Number of Disabled People Losing Benefits May Top One Million

Paralympian medal winners and war veterans may find themselves stripped of benefits and abandoned to lives of poverty and homelessness under the Government’s brutal disability benefit reforms.

Iain Duncan Smith’s comments in the Telegraph over the weekend should place every serving soldier on notice.  The social contract has changed.  If you get your limbs blown off fighting some rich man’s war then don’t expect the Government to support you when you return home.  IDS has made it clear, people who have had limbs amputated, or are wheelchair users, will no longer be guaranteed support.

IDS, who has previously stated that disabled people lead ‘wasted lives’ due to reliance on benefits, has gone one step further over the weekend, claiming that people on DLA have been left to ‘fester’.  After his recent outburst aimed at disabled workers facing the sack at Remploy factories, IDS’ language is increasingly revealing the nasty little prejudices at the heart of this Government.

It is little wonder that disability hate crime is soaring when senior Government ministers like Iain Duncan Smith are ever ready to launch into a tirade of vicious abuse, smears and lies aimed at disabled people.

The UK Paralympic Team may be surprised that the Government seems to think they have been ‘festering’ in the run up to the Olympics.  Far more concerning however will be the changes to DLA which may see many of them stripped of benefits after the tournament is over.  People claiming out of work benefits due to sickness or disability have been told that being able to watch an episode of Eastenders indicates that they might be fit for work and ineligible for benefits.  It is quite likely that Paralympians may find their sporting achievements used as evidence against them to cut benefit payments.

There is no reason why disabled war veterans or Paralympians should be given any special status above the hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people who also face losing vital and life saving support.  But it is them who will make the headlines when people are forced into suicide, poverty and homelessness.

The Government claims that 500,000 people are to lose DLA when the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment begins next year.  As revealed over the weekend, there is no evidence that these people don’t need, or qualify, for the benefit.  Iain Duncan Smith’s pack of lies in the Telegraph, already demolished, shows he either doesn’t actually understand the DLA process, or more worryingly he doesn’t give a shit how many lives are destroyed by the changes.

Shockingly the number of people who may lose benefit may turn out to be far higher if the experiences faced by sick and disabled benefit claimants who have undergone the notorious Work Capability assessment are anything to go by.

People currently claiming Disability Living Allowance are to be forced to undergo the same kind of intrusive and demeaning checks currently being inflicted on those on out of work health related benefits.  French IT firm Atos have the contract to carry out assessments on benefit claimants and the system has already caused untold suffering with an ever growing number of people taking their own lives due to the process.

The Atos assessment has been designed to declare as many people ‘fit for work’ as possible, despite many of them having serious, and often life threatening conditions.  Although claimants who have been judged unable to work by their own doctor, and in most cases an independent DWP doctor, the magical healing Atos Assessment has judged 37% of people ‘fit for work’ after just a short 20 minute chat.  A further 34% have been judged as fit for work at some point in the future, meaning if they are on contribution based benefits they will lose them after 12 months whatever happens to their health.  A recent investigation by the Daily Mirror found that 32 people a week are dying after being placed in this group.

Whilst huge numbers of Atos’ decisions are overturned on appeal, the Government is quite happy with the Atos system, which is finding far more people ‘fit for work’ than ever expected.  It is clear that there will be pressure on whichever private sector poverty pimps are employed to carry out the new assessment for PIP to replicate these results.  So impressed are this Government with Atos’ performance that they have been placed on a list of preferred bidders for the new PIP Assessment contract.

If the experience of the Work Capability Assessment is replicated in the new PIP system then the number of sick and disabled people losing benefits is quite likely to top one million.  This will be seen as just as much a success as the Work Capability Assessment and will be used to demonstrate that people on disability benefits are largely frauds, or faking their conditions.

This is not idle scare-mongering.  It is happening to sick and disabled claimants on out of work benefits right now.

That Iain Duncan Smith thinks he’s being brave by destroying disabled people’s lives reveals everything we need to know about the toff Government.  The Tory party haven’t changed in the slightest despite Cameron’s oily spin.  They are as nasty and out of touch as ever.  But no Government in living memory has been so brutal as to strip vital support from disabled citizens to fund tax cuts for the super rich.

Iain Duncan Smith’s father was a war hero who fought against a fascist government that believed disabled people were a drain on society to be eradicated.  How ashamed he would feel were he alive to see his own son taking yet one more step down that contemptible  path.

