Less Queens More Guillotines, What Kind Of Mug Wants To #CleanForTheQueen

This is a real photo.

This is a real photo.

The fucking Queen has teamed up with the likes of McDonalds and KFC in an astonishing compaign ordering us to go out and sweep the streets for no pay to show our ‘gratitude’ for the parasitic royal family.

The campaign, launched by fawning socialite magazine Country Life and backed by leading Conservatives including Boris Johnson and Michael Grove, is calling for subjects to Clean for the Queen the weekend before her 90th birthday.  According to the organisers: “When she came to the throne litter was not the problem that it is today. Food packaging, plastic bottles, takeaway meals and cigarette butts have all contributed to a growing menace that affects our wildlife, streets, countryside and sense of pride. What better way could we show our gratitude to Her Majesty than to clean up our country?”

Boris Johnson has even promised to send out free bin bags to the lucky serfs agreeing to take part in the forelock tugging festivities. If that isn’t enough the event is sponsored by McDonalds, KFC, Greggs and Costa who are responsible for most of the fucking mess.

As well as a facebook page the campaign has a twitter feed where they are currently smearing the fine folk of Cardiff by referring to the city as a #grotspot.

Thankfully the hashtag #cleanforthequeen is currently having the piss royally ripped out of it on twitter.  Let’s make her feel unwanted.

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151 responses to “Less Queens More Guillotines, What Kind Of Mug Wants To #CleanForTheQueen

  1. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Gregggs – Macdonalld – Costa Crap Coffee – KFC KIll Fat Chickens

    Spelt wrong I don`t their advertising !!!

    Become A Litter Hero

  2. Reblogged this on 61chrissterry and commented:
    While I agree that there is a major litter problem in the UK today, surely it should be the responsibility of those that do litter to clean up their own mess. The companies who supply the packaging for this litter should also be responsible and in that respect these companies should be surcharged and the packaging should have reference to littering being an offence and state how much they could be fined for creating litter.

    Years ago there was a deposit paid by the customer on bottles of drink which was paid back to those that returned their bottles back to the premises where they bought it. Why not do the same for food packaging.

    Those that litter need to be encouraged not to and then those that do should be made to pay for their littering.

    Litter free areas should be for 365 days per year and not just for a Queens birthday.

    • Can you see any of the said companies paying a decent wage for cleaning up their litter, the owners are not going to do it themselves are they?

      Most litter is dropped by the 6 day a week bin collections and is blown around towns and cities.
      A few more bins might encourage any littler louts to put their rubbish in a bin or perhaps number the cartons so that you know who purchased the offending litter carton.

  3. Dear Mr Johnson, could I have six heavy duty bin bags please. And a chainsaw. And cold you deliver them personally. Thank you.

  4. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Once you`ve got all the litter tonnes of it you can dump it in Buckingham palace to be picked up by a dumper truck. The fence around Buck Palace will keep the rubbish in one place & won`t get blown away.

    Read into that what you will on double & triple meanings !!!

  5. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Clean for The Queen

    Non-profit Organisation

    The whole of the country will be cleaning up the WHOLE country not just central London. The sponsors which contradict the Non-profit Organisation & the Local Councils which are saving £££ Hundreds Of Thousands while no money is put in by the sponsors. The sponsor gets free advertising.

    Perhaps the queen can`t take it no more on that day. Very fitting !!!

  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    All together now servants.

  7. Don’t you foolish twerkers understand, Her Majesty isn’t trying to get the streets cleaned for free, no, She is trying to create some much needed Community Spirit and, I must say, She is doing it rather magnificently.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


      Community spirit doesnt pay the bills or put food on the table. We need jobs thatpay wages. Pay me £10 per hour and I’ll pick up your litter.

      • You’re rather predictable mistake, Scrounger, is to imagine that you have to be paid for everything you do. Whatever happened to community spirit, Scrounger?
        For God’s sake man, can’t you put something back into the pot for once, rather than just taking out?
        Your housing benefit, your JSA or ESA, your free health care and dental treatment… But you won’t work for free, you need at least ten pounds an hour for your working endeavours. You’re like a cheap man in a cheap suit; you disgust me, Scrounger.


          that cheap suit was bought for me by the DWP back in 2000. Show some respect, dickhead.



