Labour Rally Round To Save Iain Duncan Smith’s Blushes

cameron-clegg-miliband-2According the The Guardian,  Labour are set to support the DWP re-writing history to avoid paying back money ruled legally due to claimants who have had benefits sanctioned.

This is the same Labour that this weekend will attempt to hijack the very real suffering of claimants who will be affected by the Bedroom Tax.

Many Labour organised protests against the bedroom tax have been called around the UK in an opportunistic move to exploit poverty and homelessness for their party political ends.  Then on Tuesday Labour MPs are expected to vote for Iain Duncan Smith’s emergency bill which will steal money straight from the hands of claimants wrongly sanctioned by the DWP.

Rarely has the existence of a cossetted and out of touch political class been more on display.  Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne has far more in common with Iain Duncan Smith socially, economically and politically than he does with the claimants he will be pretending to support in Birmingham at the Bedroom Tax protests.

It is therefore hardly surprising that Labour intend to help IDS vote through laws which will make a mockery of the legal system.  Laws that are being introduced simply to cover up Iain Duncan Smith’s shambolic drafting of legislation and the DWPs inability to clearly explain to claimants what is expected of them.

The Labour front bench are happy to sell out working class people just to save a Tory Secretary of State’s blushes.  No doubt they expect the favour will be repaid the next time one of them is in trouble.  The truth is that most politicians on both sides of Parliament went to the same schools and universities, they drink in the same bars, eat in the same restaurants and most importantly have the same economic and political interests.  As the expenses scandal showed – when they all closed ranks as they were exposed as thieves – they really are all in it together.

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152 responses to “Labour Rally Round To Save Iain Duncan Smith’s Blushes

  1. The big reason they want to be seen to be against the ‘bedroom tax’ is that it has numbers on its side. It seem that the people of Britain in large only seem to want to oppose the things that affect them and are happy to ignore the things that affect other people. Labour are just cheap, low, and sleazy to back the governments poverty pimping but oppose this because they see it as an easy way to gain votes.

    • Keep voting party keep voting for exploitation.

    • Yes, I think your probably right, ever since Thatcher people haver been encouraged to only care about themselves, so now generally people only protest when something affects them personally, but hopefully this is begining to change, I can certainly sense compassion from the people who follow this blog, and as for the bedroom tax, Cameron says it will make more homes available for the families that need them. Well i am one of those families, (my house is overcrowded) so I will benefit form the bedroom tax, but never in a million years would I want someone driven from their home so as I can get my extra bedroom. I would rather stay where I am, so thanks Cameron but NO THANKS. I will be joining the anti bedroom tax protests tomorrow.

      • I just want to slap myself when I put up a status on a social network that gets no comments or replies from the 100+ people im connected to but the second someone writes about the most recent ‘celebrity’ endorsement it gets hundreds of replies, it baffles me that peoples priorities seem so screwed up.
        We have a similar housing situation in the area I live with 1 person in a 3 bedroom house but a lot of those people wont necessarily be affected by the ‘bedroom tax’ anyway. Surely the right thing to do would be to try to ease the persons transition to more suitable accomodation than trying to essentially starve them out? Especially when people link things like their homes with their memories and its the memories they think they will lose.
        In my area another problem is that there is largely 3 bedroom accomodation so its hard to be able to move to smaller accomodation without having to leave the area, and the people who buy 20 or 30 houses in a place and then rent them out and push rents up aren’t helping either.

        • Fact is this tax is hideous, it’s cruel and inhuman and papers over the cracks as to the reason they imposed it in the first place due to the fact they have not built enough cheap social housing, I think maybe one person in a three-bedroom is pushing it but one in a two-bedroom is relatively par for the course and they know it!.

          There are few single bedroom properties to rent in the social housing sector and in the private sector they would cost as much as one person renting in a two-bedroom property and if they live in a house or bungalow then it would mostly be a flat, and if that person is mentally and/or physically disabled then it opens up a whole can of worms relating to stairs and other such issues unless it’s on the ground floor, but less likely to be one-bedroom and if so potentially would cost as much and if not more and displace their lives completely.

          Call me cynical but without anyone jumping on me here and playing the race card I wonder how deep this coalition are worried about the influx of Rumanian and Bulgarian citizens to this country when they join the EU and how many of these properties will be genuinely reserved for families in the UK who are on the list seeking larger properties for ages?.. it does make you think doesn’t it?.

