60% Of Claimants To Be Worse Off Under Universal Credit Says Child Poverty Charity

end-child-povertyA report released this week shows that Iain Duncan Smith’s bodged attempts at welfare reform will see the incomes of the working poor, disabled people and parents savaged.

Universal Credit is to be gradually introduced over the next four years and will replace most of the main in and out of work benefits.  DWP Ministers have long claimed that the new benefit will make work pay, yet as details start to emerge about the endlessly complex new system, it seems that for most people this will be anything but the case.

The report produced by the Child Poverty Action Group, along with the TUC,  shows that 60% of households will be worse off under Universal Credit when other changes to benefits and tax credits are taken into account.  Disabled workers will be one of the hardest hit, taking a possible annual loss of almost £3000 a year.

Even those claimants who find themselves slightly better off when the new benefit is finally launched have already been hit by the Bedroom Tax, Council Tax Benefit reforms and the decisions to cap benefit increases – including housing benefits – at below both inflation and rent rises.  This week’s report also points out that despite Universal Credit having officially been launched, admittedly at just one Jobcentre, there is still no clear indication of how ‘passported’ benefits such as free school meals will be managed.

So even a claimant who is able to find work may still find themselves worse off as they are suddenly eligible to pay for school meals, prescriptions and other NHS costs such as dentists.  And this could be on top of any losses from the great Council Tax lottery under which some local authorities are demanding that people with virtually nothing be required to pay the same rate of tax as millionaires.

Perversely about the only people who may see a slight increase in income are low paid part time workers in a household where just one adult works.  Yet it is precisely this group that Universal Credit also seeks to attack with the ludicrous ‘conditionality’ element of the new benefit.  Part time workers will now be required to justify to Jobcentres that they are continually looking for more or better paid work or face vicious benefit sanctions.  Non-working parents will be expected to start work, looking for work, or even workfare, when their youngest child turns 5.  As soon as children turn 13 parents could be sent on workfare for 35 hours a week, with a possible 90 minute journey there and back.  A new generation of latchkey teenagers, abandoned to their own devices from dawn to dusk, will be one very visible result of this Government’s welfare reforms.

Far from ended poverty, one of the most laughable claims made about the introduction of Universal Credit, it will make life far harder for those with least, whether they are in or out of work.   And astonishingly the reforms will not even save any money – £2 billion a year in extra spending has been budgeted to manage the new system.  Only a true fucking idiot like Iain Duncan Smith could introduce a social security system that makes everyone poorer, including the tax payer.

And only a cynical piece of shit like George Osborne could sanction such huge sums of money being spent on a what is little more than a deluded vanity project for a failed Tory ex-leader.  As far as the Treasury is concerned, when it comes to harassing and punishing people just for being poor, then there is an open chequebook.  No expense is too great in the attempt to turn working class people into alienated wage or even workfare slaves – constantly fucking each other over for an ever decreasing slice of the pie.

The report can be read at: http://www.tuc.org.uk/tucfiles/586/TUCcpag-report.pdf

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43 responses to “60% Of Claimants To Be Worse Off Under Universal Credit Says Child Poverty Charity

  1. i have worked out that i am going to be around £200 a month worse off! and i am struggling enough now as it is!

    • dep moose..these are indeed depressing times…caused by the “toxic hammer”…of deliberate policies of nasty governments….hell bent on blaming the disabled and unabled poor..

      for example the e AND sa, wca…the way it currently is being USED, esp..in the light of recent revelations…of exceptional circs clauses therein, e and sa regs, …is indicative of wholesale collusive behaviour…to deny claimants their rights….shame on some welfare advocacy’s,(what’s in it for them?), that fail to use the full weight of these specific clauses and there implications…RISK of harm..only has to be possible..not proved…! as one can only prove it by doing the harmful tasks….i do not to need to prove fire is hot, by placing hand in fire…exp tells…don’t do it!

      so their idea is to force people into crushing poverty, coz it improves quality of life…if their loony logic is to be believed….it is a wind up, to coil spring even tighter…to cause desperation…so one fights for every morsel…”jobs fight club”….deeper greasy barrel to scrabble out of…and set toxic example to others not to get sick nor unemployed…coz it is actually bad for your health…they speak with forked tongue, and our policies will make sure of that!. there are 2 distinct economies global and local…which do you enjoy membership of?

      ps, once a gp has ticked “you are not fit for work”…which includes WRAG…job done…end of…the medical facts of most conditions are well known…even if they are spun out in toxic lies…by self interested others,et al.

      skara brea…

      • the best bit is that firms are pretty much only offering part time hours which are less than the requirement for working tax credits

