Iain Duncan Smith Launches Shocking Attack On Disabled Workers

Iain Duncan Smith has launched an astonishing attack on disabled workers exposing that the Tories are still very much the ‘nasty party’.

The outburst came when the Daily Express delivered 15,000 ‘Save Remploy’ letters to him from their readers.  The Government are closing the Remploy factories in a decision which will see 1,500 disabled workers sacked.

Showing his utter contempt for the soon to be unemployed workforce, IDS snapped:

“Is it a kindness to stick people in some factory where they are not doing any work at all? Just making cups of coffee?”

When questioned on his shocking statements the Secretary of State of Work and Pensions became even more abusive.  When a Remploy worker pointed out that they do work in their factories, IDS’  aggressive response was:  “You don’t produce very much at all.”

Finally IDS revealed his belief that no disabled people should have any say in their own lives when he said: “How far do you want to go with the idea that you can choose to do exactly what you want?”

Not being able to do exactly what you want, like use the tube in London, is something many disabled people are all too familiar with.

Previously IDS has kept hidden his unpleasant opinions behind DWP Press Releases accusing sick and disabled people of being scroungers or faking it.  Press Releases, it should be said, that the Daily Express have been only too happy to splash on their front pages.

This latest temper tantrum has showed IDS for what he truly is.  A spiteful, bigoted little shit who can’t keep either his temper or his prejudice under control.

The truth is that Iain Duncan Smith is a political failure.  Whilst he’s got time to insult disabled workers, he barely mentions Universal Credit these days.  Is his slipping composure down to the fact his deluded plans for a Big Brother style database watching our every move are being revealed as mere fantasy behind the scenes?

The Atos assessments are a brutal shambles and plans to extend this to DLA claimants are already looking disastrous.  The Work Programme has collapsed after the business community told them they wanted no part in the ‘toughest ever sanctions regime’ for those not attending workfare.  Welfare Reform under IDS is turning into a sick joke, with people assessed as being able to work inconveniently dying a week later, and Work Programme  private sector providers scarpering with billions of tax payer’s cash for doing precisely fuck all.

On top of this he is despised by Cameron, Osborne and the rest of the arrogant posh boys in the cabinet.  IDS, who has an army background (officer class, it’s a wonder he wasn’t shot by his own troops), is seen as an oik by the new breed of toffs in Government.  He hasn’t even made that much money, despite paying his wife Betsy a small fortune in tax payers cash to sit around at home whilst he was Tory leader.

After ‘Betsygate’ blew up IDS was reportedly furious at two Tory Party workers he believed were behind the leaks which led to the scandal.  IDS was eventually cleared by the Commons standards committee who called his affairs ‘not ideal’ but conceded no rules had been broken.  This is known as getting off on a technicality.

IDS vowed bloody revenge on party worker Vanessa Gearson and Tory Chief Executive Mark MacGregor.  He blamed both of them for documentation falling into the hands of the BBC which led to the investigation into his dodgy financial affairs.   Despite the two of them being cleared of any wrong doing in 2006, IDS threatened to resign the Tory whip if they were ever allowed to run as Tory MPs.

Whilst Francis Maude amongst others is said to be keen on their return, until now they have not yet been selected as MPs.  It is clear that Cameron is too spineless to take on the errant Secretary of State just yet.

Iain Duncan Smith remains a darling of the Tory right despite his string of scandals and mishaps.  He is ruthlessly homophobic, having voted against every piece of LGBT rights legislation, except the Civil Partnership Bill, which he didn’t bother to turn up for.  Whilst he was party leader the Tories were accused of ‘endemic racism’ by black Tory Peer Lord Taylor of Warwick .  He is known to be virulently anti-Europe and was one of the ‘bastards’ who helped orchestrate John Major’s fall from grace.  And his latest comments aimed at disabled workers shows his unpleasant views haven’t changed in the slightest from the days when bigotry was the respectable face of the Conservative Party.

All of this makes him popular with the swivel-eyed freaks on the right of the Tory Party.  The very same out of touch weirdos who are calling for Cameron’s blood now whilst obsessing about gay marriage.  For this reason he’s unlikely to be sacked anytime soon.

Cameron is simply too gutless to remove this embarrassment from government just yet.  Far better to let him carry on wasting money on Universal Credit and then, when it fails miserably, regretfully remove him from post.  The biggest and most expensive disaster in the history of the Welfare State is steaming ahead simply because Cameron isn’t a strong enough party leader to put the breaks on.

Once again Cameron would rather let the country, our money, and disabled people’s lives go to hell in a handcart rather than damage his own chances of clinging on to the leadership until the next election.

