The Mass Corporate Benefit Fraud Being Shrugged Off By The DWP

cash-backhanderA key component of the Government’s initiative to help more young people into work is riddled with abuse by both employers and welfare-to-work companies a report quietly released this week has revealed.

The Wage Incentive is the only one of the flagship youth employment measures within the Youth Contract which isn’t workfare, although participants are only paid minimum wage.  The scheme pays out £2,275 (or  £1,137.50  for part time positions) to employers who employ someone on the Work Programme between the ages of 18 to 24 for a minimum of six months.  160,000 places are to be funded over the next three years.

The scheme, which even the DWP admit may be illegal under age discrimination laws, will cost up to £350 million in total.  If the current shambles continues then a third of that, over £100 million pounds, could be handed out to companies claiming for jobs which are not eligible under the rules.

The DWP had attempted to avoid this simply becoming a free pay cheque every time a company employs someone under the age of 25 by forbidding employers from claiming the subsidy for people they have already employed.  The Q&A for employers using the Wage Incentive says:

“I’ve recently filled a vacancy with a young person who might qualify for a wage incentive. Can I claim retrospectively?

No. The aim of the wage incentive scheme is to incentivise employers into giving young jobless people a chance in a weaker market by encouraging them to fill vacancies with young people. If the young person is already in work the Wage Incentive should not be necessary.”

But this week’s report, which is based on a survey of employers who have received the payments, reveals they are doing just that, and in huge numbers.  The report shows that 27% of employers surveyed claimed the payment after the person was already employed by the company and 15% during the recruitment process.

This means almost half of the payments are going to employers who haven’t created a single new job.  In fact, just 9% of employers said that they had created a new vacancy due to the scheme.

The DWP are aware of this abuse but don’t seem interested in asking for tax payer’s money back.  Instead the:  “DWP are exploring ways to strengthen the message to Work Programme providers and Jobcentre Plus staff that employers should be informed about the wage incentive scheme prior to, or during, the recruitment process”.

As things stand, when an employer hears about the Wage Incentive for the first time, then all they need to do is look over their books to see if they’ve employed anyone under 25 who was on the Work Programme recently and they can then claim a whopping £2,275 subsidy.

The report also tells how some Work Programme providers are encouraging young people on the scheme to use the payment to bribe potential employers into giving them a job at interviews.  Candidates have also been encouraged to add details of the scheme to their CVs ‘in order to give them an edge over other candidates’ – casting further doubt on the legality of the Wage Incentive under the Equalities Act.

The scandalous abuse of the scheme doesn’t end there.  Whilst the Wage Incentive is supposed to be directed at long term jobs which last at least six months, only 63% of the survey respondents said the positions they had  offered had been permanent or open-ended.  14% of jobs subsidised on the scheme were described by employers as temporary or casual.

There is even evidence that some employers are simply sacking young people after six months to take on a new placement, or using the scheme to raise capital.    Here the report can speak for itself:

“There was some indication that on occasion medium-sized employers were using wage incentives for multiple recruitment to fixed-term positions as a way of injecting capital into the business. For example, this could entail recruiting six labourers on six-month contracts and using the funding from wage incentives to buy vans or other equipment.

There were also instances of employers applying for wage incentives for a series of temporary contracts within the same post, meaning that employees would only be employed for a maximum of six months. The employed individual may then be regarded as being less attractive as a recruit, in comparison with other applicants who were still eligible for wage incentives. Work programme providers felt this practice was more likely to occur for unskilled jobs as replacing employees every six months would not significantly impact efficiency.

Both of these scenarios are in breach of the terms and conditions of the scheme to which all employers must sign up to when applying for the wage incentive.  DWP are exploring ways of strengthening the messaging about the rules of eligibility “

It is little wonder that employers are abusing the scheme when it is being run by the fraud riddled welfare-to-work sector who are currently using every trick in the book to improve their dreadful performance figures.

