McJobs [this is happening already anyway]
    Make them wear distinctive clothing so it identifies them as claimants
    Put all the poor on the Scottish Islands outdoors and make them work on the land all year round
    Concentration camps or ghettoes for the poor
    Forced resettlement/internal migration to ‘cheaper’ areas

    Some of the worst comments got removed; but many removed comments were pro-poor, so I don’t know why they were removed. When I tried to rate comments up or down, or report offensive ones, it wouldn’t let me. Is Fox News in charge today or what?!

    • Ask jeremy hunt about murdoch wanting to own the BBC and ask him about the firesale of the NHS

      • something survived...

        Ah but I now can’t think or say Jeremy Hunt without thinking /nearly saying
        ‘Jeremy Cunt’.

    • Depressing, isn’t it ? Do these idiots really believe what they say? They obviously dont have any experience of unemployment.

      Mind you, being forced to join the military might not be such a bad idea.. it’ll reach the point where the Workfare Army will be in the majority – access to all those guns and bombs and a very focused point of view regarding who ‘the enemy’ really are.

  14. When a big company like Homebase or Asda use workfare it angers me but it doesn’t surprise me. When you have organizations that purport to be charities exploiting the poor, that just takes the biscuit. Shame on you Salvation army, your hypocrisy stinks to high heaven. Stick your brass band and your Harold Bishop from neighbours up your arse.

    • something survived...

      Salvation Army say (as do some other churches) there is a set number/quota for how many people get into heaven. Trouble is in most cases (it’s only of course for each sect’s own adherents), the sect/cult/church now has more members than the places in heaven. Rather than doubt the word of God or try to renegotiate the figures, they say that the dead from their branch must audition for places after they die and God will only take the best. Hmmmmm.

  15. Obi Wan Kenobi

    IDS on BBC Radio 4 – Today. This time arguing with John Humphys.

    • @OBi did humphreys tell IDS to fuck off as he is a lying cnut.. pity..Btw i didnt realise the amount of money made in recycled why they still charge so much for clothes

      • something survived...

        I’ve worked at endless charities and now am angry at the amount of perfectly usable clothing (donations) being immediately thrown away. It can be a massive proportion of overall donations. The same with items other than clothing, which the shop ‘assumes’ won’t sell. Rather than pass them on to other charity shops or even rag-makers/fibremills, or non-shop charity fairs, or furniture reclaim companies (or wood recyclers), they smash it up and bin it. A Christian one here throws away all (even new) films or books that it thinks are gay or anti-Christian, including Harry Potter and Narnia (CS Lewis = Christian) and Tolkien and Barney the Dinosaur and Teletubbies. Apparently Teletubbies is Homosexual Propaganda, and Barney the Dinosaur is a Communist plot…
        Also anything into Darwin, though Darwin was Christian too.
        You’d have to rewrite the Bible though: ‘And on the second day God created the (Heterosexual) dinosaurs, and on the third day God created Some Sort Of A Fish With Legs’ …’And God created Eve in Her own image, and one day Eve’s descendants’ genes mutated and created the Y chromosome and therefore created Adam’. ‘And God instructed Noah to build a Fucking Great Aircraft Carrier to hold the frozen embryos and seeds of every plant and animal in existence (Noah forgot those of dinosaurs), stacked end to end on every deck. And Noah took amoebas and viruses and bacteria and prions and subatomic particles, and gave them all homes on his ship, and his family looked after nonmonogamous species and ones that don’t just come in standard male and female, plus all the tens of thousands of ‘genders’ of fungi (this meant there was no space for Noah’s wife to store her cosmetics, so they had to be thrown overboard, and mankind spent thousands more years reinventing them).
        [though at every point in history it was males who were more in need of them].’ ‘And some species created after the landing and thaw, turned out to be infertile or just bored, so became extinct’. ‘And God was nominated for the parent of the year award, until Jesus pointed out she had had him killed just in order to prove a theological point’.
        (In other words still wrong, but slightly less wrong.)

        Um remind me again how Barney the Dinosaur is communist? (You have the American Bible Belt to thank for that one)

  16. The BBC is at it again’ interviewing the ignorant public who say I can live on the average wage benefit cap, maybe as single people they could, but not if they had six kids and needed to privately rent in London – The second half of the “We pay your benefits” is on tonight but I won’t be watching it, I guess those that do will report back on here.
    No wonder the sally army are using workfare, because of their stance on forced labour and support of sanctions no-one in their right mind will work for them voluntarily anymore and many more will not donate either.

