Keep Benefit Sanctions Out Of Healthcare, Protest This Week With Mental Health Resistance Network

no-forced-treatmentYou might have thought that Thamesreach, as one of London’s largest homelessness charities, would be savage in their criticism of the current housing policies at the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).  You might have expected outrage at the extension of right to buy, the slashing of housing benefits and the decimation of council housing with secure tenancies and genuinely affordable rents.  You would have assumed, at the very least, they would have something to say about new rules being introduced which could see up to 95% of social housing sold in some boroughs.

Sadly however, Thamesreach have remained silent whilst the DCLG have gone about smashing up the social housing sector in London.  One reason for this compliance is likely to be the significant funding the department has given the charity to set up an Employment Academy in Southwark to combat so-called ‘worklessness’ amongst homeless people.

To be clear, anyone who uses the word ‘worklessness’ when they mean unemployment, is a cunt.  The only purpose of this term is to stigmatise those who cannot find a job and attempt to blame unemployed people for unemployment.  And Thamesreach use this nasty little slur over and over again in their gushing promotion of their latest tax-payer funded gravy train.

According to the charity their Employment Academy is “helping thousands of unemployed and economically disadvantaged people find employment in the capital.”  The truth is not quite so dramatic.  Elsewhere Thamesreach admit that just 114 people have found work through the project so far.  Which for s service which claims to have up to 1800 users a month is remarkably shit.

It is unclear how involved the DWP are in the Employment Academy although the charity do allude to a partnership with Jobcentres and the Work Programme.  Thamesreach are known for their cosy relationships with DWP Ministers including Iain Duncan Smith himself who recently visited one of their other projects in Streatham.  The charity are also notorious for their attacks on the most marginalised, such as supporting Westminster Council’s failed attempt to make it illegal to give food to homeless people, perhaps one of the pettiest and most spiteful laws proposed in recent history.  They were one of the first organisations to launch a high profile anti-begging campaign claiming that if you give money to homeless people it will kill them and have even been involved in closing down squats in co-ordination with the police and UK Border Authority.  Perhaps most astonishingly they support ‘encouraged’ repatriation of non-UK born homeless people as well as grassing up migrants who might be working illegally.

An organisation whose policies would not be out of place in the BNP’s manifesto can simply not be trusted at a time when the government is turning their attention to sick and disabled benefit claimants with the threat of compulsory treatment.  So it is alarming that Southwark Coouncil have recently decided to locate mental health services inside Thamesreach’s Employment Academy in the form of their Living Well Hub.  This follows a similar decision by Lambeth who faced protests after situating their Living Well Hub inside Streatham Jobcentre “where specialist mental health services operating alongside JCP (Jobcentre) staff are working together towards a common goal of improving health and well-being and helping people to get back to, or stay in, work.”  That’s according to Thamesreach by the way, who are also involved in the Lambeth hub.

A protest called by Mental Health Resistance Network is being held this week outside Thamesreach’s Employment Academy demanding that there should be no attempt to replace mental health treatment with benefits removal and sanctions.  It is vital to establish a line which must not be crossed, by local authorities, charities, welfare-to-work companies or any other organisation with their snout in the welfare reform trough.  The protest has already been a success – the launch party of Streatham’s Living Well Centre which was to coincide with the demonstration has already been called off.  Mental Health Resistance Network will be there anywhere, join them this Wednesday 9th December – meet at noon outside the Employment Academy, 29 Peckham Rd, London SE5 8UA or gather on Camberwell Green from 11.15am to march there together.  Please help spread the word.

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191 responses to “Keep Benefit Sanctions Out Of Healthcare, Protest This Week With Mental Health Resistance Network

  1. overburdenddonkey

    collaborators…not helpers….imagine saying to a child or pensioner work is good for one’s health they’d rightly think that idea comes from an insane mind….

  2. Thanks for this Johnny. The more I find out about Thames Reach, the more disturbing they are …………………..

  3. Santa Hates You

    Given JV’s excellent information, Thamesreach should get its fucking lying arse out of London for good. Shame on you Thamesreach for shafting the homeless and unemployed. Why would you do that? Thamesreach – cunts like you make me sick!!!!

