Unemployed Essex Residents Could Now Pay More In Council Tax Than Kensington Millionaires

kensington-flatShocking details are emerging of how bungled Council Tax Benefit reforms mean that an unemployed tenant in Essex could now pay more in Council Tax than a millionaire living in a half a million pound luxury Kensington pad.

Council Tax Benefit this month became Local Council Tax Support (LCTS).  Under the new system Local Authorities can now set their own criteria for the benefit and face a cut of 10% in the amount they can allocate in Council Tax reductions to their poorest residents.  How that cut is achieved has been left largely up to them, with the sole condition they must not cut benefits for pensioners.  Most have made the decision to charge all residents, including those on benefits, low wages, disabled people and single parents, a small weekly fee towards Council Tax of between £3 and £7.

The Tory controlled Tendring Borough Council in Essex have gone one step further and made the decision that some claimants –  including many of those on the sickness and disability benefit Employment Support Allowance – will not be entitled to any Council Tax Benefit at all.

Only those who have been resident in the borough for over five years will automatically be eligible for help towards Council Tax bills should they become unable to work for any reason.  Whilst people made ‘redundant’ will be allocated some short term support (six months), along with squaddies, those fleeing domestic violence and the most severely sick or disabled people, the vast majority of recently arrived claimants will face full Council Tax rates.

This means should someone affected by the residency criteria become unemployed, or too sick to work, then they could find themselves paying more for a small Essex Band B flat (£855.75 annually) than the plush Band D two bedroom flat in fashionable Kensington & Chelsea pictured above which would come in at around £857.32.

Even those affected in Band A properties will face a bill of around £15 a week.  Tendril’s newly socially housed residents who are also hit by the bedroom tax could now see just under half of a weekly Job Seekers Allowance claim of £71.70 a week being spend on tax and rent.   For those under 25 in the same boat the situation will be even more acute, leaving claimants with around £25 a week to live on.

Life-long residents of Tendril will also not be spared if they are unable to find a job quick enough.  Anyone in the borough who has been claiming Jobseekers Allowance for over three years will now be eligible to pay 35% of their Council Tax bill.

It is likely that Tendril have spotted the impact of the mass economic expulsion of London’s poor and are sending a message that unemployed, sick or disabled people are not welcome in their part of the world.  With councils now given free reign to make life near impossible for claimants, those forced to move from London due to the benefit caps may find there is eventually nowhere left to go.  They will be joined on the road by anyone foolish enough to move to Tendril in the last five years and then found themselves out of work.

Ultimately these changes will be imposed by violence.  Claimants who refuse to leave their London homes will be physically evicted.  Claimants in Tendril who won’t or can’t pay the Council Tax bill will face prosecution and possibly prison.  In a 21st century Western democracy (stop laughing) social cleansing has no need for bullets or bayonets.   Jails, bailiffs and impossible to pay bills are the weapons of choice.

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160 responses to “Unemployed Essex Residents Could Now Pay More In Council Tax Than Kensington Millionaires

  1. @Johnny Void and what is it that the faily express keep propagaderising? DOLE CHEATS LIVE IN MANSIONS PAID BY TAXPAYER…

  2. The coastal village of Jaywick in Tendring is *the* most deprived part of the country. I wonder if they’re trying to gentrify by driving the filthy paupers out of the borough?

    My dad lives in Tendring. Luckily for him he’s both a pensioner and has lived there for more than 5 years.

  3. Oh and we now have BEST DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY AWARD ceremony..

  4. Seeing how this is all going, I wonder if prison is the best option

    3 Meals a day and no bills

    • @colin cooper and all, just found this in graun..

      bu to let landlords will embark on a home buying spree in 2013 while youg adults and families remain trapped in rental properties.
      3 our of 4 professional landlords will acquire more homes in 2013 whilst the number of ‘virgin landlords’ wanting to bu for the first time is running at the highest level for a year.Meanwhile 53% of tenants say they are trapped in renting wanting to buy a home but unable to afford to do so.
      rightmove director said ”while the cavalry charge from major institutions seeking to invest in the private rented sector has so far failed to materialize , private landlords, whether accidental ,virgin or professional are sezing the opportunities that come with having the battlefield all to themselves'”

      and do remember that these landlords are getting help from others ie agencies who can ‘guarantee’ professional tenants..as i posted recently..from adverts i came across..benefit claimants are delibarately being pushed out of private rented sector..well i dont know but there is something weird going on.to explain all these odd agencies popping up.