  17. I’ve been talking to their twitter person all weekend. Or rather AT their twitter person. They keep forgetting to reply to anything requiring evidence or an explanation about how workfare benefits communities as they keep saying it does.

  18. Exploitation Army

    The Salvation Army are scum. They don’t give a fuck that people will be sanctioned for three years and left to starve under a bridge if they try to make a stand against being exploited by them. Despicable behaviour and abuse of power from an organisation that is supposed to help the needy.

  19. If you’re a Christian who supports policies that result in starvation and homelessness you have to invent a new name for yourself.

    Sanctioning thine brethren ? It’s not what Jesus would do. It’s what Tory politicians and members of UKIP would do.

    For nearly 2000 years Christians have been investigating The Bible to try and discover how ‘Love thy neighbour ‘ can mean ‘ Hate thy neighbour ‘ and ‘Turn the other cheek ‘ can mean ‘Behold, our latest nuclear sub – it’ll certainly blow the shit out of anything that breathes for hundreds of miles ‘.

    If you rejoice in benefit sanctions, and poverty and forced labour you cannot say you’re a follower of the guy who explicitly said ‘Love your enemies ‘. The next line is not ‘If that doesn’t work, make them sell second hand shit in our shops and sanction them if they refuse’.

    After all, Jesus laid on that hippy philosophy pretty thick. He had lines like ‘Do not repay evil with evil’ and ‘do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you’. Really! It’s in that book you hold onto when dress up in that funny uniform and start singing about Christian soldiers marching into imaginary wars.

    Speaking for the poor was Jesus’s trademark. After all he supposedly fed 5000 followers at an open air event, and in one sitting. But there was never one report of Jesus handing the bill for catering services to the festival organisers. And he didn’t insist that the diners pay for their meals by working 30 hours a week in junk shops.

    If you’re part of an organisation that sells out the poorest and most vulnerable people in society to forced labour schemes you’re missing the message. So if you’re really concerned about issues like poverty and homelessness in today’s society then just go permanently awol from ranks of The Salvation Army.

  20. Seems to me that the Salvos are fast becoming the UK’s answer to the Westboro Baptist Church. Wonder how long it’ll be before they’re picketing the funerals of people of whom they don’t approve…?

    I’ve been homeless – and the SA simply chucked me at another organisation, which they ‘forgot’ to advise of my autism so, when I arrived there, I found it was completely unsuitable, as I’d be sharing a room (something that, like many with ASD, I can’t do; I can’t cope with it – and neither can the person who’s forced to share a room with me). So. I ended up sleeping rough on the streets of one of the most dangerous cities in the country (Bradford) – I’m lucky I only got mugged!

  21. Didn’t know how much these “charities” and workfare ppls got, while the poor guys doing the work get damn all.
    As for the so called “salvation army”…..well in my big book….they aint actually Christian as they don’t accept baptism, thus, not only are they proper “heretics” they don’t have the right to justify the christian tag either.
    Ecclesial orthodoxy aside, in view of their exploitation of the poor, and the homeless, all other churches with any degree of real charity as well as their own reputations should distance themselves from this lot of spongers! Hey! That’s just given me a new name for the evil Satanists….the “Sponge-ation” army. Or the “Spongists!” (church of)

  22. Anyone that reads my blog will know what I think of the Salvation Army. However to hear they actually helped a guy with MS is extraordinary. My adviser point blank refused to accept I had any problems even when information was part of the DWP referral.

  23. Landless Peasant

    It’s that pesky ol’ Protestant Work Ethic again, which allegedly stems from the secret teachings of Jesus divulged to Lazarus, aka Christian Rozencreutz and formerly Hiram Abiff, whose followers (in the belief that earthly suffering leads to Spiritual growth), via the practice of their ‘State Craft’, create the conditions deemed necessary for our Spiritual growth in preparation for the Aquarian Age. Roman Catholics, and quite possibly many other Christian denominations, have traditionally viewed this belief as Heresy, yet IDS is a Catholic, which just goes to show what a fucking hypocrite the bald bastard is. Blair tried to save his soul by switching sides after the fact, whereas Lord Fraud will switch sides at the drop of an hat and continue with his esoteric Luciferian plan unhindered, as I’ve pointed out to both my previous Work Coaches and several GPs alike many a time….sigh….thank God I’ve only probably got about another 20 years or so left on this earth, so fuck the lot of ’em.

