This Is What Austerity Looks Like – First Suicide Due To Bedroom Tax Reported

Stephanie-BottrillThe welfare reform death toll has risen by one more tragic victim the Sunday People is reporting.  The papers says:

Ten days ago Stephanie Bottrill sat in the redbrick terrace house which had been home for 18 years to write notes to her loved ones, the Sunday People reports .

She ripped the pages from a spiral-bound notebook and placed them neatly in little brown envelopes.

There was one for her son. Another for her daughter. Her mother. Friends. And a very special one for the year-old grandson she doted on.

Then in the early hours of last Saturday Stephanie, 53, left her home for the last time, leaving her cat Joey behind as the front-door clicked shut.

She crossed her road in Meriden Drive, Solihull, to drop one of her letters and her house keys through a neighbour’s letterbox. Then she walked 15 minutes through the sleeping estate to Junction 4 of the M6.

And at 6.15am she walked straight into the path of a northbound lorry and was killed instantly. Stephanie Bottrill had become the first known suicide victim of the hated Bedroom Tax.

In the letter to her son, Steven, 27, she had written: “Don’t blame yourself for me ending my life. The only people to blame are the Government.”

This is what happens when people are left with nothing at all, something the millionaire scum in Government will never understand.  Money runs out for most of us, and very quickly if you are on benefits.  It’s hard to even think about anything else if you have no money.  If it goes on for days, or weeks or longer it can be torture.   Even before welfare reforms the benefits system was not generous.  It did contain some strange anomalies, usually down to the huge cost of renting in some parts of the UK, but people on benefits were already living in dire poverty.  It was landlords living it up, not claimants.  Yet a handful of unusual cases – often large homeless families in expensive, emergency housing – have been presented as the norm and used as cover to slash social security even further.

When you take away money from people in already in poverty it drives them to destitution.  Desperate people do desperate things.  Yes there will always be a complex combination of factors in tragic deaths such as these.  But homelessness, hunger and despair are not trivial matters that can be cleared up with a bit of counselling or a work related activity meeting with some welfare-to-work poverty pimp.  They don’t go away – not without money.  So whilst Iain Duncan Smith hands out billions to Atos, A4e and his friends in the private sector remember Stephanie Bottrill.  She didn’t need incentivising, assessing, motivating to find those ‘hidden vacancies’ or any other bullshit.  She was too ill to work, and there aren’t any vacancies, hidden or otherwise in many parts of the UK.

She needed twenty quid a week because she was poor and couldn’t pay her rent and was going to lose her home.  What little she had in this world, this Government took away, and now she is dead.  And she was someone’s mum.  The price of her life was  just half of what Iain Duncan Smith spends on breakfast in a day, let alone a week.

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  1. Ignorant Demonic Scrounger has blood on his hands!

  2. shocking news, i wonder if FREUD & IDS will lose any sleep over this poor womans death, i hate ( hate is not a stong enough word to use on these two evil bastards) RIP Stephanie, my heart goes out to your family.
    I would suggest that we all email our MPs this news, i will gladly send it my MP Esther McVey

  3. This heartbreaking story has touched me and brought me to tears. I really hope one day every evil, crooked, lying scheming bastard in Government pays a similar price. I would be first in line to change my name to Pierrpoint and hang the lot of them from lamposts outside Parliament and let them ROT. They bring shame on humanity! Cameron. IDS, Grayling, Hoban, McVey, Lansley I hope they burn in HELL!

  4. Forgot Freud..and now I have an unlucky seven..unlucky for them..!

    I also forgot my own humanity briefly in my anger and echo my thoughts and prayers for Stephanies Family. No family should have to face such persecution in the UK of the 21st Century

  5. A claimant and a revolutionary who will never forget x

    Rest in Peace Stephanie x

  6. This is enough. One death is already one death too many. This has to end and those in power cannot sit back and make excuses for this. We are just over a month into the bedroom tax. People are already in arrears, DHPs aren’t being allocated even to those with adaptations, councils don’t seem to know how to apply the rules on exemptions properly. It’s a mess. Shelter has just written a ridiculous briefing arguing for a few exemptions for those who can prove they need a room for bulky disability equipment, presumably this would be assessed by the same councils who already can’t make proper decisions. We have been hung out to dry by politicians, social landlords, and charities alike. The only glimmer of light has been from a few like Govan Law and Joe Halewood who’ve actually tried to offer practical advice. But what about the thousands without internet who’ve felt totally alone and betrayed and frightened since this vicious policy came in, who’s going to reach out to them, how many more? R.I.P. Stephanie. x

  7. Not suicide – murder.

  8. RIP Stephanie.
    Another victim of this evil and disgusting government.

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  10. What tragedy. RIP.

    This is why you should never vote Tory.

  11. It reduces me to tears to think what was going through the mind of this poor lady. Her desperation must have been at breaking point to consider let alone carry out what happened.