The Wage Incentive is good business for everyone concerned, except for the young people paid a pittance for six months and then thrown back on the dole.  Work Programme providers get paid a job outcome fee, the employer gets a bung themselves and the DWP get to pretend that the scheme is working.  There is barely any criticism of this appalling abuse of public money in the report which even hints that the subsidy to employers should be increased.

The good news for the DWP is that employers think the scheme is a fairly straightforward way of stealing tax payers money.  80% of employers thought there would be ‘a small amount of work or not much at all’ when making a claim and most respondents said they would be all to happy to do it again.  At over two grand a pop simply for employing someone who would have been offered a job anyway, this is hardly surprising.

The report, which has to be read to be believed, can be found at:

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79 responses to “The Mass Corporate Benefit Fraud Being Shrugged Off By The DWP

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  2. Obi Wan Kenobi

    These employers and the DWP now need to be held to account and prosecuted.

    I just can’t believe what is happening anymore – we get sanctioned for the smallest of indescretions, while the DWP are chucking taxpayers money away on schemes that have been proven NOT to work and aren’t held accountable?

    What the hell is going on.

    • Totally right. They hound after the scroungers and the so-called underclass of Britain to justify there also going after ordinary hard-working people who are just trying to make ends meet, Then the DWP as you say just let money get pissed up the wall and are never going to be held responsible.

    • They tried to shrug Cait Rielly off – we all now know how that ended up – POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  3. My older brother was sent on YTS under Thatchers government. He wanted to be a mechanic. He was given the same placement 3 times at the same place! He was always “let go” at the end of it because they didn’t want to pay a full wage for the work he did. They said they just didn’t have a job opening but he’d be back there again in a few weeks. My dad lost his temper in front of a garage full of the companys customers and told everyone the boss was a manipulative miser, making kids work for a pittance instead of giving them a real job. My brother went to work with my dad after that, as a tooling engineer because he couldn’t sign on for walking off a placement. This bunch of clowns are ensuring that there is a good turnover of revolving door employment/unemployment for the young so that no employer has to create a real job, just little 6 month stints, then they’re off to get another DWP payment for exploiting someone else. Surprised? I’m not.

  4. It’s the system that got everything wrong. DWP is just one part of it. Banks are taking the lead. Govt are puppets that let bankers pull the strings. Private corporates are accomplices. An overhaul need be otherwise UK would go to dogs.What is happening these days is that kind of corruption beyond imagination. Hate crime against the poor is a tool, applied through govt policies to defraud money from people and from the state. The criminals want public to accept this state of affairs for normality and even moral while any type of resistance demonized and people prosecuted by corrupt judges serving the judicial system that lags centuries behind legal systems of other European countries.

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  6. It’s a fraud that Work Programme ‘providers’ such as A4e get large amounts of public money just for having people coming in for ‘jobsearch sessions’ which involve searching for jobs on the internet, something which the vast majority of people who are out of work do at home anyway. I have been told that I have to attend a Money Advice Session with them, although I told them that it wasn’t particularly useful to my circumstances as the only benefit I receive is JSA. However, I was told that it was ‘just something everyone had to do’- the reality is that everyone has to do it so A4e can sit back and rake in money from the Government for doing SFA to help people get back into work. The Work Programme is just one big squandering away of public money!

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      While I’m sure that there will be people who are unwise with their money/benefits, it’s still their money and should spend it as they wish as long as their not tapping other people when they have run out.

  7. Workers rally in Dundee over blacklisting ‘scandal’

    Construction workers who appeared on a blacklist used by major firms to vet employees have been taking part in a demonstration in Dundee.

    They want the Scottish government to launch an inquiry into the practice in Scotland.

    It is thought the names of about 600 Scottish construction workers appeared on a secret list discovered after a raid on a company in the Midlands.

    Union officials have described the issue as “a national scandal”.

    The existence of the blacklist was exposed after a raid by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on an organisation called the Consulting Association in 2009.

    Public contracts

    Construction firms paid to access the information. It is understood some of the firms were involved in major projects in Scotland.