    • something survived...

      IDS was selected in Hell as his head was exactly the right shape for Satan to use IDS as a dildo…

  24. A word in defense of the SA.

    The rules that (should) give the charities space to work (tax status, funding by donation, etc.) have been in the hands of the Govt for a long time. Since the introduction of the national lottery (and the associated fall in direct charitable giving by the public), Govt have an even tighter hold (by the balls, really) over the charities. My understanding is that some of the larger charities are now existentially beholden to Govt – do and say as Govt directs or else… SA may feel that it is better to compromise and at least continue the majority of their good work?

    That’s only my understanding, and I could be completely wrong. Even if I’m right, the question is whether the charities have compromised themselves beyond redemption.

    • overburdenddonkey

      try to change an organisation from within, and one gets changed from within..i realize that,that you say…the grip of their paymaster will get tighter and tighter…that the slavenation arny has sold out, is for them to deal with and not to inflict onto others….

    • Charities are businesses with a trading arm with tax status it doesnt matter what they are about they sell stuff so therefore are traders like anyone else

  25. Landless Peasant

    “Disillusioned words like bullets bark
    As human gods aim for their mark
    Make everything from toy guns that spark
    To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
    It’s easy to see without looking too far
    That not much is really sacred”

    – Bob Dylan

  26. overburdenddonkey

    landless peasant…
    as tracy chapman sung…heavens here on earth…and if one looks closely, one will find heart in earth…the slavenation arny, are heretics, to the simple church of human being…and i shall tell them what i think of them…will they listen no, they will try to “help” me…for they are blind to their sins….who else said, one finds salvation through work, it was some one famous, arbeit macht frei…as if we are all born sinners…that their are no jobs escapes their attention? jobs are falling out of the economy faster than are being created..still at least they have created their own god’s entrepreneurs…profit from the suffering of others…

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  28. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    We all have our cross to bear and collectively the Salvation Army are our cross. Undoubtedly their god would spit in their corrupt evil faces…scum!

  29. Just saw news about benefit cap this 26 grand i dont know anyone who gets that why do they believe that shit if IDS said the world was flat they would believe it oh Its popular well so was hanging look what happened to that

    • There was also a report on Channel 4 news last night on the benefits cap. The glee in the reporters voice as he uttered the words” This is one of the government’s most popular policies with the public” was palpable. Popular with the spiteful, small minded, middle-class judgemental bigots who read the Daily Heil & Torygraph & lap up this shit & regurgitate it all over the comments. God, I hate these mindless middle-class idiots & would happily nuke them all into oblivion. If these cunts want a class war, well, I’m up for the fight!

  30. overburdenddonkey

    i expect that they are to busy polishing up their instruments of street torture or praying for reply to this post…

  31. I thought that the social security and nhs were set up to replace the appalling workhouse and its conditions. My grandfather was a survivor of the workhouse and was more than happy to pay national insurance to keep himself and others from ever going back to that time. The nhs and social were set up for the sick/poor/vunerable/elderly and a safety net for people who needed it. For the people with the peoples money. Not for the government of the day to say we can no longer afford it its not working. Just cos it not making money for the wealthy. This government will not be satisfied till the workhouse is brought back. People are already living in caves but according to ids the homeless figures havent gone up. What is wrong with people what has happened to our spirit that made us great. Very soon there will be no nhs no social security no saftey net for our children our grand children are we going to stand by and let a bunch of boffoons take what generations built up. Wake up and smell the coffee take off the rose tinted glasses before its too late. Sorry for the lecture dont usually text much

  32. “Even this tactic underplays DisabilityCare’s long-term function: to reclassify as many disabled people as possible as capable of employment. Those deemed able to work will no longer receive the disability support pension (DSP), but will be pushed onto far-lower Newstart unemployment benefits and pressured to take low-paid jobs.”

  33. “Under conditions of deepening social inequality and with social tensions rising, Britain’s ruling elite are trampling on fundamental democratic rights like their counterparts in the United States and across Europe.”

  34. They always pissed me off by hanging around pubs flogging “The War Cry”.

    • Arbeitsscheu_UK

      Me too,,,if only we had known what was coming we could have shoved their war cry down their hypocritical throats there and then

    • I always refused them on the grounds that i didn’t believe in funding paramilitary organizations.

