The Fight To Save Social Security Won’t Be Over Whoever Wins The Election, Come To The Welfare Action Gathering – 30th May

welfare-action-flyerfrom Boycott Workfare

Saturday 30th May, 10.30am-5.30pm, London Welsh Centre (10 minutes’ walk from King’s Cross station)

Faced with policies that are pushing ever more people into precarity and poverty, thousands of us have been coming together to support each other. We are pushing back workfare, standing up to sanctions, challenging the work capability assessment and fighting insecure, unaffordable housing.

If you are concerned about:

  • Job centres being places of intimidation and sanctions,
  • Private providers bullying claimants on ‘welfare-to-work’ schemes,
  • 35 hour jobsearch under Universal Credit,
  • ESA assessments putting sick and disabled people in fear of destitution,
  • Welfare rights for young people being abolished and replaced with unpaid work,
  • Workfare being required to be eligible for social housing,
  • Housing benefit being part of sanctions under Universal Credit,
  • Claimants in work being sanctioned under Universal Credit too…

…then do something about it and come to the Welfare Action Gathering to hear from other people organising across the UK! Learn about our rights and share ideas and tactics!

This isn’t a day for speakers from the front. Party political representatives aren’t invited. It’s a day for people at the grassroots to get together and work out how we can support each other, defend our rights and continue successfully to campaign against workfare and sanctions.

Organised by Boycott Workfare with Haringey Solidarity Group. Workshops and contributions from other groups are very welcome!

Want to come? Please register your interest now:

Will you need help with travel costs? If you are in a local group where people support each other and take action on welfare or housing (or plan to start one), we should be able to help with your travel costs. Please help by booking travel early and accessing other sources of funding if you can. Get in touch as soon as you can to sort travel costs out.

Access info: Please get in touch if there are ways we can help make the event accessible to you. The venue is wheelchair accessible however one workshop room unfortunately is not. If you are a wheelchair user, please contact us in advance to let us know which workshops you’d like to attend, and we’ll make sure they are scheduled on the ground floor.

Want to organise something similar near you? We’d love to help if we can. We especially want to support another gathering in the North in Autumn/Winter 2015, but would need a local group to take the lead on organising it. Please get in touch.

For more details and a list of the workshops organised so far visit Boycott Workfare’s website.

Join the Facebook event and invite others to come too!

Join me on facebook or follow me on twitter @johnnyvoid

20 responses to “The Fight To Save Social Security Won’t Be Over Whoever Wins The Election, Come To The Welfare Action Gathering – 30th May

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  2. overburdenddonkey

    a great idea…. pensions are also a major issue…restore pension @ 60…
    see work of common weal and RIC scotland… RIC 2014…

    • The petition for restoring the state pension at 60 to women went in on Tuesday 24 March, but will also continue until after the general election.

      My petition is the further massive loss to nil state pension to those with retirement age from next year, 2016, onwards.
      See why at end of my petition in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

      You might care to Twitter or Retweet or whatever my petition website, please. Thanks.

      • overburdenddonkey

        please also acknowledge the loss of benefit/pension entitlement for men @ 60 at the same time with the pension age escalator…

        • The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is the 6th biggest party, yet ignored in blogs and media and on TV.

          TUSC offer to reverse the rise in retirement age, and bring back the link of the annual rises of state pension to the yearly rise in the average wage.

          Class War offer double dole and pension.

          Vote for these and other socialist parties of the poor on the left, especially in Tory and Lib Dem MP voting areas, as the poor now outnumber all other voters in most voting areas in the UK.

          There is no such as a small party. All MPs from small parties both add the real anti austerity MPs to UK parliament and deny Tory and Lib Dem MPs to UK parliament.



  3. I am confused,I always use the benefit calculator”better off in work” you are usually £5 better off for part time(It does not take account of bus fare) As UC is being introduced I have tried several formulas,the most confusing is this…Homeless.self employed,30 hours a week,pay? £30 per week.Benefit?
    £268 pw based on my rural Wales postcode..WTF?

    • Universal Credit will sanction part time workers for failing to gain full time hours.

      UC will end with permanent sanctions, as the replacing lesser money of Hardship Payments (difficult to access) ceases to be a benefit but turns into a recoverable loan by direct deductions from future benefit or wages by court action.

      UC replaces working tax credits, council tax benefit, housing benefit and pension credit (by raised retirement age).