          Again I think it’s just another Tory sham of a policy for the loose purpose to try and lessen another future issue that will again still take place but it will be the UK citizens living in boxes and still there will not be enough homes which only goes to prove how folly it is not to restrict given the fact we are a small island of a country compared to many EU countries and they don’t all accept an open-door policy, if they come here it’s logical they should be offering a skill we are lacking which again just opens up another can of worms that we don’t have those skills in this country already.

          It’s simply one example after another of government after government being inept at being able to manage to run the country properly without being self serving to their own secret agenda’s. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a government running this country who knew what it’s like to have experienced the kind of things people on our side of the fence have to live with due to the policies they make that never touch them. A Chancellor who is a multi-millionaire will never relate to those affected by his foolish taxes and that goes for many in the coalition and in many cases the opposition too.

          In many respects this coalition is responsible for making the mentally and physically disabled worse, the unemployed feeling all the more angry and full of angst and creating more ill people because of all the stress associated with the worry and uncertainty when people are trying to maybe get their feet back on the ground and establish aspects of potential therapeutic earnings. The government are taking that away too!.. they want them to not even know what it might be like to work and earn a wage for work undertaken, instead they are forced to work for their benefit that pays below that of an employee on minimum working wage, and they said nobody on benefits should be getting more than somebody in employment on the minimum working wage, so effectively that is a contradiction.

          This fascist coalition is running the country like we’re all a bunch of stooges, they want to take away our hope, our dreams for a better tomorrow and try to sell us the idea their way is the only way for that better tomorrow to be a reality when we know it’s no one else’s better tomorrow except their own. The bedroom tax is just one thing but it should be looked at as serious as Maggie’s Poll Tax and it must be stopped at all costs, if there is no threshold for the citizens of this country so say Enough is enough.. where does it end?.. when there is no welfare, no NHS, triple the homelessness we have today, those who can find work being taxed to the hilt, the sick just dying and the dying wishing they were dead already. This coalition looks past it’s citizens no matter if they are fit, ill, unemployed of working busting their hump for the crumbs this government decide to give. Humanity beyond all else must win through before the logic of individual circumstance can be ever addressed once more.. only together we can make that happen.

          Now does it look so good that Maggie allowed people renting social housing to buy their home?, I seem to remember it was still beyond most people unless they had some retirement or savings sloshing around to afford to do so. In those days we remembered the people who did it then.. they were Tories and always voted tory on many respects, anyone else just had savings to afford it, but that is where all the social housing went when Maggie sold it all off dirt cheap to those who previously rented them and could afford to buy. It might have been your mother/father or grandparents, you may live in that home yourself now without a care but that is another Tory policy hitting people now, not seemingly wrong at the time but certainly paying the price now.

      • thank you dreamer for your support,

  2. Fotzen! (As the Germans say).

  3. It is like the legal “profession”; you see prosecution and defending barrister (depending on which “brief” they have been landed), battling it out in court; but of the evening they will enjoying a drink together in the up-market wine bars. They are all in the same club.

  4. Does this mean they will have there expenses stopped too..
    After all claim toilet roll holder
    Door handles

    Are these really needed to be paid for by tax payers

  5. When will these sleazebag remember they are NOT IN POWER..but there TO SERVE?

  6. When it comes to the elections we jump from laboiur to Tory then back to Labour and the so called democracy goes on with consensus politics across the board and being paid whether in government or shadow government, it’s just one big gravy train. It was under the last labour government that I was sanctioned for refusing to work for free and in local government they are just a pack of jobsworths with councillors telling you we can’t do anything about central government policies why not speak to your COMMRADES. They’re all paid for bugger all – we do need a new party for sure someone we can put our cross against at the next election in large numbers.

    • We definitely do need a new party to vote for at the next election. I will say straight away- to any more like minded people out there I would be interested in forming one so please lets get in touch. You and I agree on this guy fawkes, that’s two – a few more and we’ll have a party! I can’t ever vote for the fascists currently occupying the front bench- or the party opposite them who are an hair’s breadth from being as bad – operating in a clandestine fashion. They bring to mind something said in an old film by a Native American Indian who said ‘White Man Speak With Forked Tongue’. Well not all of us do but clearly some Labour members want to look after there own political interests while stabbing people, who are struggling to survive, in the back.
      Between them, the main political parties are destroying this once great and respected nation and grinding it’s decent people in to the ground. Enough of out of touch toffs and champagne socialists, they’re one and the same operating under different coloured flags

      • I’ve been thinking about that for a while, how to create a party that can gain momentum when the system is against it, if it is possible. I have many ideas on how to organise one and how to maximise success. I know in my mind the foundations of what needs to be done but in the end for anything to work, requires people to be willing to listen, act carefully, be serious and have great patience.

