Flagship Troubled Families Scheme Slammed As A Fraudulent Scam By Social Worker

Royal family at Buckingham Palace

Everybody’s knows them. The parasitic families plaguing the lives of ordinary decent people. Parents on benefits, kids running rampant, a sense of entitlement passed down through generations. The kind of people who expect everyone else to clean up after them. But enough about her Majesty.

A front-line social care worker has accused the government’s flagship Troubled Families programme of being a ‘fraudulent scam’ that is subjecting families to ‘coercion and harassment’ and wasting public funds.

The comments have been published by respected research body the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies who last year also produced a report on the Troubled Families scheme.  This, and today’s front-line testimony, reveal a very different side of the programme that David Cameron recently announced will soon be extended to 400,000 more families.

Officially Troubled Families has been a huge success.  A dubiously huge success.  According to the government’s figures, of the 120,000 families referred to the scheme, 99% have had their lives ‘turned around’.  It is almost a fucking miracle. Despite claims these families were the so-called hardest to help, facing ‘multi-generational worklessness’ and causing a blight on communities, all it took was someone clipboard clutching bureacrat hassling them to get a job every other Thursday and poverty, crime and social exclusion have been almost brought to an end in the UK.  And all this has been achieved despite vicious cuts to social services departments, policing budgets and state benefits.  You almost wouldn’t believe it.  Don’t believe it.

What has actually taken place is a mass cooking of the books by local authorities that would have made even the fraud ridden welfare-to-work sector blush.

According to the social worker who spoke out today, many families were identified as ‘troubled’ based on out of date information and so had already been ‘turned around’ by the time the scheme began.  They were still recorded as positive outcomes however, as were families who had been helped by pre-existing multi-agency partnerships.  Some families were coerced into joining the scheme with ‘creative’ tactics to get the numbers up, whilst according to last year’s report many families would not even have been aware they had been designated ‘troubled’.

The Crime and Justice report suggests that instead of these families being genuinely helped what has often taken place is a data matching excercise.  In other words local authorities look at the families they have on their books and, as an example, if they notice someone got a job recently they sign them up as Troubled Family and claim a successful outcome.  Or they find a kid who had previously been truanting and has now stopped and so stick them on the Troubled Families programme so they can claim the credit for that.  Just like the Work Programme and other payment by results schemes, the Troubled Families programme assumes that nobody ever turns themselves around.  So when people do it must be the result of an ‘intervention’ even if no intervention ever actually took place.

Despite the inventive accounting, the real results for Troubled Families range from dismal to suspicious.  Just 10% of families entered work due to the scheme and most of the positive outcomes were due to a reduction in crime or educational related measures.  Yet according to the Crime and Justice report many of these families do not seem to have been particularly troubled.  Only 3% of families studied in an evaluation of the scheme had kids who had committed more than one criminal offence in the previous six months.  So a teenager nicks a chocolate bar, then doesn’t do it again – there’s an outcome.  If they keep on nicking however they are likely to removed from the Troubled Families programme because they are making the numbers look bad.

This is how your money is being spent.  Manufacturing evidence to make politicians look good with no thought at all for the real needs of families who are genuinely in trouble.  Who by the way mostly just need more money,

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293 responses to “Flagship Troubled Families Scheme Slammed As A Fraudulent Scam By Social Worker

  1. JV,

    Good article.

    But…. How is Adam Perkins “Agreeableness if you’re Employed and a good ‘Peon’” and
    “the-adam-smith-institute-is-now-willing-to-argue-that-those-on-benefits-are-genetically-different-to-the-rest-of-us” going to explain it as against “agreeableness and sudden all body change of genetics [a medical first I must say!]?”

  2. Another Fine Recession

    Excellent! esp. the 3rd para. We all know It’s the same with everything else, like the Waste Programme and the unemployment figures.

    2nd to last para. “Crome and Justice report” LOL

    • If the families keep on stealing or mugging, they are signed off the ‘troubled’ families list because the social workers are terrified of them. 🙂

  3. Rosemarie Harris

    What more do you expect they make cuts to services and then blame the people themselves when there isn’t anything for the young people to do, and as we don’t have the figures or the problems accounted for then it’s jobs for the boys and not at the mimimum wage either. when has anybody seen a ‘crisis’ team run by the council/job centre work after 5pm!
    I didn’t know that they stopped being a problem family after 5pm.

    • Social workers should be live in carers for families they consider a problem, helping them in their everyday struggles instead of condemning from the sidelines.

  4. JV – Typical Tory ‘flagship programmes’ that are ultimately born out of hatred of anyone whom they deem are poor and stupid enough to believe that shithead Conservative governments can actually improve peoples’ life chances. The Tory government might as well have just bought a load of lottery tickets for the families as this would have stood a better chance of changing peoples’ lives than their idiot initiative.

    I’m not in the least bit surprised over the subjection of families to coercion and harassment as this is the usual MO for the Tory bullies too. However, what does surprise me is the scale of this programme and the total waste of ‘hardworking tax payers money.’

  5. Anyone can place tinsel on a funeral urn or put icing on a coffin, the DWP try to do it every day, but all and sundry recognise them as the greatest bullshitters on the planet earth…………….

    Even the seven bent stooges of the Supreme Court are now under close scrutiny from the EU.

    The fact that IAIN DUNCAN SMITH has murdered countless thousands of benefit claimants will never go away. Karma has a wonderful way of catching up with those who abuse on an industrial scale and the jigsaw pieces are starting to produce a picture of institutional fraud and corporate manslaughter of epic proportions.

    Time is our side, each second that ticks away is borrowed time for DUNKO THE CLOWN………….


    “troubled families”, “worklessness”?

    Welcome to Nazi Britain
    aka the Fourth Reich.

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    Very interesting…..

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – absolutely brilliant!
      The only problem is that the so-called ‘paralympians’ will now make out that they have got a ‘real disability’ so that they can take part in it – be filmed continuously by Channel 4 and, if they are ‘lucky’ (by their dogged determination!) they will get some sort of ‘medal’, preferably a gold one, and continuing sponsorship for ‘years’, be knighted and be famous on TV for ever and a day – and then, be gratefully plonked into the House of Lords to spout a load of bullshit about the ‘lives of ‘real disabled people’.
      Or alternatively (as in Sue Marsh’s case), be taken on by some private company such as ATOS, MAXIMUS & CAPITA, sell their very soul, take a mountain of cash and tell ‘real disabled people’ how they can physically do anything if they really try hard! It’s wonderful what a load of money can do!

      • Well, it does jar with the public when they watch something like paralympian tennis, gymnastics… then they read about benefit claimants attempting to excuse themselves from their work responsibilities by claiming they have ‘depression’ or ‘anxiety’. And what have they got to be depressed or anxious about? They are not in dire circumstances like sleeping rough. They have got a decent home, money from disability benefits, a lot more than the unemployed receive. Are they just depressed and anxious that one day they may have to actually work for a living?

        • Landless Peasant

          Illnesses such as Depression & Anxiety can be very debilitating, and have several possible causes. In my case, it is ads a result of being born with adfective gene, which meant that certain areas of my brain didnt develop normally during early infancy. My condition is diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder and the Doctors have told me it is untreatable, though I can be treated with medication for the effects of Depression/Anxiety when necessary. I am classed as being highly susceptible to Stress, prone to suffering from Anxiety, Depression, suicidalthoughts & feelings, and on some occasions Psychosis, imagining & seeing things. I have no control over any of this, & I am unable to get a Sick Note, so am forced to claim JSA as though I am fit to work, you ignorant cunt.

          • I know several people who have diagnoses of BPD, anxiety and depression and they all have ‘sick-notes’ and therefore claim ESA (and PIP in some cases). If you are struggling to get a medical certificate from your GP I recommend asking to see another one with a better understanding of mental health.

            • Hard-working Taxpayers Alliance

              PIP for ‘anxiety’, depression’, and ‘bi-polar’. Boris fucking Johnson on a bike! You can almost see where IDS is coming from on this. WHY should hard-working taxpayers PAY for these useless fuckers? Working for a living is fucking stressful, you will feel depressed during the week and anxious the whole of your day of as the working week looms. These ESA/PIP fuckers have no concept of reality. The working public are simply sick and tired – literally – of paying for these malingering fucking. To fuck with their extra cash – there should be one and only one universal benefit rate – the JSA rate. IDS is determined to push this ESA cut through because he KNOWS that the working public are with him on this.

              • “These ESA/PIP fuckers have no concept of reality? Surely they must be eligible for the highest rate of disability benefit then?

                • Just a guess but probably means to read These ESA/PIP fuckers have no concept of [the] reality of WORKING people’s lives!!” But seriously, fly, ESA just want an easy life, they are human after all. Don’t we all want an easy life. They want shedloads of cash for doing jack-shit, just like work programme ‘providers’. All they really want is for their ‘disability’ benefits to be paid like a pension with no hassle from the Jobcentre./Maximus, ‘work search’ requirements lol

                  People have been taking the piss out of ‘disability’ benefits for years. Reminds me an uncle who used to visit us on occasion with a walking stick. “What are you doing with a walking stick uncle? You don’t use a walking stick!” “I am on my way to see the DWP doctor” 😀 All they had to do was walk a couple of yards up a hill and fall over in the street to be entitled to ‘disability’. It was a big joke! People were just taking the piss! And still are… Stepping… Raining… Bob Chewie… Overburdendonkey… Lucy….

                • LS Seed.(whatever the LS stands for?) Lost soul seed perhaps?

                  You and I know tax payer alliance left himself wide open to a laugh with his comment, stop making excuses.

