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Has There Ever Been A Bigger Prick Than Jamie Fucking Oliver?

jamie-oliverPoisonous little runt Jamie Oliver is plugging his latest television series with a spiteful interview featured in The Guardian today which shows just how far removed the so-called chattering class’s lives are from the people they chatter about.

With many people forced to live on just a few pounds a week due to benefit sanctions, the bedroom tax and other savage cuts, Oliver has decided to launch a new television series lecturing us on how we can eat cheaply for no money.

If this week’s comments, first published in the Radio Times, are anything to go by, then it looks set to be yet another Channel 4 poor-bashing diatribe with the usual exploitative footage of single mums and pensioners crying whilst smug twats like Oliver deliver sermons about how their poverty is their own fault.

His ludicrous comments about the lavish diets of Sicilian street cleaners gives a taste of what to expect .  In Jamie Oliver’s pampered mind it appears he thinks everyone has a farmer’s market just down the road. No-one has mobility problems, and so can easily drag home bags of shopping, even if the plebs don’t have a car.  The electricity and gas required to slow cook cheap cuts of meat never runs out.  Hard pressed single parents can simply pop out to browse the artisan stalls outside the local Poundstretcher, whilst pensioners should just pick up some cherry  tomatoes and fresh fucking mussels at the off licence on the way home from the Bingo.

Just add a dash of olive oil, a sprig of fresh basil from the garden and a splash of red wine from the cellar and stir up on the Aga for a cheap and refreshing treat that at current prices would cost more than many people’s food budget for a weekend.  This prick knows nothing of the lives of millions of people in this country who face desperate poverty.

If Oliver had actually set foot anywhere but Waitrose (except to get paid) in the last 20 years, he might have seen how ‘value food’ – cheap shit with a poor nutritional value  – dominates the shopping trollies in the poorest areas.  He might even notice that in areas where there are cheap take-aways, a bucket of chicken and chips will feed a small family for the price of one of his ready meals.  Perhaps he would even have taken some responsibility for his role in promoting the supermarket dominance which has forced millions of people to buy over-priced and unhealthy food because as anyone poor knows, it is usually the cheapest option.  And in areas where supermarkets have closed the local shops and markets down, it is increasing the only option.

Oliver claims he finds it “quite hard to talk about modern-day poverty” because some people have televisions. This has become an increasingly ludicrous slur which suggests that anyone with a wide screen television can’t be properly poor, like proper poor people in poor places.  Oliver seems to think that if someone turned up in the slums of Mumbai with a wide screen telly the locals would immediately gasp and falls to their knees in reverence at such a vast display of wealth.  In fact they’d probably barely look up from watching  X Factor.

The world is littered with discarded electrical goods.  Toasters in Tesco are nearly as cheap as the toast.  You can sometimes find a large screen telly in the street.  If not it may have been bought as a gift, or on credit, or before poverty took hold.  You can’t however, eat a fucking television.

The rich have always condescended to the poor about their lifestyles and pretended there is some escape from the grinding suffering of destitution.  Whether it’s Iain Duncan Smith claiming workfare and benefit cuts are the best route out of poverty or overpaid celebrities like Oliver saying we should all be happy living on stale bread and rat stew, it is an all too familiar tactic. Traditionally violent revolution has been considered one of the best ways out of poverty.  Jamie Oliver should consider that before he delivers his next Marie Antoinette routine.  Let him eat lead.

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Victory! Let The Spitting Commence

The pledge to spit in the food if sent on workfare in a celebrity chef’s kitchen has been successful after just 5 days

25 people have signed up after it was revealed that the runty little chicken fucker Jamie Oliver has been begging the Government for a workfare slave.

No posh kitchen that uses workfare is now safe.  We are everywhere, and we are phlegmy.  Toffs everywhere should think twice where their dinner’s coming from and check they don’t use workfare.

The temptation now is to say onwards to Pizza Hut, but I can’t endorse working class people spitting in each other’s food.   Workfare using bastards like Pizza Hut, Mcdonalds and Burger King, as well as their customers, might however have a think about the consequences of using unpaid labour in food preparation.

Many a day in a shit job has been idled away wondering how to cost the people who employ you as much money as possible without getting caught.  For people who aren’t even being paid it’s not difficult to conceive that these thoughts might lead to action.  Workfare sabotage has a long and noble tradition as a particularly virulent and secretive form of getting back at the bastards. Long may it continue.

An interesting, if wordy, pamphlet on the subject from prole.info can be downloaded via the libcom website (PDF).

The pledge will remain open until the end of the year, so there’s still plenty of time to sign.

If they come for our benefits, we will come for their dinner!

Jamie Oliver Wants a Workfare Slave

Pug-faced little twat Jamie Oliver has been whinging that he hasn’t been sent a workfare slave yet, despite signing up to the Work Programme a year ago.  This follows on from celebrity chef Michael Roux singing the praises of workfare on BBC’s This Week recently.

It seems that these multi-millionaires have decided they are too tight to even pay minimum wage to the people who wash up in their kitchens.  Perhaps they should pay themselves less if they can’t afford to pay their staff properly.

It raises the question of how many more people are undergoing forced labour in London’s top kitchens.  Luckily this should be easily nipped in the bud.  The Pledgebank website will be able to help:

“I pledge that if I am forced to work in a celebrity chefs kitchen for no pay under threat of benefit sanctions then I will spit in the food, but only if 25 people will join me.  Actually I’ll do it anyway, but it would be nice if other people join in.”

Sign the pledge at:  http://www.pledgebank.com/no-workfare

Pledgebank don’t have the best sense of humour and may remove it, so be quick.

Any posh bastards reading remember this next time you go to a swanky restaurant.  Check first that they don’t use workfare, or who knows what might end up in your dinner.

The National Day of Action Against Workfare is tomorrow!  Find a protest near you on the Boycott Workfare website, or join in online.

And tell Jamie what you think @jamieoliver