DWP Trying to Hide Crisis Loan Replacement

make-rich-payThe DWP are attempting to hush up the existence of the scant support available for those left without any money at all due to delays in processing benefit claims.

From April 1st the discretionary parts of the Social Fund will start to be closed down.  This was a pot of money which provided repayable ‘crisis’ and ‘budgeting’ loans to those facing emergencies or awaiting benefit decisions.   The fund was also used to provide small ‘community care’ grants – usually to people moving into independent housing for the first time, such as a young person leaving care.  These were only available to buy the very basics such as a bed or oven, with prices set at the lowest cost possible for each item.

According to the legislation, some form of crisis and budgeting loan system will still be managed by the DWP.  Much of the support however is being devolved to local authorities, many of whom have yet to release clear details on how they will manage the new schemes due to start in just over a fortnight. Many are thought to be introducing some form of smart card or voucher schemes.

A post on the PCS Union website (spotted by @UKJCP ) reveals that loans for those awaiting benefits are to be renamed Short Term Benefit Advances (STBAs).  These will be available through Jobcentres providing new claimants meet the following conditions:

“There is an underlying benefit entitlement or reasonable expectation that there is entitlement to benefit;
The claimant can afford to repay – other debt and loan repayments will be taken into account;
There is financial need – there is serious risk to the health and safety of a family member.”

Astonishingly, according to the PCS the  “DWP does not intend to advertise the availability of STBAs to the public.”

Which means it’s down to claimants and supporters to make sure that everybody knows about the existence of this scheme.  Spread the word and make sure everyone knows about these loans which will be more vital than ever.

UPDATE: Thanks to @anitabellows12 to who’s discovered this document buried on the DWP website which explains the new schemes but contains no information on how to apply: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/budgeting-short-term-advances-guidance-las.pdf

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  2. If you ask me the DWP advertise very little when I was on JSA my partner who used to work for JCP advised me that every time JCP called me in I could claim travelling expenses, Since being asked to attend WCA and it being aborted due to nurse not being qualified enough to deal with my complex medical conditions her words not mine I have found out I am entitled to Pension Credits so IM now out of their clutches but my fight goes on for the truth

    • I had a friend who worked for the Jobcentre, on the crisis loans telephone line, and another friend who’s been jobless for over 8 years now. The latter’s children had a run in with a child sex offender and was due to testify in court to get the bastard sent down, but the court date and time conflicted with his usual signing on time. The jobcentre was it’s usually bully-boy, belligerent self regarding the situation, wouldn’t let him change his sign on time or even pretend to be concerned at the situation he was telling them, and my friend quite rightly ranted about it on his facebook wall. The former (who worked on the crisis loans) then private messaged the latter telling him what steps he’d need to take in order to get his signing on day postponed and keep his limited income stream intact, and everything proceeded smoothly from there on in. Including getting paedo sent down.

      At the pub my friend from the crisis loans then banged on about how all those ‘chavs’ on my other friend’s wall had said about the jobcentre workers all being tossers and then said “They just need to know what steps you’re supposed to take and what information we want, then we’re fine with them.”

      I remember thinking “Yeah, that’s why you kept it all a big fucking secret by pm’ing him rather than putting it on his public wall then isn’t it? Can’t have the ‘chavs’ knowing how to navigate the bureaucratic nightmare easily now can we?”. In retrospect I should have said it to his face.

      • The money will be paid into your bank or building society account. In some cases, it can be paid at a post office.

        A Crisis Loan does not count as income and will not affect other benefits you are getting.

        How much does it pay?

        There is no set amount for a Crisis Loan. The amount you may be able to borrow depends on:

        your individual circumstances, and
        any savings you have, and
        whether you have borrowed from the Social Fund before.

        SO WHY IS CAPITA and its subsiduaries publicising the fact that they will be handling it and those subsisiduaries promoting and publicizing the fact that that have been awarded contracts..to run the social fund??

  3. Nice article Johnny. Really hard to believe that DWP actively hides from people a way of potentially dealing with life-threatening hardship. Actually, it’s what I’m coming to expect from the clowns in Whitehall. Best, @UKJCP

  4. Rosemarie Harris

    People who use twitter,other blogs, websites, people who go to work,use social services ,go to day centre’s etc. If we don’t do it no one else will. It’s up to us, It’s a secret for a reason lets share.
    Might be useful to get a print of it that’s what i will do as well.

  5. Whatever is said by the government about trying to ensure all claimants get all they are entitled to, it’s always been DWP policy not to advertise what can be claimed over and above the basics. I had a relative who worked for them (or rather their predecessor) back in the late 80s, and she was specifically told by her superiors never to promote potential benefits, grants etc – the claimant had to ask for them, by name … a simple ‘is there any other help I can get’ question wasn’t even enough – and this was pre-internet days, so what chance did they have?

  6. Not so long ago Benefit claimants moving into a new home used to get Grants (not repayable) for the basic household items (cooker, bed, curtains, floor covering and a few other things) now you can’t even get a LOAN to get these things.

    People don’t realize how long these cuts have been going on.

  7. Would love to get IDS really drunk, turn the conversation on to benefit claimants and have hidden camera’s recording all his pissed up comments, then broadcast it on all the news programmes – now that would be a programme worth watching and the probably the end of IDS.

    • especially if it ended with him pulling broken glass fragments from his chevy chase.

