Fraud And Error Soaring In Universal Credit And Benefit Underpayments Hit Record High


The UK’s biggest benefit scammer Lord Fraud.

Fraud and error in the Universal Credit system is soaring whilst the rate of benefits going unpaid overall has hit a ten year high national statistics released last week have shown.

Statistics examining fraud and error within the benefit’s system are released annually and this is the first year that Universal Credit has been included. Almost 250,000 people are currently claiming the new benefit which is set to eventually replace all mainstream out of work benefits along with tax credits and housing benefit. One of the reasons given by ministers for such sweeping changes to social security was that Universal Credit would help cut fraud and error within the system. Last week’s statistics show that the opposite is happening.

Over-payments due to fraud and error make up 7.3% of Universal Credit’s total expenditure – higher than any other benefit the DWP administrates. The over-payment rate for Jobseeker’s Allowance, the benefit with the nearest comparable caseload of claimants, is just 5%.

Universal Credit’s performance is equally woeful when it comes to people being underpaid their benefits with 2.6% of expenditure not going to those entitled to it. Almost all of this is down to offical rather than claimant error, and once again, it is higher than any other DWP benefit.

Underpayments across all benefits hit 1% last year, the highest figure since comparable figures began in 2005.  And in another record for the DWP, the rate of benefits claimed fraudulently also hit a ten year high – although there is more to be said about this below.

To read lying bastard Lord Fraud’s gushing press release which accompanied these statistics you would not know any of this. Fraud and error combined is at a record low according to the Minister for Welfare Reform, when the truth is that the figure is unchanged since last year. The department also points out that both claimant and official error have fallen to record lows and makes no mention of the rise in fraud that has offset this. Neither do they mention the rise in under-payments.

The truth, as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) explains, is that in 2013/14 a change in how fraud and error were recorded resulted in many cases which were previously viewed as being an error being re-classified as fraud. This is the reason that errors in the most recent period are at record lows and also the reason that fraud over-payments are at record highs. According to the ONS this change means that “results post 2013/14 cannot be directly compared with the earlier results”. Yet that’s exactly what the DWP has done in an attempt to hide the truth about fraud and error within the system.

Despite all this, what the figures show is that fraud within the benefit’s system is very low, at just 0.9% of total expenditure. And even then these figures are rigged to maximise the chances of payments being recorded as claimant fraud rather than error.

The fraud and error statistics are collected by carrying out ‘benefit reviews’ on a small percentage of claimants and then using the outcomes of these reviews to calculate an approximate figure across the entire benefits system. What this means is that a claimant will receive a letter and then be expected to attend an interview where they will be interrogated about their benefit claim. These reviews are carried out at random, so if you get a letter about it don’t shit yourself and try to establish if this is a fraud ivestigation or a benefit review. Fraud investigations are usually carried out under caution, whereby anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.  You should be informed of this.

Two of the more common outcomes to these reviews are that the claimant is untraceble or found to be abroad. This is automatically viewed as being fraud when it could simply be that the claimant has moved house, informed the DWP and it has not been correctly recorded. It could also mean a landlord is still picking up housing benefit payments for a tenant that has long since moved out. Not all benefit fraud is carried out by benefit claimants.

Sometimes when a claimant is scheduled for review they report a change in circumstances or end their claim during the process. Again this is automatically recorded as fraud when it could just be a coincidence and simply mean they got a job. The same applies when there is a ‘loss of claimant contact’ meaning the benefit review is not completed for some unspecified reason. For the purposes of these statistics, an outcome of fraud does not mean someone has been prosecuted, or that a fraud has been admitted. It simply means that benefits were reduced or stopped as a result of the review and the DWP believes that the claimant was deliberately acting fraudulently.

Even with this calculated book-cooking the statistics show one stark fact. The total amount of money lost through fraud in 2015/16 was £1.6 billion and this is less than the amount of benefits which were underpaid which stands at £1.8 billion. Someone’s getting shafted alright, but it’s not the DWP, it’s us. Check your claim, make sure you’re getting every fucking penny you are entitled to.

Read the most recent Fraud and Error statistics and the background notes on how they are calculated (pdf).