    The workers were listed as troublemakers for things like raising concerns over health and safety issues or being trade union members.

    Those demonstrating in Dundee say their livelihoods have suffered, and many found it hard to get work.

    They want companies that used blacklists to be banned from getting future government contracts and a full inquiry into the practice.

    Unite regional industrial officer Rab Sherry, who himself was blacklisted, said, “We’re only beginning to scratch the surface of what is nothing short of a national scandal and the rally represents a step-up of activity in our pursuit for justice and legislative change.

    “It’s not just a matter for Westminster to address; the Scottish government must start tightening its procurement policies to prevent known blacklisting companies from tendering and profiteering from future public contracts.”

    “They can also set-up an independent inquiry into the extent of the blacklisting scandal in addition to publishing the information we know it already holds on the issue. Nothing less will suffice.”

    The Scottish government has said it is totally opposed to blacklisting.

    A spokesman added: “We are not aware of any evidence to suggest that blacklisting has been used in connection with any contracts awarded by the Scottish government or its agencies.

    “We expect companies which are awarded public contracts to maintain high standards of business and professional conduct.

    “We are in the process of analysing the responses to the Procurement Reform Bill consultation and determining what may be possible, within the framework of EU law, to deal with all types of inappropriate conduct by companies bidding for public contracts in Scotland.”

    Scottish ministers said they were also awaiting a report by the Scottish Affairs Committee which has been investigating blacklisting across the UK.

    Workers rally in Dundee over blacklisting ‘scandal’

    • Working Links Victim

      wot about when the providers send back to the jobcentre lists of troublemakers… i mean jobseekers who have exercised the right to protect their privacy and personal data as afforded to them by the Data Protection Act 1998. What employer would employ one of these “troublemakers”… I mean…

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        Your within your rights to point out anything that a Private Provider try’s to ambush you with unlawfully – their hoping that your not up to speed on the governments policy or rules and regulations of the Work Programme.

        I don’t know if you know this or not but you can ask for a copy of your file and any comment’s made on it from the Jobcentre or Work programme Provider at any time and they have to give you an up to date copy – this is law.

      • Working Links are PURE EVIL!!

        Working Links are pure fucking evil…. you can read what they have put andy through on TT’s chat room… is is fucking outrageous that these cunts are getting away with this abuse…. these cunts should be dragged from their fucking offices and SHOT. Working Links are beneath SCUM!! BURN IN HELL YOU CUNTS!!!!

    • Anomie shrugs

      Suspect that there is chatter between the likes of A4e, jobcentre plus and other “stakeholders” such as housing associations concerning individual claimants. .

    • This is nothing new, blacklisting of employees (& not just in the building trade) has been going on since at least the 1980’s & possibly even earlier. There was a shadowy organisation called the Economic League that had lists of those who were considered “troublesome” individuals, such as trade unionists & those who had gone to industrial tribunals . I am convinced that I was on one of their lists as after having gone to a tribunal on the grounds of unfair dismissal I began to find that if I applied for for a vacancy with any large company I would never be interviewed instead I’d receive a rejection letter stating that I was “unsuitable”. The odd part was the similarity of the wording on each & every letter, almost as it was from a template. So the only conclusion that I can draw from that is that I was (& probably still am) on a blacklist

      • Have a mate, worked with Royal Mail for 17 years, took them too an Industrial Tribunal – and won! Hasn’t been able to get another job since and this is 30 years ago. And it is not the first time I heard of this happening especially with Royal Mail. Blacklisting is alive and kicking. Wouldn’t be surprised if the DWP/their third party “providers” were in on the game!

      • All the big companies used the Economic League, the BBC did for sure. They operated from a dingy flat in Ruthven Street in Glasgow, in those days they used a card-index system.

  8. GMB union outlines Scottish ‘blacklist’ areas

    A union has launched a bid to track down construction workers in Scotland who it says were blacklisted by the industry.

    GMB has released a table of 582 unnamed workers across 97 locations.