            I show community spirit every time I put my own litter in a bin, which is always. Why the fuck should I pick up your litter for free? Do you want me to follow you home and wipe your fucking arse for you too?

              • you are an insolent and wretched little man living off the largesse of the majority. I have no respect for you, nor does anybody else. People of discernment despise your type, the workshy barrack room lawyer, all bluff, bluster and bullshit. You are morally bankrupt. I know that I am making a sweeping generalization, but in this instance I know that I am correct.
                In the final analysis, if you had done a little bit better at school, then you would have got the sweet goodies needed to have a career, and by now you would undoubtedly be in a secure financial position, mortgage almost paid off, savings in the bank; a rosey future all but guaranteed… But you fucked it, didn’t you? And now you are whingeing like a cunt on forums such as this, your tiny little heart full to the brim with self pity; your sense of entitlement absolutely breathtaking in its pure and unadulterated selfishness. Well Fuck You Fucko. You have nobody to blame but yourself.
                Get a Fucking Job!!

                • gis a job, go on give us a job! no litter picking, tatty picking, fruit picking, nose picking – just nit picking. We pick you Dodger.

                • paultheswineherd

                  Roger – Get yourself a real JOB my man, – you turn on everyone but yourself – you are an insignificant little nothing that are not prepared to make anything of yourself. Stand up for yourself, grow up and grow some real balls – GET A JOB AND YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!

                • Hey Roger! you should be a comedian because when i read your posts i go LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! 😀

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          How do you know we don`t do volunteer work for the community already but are getting bullied into bullshit propaganda non paid work for big corporations !!!!

        • And you, roger, are a complete dickhead with your incoherent ramblings of which makes absolutely no sense to me or anyone else on here. Fuck off and get back in your pram until you learn to grow up and stop causing grief on here.

          By reading your regular bollocks that you spout, I can only assume that you are now on a three-year JSA sanction for being a lazy cunt and not showing your JCP what you have done for securing work.

  8. Should get the royals to clean up themselves; and then to clean out; in peace

  9. What does the queen do for the country ?
    What does the queen to to support the “Genuine” Disabled ?
    She does not do Shit !

    Then do Shit for her !

    Full Stop !

  10. Why bother conscripting labor via the various slavery work programs etc when kfc can get the queen to simply ask people to solve the problem..Genius. I wonder how many shares the royal purse holds.

  11. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  12. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    London 2012 Games staff ‘still waiting to be paid’

    Four years after the 2012 Olympics, some of the people who helped make the games happen are still waiting to be paid for their work.

    At least 11 stewards and security guards are owed up to £1,800 each.

    BBC Inside Out London tracked down the woman who hired them, Rukhsana Kauser, who insists she never directly recruited anyone for the Olympics.

    But, the former Britannia Security Service Ltd workers say they will not give up trying to claim their earnings.

    “She ran away with the money,” Mohammad Anwar, who worked as a security guard for the firm, said.

    Read More:

  13. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  14. Al bin to Etongasworks

    Perhaps supporters of the Green Party could get involved in the clean up.It will help save the planet if they are usefully engaged


      Government should adequately fund them to do so. There’s loads of environmental work that needs doing and could provide paid jobs for people to do if it were funded. Cameron once said “the greenest government ever”, what a load of shit from the lying bastard. Tons of litter & fly tipping needs cleaning up in urban & rural areas, verges, river banks, etc. But will they pay for it? Will they fuck. They expect everything to be done voluntarily, whilst we are hounded to death by the DWP. If they paid me to do it & provided necessary equipment, clothing, transport, I’d be happyto do such work, but not just for my dole whilst continually suffering JCP harassment.

      • while Her Maj is wanting to clean up for free, we have Wright the shite on channel 5 telling the nation that pensioners have been treated favourably by the last two governments.
        Next they will be telling the pensioners to clean the streets.
        Some pensioners are well off in the house of lords, or those that have had a working life with 2 incomes and now 2 pensions, but the long term unemployed and single parents have never had the chance to accrue a decent income.

        • ps He also said pensioners are getting paid more than those in work.

          I’ve got news for him, since wages are so low in this country anyone could be considered better off, but that does not mean we all have to come down to the lowest common denominator you shit.

