Iain Duncan Smith Credits Anarchists For Trashing Forced Labour Scheme

Kronstadt is avenged comrades!

In a humiliating snub to Trotskyite factions everywhere, Iain Duncan Smith has credited anarchists as the driving force behind his Department’s decision to drop benefit sanctions on the Work Experience scheme.

Speaking on Radio 4 the Secretary of State claimed ‘out of touch’ anarchists and Trade Unions were behind the campaign against forced labour.  This came at the same time as the Government conceded to anarchist demands that sanctions be removed from the scheme.

The battle against workfare is just warming up.  The announcement only applies to the Government’s Work Experience scheme aimed at young people.  The far larger Work Programme, which can see claimants mandated to work for six months with a private company was not mentioned in the announcement.  Neither was the Government’s Mandatory Work Activity scheme, essentially Community Service for claimants deemed to be not trying hard enough to find work, which can even apply to those already in part time work (more on this soon).

George Osborne said last year that young people who refuse Work Experience “will be considered for mandatory work activity, and those that drop out without good reason will lose their benefits.”

There has also been no statement from the Government on recent revelations that sick and disabled people are soon to be  bullied into forced labour or face benefit sanctions.

The Government have been pretending that Work Experience is the only forced labour scheme.  This is far from the case.  This Saturday’s Day of Action Against Workfare is more important than ever.  Just one last push is needed to break workfare for good.

13 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith Credits Anarchists For Trashing Forced Labour Scheme

  1. I cant believe that he is that stupid thinking 3/3 will be called off!!

  2. I watched a news program today where they were really pushing osbourne over benefit sanctions and as he continued to deny it the news reader said well Mr. Osbourne thats not what many groups are saying so clearly that is why the companies involved are so concerned, I thought he was going to turn blue in the face haha

    • Hahaha sounds great, what programme/channel was it on?
      Do you know of a link to it?

      • Hi Arbeitsscheu_UK,
        I am not sure which program it was but it must have been ITV daytime as I usually have that on in the background while I am pottering about.

  3. I noticed the Work programme was completely ignored. Grayling is obviously hoping that focusing on the work experience scheme he can deflect attention from the other schemes. It’s important that we don’t let him get away with this. A big thanks to you Johnny, your blog was an important part of raising this issue and the issue of Grayling lying through his stinking teeth.

    • Agreed us reds-under-the-bed (LMFAO@those paranoid wankers ) have won a famous victory with this battle but the war goes on.

      Agreed too on the blog Johnny, great work keep it up mate, I have seen you tweeted all over the place your site stats must have jumped sky high

  4. Thanks very much for this blog. Never read it before this issue came up but it’s great. I have a job now but this whole workfare thing has really got to me like nothing else has for a while. Grayling is just unbelievable – what a horrible, lying toerag.

    I’ve been looking up old anti-slavery songs to sing on Saturday. I recommed it if you like singing, there were some great ones from the 18th & 19 century. Protests need songs.

  5. Mr Grayling can’t tell a Trotskyist from an Anarchist! just goes to show what a prized Numpty this man is. On radio 4 we are told the sanctions have been removed but the DWP press release says sanctions remain, yet more subterfuge. At each turn Grayling and co are trying to create confusion by only addressing the work experience scheme and deflecting everyone away from the work programme.

  6. Friendly neighbourhood radical

    Umm dont mean to disappoint you but opposition was threefold, socialists, anarchists and regular people. Surely this cheer for the fact that anarchism gets the credit (when really speaking they are only using the terms to discredit it as a whole, they may doubt either being behind it as a whole. It’s a smear tactic) opposes they anarchistic notion of no hierarchy, bragging isn’t very anarchistic.

  7. Well the supposed climbdown is only to what they claimed was the rules last week, colour me cynical, but if you lie about what you’re doing as a government, rolling back to what you claimed was the state orriginally is hardly a compromise.

  8. They can and will lie until they are blue in the face but the trouble for the bastards is that they need the private sector to be on-board for all of their sinister plans. But this has proved that they, the private sector, are scared shitless because if their reputation is tarnished they have everything to lose. That puts the ball firmly in our court and the government know, and the public know they know, that this new order is a force they didn’t reckon on and don’t know how to deal with,

  9. And what about us who are linear descendants of the POUM (I kid you not – Tendance Coatesy comes from that part of the left)?

    Let joy be unconfined!

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