                  It’s funny but it is all coming out what has been happening here because of brexit.

                  We have been paying our farmers to not produce products that others in Europe might be producing, no doubt lots of other professions too.
                  So don’t be fooled that those in work are earning a living either a lot of them are being given money to sit on their jacksy.

                  Perhaps you should look into this fiddle before you start looking at people that may or may not be able to work.

                • Farmer Borwn

                  Like the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) whereby rich farmers and toff landowners get PAID not to plant crops, not to have a heard of cows, etc…

                • I bet that Charles George Usless, the minister for food and fisheries can teach them all how to swing the lead.


          • @Landless
            Intransigent clinical depression is also part of the baggage that comes with Asperger’s

          • landless peasant

            People who suffer from anxiety and stress are not delusional or have personality disorders, you appear to be lumping everything together here which is not true.

        • Santa Hates You

          Worker Bee and all those ignorant people on here who seem to think mental health conditions are not serious. Perhaps before you start spreading your ignorance and hate crime statements (which by the way will be passed on to a hate crime organisation – True Vision: http://www.report-it.org.uk).

          I would suggest that you might want to consider the facts first.

          1) People who claim disability benefits have to first be diagnosed by qualified doctors.
          2) Mental health illnesses are just as serious as any other health condition.
          3) To view mental health conditions as just about being lazy is unsupported by real evidence.
          4) People who claim disability benefits are legally entitled to do so by the law of the land.

          My advice to all the disability haters out there is just deal with it!!!

          • Don’t think it is ‘hate crime’ per se. The ‘disability haters’ have a genuine inability to ‘see’ an ‘invisible illness’; or put it another way they are not too dissimilar to those they criticise – they genuinely cannot see mental illness; they lack the mental capacity. Rather than reported to the ‘authorities’ they should be offered help and support for their ‘condition’.

            Same goes for any benefit, it is not like the next door neighbour pays their neighbours benefit directly out of their own pocket; it that was the case the neighbour currently on benefits would be hungry and homeless. If the hard-working neighbour doesn’t like it, the TOUGH SHIT! It is the LAW OF THE LAND – DEAL WITH IT!!

            • Same goes for doctors. They only way to get treatment is if they can actually see blood, your arm is hanging off…

              • Santa Hates You

                C Mant – Very true comment about doctors. I saw a doctor once who never bothered to read my medical history of long term mental illness.

                Worst still he kept patronising me so much about becoming ‘positive’ and ‘turning over a new leaf’ that I lost the plot and tried to jump out of the window of his third floor office. When there was an investigation about this incident he totally blamed me for being over sensitive and not taking my medication – both of which were completely untrue. But hey – who believes someone like me over a doctor?

  8. Is the Main Stream Media reporting this….!!
    Or has Labour come out and questioned this in Parliament yet.?
    This needs to be addressed and Exposed.
    From the documents I have read, because this is an income channel for Local Authorities, any slight behavioural change, ie a kid plays truant can kick start a family being referred to the Troubled families Program, as said in the report often without them ever knowing.

    To make claims that our country is filled up with thousands upon thousands of Troubled Families, so much so that the Tories need to extend it to reach 400.000 is not only Scandalous, but only perpetuates and reinforces their Despicable MYTH that the working classes are all Delinquents in need of STATE HELP.

    This is Discriminatory and Derisive, however the Gov chose not to include Class Discrimination into the Discrimination Act so they can get away with it on that score. And there are many misinformed upper class people out there who will believe every last word of it.

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    A Scandal and a Scam. This Outrageous!

  10. Tweeted @melissacade68


    PCS secures groundbreaking disability discrimination judgment

    23 February 2016
    PCS has secured a groundbreaking legal judgment which will help prevent disabled members being unfairly disciplined or sacked.

    Following a Court of Appeal case on behalf of a PCS member, backed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), employers will now be forced to take in to account whether an employee’s disability makes them more likely to be absent from work than non-disabled colleagues and make reasonable adjustments to their attendance management policies.

    The claimant had been employed as a Department for Work and Pensions administrative assistant for more than 35 years. She had a number of periods of absence from work, mainly because of a disability. The employer operated an attendance management policy which enabled formal action to be taken against an employee where their absences from work exceeded 8 days in any rolling period of 12 months.

    In May 2012, on her return to work from a continuous period of absence lasting 62 days, she was given a written improvement warning and informed that further unsatisfactory attendance could lead to more serious sanctions.



    From: Phillip

    29 August 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Please could you provide the following information:

    The number of people sanctioned for the calander year, 2013.

    Of the number of people sanctioned in 2013, how many:

    a) died within 0 to 3 months after being sanctioned.
    b) died within 3 to 6 months after being sanctioned.
    c) died within 6 to 12 months after being sanctioned.

    Yours faithfully,

    Phillip Jones

    Link to this

  13. paultheswineherd

    I am sure that this murderous Nazi IDS cunt (not only is he scared of being found out in a Court of Law that he (and his DWP Department) is a murderer (by his own policies and orders)) is trying to line himself up (in the eventual absence of Cameron) to become the new ‘Prime Minister’. His pronouncements and ‘articles’ are indeed becoming ever more numerous – continually deriding everyone except himself. HE MUST BE STOPPED. FORGET THE WORKADAY ‘NEWS IGNORANT’ SHEOPLE – THEY DO NOT KNOW AND THEY DO NOT CARE — BUT WE DO.

    • @Paul
      Smith already had the chance while Leader of the Tory Party, but he was so incompetent he was sacked. I don’t think Smith will get a look in if Cameron goes later this year. It’ll be Boris, Gidiot or May bidding.

  14. paultheswineherd

    I reckon that this murderous Nazi IDS cunt is lining himself up to try to become the next ‘Prime Minister’ (after Cameron now inevitably goes!)
    Too many ‘articles’ – too many ‘pronouncements’ – I am ‘it’ – ‘vote for me’ – what? – Vote for Satan?? Satan would probably be better then this bastard – he himself could not be any worse than IDS.
    IDS (& his equally murderous DWP) has to be stopped somehow – the workaday and news ignorant sheople do not know, or do not care — but WE DO.

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – Again brilliant!
      David Cameron – he may well have all these things – BUT, – according to a Bullingdon Ritual he is alleged to have put his todger into a ‘dead pig’s mouth’.
      This is not good and this is not clever – ONE DAY THIS FUCKER OF A ‘PRIME MINISTER’ WILL BE EXPOSED FOR WHAT HE IS.
      I have reckoned all along that ‘Iain Duncan Smith’ knows it all!
      That is why IDS is still in his job!

    • Another Fine Recession

      “I do not know why anybody would want to run a country like this.”

      Says the man running the dwp and UC.

  15. paultheswineherd

    IDS – the well known Nazi fucking murderous bastard – HIS policies, directly ordered to HIS own Department, (the DWP) has and is continuing to murder poor unfortunates – the ill, the sick and the disabled of Britain.
    He may resign, – he may get sacked, – he may become the next ‘Prime Minister’ of Britain (most probably not!) – BUT, his history is very long and it is very hard and it will never be forgotten. He WILL answer for what he has done – AND VERY SOON.

    • paultheswineherd

      N.B: With his ‘articles’ and his ‘utterances’, this is a ‘man’ who still thinks that he is ‘it’! I am sure if Cameron is kicked out – IDS may well try to run for P.M. He is so deluded – he even thinks and believes that he is above Gidiot and Bojo Johnson. What a stupid and misguided cunt indeed 😦
      WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED ANY TORIES – WHOEVER THEY ARE, let alone the scrounger royal family and their entourage – NO MEALS ON WHEELS FOR LIZZIE OR PHILIP – ONLY THE BEST.
      Just you clean up that litter you miserable peasants! – FUCK OFF

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  17. paultheswineherd

    David Cameron will be the only ‘Prime Minister of Great Britain’ to have been allegedly accused of putting his penis into the mouth of a dead pig in a Bullingdon ritual at Oxford University. David Cameron is eventually going to have to confirm, or deny the ‘truthfulness’ or otherwise, of these allegations. We await exactly what he has got to say about this matter.

  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Lords rebuff Tory plan to cut ESA for second time

    Peers defeat government again over proposed £30-a-week cut to benefits for ill and disabled found ‘unfit to work’

    Guardian – Monday 29 February 2016 19.52 GMT

    The House of Lords has defeated the government again over welfare reform and work bill proposals to cut £30 a week from the benefits of ill and disabled people who have been found unfit to work.

    Read More:

    • Stepping – this is bad news both for IDS & Osborne!
      Now it will have to go back to the Commons to be voted on once again!!

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Paul – How long is a yo yo on a piece of string !!!. If they don`t like the answer they demand answers !!! The full scope of contradictions will make contradictions of contradictions. Any stupidity to get out of the truth. People get £300 a week that`s a Tory myth on the dole !!! Dodgy Dave has never been good under pressure & gets very hateful & spiteful when he loses it !!! Should of sacked IDS the failed leader years ago dodgy dave !!!

        • Stepping – Yes, exactly – a piece of string can last for ever – and if it ping-pongs/ping-pongs, it could go on forever.
          Cameron & IDS you can be assured will be jumping angry with this – they are not doing their ‘austerity’ measures. They will be cursing the House of Lords and thinking of ways that they can overcome it all.
          Probably by trying to place more Tory ‘Lords’ into the House of Lords.
          Cameron is definitely a past master at this! So look out for further ‘measures’ regarding this!