  15. paultheswineherd

    I can tell you all one thing right now – I for one am not going to do any litter clearance for the fucking old baggage’s 90th birthday celebrations. No doubt, this is one of Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ ideas. Well, if he wants to do it then that’s up to him (but I doubt that he will) – meanwhile, – let McDonalds, KFC, BurgerKing, Greggs et.al. do their very own litter picking (although having said that it will be their own very low paid/workfare workers that will order it to be done for them. Fuck the queen and her scrounging royal entourage.

  16. I will be throwing litter everywhere and shiting on the pavements. Fuck that old cunt.

  17. “Show our gratitude to Her Majesty”

    I had to check twice, i thought this was actually an April Fool’s joke! How can any normal person come away with shite like that? LOL! 😀

    • Agreed raining had I seem this anywhere else I’d have thought it a joke!
      This makes me sick. I’m a working single mum and Im a playleader.and cleaner. I regularly have to go on training courses with new child playleaders and there’s an exercise of photos of famous faces eg, Obama, David Beckham and always the queen. The children have to say why these are good role models. I have to bite my tongue at the queen!!

      • Yes it’s so true and all so hypocritical. This is the same woman who signs off on draconian welfare legislation that has ended thousands of people’s lives and seen her subjects having to resort to rough sleeping, foodbanks and soup kitchens. They want us to doff our cap to that sort of behaviour by cleaning our neighbourhoods for the Queen’s birthday? Well they can get stuffed.

        It’s the same revulsion i feel when i see these New Years honors winners going down on one knee in front of the Queen and bowing and curtsying. All playing the subservient role and basically saying “The Queen is better than me!” No the Queen is no better than you and i, not at all. Through an accident or fluke of birth she is where she is and we are where we are.

        No honor in the world, or medal, would get me to demean myself by acting in the way the recipients of these titles do.

        • Again agreed, the school I work in is in one of the most deprived areas of the town and we have a higher than average number of kids on free school meals. Some of their shoes and clothes are so worn and they are basically being taught to kow tow to the woman who, as you said, Raining, signs off the welfare reform they suffer under!
          I’m very outspoken with my colleagues. Their faces when I said if I was PM I’d turn buck house into a giant homeless hostel til enough social housing could be built and I’d send liz and Phil to the top floor of a tower block on the state pension…

          • Silly cow

            • Violet – At least Kat works and she does her best – unlike yourself, – with a name like your’s, you are probably a cosseted ‘triple locked’ pensioner.

              • @paultheswineherd
                Don’t stereotype – I’m one of those “cosseted triple locked pensioners”. I wish i could work again but part-time jobs for anyone retired are no longer readily available. I was building a small business until the night I awoke in the small hours with my mind wiped: stroke. Forced early retirement. As for “cosseted”, (Un)Priti Patel has already mooted forcing pensioners to work for our pittances – my State pension is my money, paid for by decades of taxes and NI contributions. I fear for everybody under Smith’s jackboot:unemployed, long-term sick, disabled and yes, pensioners.

                • paultheswineherd

                  @wildswimmerpete – I am sorry if I offended you, that was not what was intended. My post was intended to ‘protect’ Kat Rehman. With the ‘name’ of ‘Violet’ I immediately assumed that ‘she’ was a ‘pensioner’. This is the problem with ‘trolls’ – they can cause unexpected and unintended consequences. Apologies to you once again.

  18. paultheswineherd

    If any of you are still wondering about it all and considering volunteering to clear up some litter – please check out BBC2 at 7.30PM this evening – “Queen Victoria’s Children” – before her and her ancestors, this is where this shitty stuff came from. Doff your humble caps and bow down before this Empress of India. AS AN (ORIGINAL) CORNISHMAN, – I NOW SAY “FUCK OFF” YOU ROYAL CUNTS – I AM DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO BE A SERF TO YOU. WE CORNISH CONSIDER YOUR ‘ENGLISH’ FLAG TO BE THE ‘BUTCHER’S APRON’. ‘AN GOF’ RULES FOREVER!