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134 responses to “Fraud And Error Soaring In Universal Credit And Benefit Underpayments Hit Record High

  1. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP Benefit Fraud leading to DWP Assisted Suicide. Money Laundering dead peoples DWP ID. Info is money, dead DWP claimants are worth money.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Interesting take, Stepping. Care to expand on it?

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Dissidentdiva – Take the changes with Housing benefit with universal credit. The DWP pay you the full rent to then pay the landlord. A lot of councils are not happy councils tenants are getting the full rent, so more costs in recovering non paid rent. Of course it has been planned that way so people get evicted for not paying their rent. Sell the council flat for a huge sum which the council see none of it. 1 less council home. If you are paying about 10% of your rent with housing benefit you should be paying the not the DWP paying me full rent. Seems the DWP don`t check so put an extra £50 on the rent in your pocket for the work.

    • Why oh why doesnt this article surprise me…….. I recently got told my next monthly payment would be for 3 pounds and 50 pence! Apparently due to an imaginary payment I never recieved, I asked for budgeting advice on how to stretch 3 quid for a month. The robot on the phone informed me that they go by info from the robot at hmrc, I informed them that I go by info from reality and that I had my bank statement in front of me which confirmed that they are either incompetent or tripping on legal highs, I took my bank statements to my jobcentre immediately and they were baffled at the lack of payment that the robot had said I recieved, they asked if I was sure I had no payment, I pointed out my bank statement and my obvious frustration and pointed out that I willingly volunteered my financial info a hell of a lot quicker than the dwp did theirs, it took them 4 years and a high court judge to see their prolifically disastrous and obscene monetary waste, I pointed out to the poor reality sheltered twat behind the desk that I wasnt the one trying to cover up a 16 billion black holel , the look of discomfort on his red cheeked chubby face was hilarious as he realised that he had to do some work, he whined a bit about having to use a black marker pen to write over the account numbers on my bank statements, the poor twat . Its hilarious that about a year ago 1500 universal credit staff walked out as they said that having to deliver universal credit was “oppressive” to dwp staff! ……..try living on 3 quid for a month you ridiculous dwp reality dodgers, fuckin beggars in the street are financially better off than I am on univarse al credit.

  2. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  3. Universal Credit was always a sort of DWP Trojan Horse.
    Designed to sneak in much greater control and conditionality under the guise of people being ‘better off ‘ in work.
    And to facilitate employers who only wanted to offer zero-hours casual work.
    Now the reality is slowly being revealed. Be in no doubt, there is a major change coming with Universal Credit.
    But for most people, as they are now coming to see, it will be a change for the worse.

    • What was Cameron thinking when he put the great great grandson of the biggest knutjob in history – Sigmund Freud – in charge of welfare reform.

      • Dissidentdiva

        Answered your own question, there, mate. No sane, rational person would do the tories bidding of reforming welfare into the death penalty for the poor.

      • Most of the present tory regime have nothing but the greatest contempt for the less well off. And most of the MPs and their advisors live in a little London bubble. They see it simply as matter of making it as difficult as possible for the poor to claim benefits, and all by magic, they will try ever harder to get work!
        Its just that these types of guys in expensive suits don’t accept, or understand there are few jobs to go around. They can’t see that in central London. And when they do leave the Downtown, they always go with a bunch of media to some busy little work place, and it all looks good and wonderful. They convince themselves that is how it is, or how it can be for everyone else….But they also make a point of not looking too carefully at the less than enthusiastic faces of the audience in many of those little factory places..And they certainly don’t care about those who can’t find work. Tough luck on them!
        That is obvious from the attitude of Mr. Freud himself. His manner at this week’s meeting with Glasgow Central MP Alison Thewliss was atrocious!
        They know they are sending ppl to their deaths, but do not care, and feel they are untouchable. …..helped along that way by a mostly compliant London media.
        Just a cursory read thru the comments on some newspapers will see that many folks really haven’t a clue what is going on. They don’t accept ppl are killing themselves because they don’t know anyone who has. It isn’t much reported when it happens. They think there is n overly generous benefit system. The Regime must be well aware of this lack of understanding of many. And they are making good use of it. This is one of the reason a lot of voters and folks in “safe” jobs are not getting too worked up. They accept the “workshy” narrative form Downing Street. But when the “safe” jobs go, and these ppl go to DWP, they find out then, and then….its too late!!!
        As for trying to save money, as Johnny Void points out all too often, money has been wasted in the most reckless manner! Billions. But it is a war,.and the aim of this war is to destroy the Social Security system as much as is possible If it costs a good few billions, so what if they achieve their aim, they will consider it worth it in the end, because, in the end….there will be no social security.
        We have to make sure the aim of these evil, couldn’t care less politicians is not realized.