        • dep moose…it is all bad, and as i point out some of it totally avoidable, lest the vested interests of others, who would rather one not know that it is.

          they set up crazy mine field of pitfalls, so that one is totally occupied navigating their imposed administration schemes,..so that one is kept too busy and downtrodden, to fight them…too exhausted to fight their abuse…
          so ones head becomes a filing cabinet of admin…which is in turn paper… macrame comes to mind, people cut into paper shapes….human being long lost…in paper/digital, nightmare…it is always just do one more thing and things will be right.etc…blame the victim..for their predicament…

  2. This govt is rotten to the core and labour offer nothing to the poorest in form of repealing the welfare reforms except the bedroom tax, which will have successfully evicted those unable to pay before the next election if they got elected. The TUC should be balloting all of their members on a national strike in solidarity with the low paid, sick and unemployed.

  3. jamiles369@hotmail.co.uk

    Hardly surprising the truth is emerging…I can foresee poor people reverting to black stumps or having all teeth removed to save money they can’t afford to pay. Already I’ve seen folk in chemists crossing off items gp prescribed as cannot pay, yes another inequality..Scotland people don’t pay as Scots recognise the barriers to access to effective health care this causes poor, many working people. It is obscene we live in a world where tax payers subsidise poverty pay yet capitalists ride round in personalized numberplate vehicles. Little wonder the family high st shops are closing..folk cannot afford other than fkg horsemeat contaminated/unwholesome meat. A new generation of wolverine latchkey kids will see massive social problems growth underage pregnancy and poverty. Unbelievable times. Sent from my HTC

  4. If it’s all done real time, and assuming people remember to inpuit data on time and accurately, how on earth are they going to manage to keep on top of it?

    • The whole system seems to be designed to sanction people off of benefits, not help people into work. The complexity of the system is probably a deliberate attempt to confuse people into getting themselves sanctioned, kind of a much larger version of what lies behind the fake psychometric test that is being given to people with poor literacy skills. For those who can cope with the system an endless life of enforced jobsearch, workfare and interviews at the JCP/work programme awaits.

      • Literacy-schmiteracy. *$%&%£”!*

        Prepare to abandon literacy skills all ye who enter here. They won’t help.
        (Ditto numeracy skills) – almost certainly useless for this.
        It’s time to break out the praying hard, belief in a benevolent dog/Supreme Being type-skills if you have them ….

  5. The system is most definately designed to make claims more difficult,and to sanction as many claimants as possible,it can take up to 6months for an appeal to be heard,in which time your benefits are halved,thereby saveing at least £35 per head,money that can be used for M.Ps expenses perhaps…

  6. The self employed will have to use the Universal Credit phone service once a month: “If I still haven’t reported my self employed income and expenses one month after the deadline, my Universal Credit claim will be stopped.”

    There will be people who will report the necessary but some balls up will occur and guess what!

  7. Annos

    The first commenter on the link you posted giro jim hit the nail right on the head.
    Even if labour set up a gang of tax inspectors to try and recover some money from the tax avoiders, I think they would be sent all over the world on a global paper chase trying to find money and assets, that will be moved about once they know the IR are onto them and our country would be one of the motley crew laundering money.

  8. they’re all as bad as each other. Is it naivety, ignorance, fear or corruption on the part of the politicians that tax is not taken at source like the paye is for the lowly paid.

  9. Sick of reading all IDS’s sanctimonius crap, “job ready” ” moving into work” & all the rest of his idiotic psychobabble. Does the fat fool think we’re all five years old & have to be patronised & talked down to? We’re all job ready, if there were any fucking jobs to had, or is that to difficult a concept for Iain Drunken Shit to grasp?

  10. Click to access 2013_04_29LordFreudtoLordMcKenzie.pdf

    Lord Freud letter to Lord Mckenzie
    Re Universal Credit

    “”” We have already introduced the Work Programme, Youth Contract, universal Jobmatch, PIP, Benefit Cap, Bedroom Tax, & Social Fund Reforms, UC will tackle deep rooted problems with the current welfare state that has led 5million people trapped on out of work benefits””

    Freud bragging about reforms they have introduced,
    According to the prick it will be so easy for us all to start a new job or work more hours. LOL!!!

    Above link was taken from here, plenty of other letters from Freud on this link, http://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/business-papers/commons/deposited-papers/?max=100&y=2013&house=2&search_term=Department%20for%20Work%20and%20Pensions&itemId=119004#toggle-285

  11. I’m far from perfect and have plenty of faults, but causing the banking collapse was not one of them. Why then should I or indeed any of us have to pay for the damage done for the bad bankers when none of us caused it?