  19. paultheswineherd

    The true account of ‘An Gof’ – the blacksmith of St. Keverne, Cornwall.
    (this is still known in Cornwall as ‘the Cornish Revolt)’.
    In 1497, tax collectors arrived in Cornwall to collect taxes from the already very impoverished tinners. A St. Keverne blacksmith, Michael Joseph, (known by the Cornish as ‘An Gof’ – (the blacksmith) became the overall leader of the Cornish Revolt – he, together with Thomas Flamank, a well known Bodmin lawyer, gathering up around 250 men along the way, all marched to London to protest at this unfairness and to try to rid the King of his evil advisers. King Henry VII (Tudor) would have none of it. On June 27th, 1497 Flamank & Joseph were dragged on hurdles from the Tower of London and hung, drawn and quartered for treachery at Tyburn.
    The true Cornish people, (including myself) have never forgiven and never will forgive what they did to our true heroes.
    This is one of the reasons that I hate the royal family, their entourage and all that they stand for. The Scots (William Wallace), the Welsh (Owain Glyndwr/Llewelyn) have also suffered under these bastards – and the Irish also.

  20. paultheswineherd

    Corbyn may well still be a member of CND, – but he is definitely determined not to speak out (apart from in the House of Commons) publicly about the Tories cruel and totally unnecessary ‘Welfare Reform’ program. Shame on him for not doing so. Fuck Corbyn & Fuck Labour – they seem to be only too complicit with Cameron and his despicable fuckers. Now, the only people that are going to protect our Social Security system & our NHS are US – definitely not Labour.


    I’d be quite happy to clean up litter from the streets & the countryside, I care about the environment & hate the sight of litter everywhere, McDonalds cartons strewn all over the place, filth & shite everywhere, beer tins & vodka bottles in the bushes, crisp packets & red bull tins in the street, it fucking disgusts me….BUT, that is the sort of thing that needs funding so that We have jobs to do! No one wants to pay for this work to be done, and as a downtrodden oppressed and harassed Unemployed person I am not doing it unless you fucking pay me, and I want £10 per hour.

  22. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The artist taxi driver

  23. Just now reported on Sky News – in the Sunday Telegraph – IDS is challenging Cameron to sack him – if his face does not fit!
    The fucker has said: “They can sack me, but Europe goes over everything. We are bound to this ship sailing perilously close to the rocks”
    “A battle of wills The Prime Minister and Iain Duncan Smith tell the Telegraph they are so opposed”
    He is a right one to talk – when his ‘flagship’ Universal Credit is sinking and his ‘Welfare reform’ is going to fail – mark my words – this WILL happen.
    The sooner this bastard fucker gets sacked the better – AND THEN THE LITIGATION CAN START AND THE COURTS WILL BE CALLING HIM (AND CAMERON ALSO).

    • If this sacking eventually happens – then the shit will really fly!

      • Everything that IDS touches or is involved with disintegrates into dust!
        I hope that he really enjoys his very last ‘tax-payer paid’ feast and his last bottle of ‘tax-payer’ paid wine – Bye Bye IDS!

    • Paul – I wish universal credit would sink with old baldy bonce on board – wouldn’t it be a hoot!

      • Marie – Don’t worry I really think that UC is eventually going to sink without trace – just like IDS himself! The Tories themselves are a sinking ship – just you wait and see!

    • Don’t believe a word, IDS is just reading a script that Cameron has emailed him.
      REMEMBER!!! these people lie for a living, they have sold their soul and prostituted themselves for a fat salary, they will say anything to divert the real story.
      We all remember the bit from the film matrix, when everyone holds a gun to everyone’s head and waits for the first bullet, this is what’s playing out. This is exactly what this EU farce is…a game, a game to divert what’s really going on in this country, and indeed the whole world.

      IDS can go and collect his Oscar for his part in the bullshit drama.

      • IDS has been given the counter argument so that people will vote with Cameron to stay in Europe.
        If we vote to come out IDS thinks he would have a chance to run for PM but I think he will be lynched by the people of this country who are willing to stand up and fight for the downtrodden, which Europe certainly has not done.


    Keep Calm
    Pick Litter

  25. …………….be extra vigilant when picking up cardboard and bits of cloth, for there will inevitably be one of the victims of the old wrinkled inbred wrapped inside………………

    Maybe a rough sleeper or a family dragged from their home by the baillifs.
    Or a cancer victim who could not afford the bedroom tax.

    This is probably a four pronged strategy, beware of DWP hidden cameras waiting for you to bend down (those that are still alive, that is).

    Wait for Osbornes announcement that street cleaning services are to be cut to the bone, similar to monthly wheely bin collections.