      • I rather think these criminals concocted their policies, in the commons’ bar, after a long night of drinking cheap, subsidised, booze. It’s the only thing that makes any sense out of their shambolic, insane approach to “government”. Or lack thereof.

        • Obi Wan Kenobi

          From what I heard on BBC News this morning the House of Commons has 8 bars/pubs within it, you could do a pub crawl on that, twice around them all and it’s fun and games time.

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    Useful information thanks Johnny Void

  9. When they say “new claimants”, do they mean new claimants for benefit per se, or new claimant for this STBA…STAB??!! You couldn’t make it up…..

  10. Just been watching a programme on BBC News called “Click”, they were taking about an application to block spam from email in-boxes… “developed by a French IT firm called Atos Is this same “Atos” that the disabled complain about suffering brutal and degrading treatment at the hands of? I am sure that the ATOS (in upper-case) that is mentioned on here is a medical company. Atos and ATOS? I mean WTF would an “IT company” have to do with medical assessments?

    • they are the same, Atos are an IT company

    • Off topic, to hopefully prevent the UJ from leaving cookies on your computer is to use a program called “SpywareBlaster”. It’s a free download, works on IE & Firefox & presumably on Chrome as well. Only drawback is it doesn’t appear to be compatible with 64-bit Vista.. I’ve used it for years on 32-bit XP after having it recommended by a computer geek & I can say that it works!

  11. I once and once only (years ago) had to claim JSA Hardship for 2 weeks due to an admin error with my claim by the JCP, but they didn’t tell me about JSA Hardship, I had to find out about it via the internet. – I won my appeal.

    I now know that the JCP advisers aren’t allowed to tell people what they are entitled to other than the main benefits (JSA, ESA Etc) so please make yourselves aware of what you can claim in the event of a sanction or anything else.

  12. stba’s will not be advertised because they are discretionary which means nobody will get anything from them, how can anyone be sure they are going to get benefits with the sanctioning that is going on in the dwp. This is just another opportunity fir them to give you the runaround while these official bodies take the p… out of you passing you from department to department or engaging the social services because without income you are classed a vulnerable person – not vulnerable enough to be paid anything just put under the eye of the authorities where they want all benefit claimants unjustifiably.

    So called problem families in our area can have up to 20 different agencies on their back or case without any sucess.
    I say start a new party and get rid of most of these useless authorities and agencies and pay claimants directly through a peoples bank which will be given funds from central government.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      What ever happened to Cameron’s claims that ‘This government will be transparent’ – everyone of the governments departments seem to have forgotten or are ignoring that promise. (DWP need holding to account on this)

      • their transprancy is their nazi agenda to destroy lives and kill, obi

        • the after atos posting continues thus:

          (Bob, it’ll piss you off but I’m clipping this, as I have when others have posted it. it’s someone fucking about with us and is causing a lot of people unnecessary distress. the troubled families programme is just a vonluntary new payments by result scheme that local councils can choose to take part in. theres lots wrong with it, but there have been no new powers introduced to remove children from parents and no new powers of benefit sanctions other than those that already exist.

          I’ll try get something up on this in the coming week. – jv)

          • Zeig Hiel, Herren Duncan Schmidt, Cameroen und Frau May.

            • One of my concerns about this problem families options is that it contains ‘care homes’ and children separated from familes..’care homes’ alarms me since the child abuse revelations…..

              • It worries me too, Bob, it really does. From various angles, one of which is the child abuse. Child abuse has many aspects, from the sexual, to physical, emotional and, in science fiction, the removal of children, from parents, to be raised and programmed in whichever use the state wants.
                That idea has always seemed preposterous….until this horde of criminals? Neo-Mosley thugs? Despots? Now, with their demonising of the poor, sick, disabled and vulnerable, and some of their party calling for a more right-wing approach(???!!!!) NOTHING they try to do would surprise me. What sickness me is that the people of Britain seem unwilling to tear them down.
                As to the provenance of this email/posting, it beggars the question, can we, as a nation, disregard it as a troll-event thereby leaving condemns with an open goal to sneak similar ideas thru…..or do we stand up and say….foxtrot oscar? Except in the Anglo-Saxon vernacular, of course.
                Which reminds me….two councils have been torn from Tory mutts. Unfortunately, one went to Lapdems and the other to (god help us) ukip, (we win). Safe protests for trueblues, perhaps?

                • @kelpiemare i found the original post on after atos it was sent to them from a dwp employee who is worried sick to the degree that they wish to remain anonymous..i have posted the original link on this blog site for all to read..i do not think its a wind up..

  13. Don’t forget PCS Union on strike Weds 20th March (JCP, DWP etc)

    • Sanctioned by a PCS Union DWP "decision maker" acting for a WP provider.

      Think I’ll give this a miss, Obi, the DWP/Jobcentre workers can fight their own battles .

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        OK but If you sign on on the 20th – get my drift – even on the 21st the JCP will be playing ‘catch up’ – let’s just say – this works for me!

        • Yeah, “signing excused” 🙂 DWP/Jobcentre “workers” are LTB (lazy, thieving bastards).

          • “catch up”, if the jc is open on the 21st you will still have to sign on.

          • Obi Wan Kenobi

            At the very least, the JCP won’t have time to ask any questions, it will be ‘Sign Em On and Get Em OUT’ were just too busy!

            • I have in my hot little hand the printed note for signing ‘excused’ which has me excused from the 29th March and not to sign again until the 12th April, therefore, not so much catching up as missing it out altogether. Watch your payments folks, it’s rife for mistakes further up the food-chain.