      • Stepping – The only thing that really worries me (for claimants that is) is what was recently highlighted on here by a post by Geoff.
        In the upcoming Budget, in about 2 weeks time that there could ‘possibly’ be an announcement by Gidiot that ‘ESA’ could be scrapped completely. WRAG group – gone!
        SUPPORT group – gone!
        The one and only ‘upside’ to this would be that presumably the ‘WCA’ would be gone as well – and the ‘private companies’ would also ‘lose their contracts’. (If this happened though, (time limits apply here) the Government would have to pay these bastard companies ‘compensation’.
        The downside to this is that anyone who is any less than ‘moderately’ or ‘severely’ disabled could be therefore forced on to Jobseekers Allowance. (No ESA at all – it would no longer exist!)
        The inference to this is that ONLY the ‘moderately’ or ‘severely disabled’ would be able to apply for PIP – and if they could ‘prove’ it then they would be okay.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Paul – Sounds like by scrapping ESA, ESA is being fast tracked straight into Universal Credit, which all these benefits will become anyway.

          Who decides who goes onto ESA & who goes onto PIP !!!! That is a medical decision made well before the WCA fake medical. Might as well scrap PIP as well & just call it Universal Credit. That is the only way the DWP might get UC completed by 2020. What`s the latest in the think tank 2025.

          • Stepping – yes it is all a terrible mess and you may well be right there – the whole lot may go into U.C. – which is terribly late and getting ever later. What an absolute bollocks up – Gidiot & IDS trying to ‘save money’ but spending ever more than they could ever save – always and as usual!
            2025-2030??? Many of us may be retired by then – but having said that ‘THEY’ will want us to work until we are 80 years old!’


          Absolutely correct my friend.
          The government are dancing to the tune of the highly criticised, heavily fined, disability denial factory called UNUM PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY………………

          In order to hand the welfare operations on a plate to the insurance based private sector you first have to eliminate the payout costing. This is being achieved by using ex bedpan washers who are paraded as health experts who write fake health reports.
          The fake health report writers are required to hold a certificate. The certificate or Diploma, as it is better known, is a by product of the Faculty for Occupational Medicine, of which the ex DWP chief medical officer, BILL GUNNYEON was president.
          As the DWP agreed to MAXIMUS, the claimant killers, securing the new multi million contract, BILL GUNNYEON jumped ship and now works for MAXIMUS……………….as does professor MICHAEL O’DONNELL.

          Professor Michael O’Donnell, the former medical director of Atos, now plays a senior role in the American company Maximus, which has won a £500m Government contract to decide whether disabled people are able to return to work. His previous company walked away from the contract, which was supposed to end in 2015.

          On 4 September, during an emergency debate on Atos and the WCA held in parliament, Labour MP Kevin Brennan demanded to know if DWP minister Chris Grayling was as concerned as he was “that Atos’s chief medical officer is one Professor Michael O’Donnell, who was previously employed as chief medical officer by the American insurance company, Unum, which was described by the insurance commissioner for California, John Garamendi, as an ‘outlaw company’ that has operated in an unlawful fashion for many years, running (disability) claims denial factories.”

          The US company that won the lucrative contract to deliver the “fitness for work” test has been forced to defend its decision to employ the former senior civil servant responsible for government policy on the assessment.

          The decision of controversial outsourcing giant Maximus to hand consultancy work to Bill Gunnyeon comes just months after he quit his Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) post as chief medical adviser and director for health and well-being.

          Since 2002 UNUM PRIVATE HALTH INSURANCE have been advising our welfare ministers on policy. In fact all changes to welfare policy are nearly word for word what UNUM set out in this initiative drive.



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  20. jeffrey davies

    aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado while our mps talk about it in the siderooms of that house of ill repute jeff3


      ……………..and now Theresa May wants you to believe that the snoopers charter will be less intrusive and more private, what a fucking crock of shit!.

      They are going to access your phone, your mobile, your computer, your texts and your emails, your bank accounts, your medical records and your online purchases………………….

      No fucking wonder they want out of Europe……….

      It is but one step away from putting an electronic tag around your necks or implanting a micro chip.

      Snowden and Assange knew exactly what the dirty bastards were up to years ago, no wonder they wanted them under lock and key.

      It is a fundamental breach of human rights and the phone companies want dragging over the coals for mapping gps coordinates of users movements.

      Is there any wonder GOOGLE managed a sweetheart deal with a wallpaper tax dodger so coked up he resembles a vampire?

      The terrorists are all on the inside………….


        ……………….which makes me wonder even more about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and it’s 239 passengers and crew?
        All that technology and it goes missing off the map completely. Utter bollocks…………..

      • @ GEOFF where does it say that the Snooper’s Charter will give the DWP access to your computer, medical records, computer, bank accounts and online purchases?

      • Top-tip: By a ‘dumb-fone’ i.e. one that doesn’t have internet access. And what the fuck does anyone really need internet access ‘on the go for anyway’? To update your Fakebook and Twatter status? There are only a handful of emergency situations, such as a vehicle breakdown where you might need to look on the internet for a solution where internet access is really required. Get a dumb-fone for a few quid which does everything you need a fone to do and doesn’t have GPS tracking.

        We are our own worst enemies. And while yo are at it stop using debit cards/contactless payment in shops.

  21. http://www.itpro.co.uk/government-it-strategy/25618/theresa-may-refuses-to-say-if-uk-spies-access-medical-data

    Home Secretary says sweeping up large amounts of data is not “mass surveillance”

    Home Secretary Theresa May has refused to answer whether Britain’s security services are accessing medical records and other sensitive data.

    She was defending the Snooper’s Charter to the draft Investigatory Powers Bill, and told the committee she would not “go down the route of giving information about the sort of data sets that are being acquired”, according to the BBC.

    Her comments come after it was revealed last year that GCHQ is downloading large amounts of personal data, which could include everything from the electoral register, to supermarket loyalty schemes or bank records.


      …………..carefull buried in the small print of the SNOOPERS CHARTER,



        Department of Work and Pensions

        The Data Protection Act is supposed to safeguard our confidential information. According to Section 55 it’s a criminal offence to: “obtain or disclose personal data” without permission or “procure the disclosure to another person”.

        So how secure is our most personal and confidential information?

        As part of a wider investigation, Channel 4 Dispatches put in a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Work and Pensions asking how many times their staff had been disciplined for data offences over the past year.

        Their response: 992 in just ten months. That’s nearly five a day – and that’s just the ones they know about.

        The database holds the records of some 96 million people including records of those that have died.

        “It’s thought to be the largest government database of personal information in Europe,” says Mark Ballard of Computer Weekly. “There are known to be at least 200,000 people with access to the database…. amongst 480 local authorities, other government departments including HMRC and the courts and service staff across the whole country.”

      • “The bill also aims to put on a firm legal footing the collection by the security services of large amounts of email and other data in the UK and personal details held on databases, potentially including bank or medical records.”


        • Means the cops, DWP, etc. … will have access to your store discount card, medical records, bank accounts etc…. Well officially, because they already do!

          • “Officials said the revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill would put beyond doubt that companies can only be asked to remove encryption that they themselves have applied, and only where it is “practicable” for them to do so.”

            So the original draft Bill proposed to outlaw encryption! WTF! Only China and Iran does that shit!

            “Criminals are not going to follow a set of rules. Criminals are going to hide behind proxy servers around the world where there’s no government legislation.”

            Next thing to be outlawed will be proxies.

            The only TWO countries that outlaw proxies are China and Iran!


    Department of Health

    Up to 700,000 people have access to parts of the various databases that hold our medical records.

    Channel 4 Dispatches asked the Department of Health for the number of unlawful access to medical reports reported to the Department over the last five years.

    In response they say: “The Department of Health does not collect details of all incidents where records have been accessed unlawfully, as in many cases such access will relate to only a small number of records, or the incident will occur in an authority that is not required to report to the Department.”

    However, the did provide the number of incidents that had been reported to them including 158 incidents in 2011, averaging at just over 13 cases a month.

  23. Hi Guys! You uninformed muppets probably won’t know this but The Adam Smith Institute recommended several years ago that all of the state help that poor unfortunates such as yourselves, and all the rest of you malingering types be given during any twelve month period, be cut back to ten thousand pounds. That’s right. Ten thousand pounds per year all inclusive. And you know what, they have a point and I agree with them. That is housing benefit, council tax benefit, ESA, JSA, everything. For I tell you now, from out of this monolithic lump of shit known to all and sundry as The UK, a beautiful golden phoenix shall rise from the ashes of Broken Britain, but first there has to be a reckoning, and as with all reckonings, there will have to be pain and hard times; sadly, this is just the way it is. Oh Most High I beseech Thee, let what The Adam Smith Institute once recommended come to pass in this once sceptered isle of ours…. Oh yes, Oh yes… For it must be and it MUST come to pass.
    I, Roger Have Spoken….

  24. No to Nazi Britain

    No to David Cameron being Power Crazed

    FUCK OFF CAMERON | February 29, 2016 at 6:38 pm | Reply

    “troubled families”, “worklessness”?

    Welcome to Nazi Britain
    aka the Fourth Reich.

  25. Hands Off the Poor Money For Public Services in the UK



    1. Doctor Bill Gunnyeon FRCP, FFOM, FRCGP, DIH, age 51, was educated at the University of Dundee. Prior to joining Capita Health Solutions he was Director of Health Services at Aon Health Solutions and Chief Executive and Director of Occupational Health at Liberty Occupational Health Limited. He previously worked in a range of senior Occupational Health roles at Grampian Regional Council and at OMS Limited having started his career as a medical officer with the Royal Air Force. 2. Dr Gunnyeon’s current professional appointments include President of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Member of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, Member of the Specialist Training Authority and Member of Council, Royal College of Physicians of London.