    Has a corgi lost a diamond encrusted collar?

    Will the disabled be deemed fit enough to pick litter after a consultation with a fake trick cyclist working for ATOS, CAPITA OR MAXIMUS?

    …………but one thing is for certain, the old dame with the floor length coats, ermine collars and venison antlers stuck in her teeth, would not even stoop down to help you up if you were dying…………….

    • …………………and if the sight of litter upsets the old bird, tip up a few dustbins tonight, tear your tissues into a thousand pieces and scatter ’em and sing Jerusalem at the top of your voice…………

  26. I wonder how many Country Life readers will be taking up their brooms on a regular basis for the Queen?

  27. The Queen thinks the world smells of fresh paint 😀


    The Tories have got a fucking nerve expecting the Public to clean up litter, when their spending cuts ensured the loss of Council Cleansing jobs. And meant that the unemployed had to pay Council Tax. The cheeky fucking bastards.


      and are the Public insured to do Council work? What about all the hazardous waste out there? Dog shit, asbestos, broken glass, used needles?

      • You missed out used condoms. Asking the general public to clean up the dog shit, used McDonalds chip bags, empty cig packets, broken glass, asbestos without proper H&S training from the councils and environmental health organisations will lead to hospitals filling up with all manner of health problems and severe infections / injuries.

        Accidently stabbed by a used heroin needle hidden with a pile of old newspapers; inhaling asbestos fibres, getting seriously injured by broken glass, potentially getting lockjaw from picking up rusty nails and screws from the ground, are just an example of risk to public health.

        We are not covered by insurance against injury, or death, from clearing certain rubbish that can only be cleared by trained professionals. The next thing we know is we’ll be expected to put down rat poison by request of the government as part of the big royal clean-up without us as so much as having any PPE – gloves, environmental suits, safety boots and safety face masks.

    • All government jobs should go especially those in Westminster and those expediting their policies in local government too, the pen pushers and
      Westminster windbags are getting paid not to organise a decent society but to dismantle it.

  29. “Iain Duncan Smith has warned David Cameron to avoid making personal attacks on leading Tories who want to leave the European Union”

    Funny, this is the same bloke who has abused disabled people for more than 6 years with his shitty tongue – hope he dies soon

  30. paultheswineherd

    IDS is saying here (amongst other things) that constitutionally, he should be in charge of the ’emergency brake’ on migration – he isn’t – that is the remit of the Home Office!

  31. paultheswineherd

    Sorry – since I put it on they’ve changed the web address slightly!
    It should now read:

  32. paultheswineherd

    (as jeremy said also) He’s a right one to talk when he is cruelly killing off ill, sick & disabled people

  33. paultheswineherd

    Worker’s rights are at risk if we do eventually Brexit from the EU –
    this is part of the plan that the Tories have drawn up.

  34. What workers rights and besides time for workers to join a union and fight for the rights of workers and the unemployed, that were taken away by Thatcher, Blair and Cameron.

  35. Another fucking bullshit distraction to make out the establishment cares about society. The truth is don’t care about anyone else but their own class. Well, I say fuck the monarchy, fuck politicians, fuck all the establishment and most of all fuck the scumbags who voted this shower of shit Tory government in!!!

    I will not conform or volunteer for anything this crap government has to offer. Why the fuck should I clear up some litter dropped by some lazy dickhead? Why don’t they ask the big corporations to pay for somebody to pick this shit up instead as it’s usually their packaging?

  36. P.S. Went into McDonalds yesterday (not for a meal) and told the manager in front of a load of customers that he sells murder burgers… the sad fuck looked like he was going to cry!!!

  37. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Paul Carter is head of commercial account management within the Department of Work and Pensions. Rick Simmonds is the managing director of Aecus, the BPO and sourcing specialists. Here he offers his views on the future of outsourcing.

  38. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  39. paultheswineherd

    All of the shite that spouts from this madman’s mouth is only a diversion for all of his murders – he is starting to get afraid. Let’s haul his sorry arse to Court soon so that he can answer for his crimes to the British people.

  40. paultheswineherd

    Bird is far from the only one of these scroungers to have got into the house of Lords by doing this. Bird is a total hypocrite and I agree with fly hawkes that all of them in the H.O.C. & the H.O.L. plus a lot of the Councillors should be got rid of and let them live in the ‘real world’ that the rest of us have to inhabit.

