Fuck The Rich. Let’s Shut Down the Ripper Museum And Start Taking Our Communities Back

class-war-ripper-protestThere is nothing that the grasping rich won’t try and turn into money.  Not one thing that is sacred, that can be left to just be, that is too treasured, or even horrifyingly grotesque, for capitalism to plunder.

Whether it’s our schools, or hospitals, our communities or our homes, the rich are always there, on the edges, looking for a way in.   When we walk down the street we see each other – we see human beings – but the monied entrepreneur class just see livestock, to be exploited in our work and fleeced in our play.  Even our triumphs are repackaged and sold back to us, as if the struggle for the vote, or against racism, the right to strike or popular protests were concepts invented by some Oxbridge twat with a clipboard and a second class marketing degree.

So it is no surprise that the murder of working class women 100 years ago is now being turned into just one more way for the rich to plunder our history for their own enrichment.  The vile Ripper Museum, situated in Cable Street, East London, is not wanted by anyone who lives in the area and those behind the project know it.  That is why they lied in the planning application that this building would be turned into a museum championing the history of women in East London.  What they have built instead however is a blood-stained celebration of the murder of East End women, a gaudy, misogynist tourist trap where you can buy Jack the Ripper themed rape whistles or have a selfie taken with some dickhead dressed up as a Victorian serial killer.

That dickhead is likely to be Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, the creepy owner of the museum and who is unrepentent about deceiving both the council and community of Tower Hamlets to bring his woman-hating serial killer fetish to life.  Astonishingly Edgecumbe was a former head of diversity at google where he obviously did a shit job because almost eveyone in a senior position at the company is posh and white.  But diversity doesn’t mean a real commitment to equality anymore, it is just a marketing tool.  Racism, misogyny, homophobia – there’s money to be made there.  And that’s what Edgecumbe does, sitting on Diversity Advisory Panels where rich white people hand out plaudits to rich white businesses to celebrate the fact that half their cleaners are black and they’ve got one of those new transgenders working in the post room.

Meanwhile the community of East London is being both socially, and racially cleansed, to make way for these gentrifying parasites.  Genuine diversity, which the East End was famous for, is being replaced by glass and steel ghost towns as every last brick is turned into an investment opportunity for the global super rich.  Tower Hamlets desperately needs housing, but the people who live there have no say in what happens to the streets they walk down.  Even when there is some pretence of community involvement, such as in planning decisions, the rich just lie about what they intend to do and no-one holds them to account.

No-one until now anyway.  Class War have been holding boisterous protests outside the Ripper Museum with the support of local residents and feminist groups.  Their demand is simple, the Ripper Museum needs to close.  We get to decide what goes on in working class areas, not corrupt councillors or nauseating spivs like Palmer fucking Edgecunt.  Join them outside The Ripper Museum, 12 Cable Street, London E1 this Saturday 5th December at 2pm.  Please help spread the word and share the facebook page.

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252 responses to “Fuck The Rich. Let’s Shut Down the Ripper Museum And Start Taking Our Communities Back

  1. Jack The Ripper has been part of Madam Tussaud’s Chamber Of Horrors for years. There are guided “Ripper Walks” if you’ve an interest in history. He doesn’t need a museum all to himself and I’m pretty angry about this as a woman – but also as a human being. Horrible, terrifying things happened to these women (especially to poor Mary Kelly: I don’t think I’ll see another photograph so awful as long as I live) and glorifying the man who committed these crimes shouldn’t be lauded like this. Like you say, anything to take money from us ordinary people to line unscrupulous pockets.

    • Yeah but if this is deemed to be offensive then surely Jack The Ripper would be needed to be banned from Madam Tusard’s as well.

      • They are probably trying to knick some business off of the old Madame Tussauds. MT’s entrance fee costs an arm an a leg, and you have to pay extra knicker to get into the Chamber of Horrors to see Jack 👿 👿

      • No. Glorifying what he did is offensive. Not the fact that there’s a waxwork of him. He’s part of British history after all, and nothing can change that.

  2. Indeed Jack the Ripper was and is an Evil Sicko just like Jimmy Savile who
    Margaret Thatcher Associated with

  3. Glorifying murder of women to make money,,classy!!
    However Cameron is today standing up in parliament glorifying and justifying his actions to murder innocent men, women, children and babies in Syria.
    Send IDS to Syria, he can sniff out ISIS with his WCA, then he can sanction, strip them of their money, make them homeless regarding the bedroom tax, and if that fails he can hound them till they have mental health issues hoping that they commit suicide,
    He will have the biggest army of suicide bombers in history.

  4. Can’t we think of a better word than “gentrification”? These grabbing shits are not ” gentry” or anything like it. They think they are, and that’s the problem. They gentry, we peasants. In reality, they’re scum, lower than sewer rats. Parasites of the highest order.

    When they’ve driven real humans out, who will clean their houses, fetch their shopping or bring them their fucking latte?

    “Shithouserification” ? Anyone got a better word?


    Not far away from the museum of death glorifier, Edgecunt, stands the offices of the most sadistic murderers of the twentieth century, the DWp.
    One does not need a programme to follow the murder trail, just an understanding of how the vile minds of government advisors lobbied parliament to fill their own pockets and those in the private health insurance industry that they lobbied so strongly for.

    Caxton House, Tothill street is the headquarters of the most pernicious and twisted killer that ever walked this earth.
    Indeed, the acts of Adolf Hitler seem to pale into significance when compared with the actions of Iain Duncan Smith and his warped army of the most fetid creations ever to draw air.

    Who would have thought that history would try to repeat itself, the victims of the clown prince of darkess openly viewed on obituary columns throughout our land.

    Caxton house will probably be raised to the ground as the British public become aware of the atrocities that have been carried out on the instructions of an insane madman.

    The death toll will not be made public for many years, the government and judiciary, hand in hand with our senior police organisations to cover up the truly astounding death toll.

    It is one thing to bully, harass and starve an able bodied person, but to do the same on those at a clear disadvantage can only be described as Genocide, the Eugenics of the few…………….

    For a murderer to continue, the many that aid and abet must look away,living in fear that one day they will be called to account for their heinous deeds.

    Our rebellion to the horrors of the DWP will not go away, they will amplify as true as night follows day.

    I, for one, will not rest until the DWP killers are brought to real justice, the new holocaust and it’s implications made open to the outside world who will, i am sure, shudder in disbelief at the evil of what man can do to man……..

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  7. Thanks for including the class signifier in the rhetoric. Most of the places I’ve seen people deploy this sort of analysis it is very visibly omitted.

  8. paultheswineherd

    Is this a probable media ‘cover-up’ as per usual??
    Is it any wonder that Cameron & his Government is desperate to go in to have a go at Syria under the guise of ‘protecting Britain’!
    I have noticed that none of the media (as far as I am aware) are covering the story that £13Bn of Northern Rock ‘toxic debts’ were recently sold to a very large American arms manufacturer (this sale was originally reported on the BBC News, (as well as on here) but the buyer was not disclosed by the BBC at the time!).
    Has there been a secret deal which has been done by this Government to, in return for this, buy a stack of arms from them – (ideal to fight a war in Syria!)?

    • That’s right Paul, the Westminster elite are more than prepared to sacrifice British troops to cover up corruption on a grand scale.
      Cameron would love to take the focus of attention of the corrupt practices that take place on our shores in broad daylight.
      As of 2013 the Northern Rock and it’s ally the Bradford and Bingley, owed the taxpayer some £43 billion……..

      March 2013
      Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley(B&B) repaid £4billion to taxpayers last year after the ‘bad bank’ created to run down their defaulted loans said annual profits rose by a quarter today.

      But UK Asset Resolution (UKAR) still has a long road ahead of it. It still owes the government £43.4billion, down from £48.7billion when it was created in October 2010

      To this day, the public are unaware of how much is still outstanding……

      • paultheswineherd

        Geoff – yes, thank you for that – keeping the public in the dark is exactly what Cameron & his Government wants – ably assisted by our ‘Media’!
        If the public knew all of it (the statistics that you mention) they would be totally shocked!

  9. I dont think we would need to buy an awful lorra guns to fight that lot.

  10. Jesusisananarchist

    OT : good news from the Benefits & Work newsletter – Maximus posts a loss resulting in a collapse in their share price ! plenty of other chaos ! (pasted) :

    The DWP is now losing battles on all fronts, as the last fortnight has proved repeatedly.

    Because whilst the big benefits news has been George Osborne’s massive u-turn over tax credits, there have been a host of smaller reverses for the DWP.

    The forced transfer from DLA to PIP is already running into serious delays – though there has been no change so far in the estimate that a quarter of current working age DLA claimants will get no award of PIP; Maximus is failing to carry out enough work capability assessments, because not enough health professionals want to work for them, and support group numbers are rising as a result; the courts have ruled against the benefits cap for carers and mandatory work schemes are being axed as more and more big companies and charities bow to activist pressure.

    On top of all that, Ken Loach is making a film about benefits sanctions. He says that the situation is now even worse than when he made ‘Cathy come home’.

    The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) now believes that it will take the DWP three years instead of two to reassess all current working age DLA claimants for PIP.

    It blames the increase on Atos and Capita failing to carry out enough face-to-face assessments and suggests that the DLA to PIP transfer process is beginning to look as badly managed as the incapacity benefit to ESA one.

    However, the OBR still believes that 26% of ‘lifetime’ DLA claimants will get no award at all when forced to claim PIP.

    The OBR has also revised its estimate of the proportion of claimants likely to be in the support group long-term. In July it thought there would be 30%, now it thinks that it will be 38%.