        A newly made party with the nicest intentions, filled and the firmest most realistic economic plan will get no where if you only pop up for election day every 5 years. After all Lib Dems, UKIP and the Green party have more exposure but little success. It has to be more than what they are.

        Despite the mountain to climb, it is not impossible, the first thing to accept is that the journey will be long, it will not be easy and everything will be in the way to break you, but you can’t give up

        • Agreed. These are all points I have considered myself. This would also require a lot of work and a not inconsiderable amount of money.May be I’m jumping the gun but such matters would have to be considered in time. If you wish to progress this idea I am interested. If we could plant an acorn?

      • Well, you can count me in. The whole political system in this country is rotten to the core, Lab/Lib/Con/UKIP they’re just all the same under the surface, just different coloured rosettes.

  7. Everyone needs to contact the Labour party and tell them what you think of them supporting this fucking Law change.

    • Count me in too, no money but lots of time being one of the skiving scrounging disabled that ATOS declared fit to work, Nor fit to do much of anything that requires me to stand or walk or even sit too long in one place, if I was to have run my business, when I ran one, the way politicians run this country I would have gone bankrupt within weeks owing millions even though I started the business with a loan of £2,000, that is how inept they are.

      • @pat , shirleynott, kittycat etc…i have decided to quite the void guys..basically i fucked all i can do is leave this thing ..nice knowing you all and thanks for all your kind comments..bye..bob

        • you didnt fuck up Bob, half the fucking internet got taken in by that leak

          • @JV not in my mind mate i should have sussed that from point one…all the same it would be interesting to find out where it came from….

            • who knows, it may even genuinely be a disgruntled member of staff reporting workplace rumours, management chatter etc but the legislation doesnt exist to do what is claimed yet

            • Bob no idea what happened but you are invaluable to this site as you provide so much research and are very much needed in these harsh times. Please don’t leave.

        • bob, please, please, dont go, you are needed by us all.

          • @pat i’m not well and not in a good place physically or mentally really..this bloody ‘fake story’ or whatver it is seesm to be almost viral i should have checked that it had that would ahev warned me first off..but i got it from a reputable site so it threw me..and its annoyed me amnd upset me

            • – bob, I’m sorry to hear that. You know yourself what might be most/least helpful for your health/well being – but you would be missed – it might be a bit too quiet. Could you maybe think about just ‘au revoir’ so people could know to look out for a postcard(s) in case you see this? I agree, following up on the half of what’s going on in the world is exhausting, as well as being almost a full-time job (note to self: friendly-neighbourhood ‘adviser’ might not want to hear this). We are now living in such ‘interesting’ times …& that’s not even taking into account … life.

              • @shirleynott im not sure what to do really, as many of you know im living in a nightmare of a place, the only good news is that ive at alst been able to connect my laptop to the phone using portable wifi spot thingy (look no wires)that was a struggle really, i dont mind the research and all but this latest pissed me off and i dont like being suckerd having said that some one on the void did post that a dwp link seemed to confirm it so..???
                apart from that i am wondering why i am on the net as originally i though it was to be in touch with certain people i hadnt seen in twenty years but they have toddled off like before and its thrown me…so umm still not sure ok i am saving having to cough up £1 per hour at the net cafe now..even though admittedly it got me away from this dump for a while…
                i will review the situation its a vicious circle as i was hoping a certain charity might assist my moving but it seems cos of funding i can only volunteer once ive relocated to there…catch 22 huh?…if i am not on here every day i wont be far way from you all so dont panic…

            • @bob – ok. Somewhere there will be light at the end of the tunnel(s) or so I sometimes like to remind myself. At least it’s not snowing …