    • @Geoff

      It will all come out in the wash, his hidden bank accounts etc etc.
      Gunnyeon was the architect of all this evil perpetrated on the poor and disabled.

      Every meeting he seemed to attend was always sponsored by the private health insurance industry, BUPA,ATOS,AXA, etc

      Gunnyeons wallet is bulging from those he sold down the river, the casualties of the disability denial industry that wipes his arse.

  27. Child Poverty Benefit And Measurement Reforms Rubbished By Bishops In The House Of Lords


    Addressing Lord Freud, a Work and Pensions minister, Bishop Foster said: “I recall that the minister said – and I paraphrase – that he expected the Government to come under further pressure – and I don’t want to disappoint him.”

  28. I command you muppets to listen to Bruce Springsteen’s Factory and Rita McNeil’s Working Man. Then you muppets will understand what it’s all about, and the true glory of work.


      There was always one kid in the playground that nobody liked. His name was Roger.

      The pain of having no friends eventually caught up with him.

      First he would kill wild animals, then the torment began to tear him apart. While studying a Nazi propaganda leaflet one evening, he noticed a job vacancy in the Dwp.

      Rogers prayers were answered, he could kill at will and still hide behind a badge of office.

      Uncle Iain was so impressed by his nephews choice of vocation and signed him up immediately. First the slayings went unnoticed until ………………….

    • In that case why haven’t you got a job you utterly passionless, spineless heap of shite 😁

      • How do you know that I haven’t?
        But I still think that you’re a double agent, Marie. An Inspector Gadget. A femme of incredible duplicity. I think that you’re a grass, Marie. A stool pigeon for the great DWP.
        I think that you’re on a retainer, with a mobility car thrown in, that when you go for medicals, the nurse smirks, a fellow conspirator; before “Don’t worry Marie. Just looking at your notes, and you’ve got a free pass…. Keep up the good work, okay. I mean the – erm – the grassing…”

      • I forgive you Marie. I’ve obviously touched a raw nerve in outing you as a DWP Grass. Still, old Roger, He do fawgeeeev yeeeeeeewww.
        You’re forgiven, Marie. Go in peace and … and grass no more.

        I Roger Have Spoken.

  29. I Roger Have Spoken.

  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Roger works in the DWP Press Office !!!


      ………..and it’s Rogers job to collate the welfare deaths and remove them from the internal filing system. His Uncle Iain is so proud………..



    I was always under the impression that a person in court should be tried by his / her peers. Someone on a similar standing on the social scale.

    But not here, it seems…………….

    The Law Lords on preposterous salaries and expenses of over £300 per day, making judgement on those that may only receive £73 per week.

    “what a fucking joke”

  32. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tories’ ESA welfare cuts defeated after powerful speech by Paralympic idol Tanni Grey Thompson 29th Feb 2016

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      I can`t even answer the phone proper. Yes what the fuck do you want you piss off customer !!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The £30 a week cut in ESA is a £640 million a year saving for the Tories.

    • paultheswineherd

      At least this ex-‘Paralympian’ stands up for the rights of real disabled people. She didn’t have to – she is no doubt getting huge wads of dosh being a Peer, but good on her – she sttod by her principles in this case and she did it anyway!

    • well done Tanni you are earning your £300 a day lass!

  33. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System



    I am only disabled because I have a puncture in my wheelchairs tyre !!!

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Brent Central MP Dawn Butler mistaken for a cleaner at the house of commons

    Kilburn Times – 29th Feb 2016

    Brent Central MP Dawn Butler said she hopes politicians of colour will not have to “suffer what she has suffered” after she was mistaken for a cleaner by a fellow commons member.

    The Labour MP said she was “surprised” to find herself at the heart of a racism row after she made the shocking revelation yesterday.

    The 46-year-old claimed she was travelling in a dedicated lift for MPs when the politician said to her “This lift really isn’t for cleaners”.

    She has refused to name the person.

    Recalling her horror in the moments after the incident, she said: “I ran after the very vocal MP who had said it and told him ‘even if I was a cleaner, that’s a horrible way to treat someone.”

    Ms Butler, who claims other MPs of colour have had similar experiences, says she has received a number of “unsavoury” emails and messages on social media site Twitter since bringing the issue to light.

    She claims one “horrible” sender accused her of “being an even worse cleaner than you are an MP.”

    Read More:

  35. paultheswineherd

    Channel 4 are just now reporting that the Electoral Commission is to launch an official investigation into allegations that Election expenses at the General Election & also the 2014 By-Elections were not fully declared by the Tories. Amongst others, this involves a ‘road trip & also ‘hotel bills’.

  36. paultheswineherd

    More opposition (this time from the Equalities Commission) to the madman that is Iain Duncan Smith!

  37. paultheswineherd

    (N.B. Esther McVile now on Sky News as one of the two doing paper review) – perhaps the bitch has been parachuted in by Sky to increase their ratings figures and to get a load of dosh in the process – eeeuuughh!)
    Meanwhile, youngsters may have to work until they are 75 years old before they can get their pension. No doubt a continuation of the Tories “work till you die policy”!

    • paultheswineherd

      That will now save Esther McVile from having to go into her local JCP to sign on for Job Seekers Allowance! The claimants would probably lynch the cow!


      In 2012 the EHRC made a report that said the UK government were shortchanging pensions and welfare benefits by an eye watering 40%.
      That was four years ago…………………..

      Either the EHRC are taking the piss or we are not getting the facts. They are fully aware of the hidden DWP mortality statistics but i noticed something strange when searching the internet for official EHRC addresses to contact to file a complaint.

      There are plenty of UK Human rights advisory pages but the remit and scope of the articles of Human Rights have been deliberately diluted to obfuscate.

      It is only when you get onto the true website that you become more aware our rights are being targeted at an unprecedented pace.

      The contact details of the Geneva Commission have been placed well out of view, as have the private numbers of the special rapporteurs who were here recently to view the carnage for themselves.

      It shouldn’t be too long till the litigation starts, the corpses are giving off a stench that even the Freedom of Information Commissioner, CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM, is finding harder to ignore……………………

  38. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Equalities watchdog criticises planned cuts to work support allowance

    Equalities and Human Rights Commission says cutting £30 a week from ESA benefits will disproportionately hit disabled people

    Guardian – Tuesday 1 March 2016 20.00 GMT

    Ministerial proposals to cut £30 a week from the benefits of ill and disabled people found unfit to work have been criticised by the government’s equalities watchdog.

    The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHCR) says the proposed cuts will disproportionately affect disabled people, widen inequalities and undermine the UK’s human rights obligations.

    Separately, a scathing letter by the head of the EHCR warns that official assessments of the cut’s impact on disabled people “contain very little in the way of evidence” and “limited analysis” of the consequences for claimants.

    The proposed cuts to employment and support allowance (ESA) will be debated again in the House of Commons on Wednesday after peers inflicted a second defeat for the government on the issue in the House of Lords earlier this week.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Critics argue there is no evidence that the proposed cut would help ESA Wrag recipients get back into employment, but will push claimants further into hardship and poverty.

      A DWP spokesman said: “The current system needs reform because it fails to provide the right incentives to work, and acts to trap people on welfare. We are committed to ensuring that people have the best support possible, and that is what these changes are about.

      “Current ESA claimants will continue to get the same level of support, and those with the most severe health conditions and disabilities will continue to get a higher rate of benefit.”



  40. Meanwhile i see on ITV News tonight at 10 that the Tory bastards are looking into raising the retirement age again, for all those under 55 at present. At this rate i’ll never see a state pension.

    What a friggin’ joke this country is. Said they ideally would like it raised to 75 eventually! Total farce. The idea is of course to put older people, that are probably already suffering with old age and health problems, under more pressure, working longer, in the hope they snuff it and then they won’t have to pay them any pension at all.

    I tell people this and they laugh as if it couldn’t be. The reality is that it’s very much is the case.

    • Retire at 60 and you are expected to live for 18 YEARS! Retire at 65 and you are expected to live for 18 MONTHS! Probably why women have traditionally outlived women. You have NO CHANCE of retiring at 75!!

    • Michael Parkinson

      Retire at 60 and you are expected to live for 18 YEARS! Retire at 65 and you are expected to live for 18 MONTHS! Probably why women have traditionally outlived women. You have NO CHANCE of retiring at 75!! You will be long gone.

    • Joanna Gosling's Knickers

      Retirement age has just went up! According to Steve Webb, the former pensions Minister, we can expect to be working until we are 77! And a 22-year-old can expect to be working until 88!

    • @Raining
      When the Welfare State was established the pension age was set at 65 because at the time few were expected to actually reach 65.

      • They took enough money in with interest to pay the really hard done by working class a pension at forty, but spending on index linked gold salaries for the so called public servants saw the pension pot being robbed repeatedly by the upper/middle class.

      • Yeah you’re spot on there that’s for sure. This brings up another thing i wanted to say about this; i remember about a year ago that old snob Nigel Lawson on Newsnight saying how we have to get the retirement age raised right up and that it was nowhere near high enough!!!! What friggin’ planet do these creeps inhabit? Not the same one we do that’s for sure. He said that raising it to 67 was nowhere near where it should be and then came away with the cracker that because he was still working everyone else should be able to as well!! What a diddy.

        So let’s have a think about it: someone working a hard physical job like a bricklayer or a building site laborer or whatever should be working until they’re 75? or maybe even 80? As i said, they’re hoping to keep flogging the ill and elderly until they drop then they save the cost of their pension.

        This is purely an ideological assault on ordinary peoples lives and hopes for the future.

