Google Cache Strikes Again – Get Yer Atos Corporate Secrets

Once again the DWP are reduced to scurrying around trying to hide documents after their lack of competence at the internet has been revealed to the world.  And once again they’ve been caught out by the notorious google cache.  The tender documents for the Personal Independence Payment contracts on the website have now been changed to protected PDFs, meaning information can not be copied and pasted therefore the redacted material cannot be viewed.

Unfortunately for Atos and the DWP, the documents are still available by googling the original urls on which they were hosted and then clicking on Quick View.

So the Atos Tender for London and the South east, complete with bodged redactions, can be found by clicking:

To find out the names of sub-contractors visit:

To download as a PDF go to the File option on the top left of the screen and select Download Original.   UPDATE: This no longer works, instead go to the View button and select View HTML – the document can then be read without redaction to reveal secret Atos facts such as their claim that they have assets currently on the balance sheet worth a whopping £180billion (thanks to Malthus in the comments for the tip).

The tenders for Scotland and Northern England can be found at:

24 responses to “Google Cache Strikes Again – Get Yer Atos Corporate Secrets

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  2. If you have a Gmail account you can also choose to save the documents in Google Docs, then click on Print, Print PDF and save it from there.

  3. You can “click view” at top left of document, select “plain HTLM”. Then you right click on the plain HTML, select “Select All”, then right click again and select “Copy”. It can then be pasted to a word doc.

  4. soon to be deceased
    So….these are the kinda insane right wing cunts that will assess p.i.p?
    Using this pseudoscience of biopsychosocial bollox. And on the webpage of ths scurrilous mob detailing this pseudoscience there is nothing, because it’s all made up bullshit. This all has to be stopped. To have the plug pulled. To be destroyed.

    • It really hacks me off when people make comments about things which they patently have no idea about and try to pass it off as actual fact. I’m referring here to the biopsychosocial (BPS) model of health. Before I vent spleen I think it only right that I give my qualifications for what I’m about to say: having grown up on a council estate and been put into care in my teens simply for not going to school where I was bullied hideously simply because I’m dyslexic, in my thirties I was a homeless alcoholic, and in a few months, once I have completed my dissertation on living with unseen disabilities, I will drag my mentally ill and physically disabled ass out of uni with a first class psychology degree and then onto a masters degree in health psychology. IN other words I am not just a f*cking book learner I am also from the school of hard knocks and I know what the hell I’m talking about when it comes to the biopsychosocial model of health. AND IT’S THE BEST ALLY WE HAVE! Lord Fraud perverts the true nature of the BPS for tory ends so they can rob disabled and mentally ill people by trying to claim that we’re making it up; that our illnesses are purely psychological. This is abotu as far removed from what the BPS actually is as the pope is from being a decent human being. The BPS is very simply an all encompassing model of health which states that in considering health and illness ALL ASPECTS need to be considered, the BIOLOGICAL, the PSYCHOLOGICAL and the SOCIAL, and that to ignore any of these in addressing health and illness is wrong. The tories have done the most despicable thing possible with the BPS which is to take the greatest advance in health policy ever concieved and convince the very people it can most help that it is in fact evil pseudoscience. IN other words when you slag off the BPS you are actually doing tory dirty work for them. DO YOUR HOMEWORK in future before you jump blindly on dumb bandwagons and help ATOS and CAMERON to murder people like me. Jeeeeesus H chris, when will activists ever do any actual bloody action?!!!

  5. There has been a stop or something put on this. You cannot open by going to file etc. Secondly, when I scrolled through the online pahes, they have blacked out the percentages and figures all through the PIP Assessment file.

  6. Got it thanks.

  7. Isn’t it ironic that these lying scumbags were ‘caught napping’ by something used to spy on us all?

  8. I’m beginning to wonder whether someone at the DWP isn’t entirely aware of what they’re doing here – whether we’re seeing the modern update to “leaving the secret document in the photocopier”.

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  10. On Thursday 22. 8.13 the DM makes a determination that JSA is not payable to

    Wendy as she has refused without good reason to apply for a job in a shop that was

    notified to her by her advisor. Wendy states she does not want to apply for jobs in

    shops as she wants to work outside and use her trained skills as a gardener. The

    date of the failure is 8.8.13. This is Wendy’s third failure within 52 weeks. Previous

    failures on 20.12.12 and 1.5.13 resulted in a 13 week and 26 week sanction being

    imposed. As this is Wendy’s third failure within 52 weeks of the previous failure and

    the most recent failure resulted in a 26 week sanction being imposed the sanction will

    be for 156 weeks. Wow!

    Read it here

  11. Who are these advisers what do they know about manual work sat on their fat arses all day .Can they not place an applicant to a job environment they would be happy in or is that part of the strategy put them in a position they would hate,so they refuse or leave resulting in money saved not paying their benefits for weeks,month,or years

    • Advisers are Fat Bastards

      “fat arses” is an understatement, Ernest. These advisers arses are wider than a fucking planet, disgusting. A good dose of hard, manual work might slim these lard arse down a bit. Fat cunts that the are.

      • lol me “advisor” is fat that if the lift is broke down I have to meet the fat pig in the foyer of the building. And she always munches her way through every “appointment” like a farmyard pig: “just finishing me lunch”. What, like 3 in the afternoon lol

        • something survived...