  35. What’s so sad is this: there was a time when the SA was loved by a great many people.

  36. My prediction for next year :
    first the benefit cap will be shown not to be working and the scrounging scum bags have managed to exploit it, hence huge flurry of government friendly newspapers hating the benefit scrounging scumbags.
    workfare will be made to sound good to the general public (lots of things will be hidden from the public, such as brutal sanctions still going on etc).
    Minimum wage will be revoked.
    Lots of low paid workers now cannot afford to work so have to resign and go on JSA, now they will be forced to go on workfare.

  37. greyhound smith

    Fellow sufferers. With the very recent set of DWP rules which are more punitive than ever I think the dept. is out of control!) does anyone on here know what happens if they close a claim. It’s the housing benefit I am most concerned with. ? Advice appreciated. I used to volunteer for Citizens Advice but even I am perplexed.

    • As far as I am aware, at present, Housing Benefit is calculated according to your INCOME not what benefits you get, though you are automatically entitled to housing benefit if you are in receipt of JSA or Income Support, so if you stop getting these benefits your Housing Benefit will automatically stop, so you will have to make a new claim giving details of your new circumstances. I dont know if this will change though when Universal Credit comes in. .

  38. My local evening newspaper recently reported how the hypocritical Sally Army were engaged with other charities in campaigning against the Tories’ welfare “reforms”. I pointed out on their web comments’ section what the true position of this organisation was; namely their collaboration with DWP sanctioning and compelling claimants to engage in forced labour in their shops. Spookily, my comments disappeared shortly afterwards whilst others remained. Perhaps the “Almighty” was a tad pissed off with my less-than-respectful views on his followers. The flames of Hell no doubt await me. Can’t be any worse than a Work Programme placement, I suppose.

    • overburdenddonkey

      trevor…not only do they minimise opposition to govt, cuts as people who give to their campaign funds, think that their money goes to opposing the cuts…but they also profit from the actual cuts…win-win-win for the commercials charities…

      • overburdenddonkey

        jobs are falling out of the economy, faster than they can ever be created, therefore driving competition for remaining jobs up, and wages down…tantalis..”jobs ready” cru-el, goad, getting hopes up of reaching “jobs promised land”,only those who already have specific skills already will easily get jobs, those who do not form a Q, outside mcjobs et al, in other words tinkering with what already exists, to maintain the status-quo, the message from the govt is, what we do as govt is ok, and if one does not agree, one is not ok, and you will suffer and we have the power to ensure that you will, the govt likes the way things already are, and will not change things, they love their lavish lifestyles, and scrumptious kindergartens…cognitive dissonance….as the govt are failing to invest in the enterprises needed to create new jobs, and the job skills that go with these enterprises, nothing is going to change…that our unified jobs market is targeted to specific jobs skills, for reasons of actually restricting, (controlling), new investments, in green technologies, sustainable eco housing, perma-culture et al to encourage, work share and a platform for a citizens income, clearly shows the true colours of mono-culturalist, intentions of the establishment ..rather than a redistributive economy as opposed to an economy that serves the capitalist status-quo

  39. Why are the unemployed not targetting DWP offices for protests, especially as they are creating the work programmes and benefit cuts?

    • Imagine a political party of the unemployed and disabled! There would be at least 5 million votes in it. Bigger than UKIP!

    • An excellent question Guy, to which there is no easy answer, but it could be partly to fears that protesting could lead to sanctions and loss of benefits, (and this is understandable) or perhaps just plain apathy.

      It constantly amazes me that so many people affected by the changes in the system don’t even know about sites like this, and it’s not all down to lack of access/lack of ability to use the internet.

      It could also be down to a reluctance to take part as it’s never fashionable to admit to being unemployed, especially now, and most unemployed people would perhaps rather keep their heads down and remain as inconspicuous as possible.

      It would be good to see that kind of thing happening, but sadly it’s my guess that this kind of action won’t start happening until things become a lot worse.

  40. “Demonstrators besieged Leith Job Centre in Edinburgh on 11th July to oppose the 30% sanctions target set by a new manager there. Police manhandled protestors who entered the building and announced that the Public Order Act was in force. Part of the Boycott Workfare Week of Action Against Workfare, the demo denounced all work-for-your-benefits schemes, and proclaimed opposition to the whole austerity programme.

