New Legal Ruling Marks Major Blow for Welfare Reform

A landmark legal ruling has dealt yet another blow to Iain Duncan Smith’s brutal and shambolic attempts at reforming welfare.  The Court of Appeal ruled on Monday that new Housing Benefit rules illegally discriminate against disabled claimants.

The new rules meant that disabled people could no longer claim for a spare room for live in carers.  In the eyes of the court this meant that disabled people “would be left in a worse position than an able bodied person living alone”.

The case was brought by Ian Burnip and two other families, who were unable to find funded accommodation which met their needs for 24 hour care.  The Court accepted this breached Human Rights laws.  Solicitors representing the families say this ruling means that any Welfare Reform must now “ensure that appropriate provision is made for disabled people to ensure that discrimination does not occur”.

Further court cases challenging the vicious welfare reforms now appear inevitable.  Further details of this latest victory for disability rights campaigners can be found at:

This ruling comes hot on the heels of the Government being slammed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) for failing to carry out adequate equality impact assessments on welfare reform as required in law.

Every day brings a new disaster for Iain Duncan Smith and his bungling attempts at Welfare Reform.  Once again a policy which hasn’t been thought through is starting to unravel in implementation.

IDS is proving to be just as incompetent as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions as he was as Tory leader.  IDS turned the party into a laughing stock  as Tory leader at the beginning of the century before he was booted out to be replaced by the creepy Michael Howard.  Prior to this he was one of the ‘bastards’ who plotted to oust John Major and fostered the deep divisions in the Tory Party over Europe that led to them being cast into the political wilderness for almost 15 years.

It is a sign of the lack of talent in the Tory Party that a man with a proven track record of gross incompetence and divisive behaviour should not only remain in Government but be given a major department to destroy.  Welfare Reform is barely even getting started yet IDS and his pathetic underling Chris Grayling have resorted to ever more desperate spin and lies to cover up the shambles.

The ongoing farce shouldn’t distract from the devastation to people’s lives being inflicted by the botched attempts at reform.  Soaring homelessness, benefit sanctions, forced labour and suicides reveal the all too real human cost behind Iain Duncan Smith’s inadequacy.  But every victory brings us one step closer to the day that IDS and Chris Grayling and revealed as the lying, duplicitous, fraudulent little shits they are and are forced to join the ranks of the unemployed they get such a perverse kick out of persecuting.

Black Triangle Campaign  are calling on people to sign and support a letter exposing Iain Duncan Smith’s Lies in the Daily Telegraph.

15 responses to “New Legal Ruling Marks Major Blow for Welfare Reform

  1. stated above

    But every victory brings us one step closer to the day that IDS and Chris Grayling and revealed as the lying, duplicitous, fraudulent little shits they are and are forced to join the ranks of the unemployed they get such a perverse kick out of persecuting.

    I wish more for them I wish a sniper would put them out of their misery before they cause anymore to anyone else……….

  2. The road to Hell is paved with the lies and and policies of IDS and Grayling.This victory in the courts was a well deserved punch in the face for them,but they deserve to get more.

  3. it was a good outcome and lays the ground for anyone who can get legal funding to challenge all of the WRB and it’s obscene intentions.

    • This is great news but just one small step in the right direction But how many can get the right legal help? Housing providers can already get away with blatent discrimination when it comes to Legal Aid in challenging them there are obscure Housing Law Rules and strange Discrimination laws that dont take in to account Hate Crime Stigma Discrimination Gross deliberate neglect persicution and abuses not even putting a person in filthy dangrous housing situations with a clear trend of all above. All of which I a’m clearly a victim of ”In Plain Sight” The Commission could have supported me but chose not to so the abuse continued in plain sight. The legal system needs radical reform as does any Government’s Law passing to prevent Local Council’s and their close working Housing Provider’s to commit crimes against the vulnerable. So let’s challenge all abusive law making and any abusive Government and any abusive Council and any housing provider not forgetting Employers and the rest of Society. .

  4. “Truth shines a light on everything.”
    How long until Cameron & his criminal cronies end up in the dock for their overseeing of this ganster/bankster state & their un-mandated implementation of fascist policies,driven by the ethos of the Nazis.
    Discredited & despised by all.
    Just go,you evil aristo toff eugenecists!

  5. We need this right here,right now!

  6. @bbest

    When this bunch of scumbags came to power, an IRA offshoot announced that they were at the top of their hit list.

    Can’t even rely on terrorists these days.

  7. My boyfriend informed me of this earlier. I said they ConDems would probably just get rid of equality legislation to deal with this and lo and behold this happens
    I’m not paranoid, they really are out to get me! I really hate it when my paranoia isn’t paranoia.

    • I think we have a right to be paranoid with this lot as all they are striving for is complete inequality in all areas of life where they can simply waft us away with the flick of a hand and do whatever they like without any come back…

      It is after all the Tory wet dream……….

  8. I remember the other thing I wanted to say. They’ll probably just ignore this court ruling like they did with the one that said they HAD to release the Risk Register. I for one hate our evil ConDem overlords.

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  11. I have voted for Tories all my life,but now I say,get the bastards out

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