The Boy Who Went To Jail For What Andrew Mitchell Did

An 18 year old boy was sentenced to four months in youth custody last year  for an Andrew Mitchell style rant at police.

A celebratory tweet by Greater Manchester Police shows that Ricky Gemmell, 18,  was arrested and jailed after “ranting and swearing” at police during last year’s disturbances in the city.

According to Manchester Mule the youngster had never been in trouble before.  His mother said at the time:

“He hasn’t hit anyone. He hasn’t robbed anything. He was verbally abusive. He knows – you run your mouth, there’s a consequence. But the consequence they gave him, it’s disgusting.”

It is indeed disgusting that a young man can have his freedom removed and life chances blighted by a serious criminal record simply for giving the old bill a bit of no doubt well deserved verbal abuse.  What is sickening is that when a senior Tory toff does the exact same thing it looks like he might not even lose his job.

Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell was not even arrested for ranting at police: “Best you learn your fucking place. You don’t run this fucking government. You’re fucking plebs.”

Ricky Gemmell was not the only one jailed for swearing at coppers last year.  Jason Ullett was also sentenced to ten weeks inside for “swearing at police officers”.

It really is one rule for us and another for them.

The Young Man Being Extradited For What Grant Shapps Did

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45 responses to “The Boy Who Went To Jail For What Andrew Mitchell Did

  1. four fucking months!

    Christ on a bike! I guess his only real mistake was not being the son of a prominent tory mp.

  2. Except that usually, a court-case, let alone a conviction, requires a little more than hearsay, which is all they’ve got in the case of Mitchelll.

  3. If by “hearsay” you mean “testimony of two police officers” I agree.

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  5. Thank you for your blog entry. People who highlight the completely absurd hypocrisy, which is now all to evident, in our society are the new truth makers.

    Incidentally do you think that the police would have complained a little bit louder had it not been a Tory minister?

  6. Might be good if you could get some like buttons, if possible technically?

  7. Agree with everything except the use of “no doubt well deserved”. There is no basis in fact for that phrase being included, and it weakens your argument.

  8. I posted on Facebook a referance to where I worked and got fired. No questions-no say. Get out. Hows that for freedom on The Internet?

  9. Prison is for the little people.

  10. Well the little people are starting to wake up, mobilise, co ordinate and make a real difference…xxx

  11. Andrew Mitchell apologizes. A world exclusive.

  12. Not widely reported but it seems to be a female pig that he swore at. Of course he does have a history of intimidating women.

    • Not you again, mhairi, surprised nobody has called you a “feminazi” 🙂 yet. Back to the article, so you are saying that this unfortunate chap should be strung up by the balls because it was a FEMALE pig that he allegedly insulted, is that the gist of your argument, mhairi?

      • Clarification: the “unfortunate chap” is “Ricky Gemmell” referred to in the original article, not the toff Tory cunt referred to in mhairi’s article 🙂 . RTFA before commenting 🙂

    • interesting for two reasons, firstly that he seems to have no complaints with threats of violence being made to a young woman

      but also:

      “Lucy Kinder is a reporter at the Daily Telegraph on the editorial graduate scheme, joining the paper after a stint at the Press Association. ”

      “Unbeknown to me Mr Mitchell had phoned my father, a friend from his Cambridge University days, while he was on holiday in Thailand to vent his anger.”

      which tells us everything we need to know about the class composition of the UK press

  13. What a stupid waste of money!

  14. Free Speech should be an absolute right, there is no right not be offended. We need a 1st amendment for the UK!

  15. I phoned up my local police station today and told them that someone had shouted a naughty word at me. They pretty much told me to go away and stop bothering them with such a trivial matter. Amazing how quickly a trivial matter becomes a life of death incident when you say a naughty word to a copper. One rule for them, another for us……………….

  16. goes to show that freedom – or the appearance of it – is an illussion easily wiped away by the institution at will. sad that he now faces such for nothing more than oral diarrhea.

    Native NYker

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  18. But you don’t yet have sufficient details about the circumstances of the case, nor who said what to whom.

    So some of your statements in this post are assertions, not facts.

  19. Prison is for Plebs – Perhaps the police should be asked why the man was not arrested 0 perhaps he still can be

  20. With all due respect the Minister merely name called, and I doubt a Labour minister would have been treated any different to a Tory one, so dont try to twist your labour leaning tendancies into, as labour supporters always do. I think the real issue is the nature of what your son did, he was involved during the troubles, immediately making his actions worse than name calling, and I expect as a youth what he said was far worse then simply “fucking” and “plebs”, being todays youth Id put money on it that he threatened the police.

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  23. 4 months for a first offender?

    Never in a million years, even if he swore at the judge in court he wouldn’t get that long. There must be way more than has been reported.

  24. Now, now. I have the upmost respect for our police force. They once almost solved a crime in Essex.

  25. something survived...

    ours don’t nick people who say p-i or n-r in front of them! is that because secretly they agree?

  26. Roary TheRacingCar

    The kid is a pleb and deserves what he got. Mitchell is, quite simply, a better class of person and the circumstances of his perfectly understandable frustration with the inept police are much much different.

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  28. Oh god, you’re still in a quite comfortable position in the UK! In the US and in Canada, as a known politician, you can publically ask for a Commonwealth citizen’s killing – even illegal killing (“illegally shoot the son of a bitch”) – and exactly nothing will happen. If an 18 year old had done that he might have gotten three or four times life or, if lucky, just the death penalty (/irony). And everybody knows it and who of you said anything? So don’t be such pussies now.

  29. Not like for like . Completely misleading headline. Stirring it up for stirring it ups sake

  30. We should support our police. Make a donation to the “Police Law Enforcement Benefit Society”. Support the P.L.E.B.S

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  33. Tories = snobs, and they insult because they can.

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  35. I was removed by police from a housing association for raising my voice after they harassed me continuously for rent I did not owe, yet I could not complain about their harrassment of me and have all threatening letters stopped.

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