A Truly Chilling Move: Now Maximus Are Trying To Buy Remploy

maximusfbUS based multinational Maximus could be set to expand their monopoly over the lives of sick and disabled people by buying up what’s left of soon to be privatised Remploy.  This brazen move is sure to inflame anger against the company who are already facing protests after winning the contract to take over running the despised Work Capability Assessment from Atos.

Shortly after the government embarked on the cruel and vindictive closure of the Remploy factories, parts of the organisation were hived off and turned into a sort of state run welfare-to-work company.  Then last year it was announced this would be sold off to the private sector under an initiative bizarrely called Project Jupiter.

Just two companies have submitted bids to buy Remploy, Maximus and Prospects.  Both of these companies are already involved in the welfare-to-work  sector and the Remploy deal comes with a big juicy DWP contract to run the Work Choice scheme, alongside contracts to run parts of the Work Programme and the Access To Work scheme for disabled workers.  In other words they buy Remploy and the DWP spends the next few years giving them their money back.

Maximus have even produced a cringe-making youtube video (comments currently open) for the staff at Remploy with sinister Chief Executive Richard Montoni and his glassy-eyed corporate lacky Bruce Caswell spinning away the crimes of these profit hungry vultures.  Do not belive the fucking hype.  Richard Montoni earns a staggering $5 million a year to spout this shit.   In the US Maximus have faced both protests and law suits as they have gobbled up ever more public services, including contracts to disqualify people from free healthcare.  In Saudi Arabia they quite happily operate a gender segregated workforce, with ‘male candidates preferred‘ for some roles despite their claim to be equal opportunity employers.  In the UK they are already heavily involved in workfare and the harrowing benefit sanctions regime which has been linked to a growing number of suicides.

Should Maximus be successful in buying Remploy then their power over sick and disabled people’s lives will be chilling and unprecedented.  Disabled people who needs funding for adjustments at work through Access To Work will be assessed by Maximus.  People who need to take time off due to sickness or disability will soon have their absence acredited by Maximus, not their GP, as part of their Fit For Work contract.  If someone has to leave work because of a health condition then it will be a Maximus run Work Capability Assessment which decides whether they are eligible for sickness and disability benefits.  If they are found fit for work, or even possibly able to work in the future, then, depending on where they live they may be sent on the Work Programme.  With Maximus.  If unemployed disabled people want to join the so far voluntary Work Choice scheme then they will be sent to Maximus.  These bastards need to be stopped.

The decision on who gets to buy Remploy will be made in the next few weeks with an announcement expected in March.  You can share your thoughts with them on twitter @Remploy and @MAXIMUS_news.

In the meantime please spread the word about the Day of Action Against Maximus set to take place on the 2nd March.  Please tweet, share, blog and post everywhere: http://dpac.uk.net/2015/01/maximus-day-of-action-2nd-of-march-list-of-events-around-the-uk-scrapwca/

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126 responses to “A Truly Chilling Move: Now Maximus Are Trying To Buy Remploy

    • From: Peter:Brewster

      13 February 2015

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
      Please let me know
      1: how many reviews into benefits claimants killing themselves
      since Jan 2012.
      2: Seeing as you are killing people by your actions, can I see a
      copy of the latest report, as this is of paramount public interest.
      3: Do you realise that you are liable for your actions, with that
      in mind how many staff have left the DWP since Jan 2012.
      4: How many staff have been sacked for failing to install the
      draconian policies since Jan 2012,
      5: How many whistle blowers have been sacked since Jan 2012.
      6: What is your policy on vulnerable households and sanctions.

      Your department is responsible for killing thousands of people in
      the UK by your actions, I posit that this makes you democidal
      maniacs Terrorists and Traitors and I demand you resign

      Yours faithfully,


      Link to this

      • I’d like to know how all of the above too. I know of four people with mental health conditions who killed themselves under the pressure of having to sign on. I had a another ‘mini’ breakdown when I had to. My children had to take care of me!
        Another thing, we know what’s going on; there is lots of info on the web now. My issue is, what can we do? I’m overwhelmed with information but, have no place to direct it. It seems protests, petitions, debates, online sites for justice, rallies, meetups etc etc don’t make any difference. I remember a time when they did which, is how I know that they’re all ignored now.
        We need to get together somehow and find a way to change things.
        I get info from lots of places on the web as, I’m sure everyone here does. This site is the most refreshing. I like the expressions of outrage as they come from a place of rightness.
        Does that sound patronising? Oh bugger! I just mean that I’m outraged but, all I see everywhere else is factual accounts of the most appalling treatment of people or over the top outrage for effect.