  41. Jane Doe No. 22837

    Hello, I’m a 13 year old and I was given to understand that it is my particular civic duty to polish Prince Andrew’s dick.

  42. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
    • Stepping! LOL! 😀


        Housing benefit changes – dubbed by critics the “bedroom tax” – are to be examined at the UK’s highest court over the next three days.

        Supreme Court judges are to consider appeals which claim the removal of the government’s spare room subsidy is discriminatory in some cases.

        In addition, the government will challenge an earlier ruling which found in favour of a domestic abuse victim and a disabled boy’s family.

        The changes started in April 2013.

        Since then families claiming housing benefits who are deemed by their local authorities to have too much living space have received reduced benefits, with payments being cut by 14% if they have one spare bedroom.

        Last month the Court of Appeal ruled the policy had discriminated against Pembrokeshire couple Paul and Susan Rutherford and their 15-year-old grandson Warren and a woman identified as “A” who had a council house fitted with a panic room to protect her from a violent partner.

        Judges ruled “A” and the Rutherford family suffered discrimination, contrary to Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

        The government will appeal against that ruling at the Supreme Court.




  43. Does the so-called bedroom tax breach the human rights of disabled people by discriminating against them? That’s one of the questions that the Supreme Court will spend the next three days considering.

    You can tell it’s a difficult question to answer because seven justices are sitting rather than the usual five. That’s usually a sign that the judges are thinking about overturning a decision by the Court of Appeal. On this occasion it’s inevitable that they’ll do so because the two leading members of the Court of Appeal have each had a go at the question and come up with different answers. Not for the first time, the Supreme Court will have to sort it out.

    We are not meant to speak of the bedroom tax, of course. Indeed, it’s not really a tax at all. It’s a reduction in the benefit you receive if you live in rented social housing and you have what’s regarded as a spare bedroom. The cases before the Supreme Court are all about claimants who say that their extra bedroom isn’t spare at all.


  44. If the old bag wants us all to clean the streets for free, I will be willing to do so when I see her and those other free-loading cronies do the same. she can put on a fucking hi-vis vest, gloves, safety boots and googles instead of wearing that flashy clobber bought from Fortnam & Masons or Harrods. And I bet her Tiara is made from cheap imitiation Zircona diamonds from her local Argos Store.

  45. With all the council cuts to bin collections……this comes as the epitome of fkn CHEEK!

    • Now we know why bin collections were cut to fortnightly rounds. It was in preparation to get us serfs clean up all the fly-tipped the rubbish and dog shit from the streets for nothing and save the councils a few pennies from their yearly bin collection budget.

      Does the Queen herself clear up the dog crap from her Corgis, or does she have someone doing it for free walking round with a pooper scooper and paper bag following after the regal ankle biters waiting for them to have a royal dump in her private bedroom?

  46. How can the REMOVAL of the spare room subsidy be discriminatory?

    • I meant the removal of the spare room subsidy was dished out to all across the board in social housing – that was what I meant by it not being discriminatory – It certainly should not be given to councils to decide who and who not to give extra payments to to cover the shortfall, so appeals should be reworded regarding withdrawal of housing benefit to cover the home a person lives in, rather than the number of bedrooms it has, because your rent is not a subsidy of anything.

  47. who doesn’t love a bit of pork and apple sauce?


    From: Robert Ellard

    27 February 2016

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Has any legal advice been sought, internally within the DWP,
    regarding possible criminal liability by senior civil servants in
    matters related to fatalities of benefit claimants, including but
    not limited to the cases of Stephen Carre and Michael O’Sullivan

    Please provide a list of the advice sought by title and date plus a
    list of the legal statues referenced in the advice

    Please note – this FOI request is not asking for details of
    individual cases or the names or roles of individuals working for

    Yours faithfully,

    Robert Ellard

    Link to this


  49. OT: ConCons Demonising of Unemployed

    Hattip to “unemploymentmovement”

    A pattern is starting to emerge.

    First we have Adam Perkins “Agreeableness if you’re Employed and a good ‘Peon'”

    Then there’s the fact of Hatters/Neighbours spying and falsely accusing of Fraud, though its the people in Power who are Frauds, and 85% being false!