    The move follows recent disclosures about a UK-wide database of 3,000 names used to vet workers in the construction sector for more than 15 years.

    The union said most people were unaware they had been blacklisted and appealed for former workers to come forward.

    The existence of the blacklist was exposed after a raid by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on an organisation called the Consulting Association in 2009.

    GMB union outlines Scottish ‘blacklist’ areas

  9. While the top priority for so many politicians and journalists in Scotland is the debate around what powers the Scottish Parliament ought to have, ugly storms are brewing on our shores, which will cause real, not hypothetical, harm to the people of Scotland. I want to focus on three areas of detriment, and what we can do to avert or alleviate them.

    From next April, tenants of social landlords will have their housing benefit reduced if they have a least one spare bedroom. This has been described as a ‘bedroom tax’ and the Scottish Federation of Housing Association estimate up to 42,900 tenants will be affected in Scotland, with an average loss of £11 in housing benefit each week. The Welfare Reform Act 2012 will spawn other punitive changes, but the implications for eviction and homelessness from this particular reform is self-evident.

    Mortgage repossession in Scotland has yet to rocket through the roof because of the unprecedented low interest rates and lender forbearance; the first thanks to the Bank of England’s base rate, the later due to UK Government pressure on lenders. It is only a matter of time before these two pillars crumble and when they do what safety nets will Scotland have in place? This year the Scottish Government slashed the funding to Scotland’s innovative Mortgage to Rent Scheme by almost half, and tightened up eligibility rules, yet again. Our net is threadbare.

    Finally, as Scots feel the economic squeeze, many continue to turn to payday lenders, with interest rates up to the equivalent of 5,000% APR, with various roll over charges and fees. Payday lending is one of the fastest growing areas of financial service in the UK, yet remains largely unregulated and free to entrap customers in repetitive cycles of debt with no added value or genuine service to the consumer in the medium to long term.

    In dark times you need good ideas to bear in mind. My favourite Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius, wrote a book called ‘Meditations’ in the Second Century, which was essentially his aide memoire of ideas. One of those was: ‘if a thing is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach’. At a time when the Scottish Parliament has been attacked for undermining Scottish criminal justice and legal aid, let’s consider what the Scottish Government and Parliament might do here?

    In advance of the ill conceived ‘bedroom tax’, the Scottish Government needs to consider setting-up an additional fund with local authorities to prevent needless homelessness. Extra money has been allocated to the Discretionary Housing Payments fund, but it is highly likely this will need to be supplemented.

    Spending a few hundred pounds a year is cheaper to taxpayers in Scotland than the cost of households being evicted for rent arrears created by UK Government policy. Where is our Scottish Government strategy on countering this UK Government policy? Whining about the Tories and LibDems, or how it would be different under ‘independence’, won’t keep a roof over the heads of Scots next year.

    In Norway mortgage debt was written down for many citizens in 1997 as part of a policy that has been supported by the International Monetary Fund in other countries over the years as targeted debt reduction for economic stability and growth. Indeed, in the USA in the 1930s Roosevelt introduced the ‘Home Owners Loan Corporation’, which bought distressed mortgages with Government bonds, later to be restructured into affordable lending. The Scotland Act 2012 will permit the Scottish Government to issue its own bonds. Where is our innovation, our strategy?

    A more immediate and practical solution would be to follow Ireland’s new Mortgage to Rent Scheme where social landlords can now buy out a distressed consumer mortgage at the market value of the home (not the higher value of the secured debt), with the bank writing off the excess lending. Up to 3,500 Irish households and families will be helped by this new scheme. Meanwhile Scotland’s scheme has been rendered impotent, feeble and not fit for purpose.

    And what of payday lending in Scotland? Consumer credit remains a reserved power, yes, but debt is not. Scotland could introduce a ‘mini-Debt Arrangement Scheme’ for payday lending whereby impecunious consumers entrapped in roll-over payday loans could get out of them quickly, and speedily by fairly repaying the sum borrowed with interest re-set at an equivalent of 8% per annum – as part of a new ‘Payday lending Debt Arrangement Scheme’. A condition of entry would be taking free financial and money advice and access to a credit union.