            • Black Triangle ? Reputable?
              I fucked em off after spending the night on their Facebook page asking for clarification, weather what appeared to be a drunken rant by admin declaring “All Armed forces and Ex Armed forces , and Right wingers can find their own blog, youre not welcome”
              I asked if this was just a one off rant, or weather it was an official stance, if it’s official sling my hook, and lend support where im wanted, and if its a drunken late night rant by a narked admin, ill take it such and move on, no harm no fowl.
              Que 24 hours of solid bitching, and no official reply, just 3 people clearly not admin tub thumping thier own agenda. After a couple of days the admin admitted an ex army guy had come on trolling overnight and the admin over reacted, But by that point id lost all respect for the movement and slung me hook

              • @ulysses i dont know mate really, all i know is that someone was trying to spread disinfo that black triangle were an ‘extremist hard leftist group’ if you see a photo of them they dont fit that picture at fuck knows what that was about…but that crap has been going on for a while now..clearly TPTB are getting jumpy..

              • @ulysses the reputable site i got the troubled families story from was ‘after atos’ by the way…

            • “Somewhere there will be light at the end of the tunnel(s) or so I sometimes like to remind myself”.

              The DWP express?

              • @R33 as a keen noticer of odd shit in movies i watched ‘the dark knight rises’ of late where in that movie someone was shouting ”wheres the DWP guy?” very odd…

            • My Bad Bob, i’d assumed it came from the BTC, i still stand by my decision tho.. fuck em

              • @ulysses thats up to you mate, as i said someone was trying to discredit them not so long ago..extremist hard leftist? my arse…

                • Discredited themselves mate, by failure to clarify their official stance in good time, it takes a lot to piss me off too…

                • @ulysses idk mate bad day at the office maybe someone fucked them off previously…..mind you they have come up with pretty revealing stuff..maybe thats why the disinfo….??

                • Absolutely, an amazing resource, but to put a post on facebook saying they want no support from ex forces or anyone from the political right excludes a fair old section of the population, the former potentially needing the most help, and not just physical disabilities.
                  That was bad enough but reading between the lines told me it was a reaction to a bad day in the office, i and 3 others simply asked for clarification.
                  The subsequent 600 post long argument and mud slinging over 24 hours with no official intervention until 2 days later stuck in my craw the most. I lost all respect for 3 of their members, followed by respect for the group.
                  A simple yes / no in a timely manner could have saved all that. Even if the post had been earnest and both groups unwelcome, id have slung me hook and still respected their stance, tho not, i’ll add, understood the reasoning.
                  Sick / disabled are sick/ disabled to me, and the more get on board the group, the greater power the group wields. Its crazy to bar folk for job or politics. That aint the real battle

                • @ulysses agree its not a left right battle its wrong right thing…and as you point out ex squaddies who have been injured overseas should be included in their help..

      • @Michael Dale Thanks Michael,Your sentiments much appreciated.Sorry to hear that you have been subjected to the ATOS nightmare.To hell with them and their ill judged conclusions about who needs what.Without doubt both you and your parents before,pre-paid through NI Contributions for whatever assistance you require.
        The appointment of assessors who practice a credit control approach toward people in genuine need,says so much about the certainty of government inhumanity to pre-empt the possibility of a bogus claimants slipping through the super-fine mesh of the ATOS. net
        I hope that this project will advance,your common sense,innovative spirit and courage can help us to do that -Thanks for answering the call

  8. No surprise here, Byrne was fucking fuming in the Commons at the thought of jobseekers being refunded their ILLEGALLY taken (until this Bill is passed) sanctions.

  9. If some other country was doing this there would be howls of disapproval from our politicians and shouts of how good everything is in Britain – the birthplace of democracy and the champion of human rights! Now we can see how pointless court judgments that find government policy unlawful really are.

  10. What kind of country are we living in? Never in their worst moments did the Thatcher government dare to do half the things the Coalition are doing. I never thought I’d see a government worse than the Thatcher administration, but this lot put them in the shade. The things they are doing are truly frightening and I worry where it’s all leading. I’m just watching the 6 o’clock news and there’s not a mention of this in the headlines. That is shocking, but not surprising.

  11. Wonder how long it will be, before Duncan Smith decides that the voluntary mandatory work experience activity that best suits the unemployed in order for them to contribute to society and earn their benefits, is, for them to sent down into the sewers to do maintenance & repair work and to unclog them, and gets full cross-party agreement?

  12. Duncan-Smiths Fag

    As my old schoolmaster would say: the since quashed regulations were a “deliberate mistake”. Bend over!!