      (snip, one link to your site is fine I think – jv)

    • That’s more likely to be £268 per calendar month, UC is paid this way and calculations show the monthly amount.

  4. The parties of the poor are not getting any coverage in national press or TV news and not in the blogs of all the victims of welfare reform aka abolition.

    The 6th biggest party, TUSC running 125 MP candidates, for general electon on Thursday 7 May.
    should by rights be getting fair media coverage, but
    getting nothing at all.

    In mostly marginals where the poor vastly outnumber all other voters.

    The more TUSC candidates become MPs (easy if all the poor come out to vote) the more Labour must change.

    Only in a multi party coaliiton of
    with Labour and SNP and Plaid Cymru
    can the left shut out the Tories planning to wipe out the welfare state.

    This is coming when Universal Credit meets the Flat Rate State Penson, that grants the poorest workers nil state pension for life.
    See why under my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT seciton, at:

  5. Class war gives the impression of unresolved and perpetual tension will the dismantling of the welfare state not snap that class tension and move the debate onto the barricades?

    • Class War will not be the sole single party ruling UK parliament.

      But voting Class War will vote out a Tory or Lib Dem MP from UK parliament.

      And will add true anti austerity MPs into the UK parliament.

      This is what is known as tactical voting.

      The poor now outnumber all other voters in most voting areas.

      Class War – Eat the Rich, Feed the Poor, Double dole and pension. Simple messages for what Gandhi observed, People’s Politics Are Their Daily Bread.

      Starvation stalks the poor.
      The starving and near starving or threatened with starving multitude can put their pencil cross by a different party name and logo on Thursday 7 May, whether as an MP or as a councillor, and ensure a majority
      anti austerity UK parliament.

  6. Boycott Workfare don’t seem to be interested if it’s a young person being forced onto unpaid employment with a private employer such as a pub…

  7. Conditionality should be the prime target – conditionality reinforced by sanctions is the killer app in the welfare haters armoury.

  8. Haven’t you heard that no party is likely to win the election? I hope the anti benefit slave labour policies will all be abolished soon after demands from the SNP and the Green Party. Please read my blog

    • Being the most severe hung parliament is actually a bonus.

      No so-called big party can win.

      The small parties do win, by bringing in true anti austerity MPs into the UK parliament.

      The poor outnumber all other voters in most voting areas and can vote for the parties of the poor on the left and vote out Tory and Lib Dem MPs.

      No single party will ever again rule the UK parliament.

      So small parties bringing in MPs, from the parties of the poor of the left available but not being informed the mass of the people who are the poor, can utterly change Labour and bring in a mass anti austerity herd of parties.

      This is called tactical voting.

      The small party MPs would actually rule in UK parliament, in a herd of parties.

      The UK don’t know this system, because they have never needed to know.

      But this has been the norm throughout Europe for years, successfully.

      SYRIZA and PODEMOS have succeeded on the backs of that.


      Have til 20th of this month to ensure with council are registered to vote.

      Parties of the poor on the left gathered together on me website to help you:

      You might care, pelase, to share me website on your Twitter and Facebook pages, so the poor are aware how much power, more than at any time in UK history, they have on Thursday 7 May.

  9. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog.

  10. The Country Needs’ to be Freed from Neo Liberalism and to have Compassionate Socialism and Social Justice

    Increase Welfare Benefit Levels Constitutional Protection of Welfare
    Benefits and Challenge anything in Papers that Victimises the Poor
    and Vulnerable

    The Real Scroungers are Selfish Politicians of Neo Liberalism in the
    Ivory Tower of Westminster

    Socialism Yes and Slavery No

    • Then Vote Dear NoOppression.

      The media and TV are not telling the mass of the people who are the poor about the parties of the poor on the left.

      There is no such thing as a small party.

      All MPs from the parties of the poor that gain MP jobs, will deny Tory and Lib Dem MPs from their jobs in UK parliament.

      Small parties beyond just the 2 or 3 so far gained, can be within ruling the UK parliament like never before.

      The poor putting their pencil cross by different party name and logo on Thursday 7 May, could utterly change UK parliament into a majority anti austerity government.


      See my personal website, that I hope helps you:

      You might care to share my website on your Twitter, Blogs and Facebook pages, so that the poor get to hear the huge power they have on Thursday 7 May, and how:

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