    • 3 Meals a day, no bills, just don’t drop the soap …

  5. Colin’s right. Before long we’ll be hearing about ‘prison dependency.’

    • Or should there be a revolution!!

      I was on JSA I/B

      When it got to one year the JC stitched me up over the UJ website and I got a sanction for 13 weeks

      No wonder the unemployment/benefits claimants meet the Govs statistics

  6. @tim and some prisoners find it hard to leave prison and commit crimes just to go back in..

  7. ”small weekly fee towards Council Tax of between £3 and £7”.

    £7 is certainly not a small amount to me, it’s the difference between heating or freezing, its 7 x £1 ready meals, (dinner for a week) I have been hit with £22.50 a wk bedroom tax and £5.50 wk council tax, I cannot pay either one.
    .As Colin states “ prison could be the best option”

    • no it’s time to me either although Lewisham Council only want £3 a week down here (good luck with that). could have phrased it better.

      • @Johnny Void sillybollocks me i ‘live’ in lewisham area..their housing policy stinks to high heaven..they dumped me in council dump surrounded by violent drunks and violent mentally ill people…i have no linking for them at all..

    • Landless Peasant

      @ pat
      You’ve been hit a bit more than me, but I have to fork-out £65 for both taxes combined, that I don’t have, by the end of this week, and I think then about £60 a month after that, which means I starve. BUT I have applied for the Discretionary Housing Payments from my local Council and am awaiting a decision. I would advise everyone affected to apply to your Council for whatever fund they have, it’s worth a try, they can only say no! or you might get some of it or all of it paid. Ask for an application form via your Housing Association or Housing Benefit office.

      • @Landless Peasant ,
        I have applied for help from the DHP fund, have also appealed against housing benefit decision with my local council, not heard anything yet though, don’t know if you have been following speyes blog’s, you will find his latest one is very interesting
        Bedroom Tax – a VERY interesting development!
        I read something very interesting yesterday – a comment on Facebook by a tenant which I followed up and have seen the documentary evidence to support.
        In a nutshell the events are:
        1. A tenant gets a letter from the landlord saying in arrears with the bedroom tax.
        2. The tenant writes to landlord saying a bedroom tax appeal has gone in.
        3. The landlords income officer writes back and says okay and says pay £3.60 per week while you are appealing!


  8. Bringing back the guillotine for these savages running the country is the best option.

    • @guy fawkes so who are these agencies who can ”guarantee’ professional tenants’ for these scummy landlords? and who are funding them? and who are these ”professional tenants’ they speak of?

  9. Say hello riots 🙂 The quicker it gets worse the sooner they’ll have to bring in some sort of universal basic income so everyone can get by. This is entirely outside the mainstream dialogue but that’s because said dialogue is becoming even more pie in the sky than it usually is. It’s only a matter of time!

  10. Rosemarie Harris

    This is a worrying time for all of us who can’t pay any extra bills as we can barley afford the normal ones without the bedroom tax and council tax on top.I have always thought the only way out is for a prison sentence there will come a time when we will rise up and start to fight back. If i have to be honest no body gives a damn about us or our situation it’s all about them.
    Just save yourself’s long enough to protest at the Government places of work and home and we need to do this everyweek. we need to organize ourself’s all the groups need to get together and plan a whole year of action.
    We all can’t get to London everyweek but people who live there can .
    perhaps we all need to write to all the M.P’s.
    Would be useful to find out where to get posters from so we could put on poles and put them in the garden etc. so we then are making a statement against the Bedroom tax or whatever.
    I live in Gloucestershire and not a lot is happening yet, but the posters for me is the ideal first step.
    We also have to support each other and look at the tactics of the poll tax and what worked and how!