  4. Santa Hates You

    I wonder whether Thameslink is part of a bizarre plan set up by the government to ultimately drive homeless and unemployed people out of London. Or is it some kind of sick Darwinian exercise designed by the Tories in order to build a social policy around a ‘survival of the fittest’ philosophy? That also happened in the first half of the 20th century under the Nazis.

  5. paultheswineherd

    Another brilliant article Johnny – they seem desperate to try to drive out anyone who is not rich and/or gentrified. I wish all possible success to the proposed demontration(s).
    (Off topic!) For anyone interested Sky Ch 504 BBC Parliament, Monday 7th December (tomorrow) from 2.30PM – Live questions to IDS & his ‘ministerial team’ from the Works & Pensions Committee/MP’s

  6. Details of protest which is in Camberwell from 12 – 3 this Wednesday can be found here:

  7. paultheswineherd

    I wonder why IDS is commenting upon this – what’s in it for him?

  8. paultheswineherd

    Now for a bit of humour!
    “Fucking hell – I’ve just spotted Iain Duncan Smith down the road through my living room window!”

  9. You talk a lot of this on your blog, now our country take the lead. We wait and see what happens…

    Finland plans to give every citizen 800 euros a month and scrap benefits

    Finland’s government is drawing up plans to give every one of its citizens a basic income of 800 euros (£576) a month and scrap benefits altogether.

    • Universal basic income – excellent.

      But has Finland made bestiality illegal yet?

      • Both are a load of bullshit.

      • “Those struggling to make ends meet in Finland could soon get some extra cash, courtesy of the government. The Nordic nation is considering plans to hand over 800 tax-free euros to citizens every month. And it’s not just for citizens who are strapped for cash—every resident would receive a monthly payment equivalent to about $870.


        The monthly €800 payment would replace all other welfare, social security programs, and unemployment payments, The Independent reports. The Finnish government plans to begin testing the program in 2017.

        The Netherlands has announced a basic income program in the city of Utrecht, but it will only serve citizens who would otherwise qualify for welfare. Switzerland is set to hold a referendum on a basic income program next year.”

        £132.92 would represent a significant drop in income for those dependent on it as their sole income than under the current system . £132.92 JSA of £73.10 leaves only £59.82 for rent etc! UBI replaces ALL benefits!

        Finland no doubt has higher living costs, so the UK equivalent UBI would be a lot lower.

        • £132.92 MINUS JSA of £73.10 leaves only £59.82 for rent etc! UBI replaces ALL benefits!

        • Finn

          The Netherlands know that a basic income should be paid to those on welfare not the rich, but if set at the same rate as Finland’s UBI it will leave those that are on some benefits here worse off.
          I can understand why those on JSA would agree to anything to lift their income but not if it sells you short for rent.

          • overburdenddonkey

            utrecht is NOT holland, but a city IN holland, IS a local scheme….what appalling extrapolations you both use….

        • overburdenddonkey

          cost of living is 8% lower and housing costs 28% lower in finland….but of course anyone willing to check their facts before they post would know this…
          basic income doesn’t replace all benefits + unemployment benefits state pension etc in finland are already much higher than in the uk…
          ie €705/mth unemployment benefit….

          • Not what it says here:
            “Finland’s government is drawing up plans to give every one of its citizens a basic income of 800 euros (£576) a month and scrap benefits altogether.”

            • overburdenddonkey

              ‘Not what it says here’…
              ‘And three, the government wants to reduce bureaucracy. “When you have income-tested benefits, like housing allowances, it takes time for our employees to check all the applications and see that the client’s income is this-and-that, and that their rent is this-and-that. Then, if a person’s income is changes, they have to repeat the process again. If the government can pay benefits without that kind of testing, it avoids bureaucratic hassle,” Kangas says.’ but they already know what ub’s/sickness and disability payments are, that is the means testing done….