        • paultheswineherd

          Gordon – Very well said

        • @Gordon Keane, well said. People do not have a clue until they are hit and then some will blame immigrants.

          Also quite cannily the Government/DWP has made it difficult to piece together links betwee deaths brought forward by their benefit policy, not just by witholding evidence, but by virtue of the fact that in a country where many do not know their neighbours, a death in one street from benefit policy will not be linked to the death from benefit policy two streets away.

      • David Freud has a long history of business and financial failure behind him. Oddly it was Labour, under Tony Blair, which brought this idiot into the welfare arena by commissioning a report on welfare reform (something Blair had seen play well for Clinton in America and was keen to copy) from the Portland Trust which Freud ended up writing AFTER THREE WEEKS! Yep! The future of social security ended up determined by a man with a history of failure behind him, with no experience in welfare or government, who spent a mere three weeks on the project.

        What we have now began with James Purnell and later Yvette Cooper while Labour was still in power, but got turbo-charged under Cameron after giving Freud and Iain Duncan Smith carte blanche to do as they saw fit and what they could get away with.

        David Freud was always completely unfit to be entrusted with such a task.

        Because of his amateurish meddling and unfeeling actions hundreds of thousands have died or ended up facing poverty unseen before. But both Labour and the Tories are to blame for unleashing this monster to savage the sick, poor and the needy.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Big Brother, masquerading as a kindly Aunt……….

  4. Rosemarie Harris

    This benefit was never going to work the way they told us it’s part of the system to make it harder to get your entitiment for this benefit. They figure that by the time you sort it out you will have another job … As jobs are so easy to come by..not
    If it’s anything to do with the above pratt he needs his head seen to!
    Universal cock up for the fuck up’s they make!

  5. A universal credit for a universal person in a universal world, all connected to the universal bank, by 2030 the Bilderberg’s are hoping that half the world will have this.
    A cashless society, the credit can only be spent at the universal supermarket, universal pound shops.
    No booze no fags, no nothing….except universal antidepressants and Horlicks, you may get a universal condom, but you will have to ask the universal DWP for a claim pack…………..and then wait 2 years for an answer, and then only if you have a microchip.

  6. paultheswineherd

    (Slightly off-topic):

    David ‘Pig-Fuck’ Cameron: Look out – you will ‘GO’ if these get in!

    (It should be noted that all of these hate ‘poor’ people and ‘claimants’ too)

    BORIS JOHNSON: Eton educated, a bumbling, humourous and jovial extremely rich would be P.M. (It will never happen!)

    IAIN GEORGE DUNCAN SMITH: The so-called ‘caring’ Ex-Minister for Work and Pensions. A grand liar, a grand fantasist and also a psychopathic murderer, a two-faced arse-licker who hates almost everyone (except his all-adoring Sky News media!), including most of his Tory M.P. friends/Ministers. Also a potential criminal (yet to be properly investigated).

    CHRIS GRAYLING: (Ex-Employment & Justice Minister): Outwardly fairly humourous and jovial to all who will klisten to him, BUT, deep down, an evil cunt, probably also a two-faced, arse-licking psychopath who would, most probably sell his own parents for profit. Also a potential criminal (yet to be properly investigated).

    PRITI PATEL: The so-called ‘Grim Reaper’ – a total bitch of an Employment Minister. Loves ‘cigarette smokers’ as they help to provide ‘funds’ for her own family business. She is, or was, the Director of a tobacco company.
    She detests the ‘unemployed’ and ‘all claimants’ – to her, they are all ‘scroungers’ and like herself, should get a ‘JOB’ as soon as possible.
    She would sell her own children to the highest bidder for a profit.
    Get a ‘JOB’ or die yoyu cunts, she would say with an evil pout.

    MICHAEL GOVE: Justice Minister. Married. (but secretly, allegedly a gay bum boy). Public school educated, very rich, very pompous, knows everything about everything, but in reality – knows nothing about nothing.
    (A very common trait amongst Conservative Ministers!)
    Another arse-licker who would sell his very own family down the river for a nice ‘profit’.