    One likely cause is the fact that Maximus are failing to carry out enough medicals, meaning that two thirds of the backlog of reassessment of current claimants has still not been cleared.

    The reason that Maximus are not carrying out enough assessments is that they are having problems recruiting enough health professionals to do the job.

    Their lack of staff means that an expected $30 million profit in the first year of the WCA contract has ended up as a $4 million loss. Maximus’ shares plummeted in value by 26% when the loss was revealed.

    This is bad news for the DWP as well as Maximus. It suggests that the WCA is still tainted by the reputation it gained under Atos and even offering well above market wages is not enough to tempt health professionals in sufficient numbers.

    The government is axing mandatory work activity and community work placements. The announcement comes after years of protests and court action by claimants forced into unpaid work with no prospect of a job at the end.

    The not so good news, however, is that a new scheme called the Work and Health Programme is to be introduced.

    As one commentor has already suggested, this might be the beginning of attempts to force claimants into compulsory treatment programmes such as CBT or help to combat drug or alcohol misuse.

    The High Court has ruled that the household benefit cap unlawfully discriminates against carers.

    So far the DWP is still refusing to budge and has even issued an urgent bulletin to local councils warning them that the cap continues to apply. At least for single carers, however, they may have no choice but to obey the law in the end.

    Even though the PIP assessment backlog is supposedly history now, we’re still hearing from people who are being asked to attend assessment centres many miles from their home, even when there is a centre nearby.

    Has this happened to you? We’d appreciate your feedback on this before we pursue it any further.

    We had hoped to have a response from the Information Commissioner about our challenge to the DWP’s refusal to give us information about the secret reviews into the deaths of 49 claimants.

    The response is now overdue, however. We will be chasing it up and we’ll let you know what happened in our last edition before Christmas.

  11. paultheswineherd

    Jesusisananarchist – Interesting stuff from Benefits & Work – thanks for putting it on. I still was under the impression that the DWP had to release it’s final ‘deaths’ figures to the Information Commissioner by the 30th November – but it seems, to date – absolutely nothing.
    I presume that if they don’t they could be done for contempt of court perhaps.
    Then, (separately) there is the recent issue of Esther McVey being parachuted in to become head of the British Transport Police Authority. The British Transport Police are, it seems currently compiling a dossier on the tragic death of Elliott Johnson, (a bullied Tory activist).
    If she tampers, or gets involved in this investigation and tries to change things in any way, then she could be done for trying to pervert the course of justice!

  12. Cameron has just welcomed terrorist activity on our streets…………..

    Big Ben, Canary Wharf, Heathrow, Westminster, London Underground, beware.

    The politicians will not get killed, just the British public who the parliamentarians do not represent.

    Shame on all those in the Labour Party who went against Corbyn, may you be weeded out as RED TORY’S. The sooner the better.

    • The bodies of our dead will be brought back at the same time as the political war propaganda machine kicks in……………..
      Civilian deaths will be carefully hidden, atrocities airbrushed and military costs played down.

      The definition of lunacy comes to mind,
      “Stupid behaviour that will have bad results

    • Red Tory bastards that should be in the Conservative party instead of the Labour party.

      Anyway they’ve just made us a massive juicy target for any ISIS sleeper agents that are already here. Or some of the one’s that will make their way over.

      The first time there’s a massive explosion at a huge supermarket mall or the like, with hundreds killed, we’ll remember who to blame. Starting with that idiot Cameron who, like his hero Bliar before him, broke his neck to get his country embroiled in a war.

      I blame Corbyn for the vote, he shouldn’t have allowed it. He should have insisted they vote no or be expelled from the party.

      • Corbyn is just the newest figure head to entice lefties back into the fold, no chance of that as he is not fooling anybody.

  13. This “job” sounds as dodgy as fuck!
    “The post requires you to deliver our front line Quality Strategy by providing timeous, courteous, knowledgeable and factual responses to clients and customers by means of telephone, e-mail, letter and/or face to face meetings.
    Your primary and priority duties are;
    1 To participate in the day to day activities of the Customer Services Team in the provision of a quality service to Customers and Clients.
    2 To ensure that accurate records are collated, kept and presented for all contact and correspondence in line with Company Procedures.
    3 To obtain and provide courteous, efficient and appropriate responses to issues raised by Customers and Clients of the Company in accordance with Company policy.
    4 To ensure all Customer Services activities are carried out in line with Customer Services Procedures and assist the Head of Operational Services in reviewing same.
    5 To ensure all documentation is accurate and presented to appropriate parties in a timely manner for use in house, on site, Client or Customer meetings.
    6 To liaise efficiently with other employees of the Company in order to ensure a high quality of response and service.
    Additional duties
    To provide all administrative services and support in relation to Customer Services functions.
    A proven background and knowledge of Customer Services.
    Good interpersonal skills with the ability to work and communicate both internally with other departments, and externally with organisations and individuals out with the Company.
    Good administration and reporting skills, both written and spoken.
    Must be able to work to deadlines and prioritise workload.
    Must be able to remain calm under sometimes challenging situations.
    A good knowledge of IT Systems, in particular, databases.
    A full UK driving licence.”

    • Opening statement, note ‘Our’.It goes on to state you will be ‘delivering a front line Quality strategy’.
      1)in customer services doing whatever they deem that entails .
      2)That you back up everything you have said and done on paper.
      3)Run around like a nutter getting info for clients whilst not telling the arrogant fuckwits to piss off.
      4)Check company guidelines on sucking client arse and do some of the head of operational services job for them (most of it,probably,it is likely they wrote this legalese bullshit).
      5)Act as a legal secretary in regard to your own work and everybody around you at all times (probably most the person who drafted this job spec-again the ‘head of op services )
      6) KISS ARSE.
      Additional duties.
      All admin support (everything from backing up the company records to ordering the toilet roles,coffee machine refill, etc etc.
      blah blah proven (arse kisser,mostly)
      Admin and report creation,..deadlines and prioritize,challenging situations.. (do more than salary and position remunerates for.
      A LOT more by the sound of it)
      IT systems can mean anything, databases is a bit narrower.
      This is chucked in at the end with the hope of getting somebody worth about 10 grand a year more than they want to pay.
      A full driving license.
      I would expect this job to start at 38 grand a year, 45 in London.

    • Mostly, this job spec is DELIBERATELY worded in such a way as to avoid ANY limit to your duties.
      Quite simply, if you do not work as hard as humanly possible and WAY beyond what they are paying you,and succed in what they want, they can dismiss you for failure of job contract.They will then most likely tell the job center you are a lazy tosser, they have FIRED you, and they need another mug.
      They will do this just to cover there arses in case you last long enough for an unfair dismissal tribunal ,and to get another applicant from the dole que.
      Forget it,now, employers like this will ruin your life.

    • It’s written in the same style and grammar as one of those scam emails informing you that you have £1,000,000,000,000 in the bank of Nigeria. “delivering a front line Quality strategy’! – what the fuck does that mean? If it is a genuine employer then it sounds like some sort of African slave-master wanting their pound of flesh and more.

  14. The 66 Labour MPs who voted for airstrikes – full list

    According to the Press Assocation, 66 Labour MPs voted for the government motion approving airstrikes.

    They were: Heidi Alexander (Lewisham East), Ian Austin (Dudley North), Adrian Bailey (West Bromwich West), Kevin Barron (Rother Valley), Margaret Beckett (Derby South), Hilary Benn (Leeds Central), Luciana Berger (Liverpool Wavertree), Tom Blenkinsop (Middlesbrough South & Cleveland East), Ben Bradshaw (Exeter), Chris Bryant (Rhondda), Alan Campbell (Tynemouth), Jenny Chapman (Darlington), Vernon Coaker (Gedling), Ann Coffey (Stockport), Yvette Cooper (Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford), Neil Coyle (Bermondsey & Old Southwark), Mary Creagh (Wakefield), Stella Creasy (Walthamstow), Simon Danczuk (Rochdale), Wayne David (Caerphilly), Gloria De Piero (Ashfield), Stephen Doughty (Cardiff South & Penarth), Jim Dowd (Lewisham West & Penge), Michael Dugher (Barnsley East), Angela Eagle (Wallasey), Maria Eagle (Garston & Halewood), Louise Ellman (Liverpool Riverside), Frank Field (Birkenhead), Jim Fitzpatrick (Poplar & Limehouse), Colleen Fletcher (Coventry North East), Caroline Flint (Don Valley), Harriet Harman (Camberwell & Peckham), Margaret Hodge (Barking), George Howarth (Knowsley), Tristram Hunt (Stoke-on-Trent Central), Dan Jarvis (Barnsley Central), Alan Johnson (Hull West & Hessle), Graham Jones (Hyndburn), Helen Jones (Warrington North), Kevan Jones (Durham North), Susan Elan Jones (Clwyd South), Liz Kendall (Leicester West), Dr Peter Kyle (Hove), Chris Leslie (Nottingham East), Holly Lynch (Halifax), Siobhain McDonagh (Mitcham & Morden), Pat McFadden (Wolverhampton South East), Conor McGinn (St Helens North), Alison McGovern (Wirral South), Bridget Phillipson (Houghton & Sunderland South), Jamie Reed (Copeland), Emma Reynolds (Wolverhampton North East), Geoffrey Robinson (Coventry North West), Joan Ryan (Enfield North), Lucy Powell (Manchester Central), Ruth Smeeth (Stoke-on-Trent North), Angela Smith (Penistone & Stocksbridge), John Spellar (Warley), Gisela Stuart (Birmingham Edgbaston), Gareth Thomas (Harrow West), Anna Turley (Redcar), Chuka Umunna (Streatham), Keith Vaz (Leicester East), Tom Watson (West Bromwich East), Phil Wilson (Sedgefield) and John Woodcock (Barrow & Furness).