    Those evil bastards Duncan Smith, Freud, Hoban and McVey have blood on their hands and it will not wash off, no matter how hard they scrub. They are going to hell in a handcart, each and every one of them.

  12. May this lady now rest in peace as she has paid the price, she has now gone to heaven from this hell we call life.
    My sincere condolences to family and friends.

  13. Samaritans 08457909090 or email

    Please don’t suffer alone

  14. Sadly this poor woman and her family will be just the tip of a very large pile of human suffering caused needlesly by ignorant, rich unelected politicians. My heart goe out to her and her family. She must have been at her wits end and in deep dispair to have to act like this.

    I have a friend who was going to commit suicide this week staying with me at the moment. They are at their wits end over the bedroom tax. Thery need to find £27 a week out of £71 job seekers allowance, added to that the council tax of £9 per week leaves them with £35 to pay for gas, electric, water. There is no money left for food or any other essentials for basic living. They have been on a list for house swapping for 7 years and have been told they are not priority.

    I can see the costs for the NHS going up as the deteriation in my friend is hard to watch. He was a lovely outgoing funny guy now he sits on my sofa with his head in his hands and crys.

    I am also affected by the bedroom tax but I am using my DLA to pay for it so I am cancelling hospital appointments all the time as I cannot afford the transport costs now I dont have my DLA. I have to eat a special diet and I cannot afford to buy the food now and already I am noticing the difference in myself and my health. DLA is suppose to be for helping people with the extra costs of their disabilities not for lining IDSmiths pockets with.

    How can unelected politicians cause such extreme heartache up and down the country using the false impression of fairness to the tax payer? I fear we will be hearing this story unfold from all over the country very soon as all the other cuts start to hit.

  15. I expect this will indeed get worse until people start killing MPs instead of themselves. I doubt very much it will be too long before we see the first MP killed and then the rest going everywhere with armed guards. Almost all of this will be directly down to Grayling who’s removing access to the law and justice through the courts. Greivances denied any form of legal redress don’t go away as he seems to think, instead they fester, then they explode. The Coalition are bringing about social chaos. Stephanie’s case is terrible – at so young an age, too – but we must be braced for many more.

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    Another outrage due to the nonsense ‘austerity’ measures that Iain Duncan Smith and his so-called government love so much. This time there can be no doubt about where the blame lies, though – Stephanie Bottrill lays it directly on the government.
    Long-term readers of Vox Political will know of a gentleman named Samuel Miller, who has been trying to engage the International Criminal Court in prosecuting Smith and other government figures for crimes against humanity. The ICC has been reluctant to prosecute the instigators of austerity measures, saying it needed evidence.
    How much evidence does it need?
    One death due to government policies ought to be enough.
    In fact, it’s far too many.

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    Truly devastating

  18. Truly devastating and we must have direct action

  19. Its the 2nd suicide I have read in 3 days because of this new nazi regime welfare abolition policy. I went to a job interview for hotel cleaner this morning.- confirmed by e-mail- It was a company working out a travel agents in Glasgow southside (Suspicious set up I think). Anyhow, the joint was closed up and no sign of life anywhere. Huh! Guess someone forgot to tell me they don’t open the day they hold interviews. All this talk about relative poverty is nonesense. Absolute poverty is when you have no money for nothing and no prospect of it either. That is absolute poverty, and very many of us have to put up with it all the time.

  20. So very sad… Shocking what this government is doing in full view… This is corporate manslaughter …

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    Sad….. What will make people stop the greed from destroying more lives…

  22. Iain Duncan Smith should be brought to the attention of the international court of human rights to answer to his guilty part in the causation of suicides due to Atos scandals and bedroom tax atrocities such as this poor woman’s death. He should not be allowed to get away with this evil that he has engineered.

    • absolutely,however they play pussyfoot with the term austerity as the reason,this is not an excuse for this type of behavior.

      “something the millionaire scum in Government will never understand*
      these people couldn’t care less,ian duncan smith;grant shapps only care about their political followers and voters. that’s why the term “taxpayer” is always divisively used.

      people are vastly affected over small amounts of money in their lives and are forced to hand this over in these taxes,giving liability.

      this is a tragic story.

  23. George Osborne

    Excellent, another worthless poor person dead, to celebrate I think I’ll have my butler lick caviar out of my bumhole.

    • Iain Duncan Smith

      It’s working, George. I told you it would. If we keep the pressure on more and more of them will do this. And if they won’t do the decent thing and top themselves, why we’ll just starve them and throw them out on the streets, see how long they survive then. Meanwhile the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and the Express are still buying the line about UK benefits being too generous. Now can I have another hug and a big sloppy kiss on the top of my head?

  24. We need people to help picket the PCS national conference in Brighton on 21 May. Let’s put pressure on PCS to work with us to fight the benefit barbarism destroying so many people’s lives, rather than set the police on those of us who campaign against the Welfare reforms. Please circulate this widely, and invite all your Facebook friends.!/events/258534454291849

  25. A government comprised of truly wicked heartless bastards. I bet when Cameron’s disabled son died he was popping champagne corks within the hour.