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      If one did want to leave Europe it wouldn`t be with these 5 loony loopy loos.

    • There are many reasons to hate Gove, but his sexuality is not one of them.

      • paultheswineherd

        DuncanB – Fair enough and you are entitled to your own opinion.

        • paultheswineherd

          Unfortunately, nowadays, if anyone has ideas that are not considered ‘normal’ (i.e. regarding gays) that they cannot speak out for fear (because of political incorrectness) of being totally shot down and driven into the wilderness. I know that what I say is not ‘popular’ but being gay is not ‘normal’ – heterosexual is ‘normal’.

          • Dissidentdiva

            There are homosexual animals in the wild, they help with rearing young. I am a ‘straight’ female, but recognise that homosexuality is as ‘normal’ as heterosexuality. Nowt to do with political correctness – just common sense 🙂

            • paultheswineherd

              Dissidentdiva – Thanks for that – that’s no doubt confused you! 🙂

            • You shouldn’t be speaking out against gay people what have they ever done to you? If there were more gay folks the world would be a much better place. Straight people are so boring especially the one’s who can’t accept differing sexual orientation..

              • Dissidentdiva

                Raining – I have outed myself as straight, but a gay empathiser and now get called boring? 😦

                • Aye but i don’t know who you really are! Are you Flyhawkes or Big Dick McPhee or Rodger or really Dissident?

          • They can (& do) “speak out” but it’s intolerance of difference. It has been considered relatively “normal” to have “no dogs, no irish, no blacks” signs til relatively recently & quite ok to beat up men for their sexuality so they had to ‘pass’ or risk serious injury (as is well documented). We also hung people til fairly recently. These same groups of people now have protection under the law – viewing their difference as somehow wrong or a threat has been recognised as prejudice; bigoted and homophobic/zenophobic (?)

            • * who get’s to define what’s “normal”? Let’s not have any diversity at all shall we, in case … what? More migrants arrive because they learn of the extremely high levels of tolerance they’re likely to encounter once here …

            • Dissidentdiva

              Astonishing to remember that homosexuality was ‘decriminalised’ (purlease, gay is just another sexuality) during my lifetime. 1967. Never have seen gay as problem. My boho mother hosted parties full of ’em. Just people, no threat, and…….IT ISN’T CATCHING!!!!!

      • Yeah, we already tried that with William Hague 😀

    • Don’t panic, it all one big mind game, why else would they put the reservoir dogs in charge of Brexit, its so nobody votes to leave.
      Why on earth would they be campaigning to leave when they get a brown envelope every now again courtesy of the EU.

    • I couldn’t care less if Gove is gay or straight. To be honest the idea that the creepy little shit might currently be sexually active with anyone or anything is difficult to credit. The mind boggles!

      • Eating cake as instructed

        Tim: the whole bunch are worthy of Hammer Horror film cast. The mind boggles at what private members clubs they are part of? Little wonder it’s in the state it all is.

  7. paultheswineherd

    And if ‘BRITAIN STAYS IN THE E.U.’ – what have we got: A probable continuation of ‘David Cameron’, ‘George Osborne’ and all of their policies with all that that entails – well, (perhaps) under these circumstances, we may – just may, hold onto some of the European Human Rights regulations.
    If Britain leaves – there will be NO European Human Rights constraints – the Gang of 5 would make sure that ‘A British Bill of Rights’ would be very fast-tracked through (even ‘railroaded’ through – in U.S. parlance).
    The British corrupt and twisted Judiciary would probably have full rein – the ‘poor’ and the ‘working poor’ would most probably be crucified.
    No rights, or very little rights at all. The TTIP trade deal would be allowed through (not least because the M.P.’s/Ministers remaining would have huge financial input/shares in all of it). (Even though Cameron also agrees with it)
    and the Good old U.S. of A would also have full rein over our NHS, probably also our Benefits System – this would rapidly be privatised and handed over to UNUM, ATOS & MAXIMUS to ‘oversee’.
    The ‘Gang of 5’ would be handsomely paid off to go into a ‘wealthy retirement’. The working poor and the ‘claimants’ would be serfs.
    The ‘middle-classes’ and upwards would hold onto their very well paid jobs, give their children to the nicely paid ‘child-minders’ to look after and these classes would hate their ‘under classes’ – the working poor, the sick, the disabled and at the very foot of it it all, the unemployed.
    In their eyes – the dregs of society – the equivalent of living in ‘trailer-parks’.
    They have got what they have deserved – because they have ‘not-strived’.