        • @linda i had a friend who took her own life
          because she was accused of being a benefit scrounger

        • Protest used to be effective in the days when there was more than a cigarette paper’s width of difference between the policies of the Tory and Labour parties. Sadly Labour have now abandoned any principals they once pretended to have. It’s not too late to attempt to focus these bastards minds through occupations of their constituency offices – a group go in to the office, preferably whilst their local ‘representative’ is there, and confront them. If their offices are occupied then they cease to be effective constituency offices, and cause a huge dilemma for the Labour Party, as at this point in time do they really wish to be seen as oppressing legitimate public protest?

          Don’t discount the effectiveness of occupying local Tory offices either, as they are often hubs of Tory social activities too, and provides you with a golden opportunity of wrecking the functioning of the various social activities.

          There are plenty of things that can be done, and as far as tactics go you could do lot worse than get hold of and read Saul D Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’. It’s a great source of ideas for direct action – my favourite is the reccomendation of packing a public meeting with a group of people who have eaten copious amounts of baked beans prior to attending! Sure, Alinsky’s politics were rather on the mild side of radical, but his book is a classic manual for anyone considering any form of direct action – you can find a .pdf copy here:


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    Words fail me

  2. Universal credit benefit roll-out ‘£600m under budget’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-31476172


    • In Deep Shit propaganda. Give a few weeks & the truth will come out about how fucked up Universal Credits budget really is. Let`s all forgot about the NAO reports. A IDS Media blitz because there is only less than 3 months to the bingo election.

    • Seeing is believing

      oh,200,000 GBP per claiment is UNDER budget?
      It would be cheaper to give every claimant the option to take £500,000 and not come back until the age of 65!
      George Smith can park that statement on his C.V. along with other distortions of the truth.
      Like his Name for instance.
      Cheeses.What a fucking SHNORER!

      • Yeah, but if you gave everyone £half a million smackers they would only go and blow if on Lamborghinis, drugs, booze, fags, flat-screen TVs and on-line porn 😀 … then expect to be bailed out.

        • no they wouldn’t unless they was mental ill or had some form of addiction that drove them to it. Most people would invest it into finding work, and making good use of which can’t be said of the government these days. They are wasting what you would call your money and your taxes, on their vanity projects and ideology. You can’t even see it. They have cut money away and are demolishing the safety net for everyone, little bit by bit so you can’t see what they are doing. So when you come to need it one day or old enough to get state pension, it will not be there. And if you think they are going to lower your taxes, think again, because tax cuts are for the super rich only so that they don’t have to avoid their taxes any more.

          • Every Lidl Helps

            If we gave everyone £500.000 that would surely be cheaper than the money Iain Duncan Smith has spunked on his Universal Credit wet dream!

            • overburdenddonkey

              yep, wouldn’t need £500000, say twenty and decent unconditional benefits for a while.. there have been various studies done that prove for the vast majority, enough no strings money helps people get back on their feet and is far better for our economy in the long run…in fact this was part of the reasoning behind setting up the welfare state in the 1st place…the destruction and privatization of uk industry has devastated employment and provided vast incomes stream for neoliberals… see this illustrative vid..

  3. Maximus & Atos are not only buying up things they are getting all the Cons contracts for sub contracting. Atos has not gone away & have quite a few government contracts o the go.

  4. ‘Hypocrite’ Cameron ‘is breaching UN convention’ with inaccessible office

    DNS – 13th Feb 2015

    The prime minister has been accused of “hypocrisy” after admitting that his constituency office in Oxfordshire is not accessible to many disabled people.

    The office in High Street, Witney, is on the first floor of a building with no lifts, a situation that appears to be a clear breach of article 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

    Cameron is the most high-profile MP so far to be exposed by Disability News Service (DNS) for publicly calling for more to be done to make society accessible to disabled people, while privately running a constituency office that prevents disabled people from participating in politics.

    The admission from Cameron’s office has angered disabled activists appalled by another example of government double-standards on disability.