    And today:


    The Adam Smith Institute is now willing to argue that those on benefits are genetically different to the rest of us.

    • Me

      I’d like to know what genetic markers the’re using – smells more and more like Nazi stuff to me

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Crackpot studies costing £££ ten of thousands on utter bullshit. The genetics of MP`s is they lie & bullshit. Can`t we change the genetics of MP`s & do every one a favour !!!

  50. “wHAT A WANKER”

  51. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    With all the injuries on CH 4 The Jump it`s now time for The Jump with MP`s. The ratings will rocket !!!

  52. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    More than 85% of public tips on benefit ‘frauds’ are false

    TheGuardian – 27th Feb 2016

    Figures obtained by the Observer show that in the 1m alleged cases of benefit fraud put forward by the public, about 890,000 showed no fraud had taken place

    More than 85% of fraud allegations made by the public over the last five years were false, according to figures obtained by the Observer.

    A freedom of information request to the Department for Work and Pensions discloses that between 2010 and 2015 the government closed 1,041,219 alleged cases of benefit fraud put forward by the public. Insufficient or no evidence of fraud was discovered in 887,468 of these. In 2015 alone, of the 153,038 cases closed by the DWP’s Fraud and Error Service, 132,772 led to no action.

    People can use an online form on the DWP website to anonymously report suspects, listing their eye colour, piercings, scars, tattoos and other details they deem relevant. Suspicions can also be logged through the DWP benefit fraud hotline.

    Read More:

  53. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Numbers so far

    Clean for the Queen events




    Join the Clean for The Queen weekend on March 4/5/6 and let’s clear up the UK in time for a very special Birthday

  54. You make think that the Civil Service is politically neutral. The present nazi government are using it to promote a REMAIN stand for the EU. It is banning anybody who claims for the OUT stand. This is being paid for by us, taxpayers. It is OUT OF FUCKING ORDER.

    sign here
    to change things

  55. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    When a team reaches they goal the only way now is in fighting & mutiny. Bicker bicker insults & more insults all within the tory farty party.

  56. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Israel is in Europe – Football, Eurovision Song Contest.

    The reason Israel is in Europe is not a good one !!!

  57. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Next Series of the CH 4`s The Jump will be with MP`s.

    IDS, George Osbourne, Dodgy Dave, Chris Graying, Pritti Patel, Esther McVey, Jeremy Hunt, I`m sure many other Tories would like to go on it.

  58. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  59. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    That is £80 + vat



    Student will die of aggressive leukaemia within two months if she doesn’t find stem cell donor

    Vithiya Alphons was warned by doctors if she had left it a few more days to get help her parents would be organising her funeral within a week

    Appeal: Vithiya Alphons has two months to live

    A seriously ill student has begged for help stem cell donor in the next two months after being told she will die if no match is found.

    Final-year Cardiff University medical student Vithiya Alphons , from London, said she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia after falling ill during a lecture.

    Doctors have warned her she is facing a race against time to find a donor – something made more complicated by her Sri Lanka heritage.

    Ms Alphons said: “I knew it was going to be difficult because there aren’t many people from South Asian backgrounds who are signed up as donors.

    Read more: Vithiya Alphons takes her desperate search for stem cell donor international



    Sorry, I don’t have time to pick litter as I’m doing a compulsory unpaid Work Placement which takes up much of the day, and I still have jobsearch to do. No time for cleaning.


    Personally I doubt if this has anything to do with the Queen, same as she doesnt even write her own speeches. This bullshit will have been dreamt up by the Tories.

  63. Pingback: Flagship Troubled Families Scheme Slammed As A Fraudulent Scam By Social Worker | the void

  64. Much of the UK Sadly is a Litter Strewn Dump Sadly

    The Broken Glass left about by Idiots including Alcoholic Scumbags
    can Injure People

    Real Human Rights includes the Right Not to Trip over Litter

  65. The Amount of Money Wasted on EU Membership since May 2010 AD
    seems to be more than taken by Nutcase Public Spending Cuts

    Money For UK Public Services Not a EU Quagmire whose own
    Court of Auditors for Years Refused to Sign off it’s Accounts

  66. Human Dignity Yes Slavery No

  67. All these right wing wankers going on about “lefties” not wanting to clean for the Queen , I trust they will be out there with their shovels and bin bags

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