Jamie Oliver Wants a Workfare Slave

Pug-faced little twat Jamie Oliver has been whinging that he hasn’t been sent a workfare slave yet, despite signing up to the Work Programme a year ago.  This follows on from celebrity chef Michael Roux singing the praises of workfare on BBC’s This Week recently.

It seems that these multi-millionaires have decided they are too tight to even pay minimum wage to the people who wash up in their kitchens.  Perhaps they should pay themselves less if they can’t afford to pay their staff properly.

It raises the question of how many more people are undergoing forced labour in London’s top kitchens.  Luckily this should be easily nipped in the bud.  The Pledgebank website will be able to help:

“I pledge that if I am forced to work in a celebrity chefs kitchen for no pay under threat of benefit sanctions then I will spit in the food, but only if 25 people will join me.  Actually I’ll do it anyway, but it would be nice if other people join in.”

Sign the pledge at:  http://www.pledgebank.com/no-workfare

Pledgebank don’t have the best sense of humour and may remove it, so be quick.

Any posh bastards reading remember this next time you go to a swanky restaurant.  Check first that they don’t use workfare, or who knows what might end up in your dinner.

The National Day of Action Against Workfare is tomorrow!  Find a protest near you on the Boycott Workfare website, or join in online.

And tell Jamie what you think @jamieoliver

23 responses to “Jamie Oliver Wants a Workfare Slave

  1. Is pissing instead of spitting OK?

  2. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    I despise that smug little wanker, I’d probably spit phlegm straight in his face, risk a sanction but deserve a medal.
    Don’t you think that if someone is forced to work for a council, for example, they are going to go out of their way to sabotage it in any way they can find,? And if they cant get away with that whilst actually on the placement they are likely to exact their revenge on council property, on their own time, equal to at least the monetary value of the the injustice they have suffered.

  3. Arbeitsscheu_UK,

    I completely agree with you and I would do the bloody same…………I am afraid I would have a confused dementia type moment as the kitchen was left to burn down. well you get what you pay for or don’t as the case may be-)

  4. Odious little shitehawk. Even the staff he pays are on a fucking pittance. He’s made a career out of cooking up an pan of shite and serving it to idiots who would eat dog crap if you told them it was cooked by a celebrity.

  5. I remember the show where he took on about 5 new deal people he never had to pay and they made him look like a saint who was solving mass youth unemployment with his own bare hands. Just because he’s got a bit of a working class accent he probably puts on, people think he’s really down with the poor people and will help us. Not realising he’s a fucking millionaire who lives in a massive house big enough to have KITCHEN GARDEN and couldn’t be more removed from poverty if he tried.
    My God why are the general public such a bunch of easily manipulated morons they buy this shit? More people are waking up so it’s getting better but for fucks sake people! This scheme is even worse than New Deal was and he’s trying to profit from it as well what ten ton prick he truly is.

  6. Ironically, I recentely worked with a really nice guy who was working NIGHTS as a cleaner in Jamie Olivers resturant in Bath. This really nice guy told me that although he work long hours through the night, in understaffed conditions, he was only paid minimum wage. This poor guy was in his 40’s, and had a degree. He told me also that they recieved NO SICK BENEFITS and were treated very poorley.
    Could it be that paying hard working souls minimum wage is not turning a big enough profit for Jamies pockets? and the opportinity to ditch his ‘casual’ staff in favour of Workfare ‘Slaves’ is an opportunity he just cant resist?

  7. The whole family are money grubbing scum. He wheeled his daft old Grandma out to do some stupid fucking advert. Poor old cow barely knew what day of the week it was and he’s got her in some stupid advert.

    Everything he does is either about money or self glorification.

    Michael Roux is another complete twat, if I ended up on a work placement with him I burn the bastard restaurant down.

    • Appreciate your sentement and wholly understand why you feel like that but , and please dont take this the wrong way, may be me being paranoid, I would be very careful about how you word your feelings and anger, we dont know who is spying on this site, and I could easily see some governtment say “anti-terrorist” department, twisting your words and using your statement as possible evidence that you are say ‘inciting violence’ plotting terrorist stuff’ etc. Perhaps this rephrasing would protect you from such suspitions. “I could easily understand that someone who was forced to work at Jamie Olivers on Work fare would feel so angry that they might feel like burning the place down, not that Im saying they would, but just this is just the way they might express their angry feelings.” This way you are not directly saying you would burn the place down, but just describing how the whole idea makes you feel.

      I just worry that the spys are watching and want you to remain safe.

  8. Re Jamie Oliver. How about wanking? Odious little shit

  9. Jamie Oliver is a Cunt

    Is this the cunt that sells beans on fucking toast for £50 fucking quid!

  10. looby, I’m sure they are watching and waiting. As soon as they feel we are a real threat, they will strike.

    We are effectively dealing with a part of the same Machine that took us to war in Iraq and Afghanistan… This is for real and we will take casualties…

  11. Andrew Coates

    Hey, you’re not up to speed.

    His mate, Jimmy’s farm, wanted Ipswich Umeployed Action to supply him with slave labour for a reality telly show about getting people on the dole back to work.

    Jimmy’s Farm is a posh-nosh scam run about five minutes drive from the suburbs of Ipswich, which they make out in a rural paradise.

    Now I am not a vegan – on health and ethical grounds – but I hear tell that Jimmy’s farm not only involves meat but encourages hunting round his gaff.

    When we told them to fuck off they got really narkey.

  12. Don’t be harsh on Jamie – he’s a working class boy done good – a shining example to us all – that hard work pays. Nah … spit in his faackin food the smug lispy twat….

  13. Poor old Jamie. What a hard life. No one to pay a pittance to, if that. No doubt we will get another tedious reality show about his experience in this matter. No doubt he will treat us to a well informed lecture about how he’s trying to help mend ‘broken britain’. Bit like his tedious dreamschool nonsense featuring abusive celebrity teachers and wannabe actresses. Silly little man. Stick to cooking Jamie and pay your staff.

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  15. Rob Trotsky: Someone said they did that in the testing holes in big rounds of cheese. It was in Crap Jobs in The Idler.

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  18. And we had that anthony warell crack maggot thinking he was above paying for his shopping.
    Now we this fanny maggot wanting people to do his dirty work for FREE.
    He and Anthony must be freemasons. WE NEED AN ANTI-MASONIC party in the UK. These are the maggots causing all this ‘class’ war.
    We won’t get nowhere people, UKIP, LIBERALS, LABOUR, CONSERVATIVE – All of them pretend to be independent but they all have leaders who are freemasons. The freemasons meet every month to talk about how they will punish us next.

    I am on this following forum as ‘Flux’.
    Is all about rulers of the world. Check out my research and the freemasons who failed to prove me wrong.

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