  11. Big Bill

    Why should there be a universal income? That would suit the rich down to a T.

    • That’s the bit that ruins it for me too. There should be a threshold of income over which the UBI is not payable – £100,000 perhaps?

      • Thing is, making something means tested generally means it’s easier to get public opinion behind scrapping it. Given what the Tories have done to child benefit, you can bet you’re ass that there’s going to be an increase of middle income families wondering why ‘they’ should have to pay for ‘jobless single mothers’ to keep ‘pumping out sprogs’, and clamouring for child benefit to be completely scrapped.

        The fact that people in full time work don’t need to claim JSA, and begrudge their time lost working while ‘them lazy cunts get flatscreen TVs etc’, is one of the strongest reasons why say – a plan to electrocute the testicles of any man out of work for more than 18 months – is generally met with rapt approval.

          • @shirley nott since the tory placeman NHS boss told us the NHS will need to be rationed ie offer paid for treatments..expect to hear such things as ‘workshy cost NHS millions” and stuff about ‘them’ clogging up the waiting lists’..you’ll be hearing the old ”why should i pay for scroungers to get free treatment”…it’ll start there then move onto old / elderly after all they are old and near their end anyway so….??

            • “”it’ll start there then move onto old / elderly after all they are old and near their end anyway so….??

              bob, “”Liverpool Care Pathway”””

            • There was an MP on Sunday Politics yesterday who managed to say (categorically) that we should be having some ‘sensible’ and ‘not loaded’ discussions about ‘welfare’ – not the ones that there have been about skivers & etc. There was a clip of Alec Shelbrooke canvassing opinion on his card for benefit scroungers to limit access to cigarettes & etc. The MP (?Kevin Barren) – said very directly something like ‘Alec Shelbrooke – look at him, he’s not small is he? He wants to watch what he’s saying. If he develops an obesity-related illness, the rest of us would have to pay for it and we might not want to … ‘.

  12. Chewie

    It is estate agents that provide the clientele for scummy landlords, the best properties have extortionate rents and bonds, some only take public sector workers, most will not entertain anyone on benefits.

    • @guy fawkes well if it is estate agents they are not declaring themselves as such..they appear to be private companies that can ‘guarantee’ professional tenants..if they are estate agents then the should declare themselves to be so..or there are others getting in on some bandwagon..

  13. Essex, of course, is a Tory heartland. So when vast swathes of the unemployed and sick and working poor have to find all their council tax on top of everything else, maybe they’ll stop voting bloody Tory.
    In the Guardian today, there’s an article about Labour’s latest bright idea – higher unemployment benefits for those who’ve contributed more, which will be a loan they’ll have to pay back. Instead of getting £71 like the rest of us, high contributors can get up to £200 a week which they then pay back when they get their next job.
    The idea being that higher earners will be less likely to lose their homes etc.
    Like student loans for the redundant.

  14. Rosmarie Harris

    I put posters up at my windows in opposition to Blair introducing the new deal, especially as my benefits were sanctioned,stating “new deal is a benefit steal” made from rolls of wallpaper and felt tip, they sent a doctor to my home who read them and wrote I was Bizarre. It appears it’s not bizarre to put posters in windows that shout VOTE FOR US when election time comes around though.

  15. @ephemerid maybe they will keep voting tory to get them to stop dumping the ”riff raff’ on their precious doorstep.just shows how messed up this coaltion is..

  16. Ephemerid

    Labours proposals show just how divisive the New Labour government is also. I don’t like to call them labour because they do not stand for anything old labour stood for.

    It is funny how the likes of the Miliband brothers and Hilary Benn who had far left leaning parents, want to take the so called centre ground but is actually to the right of centre.