    Updated at 11.39pm GMT

    The traitors list. All the above can now join the tory party because that’s what they are – fucking tories

    • as a footnote, many of the above list are Labour friends of Israel – so what’s new?
      Parliament by the elites for the Americans, for Israel and Saudi Arabia – not for the British people

      • It won’t be long till the grainy images of a captured British airman dressed in an orange jumpsuit having his head hacked off, appears on the internet.
        Then, and only then, will the tory government and it’s unlikely pals, consider the folly of their actions.
        Anyone travelling abroad have had their chances of being attacked greatly increased.
        Tony Benn would be thoroughly ashamed of his son, Hilary…………..

        The sooner the party gets rid of these complete shithouses, the better.

        • Agree Geoff – Hilary Benn’s retort about nazis/fascists in Syria would be more wisely targetted at the British government – but then he’s one of them – Tony must be squirming in his grave

          • Yes, agreed. Tony Benn would be turning in his grave. Look at Hilary Benn; he is a Tory. He certainly is not a Labour MP. No doubt he’ll also get into the HOL’s later and pick up his nice £300 per day.

            The Labour party is polluted with people like that. Harriet Harman, Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper, Chuka Umunna. All completely out of touch with reality. Andy Burnham too. But to his credit he at least did vote against air strikes, that has to be said.

            To me all the people who voted for air strikes should be de-selected.

        • Tony Benn should have been ashamed of Hilary when he joined Blair’s new labour.

  15. This war will make the U.K. responsible for yet another group of unskilled ‘refugees’ that will have to be housed and found jobs in service industries,thus helping to keep wages ‘competitive’ and rentals at a premium.
    -So what’s new?

  16. It is most CERTAINLY not in the interests of the British people.

  17. Another bunch of desperate people who’s homes we have destroyed and relatives we have killed in the name of some ‘war on terror’ , living amuogst us full of paranoia and hatred. Shock, horror! Their kids dont take a job at McDonalds but blow up the tube network or join an extremist group!
    Who’d a thought, eh?
    Politicians make me Puke.


      Shooting suspect Syed Farook, a health inspector with San Bernardino County’s public health department, joined dozens of his colleagues at a party Wednesday morning at the Inland Regional Center. He disappeared shortly before the mass shooting erupted.

      Farook, 28, who had worked for the county for five years, “did leave the party early under circumstances described as ‘angry,'” San Bernardino police Chief Jarrod Burguan said at a news conference late Wednesday night.

      Burguan said law enforcement officials are “reasonably confident” that Farook and 27-year-old Tashfeen Malik, who was his wife or fiancee, were the two suspects in the mass shooting that occurred during the party.

      Family members told the Los Angeles Times that the couple had been married for two years.

      Co-workers told The Times that they were shocked to hear Farook’s name linked to the shooting. Two employees who were in the bathroom when the bullets began to fly said he was quiet and polite, with no obvious grudges.

      They said Farook had recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and returned with a woman he’d met online. The couple had a baby and appeared to be “living the American dream,” said Patrick Baccari, a fellow inspector who shared a cubicle with Farook.

      Baccari and Christian Nwadike said Farook, who had worked with them for about three years, rarely started a conversation. But he was well-liked.

      They and other colleagues said Farook was a devout Muslim who rarely discussed religion at work.

      • Which makes me believe that the revelation that the atrocity was carried out by muslim extremists was deliberately withheld by the media as a vote in paliament on bombing Syria was imminent………

        • overburdenddonkey

          like i keep banging on about geoff…to find the truth of why these things keep happening look @ the works of dr bob johnson in particular and dr alice miller et al…

  18. OT: Benefits are a Contract

    Hat tip to Epsom who posted this on another site.

    Very very important information for everyone.


    This link has been posted before but was rubished – a mistake methinks.

    The important part is the Tribunal decision from Oct15 which makes clear that actually you receive your benifits via a contract between you and the GOv.

    Contracts CANNOT be changed via imposition in the ways DWP goes about it – i.e. it is a criminal offense if use threat of sanctions to change it.

    As with anything to do with a contract my read of this is that if it is not in the contract it cannot be applied.

    Read it and make you own decision on that matter.

  19. Time the tories evil, fascist reign came to an end and we the people should be the ones to do it!

  20. Shame on the Labour MPS who Voted in Favour of UK AirStrikes against

    They should Stand down so By Elections can be Held

    Equally they should join the Tory Party or Found the Slavery Dictatorship
    Party to Prop Up Austerity and War Mongering

    The Liberal Democrats who Voted in Favour of UK Air Strikes against
    Syria confirm my Disgust with the Liberal Democrats Yet Again they
    are Tory Lobber Fodder

  21. Government to cut funding for disabled university students

    Jo Johnson says higher education institutions will have to pay for non-medical support staff from next September


  22. English tenants face eviction threat every 90 seconds, charity claims

    Shelter research reveals 352,000 rental sector tenants in England were put at risk of losing their home over the last year


  23. Warmongering in the Middle East does Help as a Distraction from
    Domestic Issues

    The Falklands War Helped that Evil Bitch Margaret Thatcher Win
    the 1983 AD General Election which went Against British Interests

    Instead of Cheering on the Benches of the House of Commons For
    War in the Middle East Decent People would Rather Mourn the Civilians
    who Died in Iraq as a Result of the 2003 AD Invasion and also British
    Soldiers who died out there who had Not Committed War Crimes

  24. I Agree

    Warmongers Out of the Labour Party Austerity Stooges Out of the
    Labour Party

    No Wasting of British Life in the Middle East

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | December 3, 2015 at 11:30 am | Reply

    It won’t be long till the grainy images of a captured British airman dressed in an orange jumpsuit having his head hacked off, appears on the internet.
    Then, and only then, will the tory government and it’s unlikely pals, consider the folly of their actions.
    Anyone travelling abroad have had their chances of being attacked greatly increased.
    Tony Benn would be thoroughly ashamed of his son, Hilary…………..

    The sooner the party gets rid of these complete shithouses, the better.

  25. Benefits Inquiry Launched As Figures Show Rise In ‘Paupers’ Funerals’
    Posted by Steven Preece – Dec 1, 2015



    “A battle is raging over whether pipelines will go toward Europe from east to west, from Iran and Iraq to the Mediterranean coast of Syria, or take a more northbound route from Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Syria and Turkey. Having realized that the stalled Nabucco pipeline, and indeed the entire Southern Corridor, are backed up only by Azerbaijan’s reserves and can never equal Russian supplies to Europe or thwart the construction of the South Stream, the West is in a hurry to replace them with resources from the Persian Gulf. Syria ends up being a key link in this chain, and it leans in favor of Iran and Russia; thus it was decided in the Western capitals that its regime needs to change.



      Before the civil war, two competing pipelines put forward by Qatar and Iran aimed to transport gas to Europe through Syria.

      Qatar’s plans were first put forward in 2009 and involved building a pipeline from the Persian Gulf via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.

      The gas field located 3000 metres below the floor of the Persian Gulf is the largest natural gas field in the world. Qatar owns about two-thirds of the resource but can’t capitalise on it fully because it relies on tankers to deliver it to other countries and this makes its gas more expensive than Russia’s.

      It was hoped the pipeline would provide cheaper access to Europe but Syrian President Bashar al Assad refused to give permission for the pipeline to go through his territory. Some believe Russia pressured him to reject the pipeline to safeguard its own business.
      The proposed gas pipeline from Qatar via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to Europe.

  27. GCHQ Is Hacking Domestic Computers In The UK Without Individual Warrants


  28. Indeed the Victims of Austerity

    Makes a Change from Brainwashed Boneheads in the South East of
    England who are Worse than Ignorant

    sian | December 3, 2015 at 4:27 pm | Reply

    Vigil being held for claimants “killed as a result of welfare reforms”


  29. The Invasion of Iraq in 2003 AD probably had Something to do with Oil

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | December 3, 2015 at 3:56 pm | Reply


    “A battle is raging over whether pipelines will go toward Europe from east to west, from Iran and Iraq to the Mediterranean coast of Syria, or take a more northbound route from Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Syria and Turkey. Having realized that the stalled Nabucco pipeline, and indeed the entire Southern Corridor, are backed up only by Azerbaijan’s reserves and can never equal Russian supplies to Europe or thwart the construction of the South Stream, the West is in a hurry to replace them with resources from the Persian Gulf. Syria ends up being a key link in this chain, and it leans in favor of Iran and Russia; thus it was decided in the Western capitals that its regime needs to change.


  30. Perhaps if Jeremy Corbyn had Whipped the Party to Oppose UK Air
    Strikes there could of been a Vote for Peace

    313 Tory MPs Apparently Voted for UK Airstrikes so if the Rest of MPs
    had Voted Against it could of been Stopped

    Rightists in the Parliamentary Labour Party are Effectively being
    Tory Supporters so this Country is Better Off without them being
    MPS in the First Place

  31. the video above is out of synch. this one is better

  32. I Agree about the term ” Red Tory Bastards ”

    Corbyn should of had more Backbone to Stand Up For World Peace

    They should Join the Conservative Party unless they want to Found
    the Slavery Dictatorship Party

    Raining | December 3, 2015 at 2:16 am | Reply

    Red Tory bastards that should be in the Conservative party instead of the Labour party.