          • I’ve just worked 12 days in a row 8hrs 30mins a day without a break or a lunchtime (I’m not paid for lunch breaks) so how that that be lazy? On top of that I have end stage renal failure, I rarely even move from my desk putting my health at risk, I shouldn’t be sitting for long periods. Can you beat that?

  14. Video some people might enjoy
    Duncan Smith, has a car accident and end up at ATOS medical and workfare

    • living on 71.70 a week, paying water, electric, tv (not), internet charges to spend 35 hours a week on pox scratch, food (not), clothing (not), heating (not) fares to interviews, fares to a minimum wage job on 2 weeks jsa (no job grant now, sacked from job because jsa has run out and can’t get 2 work, sanctioned for losing job

      hell should freese over this nazi wanker, he can also go to jail 4 non payment of council tax

      fuck this evil hypocrite

  15. obi wan kenobi

    There is no accountability for any of the govt. departments or public bodies,they are supposed to be self regulating and indulge you with endless stages of their complaints systems,yet the government pontificates to the unemployed, ” there are no rights without responsibilities”.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      I just don’t know where this country will be in 10 years time – if I ever come into a decent amount of money I’m off – as I’m sure a lot of other people will do. Bye Bye to this current version of Britain.

  16. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Off topic, but this could have serious implications for everyone:

    Trial could lead to closure of all tax enquiry offices:

    14 March 2013

    The closure of 13 tax offices announced today is part of a trial that could lead to all remaining UK offices shutting.


    • something survived...

      What on earth is a tax enquiry office? I mean, they closed our only regional one, two years ago.

  17. my last comment should read deluge not indulge.

  18. Sort of off topic but related,
    Since my ATOS test and subsequent decline, my GP put me on 4 weekly “fit” notes just to purely keep an eye on me to make sure i didnt go down the pan, previously it was 12 or 6 month notes…

    Now i don’t know if there is an agenda, whereby the DWP dont tell you of your entitlement, hoping you dont claim what is yours, but for the last few months, the DWP have seemed to “forget” to send out reminders and return envelopes for expiring sick notes.
    When i came out of hospital- with massive short term memory problems- straight in to a hostel, and finally got a flat, with fuck all entitlement to any furniture / community care grants i’ll add, the first time this new devious trick hit me, the first i knew was going to the bank to find no payment lodged.
    Another 4 week without money, after just moving in to a flat, furnished with £20 worth of charity shop tickets i managed to cadge from the Bond Board- and those were discretionary and each Bond Board advisor could only hand out 2 or so per year- i counted myself lucky.

    To me, it looks like the failure to send out the sick note reminders is another string to the bow, to cheat claimants from what is rightfully theirs?

    • Pity you aren’t an elected MP. No shortage of financial help there. Wonder if David ignorant Cameron will turn down his PM golden handshake…..na…..probably not….he grabbed DLA for his poor son, and free nappies. He is a creature of zero conscience.

  19. Under Cover Report on IDS

    why cant a jernalist go under cover and secretly record IDS, Hobern saying what they really think about the disabled I bet it would be explosive and bring the Tory party down.


  21. hi all, i have not been on here for a while. this is due to me losing my phone, finding my phone and getting my laptop back and struggling to tether it to use the net, at present it is dingdonging as the usb lead is crap..it does not know whether to charge the phone or sync it or switch on/off tether..such is technology.
    when i last posted on here i was looking into the BACS system which is an online banking system, in the course of doing so i came across the words ‘smart card’ i gather its a method of logging in to access ones account.

    the DWP have in their history hidden important information. its to ‘save money’ whilst ‘helping’ the public (??)

    today I ask a question ‘WHY DO WE FIGHT?’
    perhaps this might answer that qestion.
    today in my email i received an email from ‘aunty atos’ in that mail she tells me of her struggle with a journo who regards all her efforts to help sufferers of the atos system as being a ‘waste of money’..
    in her struggle with a court case over her landlord someone came to her rescue, a friend who is wheelchair bound..
    she tells me that recently this dear wheelchair bound friend was pushed into oncoming traffic and shouted at and loudly accused of being BENEFIT SCUM….this is the world we now find ourselves in…
    what shall we do? resist? or give in and wave the white flag…
    we at war…it seems..

  22. This message contains blocked images.

    i wonder why i got that message in conjunction with the void email..

    • I am receiving a message that your post “contains blocked images”, what’s going on, Bob?


  23. by the way in order to volunteer for charities one has to be trained this is because of local funding…was this ever mentioned?

  24. I do wonder why people have not simply come in groups hundereds strong masked up and looted the big supermarkets + anywhere that uses slave labour? Not of course that I’m saying one should go and do such things of course, just wondering why it has not been done.

    • They would have to be quick though, because the cops would be round like the shot of a gun, seal of the supermarket and surrounding area, kettle everyone in, arrest and charge them. Plus if it was hundreds of people and it was organised on say, Facebook, lol the cops would know in advance. I can see gangs taking to “steaming” shops where a groups just goes in, takes what they want, push the staff and security aside, and scraper before the cops arrive. Steaming is already happening, maybe the big supermarkets are being looted and we don’t know about it. Anyway, I can’t see a situation where we have hordes of ravenous people roaming the streets when they can see that the shops are full of plenty, that would be just a piss-take, and in those circumstances it would be the hungry hordes moral duty to take what was rightfully theirs.