              • overburdenddonkey

                but then again i’m wrong coz it’s also done to force people to take on part time work, to top up their incomes, so it’s a bad scheme, as it exposes all to the markets…

                • This was posted to a farcebook discussion (op was ) : an information update from my finish friend (because i posted the same story):

                  “this is actually not true. Our Social Security Institution is only doing research about how to reform the social security system, i don’t know why the international media is fussing about this. The basic income -model is only one of the possible options and they will probably do a pioneer experiment before implementing it. Unfortunately, I believe this only a way our sneaky right-wing government will weaken the social security system and the actual amount will probably be much lower than 800€/month:(

                  Right now it seems like there are two different models for the basic income: one which is 800€ and one which is 550€/moth. It appears that those who are in the most difficult situation would earn the full amount and those who have part time jobs for eg. would get 550€. Those who already earn a decent wage would not be getting any extra according to this model since the progressive tax would eliminate the basic income (although I don’t know where they set the limit for who would get it and who wouldn’t)..

                  There is a lot of disinformation about the model and they are still designing it so I don’t know how it would actually look like. But the government has implemented a lot of policies recently that will severely affect the social security and many people argue that this is just another way to abolish the welfare state. I am just a big skeptic when it comes to our current government (they are a bunch of neoliberals with some serious far-right tendencies).

                  But the basic income has a lot of potential too if designed properly and I sincerely hope that if they decide to implement it – they would make sure that it would not make anyone worse-off. It would also be good for our generation which will enter the labor market of endless part time positions.”

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ah well, that’s that sorted….neoliberal intentions are very clear in this case…

              • I don’t see the bit where it says they will still get benefits …….. but it does say it is a limited trial which also differs from the other articles I have read….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i agree…and we’re ltd to scant info….but if true it’s not my idea of a UBI @ all….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  but it’s only a proposal atm, that will be fully presented to the finnish people in nov 2016….

                • Fair enough – suspect there is a lot of churnalism going on – reporters just spinning a release of the wire with no research or fact checking ……..

                • overburdenddonkey

                  true, coz if ub is €705/mth, state pensions around €1100/mth, who’s going to vote to be worse off…?

              • overburdenddonkey

                ah! but if one loses housing/ct benefits via sanctions being found fit for work etc and have to reinstate them, this scheme cuts out/ends that bureaucracy…but if income changes for other reasons then a recalculation has to happen, maybe this is what is meant….
                i guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s actually offered as models….

          • Double the Dole

            €708 a month works out at £118.48 GREAT BRITISH POUNDS a week JSA and adjusting for the 8% less cost of living works out at £128.78 a week almost twice the paltry amount of JSA jobseekers in the UK are expected to survive on. Benefit rates in the UK are fucking piss-take!

  10. Of interest:

    The proposal would entitle each Finn to 800 euros tax free each month, which according to Bloomberg, would cost the government 52.2 billion euros a year.

  11. Jesusisananarchist

    Little typo there JohnnyV, towards the end – should be ‘ anyway ‘ not ‘ anywhere ‘ .

  12. What’s with this fetishism of work; it’ all about WORK, WORK, and more fucking WORK. “You not want a JOB?” Like it gives some sadistic-masochistic capitalist pig cunt some perverted sexual pleasure when they see you WORKING in a JOB. And the more demeaning and humiliating the job is the more they get their rocks off.

    There is no correlation between WORK, JOBS AND INCOME. What we really need is a fucking good INCOME.

  13. Abolish Oppressive Sanctions No to Oppressive Sanctions

    Yes to a Caring Society No to a Nazi Style Totalitarian State
    which Modern Britain has been too Resembling

  14. The Homeless Need Housing

    Defend Full Housing Benefit and also have Rent Controls

    A Place of Residence is a Basic Human Right

  15. Better People Feed the Homeless than the House of Lords Attendance
    Allowance Pahlava

  16. I Wish this Protest Well there Needs to be many more like it to Say No
    to a Nazi Style Totalitarian State to Say No to Degrading Torment and
    Control Freakery to Say that Real Human Rights Matters More than
    Out of Touch Ivory Tower Politicians in Ivory Tower and their Meatheaded
    ” Master Race ” Effectively Pushing

  17. Reblogged this on Wessex Solidarity and commented:
    “To be clear, anyone who uses the word ‘worklessness’ when they mean unemployment, is a cunt.”

