Workfare Makes You Free Claim Salvation Army – Join the Online Day of Action

jesus-workfare-salvationJoin the online day of action tomorrow (Tuesday 19th March) and tell workfare exploiters The Salvation Army exactly what the public think about their use of forced labour.

The Salvation Army released an astonishing statement recently which seems to suggest they will force people on sickness or disability benefits as into unpaid workers.

In a series of answers to questions asked on social media, the charity are unrepentant about their use of workfare.  Responding to a question asking how they “can morally take sick and disabled people and force them to work?” the charity reply that they believe in “emancipation through employment” – a chillingly familiar phrase.

The Salvation Army have shown they are happy to act as Iain Duncan Smith’s workfare foot soldiers and yesterday their fight for the right to use unpaid workers even became physical.  The charity’s response to a peaceful protest at their London offices was to man-handle protesters and then to falsely accuse one individual of assault.

This so called charity need to be shown just how many people object to their use of forced unpaid labour.  Join in the online day of action and tell them what you think!

Salvation Army UK can be contacted on twitter @salvationarmyuk and facebook:

They can be telephoned on (020) 7367 4500  or emailed at:

The Salvation Army’s fake trendy youth section are on facebook at:

The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters advised protesters to visit their London Elephant & Castle offices as part of today’s workfare protest.  They were met with a heavy handed and aggressive response which left one person arrested temporarily after being falsely accused of assault.  Salvation Army International are on twitter at @TSA_IHQ and facebook at:

To tell Salvation Army branches round the world what is being done in their name in the UK find twitter details at:

Please tweet, blog, share and spread the word!

Join the National Week of Action Against Workfare now taking place:

69 responses to “Workfare Makes You Free Claim Salvation Army – Join the Online Day of Action

  1. Arbeit macht frei -“emancipation through employment”.

    Walked out of A4e not sure what the next move is and how fast they are to sanction???

    • Hi Anomie
      “Walked out of A4e not sure what the next move is and how fast they are to sanction???””
      Just a question of pushing a button on a keyboard. Enter reason – take your pick from DNA (Did not attend), DNE (Did Not Engage) etc. etc. This then winged off to the WP08 (raise a sanction doubt) department at HO and on the process goes.
      If you want to be awkward (shame on you) you could wait till the sanction goes through i.e. not defend it at the first stage, but ask for a copy of the WP08. Check the validity of the WP08 against the DWP guidance (see chapters 6 &8 of Then, as soon as you are notified that you have been sanctioned, put in an appeal. Say you want to appear personally at the tribunal. Also say that you need the A4e advisor to be there AND the A4e person who signed the WP08 (i.e. the person at A4e’s HO sanction factory). You may lose the appeal but it will cost A4e money to ship people around and lose a day’s work from each one.
      If more people did this maybe the system would be altered so that sanctions ceased to be a weapon of first resort.

      • How long after a “doubt is raised” before you hear anything back? Was thrown off the “work programme” almost two months ago and haven’t heard a dicky-bird.

      • Or should I have already asked for the WP08 form?

      • And how can you defend a sanction until you know you have been sanctioned?

      • I can’t see an “adviser” or an “admin clerk” in the sanction factory wanting to take a day off work to attend a tribunal, gissajob, or is that your whole idea 🙂

        • They have no choice but to attend. You are exercising your right to question them at the tribunal. If they fail to turn up having been directed to do so by the tribunal then they will fail – i.e. your appeal will succeed. And the tribunal will not be pleased with them!

          • Gissajob, I have heard that the DWP never turn up at tribunals. I can’t ever imagine wp staff turning up at a tribunal lol its just not going to happen. So an appeal would automatically succeed then, cool, handy to know 🙂 thanks 🙂

      • Hi Gissajob,

        Thanks very much for the counsel will use the information in the appeal if they move to sanction.

        • something survived...

          you can Attend AND engage and still be sanctioned because the tw*ts have quotas of people to select for arbitrary sanctions.

          • Officially – to Arbeit-rarily Sanction / Cast a Doubt.
            See also, ‘Cast not a doubt ‘Til Spring is out’ – being introduced at the beginning of April 2013 (unlucky for some); refers only to new claimants in week 1.