  8. paultheswineherd

    (The Middle Classes and above would say this) “They have got what they have deserved – because they have ‘not-strived'”
    Some people have to ‘keep society going’ – shop and supermarket workers, the dustmen, the construction workers (and all trades that that entails), the distribution workers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, lorry drivers, utility jobs and a million other ‘jobs’ that do not need one of these ‘PRIVATE OR PUBLIC SCHOOL OR UNIVERSITY EDUCATION’ grades.
    If ‘these’ people (and others) stopped working – then society would grind to a total halt. The Government would continue nevertheless ‘taking’ and ‘using’ taxpayers money to pay themselves and also their ‘local Government counterparts, such as the County Councils and County Councillors.
    ALL of them are on an expenses paid ‘gravy train’ – at the expense of US.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Am in total agreement with your post, Paul. Thing is, UC will ensure ‘these people’ will never stop working – even for one, all out days cessation of labour, because CONDITIONALITY.



    Claimants are required to accept a Claimant Commitment as a condition of entitlement. The
    Claimant Commitment means that claimants’ obligations are recorded in one place, clarifying
    both what they are expected to do in return for allowances and support, and exactly what
    happens if they fail to comply.

    For the avoidance of doubt, the Claimant Commitment is not a contract governed by contract
    law. The purpose of the agreement relates to the conditions of entitlement for certain social
    security allowances; it is not relevant for any other purpose, including a private law context.








    • Dissidentdiva

      Grovel, peasant!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Each Claimant Commitment is individual to suit everyone`s needs at the DWP. The bit they left out.


    ……..forget foxhunting, tories prefer killing people

    Thousands of tests on disabled people to assess their benefit entitlements have been cancelled every week by the companies appointed to carry them out, ministers have admitted.

    “It’s unbearable for people at the bottom to be left in the lurch at such short notice”

    The Government was warned by a senior MP last night that the vulnerable claimants were being left without cash as a result, and even forced to rely on foodbanks, because of the high levels of inefficiency.

    New figures revealed that around 2.1m appointments for work capability assessment tests have been cancelled in the last five years.
    Cancellations by contractors

    They included about 940,000 cancellations by the contractors appointed to carry them out – equivalent to more than 3,500 a week.

    Claimants of employment support allowance (ESA) are required to undergo the tests before they qualify for the benefit.


    • Dissidentdiva

      Fox hunting….Oscar Wildes take on this could easily apply to people-hunting, as you say in your post, Geoff – “The unspeakable, in full pursuit of the uneatable”




    The government’s decision to limit a family’s child tax credits to two children, unless a further child is the result of rape, has been referred to a United Nations panel.

    A complaint by the SNP MP Alison Thewliss to the UN will be examined by its official committee on the rights of the child, before hearings on the impact of Britain’s welfare policies next week.
    Germany among EU countries keen to copy UK child benefit peg
    Read more

    At the evidence sessions, a UK government delegation will have to explain how its recent welfare reforms conform to its UN obligations on child poverty.

    In a letter to Thewliss, the UN said the complaint had been brought to the attention of the committee, as it monitors how the UK complies with the convention on the rights of the child. The SNP is particularly concerned that women whose third child is conceived after rape will have to offer proof of the crime in order to qualify for an exemption to the two-child tax credit rule.

    • And if they qualify on the grounds any 3rd+ child/ren were born following from their mother having experienced rape, that conversation will have to be had (where/with which specific bureaucrats?). This is their Compassionate Conservatism in action. Let the other not yet born children have less to eat/wear or let each member of the family have less in reality. Or let 3rd children not be born – when do we get the crosses being marked on people’s front doors? Can’t be long now.


    “We want to make sure this support is compassionate and effective, which is why we are engaging with MPs and working with a range of stakeholders, including religious groups, to ensure this exemption is delivered in the best way possible,” it said.


  13. Dissidentdiva

    Poverty Pimps.