    • Cameron’s kid was just a prop to make himself appear human, instead of the souless robot that he really is, to be disposed of after he’d served his purpose.

  26. Just horrific. Reblogged on

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    Heartbreaking 😦

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  29. very very sad news.
    how much longer are the media
    going to ignore and brush under
    the carpet storys like this and
    the many suicides already of the
    disabled…public kept in the dark.

  30. It’s devastating that this woman and mother felt compelled to take this course of action because of a vindictive edict drawn up by a bunch of privileged posh boys from London.

    Earlier tonight I was reading a story about how Prince Charles flunky follows him around with a silk cushion so he can rest his weary backside when he sits down. How much longer are the British people going to put up with all this?

  31. Saw this reposted somewhere else – one of the comments read, “Why should I have to pay for this woman’s house?” YOU CUNT.

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  33. If a company has a policy that leads to the death of someone they get charged by the Police and taken to court for Corporate Manslaughter.

    Our Government is in fact a Company, listed at Companies House.

    Therefore it looks plain and simple to me that the man taking responsibility for bringing in these policies in responsible for these deaths.

    But we know from other things, like named pedo MP’s not having their collars felt that justice is broken and is spelt wrong, as the law applies to Just-Us.

  34. Deanna Jackson

    Ian Duncan Smith..your goverment protects the rich in order to protect your party funds.
    What of the genuine people who need to be looked after. There are other ways of sorting the wheat from the chaff; fairer methods.
    What goes around comes around.
    You truly no not what you do!

    • What you mean Deanna? Like sorting out the phoney unemployed i.e the able-bodied, lazy, bone-idle, work-shy scroungers from the genuine unemployed i.e the mentally and physically disabled? Fairer methods? Like work-fare for the phoney unemployed?

  35. I hate these rich bastards deliberately assaulting the poor
    It’s funny, make a policy condemning people to hunger and homelessness, and you’re lauded by politicians and media. Steal some bread because of that destitution, and you’re labelled scum.

    • Uly Oneandthirty

      Not in my eyes your not.
      I’ll steal to survive, and i fully expect you and yours to do the same.
      I’ll cheer you on.

    • And the goverment is still giving billions away in foreign aid (bribes) to fucking India,a country with luxuries like nuclear weapons & a space programme – and all our bloody jobs!

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  37. This wasn’t suicide; it was murder by the government – plain and simple. I’m safe because my husband owns our home, but my niece has two young children – one with special needs – and may have to give up her three bedroomed house because her daughter is “too young to qualify as a person” until she’s two years old!

    This Government is slowly killing us all. I’m ashamed to be British.

  38. why do people think that killing them selves is the answere because its not ,
    all your doing is hurting the onces your saying you love , the goverment wont change or lose sleep over it thats for sure ,
    all they care about is how they can rip us off strip us of our benefits ,allow people in to this country to take what little jobs there are out there ,
    and the worse one is making people who cant use there limbs to go to the job center to find work , if a ablebodied person cant find work how the hell can they

  39. My God, how this poor woman must have suffered in what she thought would be her home until she died a natural, happyish, death. The bastards in Government responsible for these ideas on how to deprive the working class of their rights and benefits should be made to attend every funeral, cremation or remembrance service of those directly affected by a change or loss of benefit. The filthy, dirty, posh boys brigade would then see the suffering they are inflicting on their own countrymen and women. I am not saying they will understand it because they are taught from as soon as they drop out of their sow mothers nether parts that sentiment has no place in their privileged section of society. It would be the inconvenience of non stop travelling around the UK that may make them consider alternative methods of removing the least able from society. If things don’t improve a call to arms is the most direct route, because soon when these next round of cuts to the Armed Services start to take effect, there will be no Military available to defend their country homes and mansions, the toy army weekend warriors won’t even be able to help because they will be in the front line in Syria or if those cowardly jews get their way, Iran.

  40. Uly Oneandthirty

    It was a home, not just bricks and mortar, an asset in a portfolio.
    Memories, ppets buried in the garden, flowers planted, shrubs cared for.
    Walls decorated, floors carpeted or tiled. Love. Pride.
    Photos of family on the mantelpiece

    This is what Freud will never understand. Sociopaths will never understand

    Uproot this poor old stick from her home, uproot her from family friends neighbours shops and community, and what the fuck do you expect?

    This was inevitable.

    Freud and IDS must be brought to account

  41. UK going back to Victorian era

    On the Papers Review in Channel 4 News last night both reviewers were saying that it was a terrible thing to happen but as you don’t know what a person is feeling or thinking and they didn’t have the full facts then they could not say it was suicide. There were many notes left by this poor lady which have them other ‘missing’ info they wanted but still they would not say it was suicide.

    When a person takes their life they don’t have a big debate it discussion with everyone they know prior to carrying out their plans
    IDS will blame everyone and everything except himself and other ggovernment dept

    He should be hanging his head in shame!

