The Great Atos Origin Rebrand – Call For Support!

Poverty pimps Atos Origin are currently in negotiation with Carer Watch, the forum forced offline by bullying legal threats.  Atos claim they used legal threats only to “request that the libellous content relating to Atos Healthcare and our employees be taken down in order to protect the reputation of our employees and company against the false and malicious allegations that were posted.”

So far it is unclear what those false and malicious allegations were.  Atos have also forced at least two other websites offline with legal threats.  In particular they have complained about their precious logo being misappropriated and the phrase Atos Kills.  They also objected to the name of the Atos Register of Shame website, a clear case of ‘fair comment’  under libel laws.  It seems that Atos care as little about the law as the disabled and sick people they harass.

All this is taking place during a huge rebranding exercise for the Atos Corporation.   Despite being harangued and hounded from both facebook and twitter they are back with a new facebook page at: whilst they appear to be using the hashtag #atosblog on twitter.  They also have a brand new logo and as ever the internet has been quick to help.  Two latest suggestions on how to promote a more honest corporate identity come from The New Republic:

Meanwhile on facebook this redesign has been suggested:

Other designs up for consideration feature on an earlier post.

If you have a blog or website please republish these pictures and come up with your own.  Let’s show the bastards at Atos we won’t be silenced by their threats!

A National Day of Action Against Atos has been called for September 30th.

10 responses to “The Great Atos Origin Rebrand – Call For Support!

  1. I somewhat doubt that a rebranding is going to make any difference if they continue to implament a flawed system to deprive the sick and disabled of benefits at the whim of an uncaring government only intent on saving money.

  2. Loving your work! Though it did make me wee a bit (overcome with mirth)

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  7. They have brought ATOS into the Isle of Man to persecute the sick and the weak under a Minister who pretends to care for the vulnerable in society (Mr. Chris Robertshaw MHK) plus his Civil Servants on hundreds of thousands of pounds salary. This Minister of Social Care won’t disclose to the people of the Isle of Man how much it cost? Now they will have suicides there. He refuses to do anything about it. They were brought into the Isle of Man in July 2012 on a 6 month trial – This is a lie – they are there permanantly. ATOS are a disgrace – they are responsible for deaths up and down the UK. There are single parents in forums talking of suicide – if this happens the children loose their parent and get put into care – all so the directors of ATOS can drive their shiny BMWs around and line their pockets. Whoever brought this in should be tried for crimes against humanity. They make me sick. They are not Doctors – they are medieval henchmen employed by the UK Government on millions of pounds to cull the sick. The UK People ought to get together and revolt – demanding they get this organisation the hell out of our society. AS this blog describes – It is exactly that – The resurrgence of Nazi Germany. The Ministers in the UK that brought this in should be held accountable for their actions. I saw the Documentary on TV and it showed people with illnesses of all kinds declared fit for work. One was a man coughing so badly he could hardly talk – i could not watch this any longer. The final 20 minutes i turned it off. ATOS do not careless how ill you are – All they care about is their lucrative contract. One of their own bosses walked out and made a statement to the press in that she was appalled. Once you get a letter from ATOS – You may as well not turn up – you have lost. I would rather die than be humiliated by that disgraceful organisation. They even denied payment to a man that has his leg blown off in Afghanistan. These henchmen that work for ATOS would be the first to run if they were put in the frontline. I bet they live in luxury houses at your expense driving expensive cars with huge bank accounts. These Henchmen pretending to be Doctors are the ones that should be assessed – because no Doctor on God’s Earth would send sick people out into the workplace. If it was a real Doctor he would be struck off. Can anyone explain to me how they are getting away with causing suicides and misery? Why has it not been stopped?

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