  18. Perhaps Both

    There Certainly has been Persecution of the Homeless in Capital of
    Nazi Britain London and certainly Evil Social Darwinism go hands in
    Hand with Slavery Oppression Neo Liberalism and Nihilistic Individualism

  19. Would make Sense Scrapping Council Tax .

    Shame on Tories For Inflicting Council Tax upon the Poor and Vulnerable Since 1st April 2013 AD

  20. As Noam Chomsky said “they are in favour of private tyranny unaccountable totalitarian corporations control the world”.

  21. The More So who Say No to Nazi Torement and Victimisation in the UK
    the Better

    freethepeeps | December 7, 2015 at 10:19 am | Reply

    MHRN are planning a conference next year to encourage more local actions against the poverty pimps and health collaborators who push this agenda of merging treatment with the IDS sanctions regime. We are also working closely with groups like Psychologists Against Austerity, SWAN (Social Work Action Network) and the Critical Mental Health Nurses Network.

  22. More analysis on what this dangerous New Work Programme means for all patients who are unemployed, sick or disabled, from Kitty S Jones.

    GPs will be gagging to get the funding that will be attached to this little extra bit of “work” – another perfect method for them to dismiss the unwell or distressed. Not that they needed any extra methods

    The relationship of trust between GPs and patients has never been lower. This will kill it off for good.

    • overburdenddonkey

      see atos company ohassist….
      keeping minds frozen, and to the grindstone… ‘look they chose to do it, nudge, nudge….’

      • OHAssist have been the model for many GP practices setting up their own OH assessment companies. They appeared the day Atos got the sack from WCA.

        • overburdenddonkey

          yep lucy…why bother with the rear loaded mess of wca when one can front load human misery and make more profits…

          • New Work Programme proposals will cut out the middle man obd. Direction from GP to attend Work Coach abuse on threat of sanction. All confidential medical data passed straight on to idiot thugs of parasitic providers and DWP.

            Resistance is essential to this. This new programme takes the harm to a another level.

            Everyone needs to get hold of their medical records in un-redacted form as soon as possible and challenge anything that is incorrect. It’s usually impossible to get changes made, but it is possible to add corrections to your record, so those reading it will be alerted to the corrections before seeing what caused the need for correction.

            Really people. Do it.

            • Who says it is impossible to get medical records changed? If something is incorrect you cannot make wrong right.

            • Unworkable.
              No GP will get involved in this, its simply not in their pay packet.
              Add in the shall do no harm (and the fact it is obviously against the patients interests) and you will see the G.P.’s will ruin it from the inside. Again.

              • Any gp setting up a practice in conjunction with this b/s may find a severe lack of patients.

              • Have a look on Pulse Nemo. Some GPs moaning that it will eat up time, some think it’s a good idea (their eyes are on the payments it will attract)

                You can’t trust that GPs won’t get involved. Look at the range of responses the sick & disabled get when they need to rely on GPs to write a letter to the DWP confirming their incapacity – some told to “sod off, get a job” some charged upwards of £50 for a 3 line letter.

                Patient trust in GPs is justifiably at an all time low.

                If GPs lose patients, they still get their salary. They may get less funding per patient arse on seat, but it would be rare for a practice to close due to lack of patients (That’s an NHS contract issue btw)

                Where do patients go if they leave one practice? Many are group practices and patients don’t have a lot of choice. Unless of course they have a shed load of cash to pour into the pockets of GPs in private practice.

                Several GP practices have their own private Occupational Health Assessment companies up and running already. They are quite happy to assess someone on instruction of employer as unfit to do any job within a company (if the employer wants the worker out) then, a few weeks later maybe they are presented with the sacked, unfit worker, and are asked to write an evidence letter for the poor sacked sod’s ESA claim.

                A few GPs with principles may refuse to take part, in this NWP, but don’t underestimate the DWP/NHS in what they would be prepared to do to force GPs to comply.

                All it takes is a few changes in the GP contract.

  23. Corporate parasites, Rethink sucking up to George Osborne in readiness to profit from yet more abuse & bullying of the mentally distressed.

    Good news? Only for Rethink’s bank balance.

    Rethink are the harmful, money & soul grabbing idiots who think every MH issue can be ‘solved’ by thinking yourself happy.

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    © Thames Reach. Thames Reach is an Industrial & Provident Society registered under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965, Register No. 24377R and is an exempt charity.