  14. Fiona McCormick

    I am struggling on Universal Credit. I am a Single unemployed Lady with No Savings or Pension I am British I have worked more than 30 years. I only get £600 per month I am soon to be 60 I am told I will not get my Pension until 2023. I am unemployed not out of choice and living on Jam Sandwiches for at least 10 days every month. I am a very Proud lady and would never go to a food Bank

    • paultheswineherd

      Fiona – My heart goes out to you my friend – presumably some of this £600 per month includes Housing Benefit. It is shameful that the Government have made it a pre-requisite that you have to wait until you get your pension in 2023. In past times, you would have got your pension later this year (when you reached the age of 60 yrs). You will now have to wait another 7 years. (66Yrs) This is a disgraceful Government policy that was first suggested in around 1994 (with New Labour) and with this Tory administration it has now been brought in regardless. Shameful.

    • I am a carer, the person I care for lost their PIP after being shafted by Atos, I also lost my carers allowance. I tried to sign up to Universal Credit online but it said unfortunately they couldn’t accept me and I had to make a phone claim for JSA, I tried to do this and was told I couldn’t claim because I had caring responsibilities. When I asked what benefit I could claim, she said she hadn’t a clue as she only dealt with JSA. So I am living on a small £15pw pension until I can find which benefit I can claim. They are heartless bastards who don’t care if you live or die.

      • paultheswineherd

        Linda – That is absolutely terrible. I am afraid that I cannot advise you as I do not know of the complexities of the new and still changing system.
        It looks to me as though ‘the left hand do not know what the right hand is doing’. Not at all unusual it seems nowadays. I do not know your full circumstances. Are you ‘single’?
        You say that you are living off of a £15 per week pension – are you ‘close to your pension age’?
        I would have thought that JSA or Universal Credit (if it is in your area) would be your ‘best’ choice (if you could get them to understand!)
        Maybe someone on here could advise you and help you further if possible.
        And you are right – these bastards do not care one iota – if you live or die it does not matter a jot to them.

      • Dissidentdiva

        Linda – try for advice on benefits. x

      • Linda.
        Put your situation into this calculator to get an idea of your entitlement.
        It maybe Income Support for you plus Carers Allowance, but do check here.
        Hope it helps.

      • @Linda
        If you’re 63 onwards you can claim 100% Pension Guarantee Credit, currently about £154 per week for a single person. PGC is also “passported” – full housing benefit and 100% Council Tax reduction, you’d also be out of the clutches of Jokecentre Minus. This applies to both men and women. I claimed PGC in 2012 at the age of 62.

        • Is it still not the case though that you are forgo PGC of £154 a week and CHOOSE to stay on £70 a week JSA? If you opt for PGC it would mean that you would lose automatically the ‘help and support’ offered by Jobcentre Plus. You would lose all contact with your cock roach making it more difficult for you to get a job 😉

    • Campaign for Gender Equailty

      “In past times, you would have got your pension later this year (when you reached the age of 60 yrs).”… and men, the suckers, had to wait until they were 65… if they made it… and our heart goes out to all those men who didn’t make it! And nobody, fe*minaz*is included, batted an eyelid. If it wasn’t for the EU telling the UK government to take a flying fuck to itself with this outrageous and blatant sexual discrimination we would still be in this invidious position.

      • Campaign for Gender Equailty

        n*az*i, nope it’s the n*az*is who are banned – Hitler will be most displeased 😉

    • It’s bad isn’t it. I’m also on UC, or will be if I ever get it, and am hit by both the bedroom tax and 25% bill for my council tax. I should end up with £57.13 to live on. (Less than the under twenty-five rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance.) Which of course is impossible when utility bills and other expenses are taken into account. I can’t move because there is nowhere smaller which is cheap enough for me to move to and in any case this would only give me an extra tenner a week which wouldn’t really get me out of the bind I’m in. I want to work but at fifty-nine and having spent the last several years as a full-time carer looking after a loved one (who passed away last February) I’m finding it really difficult to secure any kind of work, even unskilled work. I still have a couple of thousand left in the bank but once that’s gone I dread to think what’s going to happen if I don’t get a job.

      I live in constant fear of making a mistake and getting sanctioned.

      Unless I get a job soon I won’t make it to retirement.