    Click to access Breaking%20the%20cycle%20-%20English.pdf

    • Sounds horrific, Bob, swarms of “social workers” swooping on families taking over there lives, dictating every aspect of how they live their lives, with attendant threats of removing all financial reports and dragging the children into care. btw it is already a condition of JSA allowance that you have to take ANY position. Capita are pure evil and it will be the same scum who staff they “work programme” who will be staffing this. I really do hope this is a wind-up, but after reading Capita’s site I am not so sure. The site gives the glossy PR (like a “work programme” brochure), this email could be the harsh reality. And there wont be anything anyone can do about it, “problems families” are already demonised and it is not like the mass media are going to mention that thousands of children are being forcibly removed from their parents.

  26. “Context
    Many of the clients we work with agree that there is great
    merit in moving towards a much more integrated public sector
    model where the family or household is at the heart of the
    process. They would also agree that there is significant evidence
    that supports the need for early intervention or intense multi
    agency intervention at appropriate points. The Cabinet Office’s
    Social Exclusion Task Force highlighted that excellent children’s
    services and excellent adult services are not enough in isolation.
    To transform life chances and break the cycle of disadvantage,
    services must go further. They must ‘think family’. The task force
    went further by saying that a system that ‘thinks family’ has no
    ‘wrong door’ ensuring that service users access a wider system of
    support regardless of the contact point. Fundamentally however,
    there is a need to deliver better outcomes for less and to crack the
    unsustainable financial timebomb attached to many of our most
    important public services.
    Attempting to achieve this in reality, however, is a much more
    significant task. Capita has developed an approach that draws
    on customer insight and lean principles to diagnose issues from
    a family and practitioner perspective and using this intelligence
    to take a fresh look at service delivery. Our methodology helps
    to simplify messages and focus on what matters most to service
    users in order to deliver better outcomes for less.
    One example of our work is ‘Breaking the Cycle / Torri’r Cylch’
    where we worked with a range of public and third sector partners
    including three local authorities, the health board and police force
    in North West Wales to examine services to vulnerable families.
    The Lead authority for the project (Gwynedd Council) identified
    that the current configuration of services was not sustainable,
    particularly with shrinking budgets and increasing demand for
    services, often of the most complex kind. The realisation that
    something had to change gave a clear and agreed driver for action.
    Capita’s role
    We (Capita) worked with local partners to develop an intelligence
    led approach to examining the whole system of support,
    diagnosing the issues, building an evidence based case for change
    and designing a roadmap for improvement. We supported the
    services to identify a range of required improvements and an
    effective implementation plan. Our comprehensive and inclusive
    approach meant that we:
    „ Developed a methodology that is flexible and multi
    disciplinary ensuring that the status quo was challenged and
    improvements for families identified


    Sample letter for us all to use to appeal against housing benefit reduction re bedroom tax

    Dear Sirs,
    I received your decision letter dated INSERT DATE and referenced above that imposed an under occupation charge, or bedroom tax of 14% / 25% (delete as appropriate) on my existing award of Housing Benefit.
    I consider this unwarranted yet in order to challenge this in the correct way and potentially by way of formal appeal I require further information to be sent to me within 7 days of this letter and the urgency of that is to ensure I have enough time to formulate any such appeal and in full knowledge of the facts of my case within the time allowed; OR in the alternative I request the deadline for any such formal appeal be moved to 21 days after I receive the request information below:
    1. A written copy of the Council’s policy and decision-making procedures in relation to referring a socially housed claimant decision to the Rent Officer Service.
    2. A full explanation of how the council decided that (INSERT ADDRESS) was determined to be a 3 bed property for the under occupation charge and this to include what involvement if any of my landlord, (INSERT LANDLORD NAME) in this process.
    Please state by way of covering letter with the requested information any changed deadline date from above with regard to a formal appeal.
    Yours etc

  29. The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’

    — Ronald Reagan 40th president of US (1911 – 2004)

  30. what the fuck is going on with all this now?

    The server at johnnyvoid.wordpress.com can’t be found, because the DNS lookup failed

  31. not have happened…

  32. What about this from the DWP newsroom, Bob

    4 March 2013 – Jobcentre Plus Advisers for troubled families

    A new drive to get troubled families into work is to be spearheaded by 150 specialist Jobcentre Plus advisers.

    Working with existing troubled families teams in councils, the employment advisers will give intensive support to whole families and for the first time track the progress made to get them into jobs.

    The practical support will include CV writing, job interview skills and highlight training opportunities and job vacancies in the area. They will also put families in contact with local employers, demonstrating that there are opportunities for everyone to get into work. …

    • @cyclix more money for the corporate poverty pimps

    • something survived...

      Okay: if you’re the parent of a teenager who you are homeschooling and who is excluded from all schools, who is too old for childcare (which you couldn’t afford), who has behavioural problems, who can’t be left alone, who will go badly off the rails if you aren’t around to control them.
      How are you ‘better off’ abandoning them to go to workfare or work programme or a McJob, when it is obvious that without you your child will get into major trouble. And you can be done for child neglect.

  33. “demonstrating that there are opportunities for everyone to get into work”
    Sure, forced labour with no pay – they don’t count as unemployed then.

  34. Notes to editors

    1. Troubled families are defined as those who:

    are involved in youth crime or anti-social behaviour;
    have children who are regularly truanting;
    have an adult on out-of-work benefits;
    cost the public sector large sums in responding to their problems, an estimated average of £75,000 per year.

    How exactly does being on benefits make a family “troubled”?