        But then again some people are their own worst enemies, like that stupid old woman who was employed by a supermarket as a greeter and was still working at 80 or so. It’s people like that that ruin the chances of anyone getting to retire at a decent age.

        • Raining

          The greeter probably had a desk job until she was 75 but couldn’t quite get into the house of lords to keep her earnings up, so had to take work as a greeter.

          The greeters and the cheaters, what next?

    • Its a lot cheaper to pay someone 72 quid “jobseekers money” up to the age of 70, than a state pension.

      Nans and granddads sanctioned at 68 years old because they cannot find a job.
      If the lack of money don’t kill you, the government imposed stress disorder will finish you off.

  41. jeffrey davies

    by the summer of 41 70,273 people were killed ill disabled mentaly ill fast forward to today by their figures have beaten the nazi figures of deaths Aktion T4 rolls along without much of a ado

  42. Neither the Adam Smith Institute nor the Centre for Social Justice (duncan shit’s little earner) provide details of who their donors are – despite being required to

  43. Court holds Morrisons liable for attack by worker


    interesting judgement

  44. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/eu-referendum-iain-duncan-smith-accuses-david-cameron-of-having-a-low-opinion-of-the-british-people-a6901171.html

    So says Drunken Smith who himself has a low opinion of all people claiming benefits and pensions and would like nothing better to see us all in the workhouse to save a few pennies flying from his DWP budget.

  45. At this rate, within 50 years the retirement age will be raised again to 100 so nobody will be able to retire and will instead be working on the factory floor until they drop. It’ll also save on funeral costs as instead of being laid to rest in a cemetery, the factory bosses will just bung you in the boilers in order to go about heating the factory by cremating you.

  46. Government’s own watchdog criticises DWP plan to cut sickness benefits

    The plans will cause ‘unnecessary hardship’, according to the EHCR


  47. Injured Swansea Prison worker wins Supreme Court ruling


  48. MoD to be reprimanded over Brecon Beacons SAS deaths


  49. Austerity Nutcase UK Arsehole Capital of the World

  50. The EU is an Establishment Thing

    Hopefully the UK Votes to Leave the EU there can be Real Human Rights such as to live in a Decent Country instead of a Tinpot Dictatorship with
    David Cameron as Dictator

  51. Lower the Retirement Age Increase the State Pension

    Hands Off The Poor

  52. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP post for Amazon boss is ‘disgusting’, says Margaret Hodge

    Hodge says non-executive director role for Amazon’s China chief, Doug Gurr, is ironic as ‘they are killing off UK business and jobs’

    Guardian – Wednesday 3 February 2016 17.56 GMT

    The Labour MP and tax campaigner Margaret Hodge has described as “disgusting” a plan to give an executive of online retailer Amazon, one of the companies at the centre of an intensifying row over taxes, a directorship at the Department for Work and Pensions.

    Hodge was responding to the news, first revealed by Sky News, that Amazon’s head of Chinese operations, Doug Gurr, is to become a non-executive director of the DWP. The DWP said it would issue a statement, which was not available at the time of publication. Amazon declined to comment.

    Hodge said: “If people are not putting their proper share into the pot, how can government ever justify giving them prestigious positions?”

    Amazon’s UK business paid just £11.9m in tax in 2014, even though its Luxembourg unit took £5.3bn from internet sales in the UK.

    Gurr’s arrival at the department will increase fears that largely US-based technology giants such as Amazon are having an increasing influence on government at a time when there is growing public pressure for them to pay more tax in the UK.

    Hodge also said it was ironic for the DWP, which is trying to place people in employment, to hire an executive from Amazon. “They are killing off British business and jobs, partly because they’re not paying sufficient tax and so are able to undercut their rivals,” she said.

    The multinational tax row has intensified since it emerged that Google had agreed to pay £130m to cover taxes dating back a decade. Although George Osborne heralded the deal as a success, it was soon derided by critics, who calculated that the payment equated to a tax rate of just 3%.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      No where does it say why the DWP have hired Amazon – Sounds like it`s set up for money laundering scams !!!

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        DWP admin will be handled in China.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          The DWP now hiding behind the Human Rights of China which is top class !!!

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS


            Both the Conservatives and Labour would love to hand prime features of our welfare and pensions systems to the Insurance Industry who are pushing big bribes into the lobbyist pockets.
            The UK’s greatest treasure pot is the welfare state and the insurance industry are desperate to get their greedy hands into it.

            Consecutive uk governments have raided the lucrative pension funds and now the funds stand completely empty, your savings have been stolen……………………………..

            I will repeat this again, the pension that you paid into has been ransacked.

            To put this into simple terms, the pension funds in the large American corporations like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, AT&T, Lucent have in recent years been over funded because many retirees have paid in then suddenly died upon reaching retirement age. They haven’t lived long enough to collect their pensions………………

            Many die within two years of reching 65.

            It is important to note that statistically , using information from the largest corporations,


            If people retire at 50, their average life span is 86, retire at 65 your life span is only 66.8………………………

            All the greedy fucking shitshovellers that call themselves fancy names like friends mutual and whatever are sat waiting for you to die quickly so they can pocket your cherished life savings.

            Our government doesn’t want the hassle of having to pay out benefits, pensions or administer health care.

            They care not if you live or die.

            All the media hype about pensions shortfalls is not your fault, it is entirely down to their greed and all the shit about having to work till your mid seventies is a scare tactic to force you into the hands of the insurance pimps……………

            You will be bombarded with crap like this below;

            Pensions basics
            Contract-based schemes

            Contract-based schemes are provided by insurance companies and other pension providers. They’re effectively a contract between you and the pension provider.

            Personal pensions
            Self invested personal pensions (SIPP)
            Stakeholder pension schemes
            Retirement annuity contracts
            Buyout policies

            These fuckers don’t ever want to pay you a single penny, the contracts will be changed time and time again till you find at your maturity date, the payout is completely worthless…………………….


            • GEOFF REYNOLDS


              In less than ten years, a handful of the country’s biggest funds have bought outright or own stakes in some of the UK’s most prized infrastructure, including High Speed One, the railway line that connects London to the Channel Tunnel.

              In less than ten years, a handful of the country’s biggest funds have bought outright or own stakes in some of the UK’s most prized infrastructure. That includes High Speed One, the railway line that connects London to the Channel Tunnel; Scotia, Scotland’s biggest gas network; the ports of Southampton and Grimsby; Birmingham and Bristol airports and Camelot, the operator of the national lottery.

              They’ve also been part of consortiums that have purchased engineering company Tomkins and, in May of this year, software maker Logica. Just three weeks ago one of them secured a slice of the national game when Goals Soccer Centre, the biggest operator of five-a-side football pitches in the country, was acquired.

              Britain is far more open to foreign takeovers than large parts of Europe, the US and even Canada itself. Even so, it is hard to imagine such a land grab unfolding without dissent if the buyers were perceived to pose any political threat. Whichever angle you are looking from, it is hard to see one.

              The pension funds behind the deals are the CPP Investment Board, the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTPP), Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement Scheme (OMERS) and the Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec. Sitting on about 315bn pounds in assets, they collectively manage the pensions of teachers, fireman, policeman and employees from both the public and private sector across Canada.


  53. The Liberal Democrats are No Friends of the Poor and Vulnerable

    Committed to the EU Committed to Nutcase Austerity

  54. There is Plenty of Property to House the Homeless so House the Homeless
    and Slave Labour be Ashamed of Themselves for being Strooges of Local
    Government Public Spending Cuts and Nutcase Austerity

  55. I’m supposed to be giving up swearing for Lent, wonder if there is ever a year when I will manage it?

    • Hey Fly hawkes,that last quip uh yourn was SO fuckin’ funny. I’m literally reminded of that great American stand up, Bill Hicks in full vitriolic flow… Man You are SO fuckin’ funny. You are Comedy Gold, Fly hawkes… Comedy Fuckin Gold!!!! Yes I Muthafuka. Yes I… Three cheers for the funny dole wallah Fly hawkes. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip Hoooooray!!! HIP HIP HOOOOO FUCCCCKKKKIIIIINNNN’ RAY!!!! Fly Hawkes The Man. Oh Yes I!!!

      • I’m surprised anyone gets me never mind laughs at me?

      • Shut yer hole Roger! Are there no more arses to be wiped at Tory Party HQ before the shift changes? If not then get in and clean the shithouse. 😀

      • “Roger” so busy being a troll as usual doesn’t know how to properly spell words…

        Maybe he should go on another Work Programme scheme for a few months on how to read and write as he has obviously failed the previous WP course he was on, that was designed to teach him reading, writing and even maths.

  56. I agree Raining, he could have picked a comedian that had had a longer life.

  57. ‘Trolls’ who create fake profiles face criminal prosecution 😉

    The CPS is advising its prosecutors they should be prepared to charge under existing laws if a case falls into one of three categories:

    Category 1: when online activity results in a credible threat to an individual
    Category 2: when someone is specifically targeted for harassment, stalking, so-called revenge porn or coercive behaviour to former partners or family members
    Category 3: cases resulting in breaches of a court order

    However, the guidance also sets out less serious situations where prosecutions should be considered under a fourth category: where a false identity is used to post upsetting messages, including false information that could cause anxiety. [my bold]


    • Are we in China?

      • The Prosecutors

        No Iran 😀

        One Child just finished on BBC 2, about the poor Chinese guy being fitted up for murder.

        ** iplayer spolier alert **

        The scenes near the end when the guy was executed by lethal injection in were brutal. Looked very realistic, even the execution van, wonder where they filmed it.

    • The Prosecutors

      According to Alison Saunders, Director of Public Persecutions, ” mature 12 year olds” who create fake Fakebook profiles will face prosecution!