  2. Gods mafia and partners in crime with #IDS, crucifying would be too good for that worthless piece of shit

  3. One increasingly feels there’s a lamppost somewhere with George Smith written on it.

    • something survived...

      If unable to climb lamppost to attach rope, consider use of tractor and drag the bastard along the M1.

  4. I remember a similar logo accross the gates at the entrance to,”Auschwictz”.

    • something survived...

      The Nazis didn’t get the irony that Oswiecim means ‘blessed place’…. Or they did, if they think that the killings are god’s work.

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  6. Landless Peasant

    The Salvation Army lists “the relief of poverty” as one of its objectives, so very hypocritical of them to use poor people who are forced to “volunteer” under threat of suffering greater poverty.

    • Left my twopence worth on the SA International website. I’m banned from the UK one after comments I left on it about workfare & it appears I’m not the only one.

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  8. I seem to remember ’employment’ being a contract between an employer and an employee, not an agreement between an employer and a people-trafficker.
    Even if you considered the DWP to be absent in the arrangement, they’re still meant to be VOLUNTEERS, not contractual workers.
    I just hope then when this farce comes to a close, those charities not wise enough to have avoided this scheme, get a bone-shattering legal boot to the sternum.

  9. Centre for Social Justice, the practice of modern-day slavery on British soil.

    The CSJ definitions of modern slavery in the report could competently prosecute the mandatory work programmes of the DWP.

  10. Well folks, I have been trying since 1981 to tell people where were heading, very few would listen, even these people in the link below didn’t listen, they now know, better late then never I suppose. You all think that it couldn’t get any worse ?, you have seen nothing yet…
    “The preparations for a police dictatorship in the United States are well advanced and include the drawing up of lists of citizens and residents to be detained, or worse.”
    The UK/EU is going the same way, it was planned out to be this way long before 1979. I don’t think we have very long to find out…God help us all.

  11. farages fucked face

    Tory ogre says Labour will never be though on welfare as the tories.

  12. I’ve been wary of the Salvation Army ever since I saw them at the Cenotaph one Remembrance Sunday. They were marching in a way that was akin to goosestepping. It was a frightening sight. Their attitude to Workfare doesn’t surprise me.

  13. BBC Parliament right now – the Jobseekers (back to Work Schemes) Bill is being “discussed” in the House of Home Counties scum (aka the Commons)…

  14. “emancipation through employment”

    It is a good job we don’t have cotton that needs picking! How would a Thalidomide victim like Mrs White experience “emancipation” by working unpaid for the Salvation Army?

    • something survived...

      Salvation Army:
      “Lots of job opportunities here! She can lick a stamp, bang a tambourine, or we can use her as a doorstop or draught excluder.”

      Caring Compassionate Conservativism at work….

      • sally army mwa victim

        I spent 4 weeks on Mandatory Work Activity in a Salvation Army shop holding the door open all frigging day. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!

  15. I actually have a soft spot for the Salvation Army – being that they are one of the few christian organisations that actually respond to need in a practical way when everyone else has abandoned the people they help. The work they do, to feed, support and look after people that no one else does is valued by me.

    HOWEVER, they are very wrong on this issue, and their responses are very poor. I believe organisations are ignorant when they have government officials etc waving incentives at them and telling them why workfare is a good idea. They certainly get spun untruths about what it is and how it ‘helps’ people. However, now people are informing them and they are choosing to ignore it. That’s not good. Neither is banning people from their face book page.

    Work is emancipating, only if it is paid for and paid for at a fair rate that allows people to live full and enriching lives. It is never emancipating to force the sick, the disabled, the ill and the dying into forced labour. Not the well and able either actually. In this matter the Salvation Army is being pig headed and harmful in pursuing government policies on their behalf. I am glad that people are posting biblical text on face book to show them that they are acting against their own principles. IDS might be reminded to get back to core values – he seems to think he is doing God’s work and needs to read his bible apparently as he is not up to scratch. I don’t know why they don’t know this already but they seem not too. They have got things very wrong right now. Humility is also meant to be a christian trait. So I suggest they stop acting as government henchmen, apologise for their misguided actions and get back to the work that I had grown to recognise and be thankful for.