  42. God, I’m sooo bloody angry this morning. That poor woman, she must have been desperate. Feel so sorry for her family & don’t forget the lorry driver, how must he be feeling?
    On Sky News last night the talking heads were discussing this & the fuckers were playing it down saying that there’s no proof the bedroom tax caused this woman’s suicide, she wrote letters to her family, for god’s sake, what more proof is needed?
    IDS, CallMedave & all the rest of the stone-hearted bastards that pass themselves off as this shambles of a goverment should be SHOT & left in the street to rot!

  43. If this is the outcome then i feel the government knew this ahead of time, the consultations would have flagged this up but the government went ahead regardless so has suicide been the goal, austerity is a purging of the so called lower classes and david cameron knows that very well, not that we ever lived in an equal society as if we are all equal then why do we all get paid differing sums for our labour, so lets burst the illusion of an equal society there are those that have and if your not one of those then you can fuck off and die, there words, that my friends is the great country we inhabit.

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  45. The reporter said that downing street wouldnt comment as it was a personal matter. What a cop out response but it didnt stop gove making statement on the eu vote. Thats more important than a persons life. The condims have stated time and again all they are concerned about are hard working people who do the right thing and want to get on meaning if you are poor sick/disabled unemployed/on benefits then we dont exist to them.we are nothing we are expendable easy to get rid of (or so they think) we are being pushed to the brink of our limits and now is the time to say no we are people we are human beings we have feelings we will not be trodden on by a bunch of snotty nosed toffs. Our fathers faught so we would be free of opression. We have to keep what they won for us and our children. May this woman rest in peace my sympothies to her family lets hope her death was not in vain.

  46. Well said Johnny. How many more deaths before we rise up and stop this horrendous Government? What is happening is unspeakable and I send my heartfelt sympathy to her family. We are not a civilised society anymore. When a Government turns on its own people, there are very dark times for the most vulnerable. Their greed knows no limits. Shame on them.

  47. Such a terrible tragic story my heart goes out to this tragic ladies family & friends, however my heart also goes out to the poor driver of the truck his life will never be the same.again either after such a traumatic experience.. This government should be so ashamed placing intolerable pressure & suffering on those that are already struggling to survive.. Cameron & his cronies have no idea what its like to have to scimp & scape to make ends meet, bet they never have to go without food,they dont have to think twice about putting their heating on to keep warm. They should be made to live on benefits or basic wage for a few months see how they like it the evil lot need kicking out asap before they destroy everything that once made our Country GREAT Britain.

  48. It’s worth reading one of the reports previously published in ‘the void’ to see that this policy was actually started by Labour: It’s good to have a bit of balance now and then.

  49. michelle coxon

    What a tragedy!!
    This evil and corrupt government will not accept any responsibility for this nor for any unfortunate enough to be driven to the same desperate measures!
    R.I.P Stephanie…
    Fking MURDERING SCUM… And their punishment, laying down the laws, where are all these countries we help out?
    BRITAIN is being run by dictators – no-one going to come and topple or even better shoot the cruel bastards!!
    Ashamed on this very day to be british 😦

  50. No doubt this tragedy is what George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith would call a good start.

    • IDS should hang for this.

      Indeed. One less ‘shirker’ off the welfare bill is a job well done to them bastards.

  51. As someone who has been suicidal, and had friends and a cousin commit suicide, can I just say how disgusted I am at all these lily livered politicians and journalists who say we can’t be certain about the reasons for this suicide. When you have a suicide note, then it’s pretty obvious, and how can people not see that being in such a situation could be intolerable is unfathomable. It is an insult to this poor woman and to all those who have or will commit suicide. Stop avoiding the issue and accept this for what it truly is. Because you never know how many lives could be saved.

  52. The suicide note made it absolutely clear about her reasons for doing so. This government is directly responsible for her death through taking even more money to give to the rich.

  53. Meanwhile Mark Hoban makes £144,000 selling his second home.

  54. Rosemarie Harris

    We need to email this to all the bastards in the Government who voted for this and also the prats at the Lords as well. The demo on the 21st may should have this womens picture and the others(with their family’s ok) on posters just to remind these people what is happening in the our world.
    We need unions to help us tenants to stop this NOW. We need legal help as well and while we are at it we should put a poster on a pole and put it in the Gardens of these bastards. Fight back we have nothing to lose at least in prison we get food/light/water and Entertainment all free to us.
    So sorry for the family.

  55. God bless Stephanie, what a horrible legacy left to her poor family, I don’t doubt that there will be more tragedies to follow. Sanctimonious rich evil bastards legally commiting murder, shame on you pathetic inhumane c..ts.

    • Signed on last Friday, smug twat behind the desk tried her level best to find a way to sanction my benefits, sad isn’t it that you have to apply for jobs you know yourself wouldn’t keep a cat alive! My job applications bear no reality on what I’m qualified for but the jobseekers agreement is 5 apps minimum per week, I just apply for any, chance or no chance, 40k a year jobs because I want to make working pay!