    Anyway they’ve just made us a massive juicy target for any ISIS sleeper agents that are already here. Or some of the one’s that will make their way over.

    The first time there’s a massive explosion at a huge supermarket mall or the like, with hundreds killed, we’ll remember who to blame. Starting with that idiot Cameron who, like his hero Bliar before him, broke his neck to get his country embroiled in a war.

    I blame Corbyn for the vote, he shouldn’t have allowed it. He should have insisted they vote no or be expelled from the party.

  33. The Rightists in the Parliamentary Labour Party have been Austerity

    They are Not the Voice of the Underdog and the Oppressed

    • overburdenddonkey

      what do you mean you wonder why… do you know anything about the actual work kids company did against the grain of a very toxic cultural atmosphere, kids eating bricks to fill their bellies…the same atmosphere that got dr bob johnson sacked from parkhurst prison for curing inmates of personality disorders….

    • paultheswineherd

      overburdenddonkey – My reference ‘I wonder why’ was aimed (rightly or wrongly) that he may, or may not have had some ‘conflict of interest’ between the two. I personally know very little about what ‘kids company’ was all about but, from the few media reports that I have seen, it looks like they may have done a lot of good work for children in the past.

      • overburdenddonkey

        most of the media i’ve seen paul, has smeared kids co, and taken the govt line….moved the narrative away from helping abused children mostly by feeding them, to arbeit macht frei as the cure all…. and as thatcher said in the sermon on the mound ‘don’t work, don’t eat…
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVIXHKLBcjU kids co, was never a business, as soon as it becomes a business it fails to provide the emotional help and support required….
        run as business becomes contaminated, poisoned…just like many other charities do/have

        • paultheswineherd

          overburdenddonkey – yes, thanks for that. Thatcher has certainly, even now, got a lot to answer for. However, this present Government seems to be even worse!

          • overburdenddonkey

            it’s what is actually happening, from branch, which node is thatcher….
            ‘from acorns…..’ you quoted me that one…ie same shit process, different day…nowt methodology has changed….there’s no however, this is the destiny of neoliberalism to be where we are now, we inherit the legacy…

  34. Home Office criticised over £830m ‘failed’ borders scheme


  35. OT: CWP/MWA and Tribunal Decision on 25Oct15 from Moneysavingexperts

    The penny just dropped about why CWP/MWA contracts have been ended, and there is implications for the current ones as well, only IF you have NOT signed papers. [is there is a withdrawal letter from the signed contract available for others who have?]

    The things to remember are:
    – No contract can be forced on anyone.
    – A Organization that signs a contract with another organization has no power to compel anything on an individual outside of that contract.
    – Services offered may or may not be taken up by an individual under those conditions, and have no power to compel use, and even if they do use the offered services as have not signed contract still not bound by it i.e. its become a freebie you can use or drop.

    This means:
    – DWP has no legal power to allow external bodies/persons to compel obedience to anything required by them – you are in effect not bound by that contract and anything to do with it and immune from its consequences.
    – Any external bodies/persons taking on such powers which do not exist under law are therefore acting in a illegal and criminal manner.
    – DWP personnel who on being made aware of this illegality, are therefore themselves encouraging the criminal activity and are therefore themselves breaking the law.

    This basically means that Mandatory Activity Notice issued by DWP vis a vis CWP/MWA is not worth the paper it is written on and explains why cancelled.

    Further the change of emphasis to “Health” is now understandable, it is another attempt to disguise the illegality of the whole thing as the same Huge Hole exists in the new plans. No one can be forced to sign and to even hint of duress to sign is harassment (easy test is require such compulsion in writing), I am not understating the fraud aspect, but you have to start somewhere.

  36. It is Not Decent People who Call for Rightists in the Parliamentary Labour
    Party who Backed UK Airstrikes in Syria to be Deselected who are the
    Bullies It is the Rightists in the Parliamentary Labour
    Party who Backed UK Airstrikes in Syria in Disregard of what ordinary
    Members and Supporters Wanted Peace who are Arrogant Out of Touch
    and should Stand Down so that By Elections can be Held

  37. DWP to apologise to woman whose brother killed himself after his benefits were cut

    Health service ombudsman partially upholds Linda Cooksey’s complaint over case of her late brother Tim Salter


    • paultheswineherd

      sian – I should imagine that if they formally ‘apologise’ – then by normal reasoning then it must be an ‘admission of guilt’ about what they have done!

  38. Notebook: Luxury block’s £135m windows blind the rich to the homeless outside
    This mega-home is destined to sit empty for months, like all of the most expensive addresses


  39. I went to a group session at the jobcentre today,i was in a room with 3 other jobseekers and a jobcentre advisor.we were talked to by this advisor as tho we were worthless and shouldn’t be claiming anything.all the jobcentre want to do is make it as difficult as they can and hound us off benefits by any way they can.there was a young girl who came out in tears.what kind of people are these so called advisors.

    • Another Fine Mess

      You should have kept reminding the advisor that with the cuts to dwp, and welfare to workfare contracts not getting renewed, that he’ll soon be on these courses himself.

      • There won’t be any courses if contracts are cut, nor should they be, they have been nothing but a waste of everybody’s time and the tax payers money.

  40. Tory bullying claims: activist’s father says Cameron must distance himself from ‘cult’ youth group


  41. paultheswineherd

    Another U-turn for the Tories – this time by Michael Gove, Justice Secretary
    Criminal Courts charges are to be scrapped from December 24th.
    And, Cameron is up against a lot of opposition from the E.U.

  42. Yes Sian, We will all vote Class War, have you got enough candidates to stand in every constituency?

  43. The Guardian Comments about the cares cap has a accurate abbreviation for DWP:

    DWP = Discriminative Wilfull Policies

    Exactly as it says on the Tin

  44. Don’t you think it’s funny that all the labour MPs who betrayed their country last night and voted to bomb Syria are now claiming how hurt they are at the backlash against them?
    These same people whose wages are paid by us think they can do what they like and expect us to be subserviant to them – haha – after all the shit we have taken from the nasty right winger tory-lites of labour over recent years they should consider themselves lucky to only get a bit of verbal – they really are a bunch of out of control criminals aren’t they?

  45. Junior doctors contract: Jeremy Hunt accused of ‘lying’ over weekend mortality

  46. Ministry of Defence warned David Cameron figure of 70,000 Syrian troops was ‘misleading’

  47. paultheswineherd

    Mr Johnson concerned at ‘bullying culture within the Conservative party.

  48. you’re not your – grammar.


        Deselection is Essential to Democracy

        by craig on December 2, 2015 4:00 pm in Uncategorized

        There is a very extraordinary meme which Blairites keep raising in the Commons debate, that it is “abusive” or “undemocratic” for Labour MPs to face deselection by their members.

        In the SNP, there is never any automatic reselection for anybody. You are selected for one term and have to be renominated for another term, where you can be opposed. Indeed deselection happens quite often in the SNP without drawing any comment at all. If the members aren’t happy with your performance, they will get in someone else.

        It is remarkable that Labour MPs feel that they should have a job for life, whether the constituency members are happy with your performance or not. If Labour party members decide they do not want an extreme right winger like Stella Creasy or John Mann to represent them, why is it “undemocratic” to get rid of them at the end of the term for which they are elected? Individuals do not own the party, and nobody is stopping them from running as independent candidates or joining the Conservative Party.

        This goes to the heart of the Blairite cause. It is apparently not “undemocratic” for them to take legal advice on whether they can keep Jeremy Corbyn’s name off the ballot in a future membership ballot. It is not “undemocratic” to discuss deselecting the Leader, but it is a heinous offence against democracy to consider deselecting an MP. The odious Blairites are the most self-centred, selfish and indeed sociopathic group ever to have a serious presence in the UK parliament.


          SHARE PRICES of Europe’s largest weapons manufacturers have all jumped following the UK decision to join the 15 month old bombing campaign in Syria.

          Stock values at BAE Systems, Airbus, Finmeccanica and Thales all soared when markets started trading this morning as EU government plough greater resources into Middle Eastern wars.

          BAE Systems jumped four points at start of trading, just hours after its Tornado jets left UK bases in Cyprus to bomb Omar oilfields.

          In total BAE Systems, the main private sector beneficiary from UK military spending, has seen its value increase by 14 per cent in the two and a half weeks since the Paris attacks of 13 November.

          Since the attack the UK Government has promised billions in extra security and military spending.

          Aircraft and missile firm Airbus, which is a developer of Typhoon aircraft, is currently trading up 1.5 per cent since the stock market opened.

          Finmeccanica, the giant Italian military firm, has seen its shares rise almost 2 per cent since this morning.


      • Trapped in a cycle of debt and poor health.

        To the fully justified concerns that the work capability assessment process is severely damaging mental health, provided by the peer review study from the University of Liverpool (Letters, 24 November), can be added the profound concerns about the link between debt and mental illness highlighted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, along with the poor maternal nutrition, low birth weight and developmental brain disorders in children highlighted by the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition. It is also important to provide minimum incomes needed for healthy living, in both work and unemployment, and to address the 17-year gap in expectation of life between the most deprived areas of the UK and the richest (Opinion, 30 November).

        Ministers at the Department for Work and Pensions will have an opportunity to answer all these concerns when responding on Monday to Lord Ramsbotham’s amendments to the welfare reform and work bill, which require the secretary of state to report to parliament on the impact of benefit sanctions on the mental and physical health of men, women and children in workless households, and in working households of incomes below the national minimum wage.
        Baroness Hollins, Baroness Manzoor, Lord Ramsbotham, Rev Paul Nicolson


        • overburdenddonkey

          it’s the mo of behaviourist based neoliberalism to poor debt onto people to deprive them of vital income, to force them to work harder to survive….