    Exempt charity

    An exempt charity is an institution established in England and Wales for charitable purposes which is exempt from registration with, and oversight by, the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

    Exempt charities are largely institutions of further and higher education, universities, industrial and provident societies, friendly societies, or national museums, that were established by Act of Parliament or by Royal Charter. These organisations are specified in Schedule 3 to the Charities Act 2011.

    Historically, they were treated as exempt from supervision because they were considered to be adequately supervised by, or accountable to, some other body or authority, such as Parliament. However this supervision was not always formalised, and the Charities Act 2006 (which was consolidated into the 2011 Act) introduced the idea of “principal regulator” for exempt charities. Where a previously exempt charity had no principal regulator it would become subject to registration with, and regulation by, the Charity Commission.

    Although outside the jurisdiction of the Charity Commission, exempt charities are still subject to the usual legal rules applicable to charities in English law and to the general provisions of the Charities Acts, and may seek advice from the Charity Commission

  25. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    A refugee is not just for Christmas. A puppy is not just for Christmas.

  26. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    “””The DWP has said it has worked with medical experts and charities to make significant improvements to the work capability assessment (WCA) and give additional support to those with mental health issues.””””

    HCP`s & Nudge Units.

  27. The Prophet Mohammed expressly forbid our religion from working paid or unpaid with the Salvation Army.

    • Allahu Akbar! – God is Greatest! The Salvation Army can go suck cock!


      sigh in your rage

    • Anyone can proclaim to be any religion they choose and you don’t need to attend a place of worship, have a reference from the preacher, have ‘tablets of stones’ from the Mountain, be in possession of the Holy Grail to prove it. As the Holy Bible says: “Where one is gathered I will be there to”… 😉 Religion can be a private thing!

  28. Everything should be done by the people to stick it to IDS and his idiot sidekick Thickie Patel to stop them from doing the terrible things they’re doing and getting away with, they should both be held account for their actions and and make sure the people know the truth about what they’re really getting up to and be exposed for the evil, fascist monsters and bastards that they are!


    I’m getting forced onto some bollocks called ‘transitioning ahead’, under threat of Sanctions, with a company called Pinnacle People. I wish they’d fuck off with their so-called ‘help’. I’m dreading it.

  30. go to the provider and say you are willing to take part and will not sign any contract as they are a 3rd party private company for profit.

    keep proof that you did go to provider ie bus tickets if they try a sanction.

    they can not sanction you for not signing it so will try a non attendance sanction.

    • overburdenddonkey

      that’ll do it…s t 🙂

      • Hope it’ll work out like that for ‘Bollocks’ but i’d be wary because i read someone’s experience recently and they did get sanctioned for refusing to sign documentation provided to them at the placement or workfare. They basically used the excuse that the claimant wasn’t doing his all/best to find employment because he was refusing their help by not complying and because he wasn’t allowing them to pass details on to companies etc he wasn’t trying his hardest to find work. Not sure how the law go’s on that one.

        • overburdenddonkey

          yeah but the point is that if one refuses to sign @ the outset they’ll likely not take one on….

          • But then if it is referred back to the JCP and they see that you’ve not availed yourself of all the ‘help?’ offered, then they’ll sanction you. Yes you may win an appeal but it may take ages and then you’re up shit creek without a paddle with no money.

            Anyway hope things turn out ok for him.

            • overburdenddonkey

              no you do it @/from jcp…

            • overburdenddonkey

              in other words one raises an objection prior to acceptance and tell them before that you will not sign and/or give others reasons why this particular placement is not suitable for you…i’m right in saying that they get paid if they are deemed to have been successful what ever the outcome if one has signed their agreement…?

              • I thought you had to agree to go and then, when there, when they bring out the paperwork saying you give permission for them to send out your details to places, then you refuse to sign.

                When i went to JCP the bitch told me it was mandatory and if you didn’t sign to agree to go you would get sanctioned and lose your benefits.

                Anyway the story i heard about was a guy who went and then refused to sign the documents they brought out. So they took him into another room and brought along someone else who told him if he didn’t sign then he couldn’t take part and that would be deemed as him not doing all he could to find work. Which would then be sent to the DWP/JCP for a decision. Next time back at the JCP his benefits had been stopped and when he asked why the person told him that he had refused to comply with a request to sign the document to give them permission to contact employers with his details in order to help secure him employment. That was then deemed as him breaching their BS conditionality hoops and hence why his benefits were stopped.

