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There’s now just over a month before Pat’s Petition expires on the 1st November and already just short of 50,000 signatures have been collected.

The petition calls on Parliament to: “Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families” and can be signed at:

If another 50,000 signatures can be found before the end of October – which is a big ask and will take some work – then it could force the cuts to disability benefits to be debated in Parliament.  Whilst this is unlikely to change much, it will at the very least nark them off and possibly slow them down a little.

I don’t generally get on with the never ending stream of petitions.  A government that is introducing sweeping cuts that are killing sick and disabled claimants as well as forcing children into homelessness and hunger is hardly likely to change because of a petition after all.  Government’s need to be forced into making concessions, not asked nicely.

But not everyone can get out on the streets or take part in direct action and there is no question that online campaigning has been effective so far in the struggle against benefit cuts.  A diversity of tactics is a good thing.

Signing this petition will at the very least show that despite the endless stream of crap about benefit claimants there is a significant number of people who support the welfare state.  And it will get up the Tory’s noses.  And it takes 2 minutes.  So sign it, share it and tweet it.

15 responses to “Sign Pat’s Petition

  1. Thank you my friend. So many people just don’t realise what is happening and soon it could be too late. It is just one way to shoe this destructive government what we are going through. Pat x

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  3. We need a Tweetstorm on Twitter to get in trending. Could @BendyGirl and the radicals whip something up for next week?

  4. Do these “petitions” actually work though?

    • You could ask does writing to your MP work? Or protesting? Or rallies? Or blogging? Add them all together and we have a vert strong case. PP is just one way to show strength of feeling and believe me the gov is watching. If we only get 55K they’ll say Ha – with all those millions of disabled people – they can’t be that worried. We all have to try our best and this is my way. If we don’t get 100K we’ll never know. Positive – always positive. Pat x

    • Not everyone can get to a protest and MP’s certainly don’t listen unless they think their are some votes in it for them. At least signing the petition shows that thousands of people support Pat’s Petition and are likely to vote for those MP’s that also support it.

  5. Very commendable petition – hope it makes the targets – I’m on benefits and really feeling the pinch from Iain Duncan Smith’s savage reforms. Sadly I feel they wont listen and plough on regardless, but I’ve signed anyway, just waiting for the confirmation email to come through.

  6. There has been several petitions that reached the magical 100,000 signatures, and they have been ignored by the government , I think these petitions are only there to make the “plebs” feel as if they have done something. It is a way for them to say they will do something when they are doing and will do bugger all. Writing to my MP doesnt work have done it repeatedly, protesting doesnt work we have see the kettling and arrests for lawful protests. So while it is something that needs to be done, i am afraid that nothing short of direct action will ever do anything to stop the government (of whatever party). I have signed as well. (under my real name rather than my online name)

    • Thank you for signing. I do know how you feel but is the alternative just to sit and wait? Maybe the charities will wake up and maybe the moon is made of cheese? If we ever stop pushing then they have won and that is not something I want to contemplate. The cracks are appearing and give them enough rope and they will do the job for us.
      Pat x

  7. I will writing in the MS magazine and urging all to sign this petition. We have nothing to lose and this government is a tight bullying government, if it knows we have the numbers that feel strongly about this then do expect U-turns!

  8. I’ve already signed this. We all should. This government is a sick joke.

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  10. It seems I’ve signed this petition before. I personally don’t think these govt e-petitions are worth using because they very rarely reach the 100,000 signatures and those that do have been ignored by this undemocratic regime!

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