  13. Tory, Lib Dem and Labour – all the pigs at the same trough – enough said!

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  15. i have just read this piece on boycott workfare,
    In its arguments to justify withholding social security people are due – an average of about £500 per person, £130 million pounds in total – the DWP has stated that:
    “If the Department cannot make these retrospective changes, then further reductions in benefits might be required in order to find the money to repay the sanctions”
    In short, if the government is made to obey the high court’s ruling, it will inflict collective punishment on those who can least afford it by finding £130 million pounds more in new cuts from the welfare
    budget. Shockingly this is supported by Labour. Yet again the poorest will be made to pay for the mistakes of the powerful

    • My god IDS is worse than Hitler, at least Hitler killed the people of quickly, whom he despised. Fucking IDS is killing us of slowly, prolonging the agony, the pain, the desperation. The evil bastard

      • That’s no exaggeration – this is a sadistic/masochistic dictatorship making the most of it’s un-mandated time to create hell for anyone, who cannot contribute to their coffers and help make them look like saviours.More evidence of this is likely to emerge when Georgie boy makes his budget statement next week

  16. What this country really needs right now is civil war.

    I’ll be voting CONSERVATIVE next election to speed the revolution.

    No really… it’s the best way… it’s the kindest thing to do… get it over with…

    • Many a true word spoken in jest.
      When I look at the big picture; the cuts, the draconian laws brought in to suit their agenda, the rising prices. Everything seems to me to be pushing people towards some kind of revolt by the masses.

      Then they can blame the rioters for the state of the country, letting them off the hook.

    • Landless Peasant

      Apart from perhaps a protest vote for Respect or Green, why bother to vote at all?

  17. Rosemarie Harris

    Christ at this rate half of the country will have no choice but to get a prison sentence just to keep body and soul together.Lets get it over and done with we need a two year break in prison by that time this shambles of a government should be over but unless we form a party to speak for us we will be stuck with the same shit we have now …or we could put ourself’s up for election in a party and change from within.
    If anyone see’s any Labour people on their demos tomorrow let them have it, They are nothing but a bunch of two faced cowards.
    The Labour party are no longer for the working classes let the middle class have em.

    • Militant tried it in the 1980s.

      • Militant were up against Thatcher’s government which had so many people fooled at the time.Nobody I have heard speak is mad for this bunch of evil clowns – too much has occurred since the Thatcher years to tarnish the reputations of main stream parties and that was before they showed their true sadistic fascist colours. There will never be a better early opportunity to launch an alternative political party

      • My point is/was that the Labour Party reformed itself in order to to stop any grassroots control of the party. Hence prospective MP’s are selected by the leadership of the Party rather than local activists. The rank and file do not have a voice within the party anymore. So much for democracy.

  18. Scumballs!!!

  19. Ermächtigungsgesetz.

    • Heinrich Himmler (Deputy Reichsführer-SS)

      Sieg Heil! Ein Führer!

    • @ George Berger Speak English man, some of us have not yet started our mandatory German language / Nazi culture classes – Thank you

      • He’s referring to the bit of legislation that all allowed Hitler full dictatorial powersover Germany in 1933 if i recall correctly

        • Thanks.I had no idea what that meant. The tragedy is,80 years and a world war later, we are having to fight to free ourselves of an un-mandated government which has recycled Nazi ideology and treatment of those least able to care for themselves.
          Hideous as the situation is,what we are witnessing now will be as nothing compared with what is to come if the Cam gang remain in their present position..
          The icing on this particularly poisonous cake is the that the ghastly Theresa May, a Maggie Thatcher wannabe who has mastered neither the art of deportation of dangerous terror suspects or indeed, control of her own split ends, has her eye on Cameron’s crown.
          While Milliband’s borrowed policies are tweaked simply to ensure the least resistance, this obnoxious woman, who is queen of the serial faux – pas, thinks she can run the country. I ask, is this really the best that we can do?

  20. If you have a Labour MP please put pressure on them to oppose this law.

  21. something survived...

    Possible captions for above image.

    Cameron: I think I’ll give you all four fingers tonight, Nick.