          • overburdenddonkey

            ps this methodology worked when there was plenty of (excess, not enough moderately to high skilled labour) work to do, but not now…


            • overburdenddonkey

              imv it’s all demand stimulus, to pump up profits and income for the phew…

            • paultheswineherd

              Geoff – yes, you get a much better picture of what is going on by watching the ‘other’ News channels as you suggest.
              BBC & Sky are both trumpetting mouthpieces for the Government, but what’s even worse – no one seems to be able to tackle them or to stop them from being so biased. (Even though we pay the damned TV licence to the BBC)

              • overburdenddonkey

                i don’t watch any ‘news’ channels, not done for many yrs now.. like i say it’s the same old process shit, different day…

  49. paultheswineherd

    This Government is mad and the ‘yes’ Red Tory Labour voters are traitors.
    The majority of people fear terror attack in the UK is now ‘more likely’.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep they’re fucking insane…

      • paultheswineherd

        overburdenddonkey – yes thats very true.
        Today I came across a report from a security adviser to CNN News that one of the high-ups in the EU intelligence community told him that one of his colleagues in the middle east in turn informed him that some British people who have gone to fight for ISIS in Syria have done, or are, coming back to soon carry out retaliatory attacks in the UK itself.
        Cameron & the Red Tories etc should be fully blamed for any of the consequences after this.

        • overburdenddonkey

          under h&s regs we’re supposed to be responsible for our own safety…
          but as in many cases they expect us to ride in an unsafe vehicle, and be happy about it….

          • overburdenddonkey

            ps ‘Cameron & the Red Tories etc should be fully blamed for any of the consequences after this’…. but as ever we the people will take the consequences of their actions….

            • What gets me about it TV news channels revelling in these bombings. They wonder why they get targeted for attacks. You can’t target people on the other side of the world, drop bombs on them and then not expect the fight to land back at your own door.

              They knew the risks and still decided to go ahead with it anyway. Remind you of anyone? Like ‘Groundhog Day’ isn’t it?

              They also said it could last for three years? Where’s all this money coming from in these times of austerity when “we all have to live within our means”?

              • overburdenddonkey

                cost a sight more than the current £4.9bn jsa budget, they’re always banging on that must be slashed… £178bn is a cost i heard @ today’s ests…. yes and a msm feeding frenzied delight… work harder plebs we must be fed, in the manner to which we have become accustomed to…

  50. Indeed the Red Tories are Traitors to British Interests such as Social
    Justice at Home and World Peace by their Gormless Political Outlook

    paultheswineherd | December 4, 2015 at 2:12 pm | Reply

    This Government is mad and the ‘yes’ Red Tory Labour voters are traitors.
    The majority of people fear terror attack in the UK is now ‘more likely’.

  51. Neither the Warmongering of Cameron’s Regime Nor the Brutalized
    Trance of Townieland should Distract Decent People from the Need for
    Social Justice in the United Kingdom such as Defence of the Welfare State
    and other Public Services

    Increase Welfare Benefits and House the Homeless

    As For the Oblivious and Out of Touch Shame on Them

  52. Support the Lowering of VAT and Better Still the Scrapping of VAT Altogether

  53. Universal Credit Needs to be Opposed Stopped and Reversed

    Equally Local Government Needs Proper Funding

  54. Labour Need’s to Provide an Alternative to Austerity like Namely Proper Funding for Local Government Defence of the Welfare State and Supporting Proper Funding for the National Health Service .

    Many People are Sick of Parties being a Consensus of No Choice which is why Jeremy Corbyn was Elected as Leader of the Labour Party this Year despite Ivory Tower Rightists in the Parliamentary Labour Party undermining him.

    Being Lobby Fodder for Airstrikes in Syria has Not been that Nor Abstaining from the Welfare Bill this Year.

    No to Austerity

  55. Apparently this Year the ” Scottish National Party ” has Voted Tax Relief
    for Businesses £617 Million whilst Slashing £500 Million Pounds from
    Public Services .

    Austerity coming from a Holyrood Regime is just as Terrible as and the Money Spent on the Cost of the Scottish Parliament could Help House the Homeless in that Part of Great Britain Scotland for Instance through of Course the Expenses Scandals from the British Parliament are
    Appalling and Disgusting

    Anglophobia is Not bringing people together it is Dragging England and
    Scotland back to the Quarrels and Strife of Centuries Past before 1603 AD
    and 1707 AD

    I Agree Margaret Thatcher and Thatcherism have been Terrible Embodiments of Greed and Oppression but England & Wales have
    Suffered as Well and England & Wales being Saddled with a Permanent
    One Party Toff State is Not Freedom at All

    The United Kingdom Needs to be United in Ending Austerity Defending
    the Welfare State including Increasing Welfare Benefits Housing the
    Homeless and Proper Funding for Local Government

    Britons Never Shall be Slaves should have some Meaning

    • overburdenddonkey

      you’ll obvs have links to post, to back up your gormless gossip…? and not labour hame please…
      Apparently this Year the ” Scottish National Party ” has Voted Tax Relief for Businesses £617 Million whilst Slashing £500 Million Pounds from Public Services ….




    3. One of these measures was a commitment that suitably skilled and
    knowledgeable Advisers undertake new jobseeker interviews for those
    customers moving from ESA to JSA to a) ease their transition; and b) signpost
    customers who are identified as having mental health conditions to health
    related support.

    However, it is important to
    remember that Advisers need only a general awareness of mental
    health conditions, and the ability to signpost customers to those who
    may be able to help them.


    The only result will be a flurry of coffins to the crematorium carefully hidden from view…………………..



    ……..the DWP are playing with fire

    28. There is no need to worry if the customer is upset. Discuss the issues (in
    just the same way that you would with, say, someone who has just been
    made redundant and is upset). If necessary advise the customer to contact
    their doctor or other support professionals.

    Declarations of Self Harm and Suicide
    30. DWP introduced the DWP suicide and self harm policy framework on 1st
    April 2011. DWP Health and Safety have developed, with psychologists, a
    policy framework for managing declarations of self harm and suicide.

    …………ONE MUST ASK


  58. End Oppressive Sanctions and Degrading Assessments

    Human Dignity is Important

    • overburdenddonkey

      Human Dignity is Important…’ you make that sound like an optional extra..
      anyway where’s those links supporting your above claim’s ….
      ie the true story of snp’s small business rates relief and how the snp managed to give councils overspend of £167m for public services….

  59. Put in SNP gave £617 Million in Tax Relief to Businesses this Year
    and this is Confirmed in a couple of sites at least

    overburdenddonkey | December 4, 2015 at 5:33 pm | Reply

    you’ll obvs have links to post, to back up your gormless gossip…? and not labour hame please…
    Apparently this Year the ” Scottish National Party ” has Voted Tax Relief for Businesses £617 Million whilst Slashing £500 Million Pounds from Public Services ….

  60. It Appears that the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh Cost
    £414 Million Pounds up from Original £10 to £40 Million Pounds Money
    that could of been Spent on Funding Community Services in that Part of
    Great Britain Scotland and of Course Housing the Homeless and Welfare
    Benefits to the Poor and Vulnerable in that part of Great Britain Scotland

    Looking at the Building it looks Out of Planet Mars is Out of Harmony with
    the More Traditional Architecture of that Magnificent City Edinburgh and is
    a Monument to Politicians Arrogance and Vanity

    Whilst the Annual Costs of this Ivory Tower has been in the Region of
    £72 Million Pounds per Year Money that could of been Spent on Local Government Services in Scotland and Housing the Homeless in that Part of Great Britain Scotland

    When People are Poor Hungry or Homeless throughout the United Kingdom
    Costs of Parliamentary Ivory Towers as Well as the British One at Westminster are a Rightful Matter of Concern

    • overburdenddonkey

      changing the subject won’t help….we have fully funded nhs free prescriptions no tuition fees, free elderly care, anytime bus passes, free rail travel to go to job interviews…no bedroom tax, full council tax and water rates relief for all in receipt of passport benefits… the £500m was cut by WM BLOCK GRANTS TO LA’S…. NOT THE SCOT GOV….
      http://wingsoverscotland.com/this-is-how-you-lose/ see comments and links here… http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Tax-relief-extended-to-over-96-000-properties-11d0.aspx

      • Is that the same Brian Soutar mentioned in the article who said that homosexuals should be burned at the stake?

      • Angus Robertson's Skean Dhu

        “That this right-wing party [the SNP] of big business has been the beneficiary of growing hostility to austerity in Scotland owes entirely to the opportunist machinations of Britain’s pseudo-left.” Too fucking right. The SNP is a fucking CON!

    • Outraged from St Gerards Cross

      You are out by a factor of 1,000 noop. The Scottish Parliament cost a whooping £414 BILLION, but then again obd and the rest of the pan-handling Jocks can afford to splash the cash considering how much they sponge off of us hard-working ENGLISH taxpayers.

    • Outraged from St Gerards Cross

      You are out by a factor of 1,000 noop. The Scottish Parliament cost a whooping £414 BILLION, but then again obd and the rest of the pan-handling Jocks can afford to splash the cash considering how much they sponge off of us hard-working ENGLISH taxpayers!

