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Iain Duncan Smith Credits Anarchists For Trashing Forced Labour Scheme

Kronstadt is avenged comrades!

In a humiliating snub to Trotskyite factions everywhere, Iain Duncan Smith has credited anarchists as the driving force behind his Department’s decision to drop benefit sanctions on the Work Experience scheme.

Speaking on Radio 4 the Secretary of State claimed ‘out of touch’ anarchists and Trade Unions were behind the campaign against forced labour.  This came at the same time as the Government conceded to anarchist demands that sanctions be removed from the scheme.

The battle against workfare is just warming up.  The announcement only applies to the Government’s Work Experience scheme aimed at young people.  The far larger Work Programme, which can see claimants mandated to work for six months with a private company was not mentioned in the announcement.  Neither was the Government’s Mandatory Work Activity scheme, essentially Community Service for claimants deemed to be not trying hard enough to find work, which can even apply to those already in part time work (more on this soon).

George Osborne said last year that young people who refuse Work Experience “will be considered for mandatory work activity, and those that drop out without good reason will lose their benefits.”

There has also been no statement from the Government on recent revelations that sick and disabled people are soon to be  bullied into forced labour or face benefit sanctions.

The Government have been pretending that Work Experience is the only forced labour scheme.  This is far from the case.  This Saturday’s Day of Action Against Workfare is more important than ever.  Just one last push is needed to break workfare for good.

Anarchist Snub To Wills and Kate!

Palaces insiders have been left fuming after the humiliating news was revealed that most anarchists intend to ignore the Royal Wedding celebrations on Friday and probably go down the pub instead.

Whilst thousands of police officers have been drafted into the capital it appears that any chance of a major demonstration against the wedding looks remote.  This is believed to be due to no-one really giving that much of a shit about the affairs of inbred chinless wankers.  Plus it’s probably going to piss down.

Commander Bob Broadhurst is said to be devastated at the snub.  According to Scotland Yard sources all usual procedures were followed, including a plea for anarchists to attend published in both the Evening Standard and Daily Telegraph and even an offer to haul them out of their beds to make sure they didn’t miss the big day.  “What a waste of fucking money” say police sources.

The lack of anarchist participation is believed to be a sign of increasing indifference to the Royal Family.  One palace insider told us “It’s a pretty poor show when not even anarchists can be bothered to protest at a Royal Wedding.  Fucking Vodafone gets more attention than we do these days.”

It’s now down to just famous anarchist liability Chris Knight and his cardboard guillotine, EDL’s Chipping Norton division and pair of pretend jihadists to provide entertainment for the hundreds of bored coppers  who plan to turn up on the day.  Donut shops are readying themselves for record sales.

Anarchists are not the only ones to deliver a snub to the Palace.  The Butcher of Bahrain, Darth Vadar and even Margaret Thatcher have all declined their invitations.  In Thatcher’s case this is believed to be because the senile old hag could croak anytime.  Some have suggested that only the death of Thatcher is likely to bring anarchists out onto the street this weekend.  That, after all, would be something worth celebrating.  A plan by the Palace to off the old trout has so far been resisted until George Osborne has been surgically removed from her arse.

Anyone wishing to ignore the whole pointless charade and get pissed instead could do worse than visit the monarchy-free street party to be held in Deptford on Friday.



Happy Christmas From Greece


from indymedia

“During the night there were attacks on police stations, banks and other targets, the number of which is still unknown.

The day started early on Monday. Students at highschools across the country had meetings this morning and decided to protest and show their rage for the murder and the police. The students walked out of the classrooms, some schools were occupied and on others the students demonstrated, stopping the traffic in major roads and setting barricades. This has happened in dozens of cities, even the smaller ones. Slogans were shouted and painted on walls and in some cities the students attacked the cops and their stations, setting fire barricades on the streets, and turning police cars upside down. In Athens, in many neighborhoods, suburbs and downtown, there were big demonstrations by students in the morning, a big number of which classed with the police and there were arrests. The police reactions were very strong against the students (14-17 year old kids) and even the corporate media, who usually follow the police views and cover up their acts, showed riot cops brutally abusing and beating 15 yo boys and girls.

What happened later, in the afternoon and night is still unclear. For sure there were thousands of people in the streets rioting, clashing with the police and smashing banks, corporate shops and governmental buildings. The media talk about huge disasters and they show videos of rioting and burning buildings and cars but there are no independent reports since the local Indymedia center is down all day due to heavy traffic and perhaps attacks from the police. The government is holding meetings all day and there is a rumor going on in the news that it will declare a state of emergency.

There is need for international solidarity. Please mention the subject on your local infoshop, squat, anarchist talking group and organize gatherings outside the greek embassies and consulates. Print and handout pamphlets about the situation and protest against the police brutality everywhere.

So far, the greek embassies in London (UK) and Berlin (Germany) were occupied, demonstrations took place in Hamburg (Germany), Paris (France), Verne (Switzerland),Leukosia (Cyprus) outside the greek embassies, in Croatia where the embassy was attacked and probably more.

THE STATE MURDERS! – communique by the Polytechnic School Occupation in Athens:

Fox News Fingers Anarchists for Times Square Bombing!

Times Square Bombing Possibly Tied to New York Anarchist Groups, Source Says

Fox News are claiming that ‘chaos crazed’ anarchist groups may be behind the recent Time Square bombings. Although their ‘source’ is never revealed Fox point out:

“the bombing fell on the one-year anniversary of the death of New York-based anarchist Brad Will, murdered by the state shot while filming a violent demonstration in Mexico.”

In the interests of helping the authorities in their inquiries we’ve done a bit of digging ourselves to help the hapless cops with their investigation:

In 1996 on the 8th March Gerry Adams claimed that the IRA is preparing for another 25 years of war – New York has a large Irish community … we’ll say no more.

More worrying on the 8th March is the day the Alamo fell to Mexican forces in 1836 killing good ol’ boy Davy Crockett – Mexicans eh .. hmm.

In 1930 on the 8th March Clarence Birdseye launched the first range of frozen foods, those health food groups have been seeming a bit radical for our liking at the moment.

Meanwhile in 1890 an ornithologist released 60 pairs of starlings in New York’s Central Park as a memorial to William Shakespeare. Starlings are now one of the US’s greatest pests and subject to regular culls. Could a radical ornithology group be behind the bombings?

Where was RSPB President Jonathan Dimbleby on the day in question? We have a right to know.

We also note that on the 8th March Ghana gained independance and the Indian Mutiny within the British Army began.

So there’s a lot to go on, we’ll be mailing this post to the Feds and hope it helps.