UK Uncut Target HSBC With Foodbank Protests

ukuncut_logoUK Uncut are back out on the streets this weekend promising to turn branches of HSBC into foodbanks  on Saturday 20th July.  Actions are planned in at least 12 cities including London, Glasgow, Manchester, Oxford and Shrewsbury – for the full list visit their website.

The action has been billed a day of ‘creative civil disobedience’ involving ‘occupying and shutting down bank branches, distributing food to the public and collecting food for distribution to local food banks.’

Naomi Rogers, a spokesperson for UK Uncut said “Half a million people now rely on food banks and it’s the government’s decision to slash benefits that’s forcing that number up. The benefit cap, bedroom tax, the scrapping of crisis loans and attacks on disability living allowance and job seekers allowance are driving people into shocking levels of poverty.”

For the Central London action meet at HSBC, 133 Regent Street, Saturday 2oth July at noon, for details at:

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23 responses to “UK Uncut Target HSBC With Foodbank Protests

  1. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    Food (for thought) banks

  2. overburdenddonkey

    there we have it, cause the sufferings, then profit from them…cognitive dissonance, master at creating new realities….

  3. UK going back to Victorian era

    I have just closed my bank account with HSBC

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  5. Uk uncut blog explains why hsbc has been targetted

  6. overburdenddonkey

    lord f on food banks…there are many other recent articles on the same topic…

    • If Lord Fraud had brains he’d be dangerous. A case of of an untalented member of a talented family only being where he is due to the name

      • overburdenddonkey

        the only freud i found remotely interesting, was clement…
        there is a lengthy discussion to be had, about the so called collapse of the banking system and how we got to this point….of blaming those in poverty, for being in poverty…ie…blaming the downtrodden victims, us…that somehow we must suffer for the “mistakes”, of others….whilst those others now profit from the “collapse” of the banking did the banking crisis become the responsibility of the poor, constantly labelled, as being irresponsible, ie with money, etc chaotic lifestyles, by cause of minds being clamped in terror, trying to find, space, truth, and time, looking for answers to resolve the poverty, we find ourselves in..all projections dumped on us, by those, who are and were in control of the banks and the way they were run, and not remotely in the same boat as us.. when in fact, we are victims of poverty, however it was caused…and the rich continue to prosper, as a direct, result of the so called banking crisis…leaving those who had no say in, to continue to pick up the tab…or at least that is the excuse they use to make us suffer, the banks collapsed and now we must all pay, meaning,us…no money left, well there is, we have it, now get your own!…blame the victim, and force the victim to resolve the issues…who are the winners, and who are the losers…suffering the cruel goad that the way out of poverty is to get a job, or be jobs ready, a coiled spring on the jobs starting blocks, whether disabled or not..there are no jobs…and 5m human beings chasing fresh air…those
        #w2w2013 delegates demanding a rational debate, with those in dissonance with fix a w2w, system that has never produce anything, ever,(except misery, for the victims of it), as if, it once did, there can be no rational debate of the irrational..the #w2w2013, serves no rational purpose.. it is not rocket science to know that more the money one has, the less one’s poverty is…everyone i know wants a job…and wants to be able to work..including me..if a car was the government would you buy it? cognitive dissonance..changing realities..for ids to say “this is what i believe will happen”…what slashing benefits will change behaviours…of course it will…cause absolute panic, despair, and often destitution….not something he would know about though…

      • Yosserian Hughes

        Jesus kittycat! Give us a warnin’ before you post shite like that!

        ‘Talented family’? The freuds? Like fuck they are.

        Let’s start with ‘ziggi’ shall we? founder of a philosophy that’s based on opinion & nothin’ else (When was the last time you heard a psychologist on TV start a sentence with ‘I know’? It’s ALWAYS ‘ I THINK’) and a strange fixation on everythin’ bein’ down to wantin’ to shag yer parent of the opposite gender.

        Lucien – crap childish painter.

        clement – (dead) borin’ ol’ fart.

        Then you’ve got the ‘lord’. Fraudulent banker. Floor-crosser so he can cling to a position of power. Imbecile.

        enema…..sorry, emma – talentless radio presenter whose biggest claim to fame was goin’ on about the nutritional value of sperm on air. Married to someone infinitely more talented, but responsible for shite at the same time; like four weddings and a funeral (Richard Curtis)

        esther – another married to someone more talented (actor david morrisey)

        bella – married to author james fox (white mischief)

        matthew – married to murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth.

        Fuckin’ parasitical family if you ask me. You’ve fallen for the myth that they’re talented when they’re nothin’ of the sort. Lived off their fraudelnt ancestor’s name.

        • I suppose I could have worded it better, Lord Fraud is an example of someone who got where he is by trading on the family name. At least most of the rest of the Freud clan, acutally “do” something to some extent or another, wether it’s actually any good or not is a moot point.. Lord Fraud doesn’t seem capable of doing anything except playing havoc with the lives of those less fortunate than himself.

      • Oh, now I understand why ConDems go round in threes. One who can read, one who can write, and the third escorts these two dangerous intellectuals!

      • And his desperation to not be overlooked by history is making him do and say some pretty disgusting things…

  7. in the 1930s posh restaurants and top hotels were opcupied maybe its time to do this again.

    • Does anyone pay any attention to that sour-faced old bat Melanie Phillips? This article’s nothing more than what’s to be expected of her.

  8. something survived...

    Individual JCP staff pick and choose who to refer based on their personal prejudices. ‘I don’t like his face’. ‘She must be lying’. Etc. This could include racial or religious or sexuality or disability discrimination. If you aren’t referred you can’t go.

    If you are referred and manage to make it to a designated foodbank (all the ones near here); They’re run by Trussell Trust, Salvation Army, or religious church groups. They, too, police who will get consideration for receiving any food (as above, but with more homophobia, especially in the case of the religious ones). Consideration only. If you make it onto the list accepted for consideration to get some food: Around 9 times out of 10 there is no food!!!! And that can be claimed by the charity as proof of one of your 3 yearly/ever allotted visits, even though you got no food. Most of the food is non-veggie and not very filling, not enough for a meal for 1 person, and needs a kitchen and cooker to make. (Great if you’re on the street, or otherwise lack a cooker or the ability to cook food)
    Most of the food banks are in places disabled people cannot get to and/or that people using only public transport can’t reach. One scheme not on the official radar is for free food at a weekly soup kitchen, meat only, another downside is you must convert to Pentecostal Christianity and participate in religious services (these involve falling on the floor and rolling around speaking in tongues). Plus if gay they will try to cure/exorcise you. (Ha ha their church has no wheelchair access I just noticed, presumably because if you pray hard enough God will cure all your disabilities) It claims to cure cancer so a lot of people there stopped their (orthodox medical) treatment and prayed to get better, strangely enough they didn’t. It can’t be they weren’t praying hard enough, as they’re some of the most enthusiastic members of the congregation.

    Our council gives vouchers to homeless/poor people for a much higher value/quantity and longer duration than you get at the JCP-linked/referred foodbanks. The downside is the vouchers are only for one specific butcher’s shop and are for a certain weight per voucher in raw meat. No good if veggie (there is no alternative scheme), but the main point is that a bag of raw meat is useless to street homeless people apart from those with a tent and stove in the woods. Some use the meat to feed to their dogs.

    The cuts shut a women’s refuge too.

  9. has anyone gathered statistics as to the ethnic origin of the people sanctioned.

  10. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  11. One of many objections I have to food banks is that most of the “food” is processed, salted, fatty, sugary crap which is guaranteed to make your health worse in the long run.

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