  61. One Site has been amongst others World Socialist Web Site

    overburdenddonkey | December 4, 2015 at 6:03 pm | Reply

    links please or otherwise you confirm that you condemn labour, yet repeat labour spin….

  62. That is Not the only site about these Statistics which given the Effects of
    Austerity should in a Free Country be a Matter of Concern and Discussion

  63. The EU Membership has Cost this Country the UK a Fortune and Apparently it was because of a EU Directive 91/440 that UK Railways
    were Privatised and since then Railway Fares have become a Rip Off
    Year after Year the Infamous ” Free Market ”

    The EU has a Lot of Neo Liberalism behind it and that Tyrant Margaret
    Thatcher Campaigned for the UK to Stay in the ” Common Market ” in
    1975 AD and under her Regime the Single European Act of 1986 AD
    was pushed through

    The EU has Done Nothing to Bridge the Gulf between Rich and Poor
    in the UK Save the Life of David Clapson and other Victims or to
    Stop Damaging Cuts to Funding of Local Government look at what has
    Happened since May 2010 AD

    Again this is Money that Needs to be Spent on Bridging the Gulf between
    Rich and Poor in the UK Funding the National Health Service Increasing
    Welfare Benefits and Housing the Homeless

  64. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/07/18/scot-j18.html

    overburdenddonkey | December 4, 2015 at 6:28 pm | Reply

    post the links then….

    • overburdenddonkey

      noop spinner of yarns…
      that’s what labour hamers posted…. in the wings article above, that i just recently posted to you…. and was smartly put in it’s place by commentators.. spreading labour bs does you no credit….

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps it amounts to a massive business rate relief so one person business can open, and maybe expand to take on staff… ie to encourage the growth of small businesses, yet so called socialists condemn it without even knowing wtf they’re talking about…

        • So bearded wankers such as the “Cereal Killers” can get a free ride at us hard-working taxpayers expense! Fuck that for a bowl of sugar-laden breakfast nosh.

  65. For every £1 UK puts in it has been said that only get 50 pence back

    Before this Pantomime UK had a Trading Surplus Now a Trading Deficit

    • overburdenddonkey

      i wish you ukippers would stop your nonsense…

      • overburdenddonkey

        and ps i the uk only did £4.2bn/yr trade with the eu i’d agree with you…

        • overburdenddonkey

          pps in profits obvs…




            “NO IT IS NOT”

            The truth must be rattling the government if they are so desperate to remove it………………



              Our Ref: FOI 4772
              Dear Mr Chandler,

              3 December 2015

              Thank you for your Freedom of Information request which we received on 9th November 2015.

              You asked:

              Can you provide statistics on the following please.

              1 – How many ESA Claimants have been for their medicals with the DWP’s Contractor.

              2 – How many of these ESA Claimants have requested their medicals be recorded by the

              3 – How many of these ESA Claimants, who requested a recording, have had the medical

              4 – How many of these ESA Claimants have been unable to receive a copy of the recording,
              because the equipment failed and the claimants were only informed of equipment failure at the
              end of the medical.
              In response we estimate that the cost of complying with your request would exceed the
              appropriate limit of £600. The appropriate limit has been specified in regulations and for central
              Government it is set at £600. This represents the estimated cost of one person spending 3½
              working days in determining whether the Department holds the information


            • paultheswineherd

              Geoff – They know only too well what they are doing – they are running scared and it is only a matter of time now before it all comes out.
              Cameron and his henchmen are doing everything that they can to divert attention from what they are doing to the most vulnerable people in Britain – but it is all too late and I think that before too long IDS may have to face the devil at his door – if only in the form of a ‘non-crooked’ Judge.

  66. paultheswineherd

    The DWP always tries to parcel everything up in a mixture of civil service talk and unintelligible legalistic gobbledegook. But this does not disguise the fact that IDS & the DWP, through their unrelenting and cruel policies towards the poor, the sick and disabled of Britain are, nevertheless, legally responsible for the avoidable and unnecessary deaths of thousands upon thousands of defenceless and innocent people who have often found themselves, through absolutely no fault of their own, with nowhere to turn.
    With a Government in power that looks after its own interests only and one that is giving aid to everyone in other countries, accusing other countries Governments of being corrupt and who are abusing human rights and are giving away ring-fenced millions and millions of pounds in ‘overseas aid’ – other countries think that Cameron & his Government are wonderful.
    They are not – they are callous murderers of their own people.

    • overburdenddonkey

      you make fighting them sound hopeless, it’s not…did prosecuting those resp for war crimes stop war crimes, no it didn’t…. for solutions see the work of dr bob johnson dr alice miller et al…

      • paultheswineherd

        overburdenddonkey – of course it is not hopeless – after all, numbers count – if you do not fight these people then you will not win anyway.

        • overburdenddonkey

          what numbers paul…? did prosecuting those resp for war crimes stop war crimes….?

          • paultheswineherd

            overburdenddonkey – the ‘numbers’ that I am referring to are the numbers of people who are prepared to stand up against them – for instance, against this present Tory Government.
            I am not referring to ‘war crimes’ as those that were carried out by Hitler and his ‘ordered’ henchmen – or for that matter, the ‘war crime’ carried out when the Russian pilot/co-pilot was shot dead by ‘opposition ground forces’ after the downing of the Russian jet by the Turkish military.
            What IDS & his DWP are doing are not officially classified as ‘war crimes’ in the true and proper sense. They are policies which lead to the totally unnecessary deaths of defenceless people by the cutting of benefits (and hope) via sanctions and by trying to force people who are totally unable to work into ‘work’.

            • overburdenddonkey

              yet another EH! WTF….?????????????

              • paultheswineherd

                overburdenddonkey – with all due respect to yourself, I can only assume that you and me are on completely different sides of the fence re this.
                You do not know what I am going on about and likewise, you do not know what I am going on about.
                with regard to Dr Bob Johnson & Dr Alice Miller – sorry – I am now wiser as I know nothing about any of these two people that you refer to.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  we are on different sides of the fence… do you even have any experience of the wca and/or appealing…?

                • paultheswineherd

                  overburdenddonkey – I understand what you are saying, – no, I do not have any experiences of the things that you mention. I can comment only on what I read about on here and elsewhere.
                  The only real experience that I have personally had with any of it was years and years ago on an ‘Employment Training’ scheme – which in the event led to nothing and continued visits to the Job Centre to ‘sign on’.
                  I can therefore empathise with so many people on here who have had so much shit thrown at them – some for up to 35 years! It is absolutely terrible by the look of it. I hope that this now clarifies things a bit!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i do know what you’re going on about but it’s one sided and imv must include REMEDY, not the victims prosecuting abusers neither, which never/rarely changes anything in any case, but how to empower/support victims to maintain vital incomes…people like myself who need no proof of the systems barbarity…as we live it….it’s not a peep show….
                  you obvs don’t read my comments as you patronized me with this…
                  ‘They are policies which lead to the totally unnecessary deaths of defenceless people by the cutting of benefits (and hope) via sanctions and by trying to force people who are totally unable to work into ‘work’.’

                • paultheswineherd

                  overburdenddonkey – (Ref your 11.31am reply)
                  I am not directly referring to yourself as such and by what I wrote I was not directing those comments to you personally, I am only stating as I see it (as so many other posters on here say also) – hence you thought that I was being patronising to you – if you thought that this was the case, then I apologise.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  no good ‘apologizing’ not accepted….you translate you don’t listen your ’empathy’ is sympathy..you talk @ me….certainly don’t read my posts nor represent my interests…you posted to me….

    • The recipients of overseas aid are getting better training In high ranking occupations than we are getting in this country, so that we can import them and their skills as cheap labour here, while we flounder in a sea of oppression.

      • paultheswineherd

        flyhawks – you are right in what you say – we pay millions and millions of pounds in ‘taxpayer’s money’ to ‘overseas aid’ – then we can get them in – (surpassing our own ‘healthcare workers’ in the process) at a much lower salary – while our own people are bypassed – to try to go on to try to get work with such like as ATOS & MAXIMUS.

        • IT Contractor ('between jobs')

          IT firms send their staff to India to train up the Indians then the Indians are ‘parachuted in’ to the UK to do their job.

      • IT Contractor ('between jobs')

        IT firms send their staff to India to train up the Indians then the Indians are ‘parachuted in’ to to their job.

  67. paultheswineherd

    Also, what has happened to the ‘deadline’ on 30th November for the DWP to report the final figures for the numbers of ‘deaths’ to the Information Commissioner? If they do not come up with the figures is it a ‘Contempt of Court’ situation?

    • overburdenddonkey

      ime the most stress is caused by not getting full and proper support, when it’s required…. we need more grassroots support groups…


    The war propaganda machine has already started with claims the leading Paris terrorist may have had phone contact with somebody in the Midlands.

    You should not have to sell the reason for war but inevitably, we do.

    When we invaded Afghanistan i can remember newsreels featuring a woman claiming to be an American nurse. She was screaming that rebel forces had gone into hospitals and killed old people and babies indiscriminately.
    Turns out she was an American actress……………

    During the invasion of Kuwait, pictures of birds dying, covered in oil were posted on the media. The rebels had bombed an oil well and the suffering to wildlife was disgusting.
    It turned out that the Brits had bombed it by mistake………..

    In the Iraq war an American soldier came forward and admitted that his job was to go around battle sites to monitor radioactive readings. He had a large fancy watch device that measured uranium radiation levels on blown up military vehicles such as enemy tanks.
    The Americans had been using depleted uranium on their warheads which is against the Geneva convention. He was hushed up and all his service records and combat photos went walkabout on orders from the Pentagon.
    The American government ridiculed his stories until he showed a photo of himself wearing the meter stood next to a blown up rebel tank……….