    • Take an example: A family who has one member under 18 with an ASBO and a child with a 15% unauthorized days of school record and has one adult in the home on JSA will be subject to this family processing. If only two of these conditions apply there is a discretionary waver that allows the family to be still processed if there is a “health problem” such as “Under 18 conceptions” So Iain Duncan-Smith who, proclaims his Catholicity , is going to be encouraging either abortion or contraception against the teaching of his own Church. The man is demented.

      Note the attachment fee given to agents is £3,200 for the current year.

      This scheme looks like a good example of the “The Lies We Tell Ourselves”

      • something survived...

        If you have a disability or health condition that is rare or happens to cost the NHS a lot of money, that makes you a ‘Problem’! The ‘Solution’ is probably to murder all the disabled to save money. This has been tried before, what was the name of that European country again?

  35. The bedroom tax an obscene ideological Govt attack on the vulnerable

    * contains strong language 🙂

    • Give this man some Strepsils*
      *(other brands are available).

      There is strong language, yes – but he hits the nail on the head every time.
      What we really need are more, not fewer (sorry for using this term) authentic voices. More people who are articulate, well-informed and who are under no illusions about what’s on the Agenda. The ‘rant’ contains some ‘strong language’ & so it’s a fair warning for anyone who can’t listen to it, but it’s in the context of a passionate and incisive indictment of where we’re at. When I listen to this man, the only truly offensive thing that stands out is the message itself, and any adjectives used pale into the back seat of his taxi.

      • … probably trying to say ‘honest’ rather than ‘authentic’ – but either way – people who understand what’s going on.

      • I think swearing is cathartic, therapeutic and entirely appropriate when dealing with the kind of monstrous evil we are currently being subjected to.

    • This is through the looking glass, another aspect of the bedroom tax is when a family does not meet the criteria and is forced to move away from the area and that means kids having to leave their school.. family and friends and go to an area alien to them. Then they need to find school placements for their kids and that is not always in the catchment area, and that is where another dark issue rears it’s ugly head… councils and other such bodies using private investigation companies to check they are in the correct catchment area and by using this method they are side-stepping legal requirements if they undertook the job themselves, another example of big brother we know all too well exists in various guises…

  36. Any family can be a problem family even middle class and upper class not just the criminal underclass that they try to depict

  37. Any family can be a problem family regardless of class.

    • There’s no need to be like that!

    • Absolutely! This is just another attack on the poor. Hence they’ve included: ‘AND Have An Adult On Out Of Work Benefits’ in their definittion of ‘troubled’. It doesnt matter how much crime and anti-social behaviour a wealthy family is inolved in, if they’re not on benefits, then they’re not an easy target, so they’r not classed as ‘troubled’.

      • Could the recent use of of this term ‘troubled’ (families) be part of a move away from using terms like ‘Asbo’ as a cynical way of refocussing people’s beliefs away from the unstated aim (to persecute) towards the supposed offer to ‘help’. (“if you’re troubled – we will offer you ‘help’; if you turn down our ‘help’ we will take away your … money/children/right to a decent life) – delete as appropriate.

        • Why would “troubled” families want to refuse “help”? Surely the great benefactors at the DWP/Capita only have their best interests at heart? What a great “opportunity” for these families the “offer” of “help” is.

  38. Vonderbar

  39. Hardship funding, travel costs, grants…


  41. Abraham Lincoln

    “The problem with quotes on the internet is that many are not genuine.”

    — Abraham Lincoln

  42. Benjamin Franklin

    “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

    — Benjamin Franklin

  43. Hi all im due to start work this week after been on jsa i was wondering if anybody could give me any advise on what i might be able to claim as starting work and commeing of jsa ie a bycicle lump sum payment to help with work clothes etc.
    I got the job of my own back nothing to do with the jobcentre.

  44. @JOHNNY VOID AND EVERYONE…its nice to have allies sometimes…so i would very much like to thank John Ward at the Slog for blogging about the ‘problem families’ DWP SCAM…I took the trouble of forwarding my findings to him of which he investigated further and added too.. So if you want to post back to john thanking him for his support then please feel free to do so..


  45. it was about that “email” from the supposed DWP employee that appeared on Facebook (which is kind of odd) and is doing the rounds.

  46. It was about that “email” from the supposed DWP employee which first appeared on Facebook (which is kind of odd) and is now doing the rounds.

  47. It was about that “email” from the supposed DWP employee which first appeared on Facebook (which is kind of odd), was picked up by the anti-atos site and is now doing the rounds… beginning to thin it was a hoax.

    • @ethels buns..well now i feel pretty stupid,, but the thing is this i went to capita site and indeed they were getting into the problem families thing so it looked liked it checked out..

      can you direct me to other places its been and why now do you thinks its setup..

      • But now the Slog has commented this: “Subsequent enquiries made by me among private supplier contacts and participants suggest that my DWP mole’s allegations are, in all the detail given here, accurate.” ??!!

        • @ethels buns yeah john does that…he doesnt just take stuff from others and reblog it as his own..he takes it a bit further and digs away…he has one of the best blogs on the web…so…..???

      • The Slog appears to be saying that he has investigated it and his “source” confirms that what the “whistle-blower” is saying is true, still can’t believe it:

        * If after a period of 26 weeks results are not forthcoming and improvements tangible and sustained all benefits will be withdrawn. From then on, the adults will have to work in any position that can be found – and will be paid via fuel, food and basic clothing. Children over 13 will be expected to work under the same terms as their parents at special schools.