    Read More:

    • MAXIMUS, Inc., based in Reston, Virginia, is a publicly-traded (NYSE:MMS) for-profit corporation that receives government contracts to provide “business process services” to government health and human services agencies in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia. The company focuses primarily on “operating government-sponsored programs for vulnerable populations, such as Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicaid, health insurance exchanges and other health care reform initiatives under the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, welfare-to-work, and child support services,” according to its annual report.[1]
      The outsourcing of health and human services function to private for-profit firms raises significant concerns. According to non-profit research group In the Public Interest, a comprehensive resource center on privatization and responsible contracting, “many children and adults rely on government-provided health and human services. The ability of these programs to deliver services efficiently and appropriately often is a matter of life and death. Numerous state and local governmental entities are finding that turning over these programs to private contractors not only fails to achieve projected cost savings but also decreases access to these important services, hurting many vulnerable families. In many cases, the service quality declines dramatically and many sick or at-risk people are left with substandard care.

  5. Where has the £600 Million IDS saving gone !!! Money Laundering again IDS !!

    • PROFITS AND OWNERSHIP: For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2013, Maximus, Inc. took in revenues of $1.33 billion and reported profits of $116 million.[3] It is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
      BUSINESS MODEL: Maximus Inc.’s health division advertises that it provides various services including government health insurance program administration, program eligibility and enrollment, application assistance and enrollment counseling, and administration and consumer outreach. In its human services division, services provided include welfare case management, job training, and support services, such as welfare-to-work, customer contact center operations, child support case management, K-12 special education case management, and tax credit and employer services.[1] Maximus has the following subsidiaries as of November 2012:[1]
      MAXNetwork Pty Limited (incorporated/organized in Australia)
      MAXIMUS Canada, Inc. (incorporated/organized in Canada)
      MAXIMUS Properties LLC (incorporated/organized in Virginia)
      MAXIMUS International, LLC (incorporated/organized in Virginia)
      MAXIMUS Federal Services, Inc. (incorporated/organized in Virginia)
      MAXIMUS Consulting Services, Inc. (incorporated/organized in Virginia)
      MAXIMUS Health Services, Inc. (incorporated/organized in Indiana)
      MAXIMUS Human Services, Inc. (incorporated/organized in Virginia)
      MAXIMUS K-12 Education, Inc. (incorporated/organized in Virginia)
      MAXIMUS Higher Education, Inc. (incorporated/organized in Virginia)
      MAXIMUS BC Health, Inc. (incorporated/organized in British Columbia)
      MAXIMUS Employment & Training Limited (incorporated/organized in United Kingdom)
      MAXIMUS Employment UK Limited (incorporated/organized in United Kingdom)
      Policy Studies, Inc. (incorporated/organized in Colorado)
      PSI Services Holding, Inc. (incorporated/organized in Delaware)
      FOUNDING: Maximus was founded in 1975.

    • Maximus has been a Private Sector member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) at least from 1994 to 1995.[27] ALEC’s full list of corporate funders over the past few decades is not known, and so any subsequent funding of ALEC by Maximus is not known.
      ALEC has pursued a decades-long agenda to privatize the most profitable aspects of government and shrink those that remain. In the 1990s, ALEC approved the “Privatization of Foster Care and Adoption Services” Act, an area in which Maximus has direct interests. According to a 2012 report by the non-profit research group In the Public Interest:[28]
      “The American Legislative Exchange Council has been a major force in pushing for the privatization of public services and assets. They actively promote privatization that allows corporate takeover of public functions. This agenda is evident in ALEC’s model bills. ALEC works with its corporate members to draft model bills that state legislators can introduce and push in their states. Many of these bills create incentives to privatize services and call for the increased use of private financing and control of public infrastructure projects. The bills also have the potential to generate lucrative sources of revenue for ALEC’s corporate sponsors. For example, ALEC bills make it easier to create virtual public schools, encourage states to privatize vital health programs that help vulnerable populations, force state governments to sell public prisons to private corporations, and help other industries take control of public services. As a result, we stand to lose control of critical public services and assets and we risk a weakened democracy.”[28]
      Additionally, ALEC has approved bills and resolutions to advance the privatization of pensions, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and public infrastructure such as roads.[29]
      About ALEC
      ALEC is a corporate bill mill. It is not just a lobby or a front group; it is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, corporations hand state legislators their wishlists to benefit their bottom line. Corporations fund almost all of ALEC’s operations. They pay for a seat on ALEC task forces where corporate lobbyists and special interest reps vote with elected officials to approve “model” bills. Learn more at the Center for Media and Democracy’s ALECexposed.org, and check out breaking news on our PRWatch.org site.

