Toff Swap – Andrew Mitchell Replaced by Baronet

Sir George Young, the Eton, then Oxbridge educated piece of human slime is to replace outgoing toff Andrew Mitchell.

Mitchell was sacked for lying to the filth about calling them plebs.  George Young famously once said “The homeless are what you step over when you come out of the opera.”

George Young is a diplomats son who’s worked in a succession of non-jobs since leaving Oxford.  He once did a shift on the bins on when local refuse collectors were out on strike.  The only time Young has done a proper job is when he was a dirty fucking scab.

It tells us everything about this Government that a Chief Whip sacked for calling a copper a pleb is replaced by an even more stuck up, not so nice but dim, advert for class war.

The pic above is from his website where the chinless fucking wet wipe calls himself the “The Bicycling Baronet”.  How fucking spiffing.

14 responses to “Toff Swap – Andrew Mitchell Replaced by Baronet

  1. He’s also a convicted drink driver,_6th_Baronet Check out personal life on bottom.

  2. All the torys are arse holes, lets hope we can get rid of them.

  3. Death To Dave.

  4. The wrong people are in jails, the wrong people are being screwed and the wrong people are earning millions off OBE’s other bugger’s efforts AND Other buggers existences!

  5. soon to be deceased

    Another member of the paedophilia class…..

  6. Ha, ha you’d have thought one of his minions would have removed the Jimmy Savile picture from his website. Dangerously dim.

  7. More vile slime…

  8. The toffeehammer

    It’s like replacin’ cowshit with pigshit – they both stink.

    Anyone see that horrendous plums-in-mouth toff (rees-moggy) puttin’ up the most pathetic case for that odious barsteward mitchell, on newsnight, last night? Cringeworthy doesn’t even cut it?

    Talking of cringeworthy – Surely Cuthbert Cringeworthy from Dennis the Menace is based on rees-moggy??

  9. The toffeehammer

    Ooops! I meant Walter the softy!!

  10. soon to be deceased

    When Moggy came on Newsnight my partner could not stop laughing….hard to believe such cretins still wield so much power in The UKplc….then again, maybe not.
    Rees Moggy: a true blue olde schoole English fascist.
    Off with his pointy head.

  11. Hmmm, looks like things are about to get a LOT worse…

    My own personal insight from the above article is that it understates what is about to happen!.

  12. And the image of Jimmy Saville… makes that image of the baronet with kids A whole different advert ;)…

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  14. something survived...

    The trouble is, both cow and pig shit are USEFUL. Both are more ethical.
    And both have a higher IQ….

    …Than the Tories.

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