  17. The Bullingdon Bully Boys are running the show now…
    The type of men who lead us all to a dreadful, futile war in 1914.
    How mad are these people in power, why did Thatcher strike a deal to slow the arms race and halt the cold war?
    No sooner had the Berlin war fallen, the powers that be needed to find a new foe to keep us all fearful and focused, Islam and and oil rich states that weren’t happy playing uncle Tom became the new “Hun”.
    Expect a lot more ethnic and social cleansing before 2015, then UKIP will be ready to really steer us towards a period of total insanity.
    Its hard for people under 35 to grasp, but its all happened before and it can happen again, if we let it.
    Tell your children, tell your friends, the Eton rifles are plotting our ends!

    • @JV and all..

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  18. Stop Gripeing It Is What It Is.

    • @murray so quit complaining, dont bother protesting..just give up and…what?

      • Bob

        “Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you.
        Never apologize for being correct, or being years ahead of your time.
        If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind.
        Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”

        Bob,keep up with all the great research you do.

      • Murray do you live in Kensington?

        • No not Kensington, Edinburgh and am also a job seeker,and I have had my benefit sanctioned, but life goes on and you just have to get on with it. I will be voteing YES when the independance vote arrives,because things can surely not get any worse than they are at the present,and if they do we will only have ourselves to blame.

          • @murray ”we have only ourselves to blame’ er why? do we sit in parliament with huge salaries and tax payer funded homes and second homes we rent out?

            • chewie …..we had a grot tactical voting system up here….get rid of them… tories it worked….

              murray….should know ignoring the symptoms, does not cure disease…..yes do the best one can…but do not give in… bfn…

            • No we dont sit in parliament,but if we were independant we would at least have a parliament we voted for. There are very few Tory MSPs in Scotland.

          • I wish we could vote to separate from the Tories and for good. I’d queue up all day and camp out in a sleeping bag all night in the middle of winter outside the voting booth, just to cast my vote.

          • Being Scottish,you have a get out of jail card!,I wonder, would you Scottish mind making Essex a district of Scotland so we can also vote for independence,and seperate ourselves from this bunch of tossers in Westminster.

            • Anywhere north of Watford wid dae fur me.

            • How about the West Midlands too? I would love to see my part of the country escape the clutches of the Bullingdon Boys and the other toffs in the “Home Counties”.

              The Tories never get in where I live (my MP is an Labour veteran), but we keep getting governed by them.

              Free Mercia!

              • @scarecrow thats because tories think they have the divine right to rule..ive read countless times how tories are the ‘natural party of govt’ and that labour are the natural party of opposition its all bollocks of course..

          • Landless Peasant

            Don’t leave us Murray! United we stand, divided we fall! and all that…but anyway, an independent Scotland would presumably still be governed to some extent by the E.U. and would most likely still be as shafted by the Capitalists as are the rest of Britain, and jobs would remain scarce, unless Europe bung Scotland a load of regeneration dosh to kickstart their new economy? Or they discover more oil ? Oh well, it’s up to you mate. And I hope you’ve appealed against your jsa sanction, best of luck.

            • yeah…were sending you a present…from faslane to moor up outside pugin’s palace….do not get to close though….

            • Yes I have appealed my sanction,but was told it may take up to 6mth. We Scots have no idea what will happen if we do become independant , as regards Europe,or NATO. Oil companies in the north sea are investing £11billion over the next couple of yrs,in farther exploration,so I dont believe they would be spending so much ,if they thought there were no profits to be gained from such a venture.

            • the fear for me is that independence will be in title only…and not let the carve up begin….still i can’t wait to cast my yes vote….the scots are not slow to speak their minds….

          • @murray222013,

            “I have had my benefit sanctioned, but life goes on and you just have to get on with it.”

            So prey tell how does life go on with sanctioned benefits and no job, how do you buy food and pay rent?

            You imply the Scottish ruling class – SNP included are welfare friendly this is misleading they are as neoliberal as their English counterparts, indeed an independent Scots ruling class would most probably be ideologically hostile to welfare.