    A babies powdered milk factory was bombed. The Allies claimed it was a bomb making factory.
    Guess what?
    It was a baby food factory………………….

    Going to war needs propaganda to furnish the reason why we went in the first place.
    Our UK government are unlikely to admit that our aims are to secure a gas pipeline that will cater for most of Europe.

    Everything our governments tell us is complete fiction to warrant the long term greed of the multinationals that control the purse strings.

    Try telling this to your loved one who is drained of colour, lifeless and thin, just waiting for the end to arrive to stop the pain and suffering.
    Denied treatment and medicine that comes secondary to the obscene act of war.

    Never have i seen a government so happy at going to war…………

    The clapping and cheering a sign of the mental problems of those purporting to represent us.

    Syria will be left in ruins, militant factions still at war long after we leave. Another Afghanistan, anothet Iraq, another Libya, another absolute fuck up by those paid to know better…………………

    ……………..and who will pick up the pieces, the Banks, the arms manufacturers, the hedge fund managers, the corporate estates?

    No, you will pay the ultimate price of failure, as will generations into the future.


      How can a so called inquiry into the reasons for invading Iraq be anything other than a complete fairy story given that anybody named in the report can challenge the findings and have it altered or retracted.
      You are being sold a worthless piece of paper that has been abridged by the perpetrators that are under suspicion………………

      It’s like finding someone guilty, giving them the evidence and asking them to rewrite it.
      Nobody will be to blame, that was evident from the start.

      An alibi to mass murder.

      • Vigil held in Edinburgh for people killed by Tories’ benefit cuts
        December 4th, 2015 – 12:01 am Janice Burns

        TRAGIC victims of the Tory Government’s welfare cuts regime were remembered last night with a candlelight vigil in Edinburgh.

        People with disabilities and campaigners gathered outside Edinburgh’s St Giles Cathedral and Edinburgh City Chambers to pay tribute to dozens of people who have either taken their own lives or died as an alleged result of benefit cuts.

        The event was hosted by Scottish disability campaign group Black Triangle as a mark of respect for those who have died, as part of Disability History Month Scotland, which runs until December 22.

        On its website, the organisation lists dozens of people from across the UK it alleges have been “killed as a result of welfare reforms”.

        Alongside the names it has written in eulogy: “They shall be remembered forevermore.

        “Avenge the dead. Resuscitate the living. We must fight on for freedom from Westminster’s murderous policies and support the struggle of all Britain’s sick and/or disabled people simultaneously.”

        Statistics released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) revealed that during the period December 2011 to February 2014, 2,380 people died after their claim for employment and support allowance ended because a work capability assessment found they were found fit for work.

        UK ministers say that the data cannot be used to link claimant deaths to its welfare reforms, but the figures have turned attention on the government’s fit-for-work assessment process, which has been dogged by controversy in recent years.

        Victims – including disabled Michael O’Sullivan from London, whom a coroner ruled had killed himself after being wrongly found fit for work following a DWP assessment and warned of a risk of further deaths – were remembered during the emotional vigil.

        Black Triangle co-founder John McArdle said: “The Black Triangle, Disability History Scotland and many disabled people were gathering to commemorate the people who have lost their lives through welfare reform.”

        McArdle vowed that disability groups would not give up fighting against the cruel cuts and for justice for those who have died.

        He praised SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson for continuing to raise the issue with David Cameron and calling on him to publish reports into the deaths of 60 people who took their own lives after being told they were fit to work. McArdle said it was politicians like him who kept the battle for rights for disabled people on the political agenda.

        He said:“We cannot forget that disabled people are still suffering under the welfare regime. Disabled people continue to die because of these cuts. I got news last night of another man who died of multiple organ failure.”


          Maximus boss’s share sale is fresh embarrassment for DWP

          By John Pring on December 4, 2015 Benefits and Poverty

          A senior US executive decided to offload millions of dollars-worth of stock in his own company, just two weeks after it began delivering the controversial UK government contract to assess disabled people’s fitness for work.

          Maximus took over the £595 million contract to provide hundreds of thousands of work capability assessments every year from the much-criticised outsourcing giant Atos on 2 March, but had been already working alongside Atos on the contract for several months.

          And just two weeks after taking over the contract, on 17 March, Maximus president Bruce Caswell submitted plans to sell 120,000 shares in the company over the next few months.


          • “DWP to apologise to woman whose brother killed himself after his benefits were cut”……………………

            ……….yet the murders continue?

            Health service ombudsman partially upholds Linda Cooksey’s complaint over case of her late brother Tim Salter
            Tim Salter
            Tim Salter killed himself in September 2013, nine months after his benefits were stopped, leaving him almost destitute.

            A woman whose partially sighted brother killed himself after his benefits were cut is to receive an apology from the Department for Work and Pensions, after the health service ombudsman partially upheld her complaint about his case.

            It marks the end of a two-year battle for Linda Cooksey, 60, who believes her brother Tim Salter, a recluse with undiagnosed mental health problems, should never have been found fit for work by DWP assessors.

            Salter, described by his sister as a lovely man, killed himself in September 2013, nine months after his benefits were stopped. A coroner ruled that a major factor in the 53-year-old’s death was that his benefits had been greatly reduced, leaving him almost destitute.


    • Will Hilary Benn be expecting a lower gas bill?

      ‘The report by Mohammed El-Katiri, an advisor to the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defence and formerly a research director at the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Advanced Research and Assessment Group (ARAG), explicitly acknowledges that a post-conflict Syria would open up new prospects for energy exploration.

      “Once the Syria conflict is resolved, prospects for Syrian offshore production — provided commercial resources are found — are high,” wrote El-Katiri. Potential oil and gas resources can be developed “relatively smoothly once the political situation allows for any new exploration efforts in its offshore territories.”

      The US Army SSI report noted that Syria’s offshore resources are part of a wider matrix of oil and gas deposits in the Levant basin encompassing the offshore territories of these competing states.

      The region is estimated to hold approximately 1.7 billion barrels of oil and 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, which could be just a third of the basin’s total hydrocarbons.

      US-led military intervention has a key role to play, the report concludes, in “managing” conflicts and tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially the prospect of “Syria destabilising into de facto civil war.”

  69. The Money Wasted over many Years on the EU Abyss with the Corruption
    Scandals the EU Court of Auditors Refusing to Sign off Accounts and
    Petty Pantomime over Prawn Crisps and Bent Bananas Really Needed to
    of been Spent in the United Kingdom Helping the Poor and Vulnerable in
    this Country

  70. One Notices that Denmark Has Voted No in an EU opt out Referendum
    3rd December 2015 AD

    Well Done Denmark

  71. One Hopes that there is Not a Jimmy Savile Museum .

    Jimmy Savile is a Sicko just like Margaret Thatcher is an Evil Tyrant
    and Oppressor

    • no oppression with all due respect you cannot condemn someone who is not alive to speak for themselves as to whether they are guilty or not.
      I believe in fairness and justice.

      • overburdenddonkey

        i condemn hitler…

        • Yes but without Hitler the DWP could not set a yardstick of evil. You always need a comparison, yet Hitler was probably the lesser of the two.

          • overburdenddonkey

            dunno what the yes but is about…but hitler was far worse than the dwp is…but i don’t need yardsticks…there is no such thing as better evil….

        • That is different obd and you know it.

          • overburdenddonkey

            no it’s not…and you know it…

            • There was evidence other than the victims to testify against Hitler and his evil regime.

              Victims in abuse cases should be listened to and the perpetrators tried whether they are a government minister or a disc jockey.

              To wait until they are dead to condemn retrospectively would not be justice.

              Even then there are miscarriages of justice from the courts if you have no status in life.

            • overburdenddonkey

              wot the inuit testified against hitler did they….? and hitler never stood trail either as he died before he could be tried….

              • There were enough witnesses to hitler’s crimes other than the victims – abuses during wartime is an entirely different scenario to abuse during so called peacetime.
                The subject matter we are posting on is yet another post for the feminists and is regarding murder rather than other forms of abuse.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  that’s a desperate reply, fly….arguing yellow is red yet again…’There were enough witnesses to hitler’s crimes other than the victims’…the witnesses were victims… ‘abuses during wartime is an entirely different scenario to abuse during so called peacetime.’ absolute rubbish…the abuses came from the same root csa/ca…
                  The subject matter we are posting on is yet another post for the feminists and is regarding murder rather than other forms of abuse.’ you’re now trying to demarcate, there is no demarcation..and you’re also implying that the victims must also ‘forget’ if their abusers are dead…and saying voices other than the victims count, you’re saying that the victims voices don’t count unless backed up with the voice of non-victims, that only through the state can justice be done, and justice is not revenge…in europe/and other non-european countries, during ww2 it would have been impossible to find some one who was not affected, therefore a non-victim, finding a non-victim to testify would have been impossible…saviles victims have rights to be heard, as do hitlers victims, the affects of their crimes did not die with them, as you’re implying…
                  healing from the affects of their abuse is the justice for any of their victims, not trials…
                  the victims are the crime scene and the prime/key witnesses to the crimes against them…strange world you live in condemn some abusers and respect/leave to rip, other abusers coz they’re dead the affects of their crimes don’t die with them….

                • OBD

                  You are proving nothing by going over and over the same old ground.
                  Even Hitler did not receive any punishment for his crimes because he killed himself first. His henchmen were finally brought to justice though.
                  The Russian soldiers that liberated the concentration camps were witnesses to the abuse even though they had not been abused themselves.