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    Johnny Void here points out that if Maximus are allowed to purchase Remploy, then they will have a massive degree of control over the lives of disabled people following their acquisition of the contracts for the Work Capability Assessment and other major welfare to work contracts. They stand to have a monopolistic control over a major part of the welfare to work industry, and have to be stopped. Now.

  7. Refer this matter to Sue Marsh ASAP!

  8. Maximus is only interested in getting people into work, which must be a side line in their main work. The employment details on Maximus website is very Welfare Reform meaning vested interest in contract with the Conservatives. Maximus has gone well past Medicals In the UKs Welfare Reform. Soon Maximus will be taking over all jobcentres.

  9. Just a thought, where will Maximus be paying their tax? offshore account by any chance? May be worth a follow up?

  10. I’m doomed, best start learning to beg on the streets, its less degrading.

  11. Rosemarie Harris

    What do people know about Prospects? Are these better work providers?
    As one or the other will win the prize of obtaining Remploy do we go out of our way to support prospects in obtaining remploy? Has anyone seen what prospects will do with remploy?

    • I don’t know anything about Prospects, but surely they are just another scheming, money grasping private company trying to cash in on the neo-liberal money laundering scheme.

      What would be so wrong about absorbing the entire welfare system back into the public sector?

  12. Maximus Dosh equals Minimus Integrity.

  13. overburdenddonkey

    seriously; what they claim is sickness and disability is a symptom of/can lead to addictive/bad behaviours, ie not being fit for work, choosing not to work and is therefore a bad habit to get into…drinking milk is the start of it all…
    that are actually stating that being sick and disabled is bad behaviour and that it should be punished…the wca 3 ring circus hoop jumping, is designed to add considerable leverage to their false claims….it’s mind over matter, they don’t mind and we don’t matter…cbt again!

  14. Disability Discrimination – Picking out & picking on a certain type of person. Mental Health can be solved with a confidence boost by the work & life coach on £35,000 a year following you around all day. What a waste of £35,000 !!!!

  15. No surprises here, we knew they wouldn`t be happy until the Workhouse was re-instated, i imagine the next steps will be to combine this with prisons and compulsory military service so that young working class people will have the option of slavery via work fair, industrial prison work (see USA) or being sent abroad to fight in the desert.

  16. MAXIMUS RUN THE DWP. Just right for the lazy IDS.

  17. If dodgy dave don’t get his Dodgy Human Rights Bill through Dodgy Dave is fucked in corporate manslaughter charges as well as Human Rights breeches.

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    “These bastards need to be stopped.”, to right. I, probably the vast majority of people in the UK. Both disabled and able bodied will be be shocked to hear this. Having suffered at the hands of Atos and their lies, immoral examinations. What is more knowing individuals who have suffered from Remploy. Knowing what happened to this evil nasty company in the USA why on earth have the UK government let them become so infiltrated into our economy. More so, targeting the most vulnerable and weak in our society. These bastards, shouldn’t be ket anywhere near any disabled individuals. Saying that watch McVey being grilled recently. Her utter contempt and pitiless amount of lies sprouting from her vile mouth. Luckily Glenda Jackson’ got the better of her. What is more the recent amount of lies and spin from IDS both in the Telegraph and Observer. My blood boils when I hear, watch or even think of these two people. You couldn’t get two of the most evil, nastiness of individuals to look after the most vulnerable within society as possible

  19. Mental Health is not a bogus scam that earn £ billions for the government. Mental Health is treatable with a life & work coach. Real bogus claims. Real bogus DWP claims. Null & Void.

    • DWP shortcuts to reduce PIP delays ‘have made it easier to reject claims’

      newslatestShort-cuts introduced to reduce the backlog of applications for the government’s new disability benefit have made it easier to reject claims, according to the main union representing Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) staff.

      The union’s evidence suggests that efforts to cut the “huge backlog” of claims for personal independence payment (PIP) have instead increased mistakes and potential appeals and brought DWP staff close to “breaking point”.

      DWP disputed nearly all of the union’s claims, and said that its performance in dealing with PIP claims had “improved significantly”.


  20. The CONS are doing it in case they loose the election so any party in government are fucked with the Contracts that last till 2018. It would cost Labour £ billions to get out of the Cons contracts.