  56. IDS should hang for this.

    Yet more blood on the hands of that vile bastard Iain Duncan Smith.

  57. i have been deeply upset since jv broke this news last night, i cannot imagine what her family are feeling right now, i just hope in the future that the family fight for justice against their mothers death, this case is one of many to come in the near future, i am affected by this BT £22 per wk, i Cannot afford to pay it, this attack on the poor does not leave us with much choice, starvation, living on the streets, death, or fight this evil fucking govt, not a lot to chose from is there.

  58. The government won’t comment on an individual case…

    So lets imagine a parallel universe, where the government honours those who take their own lives; a kind of ‘Austerity Logan’s Run,’ cum The Running Man society. The many people who have ended their lives, like poor Stephanie, are re-cast as heroes, who, upon seeing that their lives are now of no value to the rest of society, take their own lives. You can imagine a kind of whacked-out Damon Killian-type prime minister praising them for choosing to die an honourable suicide in order to allow the resources sustaining them to be used to save their fellow countrymen.

    Imagine the psychotic, the broke, the sick and disabled being urged to mention the Big Society or the Common Good in their suicide notes, or better still in a suicide video, so that their next of kin can be given a medal.

  59. R.I.P Stephanie. My deepest sympathy to her family. However I know what I am about to state is not exactly breaking news but Stephanie’s suicide will be the first in a very long line over this cruel policy on the poor

  60. Poverty creation is the resultant of capitalism and a conscious policy of their bourgeois representative government, (biopower – the subjugation and control of a population) which keeps living standards low whilst propping up profit rates for owners of property and the financial parasites which feed off this wealth. Today, the outmoded technical structure of capitalism is crumbling whilst the conservative and reactionary ideology remains intact; leaving the vast majority clawing and spitting at each other to fight over the meager scraps they throw down to them; most, evidently are unable to see the larger contradictions inherent in society, and its obvious solution – common ownership and an end to capitalist system. This woman’s suicide is evidence that the UK has become a hellish place to live, a breeding ground for mental illness, poverty, and inequality – and a haven for the rich who, as a class, depend on and promote such conditions to maintain and inflate their portfolios.

  61. I have started a petition about the ‘Bedroom Tax’ driving disabled Stephanie Botrill to suicide. Please support it and send it out to your email/social networking contact lists too.

    Thank you.

  62. Even if you brought the government to court they would argue “how do people live in countries where there is no welfare state” – they beg or die if there is no work is the answer.
    Part of the problem is due to middleclass migrants who come from India, Pakistan etc and who are happy to vote for the party that will give them the most income and tax cuts – they ran away from poverty in their own countries and turn a blind eye to those in this one. That is not a racist comment, that is a fact from those that are employed by such as cleaners or child minders.
    My heart goes out to this poor woman and her family, perhaps her martyrdom will bring an end to what has become a reduction of national debt via the welfare state, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • @ guy fawkes

      “Part of the problem is due to middleclass migrants who come from India, Pakistan etc and who are happy to vote for the party that will give them the most income and tax cuts – they ran away from poverty in their own countries and turn a blind eye to those in this one. That is not a racist comment, that is a fact from those that are employed by such as cleaners or child minders.”

      What evidence do you have, that middle class migrants who come from India and Pakistan, are happy to vote for the party that will give them the most income and tax cuts? Which party is it, that offers them the most income and tax cuts and what evidence do you have, that they ran away from poverty and now turn a blind eye to poverty in this country?

      Even if your assertions are true, what difference would it make where the people who vote for the most income and tax cuts they can get and don’t care about the poor originate from? Are you suggesting that born and bred British middle class right-wingers feel more sympathy for the plight of the British poor than migrants because they are compatriots? If you are, I would seriously dispute that. Are you suggesting that migrants have increased the amount of self-interested voters in this country?

  63. Duncan Smith will just breezily dismiss this poor woman as being “mad” and call it ridiculous that people are trying to link his reforms to her suicide. People killing themselves in despair and dying due to their “reforms” are just “collateral damage” to the Tories. “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs” is their attitude. We’re just cockroaches to them, infesting their country. “In today’s global economy, we just can’t afford to carry the lazy, the feeble, the inadequate, the defective and the unproductive and remain competitive anymore”.

  64. R33

    I laughed at this psychoanalysis of the psychopath, not because I think psychopathic(jargonistic) behaviour is funny, but because the control freak psychiatrist declares “only a trained expert can see through the facade of the psychopath??????????” How many lay people have come on here and used the “technical jargon” that IDS is a psychopath? are they trained? it’s bloody common sense that the man and his actions are not normal by human standards.
    I personally would call him wicked, heartless even evil.
    Later it goes on to say “psychopaths are difficult to spot EVEN fooling mental health professionals. This is a way for the narcIssistic psychiatrist to cover their tracks should they get one of their contrived diagnoses wrong.
    Psychiatry is a load of crap, but I’m sure they would have some contrived technical term to describe me for daring to say such a thing.

