Redesign the Atos Logo!

The killer fish is dead.  Poverty pimp’s Atos Origin have rebranded their corporate logo, from this:

into the far less colourful and frankly fucking boring this:

So in solidarity with all the websites closed so far by Atos’ legal threats the void is launching it’s first ever competition to help redesign the Atos logo to show the true nature of this odious company.  Send us your art folks, feel free to leave links in the comments.

Latest – over 25 websites currently defying Atos legal threats.

In the US it is not deemed a breach of copyright to parody a corporate logo, provided that parody is only used to take the piss out of Atos themselves and not any other reason.*

So under US law (which is where wordpress operate from) there should be no problem at all with this.

Atos are sensitive little flowers when it comes to the phrase ‘Atos Kills’  despite the fact that several people have killed themselves after failing one of Atos Healthcare’s computer based benefit tests.  And despite teaming up with Auschwitz building, job stealing bastards Siemens they also seem keen to deny any parallels with their new partner’s nazi past.  So this kind of thing is likely to piss them off:

  As well as closing the Carer Watch internet discussion board over unspecified posts, Atos also objected to the name of the Atos Register of Shame website.  In the UK there is a defence against a libel action of ‘fair comment’.  This means that whilst you can’t legally lie you are able to give an honestly held opinion.  It is this defence which allows us to call Atos a bunch of cunts.  There is no need to quantify this as ‘I think Atos are a bunch of cunts’ as some have suggested.  Just honestly believing (as I do) that Atos are a bunch of cunts is enough.  Did you get that Atos – you cunts.

A National Day of Action Against Atos has been called for September 30th.

10 responses to “Redesign the Atos Logo!

  1. Love the last Logo..

  2. The old logo is still on the UK site:-

  3. Could you edit this post to include the versions popping up all over teh intawebz?

  4. New post on the way – watch this space

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  6. There’s also a defence in English law of ‘gratuitous abuse’. You don’t have to prove a people are actually womans’ genitals to call them a bunch of cunts.

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  8. surprised no-one thought of this…

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