      • The Prosecutors

        As seen on Joanna Gosling’s Knickers 😉

      • The Prosecutors

        And people who don’t look like their online dating profile picture will also face being thrown in the slammer. Fake profile information and pictures will be construed as “grooming”. We have gone mad! 😀

      • But Facebook does have a REAL NAME policy. You are made aware at sign up. Besides, it is against Facebook’s Terms & Conditions to post fake profiles. Even an immature 12 year old would be aware of that. There is simply NO excuse!

    • Take note “Roger”. Anybody trolling with intent to cause harm will now face criminal prosecution. You can hide behind your screen, but you can’t hide forever.

  58. Paul Donnachie’s benefits were suspended. Months later, he killed himself
    Frances Ryan



      The DWP stopped my payments of £32.32p Industrial Injuries Benefit for over 8 and a half months for no reason at all.

      They sent me a letter saying;

      This letter is about your above benefit;
      Your next payment will be made on the 12/03/2013. This will include your arrears of £1075. 08p for the period 18/07/2012 to 12/03/2013.

      We are also sending you a letter to explain this change in your payment.

      Yours sincerely
      Mr K G Stringer

      I was registered as having a lifetime disability until ATOS/DWP concocted a fake medical report.

      I have been living on just this amount of money, per week since October of 2013.

      This equates to just £1747 per year to live on.

      Not too much i hope for the likes of Roger.


        ……………no letter was ever forthcoming on why my benefits were not paid for over 8 months.

        I there any wonder the disabled are dropping like flies in he fifth richest economy in the world?

      • Quote “Your next payment will be made on the 12/03/2013.” unquote

        Geoff, Is that from an old DWP letter or from a recent one?

  59. just because we are denied legal aid, doesn’t mean that we can’t access justice




      Everybody should know by now that British citizen Mark Wood starved to death four months after a medical assessment by Atos found him fit for work, even though it was only reported widely yesterday.

      The ruling on the 44-year-old was made against the advice of his GP and in the knowledge that Mr Wood – who lived in David Cameron’s Witney constituency – had mental health conditions including phobias of food and social situations. He weighed just 5st 8lbs when he died in August last year.

      His GP, Nicolas Ward, told an inquest into Mr Wood’s death: “Something pushed him or affected him in the time before he died and the only thing I can put my finger on is the pressure he felt he was under when his benefits were removed.”

      In a normal society operating under the rule of law, that should be enough to trigger a halt on all work capability assessment medical tests while the entire system is examined with a view to preventing further harm. This was discussed in Parliament last week (read my live blog) but because this was a backbench motion the government has insisted that it only needs to take the unanimous vote in favour of the move as “advisory” – and has done nothing.

      That is not good enough for many of us. Samuel Miller, the campaigner who has been trying to bring UK government discrimination against the disabled to the attention of international organisations like the United Nations has already signalled that he will be demanding action.

      On Twitter yesterday (February 28), he wrote: “I’ll inform the UN’s human rights office… as well as write the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP); a corporate manslaughter investigation into Atos and the DWP needs to be opened.

      “I’ll also file a criminal complaint against Atos and the DWP with Britain’s Metropolitan Police Service.”

      Mr Miller has also been awaiting a ruling from the Information Commissioner on his Freedom of Information request from November 6, 2012, demanding details of post-November 2011 Incapacity Benefit and Employment and Support Allowance claimant mortality statistics. The Commission called on the Department for Work and Pensions to come up with a valid reason for its refusal, under the FoI Act and the DWP has failed to provide one so far.

      For Mr Miller, the situation has now dragged on far too long. “I’m not going to wait for a ruling from the Information Commissioner’s Office, which I’m unlikely to win. Due to the tragic starvation death of Mark Wood, I’m going to request that the UN’s human rights office obtain a subpoena from the International Criminal Court prosecutor, requiring that the Department for Work and Pensions release the post-November 2011 IB and ESA claimant mortality statistics that I requested on November 6, 2012.”

      He is also awaiting the findings of an inquest into the death of Stephanie Bottrill, the Bedroom Tax victim who died when she walked in front of a lorry on a busy motorway, after leaving a note blaming the government. That hearing has not yet taken place.

      Samuel Miller has cerebral palsy and lives in Canada, and yet he is willing to do all this to correct injustice in the UK. He puts most of us to shame.

      Of course, I am looking forward to my tribunal hearing, in which I hope to trigger the release of those post-November 2011 IB and ESA claimant mortality statistics. If Mr Miller manages it first, then my hearing will focus on why my request for the information was dismissed as “vexatious”, as this has serious implications for any future Freedom of Information requests.

      I’d like to hear from others who are doing something about this – even if it only comes down to contacting their MP.

      Or do you think this man’s death should be in vain?



        ……..the NAZI in a Conservative uniform

        Iain Duncan Smith has vowed to ram through disability benefit cuts tonight despite a stark warning by his own human rights watchdog.

        The top Tory vented his fury at being blocked for a second time by the House of Lords in his bid to cut Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) by £30 a week.

        A letter he sent to Tory MPs yesterday, obtained by the Mirror, warned them to “strongly resist” the Lords’ changes and accused peers of “an abuse of Parliamentary process” ahead of a House of Commons vote tonight.

        The Work and Pensions Secretary warned blocking the cut would cost the government £1.3billion and raged: “The Commons as the elected chamber must now have the final say.”


        • I would like to ram a 10 foot steel barge pole down IDS’ mouthy gob for the waste programmes he decided I had to fucking do.

          If a barge pole doesn’t shut the demented bald nazi fucker up, nothing will.

      • paultheswineherd

        Geoff – good for Samuel for doing this – a sapoena is a powerful tool and this is probably the best chance so far to getting the DWP to answer. I seem to remember that years ago the US did this to get the ‘truth’ out of that old rogue President ‘Watergate’ Nixon. He had to give evidence – he had absolutely no choice in it!
        The ‘criminal complaint’ being launched against the DWP & ATOS for possible corporate manslaughter to the Met. Police may also produce some results.
        IDS & Grayling also had better look out.

  60. Forces of Oppression are No Friends of the Underdog

    The EU with it’s Nazi Origins is a Force of Oppression even behind the
    Façade of ” Human Rights “

  61. Arrogance of Politicians Needs to be Challenged

    Hands Off the Poor Defend the Welfare State


    …………………….at the same time it murders disabled

    The Labour MP and tax campaigner Margaret Hodge has described as “disgusting” a plan to give an executive of online retailer Amazon, one of the companies at the centre of an intensifying row over taxes, a directorship at the Department for Work and Pensions.

    Hodge was responding to the news, first revealed by Sky News, that Amazon’s head of Chinese operations, Doug Gurr, is to become a non-executive director of the DWP. The DWP said it would issue a statement, which was not available at the time of publication. Amazon declined to comment.

    Departmental Non-Executive Board Members
    Appointing Body: Various Government Departments
    Department: Various Government Departments
    Sectors: Business, Finance & Skills, Charity & Public Sector
    Location: London (occasional travel in the UK)
    Number of Vacancies: Various
    Remuneration: £15,000 per annum or £20,000 for lead non-executives or chairs of committees (in line with the Bank of England’s non-executive Directors of Court)
    Time Requirements: Approximately 15-20 days per annum. 3 year contracts


    • IDS will no doubt be taking up a new job working in a Chinese Restaurant if he gets booted out of his cushy office.

      • As if he needs to work and earn money 🙂

        • IDS doesn’t even work. Just sits his fat ass on a cushy swivel chair in an centrally-heated office for just 5 days a week, 26 weeks each year picking his teeth whenever there is nothing to do. I’d like to see him work in a factory on alternating shift patterns processing food or work as a shelf stacker in Tesco in return for JSA through his failed WP.

  63. Last week MPs were given a £1000 per year pay rise from April

    This week disabled people lose £30 per week from the ESA as members of soon to be defunkt WRAG group

    Nobody said a word

    There’s an awful lot of cunts out there

    • Not to mention the biggest benefit fraudster going – Drunko Smitho.

      Funny that he berates Camoron for having a low opinion of the British People when IDS himself has an even lower opinion of those whom are on any sort of benefit through no fault of their own.

      No doubt that the mouth tory troll Roger will appear on here and start slagging me off sooner or later for trying to spread the gospel that is in other words complete bollocks spouted off from those desk monkeys in the DWP.

  64. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Paul Donnachie’s benefits were suspended. Months later, he killed himself

    It seems a mix of incompetence and cruelty to expect someone like Paul, dealing with a severe mental health problem, to do as the benefits system requires

    Guardian – Thursday 3 March 2016 09.00 GMT

    Paul Donnachie, who had depression and anxiety, would have turned 51 a fortnight ago. Instead, his elder sister, Eleanor, from Coatbridge, Lanarkshire – 10 miles from Paul’s former council flat in Glasgow city centre – is speaking to me about his death.

    Last June, Paul had his sickness benefits stopped by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) when he missed his fifth “fit for work” test. The DWP contacted Glasgow city council, and Paul had both his housing benefit and council tax support suspended.

    It took until September for either to be reinstated and backdated. Glasgow city council say they made “several attempts over a number of months to get the required information from the claimant” about his change in circumstance, and when this was provided, benefits were paid two days later.

    But in the months in which Paul struggled with no income, he relied on the council for two Scottish welfare crisis grants to pay for electricity, gas, and food.

    “Our nephew had to bring him food parcels,” Eleanor, 53, tells me.

    In an error, the council removed Paul’s housing benefit again a month later and subsequently stopped paying it to his landlord. “They told him he owed £900,” Eleanor says. “But he didn’t.”