    • Have you seen Shutter Island , Guy? Blows the lid right off the pseudo-science that is psychiatry!!

    • </em

    • @ guy fawkes

      “only a trained expert can see through the facade of the psychopath??????????”

      He said some psychopaths have a superficial knowledge about certain subjects, but true experts (experts on those subjects) can see through the facade (of them being knowledgeable about the subject) which makes sense.

      “Later it goes on to say “psychopaths are difficult to spot EVEN fooling mental health professionals. This is a way for the narcIssistic psychiatrist to cover their tracks should they get one of their contrived diagnoses wrong”.

      I disagree. It means that they are so talented at manipulating, charming and conning people, they are even able to fool people who have been trained to understand and spot them.


  66. We should go to war!

  67. Please sign the petition that I have started calling for IDS to be sacked after the suicide of Stephanie Botrill, a disabled woman who threw herself under a lorry as she could not pay the bedroom tax nor find and alternative, smaller home. Please send the petition to your email/social network contact lists.

  68. Dr Cawley

    Shuttler island looks interesting, a must see – I liked di caprio in “catch me if you can”, he could have emulated a psychiatrist easily.

    • fawkes..
      it is a very weird film…!

      it is that victims of brutal oppression who are blamed, for not coping with it and “treated”…with mind numbing and oppressive drug “therapy”…

      i know one out spoken critic of psychiatry…who provably cured, the most dangerous psychopaths in britain…dr bob johnson.. .

      i spent my childhood on a council estate…50s early 60s…the best years of my life…

      the tories in tantrum against the working class…destroyed them…

      a council house is no longer a home..but temporary accommodation….the bed tax…has perverse and profound future implications….

    • If you enjoyed Catch Me If You Can you will enjoy Shutter Island, Guy!

  69. ps I was referring to the character “Frank” that dicaprio played above.

  70. Talking of shutter island and hallucinogenic drugs, they used to give these to patients calling it a truth drug,therefore anyone experiencing hallucinations was declared mentally ill even though it was drug induced. Psychiatrists are part of the legalised drugs lobby.
    Junior doctors were reported as taking upper and downer drugs to get them through their abnormally long hours of work and it is also recorded that psychiatrists regularly take their own drugs to give them a calm exterior and no doubt to help them cope with the enormity of the facade,deceit and the unrestricted power their profession undertakes.
    Funny how the video of the psychopath also states such people cannot be cured which gives psychiatry a get out clause with regards to curability and keeps them in a job with constant psychoanalysis of such patients.
    Joseph Mengele? was the mad nazi scientist that experimented on the mentally ill and others during WW2. the psychiatrists kept the barbarism going with one so called barbaric cure after another.

    • “Funny how the video of the psychopath also states such people cannot be cured which gives psychiatry a get out clause with regards to curability and keeps them in a job with constant psychoanalysis of such patients”.

      “One study of criminals released from a program for personality-disordered offenders compared 176 who received intensive group and individual therapy with 146 who were not treated. The rate of violent offending decreased in non-psychopaths receiving treatment, but increased among treated psychopaths when compared with psychopaths who received no treatment. Hare speculates that psychotherapy simply helps a psychopath learn more about how other people think, and thus “improves his ability to con.”

      In his chilling 1993 book on psychopathy, Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, he quotes one specimen’s memories: “[M]y mother, the most beautiful person in the world. She was strong, she worked hard to take care of four kids. A beautiful person. I started stealing her jewellery when I was in the fifth grade. You know, I never really knew the bitch — we went our separate ways.”)

      For his first paper, now a classic, Hare had his subjects watch a countdown timer. When it reached zero, they got a “harmless but painful” electric shock while an electrode taped to their fingers measured perspiration. Normal people would start sweating as the countdown proceeded, nervously anticipating the shock. Psychopaths didn’t sweat. They didn’t fear punishment — which, presumably, also holds true outside the laboratory. In Without Conscience, he quotes a psychopathic rapist explaining why he finds it hard to empathize with his victims: “They are frightened, right? But, you see, I don’t really understand it. I’ve been frightened myself, and it wasn’t unpleasant.”

      In another Hare study, groups of letters were flashed to volunteers. Some of them were nonsense, some formed real words. The subject’s job was to press a button whenever he recognized a real word, while Hare recorded response time and brain activity. Non-psychopaths respond faster and display more brain activity when processing emotionally loaded words such as “rape” or “cancer” than when they see neutral words such as “tree.” With psychopaths, Hare found no difference. To them, “rape” and “tree” have the same emotional impact — none.”

      I think it would be a mistake to dismiss the validity of psychiatry and psychiatric studies completely as “crap”, because they have been exploited and misused by some unscrupulous “psychopathic” individuals and groups.

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  72. Sorry jv for not sticking to the subject but all is relevant when you consider that Stephanie will be blamed for not seeking medical help if she was so depressed. If you sack the quacks and pay their extortionate salaries to the sick, then the woman would have been able to pay her bedroom tax( which is a grossly unfair tax anyway) leaving her with no need to call on a profession that would no doubt compound her problems.