    Organised by Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty and supported by Greater Leith Against the Cuts, the demo saw around 30 – 40 people participating including several disability rights activists and several people who signed on at Leith Job Centre. One demonstrator told how she herself had been sanctioned and was surviving on meagre hardship payments. Others recounted how the new Hit Squad at Leith Job Centre were trying to bully and threaten them into signing up to the Universal Jobmatch government job search account and give permission for their jobsearch to be electronically monitored.

    It is clear the local manager’s declaration that 30% of claimants were not meeting the conditions for receiving Job Seekers Allowance – and therefore should be sanctioned – is being translated into oppressive bullying treatment on a daily basis.”

    (from obd’s link)

  41. Rosemarie Harris

    Whoops! Dr sumatu is I think YMCA not the Salvation army! It’s the bloody sun and heat it’s getting to me.!
    Or it’s just all too much!

  42. hmm ok some info! if u’r benefits are stopped u need to start a new claim! this is based on how much money u have coming in not on what benefits u are getting! if u have no benefits or money coming in u’r housing benefit is assessed on that they will ask how u are managing to live with no money coming in & they will frequently ask u 4 up date or if there has been any change more often & lm not sure yet what happen to the bedroom tax money due but lm sure l’ll find out!! according to a link provided by bbc Questiontime the claimants all come off the unemployment figures which might explain the drop in those figures currently being boasted about the link should be on their twitter page somewhere, well it was at the time! lm sorry but l dont know what the link is you’d have to look 4 it!
    ooh & l do have an issue with these things which is l dont want to give u my email address & why should I? l get quite enough shit & hassle off the DWP l really dont need yours as well!!
    my thoughts are that its to
    prove lm a real person
    prove lm not from the other side (shit stirring)
    prove lm not from the DWP (4 what point?)
    to keep me updated with protest stuff (not interested!)
    to engage me on relevant issues (again not interested)
    does this make me someone who is apathetic selfish or not involved?
    hmm nope this makes me someone who is ill 2 the point that l can only just cope with those bastards and their crap l genuinely cant cope with anything more & that is what is happening to all those people involved in this that other people think should be protesting!

  43. Obi Wan Kenobi

    UJM UPDATE – Note the extra wording in paragraph 82.

    From: Operations FOI Requests Department for Work and Pensions


    Our Ref: VTR2846

    15 July 2013

    UJ Toolkit Chp 3 v37.0 11.07.13.pdf

    Chapter 03 – Using Universal Jobmatch (UJ)

    Actively Seeking Employment

    82. We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this – it is not therefore possible to require JSA claimants to give DWP access to their Universal Jobmatch account.

  44. There are over 9 million people this government has written off as economically inactive ( not allowed to claim any benefits) hoban says the policies are helping as the unemployed figures have gone down but the inactive people has gone up it doesnt take a maths genius to work out why or am i just missing the whole point that whatever hoban and ids say is correct

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Take your pick: – Work Programme, Mandatory Work Activity, Employment Measures and Sanctions, all of these make the claimant count look like it’s gone down.

      The DWP do like their bullshit served nice and hot – all you can eat bullshit special’s with extra bullshit for touting bullshit in person live on the news channels.

  45. greyhoundsmith

    Are we the same people that took part in the Peasants Revolt, Naval Mutineers (1797), Tolpuddle, Chartists, 20th century Trade Unionists etc.? Or has a 50 year burst of technology based consumerism made us soft? Maybe we need an organisation to protect us. Obviously none of us can look to Labour/Trade Unionism. Both bought and sold.

  46. ~ The same people, but drip-fed lies about a technologically brave new [future] world full of promise/gadgets/’good’ standard of living – just come and get it – “if you work hard you can progress” (earlier there was some truth in this). NHS free at the point of use. Unemployment benefit (enough to manage to live a half-way decent life) a right, if/when jobs become temporarily scarce. Anyone can – and really should, own their own house (it’s been seen as remiss not to). Social housing available if that proved difficult for any reason(s). Anyone should be able to aim to go to university (as a principle) – before the concept of loans for all came into being. America(nisation) as the ‘gold standard’.

    Some of this was seen as improvement all round (for a short time at least). People soon adapt to ‘improved’ conditions in their lives rather than spending too much time looking back – maybe making plans for their next holiday/home/getting on with their lives instead, without having to spend all their time making ends meet/worrying about their children’s future chances.