    (The council says that “when the claim was mistakenly terminated, it would have created an apparent overpayment of housing benefit” but that “any claimant in this situation is routinely given information on how to appeal and where expert advice is available. As a result, Mr Donnachie’s case was reviewed and the mistaken overpayment cancelled.” They apologise for the error.)

    Read More:

  65. No to Universal Credit Defend the Welfare State

    No to the Liberal Democrats

    • “The strangest thing to have come out of this debacle about benefits is the person on the street no longer associates the DWP with social security issues, just claimant deaths”

  66. Santa Hates You

    The Tory party wants to cut tax for the wealthiest 1% of millionaires in the UK..

    At the same time they have just voted again for a £30 a week cut in disability benefits for some of the poorest people in our society. Can someone please erase the Tory party from the planet right now!!!

  67. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tories block plan to look at the impact of their disability benefit cuts

    The Government says the cuts to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) will help disabled people

    Independent – 3rd March 2016

    Conservative MPs have blocked a plan to examine the effect of their cuts to disability benefits.

    The House of Lords had previously blocked a Government plan to cut Employment and Support Allowance – and said ministers should first conduct an impact assessment into what the cuts’ effects would be.

    But on Wednesday Tory MPs overruled the peers, voting to push ahead with the cuts without looking at what their effect might be.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Death Wish Policy !!!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “”””But ministers last night disregarded the charities’ advice.

      “The change is urgently needed to ensure that the right incentives—and, importantly, support—are available to help more people with disabilities and health conditions to move closer to, and into, employment,” said Priti Patel, a minister at the Department for Work and Pensions.””””

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        What utter untruths because there are no lies.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Why not cut ESA by £50. Everyone on ESA should now go for PIP or perhaps £30 will now be cut from PIP. How about a £30 cut in UC. ESA is picked out rather than other benefits. CLOSE DOWN ESA NOW DWP !!!

    • paultheswineherd

      Stepping – Even the Government’s own watchdog has warned against this.
      However, the cruel, mad and deluded IDS has persuaded most of his chums to vote for it. Now it’ll have to go back to the Lords – let’s hope that they are able to vote it down again next week.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        That is discrimination only targeting people on ESA.

        2. How you can be discriminated against

        Discrimination can come in one of the following forms:
        direct discrimination – treating someone with a protected characteristic less favourably than others
        indirect discrimination – putting rules or arrangements in place that apply to everyone, but that put someone with a protected characteristic at an unfair disadvantage
        harassment – unwanted behaviour linked to a protected characteristic that violates someone’s dignity or creates an offensive environment for them
        victimisation – treating someone unfairly because they’ve complained about discrimination or harassment

        It can be lawful to have specific rules or arrangements in place, as long as they can be justified.


        What a contradiction !!!

        • paultheswineherd

          Stepping – You’re right – according to this link it looks like direct discrimination to me as well.
          But IDS does not care a tuppeny shit about any ‘laws’ it seems – even if it is discrimination. He really does think that he is above the ‘law’.

          • paultheswineherd

            The EHRC really need to take up a case against him as soon as possible.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              Paul – Breaking their own rules are so blatant for everyone to see.

              • paultheswineherd

                Stepping – that’s very true.
                A ‘so-called’ democracy comprising a ‘rogue’ Government, ‘rogue’ Ministers and at least one ‘rogue’ Department (in the form of the DWP)!
                (‘rogue’ – in all senses of the word)!

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Paul – The uk is a rogue state for disabled people. The DWP are the terrorists to wipe out all disabled people to cleanse the country of the scroungers. So disabled people have been de-moated from being a disabled causing the recession to a scrounger.


      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        “”””The cuts are projected to save £1.4 billion over four years “”””

        Admin costs £3 billion



    Only one more week left, after tomorrow, on my unpaid Workfare placement, thank god. Thats if I have the strength to make it thru another mind-numbingly stultifying week of pointless futile fucking tedium of trying to keep & look busy in a place where I am obviously notnneeded & where there is fuck all use for me to be. Not to mention the 3 hours per day travel.

  69. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I am not good with people DWP, so if I told you to piss off stop giving me disability hate crime that I will report if you don`t shut up DWP & what is your name I am talking to at the DWP.

    All ESA admin is run by Maximus. The DWP are offloading their admin to Health Care Profession Confidence Tricksters.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Universal Credit is handled by Maximus !!! It seems the DWP don`t do admin any more.

      What till the Tory Voters realise that !!!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      DWP you can`t give me a name because it`s Maximus.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Maximus run over 50% of the DWP now.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          The sell off of the DWP is peoples benefits for profit. The NHS is the same.

          Amazon is now a share holder in the DWP for profit.


          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            Iran now wants a stake in the DWP & since the DWP are so despirate they will sell to the highest bidder. The DWP are a world wide corporate limited company for profit & targets.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              DWP doing business with china with Amazon – All the country with Human Rights Breaches – Sounds like IDS is in good company !!

          • Which is why they need the disabled, (to be more disabled). No point selling a department with no sick and disabled, the more sick, ill, disabled people there are, the more money to be made.

            That’s why they make sure people of ALL disabilities are hounded to the point of insanity, everyone then has MH problems, more money to the big pharma companies regarding MH medication, I would probably hazard a guess that somewhere big pharma is a sleeping partner.

            YES, Satans barmy army is trying to take over, they steal your money, steal your dignity, steal everything that is yours, including your own personal power (energy), leaving you as though you have hit a brick wall. Demonic energy vampires, the soulless empty army of the world, and they are coming for you, that jar of human souls will never be filled for these parasites, the endless human sacrifice is cheered on by the media, and ignorant people.
            The tide is very slowly turning, people are beginning to wake up.


  70. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Careful IDS the ones that got away are going to bring you down. Disability is no joke !!!

  71. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Common Sense wins over any bullshit policy, because it turns the policy into a contradiction. Two opposites contradiction bullshit & common sense !!!

  72. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Why are only new claimants on ESA going to get a £30 a week cut & the ones already on ESA want get a £30 cut !!!!

    Discrimination yet again.

  73. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Here`s one for the work & life coaches – I have run out of bog roll, can you be a good chap & go & get my bog rolls & do something useful.

  74. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  75. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    IDS you`re too fucked up in Europe so the DWP are going to be in more shit because you`re to busy sorting out Europe runnings. IDS was never good at doing one thing at once at the best of times, but now he`s got to much of a workload the lazy shit.

    IDS has to decide what is more important – Leaving Europe or the DWP.

    I feel a failure coming on !!!!l


      There will be no assessment because the results would show that any reduction would be a disaster for the people trying to live on £73 per week.The people on JSA struggle every day to get by so for sick people who have extra needs it would be catastrophic.
      The people who voted for this government should hang there heads in shame.The need to imagine their income reduced to £73 per week and if they live in council housing and are unlucky enough to have a spare room that reduces the £73 to £59 after gas elec water and council tax they are lucky to be left with less than £10 and as DWP expect a claiment to have a mobile phone with internet that small amount is wiped out.
      There is nothing left for food transport toiletries.Instead of looking at ways to reduce the money given to ESA claiments they should be looking at ways to increase JSA so that people have enough to at least exist on.
      In my opinion this government seek to reduce benifit claiments to nothig less than beggers.
      This allows them annd the people who vote for them to feel superior.My disdain for them reaches new depths o a daily basis .


      28 minutes ago
      ali b
      It’s outrageous how this man as cabinet minister has been allowed to brutalise genuinely sick and poor people unchecked, I personally have a friend who has stage 4 cancer in the brain and lung who had a wca which Is their medicals where I kid you not In the midst of Interferon Injections was found to be fit for work and had the £110 pw stopped she has no family just us a few friends and no other Income this is UK 2016 what is going on.


      1 hour ago
      They will find 100billion to buy bombs but cant stop a cut to disabled people. You start parading disabled children in london the government wont recover from that. But the government know the people are now too weak, and dont fear it like they used to.
      You want to see a government do a uturn so fast? group together and have a child protest, watch how the news spreads across the media of the disgrace of cuts.

    • paultheswineherd

      Stepping – I have little doubt that it will be ‘leaving Europe’ – the ‘leave Europe’ group of Tories will most probably put this stupid cunt in charge of it all. It’ll be a disaster for them and it will turn to dust before their very eyes – then IDS will claim the ‘credit’ for the total shambles created by him.
      The Tories will then ‘cheer’ IDS in the House of Commons before sending the bastard into the House of Lords as ‘Lord Duncan-Smith of Finchley’!
      A truly fantastic and lucrative award for the mad prick!

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        UK the Rogue State of Europe.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          No more European Football & Champion League Football.

          • paultheswineherd

            Stepping – very true and IDS would also want to become the ‘head’ of the Premier League in the UK! No more goals form any of the clubs ever!
            It would be the IDS poison chalice of football as well!

    • Santa Hates You


  76. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Osborne £8bN claim really £2.4Bn loss – Tories tell country “Shut up your Face” Published on 1 Mar 2016

  77. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    How job coaches could soon be doctoring your medical records

    Morning Star – 3rd March 2016

    pilot scheme in London sees medical experts tasked with getting the jobless back to work. It’s a frightening taste of the future, writes LINDA BURNIP

    ON FRIDAY, members of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), Mental Health Resistance Network (MHRN) and Boycott Workfare will be protesting together with medical professionals against the placement of job coaches in seven Islington doctors’ surgeries.

    In a move that is potentially both unethical and unsafe, NHS Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has accepted funding from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to “drive employment outcomes through strategic health commissioning,” with health professionals tasked to deliver benefit cuts for DWP.