  73. R33

    Psychiatry is just a personality research programme, which categorizes people (wrongly in some instances). As for it being of any benefit to society other than an illegal means of depriving people of their liberty instigated by corrupt others, I would say it has no benefit and infact compounds any problems people may be having with life’s problems in general, because psychiatrists refuse to acknowledge that the culprits may be the people that have commissioned their services against individual patients,such as governments wanting to silence people under a system that denies them little in terms of legal redress.

    Are soldiers psychopaths that can kill indiscriminately, not according to the psychiatrist if they have empathy for their victims – fat lot of good empathy does for someone whose dead!

    I remember watching some scientific test on people being placed into a booth and told to increase shocks via a dial to an unseen recipient. As the screams of the so called recipients got louder it was interesting to see how many still followed the orders to continue – like a said a research tool regarding personality type.

    We see people with terminal illnesses begging to be put out of their pain and misery denied this right, yet you would not see your animal suffer without asking a vet to put them to sleep.

    Doctors due to reduced funding have to make life and death decisions every day as to who does or who does not get treatment., would you say agreeing to make such decisions could indicate passivity or cowardice.
    Then we have the jsa advisor who makes the decision to sanction people would you say they need mental health treatment?

    These are all moral or ethical problems that can be abused by others according to those that would deny sufferers a peaceful and humane death, especially when it is not the others that is making the request nor forcing it on the patient/relative, when you examine the cases that have taken this to court. The most cynical objection would probably come from life insurance companies that didn’t want to pay out for a premature death.

    • fawkes…that’ll be stanley milgram…for me the most relevant to what is happening to the poor, i studied in psychology …is that of pavlovs dogs….

      • Guy is also seems to be confusing psychiatry with psychology – two very different disciplines, if indeed psychiatry can be called that.

        However, I do agree with Guy about the abuse of such disciplines, it is my considered opinion that using psychology to further the commercialisation of human beings an abuse, but that’s just my prejudice. I don’t have much time for psychiatrists, (IMO they all need to see one themselves) or what they do, but psychiatry is, maybe, for those with a month of wet Sundays to fill, a consuming pastime – make up whatever fantastical theory you like about what is going on inside someone’s head… as of yet no-one can tell you that your theory that someone’s mind has been invaded by aliens is wrong – no matter how wonky that theory may be.

        Psychology has some pretty bizarre theories too, but at least it is practically based, not on the supposed workings of the inner mind, but observable behaviour and how that behaviour can be changed.

        But what is being missed here, perhaps, is that any body of knowledge, any discipline can be misused. Knowledge itself is neutral, the application of it isn’t.

        • sibfydionmawr ..see the work of dr bob johnson…he sums it all up for me…me, he and his wife sue agree (she calls it “toxic gossip”)..psychiatry has painted itself into a corner…personally, i have studied psychology for 27, years now, and i have come to the considered conclusion that this government is insane…in response to their consideration of myself….

          • sibrydionmawr

            Well, I pretty much think the whole idea of government is pretty insane, but then an anarchist would think that!

    • I agree that it is often misused, but I would say it is of benefit to some people if it helps them manage their mental health conditions.

      According to the experts, the difference between a psychopath and a “normal” person who does evil things like a job adviser who sanctions people to meet a target so they can be rewarded with an Easter egg, is a “normal” person also has the potential to be good, whereas the psychopath is completely sadistic and evil and can never be good under any circumstances.

      I agree with you about the doctors who participate in that system without complaint and on euthanasia. Apparently, the training of soldiers is designed to desensitise them to killing and they are indoctrinated that the enemy they are killing are the “bad guys”. Yes, the fact that they have the ability to feel empathy isn’t much use to the people they have killed.

  74. So sad. My sympathy goes to the family. It’s astonishing how this government has used the crash caused by the banks, to begin to eliminate social services, benefits and housing, and run down the NHS. The bankers walk away with millions after causing the worst financial crisis since the depression and the focus is turned on hating those on benefits to distract us all from the facts. The bankers caused this crisis, why aren’t they paying for it? Why weren’t their assets impounded to pay for the havoc they caused, why were they permitted to continue pulling massive bonuses, after the crash? Why should those who are already struggling become the scapegoats. We’re living in a world where the wealthy can do as they please and are not held accountable and the focus artfully turned towards those with the least. This country is headed for disaster socially and financially and we’ll soon be paying for health care too. Start voting for a government that has the interests of the majority, not the wealthy minority. England was one of the few countries with some compassion and social conscience and that has been almost wiped out in a matter of 7 years and it’s not over yet.

  75. Why is noboby on hear outraged about the fact that it was LABOUR who started this policy?

    • i am outraged that labour started this policy?..following in the footsteps of you know who!…now how did blair put it, how he was going to keep tory spending patterns for the 1st 2yrs…?

  76. The government knows exactly what they are doing. It’s just another avenue for population control. They want suicides. They orchestrate economic collapse for control, it’s a God complex.