    Cameron: This mick, this paki, and this benefits scrounger go into a pub…
    [sycophantic laughter from millipede and Clegg]

    Milliband: I’ve found something nice and profitable offshore…

    Clegg: Please sir, when can I be Assimilated? [cybermen joke]

    Cameron: So we’ll take all their benefits away and confiscate their kids…
    [sycophantic laughter from millipede and Clegg]

    CAPTION: Once upon a time there were three silly monkeys. There was the one that sucked its thumb, the one that scratched its bum, and the other one that stood round looking dumb. While they were all arguing about how to run the country, none of them noticed the delegate of the people slowly creeping up on them in the form of a very large and very hungry crocodile….

    CAPTION: Attendance was pretty thin at the AGM of Bin-Lickers Anonymous.

    Cameron: How about this one: Anyone darker than Boris Johnson has to volunteer ten pints of blood so we can give a drink to IDS? Or are we too pure to drink wog blood? My friend Enoch says if we pray afterwards it’s okay. What do you guys think?

    Milliband: I’m lost and I can’t find my mummy.

    Clegg: Dave, it’s worse than I thought. You know your analyst? Well, right after her last session with you, she committed suicide.

    CAPTION: The Bullingdon Club meeting was not going very well. Nobody had remembered to bring any girls, the ‘poo’ (champers) was running out,
    and after that viagra the three of them were getting uncontrollably randy…

    Disembodied voice: I am the ghost of Enoch Powell. Bring me the head of Simon Cowell.

    Cameron: [slurred] Sho…. thish mafia film, gave me an idea. Why don’ we make the poor dig their own graves?

    CAPTION: Here on Blue Peter we are going to demonstrate all the exciting possibilities that can be had with a mouldy turnip, a decayed elastic band, and a small piece of bacon rind that has been run over by a cement mixer.
    …The BBC would like to apologise for the error in the above caption. Owing to a high degree of similarity between the listed items and the subjects of the correct wording of the piece. The amended caption should read: ‘Meeting between Nick Clegg, a Milliband, and the Prime Minister.”

  22. labour will not oppose anything this government does it seems.

  23. Oliver_Cromwell

    where is Oliver Cromwell when you need him?????

  24. I’ve been dreaming of a time when
    The English are sick to death of Labour
    And Tories, and spit upon the name of Oliver Cromwell
    And denounce this royal line that still salute him
    And will salute him forever

    – Irish Blood, English Heart

  25. Its simple everyone, dont vote labour, conservative or liberal in the next election. Vote for UKIP or create a new party. As for the recent welfare reforms, get petitions together in every jobcentre around the country and take them to the prime minister. Power in numbers. As for the recent council tax change where people are being charged more and most unemployed people will have to pay a contribution out of a pittance, dont pay it. They cant jail everyone, they havent enough places. Like the poll tax in the thatcher years, it has to be abolished because it doesnt work. If everyone who is affected sticks together and doesnt pay then what can they do. Like i said, power is in numbers!

  26. Oliver_Cromwell

    my description of “ANY” politician at this moment is :- thief, murderer, cheat, liar, scandal maker, deceiver, dangerous to the rank and file, us the people, please add if I’ve missed anything out, it would really be nice to see something nice, new and fresh in government some day, oh well, I can but dream on.

    • Things are bad but I’m not suicidal so won’t be voting kipper – not even if a herd of wild horses dragged me to the polling station.They want to divide and rule – get us out of the EU so that we can be treated like crap on their jack boots – they’re the BNP in drag.

    • We don’t have to only dream. If we want something different we need to go for it. There are millions out there who don’t write on this page who are suffering outrageous treatment but will vote for one or other of the three main parties – or UKIP in as they have no where else to go politically.As a woman I regard it a sin not to vote – so many women fought and died for my right to do so – but I cannot support any of these monstrous excuses for politicians or their parties. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. The British public can’t go on re-cycling the same old self serving creeps forever. We are on, or very near to rock bottom – now is the time to act while the going is not so good.

    • None of you really get it do you? Say I work and earn £2000 monthly, someone on minimum wage needs topping up with benefits, £600 is taken out of my wage in tax to top the minimum wager up, so what my tax is paying for is for corporations to pay minimum wages and make maximum profit, and the biggest laugh is that the corporations pay the least tax. Guess who owns the corporations??

      • Thanks Kittycat 58, This would/will be a huge undertaking but if enough of us commit it might just be possible.