      • Dissidentdiva

        Hi, Tim. I am an old-as-fuck female, made redundant, now on jsa. Little chance of getting a job, and truly pleased about it. No doubt I will go through every kind of hades in my quest to remain job-free. UC is a vile implement – think we’ve established THAT! for help, support and advice, look at All like-minded people, as on here, (mostly!). We need UBI. Only civilised way forward. But of course, that would free the serfs – can’t have us with time to think, create and live a stress free, pleasant existence, eh, what. 😉

      • And if you worked for thirty hours on the minimum wage you’d only be £70.00 per week better off. So much for Universal Credit incentivising people by enabling them to earn more without having most of it clawed back via benefit cuts. (Under Universal Credit you only get to keep 35p out of every pound you earn.) And you’d still have to put up with in-work conditionality if you’re under 35 hours on the minimum wage. Shit! What a state we’re living in now folks.

  15. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Watch out Geoff`s on a roll.

  16. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Since all benefits are going onto Universal Credit – First to be done are the Working Tax Credits [low paid workers] into Universal Credit. Universal Credit is all about getting people back into work & people working to work harder & longer. How is that going to work when PIP & ESA go onto Universal Credit !!!! The end of getting rid of the word disabled & disability Benefits. Disability is a thing of the past & we as a society has over come the problem we faced facing up to disability, but no more shall abled bodied people be afraid of their fears & nudge units.

  17. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disabled Multiple Sclerosis sufferer who can’t walk without crutches told he is ‘fit enough to get bus’ to work after brutal benefits cuts

    DailyRecord – 15th May 2016

    “”””But officals at the Department for Work and Pensions removed his “enhanced mobility” payment of more than £200 a month as they say he is fit enough to take the bus.

    The move now means that 32-year-old David, from Dalkeith, Midlothian, has no way to travel to his job in Livingston.


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      DWP are now making medical judgements bypassing Atos & Maximus. Forgery & Fraud.

    • Vrooooooom! Vroooooooooooooooom!

      It’s a tough one to call Stepping, but as someone who used to take the horrific bus journey into work 😦 , and who now drives in comfort to work 🙂 , I have to say that unless you are some sort of deranged ‘eco-warrior’ i.e. you can’t a afford car but you would really love one but have to pretend you are somehow ‘saving the planet’ as you endure the bus into work, I have to say that when it comes to choosing between the bus and a car it is no contest. You should try it sometime, Stepping. If truth be told and to be brutally honest I really do think this guy COULD take the bus to work but doesn’t want to because he dreads the thought of the bus, which is just human nature coming into play and is perfectly understandable. And if we are being honest, if we were in the same situation we would all the same thing, exaggerate our symptoms… just a little bit… just enough that we can’t take the bus. If you were in this guy’s situation it would be heart-breaking to have to give up this car (pictured) and a right shock to the system to endure the daily commute on the bus. As a now car owner, the thought of stepping foot on a bus is enough to tip me over the edge 🙂

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        On crutches to walk in pain & get a bus. Take the piss time is it !!!!

        • Dissidentdiva

          Stepping, the sort of attitude portrayed by vroom is what’s keeping the elite happy. We know the truth, Step, some people have yet to learn. x

      • The Sheriffs Are Coming

        And according to the article the DWP will be sending that guy from the HPI check advert to load this guy’s car onto a tow-truck!

      • If you were being honest, you wouldn’t be posting comments on that issue as it in no way concerns you other than as providing an excuse to spent vleen.

  18. paultheswineherd

    Crabb denies everything – as usual!
    Please have a look at this also: Your ‘one-stop shop’ as to what IDS is up to and what total bullshit he is now saying! (As if we really want to know!)

  19. paultheswineherd

    Fuck off IDS – You are a total dickhead. Osborne is a rich Tory bastard – but you, IDS, are far worse than even he is. IDS – You arch- lying Tory cunt extraordinairre.
    You, IDS is the most hated man in Britain – but you are so deluded – that you do not even know it. You are a total TWAT, but your I.Q. and your intellect is so low that you do not know it.
    Your appointment with the Criminal Court dock is nigh. Now begin to count down your days to your appearance – it is coming – and it is coming fast.

  20. No mention of the theft and fraud of benefit entitlement!

    In law, fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Are you under the illusion that The Great Unwashed are entitled to legal redress, Ken? Fie! we’ll be demanding to be let out of the jobcentre, next! must find job mustfindjobmustfindjob. Unto death.