    Scotland already has the power to do all of these things in terms of the Scotland Act(s); they are humanely possible, and within our reach. What’s stopping us?


    Within Or Reach

    • Anomie shrugs

      “What’s stopping us?”

      What’s stopping them is that they were never of Scottish self-determination their political mission was and is the destruction of the British State not the building of a Scottish Nation.

      Political capital over social morality, the SNP were obviously going to attempt to make political capital out of the destitution and misery caused by the British political parties welfare reforms.

  10. No surprises here then surely another worthy cause for channel 4 dispatches investigators this government and its cronies must be the most corrupt and morally lacking people ever

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Trouble is Dispaches doesn’t have a long enough programme, now if they made it an hour or even an ‘hour and half’ – then they would be able to really get stuck in.

  11. Anomie shrugs

    “Jobcentre Plus staff were particularly enthusiastic about work experience, which they felt could be more effective than wage incentives in getting employers to recruit young unemployed people.”

    Does this mean that frontline JP staff were advocating workfare-experience over wage incentives?



  13. The problem with all such schemes is they are used to maximize profits by displacing paid employees with free of charge or subsidized labour provided by the DWP. I think it’s better when there is a scarce resource (employment) to allocate what there is in a more community friendly manner that gives young people a chance in life through the selfless giving up of jobs by those who don’t need them:

  14. Landless Peasant

    I’m glad these scrounging Benefit cheats are being exposed, and now must be brought to account. Honest unemployed Strivers like myself are sick of seeing taxpayers’ money being frittered away by this bone-idle Government of millionaires.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Belt up doley boy!

      • Landless Peasant

        I’ll have you know I’m in between Striving at the moment,’s been a while, but I’m sure I’ve still got a Strive in me 🙂 I’ve got my own Strive boots, but no CSCS Card I’m afraid, still we don’t really need Health & Safety at Work or that pesky Human Rights Act or anything like that anymore do we? It just interferes with Justice and Commerce. And I surely can’t object to working in exchange for nothing (other than for a vile threat not to be enacted), for we all know there is “aspiration in poverty” as the Tories keep on saying.

        • Big Business Owner

          ‘elf and bleeding safety and the bleeding yuman rights act are destroying jobs, mate… let’s get rid of ’em and put the Great back into Britain again… 🙂

          • Big Business Owner

            and tell you what mate… you should thank your lucky stars if you have a job, never mind expecting to get paid for it…. us bosses ain’t made of money you know… 🙂

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      IDS will be breaking your balls next time you sign on – if you see him crack him one for me, right in the chops.

  15. Anomie shrugs, it’s in interesting perspective. I never looked at it from this angle. It could be true about SNP. However, It would require a deep economical and political insight from Alex. Salmond and his followers. Do you see they had it back in 2006ish? Myself, then trusted them for a little while.

    After all, could that be all just their hunger for power in order to generate money for themselves from the beginning – a deception on Scots – abusing Scottish nationalism? I had personally regarded SNP incompetent even before welfare reform started. It made me naturally think they would be nothing else but opportunists nowadays.

    Truly, at lest one of them is definitely greed driven – my former boss’s wife SNP MSP Sandra White have made carrier and money in Scottish Parliament while her husband was ripping off his employees as a director of private firm PPS. They paid some of their employees less then minimum wage ‘cash on hand’, while those were signing on … I refused to work like this a couple of months after my first child was born and he sacked me indefinitely. A week later another man (without qualification) worked in my job for £5 per hour in 2012. I wonder if he was discussing his practices with his SNP MSP wife. A shareholder in the company is another SNP, former mayor of Paisley Iain Lawson. He appears to have been giving a damn about his workers’ welfare too. The firm even got contracted by Renfrewshire Council under SNP administration. I wonder why (corruption)?