            • only need vote SNP to gain independance,therafter vote for any other party. Although makes no real differance who you vote for they are all the same, no longer anyone with socialist policies.

            • shrugs…you are right and i am in some kind of wishful denial….there is a very powerful ruling class in scotland…all we can do is to try to stop them…trump has clearly demonstrated that….independence is/will be purely symbolic but my hope is that it will stir up passion from the deep…FREEDOM….i pray it will….

            • chewie….see u jimmy!…..rura…dickie gaughan…kris driever….peatbogs.. lal…red hot chiiie pipers…blazing fiddles..etc,etc.

              i love orcadian music.. what do you call a man who is packs away his accordion……a gent……

              i’m so tired i can’t think anymore…..

            • Independence in and of itself will not be a sinecure for all the evils of being ruled by a) Westminster or B) the Tory Party in it’s Conservative or NuLabour guise, but the Scottish electorate do have an increased possibility of influencing real change. Of course, much of it will indeed be ‘symbolic’ but are not symbols important? Much of what is being done by the present evil regime is largely symbolic in that there is no real intention of really doing something to create jobs, but there is rather a lot of effort, (and money) being invested in the creation of the symbol of the ‘workshy scrounger’.

              If an independent Scotland did start to prosper and create real, decently paid jobs, then that would probably start to have a knock-on effect, As certainly northern England would be less than happy to have to live in relative poverty compared to their Scots neighbours – it could be a driver for change.

  19. Tendring have erected an economic barrier around its boundaries, to keep out “benefit migrants” and,as rightly commented, anyone who knows Jaywick it is a town forgotten by its own council,Now they have launched a kind of final solution attack on this deprived area,to clear out “benefit claimants” and to stop others from coming.

  20. Rosemarie,

    you will love this, the tears were rolling down my face with laughter, reading this article. “enjoy”
    Bedroom tax protestors hit councillors with ‘eviction notices’


  21. Pat

    I am not in favour of this type of protest i.e. posting things to individuals, demonstrate by all means outside of their homes, outside of council offices etc, Why was only tory councillors targeted when labour supports the bedroom tax also. It’s housing associations, civic centres, party constituency offices or Westminster if you live in London that should be targeted.

  22. I am sure that those facing destitution would be welcomed by the Alpha Plebs…. George Iain Duncan Smith and Mr Freud….simply hop on a bus and enter their Family Mansions and Town Houses.

    An unoccupied Bed Room should be fully occupied.

    Of course, George Iain Duncam Smiths Ministerial Bitch, TV Autocue Reader Esther McVey would, I am sure, also enjoy the company… she lives with her daddy at the moment.

  23. chewie

    I found the David Skelton commenters interesting, a lot of those working in the building trade that bought and renovated houses from auctions are the new Tory voters, they at least know how the working class tick and are probably right about some of the jobs that immigrants are doing the unemployed here would not touch, who can blame them, not everyone was born to be a shit shoveler or arse wiper but thank God some are.

    There are a lot of people unemployed now who are educated but are being forced to be cleaners and the likes which I don’t believe is right, there are enough that are not educated or don’t want to educate themselves that could take the cleaning jobs, refusal by the educated is just another way to sanction people and real education is in short supply because they know the only jobs being created are menial ones.

    • @guy fawkes yes thats why i posted it, not because of skelton who is a no nothing tor plank from policy exchange..but interesting to see ppl on toryhome giving them a bollocking..

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  25. Kittycat58

    read and commented on skwaler site but don’t necessarily agree with pov.

  26. There has never been,and I dont think will ever be full employment,it does not suit our society. If everone, who is capable of working had a job,who then could be scapegoated for all the shit that happens.

  27. I lived in Wester Hailes some time ago,it was an adventure,but good fun.

    • murray….changed a bit….from what i gather, i can never make up my mind if it is for the better…knowing the fun i had living in edinburgh at that time…there seemed to be a kind of freer atmosphere to the place then…or maybe it’s nostalgia blurring my judgement…i would imagine it is more uptight now…..