  12. Landless Peasant

    IDS stated that Universal Credit “is all about changing people”, though no one at Tory HQ seems able to explain to me what he means by that, despite repeated requests. I can only conclude, therefore, that either they do not know what he means, or in fact his statement was meaningless, in which case he should now be sacked.

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  14. As Universal Credit gets underway in the North West of England, Liverpool-based One Vision Housing reveal the findings of their own direct payments pilot and share some valuable lessons.

    “”Some customers saw the payment as a form of overdraft, using the money for alternative means. In a close knit high rise block, tenants soon realised that they could make up missed payments over time. Thankfully, however, we have noticed a marked improvement in payments in the last few months.
    In the first month, 53% of payments failed despite repeated contact on the day the housing benefit payment was made. In the second month this dropped to 25% and the figure has dropped further since and stabilised. Altogether, we’ve had to move 10% back onto direct landlord payment. Our collection rate at the end of April for the pilot was around 65% with a further 10% due from new claims”””.
    Continue reading.. http://www.24dash.com/news/universal_credit/2013-05-01-Universal-Credit-direct-payments-Testing-the-water

  15. off topic
    DWP misappropriates yet another institution’s material to abuse jobseekers.
    The DWP has been ‘found out’ in all kinds of unethical and possibly criminal behaviour, and the extent of its abuses and even theft needs to be exposed.
    Skip to new info halfway down the page.


  16. pat…i search for words to describe them..barbaric…fits the bill, wtf are they trying to achieve? porcupine…their “help” is to spike people and take their spite out on them…for what…there are no jobs, £30bn covers the budget that they aim to “reduce”…a small fraction, of spend… £640bn
    this not about cost cutting at all…but toxic example..toe the line or this will be your fate…this is revenge, for what i’m not sure yet, but it is revenge!
    to boost an economy investment is called for….not revenge….it is just like thatchers revenge….on britain…just as barbaric….

  17. Oh, there’s always a Wonga loan – but isn’t that the whole fucking point??

  18. common sense finally prevails the us based national institute of mental health…have at last thrown out the DSM…..

  19. They must be getting advice from the party chairman, as I believe he has a good deal of knowledge regarding plagerism,all be it under an assumed name!

  20. Landless Peasant

    Do you believe the new tests for sickness benefits are fair after 2,500 people in Bradford were judged fit to work? Please vote:


  21. to create and sustain 5m jobs/pa in the uk..would require @ £8/hr would, (£16640/pa), need £83bn…@ £16/hr…£165bn….(including overheads..to get net amount of £8/hr)…..there is and never will be that level of cash injection, for any reason into our economy…..the only possible way imho…is a redistribution of wealth….in my wildest dreams, i cannot even see an extra.1m sustainable, uk jobs being created..in the current economic climate…we need a complete restructuring of our economy…not tinkering around the edges, as is now being done..to the severe costs of the unemployed/disabled…with the devastating knock on effects on children…please correct me if my figures are wrong!

  22. Landless Peasant

    Still no response from Tory HQ to explain IDS’s cryptic utterances. I can only conclude that they themselves have no fucking clue what the silly bastard was talking about.

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  24. Just shoot the cunts!

  25. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Johnny Void’s article on Universal Credit details the cumulative damage it will inflict on people with low incomes across the country, and confirms that, together with the other benefit cuts brought in by the Tories (forget the Liberal Democrats; they’re an irrelevance), this government’s policy has left no stone unturned in its quest to take as much as possible from those who have the least.
    Of particular interest is the fact that disabled workers will be £3,000 a year worse off, which confirms what many of us have thought – that this government has been quietly running a pogrom against those with disabilities. Hitler did much the same, back in 1939.
    And of course, it has been revealed that Universal Credit will actually cost more to implement than it saves. The author suggests this is due to idiocy but I think it’s about providing more of an excuse for further cuts to public services in the future.

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  27. something survived...

    Rossendales Ltd
    First Call Bailiff
    Job description

    The post holder will either hold a current bailiff certificate or be willing to work towards achieving one. You will possess good interpersonal skills, good organisational skills and must be a good communicator. You will have good numeracy and literacy skills, be positive and self-motivated and have the ability to work autonomously. The role involves working unsociable hours, you must be prepared to travel, hold a current UK driving licence and have access to a vehicle. This is a self-employed position. Applicant must have full UK driving licence and clean CCJ and CRB record. Please contact Zara Mcleod on 01706833027 to apply. Please leave a message if no one is available. CVs are not accepted.

    Please note: Interviews for this position are held in Helmshore near Manchester BB4.
    UJM sent this.
    Hundreds of miles away. Nondriver , no licence, disabled. Not a bailiff.

  28. something survived...

    What do you call 200 bullets in the head of Iain Duncan Smith?
    An admirable show of restraint.

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