    If they want to improve their services further, I suggest that they start lobbying the government and ask them why they are currently needing to provide soup kitchens and support to the homeless. Volunteering may be emancipating and is certainly useful but orced labour is only enslaving. I know that I want their work done by volunteers not the threatened and coerced. I don’t want to be served by a fearful enslaved person in one of their shops, why do they want them to be there?

    • You aint got a £68 bill, unpaid ill add and staying that way, from them asking for the 2 days they claim were unpaid from my stay at the hostel, when god forbid i transferred the housing benefit to the flat.
      2 days, riggggghhhhht…. maybe one, and on that day , i was leaving, they told me to wait till i had my evening meal… what good eggs i thought at the time.
      Until i left and went to claim the food parcel that everyone leaving for a new flat or house is entitled to… Ohhh fuckin no, not for me, the guy who never took the piss, stopped more fights than i can count, kept my nose squeaky clean, me who made sure i leveled up my account in full of Service charge before leaving, making myself skint after paying for odds and sods in the flat as i wasnt entitled to a community care grant…I though as i coughed over the money, no point screwing em, you never know when you’ll need em again… Fuck em thought i.

      Fuck em up a tree till their arse hole bleeds thought i when a bill for £68 landed on the door mat.

      I’ll freeze to death on a derelict bungalow porch before those chiseling cunts make another brass centime out of my misfortune

  16. I have received help from the sali army when i was at a very low point and had problems with addiction, they helped and i can honestly say that it saved my life, to see them go down this road is very disappointing.
    work will set you free, wasn’t that on the gate to austwich.
    this coupled with things like the liverpool care pathway the constant attacks on the most vulnerable, this is eugenics and that is what the nazi’s practised with ardent fervour. when do the book burnings start.
    this road is a very nasty one to travel and needs to be stopped

  17. John McDonnell (Labour, Hayes and Harlington) is speaking up well against the government’s attempt to drive through the Jobseekers (back to Work Schemes) Bill. At least there are some decent MPs left, if only there were more.

      • Vox Political has received the following comment, regarding the Jobseekers (back to work schemes) Bill, due to go before Parliament
        “Just had a reply from my MP Sheila Gilmore, Labour.
        “’The Guardian article was wrong. The Labour front bench is not voting for the Bill. Currently they are looking to secure some amendments. Lots of discussion in the Parliamentary Labour Party ongoing.’”
        This seems extremely good news. If it’s true, of course, we’ll never know whether it was due to the pressure of public feeling or if they were always going to oppose it.

        • Your pleasure is misplaced! They didn’t vote for the bill – just abstained so the bill goes through without effective opposition.
          They have just lost my vote.

          • The bill has just been waved through, with only a few Labour members putting any real arguments against.

            Labour are just Tories Lite. Shame on them.

            • Could someone confirm this ?.

              I remember reading some years ago that Atos were first started up by the wife of a high ranking Australian Libor politician. I only bring this up as it is strange that it was New Labour that first brought Atos into all this, some connection we don’t know about ?, does that Australian Libor politician and his wife still have somekind of stake in Atos ?, being both sister parties what kind of connection do some in New Labour have with that Australian Libor politician. Of course that high ranking Australian Libor politician may not be in a position of power now ?.

              Something very strange about all this…

            • I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry …. the MPs who stood up to put the case against retrospective, rushed-through legislation, and said it was a very bad day for the DWP/IDS that he’d fallen so foul of the courts – what was the point? If they can’t muster the numbers needed to vote the bill down it’s all just a waste of electricity/air/all-of-our time. It’s all getting too predictable and not a little ominous.

              They’re now officially ‘not waving; but drowning’.

  18. “emancipation through employment” …that must be an inside joke between the lazy boys because the last time i checked “emancipation” still meant being freed from control and employment meant PAID work by definition.

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  20. Labour have just lost my vote

  21. Shit, last time we heard that you will be free is just before they rounded us up and sold us as slaves to rich folks. One good thing we will not have to kiss our master ass we have the lib dems for that.

  22. just lost my vote as well its a sad day labour have gone to the dogs.
    R i P. Labour.

  23. “Figures obtained from a Freedom of Information request by BBC Wales showed that nearly half of those in Wales who were deemed fit to work appealed the decision and more than 40% of those won.”