    This is supported by Richard Watts, leader of Islington council, who is quoted as saying: “We think there is much more that health services can do to promote the idea of employment for people with health conditions.”

    Dr Josephine Sauvage from the CCG said: “Prescribing free and confidential employment coaching could be really beneficial to a patient’s confidence and self-esteem, as well as their long-term recovery.”

    But campaigners don’t have a positive view of this pilot. We think merging healthcare and employment services in this way can go badly wrong.

    The arrival of job coaches in 7 Islington GP surgeries is part of a raft of measures to support the imposition of “work cures,” including setting “employment” as a clinical outcome and allowing employment coaches to directly update patients’ previously confidential medical records.

    The Islington pilot comes at a time when unemployment is being branded as a psychological disorder, for which work is the cure. There are further plans to locate Camden and Islington Psychological Therapies Service (iCOPE) staff in Islington jobcentres, compromising their clinical judgment by embedding them in a coercive “back to work” environment.

    Dr Lynne Friedli says: “These ‘work cure’ programmes are not only coercive, they peddle a damaging myth that work benefits everyone and that good-quality jobs are available to all.

    “In fact, stark inequalities in the UK labour market mean that for many, jobs are insecure, exploitative and don’t provide either emotional satisfaction or a living wage.”

    For many disabled people who do have the capacity to work, gaining a decent-quality, fairly paid, stable job may improve their independence and quality of life. However adopting a stance that the individual is to blame in some way if they do not work ignores the barriers disabled people face both gaining and keeping employment and the attitude of employers towards employing them.

    Research carried out last year for DPAC by the Public Institute Research Unit, entitled Workplace Hell for Disabled People, indicates that in the last four years there has been a deterioration in the workplace experiences and long-term job prospects of disabled workers — including increasing levels of unlawful discrimination, problems with zero-hours contracts, fewer legal rights and disintegrating long-term job prospects.

    Cuts to government support through Access to Work funding and loss of Disability Living Allowance which enable disabled people to work are further compounding the difficulties faced in gaining employment.

    A spokesperson for the campaign Boycott Workfare said: “We’re always receiving complaints from people who are trying to continue with courses that would give them real skills and qualifications, who face pressure from the DWP to abandon them for workfare or farcical ‘training’ from DWP contractors.”

    Employment coaches for the pilot are provided by Remploy, now owned by Maximus, the private company contracted to carry out work capability assessments. This process is independently associated with increased suicide, self-reported mental health problems and prescription of antidepressants, and found by a judicial review to “disadvantage people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and autism.” It is difficult to imagine any organisation less suited to working in partnership with primary care or with a worse record in relation to mental health and disabled people.

    In a recent parliamentary debate which highlighted the atrocious performance of Maximus, MP Louise Haigh stated: “We have failing contractors acting with impunity while it is the sick and disabled paying the price for the government’s flawed agenda.”

    Benefit claimants with mental health issues fear that the scheme could become compulsory and that GPs will “prescribe” job coaching in place of actual treatments. They also fear that those who do not fully comply with the scheme could risk losing their benefits.

    A spokesperson from Mental Health Resistance Network said: “Our concern is that this scheme will not be voluntary. Over time it will become mandatory and lead to sanctions and loss of benefits.”

    Patients could be deterred from seeking urgently needed medical treatment and trust between patients and their GPs could be undermined. The pilot is due to run until September 2016, after which it likely to be rolled out in other areas, despite there being no plans for a formal evaluation of the pilot.

    And these takeover plans do not end with health. The DWP aspires to “join up” all public services (including transport and housing) to “get local people back to work.”

    A DPAC spokesperson warns that “many disabled people already feel they have to watch every word they say when seeing their GP, in case it is used against them to stop their benefits. Many will feel that the GP surgery is not a safe space to discuss their health concerns if a GP can prescribe job coaching.”

    Medical professionals will be supporting the protest in opposition to a welfare reform agenda that is undermining ethical practice in health.
    The protest will take place at 3pm on Friday outside Islington’s City Road Medical Centre, 190-196 City Road, EC1V 2QH.


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      If there is anything you think is wrong on your paper it is your duty to correct the untruths otherwise you will be breaking the law if you don`t correct it. All parties involved.

      The DWP are breaking the law & by doing so make the claimant break the law. So we are all breaking the law unless I correct you DWP.

  78. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Someone with cancer no has no cancer, in fact they never had cancer. That means no more treatment for cancer.


      Not only are Maximus involved with WCA forgery, there are now involved with forgery of your GP records.

      Once signed to Maximus, Maximus overrides any laws & are not answerable to their contractor the DWP.

  79. Santa Hates You


    What they both really mean is we want to kill you as disabled people are seen as sub human.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Work I don`t think so more like a Genocide Camp Hard Labour Death Camps.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        In September 2015, the ‘Working Better’ pilot scheme was launched

        What is the scheme about?

        Under the scheme, unemployed residents, who face long-term, health-related barriers to work can volunteer to be referred by their GP for personalised employment coaching, offered on a one-to-one basis at their GP surgery.

        Why have you introduced the pilot?

        Islington Council is involved in this initiative because we believe that supporting disabled people to get good quality jobs that they want is vital to a fairer Islington. We see this as a fundamental human rights issue. That’s why we’re doing more to break down barriers and help make employment support services more accessible and inclusive to the disabled people who want to benefit from them.

        The pilot is a chance for unemployed Islington residents, with long-term health conditions who want to work, to be offered employment support services to help them find a job they want and enjoy and in turn to improve their overall well-being.

        Where did the idea come from?

        The pilot was developed following the recommendations from the council’s Employment Commission which produced its final report in 2014. During its research, the Commission heard that disabled people or those who have a long-term health condition or are recovering from illness, often need more support and some practical adjustments to enter the workplace.

        It also heard how there are some groups, including disabled people, which continue to face discrimination in their job search, many of whom just want to be given a chance to show what they can do. The Commission heard from Disability Action in Islington, who called for making “current employment, apprenticeships and volunteering support services accessible and inclusive to disabled people”.

        The commission’s final report (available below), called for establishing employment support services where people with additional needs already visit, such as GP surgeries.


        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


          • GEOFF REYNOLDS


            DWP CASE FILE






            POINTS AWARDED/



            ………and that is why i have been living on £33 per week since OCTOBER 2012.


            • It’s so serious @geoff, it ought to be investigated by the police.
              The ATOS nurse EMMA BRODRICK should be dragged through the courts and sued for every penny she has.
              Even a prison sentence is not harsh enough for these twisted bastards that play with peoples lives.
              How many more disabled people has she hurt in her quest for easy money?

              More to the point, how many have died?

              She has probably moved across to MAXIMUS. They pay mega bucks to murder claimants.

        • Why did they bother closing remploy factories, or were they paying the disabled too much?

          • jeffrey davies

            so that maximus may take over the factorys its all about allowing the yanky companies to dip into the tax pot contracts now remploy take those on esa and unemployment to work all week in their factorys just for their 72 pounds and housing benefit how quaint hay back to slavery block

          • Paying them a lot for doing very little. Remploy factories weren’t exactly hives of activity. Over-staffed with lots of people reading the papers, pottering around, maybe fastening the odd screw here and there, but just enough to stave off the boredom. A joke 😀

  80. EU has Drained this Country of Money For Public Services

    I do Not Think Murderers being Released thanks to ” European Court of
    Human Rights ” is ” Human Rights ” Worth Having

    Real Human Rights such as to live in a Decent Country with Housing
    and Public Services is Worth Supporting

  81. I Warned People how the Country would go to Oblivion if David Cameron
    was Elected but too Many were and are in La La Land wherever Gormless
    Geriatric or Yobbo Youth

    Someone cannot be ” Anti Establishment ” Handing David Cameron
    Victory after Victory which only Worsens his Arrogance

    No Austerity Hands Off the Poor

  82. No to Universal Credit Defend the Welfare State

    For the Present and the Future Hands Off the Poor

    No to David Camerons Arrogance

  83. It is Pathetic that only 3 Tory MPs Voted against Attacks on the Poor and
    Vulnerable Decent of them anyway on this Matter and David Cameron’s
    Arrogance has had another Boost

    I Hope the House of Lords continues to have Backbone in it unlike All
    the Scum with Beercans walking about I See

    Hands Off the Poor and No Austerity from whichever Out of Touch
    Political Party in Westminster including Slave Labour and the Liberal

  84. Indeed Sadly Britain has been an Arsehole Country in Recent Years

    The Fourth Reich

    Sarah7 | March 1, 2016 at 2:43 pm | Reply

    Britain is the arsehole of the world, Roger, and you are just passing through.

  85. Labour as the Official Opposition instead of Handing David Cameron
    Victories should be the Voice of the Underdog like it was under Michael
    Foot against the Evil Margaret Thatcher Regime and with the Backbone of
    Liverpool Council against Margaret Thatcher’s Tyrannical Regime .

    Labour is Either about No Austerity and Hands Off the Poor and Vulnerable
    or there is No Point Voting for it

  86. The 5th of March Mark’s The Tragedy in German History Anniversary of Adolf Hitlers Nazi Party get 43.9% of Votes at Reichstag Elections in 1933 AD.

    This Led to the Nazis Passing the Enabling Act 24th March 1933 AD and Establishing their Dictatorship .

    For Dictatorship to Triumph it is only Necessary that Gormless People Vote Gormlessly

    Hitler would be Happy with the Britain of Today and the EU of Today

  87. Hands Off the Poor Defend the Welfare State and Public Services

  88. We didn’t need a report to tell us that the ‘troubled families’ scheme was designed to criminalize the poor from the outset.

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