      • @aiden7 I certainly get that this country is running on subsidised wages.This has been one of my hobby horses for years.The government of the day cracks on they are the ones paying out but as with any gov money it’s always taxpayers hard earned being distributed by politicians, attempting to appear helpful at other people’s expense..
        I returned to the UK after years living abroad and was gobsmacked at the amount of tax credits which were being given away.Polish co-workers told me that the National Minimum Wage was four times what they could earn at home. Everyone was receiving £50+per week in tax credits. Between that and the uber expensive unwinable wars we’ve been fighting for a decade and a half, the fact that we then go on to run the country we’ve occupied for years and years rebuilding what we smashed on entry, and the bankers playing roulette and black jack with the nations cash – is it any surprise that as a nation we are undeclared bankrupt? There may be a lot of money in the system but it’s clearly not sufficient as the need for so many rounds of QE (printing money) demonstrate.

        What’s happening is that the UK is punching above it’s weight . Cameron tours the world flashing the national credit card like some deluded 80’s yuppie -cracking on we’re rolling in it,dishing out far more borrowed cash than we can possibly afford to give. It’s all illusion but the false reality becomes highly apparent at home when his accountant George has to raise the interest. As ever it’s the people who pay including those who are powerless to do so. CallmeDave dosn’t publicise that overseas though -it would ruin his successful image.

        Government support for big business and the like,at the expense of the people, is one of the major issues at the heart of contributor’s concerns.It would be a mistake to assume that just because certain subjects hav’nt been raised and discussed here, that these saviest of people don’t understand how the system functions or the injustices therein.

  27. The big parties are the same as each other,and UKIP are facist. The sort of parties we want get about 200 votes at the ballot box.

  28. Labour launched their opposition to the Bedroom Tax ages ago.
    What is wrong with people, that they want to confuse the issue by spreading untruths? This means you too Johnny Void.

    But I expect people are too lazy to click on the links.

    • Liam Byrne is a fucking knobheab!!

      It’s all a pretence though, just bullshit! Fuck Liam Byrne!

    • Liam Byrne is a fucking knobheab!!

      March 5th 2013 – ages ago?! More like opportunistic timing.

    • Sorry Keith but the Labour Party have come around to this really late. A good friend of mine has been campaigning against this at a grass roots level for quite a long time before the Labour Party jumped on the bandwagon. She is livid at the sheer cheek of the Labour Party’s comandeering the campaign. I suggested that it may be bettter for her if their group joined up with the Labour Party’s campaign because of their power(LP). She will have none of it. I personally still think they should. The more the merrier.
      ….And now the Labour Party are going to vote with the Tories and vote in a retrospective law………..What?……….Shame on them.

    • What’s it with the sentimental, tear-jerking piano sound-track on this video?

    • Why are Labour not lauching attacks on the Tories for all of the other injusticies and fighting for the people? Why are they allowing IDS to get off with treating people so badly?

      • Because it does not play well in the either the Shires or marginal constituenties – as the Labour Party, perceive it.

        • They should ditch Ed as leader and give Mrs Balls the job, while there is still time before the next general election.

    • Labour introduced Bedroom Tax to the private sector in 2008 and have already stated that people should pay the Tax and they wont change it if in power. So what the fuck are they doing sending their Councillors to the Bedroom Tax demos and having knobhead Byrne saying it is a cruel and unjust tax whilst having tea and scones to an accompanying heart-wrenching piano track with the poor people who will be left to freeze to death on the streets because of this tax he supports. Just what the fuck is going on here?

  29. Some people choose never to be convinced.

    I hope they enjoy Cameron’s next term in office.

    I won’t enjoy it.
    I might not even survive it.

    • No matter how hard you try some people will never be pursuaded into voting UKIP 😦 …. giving up 🙂

  30. I started reading the Guardian article and had to check the date – no it’s not 1st April and this is not a joke in bad taste. It’s just about conceivable that Bunkum Smit believes that he can retrospectively alter the law of the land, but that this action should be nodded through by a complicit Labour is the stuff of nightmares. Let’s hope that there is recourse at the ECHR and all these fools get their knuckles severely rapped (before being hung drawn and quartered). Meanwhile I am left with no one to vote for. I have never voted Tory. I will never vote Liberal ever again. And now I find that voting for a party that colludes in depriving citizens of justice is beyond me too. I don’t even consider UKIP as an option. Guess it’ll be Green then.