For more info on the fight to save the Remploy Factories visit: http://www.remployworkers.info/

38 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith Launches Shocking Attack On Disabled Workers

  1. definitely an #ATOS Origin troll …they always parrot off the Stephen Hawking one – DOH ! Stephen Hawking has an army of flunkies …not exactly a usual job either ?

    From Dirty Des’s Daily Diana

    06.05.12, 1:30am
    Finally, a Conservative who is prepared to stand up for traditional Conservative values and not this tree-hugging Liberal-pandering Cameron nonsense. The disabled don’t need lefty work communes funded by the hard-working taxpayer where they loaf around in a wheelchair all day, they need to get out and find a real job. Stephen Hawking is as about as disabled as you can get, and is a millionaire professor and author. If he can do it, anybody can. The time has come, and I think our wonderful Conservative Party will be doing it very soon, to scrap all handouts to the “”disabled” and use the money to provide even more tax cuts for our highest achievers and best-bred families. ”

    best bred eh ? ….more eugenics ?

    • I think he’s taking the piss – did you read his other comment on Liberals?


      “This leader article is absolutley correct. Pandering to the Liberals is holding back Conservative policy, and enough is enough. We never liked them anyway; nobody likes a slimy weasel traitor who is prepared to abandon all his principles for a few tawdry concessions and a referendum on the world’s stupidest voting system, which they couldn’t even win. As a Conservative, I have to work with Liberals, and watching the way they fawn on us for a little taste of power is sickening. We should go it alone and let the chips fall where they may. If God is willing, we will finally have a two-party system after the next election. I destest the Labour party, but at least they are worthy adversaries, not unprincipled parasites.”

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  3. IDS is one of the biggest cunts of the modern era – a truly nasty, spiteful bastard.

  4. Good article. Iain Devil Smith typical of most bullies, is an inadequate man, a serial failure and a sniveling coward, who takes out his frustration with his inadequacy on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged to make him feel better about himself. When he gives the vulnerable and disadvantaged a good kicking, it makes him feel like he is the person he fantasises about being: an Alpha male exerting his power and authority. Laughably this weasel is so delusional he actually believes that he is a good Christian man. It’s only his fellow right-wing sociopaths that actually consider this creature to be human. In actual reality he is an evil loathsome bastard who is beneath contempt.

  5. IDS is without doubt an utter utter cunt. The prick can’t even look a man in the eye while talking over and bullying them. Gutless little coward.

    However I wonder if the Express are really on the side of REmploy. We all know they hate ‘scroungers’ and people on sickness benefits. THis article gives airtime to IDS’ awful views and thoughts, even if it does try and frame them in a ‘boo hiss’ fashion. I suspect this is an attempt by the Vexpress at being subversive and really they actually agree with IDS and want people out there to agree with it.
    In fact I question their motives in supporting the Remploy workers. I don’t see how they can go from “75% of sick claimants are scroungers” to “let’s help the disabled workers at Remploy”. Something’s not right here.

  6. Tories have always been, are now, and always will be… motivated by greed, hatred, selfishness, arrogance, conceit… and generally have the JACKBOOT mentality.
    No inclination for justice, to share, to live with modesty, or honesty, to support or know or express compassion or even love to anyone but themselves…
    In short, they are incapable of being human.

  7. @ Spamsucker – I was a bit sceptical I did think he was laying it on a tad too thick even going by the standard of the usual bug and swivel eyed and foam flecked Tory commenters …It is obvious he’s picked up on the Tory or #ATOS Origin commenter style …..usually it’s Polly Toynbee or Johann Hari that brings all the right wing headbangers out of the woodwork .

  8. It is a disgrace that this animal ( after comments like that he can only be described as such ) is still in public office.His words and actions are truly reprehensible,hypocritical and immoral.

  9. Good piece. Interesting that other cabinet members think him an Oik. will use this in my Saga, an everyday tale of Posh Boys.


  10. The fucking cunt that is I.D.Schmidt is more than a bigot ; he’s an outright Nazi cunt that needs exterminating…..pronto…before he kills any more of the sick & disabled.
    Did you see his atrocious performance on Question Time?
    The cunt is a sociopath of the first order.

  11. They,Cameron,Grayling,Duncan smith wont get away with all the evil and misery they have caused….It will go back on them..BIG TIME!!