        * If the children continue to truant and participate in anti social behaviour, those under 13 will be taken into care. They will not be living with their parents, but in dormitory accommodation. (And we all know what that means)

        * Any of the parents having children throughout or once they’ve failed the initiative will be taken into the care of local authorities. The families will be allowed supervised access at contact centres as deemed acceptable by the people overseeing the project and the handlers for the individual families. (And we all know what that means)

        This CANNOT be true, Bob!!

  48. It was about that “email” from the supposed DWP employee which first appeared on Facebook (which is kind of odd), was picked up by the anti-atos site and is now doing the rounds… beginning to think it was a hoax. Just cos it is all over the place doesn’t mean it is true.

  49. @ethels buns i have worked with john before on a number of occasions..i dont ever there has been a time when he just re writes what others post him.,,he cross references it with stuff he has produced himself he seems to suggest it confirms something he was already looking into anway..

  50. ok, have just posted this on The Slog, but will repeat here

    Children can only be removed from parents where a registered Social Worker has judged the child to be at an immediate risk of ‘significant harm’. This decision will have to be justified at the family courts, usually within two or three days, at which the parents and their lawyers will be present. If the decision is upheld then an Interim Care Order will be granted to social services. A further hearing will be scheduled to make a final assessment on what should happen to the children, which means they may be permanently removed from their parents, placed under a care order but allowed to remain with parents, placed under a supervision order and remain with the parents, or the case will be thrown out and the children go home.

    This hearing will only take place after a large amount of assessment, involving parents being observed with the kids, other family members being assessed as potential carers, psychiatric reports and reams of other evidence. This process usually takes over a year, during which there will be interim court hearings at which social services will have to continue to justify the existence of a care order.

    Now either the DWP, in connivance with the courts and social services are planning to illegally remove thousands of children from their homes and hope no-one notices, or this leak is frankly bollocks.

    • @johnny void..i have written to john on this and await his response to me..knowing how john works he does check stuff out…but i will see what he has to say…

    • @johnny void having said that i did not that capita and g4s et al have been involved in problem families contracts of which i posted on here but to what degree i am not sure..it seems odd to me that a payment by results scheme
      especially to an IT company seem rather odd..also odd to see deloitte mentioned who are an accounting firm ( infamous for the vodafone scandal)

    • @johnny void…yes i remember the the tatchel doctored photo very well..
      i diod wonder however on previous occasions we were invetsigation in paedophiles etc
      oh a btw a comment on the slog about deloittes runs thus..

      JW asked why Deloittes are involved? They are connected to a company called Ingeus who like G4S and the other suspects are responsible for the Back to Work programme. They were either the initial advisers to setting up the company because it was reported in the local media that the company was called Deloittes Ingeus.

      So these companies are already in place. If I remember correctly when Ingeus appeared on the scene in 2011 the wife of the ex Australian PM, Kevin Rudd, either founded or was one of the main shareholders in this company.

      A4E is another one that was in the MSM not so long ago about faking the paperwork claiming to get people into either non-existent jobs or temp positions. As long as they stayed in the job for a certain length of time A4E (and all these other companies) could keep their fees for a ‘successful’ placement. They could then earn a fee again for finding another ‘job’ for the person who became unemployed again from the short term work placement. Up to 6k in some instances.

    • Johnny, there are ways around that, this is close to home for me, and ill ask the person involved if they can pop by if they want to give full details or not…

      In a nut shell, dad is a bit of a lad, arrests for beating up a burglar, a bit of time for a fight that went too far, Mum likes a drink to relax. In no way are these kids in any danger, any problems are hidden from kids at all times. Wait for a family bust up, shout DV when male puts hands up to stop a slap and tipsy mum falls over. Mum hurts head, there was an argument pryor, dads done time, its gotta be DV. Split up the couple, restraining order on the male.
      Wait until the mum succumbs a little bit.
      Kids naturally start to play up at school, no dad figure apart from at the end of a phone.
      Kid plays truant, police called, mums peeling spuds and answers door with knife in hand- innocently ill add. Police subdue “armed” mum. In front of screaming kids.
      Mum tasered.

      Arresting Filth cunt is also a foster carer drawing £500 per week for each child.

      Joining the dots yet?

      Mums in cells, dads on a restraining order, kids whisked away and on at risk register, a year on and the family are still fighting for them back. Mum at risk of losing 3 bed family home now its underoccupied.

      You wonder why i hate the filth. And the SS.

      I promise you Johnny as i live and breathe that is 100% true and the folk involved i trust implicitly, and a lot i seen for myself

      • Quote JV “This hearing will only take place after a large amount of assessment, involving parents being observed with the kids, other family members being assessed as potential carers, psychiatric reports and reams of other evidence. This process usually takes over a year, during which there will be interim court hearings at which social services will have to continue to justify the existence of a care order.”

        Its at stage now, where the big guns have been wheeled out, SS insinuating other family members are fucking liars, every word you say is twisted, the other perfectly normal members of the family whose children are being observed interacting with the kids in care are borderline being called unfit an suggestions of Parental classes, the dad undergoing routine hair tests for drugs after a solicitor accused him of doing crack cocaine…every test has been negative bar one where the lad had toothache and took codiene- ohhh opiates sir?