    • IDS is on Maximus books – so is dodgy dave – Mark Harper – & the rest of the genocide mob rule. Corporate Manslaughter !!! Think what is more important poloitics or the shares in ATOS & MAXIMUS> !!!! You can`t have both !!!

    • they all fucking lie

      well if tony and his band of ass kissing twats hadn’t of got into bed with jay dubya bush! and stated an illegal war in a country they had no fucking business invading and running our country into the ground by spending money on employment schemes that did fuck all to get people into work then would we be here today with the same issues that the cons and spineless libdems have put is in?

    • Stoke-on-Trent City Council biggest local authority user of “slave labour” workfare scheme in the UK

      City Council, News, Stoke-on-Trent

      by Mike Barnes

      Campaigners, residents, politicians and trade unions are lining up to condemn Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s use of nearly 200 unemployed people to litter pick and work in the city’s parks under the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) “Workfare” schemes.

      The figures reveal the council is the biggest local authority user of the scheme so far reported.

      Cllr Terry Crowe cabinet member for economic development defended the scheme

      A Freedom of Information request by PotteriesEYE has revealed 192 people have so far “volunteered” at the city council – 21 through its Jobs Enterprise and Training scheme, three unemployed youths and 168 unemployed adults sent by the DWP.

      The Jet scheme helps people who are unemployed get back into work or start their own business and is funded by the DWP.

      Benefits claimants face having their benefits stopped for months if they refuse to “volunteer” to work at the council for 30-hours-per week.


  21. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  22. Cameron sees himself as “The President of the United states of England”
    We are becoming more Americanised everyday.
    Its not the EU we should be worried about.
    Its the USA!!

  23. Seeing is believing

    Yes.The funny thing is,Amurica has only had its own democracy system for 300 years and its been sold down the river already? Why follow that shit?
    The septic’s politico’s are even more crooked than our current filthy lying scumbags..

  24. they all fucking lie

    they fully know that maximums is a waste of money for the taxpayer and whne the shit hits the fan and they torys say yes we got it “worng” we can all shout BS. we can do nothing about this now as the situation will still be the same when when we wake up the morning after voting day and the cunts at number 10 are still in power mostlikly on their own as the libdems dont stand a chance of being solely in power and neither does labor.

    Every one should watch UKIP: the First 100Days docu/drama on C4 monday 16th @ 9pm. if you vote these fuckers in you will run the country into the ground. UKIP are the modern day version of alf garnett.



    • “all those unexplained deaths, the hidden mortality rates and the DWP’s failure to come clean on the sixty peer reviews into unlawful killings are going to destroy the source of all the disability hatred.”

      They pretend they have the upper hand, but this is so far from the truth………………….

      Shooting themselves in the foot has become a daily ritual.

      Behold the beginning of the end as the DWP implodes upon itself……………………

      All the hype of Universal Credit working, is a last ditch attempt to pacify the doubters.

      It is they who doubt themselves, firmly in the knowledge that the dream of an idiot lays in tatters.

      Perfect a system that only a fool would use, and only a fool will use it………..



      MURDER BY ANY OTHER NAME………………………..





        From: Gary Martin

        15 February 2015

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

        Could you tell me how many people who received Employment and
        Support Allowance under the special rules for terminally ill people
        with a form DS1500, have been sent ESA50 forms to complete, and/or
        been asked to attend a face to face assessment in the past 4 years
        please. Also how many have been found fit for work.

        Yours faithfully,

        Gary Martin

        Link to this

        • I have no objection to names and locations being changed in the reports to
          protect individuals data. But I do ask that the change is consistent accross all
          60 reports. For example if Liverpool is mentioned in 10 of the 60 reports and
          you change Liverpool to Manchester or city 1 in one of the reports please be
          consistent with this change in all 60 reports, so although the location is not
          known it can be seen if the same location is repeatedly reported upon.

          It is occasionally necessary to extend the 20 working day time limit for issuing
          a response. In the case of your request, I need to again extend the time limit
          because the information requested must be considered under one of the
          exemptions to which the public interest test applies. This extra time is needed
          in order to make a determination as to the public interest.