  24. third comment on here is ‘How long untill a doubt is raised’ for not attending work programme. Yesterday, I did not attend an apointment with my advisor. I would be interested to find out too, But I gues ill have to wait and see. So far, no phone call or anything……! If I get a sanction and choose to appea, How do i go about getting it done in court?? Even though I know ill lose I would like to waste their time and money attending the court. afterall they will be taking my benifits away so feel its only fair.

    How do I request a tribunal is it a case of simply requesting it?

    Dont care if I loose, Its just a bit of payback dragging them through a bit of their own poison….. Ill aquse my advisor of being a lier…. hopefully I can make them endure 1% of the stress I have been through because of them, That will be satisfactory enough. Bunch of hell raised inhumane people. I wish the work programme would go to hell where it belongs.

    On salvation army?? They have lost my faith completely

    • The delay and waiting is just the DWP/Jocentres lame attempt to stress their victims out because they know that they are expecting the dreaded brown envelope popping through the letterbox, stress is bad for people – it kill people, and shocks too (good or bad), they can kill people. The only good thing is that the longer the procedure drags on the more time to try and save a few pennies and stash a few cans of beans. It appears as if the work programme and the “advisers” have been shipped in from the bowels of Hell where they will heading back to!

  25. Name Stephen Andrew Boyfield Date of Birth 23/01/1947
    Officers Title Mr Nationality British
    Present Appointments 8 Function Director
    Appointment Date 10/02/2004
    Address Fir Trees, Beechwood Lane Culcheth, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 4HJ
    Other Actions View Director Report View Consumer Report

    Name Hugh Ridley Sykes Date of Birth 12/09/1932
    Officers Title Sir Nationality British
    Present Appointments 18 Function Director
    Appointment Date 07/07/2005
    Address Brookfield Manor, Main Road, Hathersage, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S32 1BR
    Other Actions View Director Report View Consumer Report

    Name Mark Lovell Date of Birth 12/05/1970
    Officers Title Mr Nationality British
    Present Appointments 12 Function Director
    Appointment Date 07/05/1998
    Address Groom House 9 Groom Place, London, SW1X 7BA
    Other Actions View Director Report View Consumer Report

    Name Robin Urquhart Young Date of Birth 07/09/1948
    Officers Title Sir Nationality British
    Present Appointments 6 Function Director
    Appointment Date 01/01/2007
    Address 37 Warkworth Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1EG
    Other Actions View Director Report View Consumer Report

    Name Andrew Mark Dutton Date of Birth 30/09/1971
    Officers Title Mr Nationality British
    Present Appointments 7 Function Director
    Appointment Date 01/10/2010
    Address Queens House Queen Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 1GN
    Other Actions View Director Report View Consumer Report

    Name Matthew Stevens Date of Birth 26/07/1969
    Officers Title Mr Nationality British
    Present Appointments 8 Function Director
    Appointment Date 24/07/2012
    Address Queens House Queen Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 1GN
    Other Actions View Director Report View Consumer Report

    Current Company Secretary
    Name Stuart Sullivan Date of Birth –
    Officers Title Mr Nationality
    Present Appointments 1 Function Company Secretary
    Appointment Date 26/10/2012
    Address Queens House Queen Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 1GN
    Other Actions View Director Report View Consumer Report View Trace Report

    Top 20 Shareholders
    Name Currency Share Count Share Type Nominal Value
    MARK LOVELL GBP 1,368,750 ORDINARY 0.01
    ROY NEWEY GBP 90,000 ORDINARY 0.01
    Unable to report percentage holdings as filed Shareholder listing is not full.
    Previous Directors/Company Secretaries

  26. Reading through the provider guidence it appears the provider is instructed to build a case against the stock, a criminal conspiracy of entrapment to defraud the claiment of welfare payments.

    A4e is not a work progarmme it is a penal system that has draconian powers to destroy the person.

    • yeah, as soon as you enter the building you are being fitted up for a sanction. its inevitable, you know it is coming, just a case of when not if. the sooner these evil organisations are closed down the better. emma harrison can kiss my arse

  27. I was astonished to read today that Daily Mail had published an article approving of the Nazi Arbeit Macht Frei before having to pull it quickly after it went viral on twitter.

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  29. Exactly where is there forced labour by S.Army? No proof whatever.

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