13 responses to “Number of Disabled People Losing Benefits May Top One Million

  1. Good post Johnny – I’ve been going on about this for a very long time. Over at the Graun today on CIF, despite months of argy-bargy where knowledgeable contributors constantly attempt to educate the righties, it’s horrific to see so many people who have bought into all the divide and rule/scrounger rhetoric.
    IDS is a very nasty piece of work – his name isn’t his real name (he’s really George Smith), his CV is full of lies, and if anyone has forgotten Betsygate it’s worth a google. He’s a liar and I’m at a loss to understand how he can pretend to be a christian.
    Also among the preferred bidders is our old friend Serco.
    The good news today (tucked away in the society pages of the Graun) is that A4E has lost its’ contract for Mandatory Work Activity in the south-east – but it’s a drop n the ocean, it’s only one of 16 contracts they still have and represents a very small percentage of the government contracts they still fleece the taxpayer for.
    I’m very despondent today. My daughter serves in the RAF (they lost one this week) and the idea that if anything happened to her she’d get no benefit and end up paying a bloke who got rich flogging records for her health care drives me into hissy fits beyond reason.
    While George Smith is slagging off festering disabled people, Sue Marsh is very seriously ill in hospital – she has had some appalling treatment and ended up using Twitter to get help because her care was so bad. But she’s not ill or disabled enough to qualify for DLA according to DWP.
    I can’t see this going on much longer – how many people have to die before it stops?
    Thanks for doing what you do, Johnny – we need people like you.

    • ephemerid is totally correct and I agree totally George Smiths (aka IDS) has been faking his education and experiences on his CV. He clearly knows and swims in those circles, so his thinking must be that other people must be just as fraudulent! The sooner this whole shower are totally discredited the better. Anyone with any real common-sense would realise that targeting the vunerable as a policy smacks of economics of the jungle. Hoping to save billions when 0.5% are claiming disabilty wrongly-is no policy.
      As we are in recession the condems must be thinking that to blame the disabled will be their trump card, they have no other idea, but watch out for tax cuts for the super-rich, that may help as they can buy expensive foreign cars, which will really help our balance of payments. Thanks again Johnny and remember people to make sure you do not face Atos on your own as most charities have legal people who can help with forms. Don’t suffer in silence.

  2. I tend to be a moderate sort of person, and wince at some of the more brutal assessments of this Government, but what I’ve read and seen recently has forced me to acknowledge that there is something extremely nasty going on. Ephemerid puts it very well indeed. And if we can no longer count on the Guardian to support us, that will be a major blow – to morale, even if in no material sense.

    Today I had a speaking engagement – at our local organisation of disabled people. My topic was the proposals for Personal Independence Payment, PIP, which is to replace DLA. I was obliged to be honest – to tell the man who’s worked for the organisation, above and beyond his call of duty, for more than 10 years, that under the current proposals he is unlikely to keep his Motability car or, therefore, his blue badge. I couldn’t lie, and at any rate he’d already worked that out for himself. But I feel terrible for him – if he loses his car and his blue badge he will probably not be able to work. He will lose his livelihood and the local charity will lose his hard work and unstinting service. Whilst I’ve known for a long time (see that this is the situation, considering this man’s specific circumstances and the likely fall-out from the way PIP affects him has made me aware of the stark reality of what we face.

    We cannot stop our campaigning – we must go on, hundreds of thousands of people are depending on us.

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  4. I.D.Schmidt is a Nazi cunt & emblematic of The ConDem Claggeron.
    And then there’s this too,being kept under wraps. UK plc…..what a shithole.

  5. Please people,don’t think for a split second that reasoned argument is going to sway the shower of shit that controls us. Today,posh boy/aristo / toff Cameron saw two of his closest friends charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice…..does that not tell you something?
    “By your friends you shall be known.”
    The whole edifice is corrupt & rotten. And now that we are surplus to requirement, it’s off to the glue factory.
    Make no mistake about it,this is an embryonic Nazi ‘government’ overseeing a corrupt gangster state.
    We are in trouble.
    Mark my words : it’s going to get hellish.
    “There’s a storm a comin’.”

  6. People refer to the Tory party as the “nasty party” but I don’t think that quite cuts it anymore. I think they need a new name, how about the psychopathic party?

  7. Andrew Healey

    Miki67 has it bang on 100% Nuff Said

  8. iv just lost dla for my son after geting it for the past 11 years, his condition hasnt changed and his care hasnt,but iv been told i cant get dla for him and thats that.the dla helped with things like washing machine and train fares to hospital he goes to ,ondon and i live in yorkshire, also lots bills like water electric hes incontinent amongst other things needs care through the night, anyways not going in to details but yer they is a real problem with how the goverments new rules are on this benefit especialy when it comes to children.i most definetly wont be voting for the torys ever again.i would have thought camron had more sympothy for children with disabilitys, as his son had one.i hate this goverment and iv never been so poor in my whole life since they came in.

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