          Accordingly, I hope to let you have a response by 11 March 2015.
          If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the
          reference number above.
          Yours sincerely,

          DWP Central FoI Team

          ………………………………….ROUGHLY TRANSLATED:



  26. There are going to more & more slip ups leading to May, because they so want to win the election they forget to remember what is going on in their own department. The CONS are so busy trying to convince people the country has never been better in everyway. The CONS are trying to drag everyone down on their sinking flag ship weighted down with dead DWP deaths [bodies]. Emotional Slaughter has backfired & is haunting the CONS to get emotional.

    • The pretence of the government never ceases to amaze me, the DWP admit to holding peer reviews into the deaths of just sixty people, yet the true figure is into the obscene thousands!

      Just like disability denial, death denial is starting to haunt you…………

      “Tax evasion is a mediocre crime compared to corporate manslaughter”

  27. Dodgy Dave is mentally unstable trying to back IDS who has been mentally unstable for decades. The moral of the story is there are no moral left to be broken. Maximus Death Camps.

  28. To control people is a dictatorship, but the dictatorship got promotion to be a Rogue State with laws outside of the rest of the world & the UN. Human Rights needs to be changed to dodgy dave Human Rights Bill otherwise Dodgy Dave is guilty of breaking hundreds of Human Rights Laws on his own doorstep with no disability access, which is also breaking a Human Rights Law. If dodgy dave don`t get his Human Rights Bill he will be found guily of breaching the Human Rights Laws. Shame it all fell apart dave because you will never get your Human Genocide Rights Bill past in law because it is illegal.

    • Now dodgy dave is hiding behind Maximus. Why? Protecting his shares in Maximus. Dave you are a public servant not a dictator so start acting like one.



  29. Another Fine Mess

    Has The Guardian been hacked?
    The reinvention of Iain Duncan Smith: is he the man to save the Tories? The former leader was once seen as a problem. Thanks to universal credit, he could be his party’s trump card
    Matthew d’Ancona


  30. Trial to sanction working benefit claimants introduced

    InsideHousing.co.uk – 11th Feb 2015

    Ministers have launched a pilot scheme that will see housing benefit sanctioned for low-paid welfare claimants if they fail to increase their hours or increase their salaries.

    The trial, which was quietly introduced last month through secondary legislation, is for 15,000 of Britain’s universal credit claimants who are working less than 35 hours a week on the minimum wage – typically earning a salary of less than £12,000 a year.

    Currently, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) sanctions apply only to jobseeker’s allowance and employment and support allowance, and do not affect housing benefit.

    But under universal credit, which rolls a number of welfare payments – including housing benefit – into one monthly sum, sanctions will apply to in-work benefits, including the housing cost of the single payment.

    Under the mandatory pilot that launches in April, universal credit claimants will receive support from Job Centre Plus to increase their pay through work-focused interviews and work search requirements. But failure to co-operate could result in a sanction.

    The level of benefit reduction for in-work universal credit claimants who are sanctioned starts at around £29 per person per week.

    According to figures published in November, job centres gave out 380,028 sanctions up to June last year


  31. Universal Credit costs will not be revealed until after general election

    ComputerWeekly – 27th Jan 2015

    The government will not reveal the full cost of its troubled Universal Credit system until after the general election in May 2015, Computer Weekly has learned.

    The last time it calculated an official cost estimate for the whole project, in 2012, it was £12.85bn. But while the cost is said to have since burgeoned, with the project now running two years behind its original schedule and with problems having complicated its development, the government has not updated the official estimate for more than two years.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), which leads development of Universal Credit, and the Cabinet Office, which has responsibility for project oversight, have concealed the revised cost estimate since tearing up plans for the computer system in 2013 after two years of development – a process they called a “reset”.

    Read More:

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  33. As they only plan to put single claimants onto UC first they might get away with the system working until they complicate it by including families. They are using these so called successful trials to promote it.
    If labour are not going to cancel UC then we have to accept it will eventually be rolled out to everyone.
    I’m not keen on having to make a claim online and would prefer to see someone face to face.

    • Rob,

      Brace yourself – it is going to fail and fail bad.

      If you’ve overspent before the project is completed you cut – knowing how these senior twits think, the stress testing was dropped [don’t want evidence that the system will fall over when pushed no do we?]

      I have seen with my own eyes [its happened to me twice!] that my newly created UJM account just disseapears. Never to return. Oh lets not forget when creating the UJM account if you get logged out the password you’re using no longer Works so you start all over again.