  12. A message for the Nazi like morons..begins with F and ends with F….

  13. Thankyou all the millions of people with disability that have managed to work down the decades, whilst the idle lounge on benefits feeling sorry for thier pitiful selfish selves. Funny how so many more claim disability compared with the number in out recent past. Funny how brave diabled people in thew main managed to contribute in the past. It’s sickening and truly corrupt how so many people that could work, CHOOSE not to. Grow up and find some damned dignity.
    Some really cannot work, fair play, but most of you can.

    • Fuck off & vote tory! you half witted bell end!

      • doing something right Johnny if you’re attracting all these Tory / UKIP / EDL etc …..trolls …..keep it going ….the laughable thing is that the Tories / #ATOS can’t even get their crooked amateurish scam right …..phicthe increase if there really is one ….not tabloid fuelled paranoid fantasies is demographic …..an ageing worn out part of the population

  14. S brooks is clearly a fan of IDS!

  15. s brooks.. What are you talking about? no one chooses to be ill or disabled.If you were meaning the ‘bad back merchants’ then they are few and far between….Why are you saying thank you to millions of people? One persons disability cannot be compared to another..Thats just stupid..Someone may have multiple sclerosis but you would not know that to look at them but they could be in constant agony while another person in a wheelchair for example might not have any pain at all..I really dont know what point you are trying to make? you also say funny how so many claim disability compared to number in recent past..Rubbish!! If you were meaning DLA then thats a benefit that can be claimed when working…Do us a favour ..get your facts right…Disabled/ill people dont need comments like yours [bit suspect as it goes] Are you a Tory boot licker? I think you,ve bought into the hate filled propaganda about disabled people….do you know what…you should never get complacent about your life….in the blink of an eye you could go through the windscreen? get meningitis? you are not invincible..no one is…..

  16. @ “S brooks”

    “Thankyou all the millions of people with disability that have managed to work down the decades, whilst the idle lounge on benefits feeling sorry for thier pitiful selfish selves.”

    Deserving and undeserving poor rhetoric (how original), accompanied by fake condescending “gratitude”.

    “Funny how so many more claim disability compared with the number in out recent past. Funny how brave diabled people in thew main managed to contribute in the past”

    Dishonest bullshit. “The explanation is that DLA was introduced in 1992 with the aim of expanding the coverage of disability benefits. This meant that there was an inevitable ‘catch-up’ phase when rates of receipt rose quite rapidly for most conditions as the new benefit bedded down. The increase in the rate for ‘all other conditions’ shows a marked levelling off around 2000. Once the catch-up phase was over, demographic change was the main driver of changes to DLA receipt for ‘physical’ conditions, as the prevalence of most disabling conditions does not change rapidly unless there is change to population size and age structure.”

    “It’s sickening and truly corrupt how so many people that could work, CHOOSE not to. Grow up and find some damned dignity. Some really cannot work, fair play, but most of you can.”

    0.8 % is the benefit fraud rate and 19 billion in benefits are underclaimed per year, but I know you wont let reality interfere with your sick, disabled and unemployed bashing fun. You really are an exceptionally despicable and stupid individual. Now piss off Iain and take your fake, patronising insincere concern with you you worthless stupid asshole.

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  18. All I can say, is that there are some REALLY SICK fuckers posting on here!

  19. That was a damned fine and precise attack on IDS, a very nasty individual, Johnny.
    Good one.

  20. Does anyone know where Iain Duncan Smith lives?

  21. At a guess in the same kind of place where they found Sadam Hussien and Gadaffi,..Evil minded nasty wasters are usually found in places like that in the end.

  22. I have no idea,but because of the type of person he is and the outrage caused by his recent comments about disabled people ,I doubt that his home address[ probably one of many ] will be revealed…Sorry I got it wrong, its just my way of dealing with people like that.,,.I like millions of others are distraught by this twits remarks…

  23. One reason there are more DLA claimants is that less severely disabled babies are dying….

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  26. All those who voted for this loathsome lump of slime, shame on you all. And when his spiteful , nasty and vindictive measures come knocking on you own front doors, do not expect any help from him, becouse he will siply dismiss you as being one of the lazy scroungers. You have been warned.

  27. I did,, I voted for them …I listened to Cameron the C— s speech about caring for,/ looking after the most vulnerable in our society….I work with disabled people I have seen with my own eyes what this Bastard Nazi Government has done to peoples lives..Complete disregard for human rights of any kind…The worse thing ever…The National press are being gagged and all the ‘murders, are being kept quite….I do feel ashamed…I even feel suicidal for voting for such a cruel bunch of cold bloodied killers..

  28. Philip Erskine Ferey

    PHILIP ERSKINE FEREY, Iaan Dunkun Smittz will pay very soon……… dieing in his own piss, promise.

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