  28. Cylux

    I woiuld just like to reply to cylux further up the chain regarding those that are working while others knock out sproggs( satire?), Most of those that are working are in public sector jobs civil servants, police, fire, nhs etc and they pay into an insurance system i.e.national insurance to cover them for their own services should they need them, not to pay for other peoples sprogs.

    If they think they can be better off unemployed……………… What sickens me is the way working class people knock their own class it is time they started pointing the finger at the 4 figured incomed quango’s or civil servants because someone with 20 kids could not imagine the salaries these people take out of the public purse and claim national pensions and benefits on top.

    Choose your targets wisely.

  29. Murray222013

    Sorry hit the wrong button – 6 figure sum correct.

  30. Skwalker1964 for some reason does not like you criticizing job centre staff I found when I tried to reply to the psychological tests they are forcing benefit claimants to fill out, either that or there was a fault with the posting system on his site.

  31. Got to sign on today, stress levels are high have to suppress the fight or flight responses. 😦

  32. Anomie shrugs

    I thought you were sanctioned?

  33. @guy fawkes,

    Not yet … do not want to say to much on a public forum.

  34. Anomie shrugs

    Chin up, don’t be worried, to have someone in such a state shows what a pack of wankers they are.

  35. This is an important story of great concern. It is effectively a form of gerrymandering. I do not know anything about Tendring Borough Council, but would poor voters put some councillors’ seats at risk? We may well see more decisions being taken by councils of a similar nature.

    • @JEFF this is us (according to the rags)
      (1) shirkers (workshy scroungers)
      (2) we breed too many children
      (3) we are a criminal underclass
      (4) we cost the NHS too much (thats why it needs to be privatised)
      (5) we dont want to work
      (6) we shouldnt be allowed to vote
      (7) we devalue property prices intentionally
      (8) we are ALL communist lefty subversives (working for the KGB)
      (9) ALL disabled including severely disabled are trying it on just to milk the system.
      (10) we get too much free stuff…

  36. Jeff

    That will probably be most of them then, when cuts to local government bite we are all in the firing line , the irony is tory councils have not experienced the cuts that some labour councils have.

    • @guy fawkes “the irony is tory councils have not experienced the cuts that some labour councils have.” weird that, i wonder why…

      having said that i note that H&F tory council bods were complaining to shapps that some councils (inc tory) were not meeting their obligations to house ”the hard working families that contribute to the economy”..

  37. To hell with the ones who are out of work – who speaks for them?

  38. chewie

    The irony was that tory councils do not need to impose high council tax charges, as they are not experiencing the cuts and yes we all know why.

  39. Magistrates in Essex are more than twice as likely to send someone to prison than courts in other parts of the country. http://www.dream100.com/news/index.php?storyid=26146&s=1

  40. Jeff

    Tory councils have usually been gerrymandered, they have tory councils because most of their constituents are tory, the poor buggers that aren’t are in the minority.

  41. @gu fawkes i rather think that even precious tory boroughs are experiencing cuts..and are not entirely happy about it..even ppl with no hope can vote at local elections..and lets face it skint people cant buy stuff..and shops close as result..

  42. Jobseeker

    Where I live most of those that are arrested for drink and drugs are put into mental hospitals where they come and go merrily getting drugged up and drunk along the way. Why is mental illness classed as a crime that needs community punishment ? The article poses more questions than it solves.

  43. 2.5 million unemployed. Plus all the hidden people.

    Just wondering how many of those voted for the Tories?

    Some of the fucking idiots must have?

  44. Chewie

    The only cold war going on is in the homes or non-homes of the unemployed.

  45. frank begbie

    I only ever voted Tory once and I’m ashamed to say it was Thatchers virgin election. I thought that a woman would understand the needs of single parents who were largely women. I was working part time and under old labour I was say earning £40 a week, out of the £40 the first £10 I was allowed to keep, anything after that was halved so that left me with £25 then out of the £15 they had taken off me I was allowed to claim bus fares and childminding money which meant I in actual fact kept the whole of my £40. without my benefits being affected.