                I don’t know where people stand legally, but just wouldn’t want to lead them down a path where they think they’re going to be ok doing this only to discover that they’ve been sanctioned and have to go through hell for weeks, borrowing money etc.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  see cait reilly ruling, they must give sufficient details and reasonable time to object, before agreeing to the placement….
                  no they can’t force one to sign…
                  everything in writing and recorded if ness…

                • The Questioner

                  What about the poster in a previous thread – sanctioned indefinitely for politely declining to sign the ‘fire register’?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  the q
                  if you’re aware of that you will also be aware the q was answered by sib….

                • The Questioner

                  Yeah, and Sib just said to contact the CAB, but the poster had already been to the CAB and they were useless!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  LIAR, she said something other than that…

                • you have to still be willing to take part but dont sign the contract as you dont have to under uk law, id have asked for the employers contact details so can apply ur self.

                  or it was a slave placement mwa cwp thus why wanted it signed.

                  buy not signing there contract they can not send you anywhere or get there fee from the prap system from the dwp as they have to have signed contract to get it paid to them as why so aggressive to get you to do it.

                  all of my sanctions have come via post from the dwp with a good reason letter for not taking part.

                  i have replied and won them all stating also i do not have to sign a 3rd party’s contract but im willing to take part so im just not worth there time being there.

                  thats the key, the providers have ur name and address and ni number phone and email addr if you gave it them as jcp send it to the providers so have enough info on you to send to any employer anyway.

                  also once the provider has a signed contract they can pretty much sanction you at will as you agreed to there tc.

                  then they will also not care if ur sanctioned as will still get paid anyway even if its for the total time at the provider.

  31. then there braking the dwp own rules for there contract as they can not sanction you for not signing a 3rd party contract.
    AFEGUARD YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION – DON’T CO-OPERATE WITH WORKFARE “…there is no mandatory requirement for participants on the Work Programme to sign action plans, health and safety documents, sign in sheets or acceptable behaviour documents and participants will not be sanctioned if they do not sign the documents.”

    This applies to the other workfare schemes too – the DWP have written “There is no mandatory requirement for individuals to sign specific forms when participating in Back to Work (BtW) schemes, including Help to Work (HtW) ”

    • Workfare, New Deal, Work programe have all but fucked me up and made a complete wreck of me. Anybody on here still supports that load of government bollocks? I was promised proper paid work at the end of some of my previous placements, but they all turned about face and denied they had even said they would take me on their wage payroll, unlike what I was told at the beginning of my slave labour for them.

  32. why all of my sanctions have been for non attendance and have 1 them all 😉

  33. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Behavioural Insights Team – also known as the Nudge Unit – is now a social purpose company. It is partly owned by the Cabinet Office, employees and Nesta. For more information, please visit the Behavioural Insights Team’s website .

    So we are all American at the DWP !!!!

  34. Please, can we take a moment to reflect on the people of Carlisle and the Lake District in general, as they prepare for a visit from that cunt Cameron – Cameron, who doesn’t actually know where Cumbria is will be wearing the same wellies he used for the floods last time but still claiming expenses for a new pair – will tell of just how much (ie nothing) he will spend on aiding the repairs after he’s checked the loose change from the Syria Adventure – if there was still a bridge standing in Cumbria it may well be that there will be an accident, washed away to see and never be seen again ……..

    • Saw it on the news. Anytime anywhere he’ll be there. Poking his snout in for more publicity trying to make out he gives a toss when he doesn’t.

      What about all the cuts Cameron? Work that could have gone in to making the place more flood resistant probably got put on the back burner because of that.

      Same with the Davis Cup tennis team, there he is again. Any excuse to piggyback on to the success of someone else and get his face into the picture.

  35. Santa Hates You

    So Cameron is coming to the north to pretend he cares about the little people. Clearly there will be at least a hundred camera men/women taking pictures of his ‘deep and sincere concern’ for those affected by the floods.
    Of course, all this bullshit is intended to hide the real purpose of the visits as it’s simply another photo opportunity to gain brownie points from the shallow British public. Why does the pig abusing, posh quiffboy not just fuck off back to Tory cunt land where he belongs?