  77. fredb2010

    we are outraged it was labour that first implemented welfare reform.

  78. R33

    I don’t want to nit pick but you claim the psychopath unlike the jsa adviser can never do any good, yet earlier you claimed that the psychopath can trick by learning normal behavioural patterns and pretend to show empathy, so obviously they may not feel empathy but they can obviously learn it when it suits their purpose or when they are trying to ingratiate themselves into positions of power.

    • fawkes…a good bit on p/paths bankers et al,g vine a few days back…they uses people a utilities…suck them dry and move on…charming people…!

    • Pretending to empathise with someone, so you can manipulate and con them to further your agenda isn’t the same as doing a genuinely good deed.

  79. They have run out of highway robbery ideas from motorists so now they are obtaining money out of people who used to feel but now know they are no longer safe in their houses by this gov who are now making them hostages to their bedrooms and ransomed by threat of prosecution, to obtain monies from those who have an unsustainable and very limited budget – i just always get this feeling about this is so like an Mafia Money Racket scheme where they get you in a position between the devil and the deep blue sea and if you want to be left alone (a.k.a protection) pay up, just because they discovered where u live or where u work or u in business, they they invent-a-bill for every thing they can invent and other unlawful utilities in any manner of way to take everything off you even your own life is not worth 20 quid.

  80. R33

    I reaslise that, but it just shows that to say they can’t be cured when they are capable of emulation, could indicate that these so called scientists are not thinking out of the box with regards to what could be achieved if they could perhaps get them in a constant state of emulation of normal beahviour, or perhaps use hypnosis?

    Personally I dismiss psychiatry and psychology whose practices the psychopath would fall under, because they look at the mind in some cases instead of the soul( I am not advocating repressive religious cures here either), just that Science can explain away most things but not everything.

    • guyfawkes

      The problem is, psychopaths don’t believe anything is wrong with them so would not agree to be cured. In fact, not only do they not think anything is wrong with them, they see themselves as perfect gods who are superior to us and see our ability to love and feel empathy and compassion for others as a fundamental weakness and a flaw that they feel nothing but contempt for. They would not choose to be like us, even if it were possible.

      We think and feel with our brains as far as I know. I’ve not seen any evidence that shows that human beings have a soul.

  81. fawkes… the reviews of dr bob johnsons…work, it is mind blowing!

  82. Thanks for that Overburdendonkey, I have googled some of his stuff and found him a refreshing change from the usual drivel mouthed by a profession that appears to be full of control freaks and con artists.

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  84. Thanks for that reply R33 , I could argue that some human beings don’t appear to have a brain either, but I think I will leave it there.

  85. michelle mcdermitt

    I cant stop thinking about that poor woman,life is so unfair.I hope karma steps in to pay this government back for all their crimes against humanity.

    • michelle…i feel the same…i grew up on a council estate in late 50’s early 60’s….all of my extended family around me, it was joyous…all lent me joy..the parties were splendid! all voted true times have changed?

  86. SNP MSP Linda Fabiani, a former housing professional (so she knows what she’s talking about), said about the bedroom tax, “Ach, that’s nonsense”.

    The reason for this was that Whitehall mandarins, under questioning, said that nearly three years had been available for people to plan for action.

    These same Alice in Wonderland mandarins also simultaneously agreed that about 100k people would need to downsize to a 1 bedroom flat, yet only 24k properties existed!!!

    Convener Michael McMahon, a Labour MSP, asked the DWP come back with evidence of the exact data….. they’d been arguing over how close to 100k or 24k the figures were.

    So yet again the DWP’s arithmetic and numerical proficiency are being called into question. Linda Fabiani’s “Ach, that’s nonsense”, is polite to how I’d have described this criminal conspiracy amongst the country’s elite.

    • good one…if the DWP..had some grown up ideas…then they could be expected to be given due consideration.. but they don’t.
      lifting and shifting m/t boxes, is a pure distraction, unless there is millions of m/t, box shifting/lifting jobs, and as pointed out is conceptual nonsense…well done snp…

  87. How many of those being thrown into destitution by the “bedroom tax” filled in fucking CenSuS 2011 form: “Are you on benefits?”, “How many bedrooms do you have?” How could anyone not see it coming? But don’t worry the info will only be used by “researchers”; but not the grey-bearded ones poring over historical records, no, giving Lord Fraud and his minions the tools to fuck you over royally. Talk about building your own gallows!

    • And now the “Housing Assocations” are sending out their own intrusive “Census” asking intrusive questions such as your “household income”, “employment status”… and idiots will STILL fill them. Can nobody see it coming……… again? Maybe we do kind of get what we deserve! People’s stupidity holds no bounds!

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  92. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    I was very moved by this story, as I have been by far too many others just like it. Some might say the tears running down my face as I type this are a sign of weakness, for me I’m proud of my empathy and my ability to show compassion towards others. A trait sadly lacking in far too many people in the world.

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