    A couple of months after Thatcher came in, single parents were only allowed to keep a total of £10 no claiming for bus fares or babysitting as long as they were on benefits which left me £30 a week down and out of the £10 I could keep I had to pay for bus fares and childminders, so was working for nothing.

    Things got worse and worse and needless to say I never voted for her or her party ever again.

  46. As I have stated earlier those in work that have not opted out of paying NI contributions, do so to cover themselves should they ever need the health service, unemployment benefit or a pension in old age. If they are voting against those that are receiving benefits which as chewie said is a blatant lie perpetrated by a right wing press, they are voting against their own safety net should they ever need it.
    To say that what people receive should depend on their input makes it not an insurance system but a bank.

  47. £13.5 million projected jobs over the next 10 years – will that be when they end the welfare state and use the money to CREATE cheap, crap, irrelevant and unnecessary jobs for most of the unemployed. Get rid of the whole political class before they get rid of our welfare.

  48. @guy fawkes the social fund is a bank if you think about it..i am surprised the banking cartels havent complained about competition..

  49. Check out the Keiser report to get an insight into why this country is so fucked up.@maxkeiser,its deffinately worth a look.

  50. It may be a bank in terms of somewhere to store money but it cannot play casino banking with the funds like the banking cartels do.

    Repatriated welfare rights will be next on their hitlist if someone doesn’t do something about these anti-social beings called politicians who are beginning to sound more and more like gangmasters every day.

    • @JV i cant apply for loan from social fund it seems..i will be on ESA but i wont be able to claim from social fund..i wonder if others may be in same boat..
      you can only get social fund help if::
      be currently receiving either Pension Credit, Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or income-related Employment and Support Allowance, and
      have been claiming for at least 26 weeks, either consecutively or with a break of no more than 28 days

      Some things affect the amount of the loan, like having:

      existing Social Fund loans
      savings over £1,000 (or £2,000 if you’re over 61) do they mean £2,000 or OVER £2,000….
      i had an isa because a relative passed away and like other family members was left a little amount as inheritance..i am keeping it for rainy day for if and when i move..

  51. Pensions Minister Steve Webb said:

    Older people are the main untapped source of labour in this country. Britain is in a global economic race and we’re moving towards a landscape where there will be a set of jobs that employers cannot fill with anyone but experienced older workers. A firm that doesn’t make use of the talent pool on offer amongst the over fifties will be left behind.


  52. Isn’t it funny, my 70 pence rise in JSA won’t even allow me to purchase an extra item each week at the £1 shop!

  53. I’d love to know what these jobs for experienced older workers are that they can’t fill?
    Would that be sweeping the streets, cleaning the loos, or teaching the young what the welfare state and human rights were?

  54. I was a flyover prop when i was younger but became to old for that type of work !

  55. Guy Fawkes,
    To be honest I’ve lost all hope any party will come to the aid of the working people long ago.
    Its all about doing what their paymasters want.
    When did the last government actually do what was right for the country?

    I know that’s what they tell us they do, but seriously.
    We have the big corporations and the really rich bastards doing their upmost to fleece the country out of money, and think nothing of employing armies of accountants and lawyers to do this.
    But what do we see, the opposition trying to out do the government in how hard they can be on the poor.

    It really is the end of the road.
    None of the bastards work. over the last 100 years all parties have had a good go at running the country, but we’re still in the shit. That has to tell us something?

    Amazing they expect the people to go out and vote for them ever again.

    Sorry to say it, but nothing will change until we resort to violence and clear the fucking lot of the leeches out of power all together.

  56. Frankie, if peeps dont vote,its meens they are happy with the status-quo(too old to rock an roll),so you will end up with the same old,even a vote for the Greens,could be seen as better than not voting at all.

    • But that’s what we end up with anyway, no matter who gets in.
      Nothing really changes for the majority of people.
      Only the rich get any real benefit.

  57. Guy,Im quite sure working people long ago,were in the same boat and looking for a good party !

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