        Id say unbelievable until id witnessed it myself

      • oh I dont doubt it, lots of things wrong with social services. only point im making is that theres no laws that could justify taking kids away from parents on mass because they couldnt get a job, which is what the leaked document implies – theres a whole legal process that takes place (and sometimes shafts people), but its there and theres been no announced plans to change it

        • @Johnny Void i repost this from aunty admin at after atos who is a fan of yours..

          in response to bobchewie:

          @aunty i am inclined to agree with you however there are laws on removing children from families and unless these arseholes want ot subvert that (i wouldnt put it past them) i would like to point out that in the levenson enquirey the subject of defaming disabled people in the media was also part of […]

          there may be law of removing children but I do assure you they are usually totally ignored, either neglected as in Baby P, or take children in on a vague whim or prejudice or assumption, and then takes ages for parent to get them back or never. and when a child is young and separated from mum and dad and home for up to many years they are affected and the bond is broken, so even if they go back they can never return. Seen it too many times. Not so tight as you would think. and do not wish to give them any more excuses to take children in on a whim.

          ie they take all income and revenue from disabled and single mums and carers, then when disabled, mum and carer cannot feed cloth and house dependent take the children in. or disabled and dependent back into a care home or institution.

          That is what has happened. totally MAD!! No joined up thinking. Take Money Away – no food for children, Ok so take children away as parents neglecting them, No joined up thinking at all. and thinking that low paid, lower class and low skilled are automatically bad parents and slovenly.

          I have no confidence of delusions were social services are concerned

          • I’ll say it again Chewie, and this is no lie, in the case i witnessed, the arresting officer also fostered children. There was mention of £500 per week allowance for taking on an “At Risk” child. This sum i cant be certain of and havent checked by the way, but come on, they burst in to your home while you peal spuds, tazer you, lock you up and the children get taken in care as the mother is in a cell and the father on restraining order, and it turns out the officer is being financially rewarded for “caring” for these kids?
            An aside, the copper didnt get the kids, they got separated out with 2 couples. Also these healthy kids while with thier parents, the youngest has suffered a fall and lost her front teeth while in care.. at risk eh? Only while in care

        • Granted, En Masse, but if you get individually targeted, frankly your stuffed.
          I’ll reiterate, these kids weren’t starving beaten waifes and strays but loved well rounded and cared for, with parents who had problems – it annoys me that if the range of attention that is current, was aimed at helping before this got out of hand then a family possibly could have pulled itself out the mire, rather then the hand grenade going off that i have had the misfortune to witness first hand over the last year


  52. This Govt’ment have failed to take in to account that if they were to cap affordtable rents then the £23Bn housing benefit bill would not be so much? they also fail to understand people who live outside London are not on high rates of wage! ie there are are shelter housing units [1b/room] on offer within the Hampshire areas & weekly rents are set @ £250+ a week and thats without pay their bills? So I say affordable rents need to be capped before this Govt’ment charge b/room tax? the are as the norm looking after their rich friends?

  53. LOOK, this may just be me being paranoid but why has Wiltshire Council granted the planning consent for 50 civilian population compounds across the Salisbury Plain Training Area? I’ve read the “Official Reasons.” but I am not convinced. These compounds are quite vast in their construction with a guard tower at each corner. judging by the picture you could get a thousand people in there….just sayin’ is all….

  54. @H DENIZ
    “Fri 13th Jan 2012
    Wiltshire Council have recently granted Planning Consent for the erection of fifty civilian population compounds across the Salisbury Plain Training Area, as part of support infrastructure enhancements to facilitate Mission Specific Training (MST) Exercises that are conducted on the Training Area twice a year.
    Each compound consists of two ISO Shipping Containers surrounded by 60 metres of a demountable hoarding system, to represent civilian compounds that are currently found in theatre.
    Landmarc’s Project Office managed the process of obtaining consent via twenty-eight separate applications, each of which required an Habitat Regulations Assessment; Statement of Cultural Heritage Significance; Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and finally, a Public Access and Recreation Statement.
    The project demonstrates Landmarc’s continued support, enhancing and improving training support infrastructure across the Defence Training Estate.”

  55. This article is misleading – the Social Fund will continue to exist, it’s just parts of the discretionary social fund (crisis loans and community care grants, the later of which can be paid for a much wider set of reasons and goods than is made out if you’re got a half decent welfare rights worker helping you with the application) which will disappear in April to be replaced by localised discretionary schemes. The statutory part of the Social Fund will continue – maternity grants, funeral payments and winter fuel payments. As for budgeting loans, they will actually continue to exist for those getting the current means tested benefits that make you eligible until everyone is transfered to universal credit (sometime towards the end of 2017). However, if you are getting universal credit, then you won’t be able to get a budgeting loan but can ask for a budgeting advance instead which will be pretty much the same as a budgeting loan except you have to pay one off before you can apply for another.

    For universal credit claimants there will be short-term advances instead of crisis loans for benefit delays or “alignment” when your circumstances change – you’ll need to ask for them and a decision will be needed as to whether one is needed to avoid hardship: much like crisis loans. For those continuing to get the existing means tested benefit there will be a similar system – but then there already was (usually refered to as interim payments) it just wasn’t well known and rarely used.

    Recently I was told that the social fund telephone claim line would be telling people about these changes from 22 February, although I’ve also heard this has not happened – however, DWP staff should know about them when claimants ask “what am I supposed to live on”? Also any decent advice worker will know about them. It’s not like the DWP currently advertise your possible entitlements nor are they the best people to ask advice from – always seek independent advice.