      I am a experienced IT user – I was there from shortly after the internetstarted up.

      Now times up the number of people the above happens to – per hour. Times it again per day. Per Week….

      Now no way was robust SQL clusters being bought and implemented – this is all being done on the cheap.

      You can guess how this is going to end.



    ‘Online court’ proposed to cut costs and modernise system

    The body overseeing the modernisation of the civil justice system is calling for an “online court” to be developed in England and Wales to reduce costs.

    The Civil Justice Council’s report recommends an Online Dispute Resolution system, which would see judges deciding some non-criminal cases online, without the expenses generated by a court.

    The report suggests a pilot followed by a full roll-out in 2017.

    Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service says it welcomes the report.

    The proposed scheme would be similar to the one used by online marketplace eBay to diagnose and resolve disputes

    ………………………….”found guilty by the internet, a shortcut to wealth creation by removing Human Rights, the right to a fair, independent and impartial trial”………………………..


    • On line only is discrimination for people not on line & or not computer literate !!! So someone will help you do your [forge] signature !! Computer signatures are also not worth the tablet their written on. Very open to fraud like voting on line. Cutting corners costs more in the long run, which is ok for the building trade to do the same job 5 times. Not everyone has a computer or knows how to use one – That is called discrimination.

  35. The Contradictions are coming in thick & fast. A contradiction is not fit for purpose in what it is concerning. The guidelines are contradictory in contradictory in terms of Tory to a contradictive policy. Tongue twisters is the order of the day. So despirate [pirate] means despirate measures. What I am showing is the loop hole open to fraud which the DWP are taking full advantage of in DWP illegal practice in breaking the Equality Laws – Disability Discrimination Act – The Human Rights Act & so it goes on & on breaking their own laws time & time again.

  36. The Tories know they have lost the plot. So many scandals HSBC for one. The Maximus not paying income tax in the UK is another one. Anything to got away from litigated which is also illegal once you`ve been challenged. So IDS is being mentally challenged & failing.

  37. Mark Harper & Dodgy Dave will there be someone to help me up your steps with my wheelchair to visit your office because there is no Wheelchair & disabled access !!! Of course not. Guilty as charged in Disability discrimination. You have picked out a part of society to be targeted to be at a disadvantage in your policy.

  38. Some people have a fear of computers. So online is a no go area for filling out DWP forms online.

  39. I know all the Tory party read JV & report back. Watch out for the red herrings & spanners in the works. Work Pays The Spanner.

  40. It will cost me nothing to be my own lawyer [legal aid is no more] What ever bullshit your DWP lawyers says it is still Disability Discrimination yet the DWP are saying I am giving then Disability Discrimination. Anyway DWP shut up our in litigation or it will be thrown out of court & I win. Go on DWP get your lawyers in at £1,000 an hour.

  41. Roll up roll up it the first day of Universal Credit roll out. Yes & 4 years late at £5 billion every 6 months being late. IDS work pays £ billions.

  42. Such lazy people on a Monday Mornings work – Hurry up & wake up.

  43. Seems the DWP are political. Which makes it vested interest. The DWP have targets to win the Election. The Tories have targets not just the disabled targets but the target to win the election. Tories there are no target practices to get out of having targets.

  44. Claimants’ right to representation. The DWP clearly state “Claimants accessing Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits and services can have someone to accompany them to act on their behalf…”

    In the DWP universe accompanied is a mob of g4s thugs intimidating provoking claimants in/out of the jcp office.

  45. Oh Look, the first Media Cracks in UC is starting to appear – with a pointed up yours to George Smith… Nice…


  46. Housing Associations in Ashton-Under-Lyne say rent arrears and debt are on the rise amongst universal-credit claimants.

    A UK wide call for a moratorium on welfare reform instigated evictions NOW!

  47. overburdenddonkey

    they use concepts like truiness/truethiness, instant gut reaction sees the lie, but need full focus, substantial facts, and figures, to openly/overtly discount the lie, which is draining and then they come out with other truethinesses, to add to and compound the confusion and/or ignore one and/or change the subject and/or not fully replying, often called concern trolls…see delphi technique and other cbt techniques used to hyde and deexsist/freeze the past, one’s history…

  48. they all fucking lie

    so whats it to be then guys, more shit from the torys or being driven into the ground by ukip?

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  52. I was wondering if you how much corporation tax Maximus is paying in Britain?

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