    Anomie shrugs, sadly, you are probably right about SNP waiting like hyenas to get their turn for a bit of flesh.

  16. Fraud, corruption, lies, damn lies and more lies! Little wonder that someone once referred to Britain as a Banana Republic. Minus the sun and the yellow fruit!

    Ian D. Smith really needs to to three things:

    1) Explain his position and why he continued with disastrous, inefective and fraudulent policies.

    2) Publicly apologise. On air. Prime time in the House of Commons should do.

    3) Resign.

  17. If you want the system to end, turn the tables on the DWP. Get a together with a few friends one of you forms a company and employs the others for six months. Result – you get £2,275 for six months (£87.50 per week) and don’t have to sign on. Surely that is better than £56.25 a week?

    If employers can abuse the system so can the unemployed. Come on people use your initiative.

    • There’s a thought – do the DWP vet the companies applying for the “wage incentive” to ensure they actually exist, or are the payments just nodded through?

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        NOPE! – but I have a pile of catnip and a 3 litre tub of CREAM – that should keep your whiskers happy for a while!

        • UniversalPoverty

          Obi Wan Kenobi Do you think that the messages(supposedly from your jsa advisor) to apply for jobs you get sent on UJM are auto mated or just bulk sent for a particuler area you live in?
          The reason why i ask is because i recived my first message in 2 months telling me to look and apply for this job but it was a job i had already applied for a day before reciving the message surely if a adviser was sending this they would have seen i had already applied for the job thus makeing the message pointles.
          Me thinks they just sent these messages in bulk like a spam mail.

          • Obi Wan Kenobi

            Universal Poverty:

            I have no UJM Account – I have already told JCP advisers to do one – they don’t bother me anymore. – sorry mate I think you have the wrong person.

          • They are sent in bulk, mail-merge or whatever you want to call it.

          • something survived...

            I get lots like this. I was mandated by UJM and by jobcentre to repeatedly apply for the same jobs. This week a garden centre job I’d had to apply for twice last week was readvertised. I was told to apply a third time in a fortnight. The ad was now reworded. It said under no circumstances could any previous applicant reapply. Also they said you needed paid experience etc. Often Work programme, 3 days after signing on, orders me to do the exact jobsearch I just spent the Monday doing all day at the jobcentre. It is pointless but they do it to tick their boxes and to wear you down.

        • Purr, purr, miaow!

  18. “Employers’ main reasons for taking on a candidate eligible for the wage incentive were to get some extra money (30 per cent) and to give a young, unemployed person a chance (22 per cent).”

    “However, there was also some evidence to suggest that wage incentives were not always being used as intended, with some employers letting employees go after six months in order to gain from new employees who attracted a new wage incentive payment.”

    Must be the burning desire to give another young, unemployed person a chance. How thoughtful!

  19. Its all about fiddling the unemployment figures.
    The way the government give incentives to all the people in the pipeline, they have very little trouble achieving their plans.

    Its brown envelopes all round.

    Then blame all the immigrants for the fucked up economy.

    • Wage incentives, work experience schemes, apprenticeships: They’re all easy prey for exploitation.
      The DWP are so quick to mandate people to put their neck on the chopping block but so unwilling to mandate those being subsidised into contractual obligations to the claimant being supported.

      Granted, even the latter will pose problems. If you make it binding that subsidised workers that meet a satisfactory, agreed standard, are guaranteed employment, then we will see major increases of employer dissatisfaction.

      The DWP are simply too near-sighted to implement effective strategies and, unfortunately for them, the exploitative employers are smarter people and they run rings around them.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi


      Here’s how it actually works:

      The Bankers fund the Conservative Party – The Conservative Party fund the Bankers via The Work Programme Private Providers (i.e. Ingeus Delotte, a group of bankers in ‘The City’ of London).

      And there you have IDS’s vicious little circle, the pawns caught in between are the people who work for Private Providers and the unemployed who have to attend these places.

      I’d call it money laudering on a national scale and IDS, Hoban and Fraud know exactly what is going on – let’s have all three of these idiot’s in court to face these charges.

