Rise In Unemployment Down To Fall In Numbers On Workfare Admits DWP

unemployment-rate-may13In an encouraging statement for anti-workfare campaigners, the DWP are claiming that today’s rise in unemployment is partly down to a fall in the numbers of people on Government-supported training schemes – otherwise known as workfare.

According to the Department, the number of people in work fell by over 47,000 over the last three months – which they say ‘reflects’ amongst other things a drop of 16,000  in the numbers on Government employment schemes.

For two years now thousands of people have been involved in taking action to bring an end to unpaid work.  High profile companies and charities alike have abandoned the scheme after storms of protest both online and in the streets.

The number of people working unpaid has now fallen every month since February showing just how effective these protests have been.  This is no time for complacency however.  There are still 147,000 people on some form of government training scheme*.  Those still quite happily using workfare workers such as @salvationarmyuk, @TCVtweets and @Poundland should expect to come under unprecedented pressure from customers over the next few months as resistance to forced unpaid work is not going anywhere.

With the Government unable to use workfare to hide the true state of the labour market, unemployment overall has risen by 15,000 people – the third monthly rise. This has been accompanied by small falls in the Claimant Count, the number of people actually claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance.  One possible explanation for this is that these smalls drops are simply due to benefit eligibility being toughened, meaning more people are unemployed, but less are receiving benefits.

One thing is clear, which is that despite two years of benefit reforms along with ever increased conditionality for those receiving benefits and rocketing use of benefit sanctions, the unemployment rate is barely changed from the depth of the first recession in 2009.

The Work Programme, aimed at bringing down long term unemployment, has also once again revealed to be a complete disaster by today’s figures.  The number of people out of work over one year rose by 23,000 over the last three months, and the number unemployed for over two years soared by 21,000 – a rise of just under five percent.

Iain Duncan Smith has based his welfare reforms on claims that unemployment is caused by unemployed people –  placing the scroungers narrative at the heart of everything he does.  If this is true, then the huge numbers of people still out of work for long periods suggests that his welfare reforms are simply making people lazy and workshy on a massive scale.

If the alternative is true, that unemployment is not caused by unemployed people but is a structural part of capitalism which is made worse by poor economic growth,  then his current brutal dismantling of social security is based on nothing more than lies and contempt for the poor.

Attempting to blame the public rather than the government for high unemployment has been a neat trick, for a while.  Acres of space in the gutter press has been devoted to pursuing this myth, with the aim of stigmatising and finally impoverishing claimants. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, and if unemployment continues to stay this high, then Iain Duncan Smith’s benefit bullshitting could start to unravel just in time for the next election.

*not all of these people will be on workfare, some may be taking part in the subsidised-employment Youth Contract racket or other schemes.  It is equally true that not everyone on workfare will be included in this number.

This months Labour Market Statistics are at: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/lms/labour-market-statistics/may-2013/index.html

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43 responses to “Rise In Unemployment Down To Fall In Numbers On Workfare Admits DWP

  1. Landless Peasant

    It’s all total BULLSHIT. There are more workers than there are jobs, and that is how Capitalism functions. When will we ever get a politician honest enough to admit that undeniable fact?

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  3. “Daily politics today ” 45 jobs in a cafe/coffee bar, 5000 applicants!

  4. Derek Robinson

    That’ll be all the idol people who don’t really want to work applying the Boris.

  5. Here we go again, complete and utter claptrap.
    This is my experience of workfare: Meet up with my advisor once every 2 weeks. Hand in 50, I say, 50, speculative CVs (don’t forget the generic covering letters) that I have been ordered to find addresses for, which she then duly posts.
    Give’s me no eye contact, doesn’t give a f—- who I am, where I come from,my qualifications or jack shit.
    Complete fucking waste of time, hers and MINE.
    As to the fall in workfare numbers? attempting to grab (not stealing, well not YET) a computer in their offices is a joke,it is absolutely chokablok !!!!!
    Give it another 6 months for the TRUE figures to reveal themselves.

    • Eric Greenwood

      How do you know she posted them, at say 60p-£1 a letter how many of those places afford to do it..I go there once a month, I cant just drop in to check stuff, i have to have an appointment to use their computers everyone has to have an appointment. My adviser seems to be taking a LOT of holidays recently.

    • Working Links are CUNTS!!

      Nah Bernadette, it cost £1.75 to send out an A4-sized envelope – you really think the workfare programme is forking out £175 to send out your 100 speculative CVs? I don’t think so – straight into the round “filing-cabinet” in the corner. The workfare programme is a piss-take!

  6. The truth is at last beginning to come out.

    If it wasn’t for subsidies and schemes the unemployment figures would be astronomical!
    There’s only so much room under the carpet.

  7. I ought to have said ‘workfare programme’.
    Nonetheless, those individuals being placed on a workfare scheme for FEAR of losing their pittance of JSA, ESA/ Disability allowances is a f——- disgrace.
    Let us ALL KEEP ON, KEEPING ON, EXPOSING what a waste of taxpayer’s monies for a complete and utter crap of workfare (programmes).

  8. UK going back to Victorian era

    Sooner this govt gets booted out the better for all

  9. The jobs are simply not there in the numbers needed. Those that are, are oversubscribed with applications. With technology arguably moving forward all the time, jobs will decrease inevitably as will /is happening the tilt of wealth toward one end of the spectrum and dire poverty at the other end. Only a forward thinking, fair minded and willing government’s intervention can bring about a balance needed.Without balance society cannot function efficiently and this will be detrimental eventually to even those sitting at the top of the pile.