    • I know mate i agree. It’s just so fake and disgusting. Just like Cameron himself. All this flooding came at the right time for them as well, take the public’s and the media’s attention away from his getting the country embroiled in another war.

      • Santa Hates You

        Well spotted Raining – You know if Cameron had to go to war in the middle east himself there would be no war. Other people pay the price of war with their lives, not his own.

        Then again the British Army reflects the UK class structure in all its shitty attire and it’s been always the same in this country. There’s an old saying about the army – ‘Posh cunts order thick twats to kill poor bastards’. Enough said.

        • ^^ Truth. Have you ever seen the diddy when he go’s round to factories and other places of work? Or out to Iraq or Afghanistan? Always grinning away like a friggin’ idiot, hand outstretched. He doesn’t give a toss about any of them! Of course he doesn’t. Troops are just used as cannon fodder to fight their corporate wars for them. You know if i was employed in the military, or in a business, and he visited; i would refuse to shake hands with him. I would say with the blood of thousands of disabled and sick/unemployed people on his hands and conscience that i wouldn’t be prepared to shake hands with the lowlife.

          • Santa Hate You was watching the movie ’71 on Film Four last night – that is where they knicked the ‘Posh cunts order thick twats to kill poor bastards’ quote from… 😉

            • They are trying to make out they know all about Army life when the nearest they’ve been to the Army is sat on their sofa watching a film 😀

              • The nearest ‘Smiffy’ has been to service life is scrubbing spuds behind the khazi out of site and mind.
                No way any male with any alpha in his blood is gonna take orders from that fucking MAGGOT.

            • When are Film 4 HD (High Definition) going to go free-to-air? At present it is only available on Ruprick Mudick’s and Dicky Bransons rip-off Sky and Virgin platforms. And why they are at it Flim 4 can also put Film 4 +1 back on Freeview – not everyone can afford satellite equipment!

          • A couple of years ago, a disabled woman was arrested and found guilty of harassment for shouting that Cameron had blood on his hands at a protest in Witney. So much for free speech eh?

    • Camoron has said that he will review and look into how the flood defences have failed again the good people of the north. Does that entail him sticking his little finger in the wall of the dam where the leak is and hoping he won’t get his feet wet when the water starts pissing out all aound him?

  36. paultheswineherd

    After seeing a recording of the ‘Commons Questions’ to IDS, Priti Patel & Justin Tomlinson today – I would like to suggest that Cameron should have taken them all up to the nearest deep running river in Cumbria and pushed them all in one by one, then jumped in himself to finish it all off.
    Today, there was absolutely no sympathy from any of them with regard to what their ‘Welfare Reforms’ are doing to people – least of all for the poor people who have topped themselves. It was an absolutely disgraceful performance from all of them on there today.

  37. paultheswineherd

    This bunch of unscrupulous bastards are up to all sorts – just look at this!

    • No shock there then; get caught flouting the rules, give the money back and all is forgiven.No questions asked..
      Hence I spend my UJ up the club on contraband beer and sleep all day just to wind smiffy up.
      Got a problem with that Georgey Boy?
      If you have, I will do your job twice as well for half the fucking money and everybody will be a lot better off, you fucking TURD!

    • paultheswineherd

      sian – good one – glad too to see they’ve got the pig carcass on there – it instantly reminded me of Cameron!


    ‘Transitioning Ahead’ apparently includes advice about personal hygiene, as well as unpaid work placements, yet if I fail to attend my Benefit will be Sanctioned meaning that I’ll have no electricity or gas and therefore no hot water and no means of bathing. How ironic.

    • overburdenddonkey

      boy, they’re really ramping up the humiliation…

    • The thinking behind this is that if you do not have a ‘J.O.B.’ , and are a bit rough round the edges your problem lies in substance abuse/laziness/whatever.
      Which flies in the face of what is totally obvious to anybody on the shop floor;
      Working in the current climate turned you to drink or drugs,destroyed your confidence and turned you into a shell of a human being,ending up on jsa or e.s.a.
      The cure as far as they are concerned is to send you back into the fray with no wages and destroy whatever is left of your dignity.
      The offer STILL stands Smiffy.
      I will do your job for half the money.