    Whereas before, the working classes knew exactly who they were/and knew their place; knew who ‘the enemy’ were. They were a cohesive group in ways that have become less and less likely with the advent of (eg) call centres (replacing factories) and ‘everyone’ no longer being forced to attend church on Sundays/make their own clothes/spend time with/talk to their neighbours if they choose not to. For any gains, we lost more than we realised. Politics as a part of everyday life has been not only devalued but is no longer recognisable as something ‘anyone can have a view on’. The more it has become reported/written about, the further away it now is from (too many) people’s daily experience of life.

    Labour now being tagged ‘the party of welfare’ (which couldn’t be further from the truth in the way it’s meant), or even as ‘The Welfare Party’ as part of an an attempt to enhance the ‘truth’ that, in contrast, Tory/libdems are for ‘business’ (by definition ‘good’) and for progress/’getting on’.

    Anyone who objects/tries to hang on to any what was fought so hard for (in the very recent past) can be passed off easily as, variously: lazy/lacking in drive/ambition/whining unnecessarily/backward-looking. Depending on your age when all of these transitions have taken place, it’s not so difficult to see how (for at least some people), there has never been a sense of a ‘communal struggle’. Or, perhaps that it’s not within their experience to expect/look for such a thing to exist. (On a factory floor, there would be nothing but talk about conditions throughout the day – in between talk about other things – but in a JobCentrePlus everyone struggles alone, and the only conversations – if you can call them that – are between people who are sitting across a desk from one another). Those who do share their experiences/have friends in the same situation as themselves still experienced their own individual hell, as a result of the all-too-effective tactics used to keep us apart.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, boom and bust used to be the way of things, but now there is no prospect, of a boom for the oppressed, the traditional employment, that we all once relied on is gone, we are no longer required to fill the factories and the places of mass employment…our labour is too expensive when compared to other countries, like it or not, and i do not, we are in a global economy….the working classes were never anything other than expendable to the bossing classes, all we ever were is/was tools, to create wealth for the bully owners, now we are no longer required, en mass…cromwell failed, coz he failed to acknowledge…the emergent rage, from the power vacuum….suddenly even if, for a brief moment, pent up feelings caused by oppression were vented…revolution…should be slow, and allowed to mature over time….which is why i believe knowledge of what is truth, is power, and that individual resistance, is very powerful..sometimes a group of individuals unite!..

  47. I posted a comment on the Salvation Army facebook page asking where the work programme report was and they said that due to a power outage (they must think I sailed up the Thames on a water biscuit) it wasn’t available, they then sent me a link which as you can see above does not work.
    I told them that I thought it was appalling that a supposedly Christian organisation should be involved in this and do you know what they did…they banned me from posting and removed my comments.
    I’m not the only one either; there is a facebook page that’s been set up for those banned from the Salvation Army page

  48. greyhoundsmith

    The global economy will not be a land of ‘milk and honey’ for the people’s of the world neither will there be any real freedoms despite phoney democratic apparatus in place. It will be the ultimate tyranny with a wretched slave economy (embracing 90% of us). The elites will have a mandarin class of civil servants and soldiers to suppress us. The progressive, radical improvements of human life of the last 200 years are being quickly destroyed. Literally Orwell’s 1984. I felt like Winston Smith when talking to an O’Brien character at the DWP last week; all my sensible suggestions and arguments were treated with perverse logic by someone truly vile.

    • GS – And David Icke’s predictions of a cull vastly reducing the world population to maybe 100 million or so, just enough to serve the needs of the ruling 1% aren’t looking so unlikely after all. At present it seems quite plausible that in the not-too-distant future another bird/pig flu-type virus will be released – this one will be real and effective – and will be ignored by the public because the previous ones turned out to be nothing. The Boy Who Cried Wolf tale made real. It’ll make the Spanish Flu outbreak after WW1 look like a walk in the park! Sleep tight, everybody…

  49. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity!

  50. Mark Schwendemann

    Go to and read my dissertation about the Salvation Army=SLAVENATION Army – Addict Sweatshop!

  51. Currently on a MWA work placement been hearing what goes on at Hadleigh Farm in Hadleigh Essex a large piece of land owned by them overlooking the Thames Estuary and park used for biking during Olympics. Salvos are a nasty bunch believe it! People on MWA worked so hard they have ended up with back injuries, plots of earth just created so c

    • So can just be pointlessly turned iover again and again for no reason at all. Heavy labour carried out when the salvos can easy afford machinery to do it but dont.

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