  31. Ingleberthupadink

    let Miliband have a piece of your mind

  32. Ingleberthumperdink

    if you want an alternative vote RESPECT party (Real Labour NOT New Labour) with George Galloway at the next election.

  33. That’s OK if they put up a candidate, I’m not sure there was one in this constituency in 2010


  35. We don’t know that the allegation in the Guardian is true yet. People need to remember that.
    Labour’s problem now is that they have already delayed responding to this issue for more than 24 hours. Everyone’s wondering, “What’s the hold-up?” The question is simple – does Labour intend to support Iain Duncan Smith’s poisonous retroactive Bill? A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice for us, and then we can work out whether we need to purge the Parliamentary party of its malcontents, or what we can do.

  36. Labour were in the welfare reform game long before this government, political fact – Iain Duncan Smith is a Johnny-come-lately to welfare reform, it is politically pointless to turn him into hate celebrity as that distracts from the cross party collusion and the deep ideological shift that is being played out, a movement towards illicit-governance.

    The nuances of this political reality are difficult to measure for those who are politically engaged never mind the ordinary voter who can only respond by jumping from left to right and back to the middle again.

  37. We need a U.S style constitution and bill of rights that can’t be overturned, or we need to scrap parliamentary supremacy.
    Say want you want about the Americans loving to shoot each other, if they feel like the Government is closing in on their rights, they’ll be out in enough force to slam on the brakes.

    I’d really love to see that snivelling wart, Duncan Smith, in front of a passionate, outspoken judge, who would put him in his place and slap on some punitive damages for tying up the judicial system and shirking his responsibilities as a public *servant*.

    I emailed my labour MP about this whole retroactive law changing farce, but seeing as he’s a former conservative, I’m sure it wont make a scrap of difference.

  38. Landless Peasant

    Only 33 Labour MPs so far have signed EDM 1072 to nullify the Government’s Workfare Regulations:

    I have contacted the Labour Party FIVE times now to ask whether they support Workfare type schemes and Benefit sanctions, and why ALL of their MPs haven’t signed EDM 1072, but I am yet to receive a response…..

    It was Labour who introduced Benefit sanctions in the first place as part of the dreaded New Deal, dreamed up by none other than Lord Fraud.

    All of which leads me to conclude that western democracy is a sham, Labour & Conservative represent two sides of the same coin, and the old Left-Right paradigm is nothing less than the Hegelian Dialectic being enacted; Thesis Vs. Anti-thesis produces Synthesis.

    Just wait ’til they come knocking at election time….

  39. Fuck This Shit!!

    But when cunts like Fred Goodwin walked away with his ££fortune££ and ££gold-plated index-linked pension££ intact there was ‘nothing they could do’ because the legislation was not in place.

    Banksters walking away with £trillions right under the Government’s nose and there was fuck all they do about it: “Its not like you can impose retrospective legislation, that just wouldn’t be cricket, and besides its not the way this country works, old bean”. Why aren’t the government retrospectively legislating against Fred fucking Goodwin’s arse? One of
    the bankster thieving fucking fraudsters that cost the hard-working taxpayer so dearly; the same bankster thieving fucking fraudsters that should be BEHIND BARS!

    Oh, I get it when the poor and downtrodden the law is an infinitely flexible tool, a swiss army knife of legislative tricks, but when the rich are involved the law is immutable and cast in stone.

    I am sure I am not the only one who is sick and fucking tired of this shit!

  40. Traitors and betrayers of the working people of this country!

  41. Pingback: Tory welfare secretary Iain Duncan Smith – the man slashing housing benefit for hard-up families – is living in a £2million Tudor country pile for FREE. |

  42. ‘The truth is that most politicians on both sides of Parliament went to the same schools and universities…’

    ‘…they only pretended to this serious difference of opinion; for if it had existed they could not have dealt together in the ordinary business of life; could not have eaten together, bought and sold together, gambled together, cheated together, but must have fought wherever they met; which would not have suited them at all. The game of masters of politics was to cajole or force the public to pay the expenses of a luxurious life and exciting amusements for a few cliques of ambitious persons; and the pretence of serious difference of opinion, belied by every action of their lives, was quite good enough for that.’
    William Morris, ‘News from Nowhere’, 1890

  43. Pingback: The Official Whitewash Into Benefit Sanctions Begins: This Is Why Labour Sold Out The Poor | the void

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