                  You cannot have a fair trial and justice if the perpetrator is dead.
                  There has been no trial against Jimmy Saville anyway, it is the media that have condemned him.

                  It is because I do not want double standards regarding verdicts that I stand by my own opinions on this.
                  The emphasis has to be on believing the alleged victim and bringing charges against the alleged perpetrator/s to ascertain the truth, which as I stated earlier does not always get to the truth and sometimes innocent people are labelled as abusers.

                  I live in the real world I think you are trapped in a world of abuse it seems and are showing no signs of healing.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you’re now claiming that our system is ok and one shouldn’t speak out if one is healed as healing means one ought to be passive, accepting, tolerant of abuse, inanimate, abuse victims should be seen and not heard, always being ‘positive and looking on the bright side of life turn that frown upside down never being upset not angry, healing is the full embodiment of all human emotion, from absolute outrage to joy…
                  that we’re too contaminated/damaged to speak, speak out…and must be spoken for, be led told what to say and how to BEHAVE, only speak when spoken to accept not having a mind of own, damage undone…aka emotionally quiet/dead/numb follow the systems grace and etiquette honour thy mother and and father and not reject them totally….you even claim to be a judge of when healing has taken place…you have once again become personal when responding to me…not even heard of ptsd/c-ptsd, russian et al soldiers were victims, who witnessed atrocities, and lived in constant life threatening terrors as did everyone involved in ww2….my father in law, walked sobbing along the beaches of dunkirk 50yrs+ after dunkirk, there are many accounts like his the old ground stayed frozen in his mind, harry patch, few truly lived after the horrors of ww2….and implying our govt is benevolent…we know whats best for you…
                  ‘You cannot have a fair trial and justice if the perpetrator is dead.
                  There has been no trial against Jimmy Saville anyway, it is the media that have condemned him.’ not just the media, but his victims condemned him…wow you’re saying the classic let bygones be bygones, move on let go, and get a grip…and that there is no possibility healing for victims esp if the abusers are dead…all csa/ca victims, victims of war and csa/ca, have the right to condemn their abusers whether their abusers are dead or alive…abusers lose their right to be left in peace by their victims, who must speak out/express or remain life long victims… according to your implications only non-affected witnesses are permitted to speak out on behalf of victims..ie people who witnessed the abuses but were not touched buy the abuses and never intervened…therefore justice is drowned…according to you abuse victims must be silent, the healed must be silent, and on a web site that is fundamentally dealing with abuse, is impossible…all war is caused by child abuse hitler and his henchmen being victims themselves… http://www.naturalchild.org/alice_miller/adolf_hitler.html alice miller who was a polish jew, and witnessed 1st hand atrocities, according to you no longer a valid witness…

                • OBD stop rabbitting on what good will it do the victim to condemn a dead man, how will that heal anyone.
                  There is no need for the way you go on 500 words where 5 would do for you.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i’ve already fully explained…would you like me to explain YET AGAIN….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps as already fully explained one is condemning the ABUSE(S), and healing from the abuse(s)….not from the abuser(s), as one heals their power over one evapourates….
                  ie saville and hitler are abuser(s) their abuses still frozen in the minds of the victims, until healed ie booted out of the victims mind….it matters NOT if the abusers are physically dead or alive, as already explained….they’re still alive in the victims minds until booted out of the victims minds….

                • I hear what you are saying OBD but it seems some never heal and are going round in never ending circles.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  and that person is you…but @ least now you agree with me after endlessly posting to you that it’s ok for saville to be condemned for abusing others and that the damage he did doesn’t die with him…

                • Like who said it was ok to prosecute a dead man?
                  You are the circular one – I think loopy is the word.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  like no one….
                  you’re obsessed with prosecution as if this is healing, though…

              • The Inuits are Eskimos! What the fuck have the Eskimos go to do with Hitler. Or did Hitler invade Greenland?

    • They’ll put him in Madame Tussaud’s right next to Thatcher. That would be so fitting; two psycho’s without a shred of empathy, together.

      • Raining

        Both are dead, Thatcher worked within a political party, Hitler worked within a murderous regime and Saville has been accused of silly things like grabbing a woman’s arm who worked at the bbc, amongst more serious allegations, which cannot be proved if he is dead.
        I am not saying the alleged victims are liars nor am I trying him via the media and I am most certainly not an appeaser for paedophiles, but I do know there can be miscarriages of justice on both sides of the offence even if alive to defend or testify.

        • overburdenddonkey

          which is why justice for the victims is healing….it doesn’t matter if the abuser is dead or alive for healing to be enabled…the abuser doesn’t need to be present, in fact it’s harmful to healing if they are…convicting abusers doesn’t heal the victims…

  72. Mobile phone requirement for Universal Credit claimants, – don’t need nor email address.


  73. The EU is a Neo Liberal Project One that has Not been Bothered whilst
    the Poor have Suffered whilst Millionaires have got Tax Breaks since
    May 2010 AD where MEPs and Failed Politicians have a Gravy Train
    whilst Greece has Austerity Inflicted upon it in the EU Pantomime

    Europe Needs Social Justice Not Slavery

    overburdenddonkey | December 5, 2015 at 12:28 pm | Reply

    there’s double in unclaimed benefits than eu membership costs the uk…

  74. Universal Credit does Need to be Opposed and Reversed just like the
    Excesses of Neo Liberalism in General

    Welfare Benefits Need to be Increased as with the State Pension as Well

  75. The Over Commercialisation of Christmas whilst there is so much Homeless
    and Suffering in this Land shows the Destructiveness of Materialism instead
    of a Genuinely Caring Society

    People should be Demonstrating in Defence of the Welfare State Increasing
    the State Pension Lowering the Retirement Age and Housing the Homeless

    No to Materialist Orgy of Commercialmus Yes to a Good Christmas Present
    a Caring State and Society with Social Justice

  76. Instead of a Monument or Museum Glorifying the Evil Tyrant Margaret
    Thatcher what is a Better is a Monument and Museum to the Victims
    of the Margaret Thatcher Regime

    Any Ideas for a Good Design ?

    • A gingerbread man surrounded by milk bottles would be a good depiction of the Thatcher Era, because she condemned lone parents and took milk away from primary school children.
      Underneath should be the ‘loads of money’ character Harry Enfield outside of the London Stock Exchange.

      • paultheswineherd

        I suggest a statue of the ‘evil bitch’ Margaret Thatcher holding in one hand – a milk bottle – representing the taking away of the morning milk to young children and in the other hand – a miner’s helmet – representing the taking away of all of those (Arthur Scargill!) coal miner’s jobs in the 1980’s – with her then sitting (with her legs well apart!) on a mound – representing the Bank of England – and then on the front of the mound, a small picture of Harry Enfield, with his both hands clenched and upraised, representing the ‘loads of money’ and ‘City huge bonus’ culture that she so supremely encouraged. After all – she once said “there is no society”.
        So – as far as she was concerned – Fuck the poor.
        Just like David Cameron and his Government who are in ‘POWER’ now.

  77. What the fuck is George Galloway doing on the Iranian controlled Press TV?! He has a phone-in show, “Comment”. Press TV is BANNED in the UK. Sky was ordered personally by Theresa May to take it off the Astra Satellite, but it still has a slot on Hotbird. It is even in High Definition ffs. Incidentally, GG is also on RT (Russia Today). Must be coining it in!

    • Hotbird is even more whacky than Astra – you got Quran TV, Islam TV, Muslim TV….. Radio Baghdad, Radio Tehran, Radio Iran, all sorts of mad preachers ranting in a foreign tongue… how the fuck can Theresa May possibly police that. And it also belies all that shit that we told that all of Joe and Josephine’s internet connections must be monitored and recorded for “our safety”. What a crock!

      • Hotbird’s “footprint” covers Europe, North Africa and the Middle East so you can expect the full gamut of nutters on there.

  78. paultheswineherd

    In all conscience – what the fuck is going on in Britain today?
    After all – we can afford more than enough to fight a ‘new’ war in Syria.

  79. paultheswineherd

    Incidentally, I did hear somewhere that IDS tomorrow (Monday 7th) is going to have to face a parliamentary committee to explain ‘how he thinks benefit sanctions are affecting current claimants, both those in work and out of work’. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  80. my name is, " my" name

    Earth, Air, Water, Fire. What’s missing? Oh yeah! Aether!
    Is that where my comment has gone. Winging its way to the AETHER?

    • Conspiracy nonsense quoting the work of a well known holocaust denier is not likely to get posted.

      • ET - The Extra Terrestrial

        Well known holocaust denier – who? Steven Speilberg? 😀

      • my name is, " my" name

        That’s fine.
        It was an article released by, Ancestry, from the secret archives and relevant to your article!” You know, with being about the Ripper!

        Please verify for myself, what well known holocaust denier you refer to?
        “Conspiracy” “Hearsay”. It’s the pot calling the kettle, black arse, isn’t it?

        How did the post refer to the holocaust? Did the holocaust happen in Victorian England then? Puzzled as to your intent! Maybe it’s the programme?

        . ♥

        • It was not an article released by Ancestry, it was a load of wild speculation based on some information released by Ancestry and a daft book. Michael A. Hoffman is a holocaust denier. Conspiracy theories have always been removed from here, it’s a long standing policy, I have no wish for this blog to be a platform for that crap.

  81. A Girl Called Jack Daniels

    More how to live high on the hog on a shoestring bs

    How a family of 4 can live on £6 a week

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