      • Why not just pay the bankers directly then, cut out the man in the middle and save the unemployed all the misery, hassle and stress that these private provider cunts inflict on them?

        • Obi Wan Kenobi

          Because the government (DWP) have to validate an effort to keep their paymasters happy and pull the wool over the eyes of the general public in making a no hoper effort in the guise of finding people work – or NOT as it turns out!

          • What you saying? The “work programme” is a great big fucking farce? A piss-take on the unemployed and the hard-working taxpayer? It sole purpose is to funnel money from the public purse into private pockets? Is that what you are saying?

            • Yep! and that’s where hard working people’s taxes are being wasted on ‘The usless Work Programme’

              The culprit who is wasting your hard earned taxes is ‘Mr Iain Duncan Smith MP’ – architect of spending your taxes with no results to show you or anybody else.

            • As of 14 months into the Work Programme – it had a failure rare of 97.4% – you do the maths on it!

            • I mean’t failure rate of 97.4%

            • That’s exactly what the Yanks did with the Vietnamese war.
              Just think of the vast amounts of money that got siphoned off from the public purse to the Arms Manufacturers for years.
              All they needed was an excuse to do it, and ‘fighting communism’ was that excuse.

              You now have another excuse for spending lots of taxpayers money, ‘Terrorism’, also ‘Saving the Banks’.

              We have to look at the big picture.

            • The great irony is that when JSA is the only benefit claimed by someone who is out of work, the amount of ‘hard-earned’ taxpayers’ money thrown at that person’s Work Programme ‘provider’ can actually be more than that person gets in JSA in a year. If a claimant gets a job, the ‘provider’ can get a reward of thousands of pounds, even if the claimant found his/her own job, with no help from the ‘provider’. Instead of tabloid newspapers focusing on the claimants, it would be nice if they could focus on the real scroungers such as A4e.

  20. Obi Wan Kenobi

    All in it together, Cameron got that right – as long as your a cabinet member.

  21. I’m dying……..I really am………treminal lung cancer… cure. And Iain Duncan Smith is doing his best to delay my ‘special rates’ dla.
    The cunt s looking forward to my death.

  22. Obi Wan

    I agree, it is money laundering on a grand scale. How many millions did Emma Harrison receive in dividends, and for what exactly? It seems that private workfare companies that depend almost exclusively on taxpayers’ money fully support the idea of non-performance related financial rewards! I think I read some time ago that an old Etonian was at the helm of Harrison’s company.

  23. Opposition parties know about these scandals yet they say nothing. The BBC who I now refer to as AUNTY SOCIAL, on Friday’s’ daily politics’ tried to smear the socialist workers party, the only left wing organised party left to oppose the corruption,and today on the Sunday politics they were proclaiming that UKIP is to the left of the tory party, even though we know it is to the far right, all of these tactics by the BBC to smear the left.

  24. Many of British politicians and government execs should be tried on fraud charges. A pity is UK society holds corruption as normal and not criminal. Something like a friendship of the rich, that is out of the reach for the common Joe. Left alone conflict of interests and protection falling into the same category. Officially no corruption exist in UK. Bollocks; it’s one of the most corrupted countries I’ve heard of!
    Yet UK police are useless for anything but harassing people and CPS are more interested in their salaries and friendships. UK justice is shambles on its own, having stagnated for centuries. Who’s supposed to prosecute the corrupt in arbitrary regime? And who’s going to judge them? Do you think the ‘friends’ would go against each other in the interests of justice and for public? I do not think so. People have to shovel the dung out! Unless they’d rather have a country of liberty where money can buy anything.

    • Corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top
      And they tell me its the Law,

      Corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top
      And they tell me its the Law,

  25. I am gathering evidence that the DWP are over estimating the overpayment figures when investigating benefit fraud this is unjust people are being fleeced for money they do not have to pay back to DWP.
    If you think you have been a victim of this please contact me at

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