  56. I had a crisis loan about a year ago when my washing machine broke. This week they decided to start taking the money back out of my IS at 34 pounds a week. With current deductions I only actually get 32 per week at present. So they took some anyway and left me with 8 pounds for the fortnight to live on. This was after I rang them to complain,but it was too late to stop them.

    • @kate mann and they say that the banks are bad? my bank decided to nick £50 out of my savings for no clear reason at all..i got it back plus compensation..in some places capita and other companies will run crisis loans depending on how dead they think you are,,they use a ‘rules engine’…god help us.

  57. Teesside Solidarity Movement

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  60. I am on benefits. I claim ESA as I have a mental health illness that for whatever reason the so-called professionals will not diagnose. I know what is wrong with me, and has been wrong with me for at least the last 15 years. It seems odd that they are not diagnosing me with something that interferes with my daily living to an unbelievable level. Could it be that they’re doing it under instruction so as the sufferer cannot claim benefit help for something that they haven’t diagnosed? I could believe it if they were! To add to all of that, because I haven’t been able to get sufficient help with said mental health problem, SS became involved, and bullied me into a nervous breakdown, refusing to help me get treatment, and then took my children away from me, making up lies, twisting every word that came out of my mouth, mentally abusing me so that I believed their lies that I was a bad mother. I never was a bad mother, and I still am not a bad mother now, yet I am persecuted and only allowed to see my children once a month, while my son complains of being bullied by his carers on a regular basis, and two of my daughters live with their alcoholic father who steals their money to pay the bills, (money given to them as a gift by relatives might I add, not benefit money given to him by the state for them) because he has already spent his wages on booze. All while I am still fighting to get the help I need for my mental health problems, and I am stuck on a waiting list for the therapy the court psychologist “recommended” I have before being allowed to have my children home. 2 years of psychotherapy he “recommended” for a mental problem he wasn’t willing to diagnose because he knew it was the wrong diagnosis, and just over 5 years later I’m still willing and waiting. Now because of these new laws, I am told I have to either pay over £90 a month to keep my home so that my children can still visit me, or move out into a smaller property. Our housing association does not own any one bedroom properties for me to move into anyway, so that would mean either move into a two bedroom house and pay around £50 a month to live there and not have enough room for all of the children to stay at once, meaning they have no contact with each other and then end up homeless after a while anyway, or move into a private rented one bedroom place, not have room for the kids to visit or more importantly to be able try and get them home, and the housing benefit bill be as much as what it is for the place I’m in now, and still that is only if I can gather together the money for a deposit for said property in the first place, meaning I’m still facing homelessness anyway. To top it off, I was last year diagnosed with a chronic pain and fatigue illness that I get no help with at all. The whole system is screwed up, be it the housing benefits, workfare scheme… the whole country is going down the pan.

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  67. Just to add a comment to this,I applied for what is now called The Scottish Welfare Fund,replacing the old Crisis Loan system, due to a hitch with my ESA payment. I was refused…the reason…my ESA is based on my N.I. contributions!!! So,basically,having worked for 28 yrs and paid Tax and N.I. I am entitled to NO help…however,had my benefit been NON Contribution based..I would have qualified no problem!! So,in other words,had I never worked or paid into National Insurance…I would have got a payment from them!!! So,left with no money till payment again in 2 weeks time!! Sooner Im back to work the better…least then I can pay for all the people in my street who don’t work!! lol.x

    • Getting a means tested benefit may be one of the normal criteria to get a Crisis Grant but it is not absolutely necessary. The Scottish Welfare Fund is discretionary so there is no absolute eligibility criteria as such but the Scottish Government have produced guidance and if a local authority fail to follow that guidance they can be challenged on why they didn’t. The Guidance is here – http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/0041/00415780.doc – see para 6.2 for the eligibility criteria for a Crisis Grant. You should exercise your right to ask the council to review their decision and do so on the basis of that guidance. If not satisfied with their response consider getting councillors involved and using the council’s complaint procedures – ultimately you can take it to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.
      Now, they may turn round and say well actually the DWP should be paying your ESA – they have a point. The DWP can make you a short term benefit advance pending first proper payment – thing is they don’t advertise the fact that they can and are unlikely to tell you about it unless you ask. Such advances are discretionary, so no right of appeal if they don’t give you one, but you can ask they to reconsider and you can also complaint if you think they’ve not handled your claim right and maybe try getting your MP involved. However, if this is not a delay pending your first ESA payment or due to a change in circumstances, then you can’t qualify for a short-term benefit advance, in which case the question is why aren’t they paying you? Only options open really if they aren’t and there’s no good reason is the complaints process, getting your MP to intervene or if you got access to a handy solicitor who can act fast seek a judicial review.

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  69. i am a lone parent and have been on jsa for 2 years. i started work last week and signed off. i do not get paid until the end of January and asked what help was available to me until then. told all benefits will stop but sent and council tax will continue for four weeks. i told them i would not be able to get by financially and was told to phone Glasgow welfare fund who would help,oh and told to exasperation my expenses as they always give you less. only to be told no help would be available as i now no longer get benefits.also told to ask my new employer for an advance on my wage.. now come on Whats that all about?? what happened to the promised financial help to get people back to work? no wonder people would rather stay on benefits

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  73. People need to understand a government will take from the poor tell us that working for a min wage will get r country back to on its feet this is Tory policy. The Tories say more people working wot they don’t say is 4 people with ten hours a week each zero contract agency. No sick people in Britain there support benefit cases. They scrapped the crisis loan to hit the poor. ‘

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