    I wish to see this lot expelled in two years time of course but whether their replacement will be an improvement is a big question. I feel they can be no worse at least.

    • jd
      all imho…back to the satanic mills i’m afraid…massive disparities between rich and poor…toffs control the means of production…no way in for the labour to restore the balance, and own it. participation down to fighting over crumbs in “jobs fight club”, all resources stripped from us the labour who grist the mill….no land…no assets..nothing…one way valve, to favour the “investor, the stealer of our gold”…to give them even more gold and more, more, more, power over our souls…no political party will change this..they have no interest in doing so! i guess, respect might, snp might….who knows….

  10. Uly oneandthirty

    Good point regarding who to replace tories with even Mike Sivier of Vox political and an avid labour supporter has written a cracking piece condemning the labour parties leaning towards the right and criticizes some of it’s top brass. All true too.

  11. The first thing we need is a major housing market crash. Much of our problems are tied into this ridiculously overly inflated housing balloon. Of course it is fiercely protected by all those with an interest (anyone with more than one house). The government are doing all they can to prevent this happening which is not in the interests of Mr average or this country as a whole. But then why should that bother them?

  12. Wonder how long it will be before they start announcing the names of all the unemployed people on the regional news along with their pictures Crimewatch style. “And now the list of current welfare claimants. Joe Bloggs of 24 King Road seen here, has been claiming Jobseekers Allowance for five years and is still currently out of work.”

  13. something survived...

    The local workfare are kicking people off because:
    -Not enough work for them to do
    -Not enough funding to employ workfare people
    -Too much paperwork
    -Funding for things (building schemes etc) cut or keeps drying up
    -Turn a lot of people away that the DWP/JCP, Atos, Crapita, Work Programme etc all said were fit for work, as being unfit for work.
    -The workfare people cost the company, as, being untrained and unpaid they often do everything wrong – so, they have to hire paid staff to redo it, and it takes 3 times as long. Especially in the building scheme which makes you work without training or safety gear – for nowt – in all weathers.

  14. I remember in the 70s when unemployment was creeping closer and closer to the 1 million mark. When the day finally arrived when it passed the dreaded million, it was described as a nation disaster.
    Seems that now 2 and a half million (their figures) is acceptable.

    • Landless Peasant

      Don’t worry, Ed Miliband is going to create millions of jobs overnight. Guaranteed. Or else.

      • Eric Greenwood

        just waiting for a version of The Reichsarbeitsdienst translated to Reich Labour Service, abbreviated RAD.

  15. Quite Clearly

    IDS is a useless cunt.

  16. Suddenly long term unemployment rises and the government wants us to believe that up until then people have been finding work? Doublethink!

  17. Teesside Solidarity Movement

    Reblogged this on Teesside Solidarity Movement.

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  19. And the more pressure they put on people to get these elusive jobs the less likely they are to succeed. What employer is going to take on someone with desperate vibes caused by these constant threats of sanctions hanging over their head.

  20. Obi Wan Kenobi


    Jobcentre advisers are now worried about the enormous pending wave of unemployed people to finish the Work Programme as of June 10th.

    I was talking to a Jobcentre adviser this morning and they don’t know how they are going to cope with the masses finishing their 2 years of hell as the Jobcentre have already made cuts in staff and as I understand it, are going to make more cuts.

    The JCP staff know all to well that the Work Programme providers aren’t getting people into work or even hitting their minimum targets and as a result of this the JCP’s are probably going to be overwhemled as of June.

    Fun and games time coming to a JCP near you soon! Enjoy!

  21. How much more of this crap are we willing to take FFS?

  22. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Please sign this petition – we need UJM removed.


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  26. Statistics are so easily manipulated – and alot of people know this so every statistic gets a thorough eyeballing. And only idiots get duped by the contorted figures.

  27. I’m someone who is described as Having Mental Health problems. So far I am still waiting for my Atos Assessment. My situation is that I am still under psychiatric supervision by order of the Home Office because I did something really bad once. Mind you it was over 20 years ago now. My Shrink has now decided to tell the Home Office that he thinks I no longer need to be supervised. If that happens I am wondering what will happen to me regarding my benefits. Will I be thrown off them and put on JSA. If so what help can I expect as I am truly a long-term unemployed stat. Not worked for 23 years but then I don’t think the years spent in a hospital should count so make it 10 years.
    What really worries me is that I live in an areas where 1 job vacancy exists on average for every 10 not in work. I hate it when people feed you bullshit about how I will have an equal chance with everyone else. No I won’t my applications will be shoved to the bottom of the pile. Why can’t they tell the truth and say “its not good, you are an ex-criminal with a record and a long history of mental health problems most employers ain’t even going to want to look at you”.

  28. Also, I think people should do something with protests like campaign for more investment in sustainable growth. Big corporations and people with vested interests in them always insist that Green technology is not good. But then they would say that because their polluting junk makes them piles of money. We should look at things like introducing new ways of farming so that we grow more of our own foodstuffs instead of importing it. Giant greenhouses that would enable all kinds of foods to grow with no danger of the crops being ruined by bad weather. I saw something on The Daily Show about hydroponic farming where the plants grow more quickly. This country is ruled by the elite few, yet we poor sods are so many. We can and have if we try have more influence. Sadly, most of us are lazy and have been sleepwalking into this disaster for years. The Banks being a prime example. they are doing their utmost best to dispense with cold hard cash and we are letting them do it. Everything paid for via direct debits, cards and now phones used to pay for goods. I read somewhere once that having your benefits paid into a bank can not be forced upon you as it is against the law. Yet how many people actually still get their benefits in the old way not many I bet.

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