      • In fact, I will draw the whole salary and split it with you, just to show you how pants you are at your job.
        You can stay home and watch daytime t.v., which would benefit the populace and taxpayer immensely compared to the current situation.


    Pinnacle People believe that “work is the route out of poverty” but running the DWP’s ‘Transitioning Ahead’ scheme certainly seems to be the best route out of poverty for the Directors & Shareholders of Pinnacle People, with a lucrative £400,000 contract the words gravy & train spring to mind.

  40. AMAZON ARE SCAMMING WANKERS. Yesterday (7th Dec 2015) , on UJM, their christmas seasonal vacancies promised £250 bonus for 98% success completion rate at the end of a worker’s christmas contract with them. Today (8th Dec) and it has changed to £100 bonus for 95% success rate payable at the end of the xmas contract;. and yet the rest of the job advert from them has been left un-changed. First, if we work for them we would get £250 bonus, now we only would get £100 bonus. AMAZON, IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU ARE FUCKING WANKERS.


    Warehouse Operative-£100 Joining Bonus-New increased payrate

    Job description

    £100 for joining – New EASY Application Process – APPLY NOW

    We will be holding registrations in branch Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm – no appointment necessary. Come see us at:

    21 Cowgate, Peterborough, PE1 1LZ

    We are looking for warehouse operatives to join our ever expanding team in Peterborough. No experience in a warehouse necessary, immediate starts available.

    Immediate starts available and the potential to earn £500 a week with overtime.

    Important Information:

    Sign on bonus for all new associates is £100, payable at the end of peak and subject to 95 attendance against scheduled hours.

    What does the role entail?

    Warehouse dutiesVarious roles available – some require a reasonable level of fitness due to the amount of walking involved, some require a good eye for detail and less walking you might be pleased to hear

    Why work for Transline?

    We all know that now Halloween is over, Christmas is fast approaching. This is the perfect time to start earning money in time for Christmas shopping

    We also offer:-

    Employee Benefit Scheme – bag yourself some great discounts at some of the UKs biggest online retailers
    Full warehouse training provided – so no experience necessary
    An on-site canteen
    FREE Tea and Coffee on shift
    FREE On-site car parking
    Employee Recognition – Monthly rewards &competition
    Various shift patterns available
    Plenty of overtime
    24hour support from your wonderful Transline teamGet in touch TODAY, bring your friends and family members eligible to work along too – positions for all.

    • And they are a lot of ads running on the telly at the moment for drug-trial guinea-pigs as they try to take advantage of the desperate. £100 to become a human guinea-pig!?

    • I had an interview for these the other day, didn’t go, as I had already heard the horror stories from workmates in the job we just got let off from… dodged a tank round (opposed to a bullet) eh?

  41. On a more depressing note, some sad and lonely person has managed to put 15 Justin Bieber songs in last weeks Official Top 100 UK Charts. They need to be sectioned in Broadmoor Prison for giving us that talentless yank 15 times over.

    Who the hell is even a Bieber fan for instance? And if they were, would they even announce it to the world that they swoon over that wayward wannabee and have posters of him all over their bedroom wall?

    Give me the Bay City Rollers any day. At least they wrote their own music.

  42. Why don't 'providers' fuck off?

    Why don’t these ‘providers’ just fuck off? Seriously! Nobody wants their ‘help and support’! Nobody wants them meddling and interfering in their lives! People just want to be left alone and get on with their lives in peace. Why can’t they get the hint? Why don’t they just fuck off and die!

  43. my name is, " my" name

    Where is my post containing facts of law and maxim?
    You do not have “Consent” to retain any of my intellectual property.

    • Perhaps you could use your magical freeman of the land powers to make me publish your daft comments. Or you could grow up and stop posting nonsense which will only lead to people getting in a lot of legal shit if they follow your advice.

  44. Cutting disabled people’s benefits won’t help anyone return to work
    Frances Ryan

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  46. Hope Protest has Gone Well

    No to Psychological Torment which is a Violation of Human Dignity

    No to Nazi Eugenics and the ” Master Race “

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