          Mine (though we are meant to do 35-40 hours of jobsearch per week)
          at Work programme yesterday kicked me out after 20 minutes of jobsearch, saying she wanted her lunch! she is not overtly horrible but just doesn’t get that I have NO lunch and NO supper and NO breakfast and NO lunch the next day. Or that I’ve been eating stuff I found lying in the road (grapes, biscuit). by kicking people out after only 20 minutes, the place was packed this time, they must know full well they are helping the DWP say ‘you have not done the 35 hours a week’ and kicking the people off benefits. It takes an hour if I walk there. Now they are changing my day and time of day to something completely different.
          ‘today’s jobs’ included Army Paratrooper. How likely are the army to hire a tiny, disabled, veggie, anarchist pacifist?
          Last time her boss told me I have to apply for vacancies I’m told to apply for, regardless of what they are. Then I was told the opposite, but only after applying for 16 impossible jobs. Today she didn’t even bother reading the job diary she ordered me 2 weeks ago to start, that it’s taken me 2 weeks to write, I wonder if they wipe their butts with our diaries.
          today they told a woman with severe learning disabilities and a lot of physical disabilities to apply for a high level job as a secretary and PA! She needs a carer to get dressed! After a candidate applied for a job and left, do you know what they did? (though he was meant to apply for jobs as it’s Work Programme and if you don’t you get your dole stopped; and though it was the only vacancy he could find)


          Right in front of me.
          They are not even duplicitous about doing this any more. They just don’t give a toss. This was after a 2 minute staff discussion in front of all the other Jobseekers (what about privacy? right to defend yourself?); they said they were ‘concerned’ about his job application. They agreed they ‘would not put him forward’ for the job; as he ‘was not enough of a people person’. Huh??? Based on WHAT? The type of work (I’ve done it) did not necessarily need you to be a people person. And then they put his form in the bin. And he actually really wanted the job….

          The sick bit is that they made all the encouraging noises and had him fill in the whole damn form, promising they’d deliver it themselves to save him the postage. Yes they saved the postage, they put the form in the bin!

          After they did it, I asked why they did that. They said they were only allowed to put forward one candidate per job! I said, so who else has applied then and is a better candidate? They said: Nobody.
          I said: So can I apply then? They said: No. (I said I’d worked in that job before) [it made no difference] {The stupid thing is, even if my chances of getting it were unlikely, it would then count towards the list of jobs I was supposed to apply for.}

          I said, I can’t afford food to eat, so I can’t afford to buy paper. I’ve run out of paper. You want me to write a job diary so I need paper to do it. Can I have some paper? I meant several blank sheets. They gave me one sheet of used printout, so I could only write on one side and that was soon full.

          They say you must read their piles of newspapers, but as soon as you start reading them they tell you ‘put that away’. Some weeks they tell me I have to do computers OR newspapers, even though JCP ordered that I must do both.

          Sickest of all (the bin was the worst bit, when they actually binned someone else’s application) was when the catering company arrived bearing trays of food for the Work Programme staff, all individually ordered and wrapped. I found myself wanting to eat their cheese and pickle sandwiches. Actual fresh fruit. Do they not know how much that hurts when you are starving? Right as you are being thrown out for being at the end of ’20 minutes’ because they want Lunch?

          The new time means they want me to go there for 3 hours with all the other jobseekers. BUT there will not be enough computers to go around! Also there is no space for all the people. And 3 hours still is not 35 hours. How are you meant to do jobsearch another 32 hours if all the places to do it (Work Programme) are closed? And it is fortnightly.

          WP and JCP are telling lots of people this week to apply for jobs they don’t have any of the stated qualifications for.

          In case you haven’t guessed, the WP provider is Working Links. I’ve been with them, round and round, so many times. No job. Each time they made me worse. Today they showed they don’t even know basic stuff. When I arrived they told me to go and see —– and ___ at office —– in ———. I was amazed they said that. I said: Of the two people you mentioned, ___ got laid off, and —– works at a 3rd, different, office. For several months your office in ————- has been not only closed down, it is also gutted/stripped out and locked up.

          This week: on Monday lots of people came into the Jobcentre to complain. They have been getting threatening phone calls and letters from the Jobcentre, Work Programme, DWP head office, and the people in charge of Sanctions. These all say ‘you have not been attending Work Programme run by Scout Enterprises’. They threaten to stop the person’s dole. They order them to attend appointments. The thing is, Scout has gone bust. They’ve run off and their office is now a salon. They took all the paperwork and they may have lost it. They are uncontactable. People’s private medical info is out there!
          They also didn’t pay the people’s travel expenses. Now the Jobcentre is refusing to refund the people. JCP don’t take it seriously. They say ‘another WP provider will take over your “case” and will contact you soon’. However people have already been given the First Sanction from Monday for non-attendance (like not being able to get in the building, which is now another business anyway), just because they were sent to a WP provider that went bust and absconded with everyone’s money. Because all the bits of Jobcentre and DWP don’t talk to eachother. JCP says it is not important and it is no big deal that these people are getting the first stage sanction. They actually say ‘don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds’. The first actual thing they do wrong (or, another JCP cockup) will mean a 6 month sanction, and the second a 3 year sanction, and the 3rd a life ban (a “4th sanction” not in the press yet).

          We don’t like the way you are breathing with your air ration so we are going to stop your air for 3 years to teach you to behave better.

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    Further to my heads up re Benefits & Work newsletter story on DisRightsUK & Capita

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