  21. Campaign for Gender Equailty

    Lord Fraud is a N*azi…. oops… nice guy 😀

    • Dissidentdiva

      Brexit or Bremain, virtual slavery or electronic serfdom, whatever we call it, is the desired end game for our avaricious overlords. Clickable vassals……

  22. When I was at school a teacher there coined an interesting term: “Sorry to say boys you are factory fodder”. OK this was in the early1970s but it did show the sort regard and attitude of Us and them.

    IDS, Grayling, FraudFreud, alleged bum boy Gove, goodness gracious me high caste Pritel. All have this slave owning mentality common amongst the wealthy Tories. They all believe that their position in life isn’t by the grace of god but through their own super intelligence and “hard work”… As a very successful businessman once told me… “I got rich through hard work” (other peoples).

    Think he was right don’t you…

    Now we all hate them above famous five but the fact remains the EU is actually designed to make the richer even richer at the expense of the poor. Don’t make the mistake of believing that because these five although guilty of crimes against humanity are campaigning to leave the EU that it is thus a bad policy… All of these ministers were “just following orders” … from Cameron and Osbourne

    Have you noticed anything positive over the 23 years (1993) of being in the EU … they voted in 1975 for a common market … nothing more…and we were promised… “you can always leave if it doesn’t work out”…. 40 years later we finally get the chance.. don’t waste it…

    It certainly is true in Britain. You have ridiculous rents (immigration) bad treatment from the Doctor if you can actually get an appointment (immigration) decreasing wages and benefits and part-time work now called full time (immigration) Police services obsessed with “hate crime” and their untarnished image (joke) …. (immigration) A upside down perverted society where you can’t call a spade a spade anymore without being arrested (immigration) yet these rich people in power all consider YOU and I to be nothing more than peasant factory fodder.. the same as they would treat cattle for slaughter.. a view that will only increase with (immigration)

    Now why does Cameron want us to stay in? Does he want a form of virtual slavery to be the norm?

  23. paultheswineherd

    Another shocking murder by ATOS, it’s Assessor and the DWP.
    When are they going to be held accountable?$category%20p$7

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  25. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  26. We should remember that European Human Rights legislation is enforced by the Council of Europe to which the UK is a signatory. The Council of Europe has nothing to do with the European Union. What the Tories want to get rid of is Labour’s Human Rights Act 1998 and replace it with their “Bill of Rights” which we know will just look after the rights of the 1%.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Yep. Look after number 1 (%).

      • One from the archives: 😀

        • The world owes me a living
          I’ve waited on this dole queue too long
          I’ve been standin’ in the rain for fifteen minutes
          That’s a quarter of an hour too long.

          I’ll take all they can give me
          And then I’m gonna ask for more
          Cos the money’s buried deep in the bank of England
          And I want the key to the vault

          I’m gonna take your money
          Count your loss when I’m gone.
          I’m alright, Jack,
          I’m lookin’ after number one.

          If I want something I get it
          Don’t matter what I have to do
          I’ll step on your face, on your mother’s grave
          Never underestimate me I’m nobody’s fool

          (repeat chorus)

          Don’t wanna be like you.
          Don’t wanna live like you.
          Don’t wanna talk like you, at all.

          Don’t give me love thy neighbour
          Don’t give me charity
          Don’t give me peace and love or the good lord above
          You only get in my way with your stupid ideas

          I am an island
          Entire of myself
          And when I get old, older than today
          I’ll never need anybody’s help in any way.

          (repeat chorus)

          Don’t wanna be like you.
          Don’t wanna live like you.
          Don’t wanna talk like you, at all.

          I’m gonna be like
          I’m gonna be like
          I’m gonna be like ME!

          … and Noel fucking Edmonds can go take a flying fuck with his ‘social comment’ shit!

      • sans the bearded wanker:

  27. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The new “Bill Of Rights” will make the UK a rogue state in Human Rights Violations.

  28. Look into the now privatized adoption system and how it fits into the new laws from next April regarding 3rd child policies.
    The state wants to make money from your baby.

    • Dissidentdiva

      The state as baby farmer…….truly we are on a decline to the worst aspects of the 19th century. Welcome to where our dark past is our bright new future.

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